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1. Keep a tight grip on the bar at all times, a tighter grip equates to more tension in the lower arms, upper back and 2. Keep your chest up (thoracic extension) throughout the movement. 3. Elbows should be tucked and end up at approximately 45. Workout Notes Set Effort Use the same weight for each set of a given exercise. when you can perform the goal number of reps for ALL sets, add a small amount of weight.

Guillotine Press Do NOT lower the bar to your neck. Lower the bar about 6 inches from your neck. Concentrate on quality pec engagement. Lying Triceps Extensions These are not skullcrushers.

A better setup allows you to dial in and master your technique — a key factor for building strength, developing a big bench and staying healthy for longer. Speed Bench Press – 5×3 @ 65%. Reaching a bench press plateau can be aggravating. But the key to upping your bench press max isn’t to keep doing presses. It’s to focus on other exercises that complement the bench press.

Top 5 Assistance/Accessory Exercises for the Bench Press On to the meat and spuds of the post. I am dealing, as I said in the last article with primarily RAW lifters these days and I would list different exercises for geared lifters. For better strength and size gains in the weight room, use the 5 reps by 5 sets protocol developed by bodybuilding pioneer Reg Park.

Lift By the Rule of 5. Bench Press. Mitch Mandel. 5. Whether it’s a floor press, flat bench, incline, standing press, Z press, or anything I’ve left out, having integrity at the elbow joint makes for a much more user-friendly pattern.

We all know the surface stuff – dumbbell pressing is cool because it encourages more stability at the shoulder and makes each side “pull its own weight,” so to speak. If your goal is increasing bench press strength and upper body mass, then generally speaking, it appears that upping your bench press frequency to 2, 3, 4, and maybe even 5. The bench press is great for the upper body – in fact the American Council on Exercise rate it as one of their top three most effective chest exercises for muscle strength and toning.

A bench press focuses on compound exercise, which means you are using multiple joints and muscles at the same time. Like I said, the bench press is easily the most technically complex powerlift in terms of the rules. And, honestly, text is somewhat of a poor format to convey the rules of a sport.

If you’re having trouble remembering all of the bench rules, if you prefer to watch rather than read, or if you’d like to see a real world, bench press at a.

List of related literature:

The bench press doesn’t just teach you how to press through midrange; it also gives you a blueprint for creating torque with your shoulders retracted to the backs of their sockets.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2015

But the truth is that a good bench is indispensable.

“Teamwork 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know” by John C. Maxwell
from Teamwork 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know
by John C. Maxwell
HarperCollins Leadership, 2009

Here are some don’ts for the bench press: Don’t place your feet on the bench.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
from Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults
by Joseph F. Signorile
Human Kinetics, 2011

So how does one alter the bench press to achieve optimal biomechanical efficiency?

“Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way” by Michael Mejia, John Berardi
from Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way
by Michael Mejia, John Berardi
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2005

I will start with benching and when I bench I do four sets of six, but I will stop at the bottom and count one two, then press one and then come back down, one two, and then press two.

“The Tax Man The True Story of the Hardest Man in Britain” by Brian Cockerill
from The Tax Man The True Story of the Hardest Man in Britain
by Brian Cockerill
John Blake, 2007


“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
from Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance
by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
VeloPress, 2014

Limiting your reps to five is even better.

“Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2000

For instance, when doing barbell bench presses, you could do your first set of five with 225.

“Men's Health The Book of Muscle: The World's Most Authoritative Guide to Building Your Body” by Lou Schuler, Ian King, Editors of Men's Health Magazi
from Men’s Health The Book of Muscle: The World’s Most Authoritative Guide to Building Your Body
by Lou Schuler, Ian King, Editors of Men’s Health Magazi
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2003

Test 5: Bench Press (Maximum Repetitions) Equipment: Bench press bench, Olympic barbell, weights, and collars (secure collars on barbell before lifting) 1.

“Complete Conditioning for Basketball” by Bill Foran, Robin Pound, National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association
from Complete Conditioning for Basketball
by Bill Foran, Robin Pound, National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association
Human Kinetics, 2007

SETUP: Set up the same way you do for a standard bench press (see Phase 1, page 90–91), except place your hands at shoulder width (or approximately 12 to 14 inches apart).

“Maximum Strength: Get Your Strongest Body in 16 Weeks with the Ultimate Weight-Training Program” by Eric Cressey, Matt Fitzgerald
from Maximum Strength: Get Your Strongest Body in 16 Weeks with the Ultimate Weight-Training Program
by Eric Cressey, Matt Fitzgerald
Hachette Books, 2008

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  • For my brother weighted dips were a huge part of growing his bench where for me they never helped all that much. But close grip standing overhead press worked wonders for me.

  • I love how Daves like “argue all you want in the comments i wont read them, its not even my channel” Classic causing a shit storm and walking away ����

  • Pull ups and super sets of 15-20 wide and narrow push ups in between chest exercises has helped me. Just got a PR on both flat and incline bench as a result.

  • Much respect to KC, thank you for your service, however DB presses (whether done on the floor or bench) have very little carry over to the bench press. I can go three years w/out doing db presses, then go grab the same db weights and do them easily as long as I am benching regularly but it doesn’t work the other way around.

  • I need you. I’m 62. I just this week hit my lifetime best bench of 225 for 3. I wobbled but I did it. And I had two young guys over me and they were impressed. But I didn’t do it to impress them. I did it for me! I want to go a little higher OVER TIME. This video will help me. Thank you. Wish I could train under you.

  • God dammit!!! I’ve going about this all wrong! This is why my left shoulder has been hurting every time I bench. Thanks for the eye opening advice you guys, Keep up the good work!

  • I remember this site helped me get more back definition with the ‘thumbless grip’ on the lat pull and back row machine. Trying to get my bench up, thanks.

  • Scott, after all these years, I have to ask, why do you keep calling me “asian” at the beggining of the videos? I know my older brother looks very filipino, but I’m sure I look very mexican.

  • Guys help me out I do everything right until I lift off my feet are still on the ground but I have a slight movement. As soon as I have that movement I feel my contractions I have in my back slip and I end up getting flat for some reason. Then I’ll syke myself out and end up failing the bench but if I keep from loosing my footing I’ll get it. I think I’m thinking too much and I lose all of my momentum. Didn’t realize it the other day I was going for a pr of just 255 on a heavy single missed it. An older gentleman spotted me and said I wouldn’t go for it again but after he said that I got pumped up and said I’m getting this shit and got it. Tell me some routine for my mind like what do you guys think about. Do you try to get angry and attack that shit or free your mind? Because I’m still at that mind over matter right now but I have increased my heavy singles from 185 to 255 since Jan 4

  • I have a problem feeling my chest when I to Bench press. I’ve tried the last tip /pushing the hands / but that way I can’t lift the same weight
    Let’s say I lift 8reps x 80kg
    When I push my hands to the center I can lift 6×60
    Is that normal

  • You aren’t gaining one single thing arching you block head. Shoulders pinched together, elbows in, legs under tension grabbing the bench.

  • The music is a stimulus that competes for my attention with your words. Not the most effective way to ensure that your hard work is absorbed by your viewers and me.

  • That info on shoulder work could change my world. Never tried lightening up on OH press and just doing light isolation work. Hope it works!!!

  • So I don’t do flat bench press, only incline bench press. Because on flat bench you can hurt yourself really fast because of the huge weight… And when people ask how much do you bench? I already know that those people have no clue what I’m doing. As a Bodybuilder I’m primarily focused on contracting my muscles, a weightlifter only moves weight.

  • Really helps bro thanks for the information ��.. love from India ���� perfect example of science in body building and the research and knowledge takes it to a new level

  • Is it wrong that i want to know if Dave had a favorite blues clues host?������ Love content featuring Dave, he is so knowledgable and seems so real!! Keep up the awesome work

  • All your propper form advices have proven the message you are trying to send to us, my bench press was my weakest form, and i’ve been adding more weight since I watched your videos, as for other muscles; I am way up there comparing what I can do now vs 10-15 years younger in shape guys at the gym.
    Also I am a platinum member for 1+ years, and I am loving it.
    Thank you for all you do to help people like myself who appreciate the science behind the workout.

  • this works, I was struggling for 2 years to hit 225 on a consistent basis outside of my bulk. In the summer my bench would plummet cuz i would cut. This method has sky rocketed my bench to 230 in like a month and half. Highly recommended, I haven’t seen any other video on YouTube deliver these kind of results. Thanks Jeremy, Salute from Toronto

  • Hi Jeff! When I do lying overhead tricep extensions (like in your 6 best tricep exercises video), I sometimes get elbow pain. It’s not consistent pain and it goes away the heavier I load the exercise, which I find really strange. I don’t change my form or the path of the bar between sets either, so I’m not sure why there is pain at low weights.

    While on the topic of arms, I’ve followed your six best biceps and triceps videos consistently. While my arms have gained size, they haven’t really gained definition unless I flex, they just look like chicken drumsticks. I’ve been mainly training hypertrophy (10-12 reps 45 seconds 3 sets 2-3 different exercises), what else should I do to add definition?


  • Since quarantine started I’ve started using the bench I had in my basement. I’d subconsciously been doing these and in the 3ish months that I’ve been doing it I’ve increased my bench max by 30 lbs and my sets for 10,8,6 have each gone up about 20 lbs each

  • The second dude benching in the video is a nfl player who probably weighs 240 lbs…I’d hope you’d be able to bench 225 which isn’t even your complete body weight

  • How many of you just came here for the BAHHHBELLS? haha

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  • I like Jeff Nippard’s explanation that he tries to screw his upper back into the bench while he sets up his feet and lower body. That, along with keeping my shoulders down, has helped me tremendously. Aaaaaaand I’m still weak as hell.

  • Does this same prinicple work for other exercises as well ie. Squats, deadlift, pull ups. Or is it only specific tonthe bench press?

  • Hey Scott, I’ve watched your video before, regarding bahhhbell bench press vs dumbbell bench press, and you said that dumbbell bench press gives more range of motion. I have a question here, do I need to do the bahhhbell bench press if I’m doing the dumbbell bench press?

  • If you are an experience bencher, I do not believe that changing anything here and there will do anything to improve your bench. Now if you are brand new to the exercise, I can understand somewhat. The point I’m trying to make is that in order to improve your bench its just to do more bench and use some type of progressive principle. And those that are really strong in the bench, they so happen to be strong naturally. The same thing goes with other lifts.

  • I don’t have much to add to other comments. I’ll just say I see so many videos of pl doing bench press with a heavy weights and weak spotter. I guess someone is better then no one, but they best they might be able to do is call for help. Like either of these two can spot me, but they would be crazy to think I could spot them.

  • any tips on shoulder injuries? every time the weight halfway in the descent, when I press from the bottom and when I release the grip when im done with the set, I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder. its been plaguing me for the past 2 years.

  • Ok I really dont understand the leg part. I never feel anything there. I thought it was a chest exercise? Or am I wrong? Am I supposed to push against the ground as I lift because someone told me that’s how it’s done. I’m really skinny so when I do that my back arches and there is space between the bench and my back and I think that is not right, however it doesnt hurt.

  • Man let me tell you I’ve been watching your bench press tutorials for almost 5 years now and, for me, the thing that was always missing was a specific scapula tutorial so this video and the uneven chest video you recently uploaded just took my chest workout to another level and today I FINALLY CONTRACTED IT LIKE IT IS SUPPOSED TO!!! SSJ PUMP! Good things take time and I can finally say I know how to bench press. Thank you so much Scott.

  • Almost 1 year since Started gym, I been Lifting 30kg each side 3 x 8 reps, same with dumbbell but then you see some skinny guys lifting 45kg each side… Wtf

  • This is all great but Jeff really blew my mind near the middle when he filmed himself with a phone leaning on a kettle bell. How have I never thought of this you brilliant bastard?

  • What if you are missing one leg? is there a way to keep the stability and power? I have a hard time pressing down with my right foot.. No knee either.

  • I’m sure it’s obvious, but are belts necessary? I’ve gotten feedback where people say that if u add weight little by little and train the body, u won’t need a belt. Compared to going heavy untrained and needing one. Pretty much your choice i guess? I’ve been lifting for 2 years without one and am fine. Can do 3 plate squats, 3 plate deadlift, and 2 plate bench. Do I really need need a belt?

  • Cool vid Scott, very useful. I’m having a lot of trouble really hitting my forearms and I was wondering if you had any tips. I used some of the ones from your forearms vid but my hand joints are a bit munted and so I have really skinny forearms. Any help would be much appreciated:)

  • I really felt a difference on packing the shoulders on my incline dumbbell press. Program I’m currently doing has a 10×10 db incline press with only 1 minute between sets using 60% of 1rm. First couple of go round my shoulders were sore by the end. Last time I really kept my shoulders packed and got thru all 100 reps and did not hit failure and felt it more in the chest!!

  • Something that really helped me build up my bench was building my shoulders. When I first started lifting I had trouble breaking 300 on my bench but after I really started building up my shoulders I was able to break that plateau. I know this vid is technique tips, but shoulder development is pretty huge for bench even though it’s not the primary muscle.

  • Why do you perform Wide Grip Barbell Bench Presses in your videos, if you think it’s dangerous?

  • Just started watching you again after not seeing you for 4 years. Why do I not recall your thick accent? Maybe you relocated, in any case, glad to see you have continued to make fitness a lifetime commitment. Can’t wait to watch the last four years of your channel and see what’s to come.

  • Is it just me or was that an unnecessary long way of explaining how to close grip bench press??? I was told to lay on a bench and put my arms straight up in the air That is the width of your grip, and as for the how far you come down just say at the bottom of the rep your arm should be parallel to the floor (which should make the bar about an inch or so away from your chest)

  • Hey Jeff, I watched this video six months ago and I have been working on it and increased my bench from 265 to 300 this morning! Fixing the bar path and getting the correct back arch we’re huge for me. Thank you!!!

  • I started off working out with a bro spilt workout routine. Gained those newbie gains from 95lbs max and made it up to 220lbs and plateaued there��I switched to Push Pull Legs and my strength for weaker. Went down from 220lbs to 205lbs and stayed there. And after a few months of that I went back to bro split and my bench went up from 205 to 215. Hopefully tomorrow I could get that back up to 220��and not only that but my shoulder strength got stronger too as a result of returning back to bro split. Going from repping 35lb dumbbells to 3 rep max on 60lb dumbbells

  • Lord Jesus! Anyone watching this video please don’t arch your back like that when doing bench presses, that’s a crock of shit! Horrible technique.

  • I watched the whole video but still don’t know how to blow up my bench press. I have tnt. Will that work or do I need c4? Where do I place the explosives and how much? Where is the sample program?

  • Is it ok if I don’t lower the bar all the way down to my chest when I do bench presses?

    I leave about 2 inches worth of space above my chest then I bring the bar up again.

  • What about eating enough food? That’s my fucking problem. I can’t eat enough. I mean, who can eat some 450 odd grams of carbs a day plus 190 grams of protein. It’s easy AF to eat 200 grams of fat.

  • Not sure if someone else asked this but you touched on what it may mean if floor press and incline are about the same as flat bech…but what about if close grip flat bench and regular flat bench are almost the same? Is it obvious that the press is tricep dominant in that individual? Or do they need more chest work?

  • not even One right rep wow. it’s good for the kids 2 see how not to do. do u even touch the bench with ur butt? don’t think so. lul

  • didn’t talk about squeezing the glutes, or taking a breath in to engage the core outta here buddy. There’s alot more ‘rules’ to it then these three lmao

  • Just leaving this here as a record
    Currently my pb for 1 rep is 85kg
    I’ll use these tips and come comment again when I hit 100kg for 1 rep

  • Would DUP be necessary if you just done something like Reverse Pyramid Training every session instead? As you’re still hitting different rep ranges.

  • I think arching ur back like that is a stupid thing to do I stopped doing that and flat back and I was putting up alot more weight.

  • Have any of you guys had shoulder Bursitis? I have it in both shoulders and my chest exercises have came to a halt. Any thoughts for relief of this?

  • I’m 17 and do almost all the mistakes, i weigh 87kg and can bench 95kg with these flaws is that a good feat of strenght or am i a weakling eventhough i’m buff?

  • Hello Jeff, I have a question for you and I dont know where else to ask it so here it goes!
    Is bench press training going to increase my(of course strict and full range) push ups reps?

  • Kudos, another essential knowledge based video. I don’t usually do barbell bench presses instead mostly dumbbell presses because I train a lot in my home setup alone. My question is why do I sometimes get weaker at a certain DB or barbell exercise after several weeks of good progress & strength gains? Am I wearing out “exhausting” those muscles that I suppose to build by repeating the same thing too often? Thx Scot! Are there really some weight exercises you can do every single day & get gains from like some expert say?

  • I love your videos but evidently you have made 0 gains in the past 8 years Scott. Have you ever considered not taking some of your sets to failure in every workout and increasing your volume by 30-50% while being in a caloric surplus? I saw you db benching the 100s for a set of 8 in 2010 or 2011 and that still seems to be the best you can manage to perform.

  • I have a limited amount of time/ days to train, when would I do these/try these, on the same day as bench or later in week?? Thanks for anyone’s help

  • Any one-legged strength athlete is impressive….however, studies have shown that lock-outs are by far the best way to safely overload your bench press primary muscles, and soooo much safer than having anything rest on your chest, even with a spotter. The Russians were doing them for years until we in the west caught on. Best part is, you can do them 100% safely by yourself with a power rack!

  • Increase weight only when after DOING EVERYTHING ELSE RIGHT AND NOT GAAAHBAGE, it’s not difficult enough to get exhaustion in an efficient manner.

  • Why important improve bench press? These things for powerlifters or everyone? Do u suggest this all technics for improve muscle?

  • Bad form. Dont arch your back. A flat bench is designed to hit your nedial pectorials. Get on a decline bench to hit your lower pecs. You can bench more weight on a decline because it engages the larger lower pec region more. Dont take a chance injuring your lower back by employing excessive arch on a flat bench. You’ll pay for it decades in the future and wonder what it causing your back pain.

  • Anyone else have double jointed elbows and have the same form as seen 5:04 but feel fine but when they try to “correct form” they feel like their shoulders are gonna snap

  • This is very interesting n helpful because for me I workout at home I just got the standard stuff like pull ups dumbbells and benchpress so this the first time I heard of the dumbbells used like this

  • Not being funny but the opening before / after pics are identical!!
    You have just drawn the lines at s different angle ��������
    For that reason I’m out
    Didn’t even play the video

  • Ah oh, got just a little bit h tit, get out of here you johnny come lately, trying make cash on the sky. Fake news, sport fan……legs, skinny, phony…get out of here, get rid of your mirrors…they’re wasteing your time…!

  • What other exercises do you struggle with the most in terms of strength improvements? Comment below and I’ll make videos similar to this one for those exercises! Hope you enjoyed this one!

  • I got a question about the rep range for the power workout because I don’t get why only 3 reps are made… 3 reps for lighter weight are to low aren’t they? I go for 8 reps and 4 sets for hypertrophy while I try to do 20 reps for 3 sets with very low weight in the power workout.
    Please help me Jerry (btw my names Jeremy too��)

  • Bench press is where i am really weak at. Though i have some blame for it because i haven’t been consistent with it. I’ve been doing your routine for 3 weeks+ Jeremy, and i was able to go from 115 to 135 one rep. One question, how often should i do this? I mean should i continue until reach a new PR and then continue from there?

  • I used to do touch and go for bench press but nowadays I do more pause bench. Pause bench feels more stable than touch and go, especially with doing heavy singles or doubles. With touch and go, my bar path is messed up and the weight doesn’t feel too good in my shoulders. Pause benching allows me to keep tight, have a better bar path and it feels more comfortable pressing heavier weights with pause benching.

  • So, i have to do for example 2 sets the first week, the next week i do 3 sets or i go for a second week with 2 sets, how to properly increase volume?

  • Number one tip. GAIN WEIGHT!
    Your presses will go up..and pull-ups will get harder…for me every 5 pounds of body weight my bench will go up..also build a bigger stronger back..and lastly master leg drive

  • My weights has dropped a little bit but now i’m recovering from an injury and on my way back, thanks for all the tips scott fitness needs more people like u

  • Great video! My only comment is that something equally important to getting the form correct on each exercise, is using the concept of progressive overload & periodization in your training program to make steady & safe gains in your strength on any movement.

  • Dave is such a wealth of underrated knowledge, the man is an expert in what he know’s best. I always pick up absolute gold nuggets every time he talks, love any content he makes!

  • Bruh I’ve given up and accepted that my bench will never go up and get stronger, I’ve tried everything. I’ve been stuck at 185 1 rep max for months and no matter what I can’t get a second rep without a spotter or increase the weight.

    I’ve literally tried all different variations of bench and chest exercises, I get stronger at those but not bench. I just want to hit 225 and I’ll forever be satisfied.

  • The monkey in the intro is literally ripped but do yall remember the one back in the day, it was hella skinny�� THAT’S HIM NOW… FEEL OLD YET?��❤

  • The first method is the best. Cause u cant run from it. Regardless of how much u struggle, u have to be consistent at going at it. I think the best method of increasing your bench is, using the bench as muscle activation, before u start your routine. Even if its leg day!

    U can start with 35 plates on each side, doesn’t matter. The more u do it, you’ll def see an improvement in strength the more you do it.

    Trust me, I use to run from the flat bench and use the decline as a substitute. You’ll notice a difference in building the chest, but nothing builds the major pectoral like the flat bench.

    Much love

  • My Gym Partner and I are same height same weight but his bench (and deadlift and squat for that matter) are all heavier than mine. This video is now my secret weapon ��

  • Jeremey….I love your videos extremely informative. Two personal questions: 1. What software do you use for your presentations? 2. Love the tattoo….an I get a close up pic of it?

  • Ok but, how does that relate to other exercises?

    Should I do that with inclined and declined too?

    In the end, I’d have 3 x 4 sets for each of these exercises.
    Wont that overload chest though?

    Not to mention a fourth and fifth finishing chest exercise like high to low cable cross over or fly.

    What do we do with that in mind?

  • Gym screw told us always do wat feels right for you..so many diff styles..oni one is right..ur own way..FACT..unless ur a dum ass or complete pleb..we all lnow them.������

  • Space exploration is fantastic and all, but we should also look at Earth and it’s unexplored regions. Like the oceans, and this man’s beard.

  • Can we keep simple?!?! The STRONGER you are in your TRICEPS, the BETTER and STRONGER you will be in your bench. It’s a known fact. This is too much information for a simple short answer. It’s common sense. Jeez.

  • I am 49 years old and my chest is sagging this is not helped by a weak upper chest. What exercises should i do? Cheers mountaindog

  • My view on it is, as long as you’ve got the technique down and you do it in the gym and use the strategies mentioned in Mountain Dog Chest, you’ll be golden. The other key is patience and actually paying attention to and monitoring your progress. Chest building doesn’t happen in one week. You gotta monitor the growth sometimes every four weeks. At least, that’s how I started doing it a year ago. The amount of weight you use only makes a difference if it increases the tension of the exercise

  • This is for powerlifting not necessarily bodybuilding. Its all to be able to move heavier weight by using arms not focused on developing chest.

  • This video is so bad. All the newbs will start yes Jeff amazing video. From when you told us to arch your back, you’re a bellend who knows nothing lol. The press path should be a straight press up, not a press backwards. So much bro science and stupid information

  • At 19,at 195lbs my bench was 300lbs 3×5, i was not able to add in another day but i was also natural so mybe why my recovery time was 7 days not 2 days

  • Is this the same for other muscle groups??? So according to this, full body workouts are better for hypertrophy and strength then the push pull leg day split, am I right in saying that? Help!

  • The “triceps hit the wall” thing is so real. My triceps sets often go 15 reps, 9 reps, 4 reps. Same with chest. But rear delts I can hammer 20 reps for days. How come this is so different for muscle groups?

  • I want a schedule week workout. If 3 do 3 bench press a week does that mean we are working are upper body 3 time a week. I’m new to heavy lifting so I really want to know how to schedule my week.

  • Incorporated this (kind of forced it into my routine, benching every workout day at the start) so strength power hypertrophy, and got from 85 kg to 100 kg in about 2 months, thanks!

  • Really helpful video Jeff. I appreciate your thorough approach and all the clear visuals and concept illustrations. You are a natural teacher.

  • Hey Jeremy, I’ve been watching some of your videos. I love how they stay focused on real results, and how straight to the point they are.
    I would love to know if you have an exercise schedule that I could follow. I’ve always been a little skinny so I’m looking for strength and aesthetic gains. The problem is I don’t have a good schedule because I don’t have much experience. I don’t know what days and how much I should target every area, and I don’t even know where to start with what exercises to use. I end up pretty clueless when I go to the gym. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  • Do you have a video on how to maximize biceps? Even though I go hard, and i feel my biceps moderately tight after the workout, it rarely gets sore. Any tips?

  • Asked for some benching tips earlier inbetween jobs and was guided to this. How did you know I needed this today, Scott?! Awesome content. Thanks a bunch! I rushed home to watch this video.

  • Years of consistent lifting? Your like 18! Arch the hell out of your back? Your a joke! You should not be regurgitating stupid misinformation!

  • When i push the the dumbell of the barbell up.. one of my shoulder keep getting unpacked after every 1 or 2 repetition? what should i do?

  • I’m glad to hear that, because I only have dumbbells at home and no access to a gym during this covid situation and I’m trying to increase my bench press without actually being able to use a barbell or a bench at all. So, I’ve been sitting here with my single 70 lb dumbbell (I didn’t want to buy two they were expensive) and doing floor presses with that. I felt that was too limiting in terms of growth so I started putting additional smaller weights in a strong cloth bag and holding that bag in the same hand as the dumbbell to basically simulate a heavier dumbbell. So, I’ve figured out that I can get up to 107 lbs up for a 1x rep right now (70 lbs dumbbell plus 25 lb kettlebell and 12 lb dumbbell in a bag). I have NO idea what that means for how much I could do with a bench press but I think I’ve never legitimately gone much over 220 and most of my life never broke 200 now my goal is 300+ lbs. Can I get to the point where I’m strong enough physically to walk up and bench 300 lbs when I DO have access to a barbell and bench if I ONLY use increasing amounts of weight, one hand at a time, on the floor? I honestly don’t know. But I’m going to try to get stronger.

    I read somewhere that the average person can do about 20% more on a barbell than the combined weight of two dumbbells. So supposing that, that would mean if I’m doing 107 for 1 rep with the dumbbell/bag option, then multiplying that by two because you’re using both arms with the barbell I’d get 214 * 0.2 = 42.8 + 214 = 256.8 lbs for one rep.
    HOWEVER, that doesn’t sound right to me. I find it hard to believe that I can, as I am right now, get that high simply because I have NEVER gotten near 250 in my life. I of course won’t know until I can use a real bench press but I just suspect that +20% figure is kind of bull because I can’t see myself having gotten from probably 180 last time I tried, years ago, to 256.8 this year just by lifting some silly dumbbells. Weight is weight. You can either lift it or you can’t, and I don’t think I’m strong enough to do nearly 260 RIGHT NOW. Then again, it wasn’t that long ago I was watching videos of guys doing 100 to 120 lb presses with dumbbells and I was lifting 50 lb dumbbells and thought that was crazy I’d never get there. Now I can do 100 for a few reps. Still. I doubt the 20% figure.

  • i implmented the 3 times a week bench, with the same sets and rep rangers that jeremy advised in the video

    monday 3 sets of 8
    wednesday 4 sets of 3 light focus on exploding
    5×3 heavy

    My bench exploded in a month,i was doing 225 for 2, when a month before i could maybe 205 for 1

  • What a wealth of knowledge this fucking series is!! I must’ve watched this thing in its entirety 10 times by now. Its so simple and it makes so much sense. Thank you guys sincerely for making this series ��

  • John is a legend. Listen to him for sure. I hit a plateau of 370-375 lbs on the bench. I read where a guy stopped using the bench bar for 4 months and went totally to dumbbells. I did that, only I did it for 6-7 weeks. Back then I would do Flat bench, Incline and Decline twice a week. Tuesday and Friday. I stopped using the bench bar and switched to only using Dumbbells. My flat bench went from 375 lbs up to 425 lbs using a bench bar. If you hit a wall even using the techniques they are talking about in this video, then try using just dumbbells. It worked for me.

  • I use spoto press for upping my shoulder cuz the holding right above the bottom works my shoulders really well.

    So spoto press putting less strain on shoulders… Idk

  • Excellent video, so many people not only bench but lift improperly over all. You never hear anyone talk about body mechanics. Probably the most important when lifting especially when lifting big. Great job

  • i started full body twerkouts and so I bench heavy one day, other day I do weighed dips, then other day I do chest flies and I am not fatiguing yet still making strength gains. Used to bench heavy 3x a week using Ufpwrlifter’s program on gravitus and I was getting frustrated at how I started plateauing after a month and losing motivation.

  • Why not use the Guillotine press for more chest in general? If the aim is not strength but size, wouldn’t this be the best variation?

  • 1:32 From a physics perspective this isn’t true (not saying the technique doesn’t improve gains.) It actually takes more force to make an object “turn around” rather than to move it from rest (not moving). In this example, it takes more force to overcome the barbell’s downward motion and push it up than it does to push a barbell up from rest.

  • So far I’ve watched your top 5 exercises for bench and squat and want to say thank you for the information. In regards to the bench video, I had a question about the floor press. I’ve noticed when I floor press I can’t necessarily squeeze my delta and lats together as comfortably as I can when pressing off a bench. My question is should I be trying to mimic my back position for both presses or does the floor press have a different technique?

    Respectfully Submitted,

  • Wow my 74 year old grandad was telling me about tips he used to bench stronger back in the day when he was a body builder then i come here and the same tips…this is amazing��������

  • I hate to be that guy, but I just have to point out the typo in your title: It’s spelled BETTAH!

    Also, more serious question: My right shoulder tends to drift forward and out of the retracted position when I’m benching, and I sometimes have to slam it back into place mid-rep, despite trying my hardest (HAAAAHDEST) to stay in proper position. Any ideas?

  • How much can this guy bench, if his max is 275 I don’t want to know the tips, also what about back workouts? That shit is the support of the bench

  • Is arching your back during bench a good thing or bad thing? I’ve always been told not to do it and then I’ve also been told arching a bit doesn’t hurt. Not sure if it actually helps or not

  • I like this video but probaly the best thing to do is not flat not incline but decline close grip bench press puts alot more stress on the pecs and the trisep so Works much better to improve your bench press i learn this from bill kazmaier greatest strongman of al time

  • I can deadlift 260kgs squat 220kgs and bench 60kgs:-: I can also over head press 90kgs for reps. I’ve had people show me how to bench and I still have no clue why but I cant do any more than 60kgs

  • I didn’t see any comments about this.

    An easy way to increase bench is to use leg drive, its a completely underused technique and all the big benchers use it.

  • He forgot the biggest tip to increasing your bench. Your back acts as the base when you bench. If you have a weak back there’s little to no support holding the weight up.

  • Check out Dave’s triceps from behind in this pic! LOL
    Looks like he has to hogs hangin’ off the back of his arms!

  • Is it ok if I don’t lower the bar all the way down to my chest when I do bench presses?

    I leave about 2 inches worth of space above my chest then I bring the bar up again.

  • Good topic for clarification but analysis fails.

    Lifter does not create a moment arm by pressing from the lower chest. It is just a geometric projection of the moment arm to plane chosen arbitrarily by the observer.

    If we think the essential physics of the lifting system we recognize that the only load carrying maximum moment arm is the humerus, which is of constant length.

  • No need to buy workout books anymore got experts with years of experience good video….. always thought triceps had a bigger impact in the bench than most people realize

  • When i do bench press wither my left or right side of my back starts to cramp. Not feel sore like its getting a pump but actual cramping. How do i fix this? For the love of god dont say eat a banana. I get enough Potassium

  • I just got an advertisement from Vshred on your video saying that to make quality squat gains you only have to go to parallel. Thats an oof dawg, my man vince doesnt train leg day

  • “If we rotate the image….” are you serious?how have you got so many idiots to listen to you?arching your back will limit gains and possibly even cause a serious and ongoing injury to weaker/beginner lifters!ive been training for over 20 years and i had to stop this video before i got halfway through as its just full of some major bullshit that absolutely WILL cause some viewers injury.when you change the angle of your back on a bench you change the part of the pec you work,this is why incline and decline benches exist in the first place,to avoid having to do something very stupid and dangerous for beginner and intermediate lifters.terrible video,if the rest of your content is this bad im glad ive seen it now so i can give an honest and accurate reply to anyone asking about your channel.you clearly dont know nearly as much about lifting as you appear to think you do.

  • Regarding the bonus tip funny, I thought you’re supposed to try and bend the bar “outwards”, which to better elbow inward rotation and lat activation.

  • If you want to get actually stronger, you know when you can use the strength in real world applications, bench press straight up and down, angle back to your face, and angle forward over abdomen every day 10 sets of 10 for a month and your max will go up 70 to 100lbs. This is because doing all three forms of bench will build up every muscle in your chest, shoulders, back, and arms (a lot of muscles you didn’t even know you had and you will feel it after the first day or two). I have been in the 500 club since I was 18, don’t lift every day anymore but maxed out last week at 565 and I’m 28.

  • Is it ok if I leave about 2-3 inches of space between the bar and my chest when I bring the bar down before bringing it up again?

    P.s. I have pretty long arms and am already doing the full rom imo

  • ….Today I was going nuts about how I pushed my hypertrophic set max to 38kilos for dumbbells press, and YouTube recommends this.
    I have no faith in my privacy, anymore.
    Everyone over the last 2 months on YouTube is ballistic over recommended vids and at the same time, creepily getting recommendations to shit we just talkrd about or messaged about.

  • But muscle damage is done by being under load! I’m sticking with my controlled reps with 3 sec pauses in the middle of the rep. Not while the weight is resting on my chest.If I’m going after explosive power exercises. I’d go with power clean/snatches.

  • I think best way to find out your grip width is to see the grip when your forearms are perpendicular to the barbell at the bottom of the movement. Johnny Pain talked about this in his book Greyskul Lp, pretty universal for everyone looking for strength and size imo.

  • I tried tucking my shoulder and it actually made it harder to bench. I could gain any leverage. I must have totally misinterpreted this video. The fact of the matter is that there’s no miracle panacea. No matter how perfect your technique is, if you’re too weak to bench a particular amount of weight, you won’t lift it. The only way to get stronger is to eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and gradually work your way up.

  • I understand the hypertrophy and strength days, but what do you mean by the (power) days? Focusing on less rest? Thanks from Canada.

  • but you forget the CNS and the soreness, I would be dead and it will hurt to bench 4 times a week, for me 2 times a week is perfect

  • Hey, why my brachialis muscle get pain on heavy chest day???��
    Really hv no idea why this happens
    I retract shoulders n tuck in my elbows 45 degree
    But still hv the same issue every time i lift heavy
    BRACHIALIS. Pain��
    Help me, no one hs an answer for this

  • Scott, could you please make a video on Thick Grip Training and “Fat Gripz”? A lot of people seem to say that Thick Grip Training increases muscle activation in the upper arms, but some studies say that it doesn’t make a difference. Hope you can help, thanks.

  • Hey anyone, how do u stretch? I warm up before workout by running and then I stretch after workout static stretches for like 30 minutes. And then once a week I stretch my whole body by static stretches for like one hour. But u know I dont feel that comfortable, my joints are cracking and stuff. I focus for 3 months just on technique but hey I still dont feel that comfortable. Any adv8ce or ur experience?

  • Why do you arch your back that much? I’ve always thought that was bad? And that pros do it for shorter reps so they could get more reps in?

    Not hating genuinely wanting to know. Not much experience here

  • Thanks u brkther this helps even with advanced lifters like I’d like to think I am, Considering I’ve been training for 20 years. These tips really can help and gain alot of.strength. thanks again!

  • Ok this is nuts! I watched this video you put out and the one a while ago about how to make sure you are using more chest than tricep. My Max bench went up 15 pounds in two months. That is on top of lifting for over two years. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the information in your videos.

  • years ago I trained for a time I trained at a powerlifter gym in Norristown, PA. The guys there told me my problem was that when bench pressing or squatting you have to go up 50 or 100 lbs on each set if you want to get stronger. They looked at me like you can’t figure that out????

  • Hey Jeff! I love your videos my friend. You are so knowledgeable and engaging. Thank you! I have one question I would like your input on: If I am not lifting heavy is it ok to incorporate leg raises during bench press and similar bench related lifts? I would like to get more combo actions in my workouts and save time. Thanks!!

  • One thing I like to do is at the top of my rep, I drop the weight with zero resistance, and then I catch it a few inches above my chest. Usually you will push against the bar and gradually lower it. Don’t gradually lower, don’t push against it, let it drop and then catch it. This will really put stress on your chest to have to brace the falling weight and then push it back up immediately. I choose not to bring it all the way down bc it puts more stress on the shoulders. Another secret I have is I take two dumb bells and hold them vertical. I keep my elbow in towards my body and I squeeze the two dumbbells together as hard as I can while I do a press. The combo of squeezing and pressing really targets the chest

  • The dumbbell floor press also inhibits overextension of the chest some people come down to low on the bench and start stressing the shoulder

  • Damn he sound like my teacher the way he explained this shit i understood it tho but overall good shit i need this types of workouts to get back good on the both incline and flat bench..��

  • Hand positioning is an absolute game changer Scott! Few sets in and no shoulder pain at all!! I was always a pinky on the nerling ring. But definitely not anymore

    Bringing the best advice as per usual! Keep up the good work and thank you

  • In my gym the height of the bench is so high that iam not able to get the leg drive and able to arch properly. If somebody can advice me what to do i would be very thankful.

  • Start lifting just the bar for 10-20 reps and for 10 sets every day, then increase the weight by 2 pounds every week. In 2 years you will be benching over 400 pounds.

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  • Very well supported theory over benchpress!!! Love it and will adapt it to my workout routine. Will see how it goes. Thank you!!!

  • Can you make a video of excercises for ppl recovering of cervical fusion surgery? It’s been a year since I’ve worked out. So how should I start weight training? Your advice would be much appreciated. ����

  • Let us know if you want more videos from Silent Mike & Alan Thrall. Check out both their channels.
    Silent Mike ► http://bit.ly/2oOvtHc
    Alan Thrall ► http://bit.ly/2oOnWYL

  • You have thick cage and short arms its the perfect genetic for bench pressing. I can be 2times smarter in my training and working harder but i’ll never be able to bench like you

  • Strengthening the triceps dips and close grip bench press have worked really well for me.
    Pin press and lockouts have really helped my bench press.
    I like rows and pulldowns for upper back and lats
    When my rear shoulders are weak I can’t bench press as much.

  • I just tried 165 for the first time today and did 2 sets of 6 reps after being at 155 for about a year. Should I just go up to 175 now? I felt like I could’ve done more

  • So how do I go about adding these exercises into my workouts should I do all of them on my push days (bench variation and shoulders) or maybe do one for every push day and alternate them?

  • I know this is an old video but thank u so much guys! I was stuck at 265 for a little over a month now and didn’t think I could get stronger. I was doing everything but the knees below the hip and elbows close to torso technique. Fixed that and went from 265 to 275.

  • So does benching in the “arc” actually build more muscle, or is it solely to lift more weight? I could care less about how much weight I lift, but I do care about how much muscle I have

  • Mate, please make one with tips to increase cardio stamina. I perform pretty good workouts (with your advice) but I cannot run more than 10 min on a treadmill. Please help!