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Tight lats are weak lats, says Matt Kite, a strength and conditioning coach and master coach for D1 Training.. “If the lat and scapular regions do not allow you to fully extend overhead, it’s a sign they need some work.” Here’s how to test your range of motion: “Lie on your back, bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor, which will flatten out your lower back,” Kite explains. If you’re using a chair, sit facing forward and allow your upper body to fall over the back of the chair. Extend your arms above your head for a deeper stretch. Hold either position for 10. Between using your computer, phone and tablet you’re probably hunched over staring at a screen for several hours per day, and that bad posture can lead to upper back pain.

If you’re suffering from pain in your back, neck and shoulders, strengthening the muscles that improve your posture will. 12 Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder you’ll need to strengthen your back and core. This can help relieve and prevent back pain, and you’ll improve your posture, too—making you. Strengthening your back has so many benefits, the most important being to help you live everyday life in an easier way.

These exercises will provide everything you’ll need to function better and. As you can clearly see from the video above, you will need to flex all your back, core and leg muscles to hold the Chinese back plank position, even just for a short period of time. On the list of often overlooked, but vitally important muscles, are those of the upper back.

Why? Because it’s easy to skimp on them in favor of toning the more impressive muscles, like your legs or arms.But just because you can’t easily see the muscles doesn’t mean you should pass on upper back workouts.According to Amanda Dale, ACE-certified trainer and sports nutritionist, strong. By strengthening this muscle, the back will be able to better support the load from our upper body thus preventing this load being placed on the lower region of the spine, contributing to back pain. There are many exercises to strengthen this muscle, however my favourite is the classic lat pull down. If you suffer from lower back pain, you’re not alone – nearly 80% of adults experience low-back pain at some point in their lives.

Some of the most common causes for low back pain include: pulling a muscle in the low back, overuse, poor posture, improper lifting technique and excessive sitting. It’s been shown in research that if you’re looking to reduce your low back pain you’ll. Lower back pain is common, but doing strengthening exercises can relieve symptoms.

Here, learn how to perform a range of exercises and stretches for the lower back.

List of related literature:

Strengthen the upper back muscles, rhomboids, posterior deltoids, and middle trapezius to maintain the natural curvature of the spine, while avoiding rounded shoulders

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To help protect your back, follow these precautions Figure 2-5: ●● Always keep your back in a straight, upright position and lift without twisting.

“Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Nancy L. Caroline
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Lower back arch: Sitting straight, head over shoulders, arch your lower back, pushing your abdominal area toward your desk.

“Essentials of Managing Stress” by Brian Luke Seaward
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Upper back lifts-prone lying, a) arms out straight overhead, lift head, neck, and chest up and down; b) arms straight out at shoulder level, lift head, neck, chest and arms up and down; c) arms out to sides, elbows bent, lift head, chest, upper back up and down.

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The way I usually like to work my back is to start with exercises that focus on my upper back and then work my way down.

“Triple H Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body” by Triple H, James Rosenthal, Robert Caprio
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Another is to arch the low back (hyperextension or hyperlordosis) instead of extending at the upper back and shoulder.

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Body position is critical to reduce strain on your lower back, elbows, and wrists—bend slightly at your knees, center your hips and shoulders over your feet, and maintain good posture with your lower back straight and your head up.

“The Rock Climber's Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability” by Eric Horst
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You can arch your back, elevate your hips and lower them to the ground while arching back, rotate from side to side, raise your arms overhead, or use a combination of these methods.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
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The chin-up (palms facing toward the body) and pull-up (palms facing away) are excellent upper-back exercises.

“Optimal Muscle Training” by Ken Kinakin
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In bodybuilding, the lower back problems are usually caused by straight leg sit-ups, roman chair sit-ups, squats, deadlifts, presses, and sleeping on your stomach.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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  • This back pain guide has healed by back problems. That`s good to me because I have worked with many, several guidelines as well as my back still painful right after each a different one. I had been amazed my back was better. This may be only the ultimate solution to my problem! Research this guide on Google, the guide name is Mason Κonozback
    good luck

  • Your exercises are great. With angel wings I can’t get my left arm into the right angle and extend to touch the wall. It will not rotate to touch the wall it feels stuck. What can I do to loosen something to increase my flexibility and mobility. Thanks Fiona

  • The link for the foam roller is a High density roller but it looks like the one in the video is a softer foam roller. I’m looking for a soft one. Any recommendations?

  • Been havin Upper backpain for 3 days..my family couldnt do anythin bout it.. No meds works but The last exercise works instantly.. Implying Pull ups behind neck will be really helpful.. ThankYou

  • some of your stretches are not too bad but for a really sore back, neck, arms they are way too difficult for me. Maybe you could do some easier ones, Thanks, Randell

  • This video helped so much. I sit down a lot to play. And I noticed my back started hurting. I tried these exercises and I feel so much better!

  • Love this video, would you have anything for pain from sitting. I have disc bulge in lower back that hasn’t healed yet. Thank you!

  • I really love this! this morning I woke up like a disaster..I have been having chronic upper back pain for six months, and every morning I would wake up feeling the pain.. this easy workout really helped me to start my day right. thank you ����

  • It really worked for my upper back so I’m happy about that since I was sleeping badly. Therefore the only problem I have is that my neck is still kind of bugging me,but overall thank you��

  • Thank you, these are quite helpful. I would add, don’t hold your breathe, remember to exhale while doing these. Thanks so much again!

  • Am suffering from back pain near upper back just below the right shoulder. will these exercises help in that pain relief?? due to Work home and bad sitting postures have developed pain recently and now paining alot.

  • really happy I found your channel, I have problem sitting up straight and tall and back weakness  ( sitting at a desk every day for 30 years hasn’t helped) so I do your videos each morning to try and improve this

  • What!!!! I go away for a few months and I click on their video to find that Bob and Brad have:

    • a new fancy intro ��
    • a better hi res camera ��
    • no more quotes in their intro ��
    • giveaways��
    • hi def sound clips ��
    • 1.1 million subscribers (yay! well deserved! ��)

    … but they still have their brilliant sense of humour and great banter and the most helpful physio advice on the internet hands down!

    Love you guys! Congrats! ������ Keep it up!

  • Did you try these yet? Which one did you get the most relief from? I hope these stretches and tips help you to live healthier and happier. Thanks so much for watching!

  • I like the idea of these door stretches for posture however, when I do them, It puts a lot of pressure on my lower back. After doing these, It really made my lower back feel like It took a lot of compression and pressure. Also the weight of my foot was mostly my back foot (sort of pushing me through the door, rather than my front foot). Am I doing It wrong? What can I do differently?

  • This is a great video super informative and clearly explained. It made me realise I’ve been using my foam roller wrong for ages! Just like you describe I’ve been tensing my abs and holding myself up. I just did it the right way and it feels much better!

  • I’ve checked out a number of videos for back muscle streches but, none of them are as useful as this one. Thanks for this excellent video

  • I’ve been facing back pain problem and after doing this exercise for 5 minutes, I’m already feeling better. These exercise stretch are very simple and effective. Thankyou

  • This pandemic has created both physical and mental pain among the people. So, we should be very careful regarding our both physical and mental health. Start your day with https://youtu.be/0mkWNuB1bZ0 listening to this inner peace music and meditation for positive energy. Listen to this music every morning and live a healthy and happy life.

  • Thank you so much for this, I’ve been dealing with tight upper back pain for 4 months and doing each of these stretches made a HUGE improvement. God bless you! ����

  • I didn’t feel anything from either of the two “table” stretches or your arm in the air thing at the end. LOL these are not stretches made for strong AND flexible people obviously.

  • This has helped many of my patients and I know it can help you, too! Thanks for watching and be sure to leave your comments below!

  • Many other channels talked about these exercises, but your instructions and reps and sets really made the difference. I knew these movements from other channels but i got the results from your video and instructions, my back and arm pain lasted more than half a year, now most of the pain is gone. Thank you so much doc.

  • Thank you for this. For those of us who’ve spent decades hunched over a computer screen, upper thoracic and cervical pain is the bane of our existence. Also, gorgeous demonstration model! ; )

  • It is server pain to me i cant move or turn even to face side..its very difficult to me..please help me how to relief this…pain its very painful..to me ������

  • I feel out of breath when I try these. Sometimes just attempting to sit straight causes me to hold my breath. Is that natural? I bend over my desk a lot so I have become hunched

  • I’ve had a deep rhomboid pain in my right shoulder blade for months due to bad posture. Makes it very hard to sleep but I’m currently in physical therapy for chrondomalacia patella knees so can’t really get help from them for this. Also have similar issue in my elbows. Aside from my knees I don’t know which issue to try and get help with, whenever I try lifting weights of even menial takes my elbows hurt but my posture makes it so difficult to sleep

  • That first exercise is amazing��.
    I was having so much pain..
    I just did your first exercise for 3 times..omg all my pain gone����.

    Thank you so much

  • Hi man, just stumble upon this video when looking up my pains etc. I’ve been working with a physical therapist who advises me to just strengthen my muscles and not really focussing on stretching and loosening them without that much improvement.

    Would you advise to hold back on strenghtening them and focus fully on stretching them first? It’s been tough dealing with these pains as I am 26 but feeling like 76.

    Thank you!

  • That looks really helpful. Well explained and demonstrated. Thanks. My shoulder is really inflamed. I’ve had x3 frozen shoulders in the past but this time it’s 3 years of post injury damage. I didn’t realise it keeps happening from my forward posture stopping it healing, and causing a bint spur to develop and once I get the bony spur taken care of, I shall be maintaining a good open posture. 64 is still not too late to learn eh

  • Hi my age is 35 now and my back poster is very bad. I am also started facing lot of back pain because now it’s very week. If I jump also my back pains it’s so week.

    I was good runner, swimmer and cricketer in my 25yrs age. But cause of work everything stopped. But my poster is bad since my school time because I used to sit badly.

    Any chance at my this age to perfect my poster.

    Pls do reply me

  • Thanks for your exercises, I feel pain in my back at the place of one of my lumbar vertebrae, I wonder if that pain is for muscles or my lumbar vertebra. How can I make sure about that?

  • I have a compression fracture in my spine. I’m looking for something to help strengthen the muscles around the area I injured. Hopefully this works

  • Hi and thanks for the help. I wanted to see is it possible to do these strengthening exercises every day or every other day? I by myself prefer to do that every day to see the results faster. In the meantime I’m exercising every day at home.

  • Nicely explained and demonstrated, as I have developed some shoulder problem and pain ’cause computers work. I am confident these exercises will improve posture issue.

  • I’m trying to correct my hunchback. I already started by sitting straight. I’m feeling pain in my stomach is it normal because I’m stretching my body

  • My right hand is bigger than my left what can I do and it is also little bit bending towards right (I am talking about my right hand ) pls answer sir

  • Thanks for this, I did something to my upper back in capoeira 3 weeks ago and I have had something like whiplash ever since. This video has really helped me release it a little bit! I need a chiropractor to crack it really, but not possible at the moment due to the lockdown!

  • Thanks for the very informative video! is it ok to do this every day or is it too much? Do you ever recommend those electronic devices that you can stick to your back and that vibrate when it detects you standing incorrectly? In my every day I try to be conscious of my posture my girlfriend is always telling me off when I forget and I’m slouching. Hopefully these exercises will help me with that anyway!

  • I have scoliosis (sideways and back to front) and a wedged thoracic vertabra from an old fracture, all of which can, at times, cause agonising muscle spasms. Your exercises immediately brought me a measure of pain relief though I have to proceed very carefully and over the last week I have more movement in my upper body and shoulders. Thank you so much!

  • Hi all your videos are amazing great info in all your videos. I have a bit of pain in my right Levator Scapulae. It’s not so bad but when I lift weights it hurts my wrists. My question is is the pain in my right wrist happening because of the pain in Levator Scapulae

  • Boy do I ever need those upper back exercises! I could feel the difference just sitting in the chair, doing them along with you, Bob! Thanks guys for another awesome video!

  • Um…Yeah…maybe that eagle stretch works for a guy with arms the size of his…I’m a retired professional Motocross/Supercross racer… my forearms are over two feet in diameter…twisting my arms like that isn’t so practical

  • I had a recent l4 l5 disc propulsion prb..and now i am feeling upper back pain what should i do now?how can be the upper back pain removed?

  • The best and safest exercises I came across! As a personal trainer and experienced fitness and pilates instructor I would say there’s no safer and accurate exercises than this! Thank you for sharing your knowledge to help others.
    Rose Bell

  • I have another problem. One day i fell down during playing volleyball. Pain came out in my right leg hip. Now that pain is shifted in right side of lower back. That was happened about six month before. Please recommend some exercises and tell me that how can i get rid of it.

  • I’m always looking for ways to incorporate upper body resistance training into my daily hiking routine. After watching this video I just realized I can wrap my resistance band around a tree. Thanks Michelle!! So simple!!

  • Thanks for this video. It is really helpful without any extraneous stuff which I really appreciate. But I have a question. I am a 67 year old female with very very slight scoliosis that my chiropractor noticed. It’s in my mid to upper back and has ached since I was a child. Am starting to develop a dowagers hump and want to stop that! When doing the wall angels I don’t know what my lower back (around my waist and lower) should be doing. Should it, along with the rest of my back, be flat against the wall? If so, it is painful. What do you recommend?

  • This might not work for everyone but I don’t have a foam thing and I don’t intend to buy one so I just role up a yoga mat and use that

  • When the upper back muscles are chronically tight they are dysfunctional so don’t contract and release to pump blood, so exercising them first thing in the morning when they are at their tightest often irritates them and ultimately leaves them tighter for the day. It can even trigger headaches. By the way boys that bed looks way too soft to support the back properly.

  • Thks again Doc for sharing your expertise.
    I started doing your foam roller exercises abt 2 weeks ago. After I did the foam roller & wall angel exercises the very first time, I immediately felt a very significant improvement to my posture. My family also immediately confirmed the big change to my head posture. This led me to continue doing the exercises. Thks very much for these exercises.

    Every time I do the foam roller exercises I experience a tingling in my left arm down to my hand as I lie down on the foam roller. I also experience my left shoulder/arm restricted or tight to move more so than my right side for example when doing the towel drill I experience my right hand can touch the floor over my head quite easily while my left hand has to “struggle hard” to touch the floor. I also have those tingling & restricted feelings when I do the angel exercises. Pls help me understand why do I get those tingling & restricted feelings & also what I need to to do to prevent happening in future. (Note: As I enter the 3rd week I begin to notice the tingling & restricted feelings begin to be less in intensity.)

    I am 80yrs golfer & I usually walk my club’s hilly golf course pulling my golf trolley. I hv been doing this ok before the pandemic lockdown started in Feb2020 I play with flight-mates 10-15yrs younger. Last week 30jun I played my first game after the lockdown was partially lifted. I had to struggle hard to finish playing & pulling my trolley through 18holes. This was a significant achievement for me. Beside feeling my legs were very heavy to move, I also experienced a little more difficulty in straightening up my “hunched” back. My back gets hunched often after a golf game or after hitting balls at the driving range. Pls help me understand what to do to avoid getting my back hunched when I play golf & also what exercises to do to strengthen my back. Thks.

  • Thank you very much, my question is how much time do we need to get the results?and howmany times we should do these exercises?

  • I get a tightness/irritation in my neck near my shoulders when I do these exercises, is this normal or am i doing something wrong?

  • I haven’t watched this again in total since I was diagnosed but I’m pretty sure there’s no mention of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Please look it up.

  • I tried these exercises and next I had pain in my back, lower back and neck upper back felt very good idk why so is it a good sign or bad?

  • I don’t know what to do����I’m only 14 and I’m having this constant pain in my back/ shoulder. My family has a history of having rounded shoulders and sometimes even scoliosis. My sister has it but grew out of it a few years ago after working on her posture through swimming. I know that my posture is not the best and quite unhealthy. Now I’m scared that I may have really messed up and may even end up needing a back brace. I’m desperate if anyone has advice.������

  • How many times a week should we be doing the exercises/stretches? I have been doing it Tues and Thurs in between Mon-Wed-Fri workouts. Should I be doing thing every day?

  • thanks a lot for this video, I have one question though, should I start doing the stretching and phase 1 strengthening exercises together or should I do only the stretches for a while, and then start add the phase 1 strengthening exercises

  • awesome video! I have major problems with upper body tightness…..felt a huge stretch immediately!!! will keep doing these! ty for the video

  • Wonderful short, concise video with lots of information. These look like easy, helpful exercises. I will be trying them soon. Thank you for making an instructional video that does not drone on ( like others have a tendency to do), yet has great, easy to follow directions. I will be checking out your other videos, hopefully for low back also (I’m kind of falling apart!). Thanks and best to you!

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  • thank you for this. i woke up this morning and couldn’t stand OR lay down without pain, and the first stretch shown alleviated it instantly. i will be doing it throughout the day so i can get some relief

  • Hi jeff, I am a physical therapist myself and upper back pain is one thing I sometimes feel when working with heavier clients especially shoulder and hips, during long shifts. These exercises have helped me especially the thoracic mobilization lying down rotation one! Thank you man!

  • This is great! All the same exercises my PT wants me to do in a nice video form. Hopefully you have a similar video for hips/butt!

  • They think if they keep popping my joints where there are pockets are and trying to break my knees or break one of my bones being and or my spine they can weaken me so people can attack me that’s all they do is have the devil attack me while I’m getting poisoned Everywhere I Go, that’s our whole strategy is the week in May while they mess with my whole family but they know they all die sooner or later sooner or later they all died and everybody knows where they’re at

  • my posture is not poor It is terrrribleeee! I am taller than my peers so I would try to be shorter to match them. I get terrible knots near my shoulders

  • Helped my tight, immobile back just after doing as many of these as I could. Question: When I do the first exercise (the twist) I can feel it in my lower back. I’ve got my knees up as far as I can bring them. Is it okay to feel that lower back in that exercise?

  • I still have to use the same desk so I may tend to bend over it. Will that be counter-productive to the exercises recommended here?

  • Great one! Really helpful as always. Hey, the more I see of your mattress, the more I see how soft it is. I would have instant pain as soon as I sat on it because I would sink. How can this mattress be that good?

  • Hi Tks, for these amazing mid-back exercises. I have problem with the Angel Wall exercise my left arm just refused to touch the wall. There would be tremendous pain if I force it. What should I do to fix that? Tks!

  • As an FYI to others in search of an answer. I’ve had “rhomboid” area pain for almost 2 years. Multiple physical therapists, and 2 MRIs. Poking, prodding, neck & scapular & shoulder stretching and strengthening, a Cortisone shot… all did nothing.
    FINALLY, a non-professional suggested it might be nerve damage (entrapment), and it was. If all else is failing, you should consider a Nerve Conduction Study.
    What’s stunning to me is that the possibility it was nerve related was never brought up by a physical therapist. I understand they probably aren’t proficient in the area, but should be aware.

  • Sir I am suffering from DISC BULGE pain.In L1.Can I can do this that it may not leads to any problems.please hlep me in this situation.I am just 23 years old sir.

  • I just had a cholecystectomy. Once I got home and the major medication wore off my back of my neck was incredibly stiff. Then I noticed some pain in my thoracic spine that was very painful. I thought it was a kidney infection because it was close to the same kind of pain. But it was actually a thoracic sprain. What I don’t understand is how did I get a thoracic strain when I haven’t been exercising. When they put you under do they sometimes move your body around in ways that you could have a muscle pulled. Anyway thanks for the exercises

  • how often should I do these exercices? I work at an office so I spend most of my day sitting in a chair looking at computer. I need to know if these workouts would have an effect if I only do them at night time. or should I do them durring office hours for them to work?

  • Wow I’m so glad I looked this up. Very engaging! I’m subscribed! Thank you for being so good at what you do and sharing your knowledge. I feel better already.

  • Holy shit, ive been working out without stretching for a while now and just now started to feel immense pain when I put pressure on my back, and after doing this ONCE it helped with almost all the pain, big thanks!

  • I’ve had a continuous issue with my thoracic right side extending down to the top of my right hip that is aggravated by golfing.
    The problem seems to be muscle and specific to compressing the right side on the downswing…help me please…Thx.

  • I have terrible pain in neck and upper and lower back for last 7 years. I cannot do job, can not sit normally without sitting with lots of back support. Get pain extremely intensify if I can with computer. Gets much better if I walk or play tennis. Please guide me from where to start. X rays shows that my neck is straight like a rod and some meat(do not right term) comes out between c4 and c5. All doctors and help told me its posture issue. I am taking online classes and write on ipad for 1 hours and cry for next 23 hours. Please guide me what to do, dos and don’ts. Again I cannot sit on a normal chair it hurts from neck to leg ��

  • Hi, I’ve been doing the foam roller stretches (the one where you raise the towel above your head, the one where it’s like a snow angel motion, and the one where you alternate raising your arms and looks kind of like a backstroke) to try to improve my upper back posture and the lunge-like stretches to stretch the front of my hips to try to improve my anterior pelvic tilt. I just have a few questions:

    How long before I should notice the stretches really having an effect? I have been doing them every night for about a week, and while I know I can’t expect a change overnight, they still don’t seem to be getting easier.

    How important is it that my lower back remains straight and flat against the foam roller during these stretches? It tends to want to arch, and I have to make a conscious effort to keep it flat and roll my hips back, which can be a little difficult.

    Should I be doing the strengthening exercises in conjunction with these stretches, or should I do only the stretches for a couple of months to first attain the range of motion needed to properly carry out the strengthening exercises?

    Should I expect the knots in my neck and upper back to improve and become less painful (and eventually go away) by consistently performing these stretches and exercises? I can’t tell if the painful knots are improving or they’re becoming more aggravated by these motions, some days are better or worse than others.

    Great videos, I’m trying hard to fix my back. Too many years spent hunched in front of a computer, and it took me seeing myself in a video a friend of mine took of me to realize my posture is atrocious. That probably explains the muscle knots I’ve had in the same few spots for as long as I can remember and the chronic tension headaches I can’t seem to shake.

  • What I do sir,
    I have left shoulder pain which extend to the interior chest and also extend to the little finger at ulner region numbness.
    I need you support.

  • Question I like to sleep with several pillows raising my head I do the exercises that you are showing me what is my sleeping position causing me a problem or can I still sleep in this position if I do the exercises. Thank you

  • I can’t wait to try these. I broke my ankle and was put in a splint boot.

    The sole thickness of the boot messed up my alignment. At first, it was just my lower back.

    Today while sitting in a chair I got upper middle back pain out of nowhere.

  • Thank you Sir for all the videos.I felt lot of relief by doing the exercises.I have done only two or three exercises but only with those exercises I felt 80%relief.

  • Thank you so much for the video. This video helped me to relieve the pain which I had for more than a decade. I’ve been doing these exercises for more than 6 months now. The best pain reliever is the foam roller. The best video ever that changed my whole life. Keep up the good work….

  • Very good back exercises.
    I need those as I’ve fractured my back 3 years ago. Though my back doesn’t hurt now, I feel that those exercises are a huge benefit.
    Thank you!

  • Is it safe to do the “Prone W” exercise? I had a subocciptal craniectomy 5 months ago and I am concerned about too much cervical extension even though the exercise focuses on the thoracic spine.

  • Omg! That first stretch! Amazing! It definitely hit that sweet spot on my shoulder blade area on my thoracic area. Thank you so much!

  • have you found any braces/supports that work throughout the day to help remind you to stay in that position or are the exercises alone eventually gonna bring the shoulders up

  • Fantastic exercises. My thoracic spine has been killing me for the last week. I did all of the exercises in this video and got some immediate relief. I did them in the order shown and I think the first one had the most effect. A big THANK YOU!

  • Hi. I have a lumbar lordosis and thoracic kifosis. Lumbar area was a big problem to me in past years,so I’ve strenghted my abs and glutes and stretched hip flexors for several months and pain wanished. But then I started to and still have pain for last 5 months in thoracic area. I take pills and then pain goes away withing day or two. After that when I do the rows or wall angels it feels good but pain comes back within next 10 days max. I also do all of mobility exercise but feeling so stiff and stuck. Now even my low back pain is coming back. Please help me with advice. What to do first? Mobility or strenght? Low back or upper? No one in my area helped me. I went to numerous fiziotherapysts. Pain even goes through my sternum and around my ribcage and even in my lats somethimes. Please help and thank you

  • My back is tight from my upper back to my waist and swollen on the right side. Can you suggest exercises to help. It has been like this for a couple of years. I cant break the tension. Physio doesnt help.

  • I have a question I had empyema and the surgery they cut from under the left boob almost to the spine what exercises that I do to strengthen the muscles through my rib cage and both arms

  • I appreciate your content, back pain has been plaguing me for two years now. I have one suggestion from a production aspect wallpaper. Go watch your favorite movie and look the walls inside the houses, they aren’t going to be plain white walls. Wallpaper adds so much production value!

  • I have been living with thoracic pain for almost 3 yrs…no dr. wants to deal with it…when you say back pain…drs. always go to lower…so that’s where I’ve had the mri’s on….which do show stenosis….guess that’s why i have sciatic pain down to foot….but that constant pain in the mid of back is the killer….i was doing cobra and it seem to help…but saw online i shouldn’t do that with stenoisi……thanks for sharing.

  • I’m not sure if you will still respond to my comment cause it’s 2 years later. But I have a question. How many days do you think this would take to fix the posture if I did all 5 exercises daily? If you could respond that would be great. Have a good day!

  • Great. You know what helped me allot? The row machine. The three sets of ten and holding it for a couple seconds each row. The hardest was the wall press and lifting my arms. Keeping my hips press against the wall was horrible. Loved the video.

  • Sir I have middle upper backpain. Have been taking hifenac-mr tablet for muscle relaxation as well had applied ralispray pain relief spray.

    Is doing markatasaan safe in backpain…or..taking hot shower on backpain is a good idea.. Please let me know how to get rid… I am stuck in a month lockdown.. Please help..
    Looks like I have upper back center pain…. Are these excerise safe to do with backpain…

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  • This is the Admiral Brad mentioned who makes his bed every morning. I will do yourexercises now every morning this looks great. Thank you!!! https://youtu.be/pxBQLFLei70

  • I noticed that my neck is little band forward which completely changed my posture and balance. I did X Ray of my neck, according to doctor my neck is straight there is no curve. when I try to straight my neck which you mentioned in the beginning, I feel pain in left hand shoulder it’s nerve pain. And when I get back to the normal pressure it goes out. What should I do sir.

  • I scoliosis have and may have hyper mobile
    Do anything that help me. My chiropractic activor adjustable on me and I going physical therapy next week for scoliosis too. I am see my rheumatology doctor if hyper mobile. Good exercise for scoliosis and hypermobile

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  • hi sir,
    i had lower back pain at first, after detailed check up doctor advised me to go through some physio therapy exercises for my posture correction, and between the days i failed to continue the exercises due to some reasons and the pain is back again. should i just continue the exercises or should i go for detailed scanning to find out any other reasons for the pain.

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  • https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrS32HUNNpcMpAAIgS6mWRH;_ylu=X3oDMTByZnJkbGl0BHNlYwNjZC10aHVtYgRzbGsDcGxheQR2dGlkAw-/RV=2/RE=1557833044/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fwww.youtube.com%2fwatch%3fv%3d3sK3wJAxGfs/RK=2/RS=_8FE8_d2yHbWIKeOlvcCCOb6VT4

    Make your bed speech!

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    Greetings and excellent channel.


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    Is this exercise good for those who have the beginnings of a neck hump?
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  • I jumped from 10ft height 2 months back n stressed my right leg n past 10 days only developed severe pain in my right leg travelling from knee to toe as I walk so applied cold gel pack but no relief and past 5 days developed left upper back pain so applied heat through heating pad..just saw your video n found you a learned Doctor.please suggest what to apply on leg & back (hot or cold therapy) and any interlinked excercise which can cure both my pain..kindly help.

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    Also, I’m not sure how I got such bad posture in the first place, any tips on how to prevent it from happening again when it’s been fixed?

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  • I’ve listed the exercises so that it’s easier to practice getting the form right.

    1) Exercise #1 (15-20 reps) 2:35

    2) Exercise #2 (15-20 reps) 3:33

    3) Exercise #3 (15-20 reps) 4:52

    4) Exercise #4 (15-20 reps) 5:28, 5:59

    5) Exercise #5 (15-20 reps) 7:23

    6) Exercise #6 (15-20 reps) 8:10

    7) Exercise #7 (hold 5-10 breaths) 8:40

    8) Child’s Pose Stretch 9:30

    9) Exercise #8 (15-20 reps) 10:03

    10) Eagle Pose Stretch 11:01

    11) More stretching (hold 5-10 breaths) 11:43

  • I like the simplicity of these exercises. I can do them even though I lack muscle. Do you have any exercises to help with scapular winging? I’ve heard that the muscle responsible for this problem is the Serratus Anterior. But a lot of the exercises I have seen to strengthen the Serratus Anterior involve the use of gym equipment. I want to learn exercises that I can do at home.

  • how can i send you e-mail I need some advice for my lower and upper back pain and problem.I doing your exercises for two days and I fell much better you are revolution for me. Thank you.

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