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How To Do A Safer Plank Exercise | Posture Correction | Activate Your Core Relieve Back Pain

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The SECRET to Calisthenics STRENGTH (5 RULES)

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Are Planks Just a Fad? We Have a Better Option for Core Strengthening

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Real Core Workout for Calisthenics (No Sixpack)

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“Holding planks for 10 seconds at high tension followed by a brief rest period before the next rep creates a much stronger core with fewer injuries. “Pavel Tsatsouline, most famous for popularizing kettlebell training, agrees. “Holding planks for 10 seconds at high tension followed by a brief rest period before the next rep creates a much stronger core with fewer injuries. “Pavel Tsatsouline, most. Keeping your legs relatively relaxed so that the bulk of the tension is in your core, and your hands flat on the floor, tuck your knees in toward your body. Keep your core braced and glutes. #4 Side Plank Kettlebell Hold.

The side plank kettlebell hold is the perfect exercise to strengthen your lateral abs and make your side planks more challenging. Here you get the added benefit of shoulder and grip strength by having to control the unstable kettlebell. Key Points. Start with down elbow right under shoulder and feet stacked. Remember to activate your abs, glutes, and lats to keep you stable.

Common muscles that kick in when those get tired are your hip flexors, chest, and upper traps minimize their involvement for a better plank. Remember, if it is too challenging to perform the plank on the ground then raise your forearms and place it on something that is elevated off the ground (i.e. a bench, countertop, plyobox, etc.). 5 Plank Variations for a Stronger Core. Posted by Five Seasons Family Sports Club on 5/16/17 9:00 AM Tweet; Fitness enthusiasts the world over recognize that planks are the gold standard when it comes to core-strengthening exercises. While the standard plank can definitely firm up your abs, there are quite a few plank variations that can add.

Keep taking deep breaths – it is easy to hold your breath in this position which will make the plank that much harder. Spend an equal amount of time holding the three-point plank on each side. Side Plank. In addition to strengthening your core (especially the obliques), side plank is great for strengthening your arms, shoulders, and wrists. Planks hit more than just your core muscles.

A proper plank requires plenty of glute strength, shoulder stability and upper back endurance, so these simple exercises are deceivingly effective at training the entire body. If you’re short on time and equipment, planks can make for a quick and surprisingly challenging core workout when you pick. Beyond the Plank: 5 Moves For a Stronger Core. 5. by Max Plenke.

Sure, planks are a great movement to add to your program, offering plenty of stability core-wide. But you can do better. Now, for every plank pose, you must follow certain rules to reduce the chances of being injured. Here is what you should be consistent with. Back To TOC.

5. Common Plank Rules To Follow. Keep your shoulder blades pulled down. Your legs, buttocks, and hips should be in the same line.

Keep your core and glutes engaged. Do not strain your neck.

List of related literature:

• Core stability with/without stability ball: planks, side planks, double-leg/single-leg bridges.

“Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete: Getting Back in the Game” by Bruce Reider, George Davies, Matthew T Provencher
from Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete: Getting Back in the Game
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planks don’t really have any advantage here because

“Form and Forces: Designing Efficient, Expressive Structures” by Edward Allen, Waclaw Zalewski
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Core strengthening should include doubleand single-leg bridges, prone and side planks, and the chop and lift183 in a lunge position.

“Rehabilitation for the Postsurgical Orthopedic Patient E-Book” by Lisa Maxey, Jim Magnusson
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The plank is even more difficult as increased core stability is required to maintain good alignment.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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• Planks should have corners cut and be banded across each end to prevent splitting and to prolong life of planks.

“Handbook of OSHA Construction Safety and Health” by Charles D. Reese, James Vernon Eidson
from Handbook of OSHA Construction Safety and Health
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I was expecting her to suggest planks and core strengthening.

“The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom's Guide to Style, Sanity, and Success After Baby” by Lauren Smith Brody
from The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Success After Baby
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All planks are static exercises that engage the core while using the arms and legs as support.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
from Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults
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Planks as strength improves.

“Documentation for Rehabilitation E-Book: A Guide to Clinical Decision Making in Physical Therapy” by Lori Quinn, James Gordon
from Documentation for Rehabilitation E-Book: A Guide to Clinical Decision Making in Physical Therapy
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You can add variations like side plank, rocking plank, and up–down plank.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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Repeat the above steps for each strake of planks.

“The Complete Wooden Runabout Restoration Guide” by Don Danenberg
from The Complete Wooden Runabout Restoration Guide
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  • Deadbugs are amazing!! I have been incorporating all of this stuff in to my training over the last few months due to back issues and they have all helped a lot!!! Awesome video!

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  • 8mins in your doing the alternative leg movements however when I’ve done this over the last few days had no real reaction from it? I think my problem may be Keeping tension under the band
    But any further tips would be great.

    Cheers and keep up with the awesome work.

  • Great exercises Craig, thanks a lot! Ill be trying the one with the elastic band, i’ve been dealing with some lower back pain, maybe its the hip flexor!!!
    btw, how did you feel about the nano 7 weave? I was considering getting one, but i’m afraid it’s like the regular 7’s and too tight and rigid…… Thanks man!!
    #WeDontQuit #PartOfTheTeam!

  • if you feel pain directly from your lower back, thats probably better news than feeling it in your leg, most probably the left leg and buttock. Then you really should see the doctor and physio before trying to stretch yourself.

  • Craig, I had heard.. and perhaps I misunderstood, with back extensions, we should not go past the straight line or arch the back. I can’t tell you why but I had heard that and just wondered if you had any opinions on this?

  • Bob and Brad, I am new to your videos but, I LOVE them especially your tongue in cheek humor. I didn’t realize how hooked I was until I was watching another video and I thought, I need to check with Bob and Brad to find out if it was a valid, safe exercise. My practice of Yoga and even Tai Chi has been modified according to your teachings.

  • Спасибо за хороший туториал! заметил частую ошибочку у тебя слова “фитс” нету в английском. “фит” это уже стопы в множественном числе от слова фут (стопа)

  • Even if I’m not doing crossfit that’s for this kind of very instructive videos that I love your channel Mate! All my support from France ��

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    as for planking, another pt-ATHLEAN-X-said the same thing as these guys.

    i think the delicious looking daniel, of FITNESS FAQS, downed the plank as well.

  • What exercises do you recommend to get strong glutes and hamstring I know it gets you out of anterior pelvic tilt, also having strong abs. How did you develop your core was it just by doing an exercises, like how do you get that thick core, thick obliques is it heavy compound movements.

  • I’ve got an off-topic question. Any recommended exercises / stretches for wrist mobility? I cannot get my hands under the bar for thrusters while it is in the front rack position, which increases the difficultly quite a bit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • Man plz tell how much euros it will cost to buy equipments for calisthenics as i dont have calisthenics gardern or gym nearby apprrox so i can buy them

  • These are great alternatives to planks. I have issues with my elbows and shoulders arthritis and bursitis so doing planks can be quite painful. And of course it’s great to see Brad rolling around on a big ball.

  • I’m probably one of the only few girls who watch your videos but that’s bcos I love your exercises (and you… just kidding ��). Anw, these are really great variations of the standard plank and for those with wrist pain which I’m having now. These will now definitely be part of my core conditioning exercises! �� thank you!

  • Righteous especially that last one. Will use these in my HS training. Bought ur HS piece of cake ebook. Good stuff in there for sure. I’m guessing next progression for the planks with elbows would be hands? I was thinking u could put ur feet in rings to make it unstable torture

  • Number of sets for each exercise? and I am doing the schedule that you gave us in the video How does Calisthenics start? Will these exercises help me on core Day? and Thank you for your effort

  • Co wy pierdolicie
    Albo uczysz się elementów statycznych a gdy nie masz sił na progresje robisz “alternatywy” a następnie bazę i kończysz trening.

  • If I alternate between movement types (e.g. pushups, then a back exercise, then a leg exercise, then back to pushups and so on) does that count as “rest”? Cause that would save me a ton of time.

  • Exercise 1/5 hollow body holds 3 Sets
    Exercise 2/5 superman holds 3 Sets
    Exercise 3/5 V-sit holds 3 Sets
    Exercise 4/5 Butterfly hold 3 Sets
    Exercise 5/5 Plank 3 Sets

    These guys are great ��

  • Awe sparky does this thing with his lip that my dachshund does, appropriately named the “stink lip”, love watching you all you are so amazing ✨

  • 2:02 ive self taught myself and ive been trying to do everything flag pole front and back lever planche and handstands. I excell in handstands thats it

  • Artem I have a question exercise #5 (plank leant forward), is it not dangerous for shoulders because they are in internal rotation?

  • Dude, your videos are cool, and I believe you’re a great guy, but I want to advise you to get rid of this ridiculous russian accent, try to just be less in Russian speaking atmosphere, and it helps��

  • I have a doubt.Engaging core means pushing our stomach inside or it is something else I had to know.Please do a video on it.What engaging core means.Its my only request.

  • seriously man if you don’t mind, work on your legs and chest
    your body will look much better
    your arms are bigger then your legs wtf lol

  • Is it just me who finds that muscles ups qualified as basic exercises is strange.
    I can’t even do a pull up let alone muscle ups ����

  • In first exercise are you squeezing the ball with your lower legs or heels or both? Please describe the whole process. Thank you.

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  • Be fucking patient and wanrned with the last plank, Will call it ” prayer plank ”, it’s fucking shoulder destroyer if you’re not ready

  • Did you mention a chart for choosing the correct exercise ball? I thought it might be in the description according to the video. Thank you!

  • Thanks for this video, I have been struggling with my back of late but my core is very, very weak, I will definitely be implementing these exercises in my routine

  • Do you think that focusing on one main body part/strength goal while simply maintaining other areas is better or worse than just doing all around work and slowly getting everything up to par at the same time? It seems like if I split my focus, it’ll take a lot longer to achieve some stuff that could be within my grasp if I were to focus more exclusively on training for it.

  • I have ball’s, i have 2 of them and in summer they can feel sweaty sitting speciall driving can be sweaty and just feel un-comfy, sometime they are in need of a adjustment to feel comfy between my legs specially in car seat of good

  • Seems Like the wellness and fitness industry changes from decade to decade. First it was crunches and hyperextensions tear up your back and planks save the day. Now it’s the other way arround. I must be stupid or something. Can someone enlighten me please?

  • Last year during the Open I made it my goal to do as much of the 2018 Open RX’d as possible! You’ve seriously inspired me to start vlogging that journey! I love the vlogs and I love the positivity that you and Jas put out to the world! Thank you!

  • Follow me on Spotify Craig.
    Name: Mitchell Gross
    Playlist: MayDay!

    You will not be disappointed I promise I got a couple more worth looking into as well

  • I have difficulty keeping my lower back against the floor when doing ab exercises that require lying on the back. I have full hips that naturally roll forward when lying on my back creating an arch in my lumbar area. Are there modifications that people with full hips can do to still effectively target the abs when lying on the back? I am not overweight by the way.

  • We are so privileged to be getting free lessons from 2 the most famous physical therapists on the internet, on the internet. However, I would like to know how you manage to both make me well, and kill me at the same time? Hilarious. Love you lads. You are providing great PSAs here. Cheers from Australia.

  • I actually have an exercise ball like this, down as storage still in the boxt hus, never used..Going to do these as I hate plank exercises. These exercises have such a more naturally flow to it!!

  • What if you don’t have and can’t get a ball? I used a folded-up pillow: not the same, but sort of okay? It was helpful when Bob said Brad was trying to lift head straight up to ceiling on second and third ball exercise. What about hands behind head and no ball? Simpler! Just don’t reach all the way to knees. Maybe ball better if have! When gym opens up again.. For the prone ones etc, used small step-stool w/ two throw pillows on top? Kinda worked..

  • Flexion + rotation IS functional. Unloading the dishwasher, shopping, laundry… Also, pretty much every single sport incorporates spinal rotation minimally. Key to this is having long, strong core muscles, proper breathing, and vigilant body awareness. Find a really good trainer, teacher or coach and learn how to move safely and correctly.

  • Most of your stuff is quite good, but I’d say you are “having a bad day in the office” with these exercises you are flattening the natural curve in the lumbar spine and calling that “neutral” no that flexed as far as the vertebrae are concerned so squashing the discs out of place backwards and adding sheer forces to especially your already damaged and sheered facet joints.
    Then you are doing “reps” of this powerful flexion a big no no.. and then you add a twist yieks! I could not design a better exercise to damage your discs.
    a) Do not do these exercises

    b) Have a read of Stuart McGill’s stuff

  • More likely to hurt your back if you are already suffering as core muscles may already be weak. Recommended swimming over every single exercise that exists.

  • Plank bad for a weak low back or Anterior Pelvic Tilt. One exercise Brad does is a reverse hyper. Can be done on edge of table too, but ball more forgiving. Bigger ball more stable, smaller less stable. Don’t let height dictate ball size. I use to like firmer balls but sway towards a bit softer now. Ankle strap weights good for some exercises with legs off ball like open and close legs horizontally and rotate ankles to activate glute medius. And standing with a band to one side (45 degree or so) and arms out straight and twisting from side to side. (sledgehammer swing). Can you make video on APT do’s and dont’s?

  • I do yoga, rock climb, cardio, muscle training and I’m coming here regularly to learn basic exercise/daily postures because poor postures do lead to more problems than beneficial gain overall. Thank you for all your videos.

  • So beeing a total noob in strength exercises: Could somebody please explain to me the concept of reps and sets here? I mean if you do the circle version and you are too weak to do the last exercise in the end. How the hell do you have more energy if you do 3 sets of each? i mean if anything you should be even more destroyed before you reach the last exercise?

  • Planks are completely useless! Static “exercise”? Imagine thinking you can flex your biceps and hold that for 30 seconds and achieve any hypertrophy!

  • Nicee��������, I might try out some of these planks, I actually dont do specific core work anymore, cause I think it’s boring and I feel other exercises are more important for my progress, but maybe I should do it again! Once or twice a week ����

  • Hi there, I have a question, HOW much time (in weeks or months) should a regular training program go to see the desired result and to move on to the next possible progression difficulty? I know patience is key, but knowing how long it will take can help my frame of mind in goal setting. Thank you for all your videos!!!

  • I don’t do planks because it makes my bursitic shoulders hurt. When I had PT for my chronic pain, my PT had me do several exercises with the ball. My abs always let me know I’d had a good workout! So, you guys have convinced me, I’m putting a ball in my budget.

    PS I like you!

  • The physioball looks like it is underinflated. If it was inflated to the proper size, that red ball should have been the correct height for you to do your exercises sitting at 90/90.

  • Hey Craig, i know this is 2 years old. Just want to know if these movements did help your back in the end? Curious as i am looking at strengthening my core.

  • he would look great dressed in t -shirt and jeans, as well as in a slim-fit suit very slim guys like him can look so stylish, and, can wear anything…the exercises are amazing, too…he’s very interesting…i’ve subscribed:)

  • It’s the beauty of the ball, bob! Hehe. Omg brad I was so worried you were going to fall off the table lol. I just love you so much!

  • Also, their recc to utilise bridges rather than squats for glutes and hams is very good for me. Just remember to keep your base spine neutral ( don’t arch it) as you lift the bridge up!

  • Planks seem to have irritated the ulnar nerve in my right arm. Looks like I should consider the ball as an alternative. What do you think about bosu balls?

  • Planks have their use. Accompanied with side bridges they nearly single handedly ended my back pain. Yeah they hurt and that’s why you want to start off with just a few seconds for a few reps. But when you build from there it really creates some solid core stability

  • I’m going to try these as I suffer with low back pain after breaking my L1.. so gonna see how I get on doing these, love your videos �� Thank You.

  • I have an idea for you, instead of showing 2 guys in great shape doing all manner of wonderful exercises, that look great in a place that looks like its been custom built for you.
    Why don’t you pick 1 exercise at a time and show how to progress from the first position to the next to the next to the last position.
    Or better yet what ancillary exercise you can do to help you get to these positions.
    You doing a muscle up means nothing to me, if i cant do a put up how the hell can i do a muscle up?
    Even more important is that not everyone has their own playground, how about 1 of you in the playground and 1 of you at home or in the garage or own garden.
    I think its incredible what you do, really i do, i would love to be able to do half of it.
    But im over weight, 50 years old and don’t have a playground or a garage or a garden. What can i do at home?
    New videos separate locations, tutorial on progressing through the exercise.
    We all know you can do it.
    LoL rant over

  • I have been training for about 4 years now. I am struggling with increasing static holds. I’ve been stuck at a 8 to 10 second hold on my front lever for a couple of years. I just can’t seem to increase it for any longer than this. I am also having same issue with straddle planche. I’ve been stuck at 5 seconds. I’ve hit a plateau with my holds. I can do 15 handstand push ups. I can do 2 straddle 90 degree push ups, one full 90 degree push up with good control. I can do 10 muscle ups, one very clean impossible dip. I continue to progress in everything else except these two static holds. I can do 2 one are pull ups as well. I’m stuck with the planche and front lever. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Learned one arm push up from doing bench press and dumbell press and one day I tried doing it and I could do 5 with good form the first time I tried. I feel like a lot of advanced calisthenic moves just comes with low bodyweight and strong core and shoulders.

  • My mistake was increasing my reps rather than learning the progression, literally doing 100-200 push-ups a day, thanks to this vid I can now move upon this rut

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  • This video was awesome. I’m in the middle of programming a targeted core cycle for the box i work in, this has given me some great ideas. Love your videos. ☺����

  • The people that thumbs down this must be in the plank club �� The last two days I was doing sittups, planks and yoga. And I am having back pain now…so I will try these, thank you!

  • Nice video Artem! A lot of info here!..when can you talk about shoulder injury? I have it right know and i work in compression whit a floss band and a couple exercise for reset my shoulder…but the info about that is not much! My shoulder is healty step by step day by day but i want to know what do you have to teach us about it!! Cheers!

  • The hyperextension is a good core exercise but you don’t need to arch your back too much. Try to keep the lower back not too extended, slightly straighter..

  • 0:04 i wish i had a friend or rival like that
    Both of us training together would be like the best thing i’d want in my life.
    No homo

  • So i was doing wrong, I dont want to look big, if in want it, i go to an academy, i want strentgh! I want do one arm push up like Goku and Vegeta hahaha.

  • Would you guys stop saying each others name every sentence??!!!! “Brad” “Bob” “Brad” “Bob” We know! We KNOW!!! Aaarrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just wonderful, I have been researching “calisthenics workout for beginners at home” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Jamescan Calisthenics Caboshed (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

  • hi, I’m a recent subscriber to the channel in Brazil, I thought the tips were great, which I saw because of the Portuguese subtitles. if possible I could add it in more videos, because in others the subtitles are in English, thanks and congratulations for the work

  • Lol that Bad Programming type of program had me pack on 4 kg mass in about almost the same rate weightlifting would get me.
    But i understand training for Mass and training for Strength is different.

  • I love these types of videos, so much information in a little amount of time. Straight to the point.
    Thank you for giving me so many ideas, can’t wait to use them.

  • Hey guys, can you make a in-depth guide for calisthenics for every part of the body starting from beginner to advanced. To reps, sets and seconds. Some people like me have a really hard time to figure what exercises to begin with in order to become stronger and do calisthenic moves. Love your videos and keep up the good work!

  • this is awesome; can you please do a follow-up; I don’t quite understand the correct form; your bum seems to be up rather than in-line with the legs and torso; please explain