5 Moves for Healthy and strong Shoulders


5 Best Shoulder Exercises You’re NOT Doing!

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5 Unusual Exercises for Healthy & Mobile Shoulders

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The 5 Best Shoulder Exercises (YOU’RE NOT DOING)

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5 Unique Serratus Anterior Exercises for Strong & Stable Shoulders

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5 Moves For Healthy Shoulders

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5 Moves for Healthy Shoulders

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5 Best Moves For Strong Shoulders Even if you work out regularly, it’s common for women as young as 30 to face issues such as tendinitis, bursitis, and even simple aches and kinks. 5 Moves for Strong, Sexy Shoulders EZ-Bar Upright Row. Teresa: To keep the focus on your delts, make sure your hands are placed shoulder-width apart. A Rear Delt Flye. Anthony: The rear delts are a small muscle group. For that reason, avoid using too much weight.

5 at-home exercises that will keep your shoulders healthy and strong. 5 Rear Delt Exercises for Strong and Durable Shoulders Training your shoulders with Overhead Presses, Frontal and Lateral Raises and Bench Press variations may already be an important part of your. This full-body exercise focuses specifically on your shoulders, core and glutes. Start with a lighter weight than you would use for a lateral raise (see #5 on this list). If the extension forward is too much for you, simply raise the arm to the side slowly for two counts and lower for two counts.

Keeping your shoulders healthy for the long haul requires more than just a few stretches. Performing the right exercises at the right time can help you create a shoulders-building program that won. Then you either have some shoulder issues or you soon will. Follow these 5 steps to get them healthy and keep them healthy. The style of benching where you aim to “work the outside of your pecs” is horrific idea if you plan on keeping your shoulders healthy.

There are other exercises you could use to help you isolate parts of the chest. In its study, ACE tested 10 of the most commonly recommended shoulder exercises, such as shoulder presses, dips, and push-ups, and found which ones best activated each part of. Tip: 3 Exercises for Strong, Healthy Shoulders Do these moves to prevent future shoulder problems, or use them to rehab a current problem.

Just do them, okay? by Eric Cressey | 10/08/16. Tags: Tips; 1 – Landmine Press. Landmine presses are an effective “middle of the road” exercise between overhead work and true horizontal pressing exercises.

The Balanced Shoulder Workout. To develop healthy and strong shoulders, aim for two shoulder-specific training sessions per week (though you’ll if you don’t have the time for two, just one of these workouts per week will yield results). The following two workouts has the appropriate balance for develop all muscles of the shoulder.

List of related literature:

Fundamental moves include bringing the knees to the elbows while leaving the arms straight.

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4) Pivot shift 45 into fencer stance maintaining hip flexion (thigh sandwich), upper torso and hand contact control.

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– Shoulders: flexion, extension, abduction, adduction.

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In addition to the aforementioned movements, several of which involve movement of the humerus and scapula, the patient should actively perform two distinct movements of the scapulae: scapular retraction and scapular protraction (Figure 5-37).

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Perform each 2-count move at least 4 to 8 times (for a total of 8-16 counts) and challenge yourself by connecting at least eight different upper-body moves sequentially.

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neck, and spine all move together without any twisting 3.

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abduction; elbow flexion and supination; and weak scapular adduction and abduction.

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Patients with strong triceps, however, may not need to generate momentum to move their body so may find it more efficient to move the head, shoulders, and hips in the same direction.48 A patient with tetraplegia will likely need to exaggerate the head-hips relationship.

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Maintain square shoulders, neutral spine; contract abdominals; lift head and chest

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• In shoulder isolations, shoulders move forward, center, back, and center.

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  • Jeff I wanted to ask what’s your opinion on doing the Lu Xiaojun plate raises for shoulders? I am trying to balance my shoulders as someone who recently started doing Olympic Weightlifting

  • This man knows his stuff. 5 years ago I was told I had a frozen shoulder and was given a scan (nothing out of order) and two cortisone shots. It did nothing. I have read, researched, trial and erred. Still had pain until this year.

    Then I found this guy’s videos. I have major surgery scars on the left of my body and saw he had a noticeable scar and after watching many of his videos, I understood what was affecting me. I use the shoulder massage with a ball, the pec myofacial release, the ERA sequence, the twist and press (along with KB armbar/crooked arm bar), various serrate exercises and most importantly, stopped cueing “back and down” in overhead work. This had led to neck and throat muscle problems!! Never did it feel right.

    I would suggest anyone to try these vids if they can do so, mostly pain free of course. Some won’t work. The wall robot I cannot do. My shoulder gets stuck in the rotation on the upward path. Also, everyone should try eccentric exercises. Great for tendon rehab.

  • thank you for the workouts jeff i always struggled with mid and rear delts i tried all kinds of exercises but i never really felt them i tried out the urlacher 5:18 and as i was preforming it to quote myself,,OMG HOLY SHIT WTF OMG HOLY SHIT” i have been working out at home for a year now and at the GYM for 3-4 months and i have never felt my shoulders so hard before than you jeff

  • Been dealing with scapular winging for a while now. This is so far the best and most comprehensive video I’ve seen. Great job, thanks!

  • Great video, and i’m glad to see bodybuilders taking these exercises into their regimen, because they are damn important.. But Steve, WHERE IS CHAD THE CHIROPRACTOR!?

  • I was expecting the front, angled and lateral raises that are usually youtubeers go to shoulder exercises. What isolated exercises should we start with to feel the different heads work? I am one who does not have the muscle-mind connection with arms.

  • PLEASE explain depression/packing the scapulas when doing pull-ups is bad? What about chin-ups? Because most instructors recommend doing that.

  • 15 minutes for five exercises? Then I watched the video! Been a therapy for twenty years and found this very well explained and demonstrated. Excellent job, young man.

  • Would you reccomend doing the Z press with Dumbells or is is better to do them standing? I like the idea of gettinng the core invloved with the Z press but I am working out at home no barbell. Thanks

  • Thank you very much for this. I have suffered with a ‘mystery’ pain/discomfort in my right upper back/shoulder area for around 12 years. I’ve tried everything and even physiotherapists haven’t been able to nail it 15 minutes of your awesome exercises and explanations and I’m finally clawing my way out of a miserable hole! Now, I need to check your other videos for old man’s knee pains:-)!!!

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    If you don’t win, no worries.  Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again.  Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • Hi Eric ;)Thank you so much your energies and your hard work.You are just the absolute best. Love the way you transmit the fundamentals, unpretentiously and with good vibes with your adorable daughter. I have been doing those brilliant wrist exercises ever since you posted [ https://youtu.be/C4asJ6jfwJM ], they beautifully solved the aching wrists since I started doing them and now prior every Yoga-matt sesion I do them unfailingly. I try do yoga sagaciously, without the “pretzel” moves as they would play havoc on the complex knee hinge joint. Perhaps a rare gene pool can pull those off. ANyway.
    I don’t have impingement but so {just discovered a weakness with those Sleeper lateral isometrics really burnt on right side. Great workshop, fav on the last circular excercise, feels like the ‘Wings’ freed up as you instructed activated}.
    An opportunity for 2 questions;
    1. What would be the best way to strengthen the Transversopinales deep muscle group?
    2. Twenty two years ago I broke 2 spinous processes C1 and T1 when contemp. dancing: could they in recent years result in stress in other muscle fibre areas as in recent years I’ve been getting proprioceptive aches > due to weakness and compensatory mobility?? [Background; After years of mtb-cycling, canoeing, hangliding [stopped] in the last 3 years ONly focused on body strengthening by power/cardio yoga, so built up good upper body strength but struggling to find resolve so thinking I need to target these deep muscles somehow].
    Wildest greetings from South Africa, Cam

  • I have always loved working my shoulders, but in 2009 I had my right shoulder replaced (I am a lefty) and in 2011 I had my left shoulder replaced. Of course this was a few years after having arthroscopic surgery on each and before that cortisone injections that bought me some time. I still work my shoulders but with very light weights. And I suppose it doesn’t help that I am an avid tennis player a few months per year. (I live in northern VT!)

  • Big ups to you Steve for this video. People are always wondering what exercises to get big. But it’s all about working smarter not harder!!

  • Is it better to do a whole body work out a few times a week or better to hit specific body parts one specific days once a week? Also,,, what are super sets? I’m brand fire new to lifting. Thanks in advance for any advise✊��

  • Thanks for the video! Just a quick question, when doing yoga it is encouraged to place the pressure away from the palm and into the fingers and knuckles. For your video you encourage using the palm when doing these exercises. Are both valid? I must admit I find using the palm far easier to do.

  • Thank you so much. I’m inside now so when social distancing is over, I will have nice shoulders. I’m going to resist that butter pecan icecream in the freezer. Stay safe and inside everyone.

  • I love your videos but as a Personal Trainer and CES there is so much conflicting information on the internet about whether or not the shoulders are actually being worked when there are no gravitational forces. The dumbbell seated chest press in the first exercise and the dumbbell external rotation are specific examples. I will put them into client programs then doubt myself and take them out.

  • Thank you so much, this was very helpful as figuring out which exercises to do is cumbersome. I will be use these exercises for upper body as I usually alternate up and lower body workouts. I appreciate the info. ❤️��

  • I think that as we grow older, I am 42, maintaining and improving the stability of our shoulders is crucial. Therefore I included a couple of the exercises you showed in this video at the beginning my training routine, paired with the use of a foam roller to increase the mobility of my upper thoracic spine.Thanks for sharing these techniques!

  • Hey Steve, when would you recommend doing these exercises? For example in replacement of a more common shoulder workout with internal movements? or afterwards? let me know!

  • So glad I came across this video. It seems like nothing I do will bulk up my shoulders. Suggestion on number of reps and number of sets to try?

  • Well, tried them all in the order of the video and absolute ��! I really like how you ended with the halo to open the shoulders up after all that time under tension. Awesome stuff!

  • Wow!!! Thanks, for this GREAT, Helpful demo video!! [IMHO: it’s “Heel of the Palm”, or, “Palm Heel”…(not: “palm of the heel”)…]
    …Perhaps that “wall roll-out” could better be done on the floor, using a towel, (as a sliding pad for the hands)….?

  • You are fantastic. Great content with thorough explanations and easy to follow demonstrations. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  • I love your workouts! You are such an inspiration and help me so much with my Pilates practice. I often steal your ideas for my own clients. Thank you so much for sharing and keep safe! xo

  • Very detailed info. Had problems with this in the past that were simultaneous to a roator cuff injury, and didn’t even realize this was the issue.

  • Question, whenever I try to do a push up or hold a plank I feel a muscle pain on my left rib under my arm pit. Is that the serratus anterior? I hurt it from a bench press months ago and the pain flares up anytime I try to do a similar movement. Would stretches help it?

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  • Great, thanks for the video. Do you think these will be good exercises for tennis elbow, I’m getting stronger in my shoulders but need to make them strong to elevate my tennis elbow which is recovering slowly (2 years now). I do a bit of swimming as well (not recently obviously) 2km every other day (35mins). Cheers from NZ.

  • I have shoulders bc I combine dumbbell barbell with kettlebell not mentioning sculpt yoga. I love this!!! Few I have never seen & I’m a gym rat. Thanks so much! I’m trying ur routine now no rest period. Arnold would be proud. Thanks for sharing. Love the shirt. Where can I get 1? I want 1 for myself & for my 2 yr Labradoodle. U should him with a headband on ������

  • Thanks for these exercises Cori. I’ve had a wrongly diagnosed winged scapula for over 21 years (no internet then). I thought I had got over it until I started doing Dumbbell Arnold presses last year and realised that I still had a weakness there because the other muscles had taken over. I added the snow angel as a warm up recently and done it with weights today and found it the best exercise so far. Really helped a lot and wish I’d done it years ago.

  • Can I do these daily??? I have extremely poor mobility and I’ve had an operation 7 months ago and finally getting more movement now but still have some impingement in one shoulder.

  • I’ve been trying these faithfully, but now I’ve got super tight trigger points in the scalenes. Is this normal or how to get around this?

  • Dislocated my left shoulder 4 weeks ago doing seated dumbell ohp. finally at a point were I can do some exercises. If anyone has experienced this injury before and have any tips please feel free to reply. Thanks!

  • I dont know why this isnt taught in school. This is one of the best videos I came across for this matter. Shoulder injury is no joke.

  • Jeff: Hey jesse try saying “wrap around rear delt row” 5x straight.
    Jesse: says no
    Me: wrap around rear delt row, wrap around rear delt row, wrap around rirrelrow…

  • Girl you are a GENUIS and a fountain of knowledge when it comes to developing rounded healthy shoulders, thanks so much for the video your content is phenomenal!

  • If you love these 5 shoulder moves, you’ll want to check out my Arm Burner Cards (yup shameless plug for these fun workouts!) https://bit.ly/3485NKr

  • You aren’t really the person I’d be going to for shoulder health because I’ve seen you in previous videos instruct people to perform lateral raises in the “empty can” position which causes shoulder impingement.

  • I call Bullshit I think the only one you guys actually do is face-pulls. The rest looks like something a PT teaches you and you drop a week later because they are basically not loadable.

  • your 2 dbell external rotation is wrong it does not do anything think of direction of resistance its a iso bicep thats it stop doing it only with a band are cable

  • For me nothing beats smoking a bowl then doing some rotator cuff warm ups and then some slow lifts on the gymnastics rings. Balance is key when it comes to the Delts

  • Jeff can you let me know whether the first exercise is at all dangerous for a herniated l4 and 5 disc, and a prolapsed L5 s1 disk (that has been surgically cleaned up)? Thank you.

  • I used these moves as worm up. It never occurred to me to use these as a full workout. But since shoulder mobility is an issue for me I will give these a try. As always thank you for making these videos. Just a question: Isn´t the angled (from top-down) fly more of a “back” exercise? Just out of instinct I would have anchored the band somewhere low.

  • 1:09 Z press (core)

    2:21 Dumbell scoop press ( front delt)

    3:08 Jammer (dumbell push press / thruster) (power)

    4:23 Cheat lateral

    5:17 Dumbell Urlachers (rear delts)

    6:30 rap around rear delt row (rear delt)

  • very interesting exercises. but what how many sets and reps should we do it? and if we also do shoulder exercises for muscle growth, when should we do these ones, after, before or on the other day? thanks.

  • I am an aging, endurance mountain biker constantly fighting shoulder pain at any ride over four-hours. This routine will be a must for me from now on — it feels sooo good. Thank you so much.

  • I can’t touch my shoulder like you do and now I can’t barely get higher than my waist. My right shoulder gets stuck in internal rotation. Would those exercises help or do you recommend others?

  • I know this is a long shot as the video is old, but could this be the reason i cannot hang from a bar as I get stingin pain when full extension happens? Pain/stiffness goes up to my neck/traps.

    When doing back exercises i feel like I am not engaging the left side and the pull down bar is trying to separate my shoulder.

    Pain happens as well when doing lateral raises but not when pushing either with shoulder or chest exercises.

  • This is so informative. I’m so glad I found your channel. I’m 57 and am just making fitness a part of my life. Do you have a video for beginners or what you have on your channel is good for all? I struggle to put daily workouts together. Can I use all of these moves in one workout routine? Where can I get the bands from? Oh and I just love your dog!

  • Fantastic information, many thanks! After years of trying to force my shoulders back without success today I learned the important role of the serratus anterior. Utilizing these mobility exercises allows the shoulders to align naturally. Thank you for sharing your knowledge ����

  • I love when you mentioned the injury to the toracic nerve… that’s exactly what happened to me and which caused the muscle to atrofiate. Thank you ☺

  • good video Steve I found this very useful and helpful as form is key, more stuff like this please! and maybe a new arm workout exercise?

  • I’m so glad you’re making new videos! I needed this one because I’m always hurting my shoulders. The 3 muscles you mentioned aren’t balanced at all ��

  • Broke my neck 20 yrs ago, some paralysis around left shoulder and scapula, and neither docs nor physio have a clue, so I have done my best alone. Now, thanks to this info, my best just improved a lot.

  • Could several ( 5) massotherapy sessions help accelerate the progress? I’ve done some exercises for a few days in the past but always stop doing them before any good results can happen.

  • Hi ATHLENE-X great video informative science backed. I am a welder. Can you PLEASE provide me with the name of the manufacturer Is it called the MATRIX? Maybe a short vid of what it looks like and I shall make one. I do not have the money to buy this kit thank you.Richard.

  • Your videos are SO EDUCATIONAL! As a trainer, I really appreciate the kinesiology utilized in every video. Thanks for breaking it down and keeping it real.

  • One quick question please. In the robot exercise. I understand when rotate the hand down, I should prevent the scapula from going up. When I move my hand up, should I prevent scapula from going down?

  • My shoulders have become extremely rounded and I can no longer keep bra straps on my shoulders and now I only purchase strapless bras, is there an exercise to help my rounded shoulders?

  • Great work out, wish there was options since we don’t have all the equipment for doing the angled band fly. Also, you have amazing arms, I know at my age following your workouts will give me the best arms possible.

  • Today at the gym I did a combo of a workout you possted earlier, a deadlift and then walk with the weight. I’m 73 and did 5 reps with 100 lbs and a walk but on my deadlift I paused just below the knee before I went up….that little pause was killer when you don’t rest before you walk with the weight! Hope you understand what I did!

  • I love your channel…except that your videos point out to me quite clearly how ill-informed I am. LOL So; do you have any stance on Cuban Presses?

  • I just stumbled upon your channel. I had my right shoulder rotator cuff repair done in september and am starting to do overhead strength training. Thank you for all the great info!

  • Hi! To the presented exercise external rotations while standing with the dumbbell: The weight in the hand acts vertically from top to bottom. Doesn’t this exercise in standing position therefore mainly strain the arm and neck muscles instead of the posterior shoulder and the rotator muscles?

    Wouldn’t it be better for the posterior shoulder and the rotators to perform the exercise in a bent position? Or on a cable pull?

  • Hey Coach E,
    I have been following you for a while now and think your are a skilled and caring trainer. I feel like I need to call you out on this one thing though. I am a Physical Therapist and believe that PT is the only option available for many people. I creates a negative image and reduces patient compliance and professional trust when someone in your position publicly uses comments like the one in this video. There are numerous other positive comments to this posting in this thread and I don’t even see the one you selected here.
    You have taught me much in my short time of following you and I believe you are very knowledgeable, so lets try to work together to help those that suffer from biomechanical challenges.
    Keep up the good work.

  • I never understood the cheat lateral until this video. Never really had it explained but always saw someone doing. The pause at the top and controlled negative explanation really ah ha’d for me

  • Thanks so much for this. After years of pain, I finally figured out that the Serratus was responsible. Now it’s time to build it back up. Don’t give up on me buddy ��

  • Thanks so much man, i have tourette’s and one of my tics is a chronic back/neck tic, which causes overuse and weakness of my back muscles… these stretches have really helped with my scapular winging amd back discomfort.
    Well wishes.

  • This is an excellent video! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Could you list a few exercises where we SHOULD keep our scapulae ”down and back”? Is it ever appropriate? Thanks!

  • The last one is the most difficult to do, haha! I didn’t know of the first two, but did know the others. The 2nd one, the robot, was the most helpful for me in terms of pain relief. It hurts mainly where it attaches to the shoulder blade. Once I did the “robot” it went away for a little while, the I poured me a glass of milk after doing all of these exercises and the pain came back worse. I guess it couldn’t handle the shoulder blade coming off the rib cage with 8lbs of force from the milk jug after exercising.

    Thank you very much, I will keep doing these as they show promise. Just gotta take it slow as I have learned today. Something as simple as pouring milk after exercising set me back quite a bit. Also, how often should I do these? Daily, every other day, weekly?

  • In you opinion, what does it mean if my shoulder catches half way through on excercise #2? I have some sort of shoulder injury Im trying to rehab.

  • Good video! Your ribcage shift to your left side is causing that right shoulder to drop, and a compression on right lateral line, possibly loading that left leg/line more so. But im sure your aware!

  • Great vid, thank you! Are these exercises safe for very hypermobile shoulders? I don’t want to make them even more mobile, but do want to improve strength and stability

  • What moves can we do if we don’t have a weight machine or whoever they’re called. All I have at home are dumbbells and kettlebells?

  • My left shoulder is already impinging so I can’t hold my left arm out like in the first exercise without pain. Should I still do these exercises?

  • Your video is UNIQUE.You have explained fine nuances of shoulder physiology.I have seen more than hundred videos on shoulder exercises but NOBODY explained like you.This is what we want.Namaste.

  • lately everytime i do shoulders, mainly shoulder press i pinch a nerve in my neck which sometimes leads to a strain… idk what to do. any suggestions steve?

  • Dumbbell external rotation done standing = gravity is downwards and not against the direction of movement. Hence often seen to be done lying down, rotating forearm from parallel to the ground, to vertical. Or use bands/cables. Please correct me if I’m wrong?! Same goes for the chest press standing up. Gravitational pull is downwards. Hence chest press usually done lying down?

  • Wow bro, you literally explain every simple aspect of a muscles function, i can’t even learrn that much from wikipedia and fitness youtubers combined

  • On the external rotation exercise wouldn’t it be better to use a prone position when using dumbbells? That way gravity is targeting the rear musculature more directly. I can see using bands standing/sitting…

  • Eric, this video inspired me to buy your Shoulder Control program. On my 3rd day now and I LOVE IT. I recommend it for anybody out there suffering any shoulder issues. I’m already starting to see veigns around my upper chest and anterior delts that I havent seen after 4+ years of lifting!

    Anyways random question for you eric. Since you coached some mma fighters do you watch the ufc? If so, what are your thoughts on Nate Diaz’s winged scapula + internally rotated shoulders? Do you think it would benefit him if he started working on his shoulder movements more?

  • Gracias por tus conocimientos,�� yo no logro adelgazar mis brazos, y tengo alas de murciélago �� soy delgada pero mis brazos parecieran que son peso pesado,mido 1:57, y peso 60kg

  • Awesome video! Watched it this morning, then ran into someone at the gym who’s been struggling with shoulder pain so I sent it his way. Keep up the good work!

  • I can tell Eric knows what he’s talking about. I’ve had a shoulder injury for 12 months that originally left me unable to lift my arm. After visiting countless doctors, physios, osteopaths, and other specialists, I have learned a lot about shoulder stability and everything that goes into it. What Eric is saying is true and detailed. There is A LOT of bullshit out there on YouTube when it comes to shoulder rehab exercises. But Eric knows what he’s talking about. Strengthening your serratus anterior WILL help you if you have shoulder issues. I’m trying these exercises right now (just finished the robots) and BOY are they tough haha. I didn’t realise I had such limited mobility. But I can feel they work the right muscles. It will take a while to see results (like anything you do with the body) but these are some good exercises. Thanks Eric.

  • Some say Halos are not good as they dont do anything for your shoulders or arms. Its hard to know what to do when lots of instructors say different things.

  • Thank you I really enjoyed the last wall exercise a good variation from doing it on the floor, more space to listen as not as intense

  • Wow! The best workout videos! I’m gonna charge my cell phone so I can watch all your videos because I saw there is lot of exercises we might doing wrong and damaging our body instead of improving it. I’m 60, so I’m interested in ‘lifting’ some areas ( specially breast), cardio for body and brain, and returning to my 42 k something ( I’m 155 cm) weight I feel light like a feather. Thank you!! Feel like I’m in professional hands with you.

  • I love learning from your variations, but that you explain so well which muscles are activated and the modifications. I use your exercises in my classes and members love it..

  • Thanx man, that’s helped me a lots! After first time working with those scapula pushups and scapula levator stretches my entire shoulder and neck hurts no more… good videos!

  • Thanks for this! I’ve had partially torn rotator cuffs and bursitis in my shoulders for years. I still do my PT exercises, and they help me stay active horses, ice/ rock climbing. I’ll add these too to help keep me healthy and ‘uninjured’.

  • Hi Cori! Is your background Sports Science, Sports Medicine or Physical Rehab and Therapy? Your videos are brimming with science and logic! Love it!�������� Keep them coming! Glad I stumbled onto your videos!

  • In first exercise, when doing internal rotation I feel thightness in my triceps. The more I lift my arm and do rotation, the more I feel it (only one arm). What can I do about it? Thank you.

  • No offense, I don’t think barbell overhead press by sitting on the floor is a good idea. Actually this is a compound movement which involves different joints and muscle to stabilize the barbell, I.e. legs, core etc. On the contrary, if this is working on a Smith machine, this would be good, coz the cable on this machine assists on stabilizing and balancing the barbell, it makes this as an isolated movement.

  • Thank You for this..I wanted to ask… you mention pushing into the bottom of the palm/hand to activate serratus anterior stability… lately I have been experiencing shooting sharp pains up my wrists whenever I put weight on that area (in handstand, side plank, one arm balances). Do you know anything about this and if so, do you have any advice/insight?

  • Why don’t they teach this in school? why do we have to get injured before learning how to keep the shoulders healthy?? they make us play fuckin frisbee when we could be learning this while we’re still young. Its bullshit. That being said, thank you for posting this content, but goddamn its stupid how they don’t prioritise mobility and flexibility in school, bad shoulders can make every fuckin day bad

  • Hello Jeff, I am currently mid PT qualification gain and I would like to thank you for the constant flow of information and knowledge of how the human body can improve and better it’s self. By learning through my own course and taking on your advice and techniques I have learnt a phenomenal amount of ways to development the body and how it can adapt and overcome certain plateaus as such. You are a a credit if not an elite within your field. Thanks for your all your quality training methods and if you ever visit the West Coast of Scotland, Enjoy mate.

  • I always follow your videos, they are great but for exercises where u are keeping dumbbells parallel to ground, tension will be downwards as gravity is acting downwards so u should use bands there instead of dumbbells.

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    This is what is missing out on internet and you are filling in the gap and making the impact!!Thank you so much!!

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  • When I do the scoop press, my left shoulder makes a grinding/popping noise. There’s no pain with it, but I feel it should not be happening

  • Very nice informational video Steve! Check out my transformation video and let me know what you think, had to shout you out in it because you were the first big inspiration to me for bodybuilding!

  • I think I need some help. Whenever I try to do any of these I don’t really feel my shoulders. I either feel the tension on my back or my neck but never in my shoulders. I tried these for a few days but the only soreness I feel is again on my neck and my back. Any way to fix this?

  • So I’m trying to gain weight (and mass), but I’m also trying to loose some belly fat, and I’m very confused on what my nutrition should look like.

  • I really like when people tell when to breathe in and when to breathe out it always looks like people are holding their breath. perhaps it is elementary, ( I assume one breathes out on the exertion), but I still like knowing.

  • Thank you so much! Idk if it’s gonna help me but I’ve tried everything. Been in pain for several years. Diagnosed with shoulder diskenesia and hoping it isn’t permanent. Has anyone done this and been cured of the popping, cracking, and crunching of the shoulder???

  • Did the dumbell scoop press today. A killer exercise, way better the routine shoulder press. You know you are doing a good exercise when all the trainers at your gym are eye balling you. ��. Big fan Jeff. Thanks