5 Myths About Fitness Instructors


5 Myths about Weight Loss BUSTED by a Personal Trainer

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5 Myths About Personal Training

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5 Myths About Personal Trainers

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Five common myths about exercise

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Top 5 Fitness Myths DEBUNKED

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8 Common Fitness Myths Busted (What The Science Says)

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Here are five common beliefs about fitness instructors — and why each is a myth. MYTH #1: TRAINERS DO NOTHING BUT WORK OUT ALL DAY. Reality: Trainers have to squeeze in their own workouts most days.

Trainers work with clients all day or often travel from studio to studio to teach classes back to back to back. 5 Common Myths about Personal Training Mythbusting can be fun! It shines light on something that most people take for granted is true but may actually only be party true, or not true at all.

Sometimes mythbusting is a kind of superpower because it breaks down a barrier that people thought was impenetrable but is burst as easily as a bubble. They cheat their diet, skip a workout every now and then and spend more time than we think studying health and fitness so they can successfully train others. Here are 5 personal trainer myths Myth: They eat healthy all the time. Probably the most common myth regarding personal trainers is the idea that they eat healthy all day, every day. Personal trainers may know more than the average person about exercise physiology and fitness, but there’s always more to learn.

Certain trainers specialize in certain fields. A trainer that focuses on athletic performance, for instance, might not be the best trainer for someone who is looking to lose 30 pounds just in time for summer. Myth #1: Personal Training is a Luxury Service.

Many people still believe that personal trainers are a luxury service, only for the rich and famous. What many don’t realize is that through technology, there are new ways to have access to a personal trainer without paying the steep price. Myths about personal trainers.

Nikki Lan October 24, 2017 Blog. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. I’m a personal trainer and have been one for five years.

However, there are many myths and misconceptions about the healthy lifestyles we lead as personal trainers. I obviously eat protein and greens all day every day and workout twice a day. In an attempt to bridge the gap, these are the 12 biggest myths about personal training.

Credit: Adobe Stock/Igor Mojzes It’s time to set the record straight: Personal training is at the forefront of preventative care exercise is medicine after all yet the elitist gap between the general public and fitness industry seems to be widening. The 5 most commonly believed fitness myths (that are holding you back) These misconceptions could be sabotaging your efforts at the gym. The importance of a pre-workout stretch is the number one. “Some myths are just harmless half-truths, but many others can actually be harmful,” says professional triathlete and personal coach Eric Harr, author of The Portable Personal Trainer. Five myths about policing.

About 13 percent of their workday is devoted to administrative tasks and 9 percent to personal activities (such as eating). This training.

List of related literature:

I’ve never had a personal trainer in my life and I never will.

“The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health” by Travis Stork M.D.
from The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health
by Travis Stork M.D.
Gallery Books, 2010

It seems critical to me that this genre of personal trainers be addressed for the good of the discipline of exercise and the folks that participate and put themselves in the hands of these professionals.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
from 15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben’s SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health
by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
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Personal trainers need to stay up-to-date in medicine, fitness, business, and even psychology and nutrition.

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
from Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies
by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
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The answers to all of these questions and others may influence the personal trainer’s advice to the client.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

Clients not only relied on their trainers to get fit, lose weight, and train regularly, but they also wanted to broaden the conversation to include advice on business, relationships, nutrition, and lifestyle.

“Lifestyle Wellness Coaching” by James Gavin, Madeleine Mcbrearty
from Lifestyle Wellness Coaching
by James Gavin, Madeleine Mcbrearty
Human Kinetics, 2013

Other personal trainers include Fitness Connection’s Laura Ribbins and her team of highly qualied as well as experienced trainers specialising in rehab, sports conditioning and weight-loss and more.

“The Resident 2015 (Cayman Islands)” by Acorn Publishing Co. Ltd.
from The Resident 2015 (Cayman Islands)
by Acorn Publishing Co. Ltd.
Acorn Publishing Co. Ltd., 2015

I worked as a personal trainer along the way, and it further cemented my beliefs that nutrition, movement, and lifestyle factors (such as lack of sleep and stress management) were absolutely crucial factors for health and weight loss.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

The use of personal trainers and financial incentives have been tested as strategies to improve exercise adherence and long-term weight loss (Jeffery, Wing, Thorson, & Burton, 1998).

“Handbook of Psychology, Health Psychology” by Donald K. Freedheim, Irving B. Weiner, John A. Schinka, Arthur M. Nezu, Wayne F. Velicer, Christine M. Nezu, Alice F. Healy, Pamela A. Geller, Robert W. Proctor
from Handbook of Psychology, Health Psychology
by Donald K. Freedheim, Irving B. Weiner, et. al.
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Sometimes the personal trainers are portrayed as essential.

“Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution” by S. Margot Finn
from Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution
by S. Margot Finn
Rutgers University Press, 2017

“I hardly plan on being a personal trainer all my life,” she said.

“MARRIED LOVERS” by Jackie Collins
by Jackie Collins
Simon & Schuster Australia, 2011

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  • If you’re like me and you HATED running and walking on the treadmill for cardio, try dancing. I started just learning choreographies through YouTube videos. I would record myself and then practice until I perfected the routine. I was a competitive cheerleader for a long time so I had good stamina, but just not for running. I hated just doing one thing and wanted to do more movement, have fun, and have the time fly by.

    With dance you can see your progress. You can see how good you get on picking up moves and the rhythm. I benefit from this because I am also a musician. Just this past week alone I have lost 3 lbs after a break from a broken foot. You can dance to literally any song and go at any pace you want. It works your whole body and it’s fun. I guarantee you’ll be sore the day after you start. I pair it with my strength training, but do something that you enjoy so that when you start cardio it doesn’t feel like your torturing yourself. Have fun and go crazy!

  • I’m combo of endo and mezomorf. You can’t change that, cause it is due to and the structure of the skeleton, shape of the skull etc. I will never have V-shape back as others, cause of my pelvis and hip width, which can’t be changed

  • Hi James, I’d like to learn to be knowledgeable like you are about fitness, physiology and exercise science. Where should I start? If you can make a video about your journey learning, researching and practising up until this point, it will surely make an impact on those who want to be a personal trainer or coach. Thanks

  • Regarding the milk study, it has already found that milk contains high amount of hormones,fat and puss. The study you refer to might consider almost a million people, i found suggest you look up the study that was done in china over millions of people, which showed that increased daily intake of animal proteins lead to more cancer. The problem with the study was done on milk it only counts for several years at the most. Most of the effects of our nutrient is over years. So every study which make claims after just a couple of months or weeks is simply way to soon about their conclusion. This count for as well animal proponents as plant proponents. Just stating that a study heavily funded by the dairy industry will not be biased is just stating i am a religious person but will not be biased against someone without a religion. We all carry bias in our selves, and it has been shown time after time that studies funded by food industry is heavily favoring them as being healthy. I not for vilifying a certain food group. Our ancestors lived for centuries on that food. That said, i think you should eat everything in moderation.

  • Eating breakfast has a lot of benefits. If you don’t feed your body well, maintaining your life consistently should be challenging.

  • Skipping breakfast is more than just reducing calories…it extends your fast and will keep insulin levels low and fat burning is not paused due to jacked up insulin levels from eating or worse, eating sugary cereals or crap. After I drink coffee, I feel better and can keep the fast (restricted eating period) going until early afternoon. So not eating.. will help stabilize appetite and swings in appetite ( as well as maybe kicking in autophagy if you go without eating long enough)…because you arent messing with the appetite hormones…until you are really truly hungry again. Also, if u eat sugary stuff, prepare for increased hunger, no fat burning for a while and also fat storage.

  • 4:21 that is not how you boil vegetables, Ha

    As a chef blanching (30-60 sec boil in salt water) helps preserve the nutrients since the salt water creates a barrier around the vegetable allowing the nutrients to remain within.

  • Even if that study does show you can reduce fat at certain areas. It is only temporary until your body recomps and the fat redistributes throughout your body.

  • How did you train your speech? Who do you follow to improve speech? Since he changed his partner, he became more clear and productive.

  • I fast daily which helps me enjoy food. The bro diet counting Marco’s through day messes up my relationship with food. Not saying you dont count Marco’s fasting but you have more options then spreading it out throughout day.

  • Great Video, Abby. You have really refined your presentation skills. We see clarity, sincerity, humour and a sense of purpose. Very polished performance. If this translates into the work out videos as well, it will be a real treat.

  • The last advice is a lifesaver.. I had so much info from watching so many videos that it made me go crazy with my workout schedule..

  • Can you do one on soy protein? There’s lots of controversies on that topic & that many companies are starting to use it in protein bars etc.

  • One video that I would find very useful would be something like “Gym guide for firsttimers”:’D As you said, I struggle to go to the gym bc more often than not I get lost in the exercises I can do, and I feel like everybody is looking at me wandering the gym not really knowing what to do:’D Could you make a vid with one or two simple routines to start goint to the gym and not get overwhelmed by the variety of machines and exercises, etc..:’D I’m glad I found this channel <3 Subscribed!

  • Think about it like this. In a world where there really was no problem with milk, wouldn’t the dairy companies have just as much incentive to pay for the studies that say such a thing? They would still need to do it. How do you know this isn’t that world?

  • You want to be in a good shape and be healthy. So, you tried many things such as studying, exercising, seeking for advice, getting a job like you do, dating with fit people etc. Your treasure is meant to disappear sooner even though I disagree.

  • My right arm is significantly stronger than my left!! It’s from picking up my bike/using it and favoring it in strength activities. They look different.

  • Great fan, love your studies to back it up, ive searched and searched through videos and maybe had a thought plan on the “V-Cut” in the hips and lower abdominal area that you see a lot of Hollister models have. Wondered if you had maybe an idea on how to work on getting this cut through diet, and exercises? Trying to start up on YouTube for the first time and get some gym videos in. Thanks.

  • I would really appreciate if you could do a video on protein recycling via autophagy that occurs when fasting and how this innate protein recovery/recycling mechanism in the body modifies the standard advice of ‘1 gram protein per half kilo body weight’.

  • The studies Ive heard referenced concerning targeted weight loss concluded that fat gets deposited in a certain order and comes off in reverse order. The differences are between people, not routines. Given that study you showed had a small sample, it wouldn’t be surprising if they had just had people who lost weight in their legs first.

    Also, HIIT wouldn’t work so well if targeted fat loss was possible since it relies on the idea of fat being released into the bloodstream at one intensity and burned in another.

    It also doesn’t make sense to say that the far is released from a far cell and is picked up immediately by the cells around it to use as fuel. If that were the case, we would see fat loss in patterns related to blood perfusion.

  • I hate those stupid restricted air masks. When in a low oxygen environment like a mountain your lungs don’t pump harder, there is just less oxygen per breath. Your lung tissue is not muscle tissue and is not meant to pump under more strain for oxygen, and this can lead to lung damage.

  • “the ensuing comments that followed the video…” you know someone is trying to sound smart when there’s so much redundancy in their wording

  • Hi

    I really enjoy your videoes and I think they have the top quality.
    I was wondering whether you could research the best methods for building pure strength and power, for example for athletes that need to stay somehow slim, but have strong muscles. Soccer player, baskeball players ect. I would really appreciate that

  • Hi Jeff always love you highly informative VLOGS. Wonder if you could do something on eat right for your type where your blood type can dictate what foods are best for you and consequently will help you perform best in the gym. Cheers!

  • I disagree with the firsts statement, breakfast is the most important meal. I just have mine at 16:00, as the meaning of breakfast is the break the fast, no matter then time of day

  • Read “women’s wellness wisdom” by Libby weaver and you’ll discover that calories in and calories out isn’t entirely how fat loss works. It’s a lot more complex

  • I love your videos and you come across as positive, informed and sober in your analysis. I did want to weigh in on the “coffee” thing. As a trainer and athlete who LOVES coffee, I really do have to have that glass of water instead sometimes, or i feel like I’m pushing myself in the red-as in, it feels like the acid in my body has built up too much. I think if you only ever substituted coffee for water, one might get f’d up pretty well. Cheers.

  • My chest gains were lagging for over 10 straight years before I learned mind-to-muscle strength training. It is real and it is REALLY effective. I taught my wife how to do this as well and she is seeing results she has never seen before. BELIEVE.

  • Is there any benefit from taking a supplement before going to bed at night? (ie: creatine, Cla, stimulant free fat burning(metabolic boosters) products, or thyroid boosting herbs like kelp?

  • Myth myth myth mythology whatever people where drinking milk ages ago they live longer than us,they felt stronger than we are damn! What must we eat another youtuber sounding smart mmmhh be logic also ma friend.

  • Hey Jeff great content. Can you do a video on whether there is any benefit to periodically changing your routine and performing new movement patterns for a given body part? Is there any detriment to applying progressive overload to the same routine for say 3 years? Is there any scientific basis for this “confusing the muscle” jibberish? Thanks

  • Myth you have to have breakfast within the first hours of waking up
    Myth “burn 1000 calories in 30 mins with me”
    Myth every picture with workouts and the caption “this burns 100 calories”

  • On hit training… When I was able to train I personally found short to no rest sessions of 20-25 minutes the best for strength and endurance. I trained traditionally in the power lifting exercises for my first few years but switching to calisthenics was amazing. There is a book by this mad man called convict conditioning and it’s all body weight related. As someone with a lot of injuries and easy weight gain have to say that was the most effective for continued strength and endurance gains. Love your vids tho dude they’re insanely well done. Inspiring.

  • Fasted anything just sounds uncomfortable and I want to like what I do or I’ll lose interest! Eat drink be merry and lift weights. But remember, none of it will matter anymore when the nurses aid is changing your diapers later in life. For protein powders. I don’t trust highly manufactured processed foods. To many scientist’s say no to processed anything.

  • The weirdest thing about the anabolic window is humans evolved to be distance runners along with our hunting tech like fire and spears. Evolution would probably not serve us up a metabolism that requires cooked meat immediately after a hunt when rest time and then cooking takes much longer then that.

  • Thanks James for your information. I was about to purchase the Vshred package but thankful for your info, that I didn’t. Things that you’ve said made sense and for me personally, I want to follow the science when I comes to exercise. I’ve seen exercises demonstrated by instructors for obese people like myself and in my mind I’m thinking, have you considered the joints, the level of physical capability of the individual. I question their approach and methods. Correct me if I’m wrong but are you saying that certain exercises should be designed and catered for the individual to achieve their goal, e.g, fat loss. Enjoying your videos.

  • Thank you for the information.
    I am 52 years old and work out at home.
    I have lost 18 lbs in 3 months with good diet and just cardio.
    I would like to add weight lifting but cannot go to the gym with quarantine measures in place.
    I think I will just add squats, crunches, free weights and leg lifts.
    Will this help with creating muscle tissue?
    Thanks again!

  • Thank you for talking about this. I always thought the key issues you mentioned were myths but so many friends were fanatics on fitness and not thinking clearly. Q. Have you done a video on fitness fanatics ‘training’ six days a week and then trying to come up with an excuse why they can’t attend a more rewarding PT sessions?

  • Hey James, the biggest ‘myth’ floating around in the fitness industry, is the concept of how the body uses protein. As you said, this topic is overshadowed by stupid claims of so called professionals and star athletes that works for supplement companys. On top of that, those false ‘facts’ get amplified by bros with too much time on their hands, while skipping leg day.

  • I really liked your debunking point on muscle fibre type! Would love to see you make an in-depth video on this topic and maybe go into the genetic background implications <3

  • Pre-workout supplement should be beneficial If you don’t have time to have meal before you work out. However, You can substitute supplements for meals. Supplement is just same as product.

    It is not mandatory for muscle hypertrophy. It should be better to spend money on your training and food rather then supplement If your budget is limited.

    If you would like to try pre-workout supplements, Looking at macro should be done so that you can avoid some problems before.

  • Actually after training your muscle capillaries are enlarged received more blood with nutrients. Thats why eating after your workout is a good Ideea. Thats what “anabolic window” means.

  • Hey James, any suggestions to boost energy mid workout? This is after taking a pre. I looked at intra supplements, but my BS alarm was going off.

  • Hi James love your content as it’s informative but do you have any kind of platform or way to be reached in regard for a few questions of a more detailed look into sports science?

  • Muscle soreness is a nice indicator to make sure you work hard enough. However, it is not the perfect indicator for your progress. But, If you don’t have muscle soreness after working out for several times, it might say you don’t exercise with intensity.

    People tend to think that I work out with intensity after doing some reps. But, you are supposed to feel muscle soreness If you work hard. All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads to only poverty. Having little result after working out for over 3 years means you merely work hard If your goal is muscle hypertrophy.

  • Did anybody watch athleanx’s video on quarter squats the other day? I made a video about it too but you don’t have to watch mine…who the hell am I? ��. someone did a video about it. I won’t tell you who he was but he’s claimed he’s been to “,the ranch” I do believe. He said athleanx aka Jeff Cavalier…I hope that’s how you spell his name, didn’t know what he was talking about.

  • Can someone help me please? In short, used to be a bodybuilder, hurt my shoulders, got fat, got unhealthy, now back in the gym. BUT I’ve been going on the treadmill / elliptical to get fit, but my heart rate goes up to about 180bpm very quickly. I’m 32. Similar people are only hitting about 120bpm doing the same exercise!! What is the best way to get fitter, doing a long steady workout on the elliptical OR doing short bursts of high intensity? Thanks.

  • Hi James great video as always! Some colleagues and i have recently started a channel, Curlcast Podcast, aiming to provide accurate information in the fitness industry while keeping it lighthearted. We uploaded a fitness myths video yesterday, if you could find time to check it out we would love your feedback!

  • Ello Sir, could you PLEASE do a video on the science around Strongman style training? Can a regular lightweight person get ridiculously strong with strongman or do you have to be 6’9”, 400lbs, and from Iceland? Is it the uneven loading or carrying of loads that causes growth? Asking for a friend.

    Love the channel, hilarious, informative and full of logic. Keep up the great work

  • James, thank you for this and all the other content. It’s really helpful. I’d really like to learn more about HIIT followed by LISS. The premise is that HIIT mobilises body fat and LISS helps to burn it. Is that true?

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love your content, the way you present it and your purpose/goals behind it. But from a scientific point of view, it is not really good to only cite one scientist (Schoenfeld). Are there really no other scientists who conduct research about muscle growth? ^^

  • Whey protein works for me, but the ones I use have only 2 ingredients: whey protein (concentrate or isolate) and lecithin. It’s actually an expense-reducing source of protein. The stuff thats full of “flavors” and fillers is expensive. The unadulterated stuff is cheap, and it tastes like… wait for it… milk. I don’t think of it as a supplement, I just think of it as a convenient, inexpensive food that’s part of my protein intake.

  • My 5 myths debunked…If your exposed to gamma radiation,you turn into the HULK…2,If you are given a super soldier serum and frozen for 50 years and wake up with no brain damage and have super human strength(Capian America)3…Your bones are covered with an indestructible metal(Wolverine),If you are an alien that grows up on Earth and somehow when exposed to a yellow Sun have super powers and can defy the laws of gravity(Superman)…5,your a rich billionaire and have next gen high-tech military weapons and equipment and can illegally detain people and in some cases kill…And the Wolverine one..He survived because of his anger/rage to get revenge.

  • Caffeine is a diuretic. By definition, it increases urine outtake. You can even experiment this yourself. Try just a cup of water, about an hour after waking up vs. just a cup of coffee, about an hour after waking up. I went to the source in the article and the study was in 2000, with just 18 subjects. This is a severely small sample size and the abstract even ends with “Further research is needed to confirm these results.” I love your videos but the thing about caffeine is simply wrong.

  • I love the advice at the end!! I struggled with trying to make everything (workout and diet) perfect for a while. Then I got overwhelmed and just decided to simply move my body in ways that I enjoy or that feel right for my body. Exercise and eating don’t feel like they attack me anymore, so that’s good!:P

  • I think it’s a myth that carbs are unhealthy. The logic is that they turn into fat due to the sugar in them. In reality, like everything else, carbs are fine in moderation and don’t defy the rules of thermodynamics. If you are eating fewer calories than your maitnence level, the macros don’t have a serious effect on weight gain and you actually lose weight because your body will use whatever it can as an energy source and as a result, the body loses weight in order to maintain itself.
    The main reason why carbs are actually bad is because there are a lot of junk foods full of calories and sugar that are really easy to eat a lot of, so naturally when people don’t watch what they are eating (such as eating doughnuts, 300 calorie pizza slices, muffins) they will take more than just one and over eat. they will go above their maitnence level and get fat. The reason why some people get really healthy from cutting out carbs is because they are removing a lot of the stuff they are addicted to.

  • somatotyping is a real thing.. we’ve all seen numerous examples of people reflecting extreme examples in everyday life. The super skinny dude with typically short insertions who cant gain muscle no matter how much eats, the pear shaped guy with low test and wide hips, and the natural jock who looks pretty good without doing any lifting and can gain muscle and lose fat easily.

    Stop lifting and eat normally for a long time and you will revert back to your natural somatotype, which is a combination of genetics and hormone levels (which itself can be highly based on genetics). Ectomoprhs get super skinny again, endos gain a lot of pudge, and mesos hold onto their muscle pretty well and don’t get too fat or too lean.

  • Biggest supplement myth……………you have to take massive amounts of macros and micros otherwise you can never grow or perform athletically. Guess liver failure, adrenal failure, and hypervitaminosis are lies by doctors to convince people to eat more like jack lalanne and not be gluttonous sinners on something that is food in pharma form.

  • Firstly the myth.
    The idea that abs a made of som magical fibre that doesn’t need rest and there you should hit abs all day everyday

    Again such an amazing video. It’s
    a quick rundown which means if your not into deep diving into heavy stuff you can still get the gist of it and apply the principles to yourself and probably get a little better life quality.
    But you still give the videos and tool to dive deep if one do so disere.
    Amazing video

    The language you use is also great it’s not to difficult and highlevel that people get thrown off.

    I don’t really enjoy your content and I’m so glad that you continue to produce high-quality content with great and interesting information, while still sprinkling som jokes on top of it. It’s abselouty awesome

  • First James,, thank you. Must be a million fitness channels on here and about 3 I trust… your not one.. ( sorry, fellow smart ass. Though in my case the smart is debatable..) I train in the morning (6am) and est 1 meal a day evening (6-8ish pm). Usually a lot and red meat so lots of protein. That is double the 4 to 6 talked about at the start.( I did the math for you James so you wouldn’t pull your hair out calculating it..). Am I pushing it a little. I’m an old man (47) so not trying for Arnold but still want strength gains.. and again,, thank you.

  • Hey James, thanks for this video. One protocol that I believe is a MYTH is the one that is based on ice baths or cold showers for WEIGHT LOSS. I had been doing this (on and off) for the past few years and never found it to be an effective weight loss strategy. It’s logical in the respect that shivering would burn more calories and brown fat is more anabolic than white fat, but I’ve never seen my scale move because of it and it can be TORTUROUS. Thanks again.

  • I have a question that I can’t really seem to find the answer to online and I was hoping someone could help me out here. I work the night shift at work and I usually eat a meal before I get to work then eat a fairly large meal when I get home then I go lift and do cardio at the gym. When I get back home it’s pretty late and I don’t like eating before bed. I know the whole myth around the anabolic window but I also see people saying that you should get some protein after a workout even if it is a few hours later. My question is if my daily intake of protein is already pretty high, does it matter that I don’t eat for about 12 hours or so after I workout? For context I weigh 172 lbs and get in atleast 200 grams of protein per day.

  • Interestingly, the Hamstrings are one of the most hyper-adaptive muscle groups in the body, and have been documented alternating between type-II dominant and type-I dominant several times over (meaning they can in essence go back and forth.)

  • Ugh… I am still confused. I just need to know what to do to lose weight. I am fat, out of shape and miserable! I have never really exercised much at all. I have heard that exercise will not make you lose belly fat, just drink water and don’t eat sugar. That sounds like BS to me. I just don’t know where to start.

  • This was helpful. I gained 80 pounds after my grandmother died and another 50 after my mom died and I got guardianship of a especial needs sibling and I’ve been scouring YouTube for information on how best to go about getting my life back. Thanks for the information.

  • weight lifting is better to burn calories than cardio bcuz when u lift weights some of the cell walls in your muscles are broken down, so throughout the day when energy is going towards repairing those cell walls which burns calories. you rarely break down cell walls during cardio.

  • the fact that she doesn’t speak through her personal experience and more of science is really convincing and i was actually motivated by her to start my weight loss journey since last year

  • Girl, you are my favourite fitness star! I love how you don’t make claims, you back everything up with science and your so humble and genuine. Keep it up! You’re incredible and thank you so much for the valuable information! I always turn to you for the answers! You have helped me tons. You inspire me to want to get on here… MUCH LUVVVV ✌️

  • I’m so “all or nothing” thinking its really been detrimental to me. This was good to hear, I got injured after doing a marathon and now can walk not run but walk half a mile. I kept hurting myself cause I kept thinking I should be able to do more. This was a really good reminder to work were im at and talk it slow and healthy.

  • I saw everyone doing chloe ting workouts and I decided to follow one of her 28 day plans, they made me hate working out, I’m gonna stick to long/fast walks and yoga

  • Can someone help me please? Is it bad (or not great) to do HIIT/body weight abs, legs and booty exercises in the morning right after waking up (without eating anything). Should I eat something? Thanks!!

  • Ooooooh yeah guuurl -I hear you on perfectionism blockages! I appreciate your honesty, and the encouragement to chill the f#@%^ out about it ����

  • You are so right about too much noise in the industry. I’m in my 60’s and relatively healthy. I have two issues that are endemic to my age group, posture and muscle mass loss. So I embarked on a journey of doing Pilates and selected the Convict Conditioning program to deal with muscle mass. Bodyweight is much much safer than weight lifting so I chose that route, besides, bodyweight is closed kinetic chain exercise and that is proven to be much safer from injury than open kinetic chain exercise. And just like you said, you see a vid on Crossfit or body building or whatever and it plants a seed and then whamo boomo, I’m off experimenting on something totally interrupting my progress and gains. So thank you for your practical advice, your logical advice, your rational advice. Keep up the good work kiddo and thank you.

  • I can’t believe how hard I feel the perfectionism thing and what come from over researching and knowing what feels like TOO MUCH. I feel like I would walk into a gym and feel full paralysis and panic about what I was supposed to be doing so I would walk right out or make excuses to not go at all!!! Since the gyms are closed now I’ve just been doing what feels best for my bod and I’ve never felt better!!

  • Your last myth/tip/etc. about perfectionism is the best advice I have gotten in a while! As a PhD student, I see this advice being helpful outside of the gym and in my lab life as well! <3

  • I’ve never heard someone describe that flaw so well, and I ABSOLUTELY have the same issue! There’s a song lyric that says “a morbid fascination with all things in extremes” and I may as well get it tattooed on my forehead, because I’m so damned all or nothing about everything. Fitness/diet is one of the BIGGEST things I struggle with because of that. You really can derail your entire freaking plan just because you heard someone say something that made you think what you are doing isn’t right or the best way to do things. Perfectionism…it’s a blessing and a curse! Thank you for talking about that. It helps a lot to hear it from someone else, especially someone like yourself who has managed to work around it!

  • I find that focusing on a mind muscle connection in my glutes helps my strength in the squat and deadlift. Also helps with any compound pulling movement. As far as bench and any upper body push movement is concerned, there is no difference.

    My two cents.

  • Your videos really help me with form & unintentionally helped me understand how to heal my DR (from pregnancy) & support my current pregnancy. Thank you for sharing all of this information ����

  • I struggle to monitore my calories bc I don’t know how many calories I burn doing body weight exercises during quarantine. You can find a lot of information on the internet about how many calories you burn lifting weights but not body weight workouts:!/

  • Girl PREACH. I feel like people just say that weight lifting burns more calories because they hate cardio and it makes them feel better lol.

  • I was struggling with my look overall since middle school, I was always sporty, did everything in school and then I gained more weight I don’t even know when it happenned as I was always super skinny kid but everything went down from there.
    But because I was always a sporty person I started doing workouts which didn’t work, my eating habits got worse then I went studying at university and the first year was still the same then I got gym membership and started lifting but my body wasn’t changing I felt so defeated and after that I decided to finally go to some classes with more people.
    I went for boxing because that was always lowkey my dream to go back to martial arts (I did judo as a kid) and that is what got me looking better but more importantly feeling better. I love going to my boxing and now also kickboxing classes, I love being around people and hyping eachother up and I just love it.
    I do what I love and it actually helps me finally both physically and mentally. I still have a way to go to the look I am striving for but because other people see the difference and I do as well I feel confident in what I am doing.

  • Although I agree milk is good, I cannot over look the mal-practice, abuse, and frankly calf murder, going on behind closed doors in the dairy industry #malecalfs #triggeredvegetarian

  • THANK YOU! this is what I needed to hear! There’s so much information out there that I end up just getting confused and feeling that I’m not doing enough.
    And I love the point you made about how it’s you’re body and you don’t need to build muscle if you are happy with where you are. I feel like there are alot of people out there that say all these things about “you need to build more muscle” because they want an outcome that they approve of, not an outcome of which the person is happy with. So thank you, again!

  • I hope you don’t take this the wrong way as I do believe your videos due to he credible sources but what’s your background in this field? You seem to understand the points your making and it’s clear you’re not just reading a script written by someone else.

  • I knew it!! I was wondering why weight lifting was not making me lose weight like I have in the past with running. Lol I just didn’t know why, thank you for the wisdom!!����

  • Timestamps! Enjoy!
    Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day? 0:53
    Is Spot Reduction Possible? 2:08
    Does Cooking Ruin Nutrition In Food? 4:02
    Do You Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day? 4:44
    Is Milk Bad For You? 6:00
    Should You Train and Diet for your Bodytype? 7:37
    Are Detox Diets Good for Health and Fat Loss? 8:45
    Is The Mind-Muscle Connection Important For Muscle Growth? 9:39
    It’s been a blast making this series! Thanks for all the support, dialogue and conversation… I appreciate you all!

  • I do 0 cardio and just strength and lean tone workouts.. is that bad if I’m trying to lower body fat and gain muscle mass or to lean out?

  • I’ve got a follow-up myth for you: I have large breasts that are heavy and droopy. Does training my pecks give them a least a little lift? Or change them in any way? Please answer if you can!

  • Not sure what stuff was studied for the detox diet.

    A while back I did a 60 day juice diet. All fresh juiced every day. 1500 calories. Mostly vegetables. I drank a gallon of juice a day. I think my benefits are most likely due to the fact that I was taking in way more micro nutrients than you could ever possibly do eating solid food. Unless you can eat enough veggies in a day to fill a third of a fridge.

    I lost 1lb per day for 60 days. Didn’t gain any of it back (for a long time). And cured my hypertension. I was 160 over 120, at the end I was 120 over 80. Years after the diet I did put the weight back on because I started drinking a lot, eating like shit, and quit exercising. But the hypertension never came back thankfully.

    I know it’s anecdotal. But I really think there’s something to a properly done juice diet. As well as other forms of fasting. Like water fasting and intermittent fasting.

    From the research I’ve done I can’t find a whole lot of good data on the subject. So maybe it just hasn’t been studied deep enough yet. But I do think there’s something to it. And I’ve seen many cases of people getting great health benefits doing it.

    I’m also confident there are a lot of bs fad detox diets out there too. Or garbage products that people sell. Maybe that gives it a bad name.

  • so far for me I find lifting weights really hard on my joints and makes me feel uncomfortably bulky. Even when I was lifting and getting stronger I still couldn’t do a push up or other body weight exercises. SO my focus has switched to those kind of body weight exercises and hopefully I can get strong enough and improve my form and then I’ll go back to heavy weight lifting

  • Can you please do a full video on flabby arms and how to tighten them? My arms are all chiseled now but I still have the bat wings, they’re tighter than what they used to be but they’re still flabbbyyyy�� mind you, I’m chubby and out of shape but not obese so having loose skin isn’t something I should be worried about ��

  • I have just recently discovered you, Abby, I have to say two things:

    First, you explain things very well and I like how educated you are, plus the fact that you can “reflect” on the previous affirmations/videos.
    And secondly, YOU ARE SO RIGHT, overthinking does not help at all, overthinking only messes with you. this happened to me, I was in great shape, and then everything fell apart. I stopped listening to all the podcasts and audiobooks on how to improve myself, and suddenly I started to be back on track, more sustainable more mentally healthy for ME. So as long as I am happy, everything is good.

    Now, I would like to ask you, have you ever had to deal with the loss of period during your journey? Would you make a video reflecting on the downsides of losing fat too fast? i.e quick transformations etc.

    This had happened to me, and it drove me mental, I think is a great subject, I read the Women’s book (don’t know if you heard of it) and it gives GREAT scientific research.


  • One thing about water intake and health. I get kidney stones. My urologist wants me urinating 2.5 liters a day. That’s a huge intake to b able to pee out that much.

  • I use to do cardio 24/7 to lose weight for YEARS. The most is lost was 10-15lb. With a clean diet. Recently, I started to weight train and hired a personal trainer. He only had me lighting weights and do some Pilates, squats etc. 2 months later (I’m down 30lb) and I’m still eating what I want (I am trying to eat clean though) I recommend speaking to a certified trainer/specialist because a lot of the things you said are actually incorrect which make me wonder where you got your sources �� there’s scholarly journals and real research done to the many of the myths. Example, the first myth has been scientifically proven that lean muscle burns more calories than fat. Please do your research.

  • “Bodyweight workouts don’t work”… Thank you for bringing this myth up! All anyone needs to do is take a look at any high level gymnast and they’ll know that statement is absolutely false. Majority of a gymnast’s training is all bodyweight conditioning.

  • I have a question and if anybody knows the answer then please tell me. If you have a higher fat percentage, is it better to do cycling or ab workouts? I’ve been doing Chloe ting ab workouts for a month but not seeing a drastic change like everybody else. I’m not that fat but I’m not skinny either I just wanna get rid of the fat first

  • what is your view on isolated workouts after cardio? i had a friend that said isolated workouts never work.. which i don’t super agree with..

  • Damn that last one HIT DIFFERENT. That legit is the reason I always fall of the exercise wagon. I get stressed and think there’s no point. So thanks for that, that will help me next time I doubt myself!

  • Everyone is obsessed with dehydration. Look into EAH. I know; it doesn’t seem applicable to body builders, but I sweat all day long working and then train. Drinking too much can be fatal and noone ever says it. https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/51/4/409.1

  • Weightlifting burns more calories throughout the day because you’re using your muscles more intensely…. so you’re even burning calories while you sleep.