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11 Popular Fitness Myths Debunked! | Jose Antonio, PhD

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5 Myths About Sweat, Debunked. by Lauren Bedosky. August 4, 2020. No Comments.

Share it: Like it or not, we all sweat. It’s a perfectly natural — and healthy — phenomenon that serves to keep us cool when temps rise. 5 Myths About Sweat, Debunked Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 Your gender can also have an effect on how much you sweat (men usually sweat more than ladies), 三山熊裕 in addition to your genetics. ] born with extra sweat glands than others,” Dr. Hardy says.

5 Sweat Myths Debunked. July 05, 2018 By Cassi Bee. We here at PiperWai are really into weird trivia, specifically about our underarms. In our search for interesting information, we’ve found a number of pieces of “common knowledge” to be untrue. Even outside of intense routines—while you sleep, walk, or stand in the summer heat—you sweat.

Perspiration is easily glorified as a sign of a challenging workout or vilified as a mark of weakness.In reality, it’s nothing more than your body’s way of cooling down your core temperature, says David Otey, personal training manager at Equinox Sports Club New York. The interwebs are full of juicy rumors, tall tales and “fake news”. The topics of sweating and perspiration are no stranger to these myths. In this short post we explore some of the most popular sweat myths and attempt some debunkery along the way. 1) Sweating is a Bad Thing.

The quantity of sweat you discharge through these glands during a workout ranges from only half a liter to 3 or 4 liters. How much do you know about sweating? Here are some of the most common myths and facts about how and why we sweat. During a workout. Myth: You Sweat More When You’re in Bad Shape.

Fitness Myth No. 6: If you’re not working up a sweat, you’re not working hard enough. “Sweating is not necessarily an indicator of exertion,” says Tyne. “Sweating is your body’s way of cooling. ABOUT US: Welcome to our channel!

Lennon is a free roam, 3-yr-old Havana-mix bunny. My momma (Lorelei) likes to make videos to help others learn about rabbit care. L.A. born and raised. 5 Myths about Independent Living Debunked. posted on Wednesday, December 11, 2013. Your New Home Sweet Home.

The comfortable and convenient retirement you have always dreamed of is closer and more affordable than you may think. Located in the heart of West Des Moines, endless opportunities are waiting for you just around the corner at. Five myths about studying law, debunked Studying law is full of unexpected twists and turns – and in the end, you may not even turn into a lawyer.

You’ll bag a job at the end of it, no sweat.

List of related literature:

No. 3 is: Profuse sweat accompanying nearly all complaints and which does not relieve ; it may even aggravate.

“A dictionary of practical materia medica” by John Henry Clarke
from A dictionary of practical materia medica
by John Henry Clarke
B. Jain, 1995

True ○ False ○ The doubly labeled water technique can evaluate sweat loss during intense physical

“Sports and Exercise Nutrition” by William D. McArdle
from Sports and Exercise Nutrition
by William D. McArdle
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2018

Whereas panting acts only on the tongue and upper pharynx, sweating occurs on the skin wherever sweat (eccrine) glands excrete a dilute solution of water and salt that is exposed to air convection.4 Thus sweating can turn the entire surface of the body into a cooling system.

“The Evolution of the Human Head” by Daniel Lieberman
from The Evolution of the Human Head
by Daniel Lieberman
Harvard University Press, 2011

I had started sweating earlier and would keep sweating longer and with less sodium (or electrolytes) in my sweat than non–heat acclimatized runners.

“Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness” by Scott Jurek, Steve Friedman
from Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness
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The biggest myth that reaches my ears (often after a hot yoga class) is how exercise and sweat are good for removing toxins from the body.

“The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin” by Anjali Mahto
from The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin
by Anjali Mahto
Penguin Books Limited, 2018

7 The idea that crippling dehydration causes heatstroke and impairs performance is at the center of what I have called the dehydration myth.

“Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports” by Timothy Noakes
from Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports
by Timothy Noakes
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

One of these is, ” profuse perspiration arising from debility ” (Scudder) ; and Marshall had ” profuse sweat during sleep” and such a degree of debility that he was obliged to leave off the proving.

“A dictionary of practical materia medica: in three volumes. Penthorum sedoides Zizia” by John Henry Clarke
from A dictionary of practical materia medica: in three volumes. Penthorum sedoides Zizia
by John Henry Clarke
B. Jain, 1997

Another disadvantage is that the loss of water and salts from the skin continues, even after dehydration and/or salt depletion are reaching dangerous levels.3 Sweat may therefore be secreted more quickly and profusely than necessary for the thermo-regulatory benefit and the additional loss is wasted.

“The Waterside Ape: An Alternative Account of Human Evolution” by Peter H. Rhys Evans
from The Waterside Ape: An Alternative Account of Human Evolution
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The thyroid gland affects one’s ability to sweat, either making you sweat too much or not enough.

“The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration” by Robert Morse
from The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration
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Truth: Sweat’s one-and-only duty is to cool off the body.

“Uncle John's Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader” by Bathroom Readers' Institute
from Uncle John’s Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader
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  • This is so informative! And definitely not just a big supplements advertisement. I’m so glad this highly qualified professional is saying there isn’t really an anabolic window, but that I should take protein right after working out just…well…because. So nice to see quality information from fitness professionals that haven’t sold out in any way!! I mean, surely he’s just aiming to project science-based information with no financial motive at all. Thanks doc! I can’t wait to see what comes next from this fine channel. I bet it’ll be a video on the effectiveness of BCAAs. Because they totally work. So excited. I’m gonna go hit some Glutamine. I wonder where I should buy it…oh what?!?! A link just below for Bodybuilding Signature Supplements?! How amazing is that!!!

  • Iv never heard anything about caffeine being a diuretic. I have heard of coffee or other things being a diuretic. Its the source containing the caffeine that people believe is a diuretic. At least in my experience.

  • Myth #1: Protein is bad for your kidneys
    Myth #2: Protein makes your bones brittle
    Myth #3: Lactic acid makes your muscles sore
    Myth #4: There’s a “best diet” for fat loss
    Myth #5: Taking creatine dehydrates you
    Myth #6: Women automatically get huge from lifting weights
    Myth #7: Artificial sweeteners are not safe
    Myth #8: It’s just food quality that matters, not total calories
    Myth #9: You have to have protein immediately after workout
    Myth #10: Caffeine is a diuretic
    Myth #11: Exercise is the best for weight loss

  • 1:29 I cant believe that i believed that such lie in my life, and also lost 2 points in my test because of misplacing where the specific taste located

  • Yeah this guy is pushing protein supplements. Jeff Nippard proves the anabolic window is a myth, however this guy is lying to you to get you to buy more protein.

  • References please! I am not sure about this data at all!! This should not be on the internet because it is giving so many people false information! This is a promotion advert they want you to buy there supplements!! Please don’t listen to this go to a different you-tuber or web page which is not one which is owned by a big company or sponsored!! Hate it when people do this!!

  • Propagandic myths:
    That the citizens of the US are “free”, that we have more freedom than all other countries, that Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery (he legalized it, actually), and that the US is somehow the best country in the world (then how could there still be a need to make it great again?).

  • Back in the mid 90s Jose Antonio in an article for one of the muse mags wrote a very critical article on the “Zone Diet” by Dr Barry Sears. I adopted that diet and lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks. My advice is to take anything he says with a grain of salt.

  • Undebunked myth number 12: Lifting stunts growth?

    This question always poses as a threat to many newbies or teenagers, among those unnecessarily questions, this 1 should be primary focus.

  • I cut my finger with a can when I was younger, it went really deep and it didn’t come back the same. It came back not appearing as if I had a scar, but as an arch on the right side. It is just two or three little lines, and it just looks like perpendicular lines, but they used to be totally parallel.

  • 6:42 they say one judge in California and then simultaneously shows the state capitol of Florida, this is what happens when Australians are allowed on the internet… ��‍♂️

  • Caffeine is certainly a diuretic for me. I can drink a couple of large glasses of water and not need to pee at all for a few hours, but drink a caffeinated beverage of even half the size and I’m pissing like a fountain.

  • If I can name my own planet name it would be ABCD EFG HIJK LMNOP QRS TUV WX y&z that would be the name of my planet I hope you enjoyed

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  • The high protein while maintaining your calories is so true. I follow IIFYM, but my macros are flexible since I just set a level of protein and calories and avoid going below the protein threshold or above the caloric one. I got the leanest I’ve been in my life by eating a bunch of sweets and junk but making sure I eat a minimum of x grams of protein per day.

  • I still kind of believe the quality of food “myth” I went from eating like 4,000 calories of plants and vegetables (I ate a shit ton, never wasn’t eating really) weighed about 170lbs and was lean. Now I get about 2,600 and ended up at 220 (not so lean) lol.

  • Frankenstein’s monster says his name in a monologue in the book. he names himself after his creator.. Fact. i thought better of you InfographicShow.

  • us ourselves are human, we have bacteria is ON us. but its also just a name for ourselves. if you have water and blue green dye in it its still considered waterits just how we label things

  • For the water pee thing if you did biology then you would know that minerals and vitamins whatever can change color of urine eg more iron equally darker urine but what you based the point on was people being a little to extra, panicky and over the top and drinking more than the recommended amount of water. With doesn’t mean the theory of water and pee is wrong

  • Not sure where the negative comments are coming from.
    Everything he has stated is completely accurate, and more to the point, common sense.

  • Completely agree on the weight loss and constant protein intake point, it’s my exact experience as well I will say though that a low carb diet will make you less hungry than a low fat diet and hence it may be a bit easier to maintain a sub maintenance caloric intake:)

  • so on the last tip you dont take into consideration the hormone balance of your body and the overall raise in metabolism from exercise. a balance of both is key. obviously your diet influences your hormones as well and a caloric deficit is what you are aiming for but a early morning fasted workout will burn fat directly as you will be in ketosis

  • Planet Spaghetti, where Mario runs off to, the lakes are tomato sauce, all the trees grow are spaghetti noodles, and the ground is a good-tasting meatball that eventually kills you.

  • 1. Protein doesn’t hurt kidneys
    2. It doesn’t decalcify bones
    3. Lactate acid doesn’t cause soreness
    4. Fewer calories = lose weight but only if protein is the same
    5. Creatine doesn’t dehydrate you
    6. Women can lift heavy—they won’t just magically bulk
    7. Artificial sweeteners aren’t dangerous in normal amounts
    8. You can’t counter a burger with a salad/also see “low calories = lose weight”
    9. If you’re gonna have a protein shake a day, have it after working out (paraphrased)
    10. “Caffeine is not a diuretic”
    11. Most weight loss is in the kitchen

  • Anyone who knows anything about creatine knows that ‘Myth’ number 5 is a gross oversimplification.

    Creatine CAN cause dehydration and cramps IF you don’t increase the amount of water you drink to offset the new requirements of cell volumisation. Simply saying no and then citing the study he did is very unhelpful, misleading and confusing to some people.

  • Did u know cows all have their own unique pattern. Even identical cow twins will have a little spot difference, technically not making them identical

  • Whenever you need some solid information about fitness, Rather watch Ted x vids rather than a phd who has been sponsored to speak like a puppet by a supplement company

  • Started by promoting protein consumption, then creatine and then mentioning the anabolic window. All that is advertisement, commercial for pre and post workout supplements.

  • Everytime I click on a video I go like why aren’t I subscribed to this channel yet. so I subscribe then I finish the video and immediately unsubscribe.��������

  • Really glad in unbiased source is giving us nutrition information that is all based on multiple peer reviewed studies by other academics instead of one or two he did in his basement. (Most of this is false. Especially the stuff about protein.)

  • I don’t have a disorder and my finger tips aren’t perfectly smooth, but I still have trouble getting them read on modern digital fingerprinting pads. I work in education and have to get fingerprinted somewhat regularly. When I started after graduating college in 2005 my school district only used the old school ink that you had to scrub off with that industrial soap that had huge bits of pumice in it. But now, whenever I have to register them on the digital pad, sometimes it takes several attempts, a system reboot, etc. and sometimes after trying for like 20 minutes or so, they just make a note and send me on my way. I’m told it’s because I have “thin skin,” but who knows?

  • Excellent segment. The only myth I would take issue with is the 1st one you mention. Yes, for bodybuilders, protein intake isn’t much of an issue, but for the average person, too much protein, not enough other nutrients and dehydration can indeed damage the kidneys via rhabdomyelisis. Hydrate and eat a balanced diet. The rest will take care of itself.

  • I get why everyone is smelling someone trying to sell something but very little of this is wrong, the caffeine thing is way off though, it certainly is a diuretic, it will not however DEHYDRATE you since the water the coffee is made with is FAR greater than what you lose due to the caffeine. The diet thing was not “wrong” per say since they did say it was reducing calories that lead to fat loss but it was presented in a misleading way, protein is NOT a driver of fat loss as they were trying to say, it can help it however because it satiates hunger and therefore can help reduce caloric intake which IS the driver of fat loss and they did say as much to be fair but said that in with a bunch of other mumbojumbo about protein. are they clearly talking about mostly protein related stuff to sell products? Yes. But most of this is spot on so quit whining lol

  • I like all the people with their PhDs saying he is wrong. He is actually referencing studies from not his company or bodybuilding such as the rat study and artificial sweeteners is from a cancer institute in britain.

  • Here’s an iconic one:
    Lions CAN’T be “King of the Jungle”…because they don’t LIVE in the jungles of Africa…they live in the savannahs.

  • I bet you whatever you want that sugar increases kids activities to 100% and after 2/4 hours of volcanos �� and comets ☄️ the sugar wear off and they just collapse. They don’t exhibit this behavior without the sugar.

  • A lot of negative comment on this such informative video. This guy knows what he’s talking about. I have done alot of research for around 3/4 years. He’s ticking all them ����.

  • number 4: i have never had a sugar rush in my life and i am 9. This explains why eating 1/4 of my halloween candy gives me no sugar rush

  • 4:01 when i heard this bit it made me think of that Eminem song where he says “…cut you so fast when your blood spilled it was still blue” damn i’m so old

  • In fact good vs. bad bacteria story is an oversimplification too. There are opportunistic bacteria that reside in the body, cause no harm or even some benefit, but can turn nasty in certain conditions.

  • Idk but I really feel different tastes on different parts of the tongue, I can barely feel salt at the back, but taste it very strongly on the tip and so on..

  • Did he just say that when the top of the earth is closer to the sun it turns winter? I guess I can go jump in a fire then to cool off. -_-

  • Well, lots of people say that milk is bad for you when you have a cold, even though it’s not. It actually helps! While it FEELS like the milk makes more mucus in your throat, it’s actually just milk coating your throat, which helps you get over the cold faster, or something like that. I’m not sure of ALL the details, because a doctor said this to me about a year ago, but one thing I’m sure of is that she said that milk is good for a cold, not bad.

  • That im mean…. Im only PARTLY mean…. Only when i HAVE TO be…. Or when someone is really pushing it with me and i just CANT COPE anymore…

  • I’m so tired and i was looking at ur buzz Aldrin ( sorry if wrong it late) and so I saw 2 astronauts and one was flying away

    I thought that was cool ��

  • I’m a woman and I want to get big and muscular. I don’t know why my arms are so weak though. I can squat decently but I have a lot of trouble with pushups and bicep curls. I know it’s normal for wemon to be not as strong, but I don’t feel any contraction or burning while lifting with my arms regardless of the weight

  • cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis because you are not damaging your bones the sound you hear is bubbles popping in the fluids between your joints

  • Excuse me life noggin for Being a nerd but the cook of the RMS Titanic drank so much ALCOHOL that he survived the freezing water.:/

  • I dont know adout any of the myths even though I watched the video all the way to the end i would rather watch TheOdd1sOut rather than your channel Life Noggin

  • If you look close enough oxygen is red you can see. Also if the light reflected the blue Color back onto your eyes. Then wouldn’t it change color if you had moved the light direction? Also why is it also the exact same place where these vines appear red and blue? I believe if you actually thought about it and didn’t google it which is what I’m predicting your doing, then I would believe it more, but your making me take a leap of faith in which I have enough evidence to prove otherwise. Great work on animations, but please do a little more research next time.

  • Vaccines do cause autism. Billionaires have made it seem like its doesn’t by altering the tests that prove it does! Thousands of testimonies of parents taking kids to get the MMR and immediately regressing in a downward spiral from forgetting how to talk and forgetting how to walk. Lots of these patients experience this within minutes after the shots.

  • Lacking proof… you’re saying your debunking myths but not actually proving anything…. which is the same way the myths probably began… so i have just debunked your whole video with this simple comment? this is just your opinion, nothing more.

  • Don’t believe the creatine one. The rest I believe. Creatine definitely dehydrates me, especially feel it in the summer. How can it not, if it is sucking the water into your muscles? Treat all scientific wisdom around diet with caution; it’s not as if “science” has been consistent is it.

  • Another one: Rice makes birds explode, so we switched to throwing birdseed at weddings! What science-impaired idiot came up with that lie? I grew up around rice fields, and birds ate rice all the time. Not one exploded. Not one. People who know nothing make up the stupidest nonsense.

  • You are WRONG about vaccines! It is the OPPOSITE of what you said. It HAS BEEN SCIENTIFICALLY proven that vaccines do cause autism and other harmful conditions. Big Pharma companies have manipulated and twisted everything to make the American people believe vaccines are critically important! WHY? Because vaccines and flu shots makes billions of dollars for the U.S. It’s all about the money! These people LOVE sick people! Its one of the reasons why Americans are so so sick! These companies are the fraudulent ones!!!

    How do you heal diseases and illness? Not with vaccines nor drugs. But, with anything that comes from plants! Healthy organic fruits and veggies, herbs, spices, organic essential oils…etc. I have first hand experience with what I am saying, besides studying health and nutrition for the past 10 yrs. And yes, I have 4 children. I KNOW!

  • 8, hell why not go beyond, there is no proof Jesus even existed. Also Christmas was Winter Solstice, Thules day & copy many from the European & Middle Eastern pagan customs.

  • The “5 senses” one is actually true, as all the examples you gave are examples of touch. Not sure of the other ones you did not list, but I assume they would be subsections of the 5 senses.

  • About Eve’s “Apple”, and Jesus’ birthday, for millions of true Christians (born again!) this is sooo obvious that it’s even stupid to think about it, or even mention this! What an ungodly, stupid world without God.

  • I had to do the math in front of my mother to prove to her that water does not boil more quickly after adding salt. She refused to believe I was right until I sat her down and made her watch me calculate the boiling point of pure DI water and salt water. In fact the boiling point actually increases by a fraction of a degree Celsius. I still don’t think she believes it but oh well ����‍♀️

  • This is a very dangerous video for public health and somebody should take it down!

    Here is an actual study of the effect such supplements can have on you if taken recklessly, which shows that “long-term consumption of a high-protein diet could be linked with metabolic and clinical problems, such as loss of bone mass and renal dysfunction”.

    Cuenca-Sánchez, M., Navas-Carrillo, D. & Orenes-Piñero, E. Controversies Surrounding High-Protein Diet Intake: Satiating Effect and Kidney and Bone Health. Adv. Nutr. 6, 260–266 (2015)

  • You might want to correct that salt water one. Adding a FEW tablespoons of salt does nothing. It takes a lot of salt however to decrease the boiling point of water.

  • Incorrect. Fortune cookies were invented by a Japanese man in SAN FRANCISCO. They were not brought here by the Japanese, they were invented FOR AMERICANS in the us.

  • I have $3.96 in on pocket and $5.92 in the other. I live in a two story house with my wife and pet snake. I lost a quarter in the sink and I regret it, what am I?

    25 cents poorer

  • There is no evidence that Jesus was born at all, there is no evidence that Eve ate a magical apple either. (and no, the bible doesn’t count as evidence).

  • none of the christian holidays related the Jesus are correct, they are actually placed there to take over pegan holidays by the catholic church. Even valentines day is replaced in this way.

  • It’s also essential that immediately following your workout you kneel down to Jesus and pray for those sweet gainz, because there is no evidence that doing so will harm you.

  • This channel is like your dumb friend that wants to have a conversation with you while at a concert when you’re standing next to the speakers. It would be nice to hear your dumb ramblings, but the music is too loud. And what idiot thinks any of these “myths” were true?

  • A few caveats on artificial sweeteners and protein shakes.

    1) Artificial sweeteners have been increasing linked to metabolic problems. Not cancer, and maybe better then better sugar, but worse than natural food. Avoid junk food and drink water.

    2) There are drawbacks to protein shakes, namely cost and nutritional quality. And if you eat a diet rich in protein, you will be constantly supplying your muscles with protein. Food spends about 10 hours being digested, and it takes 24 to 48 hours to rebuild muscles after a workout. No room for a post workout shake to make a difference.

  • 27. But what if the sugar free diets in studies contained sugar replacements like aspertame having the same effect as sugar on children in hyperactivity sense.

  • The Jesus birthday I think is wrong. Mostly because you can look at star simulations and back track it to approximately Dec 25. And it coincides with the Bible.
    As a guy, the shaving thing does make hair grow back faster though nothing else. It only applies to facial hair though.

  • the other day i helped four baby peacocks get back to their mother and she did NOT reject them. She took them with her and walked away. They could not get through the stuff on our fence (we have it on our fence so our tiny dogs don’t run off) so i put the peachicks over it.

  • fun fact: I had a teacher once who had adermatoglyphia and she said that she was almost denied into the country (Qatar) b/c of it. Its actually kinda cool

  • MSG (In larger quantities) is one of my migraine triggers, if I eat it I usually but not always get one within 10-60 minutes of consuming the food. Sad to discover but brands hide MSG in an insane amount of ways resulting in “Ghost migraines” seemingly caused by nothing till I found out what stuff was hidden MSG as well. I gone from 5-10 migraines a month, to 5-15 a year since.

  • Glad you mention the study on heat from the head. I brought it up on a outdoor survival channel and got the village idiot treatment �� (much like whenever I skewer the 8 glasses of water a day medical advice)

  • Common Myth:
    SpeedWagon is Best Girl

    it’s wrong because he’s the manliest and most gentle man alive!
    being a Waifu doesn’t make him female

  • Id name my PLANET X-01. Im not gonna say ehy but any 2019 or older people Who watch this, if you get it you are officially cool to me

  • Also, “going outside in the cold without a coat will give you a cold”. People catch colds more often in the winter because they’re inside in confined spaces with other (sick) people more often.

  • The significance of the gut flora has been overhyped considerably in recent years but the research is actually still very inconclusive and there is no evidence that we really need them at all.

    For example the notion that it’s “bad” gut flora that makes people fat and people can lose weight with a transplant from someone with “good” gut flora I believe comes from one specific twin study. But besides that there are other far less conclusive studies, and in fact the people doing research on this field don’t even have the slightest clue what “good” and “bad” gut flora is because if you take a group of healthy fit people they can all have wildly different levels of different bacteria in their gut, and the same is true for any group of obese people which makes that theory very shaky as clearly it’s not any one specific species or any particular bacteria “recipe” that does it.

  • Your microbiome won’t make you fat, consuming more calories than you’re burning will. It may affect how much energy your body extracts from food but it just means you’d need to adjust how much you eat. It’s still calories in calories out. Some doctors smh.

  • Although all the points Jose raises her are fundamentally proven by science. Its worth noting that your body is not to bothered about ‘mans’ scientific opinion. Also scientific understanding,  like the wind, can change very quickly. BUT I would disagree with the statement that calories matter when it comes to over eating on whole food. I would say if you live on a whole food plant based diet then you do not need to consider calories because….I reckon you wouldn’t be able to over eat 5Ks worth of plant…that’s a lot of plant. It only really processed food that open the door to this kind of consumption. In summary, if your carrying a lot of extra fat I doubt you gained it on Yams and Kale.

  • I feel like fingerprints have to be different because every little line would be different on everyone and would be impossible to be the same

  • No two people have been found to have the same fingerprints they are totally unique. There’s a one in 64 billion chance that your fingerprint will match up exactly with someone else’s. Fingerprints are even more unique than DNA, the genetic material in each of our cells.

  • There are benefits to intermittent fasting/time restricted eating, so hand waving away the anabolic window question isn’t good enough

  • number six sounds like: you think when you are mixing something in a bowl you are it using your arms, hands, bowl, and the mixer. No, you are only using your brain who uses these things as instruments

  • it feels like most of these myths were at most only partially debunked, like the urine color one seemed to only say that hydration is not the only thing that influences urine color not that being dehydrated doesn’t change urine color.

  • I lost almost all of my finger print of my ring finger due to eczema.
    The finger always feels different. its always dry and smooth, it feels like I got a very thin layer of super glue on it.

  • You forgot, “Daddy long legs are the most venomous spiders in tue world, but their fangs aren’t long enough to bite humans.” That always annoys me

  • https://external-preview.redd.it/yXyw-8U1kXazL_MmDciZKFzjFwnl_P3Bb6KENenKTRk.png?auto=webp&s=f65404ae7bcebebfa4bc91caa06f31679d542ba0 12:29

  • If sugar doesn’t make you hyperactive, then why did I need to run up and down the stairs a few times after I ate a whole packet of sweets?

  • I dont think the human colon has the power to inflate a baloon, guess he meant your daily farts would be equal to the volume of air in a certain size of fully inflated balloon, whatever size that is? Not that the force and volume of your fart could inflate a balloon, its hard enough using your lungs.

  • The losing heat part is true. You just think about it wrong. It’s during winter, when you are dressed up in coat, leg warmers, gloves, even hat, which part of your body is still exposed to cold? Face. So when your whole body is secured as much as possible, most of your heat loss will be through head as you simple can’t wrap your whole face, ears and so on in Scarfs and what not. Many people don’t even wear hats or scarfs during winter. This is where this number is coming from and stands to logic. When you are in your winter gear, 40-45% of your heat loss will be through head.

  • The losing heat through head being debunked is right, but also at the same time wrong. Because the test subjects were under water, the clothes they wore had little effect on them losing body heat.
    But generally people tend to wear clothes, especially in cold weather. Because of that, the amount of heat lost from the head compared to the total heat lost might really be 40-45% when you are clothed, which is the case when it is cold. and when it is warm, it doesn’t really matter. This is why the 40-45% figure is more relevant than the 7-10% and in fact correct and it should be the figure used when taking it into account.

  • The whole salt in water thing isn’t to make it boil faster, it’s to decrease the recovery time necessary for water to resume boiling after something is put in it

  • Wow! This is a pretty odd blend of “bro” and real science. Performing a short term study on bone density? Interesting, inconclusive too. Going back to the calorie topic and disregarding nutrient density for body composition? Yeah…

  • I used to be a competitive cyclist and all the racers I knew well who took creatinine had cramping problems and the guys who didn’t take it had little to no muscle cramps. The cramps actually caused some guys to be cramped up in the bushes during a race on several occasions which never happened to the non creatinine guys. It’s not very scientific but it’s real world experience from multiple athletes.

  • So what he’s saying with the fingerprint one is that there are people with the Sam fingerprint but there is no proof saying two people have the same fingerprint which is just stupid because he repeatedly contradicts himself.

  • You do point some neat ones and with measure, not being assertive. Nice work:) I would like to add an 8th one, that is stated at the begining of the video “humans are the most intelligent creature on earth”. They certainly are not. Simple example: the amount of food we produce is enough to feed 12billion people (FAO). Yet many humans are starving. You do not see that in any other social animals.

  • First of all, frick the studies of the pee. Of course it wont be 100 percent accurate and you shouldn’t use pee color to medically treat people, but for me its reliable. Whenever i dont drink alot of water my pee is always super dark and after drinking a bottle of water or gatorade, my pee always gets much lighter. And the human body one doesnt make much sense. Last time i checked the definiton for a human body is not just human cells. I, and im sure many others, already new that a huge part of the human body is composed of bacteria that keep us alive. But i get the point they’re trying to make.

  • Only a few of these “myths” were actually “debunked”, the rest were bullshit. “You don’t have unique fingerprints because when police scan your fingertips they don’t scan the whole thing only certain parts, but you actually have unique fingertips, so… yeah”. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE

  • You’re appendix is useless. I think my mother who spent 23 years training in medicine would know. 8 years in college 8 years in medical school and 7 year residency. You’re Fingerprint is also unique. It can be very similar but not completely similar. Otherwise it wouldn’t be used as a high level of security bypass

  • The last myth is kinda stupid to measure by numbers of cells instead of volume because eukaryotic cells (human cells) are 1,000-10,000 larger by volume than prokaryotic cells (bacteria) with viruses being even smaller.

  • I’ve actually already come up with my own planet, Quan. It’s a planet roughly the size of the moon with a purple landscape. Although that landscape isn’t experienced much due to extreme weather. The dominant species actually lives underground. This species can have a skin of all colours, most of them having markings. These creatures are more clever then humans, but are a bit lacking otherwise. They have these wing like features on their sides, and due to the planet being tiny, the gravity sucks. Meaning it’s impossible to die of fall damage. The wings are used to get back to where they where when they fall of a cliff or a ravine. Cliff climbing is a really fun activity there. They have huge rooms where they can fly around, with benches all over the walls. Because of bad gravity and wings, these creatures are VERY light boned. Meaning they cannot survive on planets bigger then their own. They have a colder atmosphere and longer years. Their planet is further from their sun then ours. Every once in a while, they have a ‘dark day,’ these happen because the other four planets in Quans solar system are ALOT bigger then quan. And one of these planets are in front of quan in orbit. Meaning every once in a while this other planet would block the sun’s rays.

  • why do you take everything seriously the George Lucas made only fiction not real he was making movie fiction you keep making everything seriously stop doing that

  • Galixium is my planet name (gal-ex-e-um)I’ll tell you the history so after the Big Bang when the galaxy was expanding a chunk of the galaxy broke off and turned into the very first planet it used to be called well planet but then scientist found out the planet and it’s history so they named it Galixium and if you go to that planet it’s actually ok to take off your space suit cause there’s oxygen there

  • Galixium is my planet name (gal-ex-e-um)I’ll tell you the history so after the Big Bang when the galaxy was expanding a chunk of the galaxy broke off and turned into the very first planet it used to be called well planet but then scientist found out the planet and it’s history so they named it Galixium and if you go to that planet it’s actually ok to take off your space suit cause there’s oxygen there

  • When you said the dark side of the moon, I thought of the song from Mulan “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”
    Also, I would name my planet Burton, after Tim Burton

  • 6:45
    I’d like to differ with wearing a bunch of sweaters, running and biking hard for an hour having my heart rate above 190 on avg.
    You lose weight quickly m8

  • I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m not from the USA but I had never heard of any of these “myths”…. this was a very obvious video to me. From Portugal.

  • afaik, that 57% value of non-human cells in your body has been debunked. It was based on an estimation of microbe numbers, which was way of. The actual percentage is around 7-10% afaik.

  • I will name my planet green Stove it’s just trees and plants and it’s full of gobporp a cute creature and there is areas of flat spot and it’s a field of a good quality grass and flowers

  • I’d call mine Nivena. Like,I want that it has perfect weather,no climate change,and a lot,as in a lot,of minerals: i.e. metals,undiscovered materials,materials with a lot of energy to help people go to other planets.