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6-move arms and abs workout to strengthen and tone

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Lie faceup, legs together and 45 degrees off floor, arms extended overhead with weight in both hands. Bend knees and open legs, keeping feet together as you lift upper body and bring arms forward until weight is between knees (as shown). Return to start for 1 rep.

Do 30 reps. Works arms, abs. Pelvic Lift & Heel Tap.

The 5-Move Ab Workout You can do this workout alone or do it in addition to a cardio or strength workout. If you’d like, you can use a medicine ball for the Russian twists, but it’s not necessary. The 5-Move Ab Workout You can do this workout alone or do it in addition to a cardio or strength workout. If you’d like, you can use a medicine ball for the Russian twists, but it’s not necessary. Include few dumbbells in your workout routine and start with these five arm workouts to build muscles and shape your body with perfectly toned abs and legs, with some vivid arms. Halle Berry Shared an Insanely Hard 5-Move Ab Workout, So Naturally, We’re Going to Try It September 2, 2019 by Tamara Pridgett First Published: August 26, 2019.

The 15 moves below are some of the best abs exercises you can do. Mix and match ’em to create an abs workout that’ll get you strong and toned in no time. Time: 10 to 20 minutes. Try out these 15 ab exercises to keep things safe, challenging and fun. Help save lives.

Try This Quick Arm Workout in Your Backyard. 5 12 Ways to Recover Joy in Your Life. Exercises in this men’s workout for abs incorporate all those moves. Together, they build your six-pack muscles and the rock hard torso that’s ready for shirt-less summer.

So if you’re ready for chiseled abs, here are 11 most effective ab exercises to strengthen and define abs and the core. Work your upper abs, a.k.a. your rectus abdominis or “six-pack” muscles, with this workout, which includes isometric moves like planks, plus crunches, and more. Kneel on the floor and hold an ab wheel beneath your shoulders.

Brace your abs and roll the wheel forward until you feel you’re about to lose tension in your core and your hips might sag. Roll.

List of related literature:

Next, from the Strength list on page 602, choose one upper-body push, one lower-body push, one upperbody pull, and one lower-body pull, and choose one core/carry/move exercise from the list on page 606.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

The same exercise is performed with the left arm up and right arm down to reverse the actions.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio
from Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult
by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, et. al.
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Keeping the dumbbell in a neutral grip, the athlete flexes the elbows until the dumbbells clear the thighs on each side; she then supinates the forearms and wrists by turning the hands outward until they are near the anterior deltoids (photo b).

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
from Developing Endurance
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

At the third workout, the previous seven exercises would be done with the addition of the leg curl, triceps pushdown, biceps curl, and back extension at which point no new exercises would be added.

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
from The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner
by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
Lyle McDonald, 1998

In the first 6 mo after her injury Mrs. AB increased her exercise routine to include the following exercises: chest press (two varieties), seated rowing, leg curls, triceps pull-down, and knee extension.

“Clinical Exercise Physiology” by Jonathan K. Ehrman, Paul M. Gordon, Paul S. Visich, Steven Keteyian
from Clinical Exercise Physiology
by Jonathan K. Ehrman, Paul M. Gordon, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2009

Follow the order of the exercises I’ve listed on the following pages; that will allow you to work different body parts from set to set.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
Rodale Press, 2010

Continuing to hold your breath and focus, with the hands back in the position on either side of the waist, begin to move your upper torso and shoulder to the right five times and then to the left five times, exercising the heart area.

“Awakening the Sacred Body: Tibetan Yogas of Breath and Movement” by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
from Awakening the Sacred Body: Tibetan Yogas of Breath and Movement
by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
Hay House, 2018

First, each of the body types has three core workouts and an off-day routine—the beginner core workout (for those who are sedentary), the active core workout and the advanced workout.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

In the one-arm dumbbell row, for instance, you should start with one arm, perform the target number of repetitions, go to the other arm, perform the target number of repetitions, and repeat this process without rest.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

Do each of the two workouts six times, alternating between them.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

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  • I’m going to be posting a 1 week guide on how I go with this work out (mainly to help give me a reason to keep going) and if it’s good I’ll make it a month:

    Day 1: I got to about three quarters of the way but had to start stretching out on the floor instead of doing the downward dog. Will try to do downward dog up till about half way tomorrow!

  • Jordan Yeoh I Really Like Your Workout Even If I Do Another Youtuber Workout… I feel Like I Am Doing Wrong Or Something Else…Jordan I’m Addicted To Your WorkOut… I Must To Say That Thank You Jordan.. Jordan For Helping Those Peoples And Alot Of Girls Who Can Not Go To Gym… Love From Pakistan

  • Sydney, could you start uploading upper body banded workouts?! I workout at home and don’t have these weights, I do have bands and thought might be good to make a video of this type!

  • Mario du hast einen schoenen koerper waere froh wenn ich auch so einen koerper haette LG von Markus einen schoenen gruss an dich deine videos gefallen mir immer besser mach weiter so danke ❤❤❤

  • Iсh мuss dаs tеіlen!!! In nur 1 Mоnaten habe ich ganz 14кg vеrlorеn! Iсh eмpfеhle all mеіnеn Mädels Еlіxiеr Zdorov, weil ісh es nicht mеhr ertrаgеn каnn аnzusehen, wіe siе sіch zu Tоde hungern. Mеhr Infоrмationеn hiеr vesensys.ru/elixier?v=0zkVJjwE1UY

  • Damn that was awesome. It really burrrrrn my fats…though I can feel pain in my whole body but its worth it. Salute to you LODI!!������

  • i’m gonna do this video for a week. let’s see if i get some results! i’m also doing her other videos
    day 1: done.
    day 2: done. (i was very tired by 5th minute but still completed it.)
    day 3: done
    day 4: done, was about to skip but oh well
    day 5: done

  • Can you start putting your workout in the description so we know what to expect please? I don’t like having to search or think about what weight I can do for what exercise I find that it takes me a few reps before I can get going

  • I love your routine, super sure I will implement it, oh by the way I really like your content I am a fashion photographer and much of what you say is the same as many model friends say, I hope you continue making videos.

    I send you greetings from Mexico and improve them ✨����

  • Love this work out! Preparing for a shoot at the end of the month and this was just the quick thing I was looking for! Thanks MARIO. You rock!

  • Hi Lucy, can you please recommend some of your workouts that are safe for osteoporosis. I am only 49 yrs old and in need of some direction. Thank you ❤����

  • Your workouts have been super helpful during the quarantine, thanks so much! Just curious if you have ever used the BodyBoss Total Workout System? It would be awesome to have an easy workout routine to follow for it, the contraption is great, trying to figure out what to do aside from the obvious workout not so much.

  • Didn’t finish your workout at all…it’s my first day..but tomorrow I will…your awesome..you motivate me a lot with your cool exercise ����������

  • Thanks Jordan, Can you make a workout video for this like you have Level 2.5, 3, 4 etc So that we can see it and follow. Thanks in advance

  • I just want to suggest that if you can write in your videos of how many calories will burn. Like this video will burn your calories for 300-500 cal.

  • Wow, I love this workout. I’m did day 17 of 30 day shred and added this one too. Great sweat job in such a short time. Thank you Lucy Wyndham Read

  • Hello Sorry Bro Do you have a Calisthenics or Bodyweight Exercise for the Side Delt or Side Shoulders, Posterior Delt or Back Shoulders & Upper,Middle and Lower Trapezius, Thoracic and Lower Back, Forearm, Wrist and Rotator cuff and Upper Abs, Obliques or Side Abs & Lower Abs Type, Variations Workout and How to Neck Exercise?��

  • I think I found my style of workout videos. i don’t want to be big muscled like most of work out channels I just want to be fit and actually proportionally shaped.

  • Appreciate video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried Dinanlinson Belly Secret Approach (probably on Google)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for learning how to get an amazing toned beach ready belly without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my friend Sam got astronomical results with it.

  • hello, I’m from Indonesia, can I give one input in your video, about adding a translation from English to Indonesian, thank you…

  • I’m trying my best. I’m on a journey to getting thin and gain muscles. I’m currently overweight right now and almost obese but I started my diet about 3 weeks ago and it’s going well. Thank you Jordan for your tips!

  • Sir a friend of mine who is my gym buddy now looks up for your tutorials in home workout.. Those moves were so highly effective! Thanks a bunch and maybe someday when he gets over his camera shyness, we could follow and immitate your teachings in inspiring others with the personal results we get.. From 92kgs he’s now down to 88kgs in 14days.. Well, as for me, I’m basically trying to get lean heavy so from 68kgs I’m now at 72.25kgs..

  • Jordan sir, please upload a video about how to build traps without Push ups.
    And also upload chest workout alternate push-ups with no equipment.

  • Thank you Lucy!! I love this workout!! Arm workout combined with abs and legs, which makes an awesome, effective workout!!! Keep bringing those encouraging and invigorating exercises that eliminates unwanted fat and tones the body!

  • You have helped me mentally and physically so much. I don’t make very much money. So I can never afford the programs. You are the best fitness instructor I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing free content that is actually affective. God bless you and your loved ones. ❤️ you are good people!!

  • fuck. This is the only workout which truly works. I did it the fourth time and dropped because of how fucking hard it is!!!! Thanks a lot Mario you so fuckin photogenic too I tried finding an ugly face of you during this workout but there was none

  • Can’t wait to try this workout because of your works out I have now loss a total 4 inches around my waist and 15 pounds down. All your workouts are efficient you taught me that you do not need these long drawn out workouts to get results I have seen more results doing your 7 minute and 20 minute workouts than I have doing 45 minute to 1 hour workouts that Ive done in the past and I never get bored.

  • I have started this workout today with another one of hers 7day workout challenge…….her workouts always give me some good results…hoping for the best from this also…..love from India��

  • This is one of my favourites! Did this 4 months ago. I swear at three days my belly was itchy from the skin shrinking! I couldn’t believe it. Thanxxxx Lucy

  • Awesome work Jordan, some really great moves in here. It is so effective to pair ab work with ab specific cardio work like mountain climbers, cross climbers and high knees (as you have shown in your video). Also, you are in great shape too and clearly practice what you preach. Loved this video. Carlos

  • Love this one! I just snuck in 1100 steps during my arms and abs workout!!! The cardio arm intervals really worked my coordination as well! ❤❤❤������������

  • I just want to get lean, at any cost. I’m dying of overweightdone everything I could from extreme dieting to extreme cardio. Nothing worked out for me. Used to have a waist of 32 inch and weight of 65kg, now it has become 45 inch and 98kg. Please help if you can.

  • Day 6 of my 30day shred. Enjoyed this my heart rate was more than the day befores as well.
    Can’t face the zumba one sorry not good enough for that one �� x

  • Love the short workout provide more of these they are great integrating the abs and then the arms maybe something with legs and abs are great opportunities especially for those of us who work full-time and can get an a 10 to 15 minute workout in the morning thanks for your time

  • Jordan’s the man. Truly a FITSPIRATION. He’s Asian and all the more I can relate. Ive seen his transformation and that was savage. I am even a top fan in FB. Just got my badge a week ago. Hope to make a channel like this.

  • Just eat right guys.. that’s the way to get a six pack to pop out! The exercises just make them look thicker and get stronger. No one can get a six pack from just doing this workout you need to eat right.. everyone has a six pack just covered in layer of fat! No need to buy this guys book or whatever. Save your money and instead buy real clean food

  • Hey,I watch your videos.Actually I feel shy to say but no problem.I was Addicted with mast…..For long time class 6 to 10 now I passed my exam And prepare for Class 12.I Feel That my Tes.Hormone didn’t Grow bcz of mast..I totallY free from that bcz my lord help me.Now My question is Why I can’t Feel Beep on my middle chest?When I do Squat?Give me some extraordinary exersice and food chart like banana…So that I might recover my hormone Problem very fast.Plz reply

  • Hi Lucy since I’ve been working on this one it feels like my arms are getting bigger, should I stop this one do you think??
    I do like it though x

  • I recently started working from home, and I’ve become really worried about what sitting all day at a desk will do to my health. This is perfect for an exercise break!! Thanks!!! ��

  • Dear Lucy,
    I am turning 30 in a week’s time. I have flabby arms and they have been so for most past of the last decade as a result of my being overweight. But I have been on a journey to lose weight since last year and doing your exercises along the way:) they’ve been great with real results thank you ��❤️but I can’t help but worry that I should never lose the flabs, I am gonna be 30 and as I look at em hanging lifeless, I wonder if I would ever have slim arms.:(

  • This workout is fantastic. Gonna add it to my daily routine, 20 min Walk and Tone! You’re wonderful and a genius. Lots of love from Texas <3

  • Hey Mario! I’m new at your channel, I just wanted to let you know that I like your videos a lot! I’ve just done this workout with you, it was great and my abs is burning!!! That’s what I was looking for something quick, intense and easy (but it wasn’t easy for me, though. Yet:P) Thank you!!!

  • Lucy am big fan of you….m telling everyone about it channel…plz help me…my hip width is not reducing…plz make on a video on particular hip width reduction…plz plz… waiting for it video

  • Love this new workout Lucy and really liked that the female figures you have added our all different shapes and sizes which is more true to life ��❤

  • Completed this morning ✔️ couldn’t do heel raises so went to a march instead. Then I did the arm one a few posts ago.
    Never mind arms felt it in legs too x

  • Loved this one! What a great idea holding onto weights over your head to be able to lift your heels straight up toward the ceiling. I felt the difference! Thanks.:)

  • Thank you for using a curvaceous illustration for this fluffy girl! I love your workouts, even tho I feel like I’m dying doing them. One day at a time.

  • Lucy I really love all your workouts..
    It’s coz f you y I strtd to exercise consistently n strtd to lov dng exercise..

    I HV a request.. plz mak a video for leg exercises..coz d one which I Found in d channel is mostly using some sort of stick or chair which I don’t want to use..
    Please make a video for legs without any equipment..

  • Your workouts are amazing. Thanks a lot for your thorough guidance. I’ve lost one inch from my waist and my legs are coming back in shape. Arms are taking time but hopefully they will slim down. Gonna try this new exercise today. Thanks a again. ��

  • Crushed it 34 year old from Oregon ty for the amazing workout.my arms are noodles ��started with 3pound weights past year I’ve accomplished alot this year 25 pound dumbbells.step aerobics wasn’t giving me results glad I found your channel very positive I’ll ne returning.

  • Hello Mario I’m your biggest fan from India I’ve watched all your YouTube videos and they’re really inspiring especially this 5min work out video is really helpful I’ve watched more than 10 times so far ��
    you’ve inspired me so much
    thank you so much Mario!
    Love from India ����
    #Carrotkingdom ��

  • This was so much fun! How do you come up with new content after 940plus videos?!? ������ Did this after a run, and the heel raisers were really nice to do. I like doing arms after a jog, and this video was just right. Thank you Lucy! ����������

  • Hi Lucy, Was just getting ready to grab a snack when I saw this! I cannot believe how fast it went by-you are amazing �� Now I can eat a proper meal and feel good that I did a workout. Thank you!

  • Hi JORDAN. First of all thank you so much for all these workouts. I get to learn a lot from you.

    Can you please make a workout for skinny fat guys?

  • Hey Lucy This looks fabulous! I can’t do high-impact aerobics so I’m loving the high-intensity heel raises for the cardio portion so good! I’m still rehabbing my shoulders (I did a very bad wide-arm down-dog one day doing yoga and screwed up both shoulders), but this will get added into my Lucy workouts as soon as I can handle it. Thank you for this! And for everything you do!

  • Was just scrolling through you tube feeling down as I’ve gained weight as the weather has meant I can’t keep up with running. Decided to do this work out and then ended up going 2 more of your 7 minute workouts!. Feel so much better physically and mentally. Will keep doing it for a week and report back. Thank you so much for offering free workouts that I can do indoors! x

  • Thank you, Lucy! I have to start my workouts over again, cause I ve had some neck and back issues. Is this workout suitable for me as well?

  • I literally got the notification for this while I was doing your most recent 10 minute workout. I figured, why not? Woah, did I burn some calories today!

  • hi Rebacca..I have been doing this exercise from 3 weeks + 7 exercises of flat stoamach of urs, but i cant see a change in my belly..I m so worried bcx i m doing this everyday+ eating good and consuming green tea…Plzz reply me, i really need ur motivation bcz i m losing my patience since it had never happened before…

  • I discovered this video last year when i was desperate to get rid of the bloating in my stomach. I was desperate because there was an upcoming party, my friends were going to be there and including my crush who is now my boyfriend (we just celebrated our 6 month anniversary of dating three days ago), and my bloated stomach made me look like I was a couple weeks pregnant. Looking for hacks didn’t help at all and everyone in the comments on every video I watched for hacks said that if you want to get rid of your bloated stomach, you have to work for it. It was already nearly two weeks before the party (it was a pool party btw) and I decided ‘You know what? F this, I am going to work for it. I am going to work on getting rid of my bloated stomach.’ So I started looking up workout videos on how to get rid of a bloated stomach, then I found this video. The title was different last year than this year (but I might be wrong). The title said workout 7 minutes a day for 10 days. I wasn’t so sure but then I remembered what everyone was saying in the hack videos in the comments, if you want to have a flat stomach then work for it. So I did and here were my results for the next few days.
    Day 1I was struggling like crazy and I kept pausing the video to take many breaks because it was my first time doing it and I am a huge quitter but I didn’t quit this time.
    Day 2I still struggled and still kept pausing the video but I didn’t do it as many times as I did because I was slowly getting used to it
    Day 3I still struggled but not so much as the past couple of days
    Day 4I could do the workout without any problem without any breaks none of that stuff and I started to see results. The bloating was starting to go away a little bit
    Day 5Kept going without any breaks like the day before, bloating isn’t as bad but still there.
    Day 6Same thing as day 4 and 5, no breaks or pausing and still bloated
    Day 7Same as the past three days, but this time the bloating half gone
    Day 8Same thing as the past few days, and the bloating is still half gone
    Day 9Same thing as before and bloating is nearly gone
    Day 10Bloating is gone and I look like a total new person and it was noticeable that I changed so much from the workout
    I decided to go for one more day because the party was the day after tomorrow and I figured why not, so make it 11 days for me. When I walked into that pool party I felt like a total new me, grinning ear to ear (I got an amazing new haircut that day too) and being a bit shy because my boyfriend was in the pool with this friends. I didn’t go in the pool, I just played games with my friends, but I had fun. 

    This video helped me a lot and everyone kept commenting on how great I look now that my stomach isn’t bloated anymore and I looked a lot thinner than I used to be. I decided to do this workout again because my stomach is a teeny tiny bit bloated (I went back to my old habits of drinking a ton of soda when I am sad because there were a lot of dark days and that was the reason for my serious bloating last year), and there is a party (same party as last year) coming up next Saturday and I decided why not do the same thing I did last year.

  • Love her energy its really motivational! But seriously why are those weirdos behind the stab balls?? Lol it really seems like they were placed there purposely though

  • I’m a well conditioned person when it comes to abs and arms just because I do a lot of workouts because of sports, but whew this workout is tough and sure does take a lot of mental and physical strength.

  • All your videos are really help ful for me thankyou for this workout I really love your channel thankyou for all your help love from pink city (jaipur) ������

  • Let’s start.
    Day 1:✔️
    Day 2:✔️
    Day 3:✔️
    Day 4:✔️
    Day 5:✔️
    Day 6:✔️
    Day 7:✔️
    I highly recommend it. You can feel the difference within 2 days my arms feel so good.
    Thanks Lucy. Love and light ❤️

  • MY arm are shaking feeling great that i was able to finsih kept the same weight all round which was 5kg not much i know but i tried wooohooo lets gooo!!!! Crushed this one.

  • TOTAL killer Sydney! Tried my best to keep up but I find it so hard to lift myself off the ground for abs ( I think it was the first or second move). Thank you SO MUCH <3<3 I feel so great after doing your workouts, total release of neurotransmitters:)

  • Thank you for sharing. You are amazing! I am from Ukraine and this is a great possibility to exercise with you and practice my English. Thank you a lot!

  • Hi Jordan, I am one of your avid follower
    Made my first ever fitness video inspired by you, would be elated to know if you watch it. “Fitness the state of mind” chk it out on my channel from #pitchcraftwithsahilarora

  • OMG! My arms are shaking, and I was crying towards the end of the abs portion of this workout. So hard. Thanks for such a great workout and being so motivating.

  • Sydney, you’re a machine! I’m so glad I found your videos, now that my gym is closed for a while due to Covid. I love your workouts, very challenging. Thanks!

  • thanks so much for this! You are actually amazing and i LOVE how informative and amazing these videos are! I was just wondering if you’d be able ot explain the purpose of each of the workouts, for example if we do abs what will it do, show a six-pack or? And arms, is it to tone the arms, strengthen? Or maybe i’m completely wrong and just dont understand fitness! thank you so much you deserve more subscribers.

  • Hey mario! We want more workout and fashion tips videos from you please keep that in mind also this video was awesome! #carrotkingdom ��

  • Tells you how out of shape I am I barely finished and right when I when to get water I almost hurled�� took me five minutes to make the feeling go away

  • Love the workouts, but the counting down from high numbers is enough to drive me mad. When I heard a countdown start from 27, I literally re started the whole 60 second interval so I could mute my phone

  • The ABSOLUTE best trainer on YouTube! Sydney your positivity, strength, and purpose is powerful! Keep it up you are making a HUGE impact!!

  • It´s crazy how fast this workout went by. If you are scrolling thru the comments thinking about doing this: Do it!!! I felt so good after this and you will too! Have fun:)

  • You’re so amazing!
    I really love your energizing words in the cooldown ♡!
    My arms are shaking, also my thighs. Unbelievable. Awesome workout!

    Sydney you are a very precious person.
    Thank you so much vor all your love you’re giving to us!

    Greetz from Germany!

  • Crushed it!!! I loved this workout. I don’t know why I struggle with abs. I feel like I never get my shoulder blades off the floor enough. In time though I suppose, amazing workout!!!

  • Holy poop! That. Was. Hard. I pushed myself using heavy weights and my upper body is dead. I added a chest circuit to burn everything out. Awesome workout!

  • Back from holiday and non weights workouts and easing back into weights or so I thought..����. My hands are still shaking from this workout but boy ain’t I glad that I did push to the end and finished. I feel like a Badass having crushed it. I loved it. Thank you Sydney for this and many other workouts. Much appreciated. Keep them coming. ��

  • Thank you Lucy! Your workouts are super easy to do and follow but despite this, they are very effective! I’ve shared a few of your workout vids to my family members and they also enjoy them. Love that the video isn’t too long so that I can do a quick workout before having to tend to family life.. chores and kids:)

  • Wow Lucy, this is another great one. Just did it twice in a row while my babydaughter was watching me. Thank you so much for making me feel good again. ������

  • Omg i didnt know you were from West Virginia!! I was Born and raised in Charleston! keep up the good work. Love working out with you

  • I was doing so well until the wide push ups that really killed me and I was like in my head I MUST FINISH,I did finish,butttt I nearly died:p but fun stressful workout
    I will continue it I give you A+:)

  • Would it be possible to also include a work out for thighs as well? I’m trying to find a way to reduced weight on thighs and arms. Thank you so much Lucy!

  • As a female, I really appreciated what you had to say about female weight training, not to be afraid of heavier weights and how it is important to just feel strong in general. Very motivating commentary at the end of the video. Thank you!

  • Love Anna!! BUT.. Dislike in general when instructors say how hard something is when we’re doing it 😉 My favorite is when they are joking around together, distracting rather than calling attention to the difficulty. Just little feedback 😉 Thanks to all!

  • I love your workouts so much Anna! They have helped me a lot to get closer to the fit body I’ve wanted.. especially those 10 mins workouts that effects the most:)
    Also I wanted to point out that, Annie’s body have got more fitted so congratulations Annie you go girl:)