5-Move Workout for Small Spaces


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FULL BODY HOME WORKOUT FOR SMALL SPACES (no equipment, all levels!)

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5 Dribbling Drills You Can Do At Home | Small Space Dribbling Training Session

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The Most Effective Tiny Apartment Workout | Class FitSugar

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Small Space Fitness Easy Starter Workout. 15 minutes, 5 moves, 1 minute each. Perfect for beginner

Video taken from the channel: Small Space Workout

1. Wall Jumps: Start by standing tall, facing a wall with feet shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms up above your head 2. Wall Push-ups: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, facing the wall. Place your hands in a push-up position, elbows 3. Wall Runners: While in the same starting.

The Small Space Workout: 5 more moves you can do anywhere! [Part 2] Duration: 3:41. Anna and Kristina 1,880 views. 3:41.

Brand New “Fit as a Pro: Five10-Minute Full Body Workouts for Small Spaces” is designed to work just about anywhere – a bedroom, hotel room; many moves are even cubicle-friendly. The options include two equipment-free total body workouts, a barre-inspired chair workout, a pillow workout, a boot camp-style cardio circuit plus the warm up. Here’s a quick rundown of the exercise equipment for small spaces you’ll find here: Get your cardio workout in a small space with this under-desk elliptical.

Run together with your video game character Make smart use of your small space by getting this yoga ball chair set. Getting an exercise. If you’ve always wanted a home gym but just don’t have the floor space, today is your lucky day: these space-saving pieces of fitness equipment give you great workout options in small spaces. The movements that are ideal for small spaces include Push-Ups, Dips, Squats, Lunges, Crunches, Leg Raises, Sit-Ups, High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climber, and Burpees. You name it, calisthenics has it, and uses it regularly to help athletes master movement.

10 Non-Gym Workouts You Can Do in Super Small Spaces Katelan Cunningham. Dec 18, 2014. Gyms are about to see their annual spike in signups, and you can probably guess why. The New Year fitness fever usually just lasts a month or two until people’s gym habits start to fizzle.

Whether or not you partake in this tradition, chances are your. You can get an amazing workout in a small space by mixing and matching basic moves like lunges, squats, mountain climbers, planks, and push. Nope.

What it does have is good build quality, all of the relevant core workout stations and a good-quality weight stack. You can’t really ask for more from an inexpensive and compact home gym. The first thing you’ll notice about this machine is the frame. It has a very small footprint that. YouTube influencer Cassey Ho’s classes are made for small spaces, because all you need is space for a mat and your body.

In this video, you’ll do Pilates-and-barre-inspired exercises that work your.

List of related literature:

Toward the latter end of this phase, the patient should begin to use active exercise, such as an upper FIGURE 40-8 Rotator cuff isometrics in modified neutral: submaximal isometrics, using the wall with towel roll at elbow to put shoulder in modified neutral position.

“Postsurgical Rehabilitation Guidelines for the Orthopedic Clinician E-Book” by HSS, JeMe Cioppa-Mosca, Janet B. Cahill, Carmen Young Tucker, John Cavanaugh, Aviva L. Wolff, Deborah Corradi-Scalise, Holly B. Rudnick
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Free Dynamic Movement seven repetitions of movements for each axis (flexion/extension, lateral bending, rotation.

“The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook” by Waldemar Karwowski, William S. Marras
from The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook
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These exercises include internal rotation at 0° and 90° abduction, scapular punch, a diagonal movement pattern simulating throwing acceleration, high row, low row, dynamic hug, and push up plus.

“Travell, Simons & Simons' Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual” by Joseph Donnelly
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You can take any of the solo exercises such as symmetrical movement, and do them as an exchange with another person.

“The Invisible Actor” by Yoshi Oida, Lorna Marshall
from The Invisible Actor
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I used a version of this workout daily when I was dancing with the New York City Ballet to keep me centered and strong.

“Ballet Beautiful: Transform Your Body and Gain the Strength, Grace, and Focus of a Ballet Dancer” by Mary Helen Bowers
from Ballet Beautiful: Transform Your Body and Gain the Strength, Grace, and Focus of a Ballet Dancer
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You can build your own exercises with these same four dimensions:

“Retraining the Brain: A 45-Day Plan to Conquer Stress and Anxiety” by Frank Lawlis
from Retraining the Brain: A 45-Day Plan to Conquer Stress and Anxiety
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The dynamic T­spine exercise was completed for 10 repetitions (one repetition was completed when moving from a centre position with the bar on his shoulders through to a normal rotation range of motion to the right and then left and then back to the centre).

“Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance” by Ian Jeffreys, Jeremy Moody
from Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance
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Even better if you do dynamic stretches that mimic the movements you’ll be using in your workout.

“Better Stretching: 9 Minutes a Day to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance, the JoeTherapy Way” by Joe Yoon
from Better Stretching: 9 Minutes a Day to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance, the JoeTherapy Way
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This will allow using isometric exercises to strengthen through a larger ROM than one single application of exercises.

“Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation: A Team Approach E-Book” by Charles E Giangarra, Robert C. Manske
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With one tap on the app, Fitbod creates my next workout, removing the discomfort of uncertainty by quickly telling me which exercises to do, in what order, how much weight to lift, how many repetitions to do, and even how long to rest between sets.

“Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” by Nir Eyal, Ryan Hoover
from Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
by Nir Eyal, Ryan Hoover
Penguin Publishing Group, 2014

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  • Thank you so much for posting these videos! I started doing these videos around four weeks ago I started out at 184 and I’ve already lost six pounds! Just had to say that you guys are awesome and your channel has inspired me to live a healthier life and to reach for my goals no matter what fitness level your at and I am very grateful for your channel!

  • I feel like the comparison to a prison cell is pretty insensitive. Like I get the analogy but comparing it to Orange is the New Black was a little much for me.

  • Um, thanks for the easy go-to apartment workouts. BUT jumping around like that, my neighbors will kill me, got any exercises without the jumping? Or do I need to go to yoga?

  • These are awesome tutorials, we love watching these and using them with our own players! Can’t wait to see more awesome sessions like this! ⚽️

  • Doesn’t really work for small spaces when you’re flinging your arms everywhere side to side. I had to skip this and go to other workouts that involved more jumping and dancing in one place, they got heart rate up way more. Even burpees can take up less space!

  • Hey Mike,

    You, Jack Blake and Matt Sheldon are the three best footballers on youtube. I would love to see maybe a three way face time in the future. That would be quality! Absolutely love your videos and keep up the great content!

  • This is a great workout, but as a lot have already commented, bouncing around like this could very easily upset neighbors under living in the apartment below. Maybe you could come up with a video for second floors and higher?

  • Thanks for this drills Michael! My garden is a square similar to the space toy marked so I’m going to try it today after finishing my work. Stay safe and thanks for this amazing training ������

  • Look at them boots! What a throwback ��. Thanks for another great video, helping us all improve our game during these tough times brother! ����

  • One problem….. Unless you’re in a bottom apartment you still can’t do this workout without your neighbor thinking you’ve adopted a newborn elephant and moved him in….

  • What about second floor apartment workouts? I find it to be so hard to get a good sweaty workout in due to worrying that the people below me might be bothered by it. I try to look for workouts that don’t involve jumping up and down so much but it’s hard to find. Can you post an exersize video based on this topic?

  • I always Incorporate agility with and without the ball into my sessions so I also get touches on the ball. Like 3 with the ball and 3 without it for example��

  • really very happy with this tutorial.. i was actually stucked in my home due to the corona virus outbreak. since i can’t go outside, i had to make spaces in my living room for practice. and it really sucked not being able to drill my power moves. Now that i have watched this tutorial, i hope i shall be able to create and discover my own styles:))

  • Finally! this is one of my concerns while practicing at home lol. Next video i suggest -ways to bboy at rough surfaces, where you cant do sweeps and slides because i often get called out in random places where there is no smooth surface lol. Anyway thank you so much for the video.

  • Hi mate can you put together a video of basic must to do drills for starting to play football as an adult that you can do in your own? Thanks

  • Bro 7mlc i want to thank u on behalf of everybody for your drills and fitness training during this time of trauma… for me this is the best channel during this time… everyone like for 7mlc

  • Mate quality content��������.But there’s a question after a training session or match my thigh muscles pumps like heart. What could be the reason??

  • Hey guys I need some help, how important is playing football matches because I practice everyday but I’m not allowed to join a team as my parents dont believe im me. If I train a lot by myself do you think I can make it by joining a non-league team when I’m older and working my way up but with no match experience

  • Great drills these wills definitely help with change of direction, acceleration & speed definitely looking to incorporate some of these into my training!

  • Yes I would definitely want the video explaining things that we should train in small space!!!For now I am training and learning freezes and footwork!!!This video helped tremendously!!!

  • Great video, watching your videos inspired me to start a youtube channel.
    I am 19 years old playing football in Portugal 3rd division.
    I also uploaded a video about my day, especially in quarantine.
    If you can check it out, it’d be amazing.


  • I love your workouts!! Could you do one in real time so I can follow along w/o pausing? Would love to see you do a jazz or contemporary class, you have amazing energy, feeling really motivated after this ��✨

  • This was a great video, love the tips and drills! I recently made a similar video on my new fitness channel, check it out if you get a chance! Thanks!

  • هل يمكنني القيام بتمرين الساقين و تمارين السرعة في حصة واحدة؟ شكرا على مجهوداتك
    Can I do leg exercises and speed exercises in one session? Thank you for your efforts

  • Mate whenever we have intense training or double days. My legs becomes very sore and tight. Can you give me tip to recover from it

  • Been doing this exercises for a while and seen good improvement while completing the session and in game/team training. Thanks mate.

  • Great concepts, maaaaaan ����
    One more question just about your ring��, are you married?))
    If so wish you all the best! ��
    BR from ����

  • Loved these. Will have to try these out in my next training session (still working on Maestro day 2 though haha). Thanks as always Michael!

  • You look amazing!! Iv’e been looking at a lot of your videos and the responses you have seem great and I would love to know how I can lose the weight with you guys! What workouts of yours would you recommend for me? I am 18 years old, and my weight is currently 139 and how often should I do the workouts! I would love to get back in shape and due to my laziness, I have gained in places I do not want. Please get back to me!!! Thank you!

  • Great drills. I’m a young coach and I’ve been using some of your ideas for 1 to 1 coaching with some of my players. It works really well! Amazing����⚽️

  • Thanks for doing this cause sence there’s know dance I have not known what to do with my life lol so making sure we still dance and still workout it really important so we don’t lose any of are dance skills so thank you ��love you

  • CONCEPT LIST TIMESTAMPS: Since we’re all stuck at home heres my toolkit on how concepts to apply to your training, lmk if you’d like a Top 10 things everyone should be training at home video!
    #1 1:04
    #2 1:47
    #3 3:42
    #4 4:55
    #5 8:42
    Much love Magneto <3

  • Hey nothing wrong practicing in my backyard right? As long as I avoid people and stuff. These drills are very practical. Maybe I should send you a video on how I perform some of them!

  • Hey Michael, you’re a very great soccer trainer.
    I love this video a lot, it taught me a lot of things as a new footballer coming up.

  • Wait i have a question.

    Im feeling very comftorble on the ball and i have been doing ball mastery drills everyday for 4 months, and now i dont even have a passion of doing them anymore, is it okay if i just stop doing them.

  • Hey guys, I just started my channel this week and I have some great soccer drills and content. Feel free to check it out if you’re looking for some more drills and content:)

  • I am going to try this drills now i know they will be helpfully i trust you and your exprience that they shall be helpful i am exceited to see more i will always be waiting remeber stay safe bro cant wait to see more

  • Another great drill!! So many important aspects covered by these drills, will put myself and my sons to work on these. Thank you for sharing!

  • nice drill mate, it’s helps us to improve our speed and Agility for Football. What you put into Football is what you get out of it mate

  • Hey girl. Which order would u recommend us to follow? And, do you warm up before all of this? ps: love you and ur workouts + dance classes!

  • As many others have said, this is definitely not good for a second (or higher) floor apartment. I don’t think my downstairs neighbors would appreciate me skipping and hopping around above them.

  • hi my name is Emmanuwl and i’ve been watching you for the past 3 years thanks to you i am now confident with my skills thank you so much your a life saver you’ve inspired me so much thanks for all the tips if you ever replay to me can you pls tell me the answer for this.. what does it take to be a pro footballer? Emmanuel.1234 on ig pls replay i need that if i ever become a pro ill remember who help me fafil my dreams

  • Hey Michael, great content as always! I have been curious about one thing though. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Not to copy off of your physique since we are all different but just to get a general idea.

  • Daughter’s club team is currently not allowing any team activities until at least May. She has been working on the Maestro 2.0 first lesson for the last week. Will certainly add this. Thanks for the thorough explanations and starting at a pace that is easy for her, being 8 to understand.

  • Love this mate! Been doing the minefield Drill forever since finding your channel in summer last year! Including the figure 8 in my training today. Keep safe mate great work����

  • Hey guys just started a youtube channel where I will be documenting my journey to pro football! Will mean a lot if you could check my channel out!

  • I Really appreciate it bro, This is te type of video ive been looking for the past 2 days. Thank U stay safe out there God bless U

  • I have done your orher videos but I dont have enough space in my home to do this but maybe if the weather gets better I will go outside the garage

  • Thanks mate! These videos have been so essential for me for a long time now. God willing I’ll get to meet you one day. I am doing the 365 day to a pro contract and youve helped so much. Thanks man, God bless!

  • I love it when the new videos comes out so i can grab my 10 year daighter and try it. This is just what she needs, she is the fastest on her team but her stop and go and ability to explode of in sudden turns need works. This is our drills for today. Thanks Mic

  • Thanks @7mlc you are a really cool person and I love that you are so consistent in posting. Also I just Love your videos because there is always something to learn. LOL. #Notificationsquad

  • Thanks for this! Really gives me more focus when training alone now. Doing a video on drills that we neeed to be doing would be amazing!!

  • When it comes to getting your sweat on, does your studio apartment feel like a prison cell? Inspired by Orange is The New Black (airs tonight!), we’ve created a workout designed for cramped spaces. 

    #orangeisthenewblack   #workoutathome   #fitnessfriday   #fitness   #workoutvideo  

  • I feel exhausted very very often almost always. I don’t know why. I eat healthy ( rice, vegetables, fruits…) I eat bread rarely and unhealthy food just once in a month or 2 months. I drink a lot of water and I sleep 8-10 hours. I don’t know why I’m still exhausted. Any tips?

  • Great video man������…. I am watching your videos from past ten 10 days and have not seen anyother man giving training and knowledge like you on YouTube….. my past 6-7 personal sessions have been totally based on your videos�������� grat effort…. I am a 14 year old and I request you to make a whole month routine (training in morning and evening daily and recovery) so that I can make most out of it…. love from ����❤️

  • 7mlc What time during the year do you recommend doing these? I’ve read some articles saying that in the off season, you shouldn’t touch a football until you finish your strength/injury prevention exercises. Would early pre season be a better option for these type of ball control drills?..or does it not matter from your point of view?:) Great work once again mate. Really loving this content you’re putting out.

  • Thanks a lot for this video, it means a lot and Coach which football boots you would prefer for a winger? ( I know that football boots hardly matter, it is all about working hard but still I think the right football boots has a placebo effect and gives that extra bit of confidence)

  • Thank you very much for sharing it. Top quality video mate! I haves subbed ���� I will make similar stuff and was hoping you could check my vid? Maybe give some feed back? Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Great video man. Can wait to try these put. Tried out the winger specific drill,found though enough but really beneficial. Just wondering when the treadmill workout is coming out. Keep up the great work.

  • 30 sec on/10-20 sec off
    1. 0:50
    2. 1:24
    3. 2:02
    4. 2:35
    5. 3:09
    6. 3:43
    7. 4:15
    8. 4:47
    9. 5:19
    10. 5:53
    11. 6:25
    12: 7:02
    13. 7:37
    14. 8:14
    15. 8:52

  • Hi…sir….am a big fan of u.and inspired by u i had also satreted new chnnnel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv7Epcb9_Lf9IVOfQDl3QoQ

    I just want u to promote my channel..if u doo it would be a great help to me…
    I love your vedios…
    Really awsam..
    And also implement them in my training. ☺☺
    Will be really grateful to u if u just do me this favour.

  • hi Michael, as I wrote a few months back when we were just 2-3 months into training, thank you for all your videos. Technical aspects, drills and tips included are probably the most useful from any channel at the minute on youtube. This is the result of Jakub training now for 9 months. If you have any pointers, I would greatly appreciate! Thank you kindly! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29F66A0AiPM