5-Move Low Impact Intense Workout


100% Low impact, all standing, FUN cardio workout to music! ALL fitness levels.

Video taken from the channel: Body Project


Low Impact, High Intensity Cardio & Core (No Equipment)

Video taken from the channel: LIT Method


Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout The 4 Best Low Impact Cardio Exercises for Fat Loss & Toning

Video taken from the channel: FitnessBlender


5 Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout for Fat Burning

Video taken from the channel: BodyFit By Amy


High intensity, low impact workout. No equipment (H20 day 5)

Video taken from the channel: Body Project


Low impact, high intensity, NO equipment cardio workout

Video taken from the channel: Body Project


High impact, high energy cardio workout based on Pilates moves

Video taken from the channel: Body Project

How to: 1. Stand with feet together, arms by sides. Bend knees and sit back into hips, lowering into a semi-squat position. 2. Quickly step right foot back in and then left, continuing to swing arms, staying in semi-squat position. 3. Repeat as quickly as possible (think, “out, out, in, in” to help.

The Low Impact HIIT Cardio Circuit. For best results, perform these exercises in a circuit format. Complete each exercise for the recommended time, allowing for 30-60 seconds of rest before moving on to the next move. Do three full rounds of the complete circuit for a full, low-impact cardio session. Depending on how long your rest periods are.

High-Intensity, Low-Impact Training Will Burn Calories and Protect Your Joints Bent-Over Dumbbell Row. Stand with feet hip-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand by sides. With knees slightly Split Squat. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Take a step forward with left foot, and a large.

Here are 9 low-intensity cardio workouts to help you do it the right way. “It’s just as important to have steady-pace runs and low-impact workouts as it is the difference between high. Take part in the first week of Real Start FOR FREE: http://bit.ly/2sboJGb Join the Real Start Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/132040174389627/. Low impact workouts are the ones that require you to leave at least one foot off the ground. Examples include cycling, cardio on the elliptical machine, hiking, yoga, Pilates, and dancing.

Because there is less impact, these exercises tend to be gentler on the joints and muscles. Why/when should you do High Impact Exercise?FREE 12 Week Workout Plan: https://www.heatherrobertson.com I’m running you through a low impact full body HIIT workout today! All bodyweight exercises in th.

Adding a HIIT workout, whether it’s a low impact HIIT workout or super high intensity jumping workout after my strength training session is one of my favorite things to do. It allows me to burn off any extra energy I might have stored up and it allows me to. “It is possible to have both low impact and high intensity in the same workout,” Nate Bahr, a certified personal trainer and corporate personal trainer at Anytime Fitness who has experience. By the end of the 30-days, you’ll have worked your way up to a 20-minute HIIT workout.

Try and do the full workout each week, but if you truly only have 5-minutes it’s okay! Give yourself permission to just do what you’re able. Workout #1: HIIT Legs Workout #2: Low-Impact Jump Alternatives Workout #3: Highest Intensity Workout #4: Arms & Legs.

List of related literature:

You can also do a combined high-intensity strength training that involves all the 5 high-intensity techniques on a weekly basis, over a 6week programme, i.e., you do the 5 workout programmes and follow them with a personal preference HIT workout.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

The second principle of this workout is to combine strength (intense resistance) with speed (fast repetitive moves) and high velocity (explosive moves).

“The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” by Ori Hofmekler
from The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body
by Ori Hofmekler
North Atlantic Books, 2007

This is a type of circuit training, in which you’ll pair different moves with noncompeting muscle groups, such as a lower body exercise and an upper body exercise, with only 30 seconds between sets.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
from The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality
by Phil McGraw
Bird Street Books, 2015

The new guidelines recommend that, with the specific inclusion of resistance training 2 (or more) nonconsecutive days/week, using 8 to 10 major muscle groups and 1 set of 10 to 15 repetitions at a moderate intensity as based on the RPE scale (5–6 out of 10).

“Complementary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing” by Mariah Snyder, PhD, RN, FAAN, Ruth Lindquist, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Complementary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing
by Mariah Snyder, PhD, RN, FAAN, Ruth Lindquist, PhD, RN, FAAN
Springer Publishing Company, 2009

Going from an explosive movement such as a hang clean, to a basic strength movement such as a front squat, to another explosive exercise such as a push press is a great way to stimulate the muscular nervous system and speed up your metabolic rate (i.e., burn calories).

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
from 52-week Basketball Training
by Chip Sigmon
Human Kinetics, 2003

• Gradually decrease intensity during the cool-down after the cardio conditioning segment; use lower-intensity moves similar to those used in the warm-up.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

Workout 2: Tabata Sets Perform a 10-to-15-minute warm-up, then complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, kettlebell swings, squats, treadmill running, cycling, rowing machine—you choose) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Build intensity, medium pace, use arms more; use more complex moves (introduce combinations, combine single moves from earlier to create combinations, add power moves, repeaters, turn steps, jumping jacks, kicks, punches, and a host of others); heart rate and body temperature continue to rise.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
Kendall/Hunt, 2002

One to three sets per exercise using light to moderate loading (40-60 percent of 1RM) should be performed, and 6 to 10 repetitions at a high velocity promotes the development of muscular power.

“Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults” by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
from Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults
by C. Jessie Jones, Debra J. Rose
Human Kinetics, 2005

To add intensity to this exercise while maintaining the position achieved in step 2, lift and lower the top leg three to five times before lowering both legs in step 3.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • Thank you fitness blender for the wonderful workouts. There all really affective. I really thank you, i haven’t even been following you for a even a year and my fitness had gone up so much, from being really tried from the low cardio to the 1000 calorie workouts to being challenging but can get though them. You have changed the way i eat and feel about myself. So thanks for all the wonderful workouts, and time you put into your workouts.

  • You guys are great, I feel totally relaxed with your excercise videos they are short and sweet and easy to follow instructions I just hope I get the resauts I need to loose those stones and fat so I don’t need to join the gym,
    Thanks to your easy follow, short excercises I can do it in the comfort of my own home as it’s not easy going to classes elsewhere when You have kids ����

  • Me doing it the first time: It’s easy, i’m going to do it three times in a row to increase calorie burn.
    Me after completed the first time: Fuck, i’m going to take a bath.

  • So I just got serious about your workouts (needed a break from the gym, and the “Rona”��) it has been YEARS since I’ve had so much fun working out! Getting ready to join the team on your website as well. But holy smokes, I started with hand weights on this work out…..yeah dropped those real quick and even then it was full mind push to make it through the end!! Thank you so much for doing these workout, you two really are a life saver!!

  • Just found you guys on PopSugar. Great workout for someone with bad knees and plantar fascia issues. Looking forward to trying more of your workouts!

  • What a fantastic way to start my week. I appreciate that they remind us to stay at our own pace. We are having a heat wave, and I got so sweaty my hands wouldn’t stay clasped during the stretches.

  • I just did this… Well I did something coz Lord knows what I was doing and what Alex was doing are worlds apart. But we move regardless.

  • I’ve never done any pilates before, only yoga, but this was actually really enjoyable! The heel click jumps are actual evil though.

  • Excellent! She’s on fire!!! It sounds fun with a lot of variety of movements. I would definitely try it at a slower pace. I prefer things a little bit slower ��
    Thank you for sharing ��

  • I’ve had a bad cold for a week, but this is the second-third day of feeling good. First of all; can I work out without risking another cold/getting worse again? And is this a good workout after a cold? 

  • Me encantó, lo voy a poner e incorporar en mi práctica diaria, hace más clases de pilates por favor, estaría bueno algunas en castellano, para tus seguidores de habla hispana, gracias ����

  • Geez, I sweated good! Thanks for putting caption in your video so I could understand & follow your instructions becuz I’m deaf. Will def do the cardio Pilate again! Thanks!!!

  • lovely, simplistic moves-more compound work needed for example the exercise near the endadd triceps for more calorie burn & a metabolic stoke light weights &/or water bottles can be used. The beginning music is a dragbut you rocksharing to Ashford Fitness Society (fb) ty

  • Found LIT through POPsugar. My fav coaches there, love that it’s low impact cause it’s consequently more controlled in my opinion. Love the energy and precision, guys. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing more of your workouts

  • My first time for this workout routine. WOW! Heart pumping and feel fantastic. Amazing how a workout with no equipment can work the body and “SWEAT”. Like Daniel, I’m a sweater…..

  • Im 53 and staying in Botswana ��. We have been in total lockdown for the past 3 weeks and I realised I have to get some exercise otherwise Im going to go completely nuts! I find you guys on youtube and just ❤ it!

  • You guys are amazing, love doing your workouts, they have been a great motivation in lockdown. Love the different levels so can go at your own pace. Really helps keep me active especially with my MS. Love how you have different body types aswell working with you really helps motivate me.

  • Your videos are the only videos that make me feel motivated and feel like I can actually complete a workout! I enjoy doing your videos every week and I can’t wait to continue doing your workouts!

  • I love the work outs by team body project!! I normally give up on workouts after a while but these have kept me going! I suffer from fibromyalgia and its difficult to find a workout that doesn’t leave me stiff and unable to move the next day. Low impact is obviously the way! Thank you for getting me back to a healthy routine and looking after my body! You guys are fantastic!!

  • Thank you so so so much! You are amazing motivators…thank you so very very much for such fantastic speeches, we all need them. Absolutely fantastic workout!

  • I keep coming back to this workout, I love all your positive energy and I actually smile while I’m doing it! I’ve finally gotten into a good exercise routine during lockdown, and its largely thanks to you and your videos. Thanks for taking the time to make them!

  • My word! These commenters are right. This workout really IS difficult! I think it’s just what I need, too. I’ve been doing your work outs for the last few years and just got back to them a few months ago. This one is going to strengthen my back… and my everything… that’s for sure! That last section was great! Definitely going to be doing this again!

  • I would like to see a video on a discussion on low impact training. Is there a benefit to high impact/low impact training? Can I just do low impact cardio/exercises or is there something to gain out of a high impact workout? Thanks!

  • With SI joint pain and asthma, many exercises aren’t feasible, so I’m really glad I found your videos! Gets the heart pumping without triggering my asthma, and doesn’t put stress on my SI joint. Thank you for making exercise feel possible for people who are beginners or physically limited by joint pain, asthma, or anything else. <3

  • Day 4
    Is in a different place for some reason.

  • Thanks a lot for making this content available, I have been struggling to shed my weight but was unable to follow cardio because of my illness ( myasthenia Gravis). Found your low impact cardio 6 weeks back and since than addicted to it. Thanks a lot and keep doing the great work ��

  • Please do more low impact but longer videos because i cant do the high impact ones in my apartment cause my neighbors below hate noise…

  • i love these low impact hiit!! it allows me to to do higher impact workouts without to much strain on myself! do u think u could do full 30 low impact hiit cardios! great work guys!:D

  • Thank You this is a very good work out also I gave you both two thumbs up because worrking out is a challenge for me and when you said go at your own pace it made me feel better since walking can be hard for me thanks so much

  • I’ve been using your exercises as a warm-up and honestly the inspiration plus the fatigue I feel at the end of the videos always get me back into the groove! Thanks so much for your amazing content, I’ll be definitely using this channel for a while:)

  • Quarantine workouts platies I’ve never enjoyed them but I decided to go ahead and try it and I didn’t realize you could sweat this much with parties will be back

  • At times i hesitate to get started but once i do i feel great! thanks to you both and the motivation you provide. i dont think ive ever stuck with a routine this long before!! #Goals

  • I could hardly rake a shower after this LOL my arms are dead! And with no weights! It blows my mind haha Great session, thank you!

  • Just did this workout, first time for this one, but have done others of yours. They are great for in home, no equipment needed and minimal space! LOVE Daniel’s passionate encouraging speeches at the end! �� Thank you for making these and having some free to use on YouTube!

  • Fabulous. Thank you so much. I’ve been doing your workouts for several weeks now but just came across this series. I started with this one. Loved it. Definitely do the others as well

  • If you’re tired of exercising and dieting without results, then I’m here for you. I will be your guide, supporter, and free doctor of my obesity past, as I have not found someone to encourage me to lose weight and have not found an experienced person to communicate with me directly and direct me. If I decide to help people for free after my ideal weight and after long struggles, I have gained experience as a tester. To contact me personally, just write to me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pabloviardo/ and consider me a friend because I will help from the bottom of my heart my love for all obese, you are the best Yes you can do it

  • I’m with Daniel…heavy breathing, almost speechless….looking for the finish line. However only horses sweat. Men perspire. Women glow.( don’t think so! �� ) great workout again

  • I love you guys. I did most of your exercises during this quarantine period I’m so grateful for all what you are doing, I enjoyed the exercises more than the gym, and the way he talks its touching the soul thank you thank you very much

  • hay, since jan 2020 me and my daughters age 8 and 10 are following your exercises. More than me my kids would like you both to come up with kids specific exercise. my both kids (ofcourse me too) love your exercise routine. we have achieved quiet good results..

  • I had a little break trying out some strange diet to lose weight but I still came back to working out and it feels painful but also warm and great at the same time

  • I added the word ‘fun’ to my workout search today and came across this. I loved it! It didn’t feel as out of breath-making as some others I have tried but the sweat is rolling off me anyway. Plus, you guys take the workout seriously but don’t take yourselves to seriously and that’s my favorite! I don’t wanna be yelled at I wanna have a good time so I don’t hate working out! I’ll definitely look for more from you <3

  • Love this workout. it good for beginners who wanna do hiit w/o all the jumping. I always work up a good sweat with this & it’s easy to modify to make harder or easier.

  • Woke up this morning…hoped to complete one of your 40+ minute videos and quickly the morning plans derailed. While I didn’t have time for the Cardio Challenge I did MAKE time for the H2O series workout! THANK YOU!

  • This is an AWESOME workout… very energizing & it’s great to see “real” people. With all due respect, I prefer Alex leading over Daniel. Maybe it’s a girl thing?

    P.S. I love this music! so energizing!

  • I love it o.o but for now i’ll do 40 mins and more kinda workouts. Cause I tend to be lazy when it’s 10 mins kinda vids xD like i’d do one round only >.<

  • Everytime i do a workout with Alex i tell to my self she will kill me today
    But After i spend an Amazing Time
    And definitely kills the lazy person in me…
    Thank you ❤️

  • Ooohhh, this is a bit punishing for someone rusty who has just started working out again (after two years of neglect)….just after the COVID lockdown. ������

  • I keep coming back just hear the motivational speech at the end! Worth the pain & to push through just to hear it. Thanks y’all! <3

  • Love this workout but I wish she’d leave the leading to her husband. She’s not a patch on her husband and her voice drives me nuts. I now work out with her sound off and my own music on.
    Also I wish they could have one of the people sideways on to the camera. That would be really helpful.

  • Love this! I have a spinal fusion so can’t do high impact… So glad I’ve found you guys! This is the method I’ve been looking for… Low impact but kicks my butt! �� That was awesome… Love from the UK!

  • haha looked at the timer at 11 something cuz i expected it to be over already lol, you guys rlly push me and my neighbours are super thankful for the no jumping haha

  • I look forward to these every day on my lunch break! Thank you for helping me get back in tune with my body. I end every workout drenched in sweat and I’ve never felt better about it!!

  • When you guys are doing more of a strength training day and not as heavy on cardio, do you try and eat less calories that day becase you wont be burning quite as many? Or do you eat the same whether youre going to be burning 300 calories or 600?

  • Why has day 3 and 4 gone to private videos?

    I have been using this 5 day workout for a few weeks now.

    Don’t understand why making them private now.

  • I really like this one, guys. I worked up a sweat and moved some muscles. I am gonna pair it with another workout. Thanks for all you do!

  • I used to love high impact classes but no longer able because of knee issues. This is probably the best and hardest low impact workout I’ve ever found. I used 1kg hand weights for some of the exercises too for added resistance. Great job guys

  • This is my favorite Body Project video on Youtube! The music is perfect and I just really enjoy it, which I’ve never said about working out. Please post more workouts “to the beat”!:) thank you guys so much!

  • I suffer from sciatica but extremely into my health and fitness. I am always on the lookout for high energy workouts that are not too challenging on the joints and this is one hell of a pilates and cardio combo. Literally dripping in sweat without the constant jumping around. Great Alex thank you ☺️

  • Working out with you guys makes me feel like a WARRIOR……
    Also in most other work out routines the trainers don’t sweat or gasp or even palpitate…….but u guyz are like flesh and blood normal humans(in a Good way) like us…… which makes me feel validated…….and gives me the hope that it is possible to be like you……….

  • Thank you so much, I lost 10 pounds in just one month with you. I feel my muscles have become more toned and working out with you is a part of the fun.

  • My mom (69) and I just did the 5 videos in one session! it took us 1 hour and 20 minutes!!! So gooood! thank you for all the low impact routines. I enjoy them so much with my mom:D

  • Body project has really changed my life I have RA and diastolic heart-failure. I have never liked exercising but after finding this channel I love how this uses real people and all levels. The ability for me to work all body parts with in 45 minutes or shorter is perfect for me. Keep posting videos you all are changing lives. By the way I am 47 and enjoying exercise for the first time.

  • Thank you for this simple little workout. It’s been my re-introduction to exercise after a few years of being laid up.. It feels good and helps my confidence as well.

  • I have a question about the calories burned.
    How can we know if we burn the higher number or the lower one? 
    Is it about the weight or the efforts you put in the exercises? 

  • Hi Amy.. I love your exercises.. they are so motivating..
    I have tennis elbow, and I’ve been advised not to do any heavy workouts yet i wanna be in touch with workouts, so could you make a workout video for those with tennis elbow please.

  • i have obesity type to and i was almost on type three, thanks to you guys (and controlling what i eat) i manage to lose 13KG (around 28LBS) in less than 2Months, i know its not a LOT but like you guys say: im making progress.

  • Great workout! Only one thing to point out, she should say when to switch legs for instance, because I totally missed on that. Other than that, just great.

  • This is an awesome workout. I loved it so much. Thank you again for taking the time to create these routines. I feel so good when I finish xx

  • I always wonder why he doesn’t show his body by removing his shirt in all videos unlike other YouTube trainers.. that’s how the trust of the viewers is built..

  • Thanks again Daniel and Kelly another good one!  Love your workouts.  They’re among my favorites.  You two are adorable and dig the production great work (thanks for omitting the annoying workout music too!).

  • I was so upset when my gym closed due to quarantine, but after doing these workouts for a few weeks, my body is looking AMAZING!!!! Now I don’t care about my gym!

  • Wow that one nearly killed me. Loved it though. So proud that I’m actually making it through your videos without stopping. 6 months post baby and lots of weight to lose but really enjoying your videos so far.

  • I first exersise with you in pop sugar…. Your exercise came in the right time…. I can’t make high impact exercise due to my health issue… And this one very convenient for the one who can’t perform regular training…. Low impact high intensity as you said. Thank you.

  • Really enjoying your workouts during lockdown guys! The PopSugar workouts are a staple in my weekly rotation. Low impact is great for my dodgy knee. Keep the new workouts coming.

  • this workout is better for advanced fitness levels I had trouble keeping up she didn’t really offer any modifications for any of the moves and felt it was too fast for me.

  • I’m working my way through your older videos and stumbled upon this series. Loving you guys, missing my gym, bur eternally grateful that I can sneak this in at my mostly empty office on my lunch break. This might be weird to say, but Alex has such graceful control over her body. It always inspires me to rein it in so that I’m not just flailing all over the place. You guys rock!

  • I’ve been doing this for the past 3 weeks and this has helped me immensely, especially with my anxiety. My head is less muddled and I feel stronger. I think what’s important with this is that is it low impact and doable in 20 mins. Thank you for creating this programme. Changing lives.

  • I love how you help people of all shapes and sizes. Working out is not easy work for anyone and I like seeing real people recognizing that.

  • I love this workout…such a burn for the legs….I have to say I now look forward to hearing Daniel say, “COMEON”. it really keeps me going.

  • Could i do one exercise 20sec. then move on to the next exercise (and so on with the 4 exercises) and then repeat that 4 times? Will it be as effective? To me that feels like its more fun. Every one feel free to answer if you can help, thanks:)

  • I love you both! I injured my knee a few years ago and it slowed me down because I couldn’t find the correct workouts that were fun, low impact and helped me get my sweat on. But then I stumbled upon you all and I just love how you inspire and motivate me. Every
    time I push myself to workout, you all make it worth the effort! I look forward to seeing my body transform as the years go by! God bless you!

  • I rarely leave review but I love this workout video so much! It is the right balance of challenge but at the same time keep me going and it always make me sweat every time. Feel so great! Thank you!

  • Hi guys. This is my absolute favourite workout even though the one where you stretch up and then touch the floor is BRUTAL! I am always soaked by the end! Thank you.

  • Hi! I’ve been following your videos for about a month and a half and I absolutely love the workouts. The variations are great & so is the fact that it is short. I follow your workouts twice or thrice a week and intersperce this with walks & my full body workouts. I’m doing intermittent fasting along with the workouts & the end result is that I’m beginning to love my body again. So, thanks!

  • Hellooooo! Does anyone know what kind of timer they use or a similar app that lets you set up the time without having to manually change it every time you need a rest for example? I tried to find it in the info box, but to no avail. Thanks!

  • And what abt warm up and cool down and stretch.. That should be included or its ok to leave.please reply.have been following your videos.waiting for results..

  • Love the low impact HIIT option.  I am doing one of your 8 week plans, and I have some foot pain due to plantar fasciitis.  If I sub something like this or another low impact option on the days that the HIIT/Cardio workout has jumping in it, will I hinder my results too much?  I love the mental benefits to a good HIIT workout, but my foot is wrecked the rest of the day.

  • This is now good seeing someone just like me do it to the end motivated me I did it without straining to the end this now shows me that av really worked on my body some months ago I couldn’t do this to the end I feel proud of myself Alex and her husband are going to make me get a nice body shape that am longing for 3 of their exercises on my weekly Timetable ��

  • Love this workout!  I’m still a bit of a beginner.  I like to do this one twice for a really good workout (for me), with a light warmup (3min).

  • Yes!!! Love it. The burn is so good and I appreciate your motivation and dynamic SO much! Keeping this teen active on quarantine.:))

  • I am pretty out of shape and recently decided to work out. I am so proud I was able to finish this video. I’ll be sharing it with my mother too. Thank you.

  • I am about 250lbs and this is the only channel where I don’t click off after 2mins because I feel like I can’t finish. Thank you!!

  • awesome workout! my first time trying pilates. i really enoyed it, but some parts i had to modify, as for some reason my right knee doesn’t like me jumping, it gives me a sharp pain, and when that happens i have to stop because it will last throughout the day

  • Hello fitnessblender, i want to lose fat, reduce different areas of my body, not to lose weight. I do 30 mintues of cardio and then 30 minutes more of legs or abs workouts to tone it’s ok?

  • I’ve been struggling with depression and my general mental health lately, so at times, it’s hard to feel like exercising is something that I /am/ capable of doing. Each time I think I absolutely can’t begin, Daniel’s reminder keeps coming back to me, that even if you march all the way through the video, you’re still a winner, and that alone has been helping me to make that final leap to play a new video every time.:) I’ve been able to exercise to your videos every other day for a few weeks now, and I just wanted to share my absolute gratitude to team Body Project! Your messages and exercise plans are amazing! I’m so happy that I came across this channel ��

  • I just did this workout using my Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch and it says I burned 234 calories! wow! awesome. I am a 36-year-old female who is 5’3 weighing 197. Hope that helps.

  • times are changing �� started my morning with your workout �� feeling darned good! ( sweaty and panting though ��) thank you Daniel and Alex ��

  • Found LIT through PopSugar. I do HIIT 3-4 times a week, but this low impact workout is much more intense and enjoyable than I’ve expected. LIT is going to be part of my exercise routine. Great work and thank you! Keep the videos coming!

  • Can you please make workout videos 3 and 4 available again? They are listed as private. I do this five day workout frequently and now can’t. Thank you.

  • I’m doing this in Valencia (No AC), and I am boiling!! I love this, I also work and have kids, and it’s so true, it’s hard to find time, but 20 mins is so doable. Love it, thank you:)

  • Love the workouts! So happy I found Team Body Project!!! I’m able to get a workout on my lunch break or at the end of the day when the whole house is asleep. LOVE IT!! Thank you, much love from Florida!!

  • After over a year of doing these videos daily y’all go and remove simmer and refresh? What the heck? These workout have been the only routine I have this quarantine. Thanks.

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