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5 Best BURPEE Exercises (YOU NEED TO TRY!)

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How to Improve Burpees

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5 Tips to improve your Burpee technique

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Why Burpees Are NOT Good!

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Burpees can be performed as part of a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) regimen. HIIT is a type of cardio workout that requires you to do short bursts of intense exercise, followed by a. When ready, go to Level 2 Burpees. Do the burpees for 30 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest.

Repeat this for 8 to 12 rounds. Do this 3 times a week for 1 to 8 weeks — or until you feel comfortable with this variation. Phase 3 (1 to 8 weeks) When ready, go to Level 3 Burpees.

Do the burpees for 30 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest. 7 Tips For Better Burpees 1. Keep your core tight. Whether it’s due to fatigue or just poor form, many people forget to keep their abs tight while 2. Relax on the way down.

Though you want to keep your whole body as tight as possible through the push up and the jump 3. Don’t do a full push. The key to getting better at burpees is to control your breath, relax your muscles, and consistently crank out reps. If you’re new to CrossFit, focus on getting quality reps in over a period of time. Prioritize efficiency over a good time in a WOD. Even if you get gassed after 11.

How to video on Burpees (preview from The 30 Day Challenge) Back to the rules: perform 1-10 burpees combined with 1-10 nose breaths done as follows: 1 burpee, 1 nose breath. 2 burpees, 2 nose breaths 10 burpees, 10 nose breaths. ***Remember: mouth breathe anytime during the burpees or the nose breaths and your workout is over!*** Why nose breathing?Level 5 (classic burpee exercise) – Squat down, kip your feet back, perform a pushup, kip your feet forward, achieve flat foot squat stance, perform a squat jump. Wrap-Up. Well, there you go – 5 beginner level burpee exercises to help you build up to the classic burpee and beyond.

Burpees are like the perfect storm. They require a great deal of strength, coordination and balance. And to do a lot of them quickly, like you might in a CrossFit workout, you better also hope you’re quite fit.

Go ahead, rep out 10-15 burpees at full speed and you’ll see what I mean. As Babenko notes, the burpee is “a great way to loosen up on its own,” so the best pre-burpee warmup might be just doing a few burpees.. But if your workouts feel better. For example, for 7mins burpees, i try to get to 60 burpees in 5mins.

I know I can do more at the start but if I go out too hard and fast, I need to rest more. So I try to break it down to sets of 12 and try to keep it the breaks as little as possible e.g. 12 reps in 50secs and 10secs rest will get me 60 burpees in 5 mins. Here are my 5 Rules for Better Sleep inspired by Matt D’Avella Thanks for being part of my family, don’t forget to subscribe.

If you have any suggestions PM.

List of related literature:

To make Burpees more challenging, add other bodyweight cardio exercises at various points during the exercise.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
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Perform 1 set of each exercise and then move on to the next exercise—except burpees, for which you will follow a Tabata format—20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 8 rounds.

“Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets To Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever” by Strauss Zelnick
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If it were five burpees, people might just skip the obstacle and do the penalty reps.

“Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life” by Joe De Sena
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There was a time when fifty burpees sounded like a complete workout to me, not a warm-up.

“You Are Not a Rock: A Step-by-Step Guide to Better Mental Health (for Humans)” by Mark Freeman
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11) and avoid high-force exercises that involve deep knee flexion angles (i.e., deep squatting, kneeling past 50°, and extensive stair climbing).

“Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations: Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing Athletic Performance” by Frank R. Noyes, Sue Barber-Westin
from Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations: Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing Athletic Performance
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For example, cone a: burpees, cone b: plyo squats, cone c: jumping jacks, and cone d: mountain climbers.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
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4) Precede and follow passive range‐of‐motion exercises with massage of the quadriceps, biceps, and gluteal muscles for 5 minutes.

“Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation” by Ronald J. Riegel, John C. Godbold, Jr.
from Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation
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Rule one is this: Understand how the human body adapts to different types of training, and train accordingly—that is, do what works and avoid doing what doesn’t work.

“Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon: How to Be Your Own Best Coach” by Brad Hudson, Matt Fitzgerald
from Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon: How to Be Your Own Best Coach
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burpees, deep-knee lunges, push-ups) at maximum intensity for 20 seconds, rest for 10, then repeat, for eight rounds total.

“Martha Stewart's Organizing: The Manual for Bringing Order to Your Life, Home & Routines” by Martha Stewart
from Martha Stewart’s Organizing: The Manual for Bringing Order to Your Life, Home & Routines
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These five exercises are the best ofthe best.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
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  • Finally, loved the technique to stretch the quads and pop out vs. squat and walking out. This gave me the leverage that I needed and do 6 reps and 5 sets to do 30. But love your comment-go as fast as you can slowly with good form.

  • Thanks to your videos, I’ve learned to love burpees as an alternative for cardio in the time of corona virus. I’m tall and in my 60s, and when the gyms closed I was really worried about home exercise. I found your videos and you’ve really given me some good ideas. Except for the one legged burpee. You can keep that one ��.

  • This is terrible advice. For the proper and safe method, check out Mark Lauren’s version from You Are You’re Own Gym. Perfect form. And yes he squats. Do not do this Crossfit hack!

  • I believe your technique will cause a back problem. Going from a somewhat squat position is safer. I had to unlike your video after I tried your technique and I had back pains.

  • Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag �� Also highlight for me all the way from Cape Town, SA. Hope to see you guys back here again soon

  • Hey, thank you so much for the video! I feel like my burpees could be a LOT more efficient and I’m struggling, so this is a huge help. Would you have any reference or advice on the “hip-pop” part? When I try to get back up from my thighs and chest touching the floor, my legs land waaay too wide. That means that if I’m doing a burpee box jump over, for example, I need to reposition my legs for the jump, which is really not ideal nor efficient.

    Again, I appreciate the video and the guidance!:)

  • If you are a burpee lover after looking at this video I know you are upset. But make up your mind that burpee that you do is much better than a person who drinks and smokes and continue doing your burpee ����

  • Hi Craig.

    Been watching your channel for the last few months and am now a fully fledged team member…the best thing happened the other day. I walked into my 06:15 session to find another early morning crew member wearing a team t-shirt…I pointed at him, who’s name is also Richie and said you watch him too..it was a cool Bro moment..

    any ways at my box crossfit1864 we’re having a fund raising day on the 16th October it’s called ‘kilos for a cure’ if your available I would love it if you could come and throw down with me and the rest of the crazy ones..

  • This video was just so good Craig! Must’ve been the mix of cuteness(and jealousy) for jaz’s birthday at the start and such a well programmed workout that I’m gonna try myself later as well;) kill it at rep it out for the one team <3

  • Wow, not very good. This link demonstrates a much better and safer way to properly perform a Burpee.

  • Due to all the fr*** idiots and posts it is impossible for a newbie to get the simple idea of how to begin to practice a burpee, ergh you guys, fucking assholes. I just want to learn to do a simple burpee and try to incorporate it into my long sitting schedule, might do me some good but now I have no Frakking CLUE what a burpee is!!!!! (all the f** comments) disclaimer: this comment was edited not to “soften” it’s effect but to selfishly allow youtube to not label me an offender! hahaha

  • This tutorial isn’t a good one at all. You should be bending your knees when bending over to plant your hands on the floor for impact purposes not to mention there are a lot of clients with tight hamstrings and mobility issues so they must bend there knees to get their hands to the floor.

  • AHHHH! 5 of the hardest burpee variants ever. #5 I don’t imagine I can even do one. I guess I’ll have to save this routine for my next core work out. Thank you, just what I needed.

  • The other day I was trying to do some burpees and i couldn’t land my feet in the correct spot with one single movement and it was very frustrating, after watching this vid I feel better to know it’s okay place my feet in two movements, at least as a beginner.

  • This gentleman lost me in the first 60 seconds with the excessive gesturing and unnecessary voice fluctuations. But I’m old and no longer have any sense of humor. Sorry. Anyway, there is some good information for beginners, I’ll give him that. For killer burpee workouts, check out Iron Wolf (US Marine) or Moises Cuevas.

  • My burpees is different. Its a mixture of 2 jumpin jax, wide squat and a regular push up. Thats for intense workout.. or instead of a regular push up do the diamond. So 2 jumpin jacks, wide squat and then the diamond push up. Really need form if u gonna try.

  • I don’t want to go into why your form is bad (as I don’t really know that), however I have always known that squatting into the burpee, and I say squatting not crouching as you demonstrated,is the proper way to do a burpee. The burpee is meant to be a compound movement and eliminating a proper body squat would negate working the lower body. I understand people do the burpees different, after all the original burpee didn’t include a pushup and now this is the standard. What bothers me however is that you explicitly state the squat to be “Bad”, when in reality what you demonstrated was not a squat but a crouch. The crouching is known to hurt the knees, not the proper squat.

  • Your definitely right, I think there are so many Fitness Instructors or Personal Trainers who aren’t quite 100% sure of the full technique when it comes to Burpeesso that’s a good video, breaking it all down, Many Thanks Martin.

  • This is so horrible. From the beginning until the end. Does not even deserve deeper analysis. Please don’t ever do this, to avoid getting injured. This is how it should be done. Check the end of the video how it SHOULDN’T be done. Exactly like this guy. https://youtu.be/B0pOe04ix_k

  • Look at the state of this Jim Carey wannabe wit a clown I’ve been doing burpees since 1998 and I’m a machine this attention seeker don’t know a thing! Burpees and bearcrawls is all u need

  • Any workouts that are being performed improperly isnt good. Not just burpees. Even simple exercise like jogging. Try slamming your heels on the ground with every foot strike and say byebye to your knees.

  • Thankyou for putting burpees down simply ;), Great video once again!
    ALSO, what do you eat and drink? You have such great stamina!!!!

  • Just starting my crossfit journey, your channel is so sick man. Love the enthusiasm you bring to your workouts. Keep on keepin on! best of luck at rep it out mate! best wishes from Australia!

  • Hey Craig! Awesome vid as always! Just a little thing: the bar facing burpee technique is good but pay attention when you jump over the bar. To be a valid rep you have to jump with both feet at the same time, and I noticed that during the WOD sometimes you jumped with one foot before the other one. Keep up the good work dude! #partoftheteam

  • Comencé hace poco tiempo a seguir el canal! Amo muchísimo la información que proporcionas. Me encantan tus deltoides. Trabajaré duro para transformar los mios. Muchísimas gracias por todo!! Un gran abrazo desde Buenos Aires.

  • Thank you so much. I Love burpees but I heard that they are not healthy for lower back as much flexion plus jump may cause disk hernia, what do u think?

  • Real, real bad video. Dont try this at home. This is why crossfit is such a disease doing too much, too fast and hard. The failure rate of people burning out is extremely high excersizing doesnt have to high heart rate, done under pressure, almost competing during training! Your movement r also qrong, u shoyldnt squat like these hands between knees not outside! Come down into squat (u will hurt u back like he does it). From an trail marathoner and front crawl distance swimmer. Btw, if u lookin to get fit start some sport u enjoy, running, swimming, climbing, football, tennis or whatever. Dont overcommit, training like crosstrainers will get u burned out, injured or stopping after 6 months. Many physical rehabiliators, doctors call crosstraining a modern training disease: it will scare off the very people it claims too help. It will break u down with a no paun no gain attityde. U need to build an aerobic base first, not doing max heartrate exercises, badly…

  • Typical crossfit burpee with bad form.
    With feet a bit wider apart than shoulders, initiate burpee from standing position
    then move down into a low squat and hands between your feet.
    Keeping elbows tucked in, kick feet back keeping the same width apart
    keep a plank to do one push up (chest touching the floor and elbows tucked in)
    step out (as shown in this video) or bring both feet simultaneously back to low squat position making sure you land on flat feet
    raise from low squat position for a jump with or without arms raised above your head

  • An amazing workout with great explanations *again*. I appreciate your attention to detail and focus on correct exercise execution. In my opinion your are an exception Cory! I am doing burpees regularly but you have added some tougher variations which I’ll definitely try out.

  • Not good form on the push up part of the burpee. Sometimes I think if it as a series of different exercises instead of just one exercise when performing a rep. It helps me to isolate each movement and to focus on form.

  • Isnt squating in a burpee beneficial? A squat looks a safer option to me. I allways thought the squat along with plank/pushup was the whole point as its a full body exercise

  • Watched this video after doing my first 500 burpee workout inspired by Iron wolf, never really incorporated Burpees into my workouts. I definitely didn’t think much about form, so my left elbow area kinda hurts. Thanks for the info bruh.

  • I am weak at these. 1 land on flat feet, something I will start to do! 2 spring to a wider base, makes sense and I will try. I clicked on several videos and really appreciated your 5 tips to survive this part of my CrossFit workouts.

  • Wow,amazing varieties. While capoeira training we mixed all kickexercises with the good old suicides (burpees) or eg for mma. Have you seen seal push ups presented by iron wolf on youtube, quite interesting with “berimbau-toque“ ;). But mention that it is good to have stretched hamstrings before if you don’t consult your phyisician before trying:)

  • Sorry!!! I really don’t like your form. Not squatting. but bending over with hips up is really hard on your lower back and should always be avoided in an active movement under stress. OK to do slowly as a stretch, but no way as a fast movement, very likely to hurt your back or aggravate it unless you are flexible or have done a good thorough stretch. If you have bad knees don’t do a full squat, but flex your knees as you bend forward. Then thrusting back to a plank is where you check your form for a good straight line. You flop to the floor which as one gets tiered will cause your back to sag again hurting your back! And for guys crunching your balls. A controlled downward push up is safer and a better arm work out. Thrusting back in to a bent knee standing up and looking up to maintain good posture as you clap above your head. I checked out many others here on you tube and yours is not the standard and by far, just by looks, is the sloppiest.

  • Surely the squatting down is to avoid lower back issues I have seen better instruction that isnt quite so abrupt it shouldnt be a race. Keep safe folks

  • Interesting, Inch worm is called “Inch” for a reason. When you move your arms on the floor, increment forward should be by INCH not by FOOT. Same for when you bring your legs back to your arms.

  • Quality of movement (form) before rep!
    You seem like a decent guy which makes it even harder to hear you dish out dangerous misinformation. And the fact that you face so much well founded criticism and keep believing your stuff reminds me of someone brainwashed

  • Nice clickbait title. Also, your mannerisms remind me a lot of actor Jim Carey.

    edit: I see others have already pointed out the second part lol

  • Love the warm up tips…..And your burpee form is top notch! I like the tip on not starting fast, I always have to remind myself to find a steady groove and stay there to be able to finish strong.

  • This is great for improving burpees. I could never have started here with poor mobility in my wrists, hips and everywhere else. This is FAAARRR from a beginner burpee. There are variations for absolute beginners out there. Stepping back is great for somebody who can’t do one burpee. But when you can hit these from starting as a beginner, Wow!!

  • I don’t know why I wasn’t shown your videos sooner �� but I’m very glad and I watched many already and I love all of them…no I love u for the energy and will to teach these. ��

  • Wt#*@€ I’m 40 years old and i have a column problem and everyone tell me don’t do but burpees its the best exercise for me F#*€ they say don’t do it’s dangerous that’s it’s crazy you be hurt yourself f#*€ them

  • You should have rephrased you’re video title better because I’m sure most of those dislikes are from people who didn’t watch the video

  • So…should I NOT try to do burpees if my form is nothing close to good? I’m a 74yo woman. Thanks, for the videos, much appreciated.

  • Those pushups SUCK.. also you WANT to squat. The exercise is supposed to challenge your body. Snap? Good and bad too much of a snap is an injury waiting to happen. I hope no one is actually doing all of these things. Good luck everyone

  • Dang I do everything wrong besides wide stance, and landing flat footed. I do 100 per day (as part of whatever circuit I come up with….but I do the strict push up and the squat. I have to say….the squat has helped with an ass that don’t quit lolol….so I may keep that

  • Dude this is a wrong technique you’re suggesting. Bending all the way down with your legs straight puts a lot of strain on your lower back and hence causes injuries. Squatting to a position and then doing the burpess would cause lesser injuries to the lower back.

  • Can you suggest some workout for arm strength.. I’ve keep doing push ups but everytime I took a day break the next day it feels the slow, and low

  • Thank you! I’m a martial artist and also past the half century mark, so I’m always looking to improve form, strength, power, etc. ��

  • I especially love your relationship. I’m a 45 year old divorced guy, that’s an avid crossfiter. Whatever you do… don’t stop dating. I was married 16 years. I have beautiful kids. Do whatever it takes to keep her.

  • This is a stolen stripped-down version of Surya-Namaskar (Sun God Namaste exercise from Yoga).
    As usual, the Abrahamic religious fundamentalist rob ancient Vedic-Yoga cultural knowledge and do not give any citation credits. The Yoga books published in the libraries plagiarizes all the asanas (Yoga postures), gives it’s own English names, and gives all the credit to westerners and deprive its roots from ancient civilization of India.

    What’s published in todays education system which stole all the knowledge from Vedas, but don’t give any citation credits on Vedic Numeric System (0-9), Arithmetics, Algebra (is credited to Islamic robber Al-Jabber, who translated Sanskrit manuscript to Arabic and burnt the evidence); Calculus and Astronomy (from Surya Siddhanta); Nuclear Science of Particles (Kanad), Molecule (Annu), Atom (Parmanu); 18th Century British man who claimed to invent the concept of gravity (“Jurutwakarshan”) when he saw an apple fall from the tree. In 18th Century British captured most of India and stole wealth, knowledge and forced the India to poverty, illiteracy and ethnical inferiority complex.

    Hope someday the White European people will realize that their ancestors were tricked by fabricated stories of Middle-Eastern Ideology, and were converted from their ancient Pagan religion. Hope that they will realize that the self-proclaimed “Religion of Peace” and “Religion of Love” actually preaches hatred towards ancient way of life, nature worshipers, polytheist, and promotes exploiting this planet & women because their is no place of women in their Haven, but each men will get 72 “Full-breasted Virgins”.

    I hope someday all our textbooks gets revisited and gives credits.

  • Fan of the channel and pulled up this video for the burpee tips. Pleasantly surprised to find out I have the same birthday as Jas (different year though)

  • I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT! I PLANKED (or I did a plank, or did I plunk? plink?) After 5 weeks of doing only glute bridges and bird dogs to stabilize my core and toe touches downward dog is still a goal my goal of performing a basic plank has been achieved. Am I Neo? Am I The One? I’m starting to believe. Woo-hoo, lawn mowing workout time.

  • Good video man thank you, I noticed reading the comments that they are a few jealous and nasty people leaving nasty comments.. you doing great and look great so keep up the good work..

  • As a Youtuber I am jealous that this guy can literally just sit in front of a Camera and be Funny, engaging, interesting and a charismatic character that you want to watch over and over again. While at the same time there aren’t excessive cuts, scripts or anything else. You can tell he’s just naturally this funny.

  • The burpee shown in 0.19 of this video was scientifically tested and shown to burn 1 Calorie per burpee. Heavier people burn slightly more but for all intents and purposes it is 1 Calorie per burpee. The Spiderman burpee also looks like it burns 1 Calorie per burpee..

  • Update: As of CrossFit Open 2018, this burpee technique is no longer the standard as it is now required to jump your feet back up and not step up. Still a great tip though if you’re doing “scaled”.

  • For anyone watching this video after the fact.. it’s a crossfit burpee. Before you comment negatively (like that will stop you) maybe lookup the difference?

  • Wise man once told me that the best way to stay in shape, no matter what-even if you’re stuck in prison for the rest of your life-is with burpees ����

  • I do burpees not quite often, but if I can give more ideas here are lists and description of burpees I do.
    1) Judo/Wrestler Burpees; from a sumo squat, transition to hindu push ups. Transitioning back to sumo squat using a footwork by twisting or use a bicycle tubing as a resistance bands for finishing pull exercise.
    2) Acrobat burpees: From a full squat I do a cobra-regular push ups. Then I do a jump squat or box jump depending on the environment. If you choose to, add pulls ups.
    3) strongman burpees: Using a barbell or weighted sandbag. Perform a normal burpees but utilizing a powerlift motion of deadlifts> over head press> tossing. Its a cardio and a strength gaining exercise that anyone can advance.
    4) Ninja Burpees: This one is tough, from a squat to diamond push up you need to get to bear crawl and jump to pull up bar. From there you need to do muscle ups but landing it with Aikido roll. Takes good acrobatic moves.
    5) Yoga burpees; Easy burpee to do. From a squat to spiderman lunges. Adding a push ups to the end to getting into a sky reach position. Easy exercises and good for mobility.

  • I Respect your fitness knwoledge but… really? I’ve been doing this since i was 15 (26 now) and I haven’t seen nothing bad but benefits… don’t get me wrong, but I think they’re hell of an excercise when it comes to burn fat, rise your metabolism, take your bpms through the roof, and not grounding your knees, like HIIT running does.

  • NO questions, just astonishment…!!!
    You practice these killer exercises with your typical enthusiasm and energy. I love it … ��
    YOU are the Queen!!!

  • Your last tip on not doing a squat: wouldn’t shooting your legs out before your hands hit the ground cause added stress on your wrists? ��

  • ONCE AGAIN, CrossFit has “modified”, “changed” or does an exercise WRONG. Why are they taking SQUATS out of the Burpee? The legs are the largest muscle group, why not exercise them? You’ve completely taken out the plyometric jump at the end of the squat WHICH IS WHERE THE MOST GAIN AND BENEFIT COMES FROM FOR THE LEGS. CrossFit Burpees are almost as bad as CrossFit “pullups” (kipups) where they use momentum to get up to the high bar and minimize using the arm muscles. I’m really starting to think that CrossFit sucks.

  • Burpees will always be my go-to exercise! Do them anywhere, modify the intensity and sets, and you will always get a highly productive effective workout in!!

  • Happy birthday, J! I received my shirt yesterday and went a size down from what I normally get. To my extreme pleasure the shirt fit great and made me feel that the work that I’ve been putting in is paying off. Thank you, Team Richey!!

  • My one thing is that you’d be a bit more understanding of deactivating or whatever you’re decrying at 3:00 if you had boobs to think of. Maybe A cups or Bs would be okay but anything bigger and it freakin’ hurts dropping it down right on the girls, and not in a fun way. I do not expect men to understand. Just googled “Brooke Ence burpee” and it would appear she would back me up-not in terms of advocating for a less efficient movement (obviously, and that’s not what I’m saying) but I can tell she’s dropping it down with respect for the north pole peaks! XD

  • OMG!!! Hearing Afrikaans in this video was probably the highlight of the entire video for me:) All the way from South Africa, veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag Jas:)

  • Happy birthday Jas hope you have nice day.

    Craig, be awesome if you could stream the event live. can cheer you on in real time. good luck!