5 Reasons Kettlebells Are ideal for Women


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Rather than doing separate cardio, strength, and mobility workouts, kettlebell training combines them, allowing you to build muscle and simultaneously burn body fat. They Save You Time When I ask women why they don’t exercise, the number one reason I hear is: I don’t have time. Trust me, I get it. Take the kettlebell swing, for example: With just one move you’re working your glutes, quads, abs, lats, and shoulders, all while burning fat and revving your metabolism.

Kettlebell training combines stability, flexibility, strength, and cardio, allowing you to simultaneously build muscle and burn body fat. Reasons for Using Kettlebells. Gaining access to gym equipment means having to pay for a membership. Running or jogging may be a good workout program but sometimes lifting weights can help get your muscles shaped up to perfection faster. So what makes kettlebells perfect for women who want to tone their muscles while losing weight?

They are inexpensive. Thanks to its unique handle, the kettlebell creates an offset center of gravity, making it ideal for dynamic movements that activate your stabilizing muscles. Take the kettlebell swing, for example: With just one move you’re working your glutes, quads, abs, lats, grip, and shoulders, all while burning a ton of fat. Below are 5 reasons why women will achieve some great benefits by training with kettlebells: 1 Conditions muscle but won’t beef you up Effective kettlebell workouts for women are very dynamic and cardiovascular in nature.

Kettlebells are great for teaching proper speed from the hips — essential in power and speed sports, which is why they are a CrossFit staple. Many of the movements and skills required in CrossFit focus on learning to have fast and effective hips. Best of all, they actually combine the best of a cardio and strength training workout so you never have to choose between the two again. If you have issues with achy joints, kettlebells.

Kettlebells are easy to store, relatively inexpensive, and provide an efficient way to work nearly every part of the body in a short period of time. They’re also great for supplementing movement rehabilitation work on a path toward injury recovery or performance improvement. Kettlebells offer a great combination of strength training and cardio that provides off-the-charts calorie-burning potential.

One American Council on Exercise report found the average calorie burn for a 20-minute kettlebell workout was a whopping 272 calories — a. A 20kg kettlebell, therefore, weighs 44 pounds. People may also refer to the weight of a kettlebell in “poods,” which is an old Russian unit of measurement. In this case, 1 pood is a little more.

List of related literature:

Kettlebells deliver any and everything a woman could want—if she wants to be in the best-shape-ever of her life.

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Strength training for women: Debunking myths that block opportunity.

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I own nearly a dozen kettlebells, littered across my garage, office, and home gym, and nearly every functional weight-training workout I perform uses at least one kettlebell move.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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The current interest in resistance training by women is evidenced by the great number of women who now resistance train and the growth of female weightlifting Contests.

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• Myth 1: Strength training causes women to become larger and heavier.

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Now we feel inadequate if we haven’t experimented with “kettlebells” (are plain dumbbells now just for dummies?), Zumba (a Latin-style dance routine), Power Plate Pilates (involves a vibrating platform), or Yoga Booty Ballet (two out of three ain’t bad).

“Of Thee I Zing: America's Cultural Decline from Muffin Tops to Body Shots” by Laura Ingraham, Raymond Arroyo
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Even though they have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, kettlebells have been used for many years in strength training and metabolic conditioning because the movements are easy to learn.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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Without the women who were willing to swing a kettlebell before it was socially acceptable or learn to ride a bike in a corset and a full-length dress, we wouldn’t be where we are today, in an age where strength sports are growing at a record pace.

“Strong Like Her: A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers, and Unstoppable Athletes” by Haley Shapley, Sophy Holland
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Low-volume circuit versus high-volume periodized resistance training in women.

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The same goes for kettlebells.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
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  • Explosiveness is not related to the tool as much as is related with the technic and load used.
    i.e. You can do explosive reps in almost anything

  • Okie dokie broski Von Brotavitch, caught me off guard starting somewhere around 1:18, phew. Had an ear bud in one ear and still felt awkward by myself in my own living room. I’m not even sure what I heard, too scared to go back. 10/10 unintentional jump scares are great too.

  • meh… i hate when women won’t divulge their age, but, i get it i guess. but when men are weird about their age its just an absolute turn off. if you can’t be transparent then why come on a show that you will be interviewed??

  • It seems that the training, the diet, everything the modern world “discovers” was already known and used in ancient Greece. Kettle bells were extensively used and a diet that incorporated everything we now know it’s beneficial, was also extensively used.
    Moreover, of the famous ancients for who we know year of birth and death, it seems that they had a life expectancy comparable to that of the modern man even without the existence of modern cures and drugs.

  • Bruce Lee lifted heavy weights he did deadlifts and bench press. Mike Tyson lifted weights I think a lot of the ideas about weight lifting is bullshit

  • Wim Hof Method comes to mind as an accessory to weight training when Pavel starts talking about training your inhalation and exhalation muscles.

  • I disagree. Personally (which means it doesn’t necesarily apply for everyone) I train with Kb´s 5 days a week, without haven’t had any weight loss not even after doing the 10.000 Kb challenge! Now, I don’t train for fatloss, but for strength and general fitness, still I do a fair amount of swings and snatches.

  • I’m new to training after having awful chronic fatigue issues. I’m back to healthy now and want to get strong again. I think I need an 8kg kettlebell but do you have any tips for buying one and can I do this workout every other day? Or what would you suggest…

  • Just tried sumthing different with the kettlebells work out today to mix it up abit just done them sitting on a Pilates ball done single arm dead lift in to snatches and American swings

  • I have spent months studying best treating losing weight naturally and discovered a fantastic resource at Bell train blueprint (google it if you’re interested)

  • I’m just coming to the end of a 300 swings a day for 30 days swing challenge, highly recommend. My body composition has changed for the better and my sprints improved a lot too.

  • I’m just truly appreciative, privileged, humbled, and blessed to have people like you doing gods work and bringing me out of a dark place and helping me through the last year

  • So will the kettle bell swing tighten up tone the muscles? Or make them bigger if heavier weight? I was told to lift light so that I won’t get bigger.. is that correct?

  • Here is a list of a few things I believe in and use personally. I hope it comes of use to you, for everything here has been valuable to me. https://www.amazon.com/shop/mindsmash

  • Hi I love this video, particularly the ideas about best kettlebell exercises for beginners
    . Something I also found helpfull for kettlebell training courses
    was Renkarter Bell Fitness Report if anyone is interested search on google

  • hi everyone,if anyone else wants to learn about functional kettlebell exercises try Alkarno Kettlebell Alchemist (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.

  • What’s with all these fools complaining that Pavel won’t say how old he is?? Mind ya own damn business. It’s probably because these same asses may discredit his advice based on him being old or out of touch. The man wants his appearance and knowledge to speak for itself.

  • If I’m doing swings for 30 seconds on/30 seconds off for 10 rounds, do you consider that 10 minutes of swings, or 5 mins of swings?

  • Kettlebells are unbelievable when it comes to motion and physical explosive power. I think guys like Fedor and Cain are famous for those.Regular weights wjll slow u down but kettlebells will do the opposite. The downside is u wont gain a super muscular physique from kettlebells but when it comes to explosive power. They are unmatched

  • I love this video for the comedy, information and motivation.
    Whenever I fall away from using my kettlebell I watch this video again then get back on it.

  • i have 17 years lifting barbells and dumbells, i just buy a set of 3 kettbells and it is tottaly diferent experience, i like it a lot, feels more natural

  • hey Mindsmash, thanks for the heads up on the kettle bell swing exercise and thanks for that bit of humor you through in too. keep up the good work

  • When you’re so vain that you absolutely refuse to give someone your age, I can’t take you serious!!! You’re weak!! Btw he 50. He looks 60+. Probably why he doesn’t wanna say ����

  • I love this guy. Your the perfect interviewer for things of this nature, you ask the right questions. I’d love to see more of this. Thanks Joe

  • Weightlifting done through a full range of motion does not decrease flexibility. Almost all athletes on the planet squat, and most athletes are very flexible

  • I’m confused? Your title suggest you’re going to talk about an implement, but your video describes an exercise? For those watching if you’re not an elite level athlete or someone destine to be don’t wast your money on over priced kb’s. 75 to 80% of their benefit comes from the modality, not the device. There’s only one way a kb will change your life. It will make you poor. The benefits can be had much more cheaply w/ other pieces of equipment.


  • Thanks! This motivated me to go drag my kettle bells out of storage where they’d been since I had a knee replacement surgery back in February and do some swings….I know I’ll be sore but I also know that I’m back on track

  • If u do a plain weightlifting ur body generates cortisol.A muscle eating hormone. This Is what prevents to much muscular gain.Kettlebells dont do that.They work the muscle without overloading them.I think that was the secret of Fedor and some of those Russian and European weightlifters

  • I use them 3 times a week. Not made my dick any harder. But i am 62 so the only thing going to do that is Viagra or a naked Kylie Minogue.

  • I must say I rarely hear anybody advise me to clench my asshole……a first in a serious training vid. Kudos for working that in.

  • These are all great explanations of why KBs are such a great fitness tool, e.g., small, compact, versatile, affordable, acceleration/deceleration during movements, full body tension during movements, core stability, great flexibility training, strengthening of connective tissues, dynamic and repetitive contraction/relaxation of muscle tissues, substantially more forgiving than a barbell, superior ergonomics to a dumbbell, superior unilateral movement patterns, short learning curve.

  • I used to lift heavy barbells and hurt all the time and a shoulder surgery later, I realized this wasn’t the best for longevity. I now can get great cardio, strength, fat trimming, mobility and enjoyment with training with my kettlebells and some straps.

  • I’ve been doing calisthenics since all the gyms closed, but I want to integrate kettlebells into my workout split for some functional training. I’ve looked through the web and havent really found a weekly program that i can go off. Wondering if anyone has any programs to follow or even some tips for creating my own. Id like to keep my resistance training to 4 days, so i can keep 2 days free for personal football training

  • This might be a really stupid comment for me to make but i’m not gonna apologize cause this is how i’m feeling at this particular moment. To me, in my opinion, i really think Kettlebell workouts are the closest thing to an actual bodyweight workout that you’ll ever find as far as “minimum equipment” goes

  • Love Pavel but I used to train with kettlebells daily as well until I developed patellar tendonitis from over use. Now I only train every other day.

  • I took a 2 part stretching class from Pavel ** years ago, before he was such a big damn deal. 30 people in the class, 2 consecutive Wednesdays. At the question and answer period at the end of class 2, he was calling on everyone by their first names. He had memorized the names of 30 people he was never going to see again. I brought this up, and he just smiled. Blew my mind…..

  • …been following Pavel’s work since 2001 when I got his “Russian Kettellbell Challenge” book…the Power to the People, etc… his books/videos are worth gold. He has a way of breaking down the science for others that is unmatched.

  • Iam a 120 kg male, athletic (i think) blue belt jit jitsu fighter + 4 years of mma background and strength training
    How much wright do you recomment me to start with?
    I think duo to learning skills and starting kettlebelling 20 kgs are good for me? Or should i pick 16kg?
    Any advices?

  • I invested in some rings and a kettlebell right before lockdown, I’m debating on even going back to my gym. Fantastic investment been getting insane workouts everyday sometimes twice a day.

  • The most terrible thing u can do in combat sport is weight lifting. And the best thing ever is those kettlebells. Fedor Emilanenko populiresed them.Kan Shamroc and Cain Valasques also do them.They are unreal when it comes to explosive power and perpetual motion The only downside whit kettlebells is that u won’t gain that super muscular physique.

  • As if he doesn’t look exactly 50 years old, lol. Noone would believe he was under 45 and anything above 55 would mean he looked very young for his age.

  • Took some of this on and noticed the “what the hell effect” with my guitar playing. On and Off for a couple of years I tried to learn Neon by John Mayer but my arms and hands would just tense up from gripping the weird chords and unnatural picking pattern. Trained a couple days of kettlebell swings and picked the ol guitar and literally said “what the hell” because everything is just easier now.

  • Kettlebell’s help me crush some manual labor like a boss. I know Pavel is a big fan of sets of 10 with kettlebells. I wonder what he uses for training dips daily.

  • hey,if anyone else trying to find out exercises with a kettlebell try Renkarter Bell Fitness Report (do a search on google )? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got cool success with it.

  • I have spent months researching best reducing losing weight at home and discovered an awesome resource at Bell train blueprint (check it out on google)

  • Strongman type kettlebell oberhead swing throw will absolutely benefit powerlifters and weightlifters as it is all about the explosive speed in your posterior chain fast twitch fibers ie. it’s an explosive hip and back extension. I’m sure it will benefit any athlete and non-athlete.

  • I stumbled across this video as I started getting back into Kettlebells. What Kettlebell exercises do you recommend the most for weight loss?

  • If you looked at the body like it was an electrical power grid producing energy through electron flow, you’d realize the neuro-electrical demand of doing heavy swings is very high, and like pavel said it works the muscles without killing them. You can do taxing deadlifts, to a point, but I can do kettlebell swings and feel an intense cardio/muscular burning pain that I will never get from deadlifts. You can do heavy deadlifts until you trip the 20 amp circuit breaker at 5 reps, but with something like a KB swing you can go at 19 amps for 20+ reps (certainly not if you’re a beginner, but as you adapt). The neural adaptations that allow for that kind of energy output which is all flowing out of the brain down to the muscles is what goes beyond conventional weight lifting that allows someone to go beyond their plateaus in normal physical outputs. You’ve upgraded from a 15 amp circuit breaker to a 20 amps, and you can run at 19 amps for half a minute at a time instead of 5-8 seconds. I will say that the breathing pattern you learn while doing swings is a huge part of that. You learn to breathe very forcefully as you get better at using heavier weights of kettlebells. I don’t do kettlebells until after I’ve done 25-30 minutes of HIIT and I’m already drenched in sweat. By the time I hit the KB’s I’m pretty close to toast since I like to train fasted states only, but those 2-3 sets of swings are killer at 20 reps a pop (ends up being 40 since I do 20 one side and then switch right into the other side, then active recovery with planks). I too am aging towards 20

  • I love the idea of this workout however I am concerned about both the kettlebell swing and clean & press. Kettlebell swing is a hip hinge with the knee hinge secondary to the hip movement/the kettlebell should float forward it shouldn’t be lifted with straight shoulders. The movement demonstrated is a squat with a forward shoulder lift.

    A rectilinear clean & press requires the kettlebell to be racked inside the shoulder prior to overhead press. The movement demonstrated is dangerous to the shoulder girdle because the kettlebell is pulled outside the shoulder. In a proper clean the kettlebell moves effortlessly around the wrist tucks into the shoulder safety then overhead press is performed.

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  • I can work with both weight’s and the kettlebell I wasn’t able to work with weight’s before I had a surgery on my right kidney when I started working with kettlebell I was able to move faster and improved my martial arts my kicks were stronger and my punches were sharp and my hard but my Judo definitely was more on point.

  • Fedor is famous for those Andi used to wonder where his explosive power and and those powerfull hips come from.In fact ancient Spartans and Greeks did those on mount Atlas And surprise surprise those is where fedor trained aswell

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  • Always like Pavel’s stuff. His voice reminds me of the guy from Universal Soldier (the Dolph Lundgren character), so that’s a little unsettling, but his stuff has helped me a great amount. Seems a cool dude, too.