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5 Ab Workout Mistakes KILLING Your 6 Pack

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Tracy’s 5 MISTAKES that SABOTAGE your workout! (best results, workouts, women)

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5 Workout & Nutrition Mistakes Sabotaging Your GAINS! (SLOW OR ZERO GROWTH!)

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When your muscles perform the same routine over and over, you plateau. Instead, switch your workouts up every 4-6 weeks to keep stimulating muscles, cause muscle confusion, and improve results. By changing your routine, you challenge your muscles to work against new stress, which forces them to adapt and improve.

5 Mistakes Sabotaging Your Workouts 1. NOT USING RECOVERY DAYS 2. NOT DIALING IN YOUR NUTRITION 3. NOT RESPECTING YOUR SLEEP 4. NOT FOCUSING ON THE DETAILS 5. NOT FINE-TUNING YOUR TECHNIQUE. From bad sleep to too much protein, all those hours at the gym could be wasted if you’re making one of these major mistakes. 5 Weird Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Workouts. 5 Mistakes Sabotaging Your Workouts 1. NOT USING RECOVERY DAYS The fitness community has seemingly adopted the philosophy: “Go hard or go home.” But, as one 2. NOT DIALING IN YOUR NUTRITION To reach a higher level of fitness.

Exercise at Home 5 Mistakes Sabotaging Your Workouts. Published. 3 years ago. on. August 24, 2017.

By. Anthony J. Yueng. Share; Tweet; When you’re a beginner, the very act of going to the gym is enough to achieve results, but once you’ve been training for a few years and have a solid base of strength and conditioning, it gets harder to make.

5 Part Series This week we will be doing a 5 part series on 5 exercise mistakes that sabotage your fitness. Each day we will examine one. Please share your experiences of how you have been successful in your workout routine. We look forward to the week and your participation. Now let’s get.

5 Mistakes Sabotaging your Workouts Posted January 6, 2018 by Marshelle Johnston in Uncategorized 2692 0 0 When you first begin hitting the gym you typically see results quickly, but after you have been consistently going for months you can expect to hit a. 5 Mistakes Sabotaging Your Workouts by ANTHONY J. YEUNG. By Grace July 20, 2017 Healthy Living, Home Workouts No Comments.

0. When you’re a beginner, the very act of going to the gym is enough to achieve results, but once you’ve been training for a few years and have a solid base of strength and conditioning, it gets harder to make. But there are many lesser-known mistakes that can sabotage your quest for self-improvement. Here are five workout blunders and how to fix them: Mistake #1: You’re Working Out at the Wrong Time.

The Fix: Recent research shows that the best time of day to exercise depends on your. 5 Training Mistakes Sabotaging Your Six Pack. By. Alex Zakrzewski While it is true that the core is engaged in virtually every workout you perform (particularly heavy compound moves like squats and deadlifts), that doesn’t mean you can treat it as an afterthought.

Your abs routine should be structured and adhered to the same way all.

List of related literature:

Mistake number two is to guide one’s training too much by plans and not enough by the way one’s body responds to planned training.I made both of these mistakes in my own running career.

“Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon: How to Be Your Own Best Coach” by Brad Hudson, Matt Fitzgerald
from Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon: How to Be Your Own Best Coach
by Brad Hudson, Matt Fitzgerald
Crown, 2008

never interfered with my workouts.

“Shaq Uncut: My Story” by Shaquille O'Neal, Jackie MacMullan
from Shaq Uncut: My Story
by Shaquille O’Neal, Jackie MacMullan
Grand Central Publishing, 2011

That’s right: All that time in the gym and all those hours I spent reading about and experimenting with different workouts turned out to be somewhat of a liability.

“Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way” by Michael Mejia, John Berardi
from Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way
by Michael Mejia, John Berardi
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2005

If I had tried to do too much, too fast, and ramped up my training from three workouts a week to 12 without preparing my body and mind, I wouldn’t have succeeded.

“Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets To Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever” by Strauss Zelnick
from Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets To Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever
by Strauss Zelnick
Galvanized Media, 2018

Some of these mistakes simply make the exercises ineffective; other goofs can result in serious injury.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Wiley, 2011

In my supervising all of the workouts that I have over the years (and to date I’ve supervised in excess of 70,000 of them) I’ve never seen an instance where doing more than is required resulted in anything except reduced progress.

“The Time-Saver's Workout: A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results” by John Little
from The Time-Saver’s Workout: A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results
by John Little
Skyhorse, 2019

And obviously two mistakes are better than three, because each time you make a subsequent mistake, you’re strengthening your giving-in muscle that much more.

“The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good” by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
from The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good
by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
Hay House, 2015

For example, consider giving up the pedantic journaling of reps and sets in the middle of your workouts.

“Present Perfect: A Mindfulness Approach to Letting Go of Perfectionism and the Need for Control” by Pavel G Somov
from Present Perfect: A Mindfulness Approach to Letting Go of Perfectionism and the Need for Control
by Pavel G Somov
New Harbinger Publications, 2010

This common workout mistake was the driving force behind the recent setup of the strength training studio at my clinic, staffed by a team oftop trainers.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer
by Natasha Turner
Rodale Books,

Through it all, I think I only missed two or three workouts.

“Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything” by Aly Raisman
from Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything
by Aly Raisman
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2017

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Did you all notice the video is 9 minutes and 58 seconds? That’s because pushing ads in 10 minute videos will happen from time to time, but isn’t a priority. <3

    We all learn by making mistakes, especially me. In fact, I believe I’m a better trainer today because I’m willing to listen and expand my knowledge base by listening to other trainers and even comments from you guys. So if I am ever out of line… feel free to DROP THE HAMMER!! haha FULL WORKOUT PROGRAMS! https://muscularstrength.com/Full-Workout-Programs

  • Tracy, I found your workout videos today. I have spinal damage and so want to tone up. (Going to the beach) I just started walking yest. I walked 3 miles today and felt so proud of myself. Would that be my Cardio for  the day? I will still be doing one of your videos tonight. You are so awesome! Thank you for this.

  • Hello Tracy!:) First I wanna say, that you are amazing! And you are beautiful:).
    Well…I have a problem…I don’t know, that you are able to help me, that you gonna to help me…but I try it now:). At summer season I wanted lose weight. I cut my porcion sizes, I training twice a day (about one hour…). And yeah, it worked. But now I’m soo skiny, my BMI is 17,9. I’m scary but I have obsession with my workouts. I don’t know, what to do. But I decided eat more. Because workouting gives me so much energy and good mood. Do you think, it is okay decide to eat more? Or I must cut my workouts too?
    I wanna be healthy!:) It is stupid, I’m stupid, I know…but, I’m teen girl and I have mess in my head (internet, “motivacion” pictures, TV, tips how to lose weight and people who trying lose weight EVERYWHERE…Its hard..:(
    Thank you so much, for read this.!:)

  • I am gonna follow you in 5 days for 2months.
    I got my exam on 2june so after that I’ll be your student
    Edit: I’ve never done gym before so I’ll need some mentoring by you someday…pls anyone help me on how should I start

  • your last statement ‘ before you decide blindly following the advice of someone online, including me’ makes me a subscriber…you and Jeff are both my fave…keep it up man!

  • From Texas it’s just hilarious hearing your dialect.


    You sound normal until the Arrrr have to be spoken.


    Bah bell


  • I’m born and raised in South Boston (got the accent and all); after listening to Scott talk, I can’t believe my friends can stand this accent. But still good info!

  • Scott too many of your ‘correct’ pushups had your elbows sticking out LOL! I must admit though I’m more used to wide hands pushups it targets different muscle groups whats wrong with that? So I agree keeping elbows tucked in is the best bang for the buck but pretty much all good videos on this teach you to vary the pushups as well while still keeping a full range of movement.

  • I would love to watch his videos, but goddamn that accent he puts on is just fucking irritating & frustrating to hear. I’m sure he can tone it down.

  • You’re a great youtuber, clear and honest, not clickbait, not trying to sell anything or hide information. And of course entertaining

  • Scott……..maybe a vid. On knowing the difference in hitting a plateu……..knowing the difference between needing to advance or doing a week of light waights? Just something Ive played with since I started. You always give awesome honest vids. Appreciate you!

  • I’d like to see a video on a 3000 calorie day. More specifically how to plan the diet to hit a specific macro split. In other words when I design a 3000 calorie day some times I end up with preprint slightly to high and fats too low then I have to go back in to my fitness pal and rejig everything. This can get tedious. Or is there no easy way around it?

  • What would you consider an “over workout”? I have more time because it’s the summer so I have been working an hour a day! I see results (:

  • Yeah I freak out about the scale I admit but you have to log it in these health apps… sometimes I don’t even want to look ESPECIALLY if I ate like a salad all day and I’ve gained weight or havent lost any #frustrated  

  • Thank you so much Tracy. I have just started following your workouts and I’m already feeling so energised. Appreciate your work.:)

  • Great video, we are also a brand new aspiring Youtube fitness channel and we would love to just get anyones support to reach 1k subscribers and to get our likes and views up, we will be bringing you all, all original content. Thank you in advance for your support!! Journey To Fitness Working Out Getting Fit Quick Part 1 is our first video.

  • I tried the seated calves training, but because of the weight, the place where the bar was touching my legs was pain more than the calves itself. How can I fix it, please? Thank you.

  • How to optimize a slimming regiment. Such as diet and what not.
    Just getting started in the gym. I based life on my metabolism taking care of me. Now at 34 it has been slowing down the last couple years. Help me find the tools to fix me

  • Jeff cavaliere gives out too much misinformation… he doesn’t know basic fundamentals and principles… it teaches people to be a little wacko!

  • Yeah, this makes me really upset because it just confirms what I was thinking. My trainer prescribed me a training that has 15 exercises (to target like 3 muscles in one day), with wholely different variations in the repetitions and series. Some have 3 series others have 4. He says that it’s a little change and for me to gain resillience and strength, but fun fact is when I do get to do the 6 reps part he tells me put the weight to like 50% less off the one I was doing before (lol I was already hitting high range reps therefore the weight is already low). So, that train program is gonna be like 2 hoursand to topple it I have to do like more 20-35 minutes of cardio in the end. Someone help me out, seriously don’t know what to do.

  • The only problem I have with all these videos is the people presenting them are so long winded I get bored before the video starts.

  • The only thing I’ve heard Jeff and Scott disagree on is the necessity of the caloric surplus to build muscle. Have they disagreed on other things?

  • Scott, I am wanting to use cheat and recover method to train, can you give me some guidance, exercise selection is my problem as I am training from home and all I have is power blocks, can’t communicate well on YouTube as I am blind, how might I communicate with you about this
    Are used the method last year with excellent results, but I had the gym and all the equipment to fall back on, the weights I have a suitable for the appropriate rap ranges, it’s purely exercise selection I’m struggling with
    Muscle groups like shoulders, arms et cetera are fine, it’s mainly back I’m struggling with, don’t have a pull up frame so relying on rowing

  • Wait whats wrong with V shred? Ive only seen a few of their vids but most of what they say seems to make sense. TUT and a good diet for your body type. Im not defending them at all but are they really that bad?

  • Appearance is the ultimate motivator for most people I know who work out. For myself, the appearance caused by lifting weights is the least concern because that is exactly the appearance one acquires when one works out with weights one doesn’t look tougher, meaner, sexier (well at least to anyone worth appearing sexy to lol) or necessarily stronger one mostly just has the appearance of one that lifts weights. I am most motivated to work out by how I physically feel while I’m not working out: GREAT, compared to how I feel if I don’t.

  • Hello Tracy! Thank you for this video. We all need to have guidelines and I believe they are essential.
    Over training is something some of us don’t even think about. As you said, balance is the key!

    much love, Mattie

  • I’ve found these to be 5 truths! I found you doing an arm workout this am and it burned so bad with 3 lb weights. SO good! Thank you for being here and doing this-bingeing on your vids today:)

  • Ok… Its probably just me but… if anyone uses tour neck muscle for core exercises, they clearly have no idea how their body works… Cause neck is not our tummy… seriously they look ridiculous and they are just embarrassing themselves.

  • My belly button is killing me it hurt so badly I’m getting killed I’m gonna died in RIP for real it took me 10000000 days for me to heel I also broke my bones it took 6 months for me to heel I’m Wing Wing

  • Im doing a hour of cardio and then hour to hour and a half of weight workouts. But im still not seeing the resolts i want. Am I overworking or is it something else??

  • After seeing his wife’s YouTube channel, I can’t anymore. I thought he was a down to earth kind of dude, which I imagine he is but just found out his wife is worse than a Kardashian with the spending and drama. Lol. Yikes!

  • i really feel bad for him. when his channel has less subscribers, he got more views but now he just gained some thousands of views even his subscribers are in Millions

  • I will show my sister ur vids to. Im trying hard to get her to workout and ur a smart lady. I don’t kno, see, or meet too many smart women bt wen i do, i cant deny how im impressed and how much respect i hav 4 u or them.

  • When i do push ups everyday (i just started 3 days ago) it’s really hard, bc my shoulder blades aren’t meeting each other. And i couldn’t do very low.

  • I am the “No Time to Exercise” person. I’m so busy and when I get home and do all the housework and cook dinner, I just feel like the only thing I feel like doing is plonk myself in front of the telly and drop off… I need some help, I think…

  • Amazing video and informative, I needed this. I’m also training for 2/3 hours each day 6 days a week and feeling tired. Going to make changes right now. Thanks!

  • Hey Scott key up your amazing, is there a difference if your cutting between how much carbs and fats percentage u eat as long as you hitting your protein goal about 0.7 till 1 g per pound?

  • For slowing down your raises, I suggest a “2×4 rule”
    Take 2 seconds to raise
    2 seconds to hold at top
    2 seconds to lower
    2 seconds to hold at bottom

  • fak…watchinging the intro at the gym with the full audio and then suddenly all of the people in the gym become quiet with a flat faces staring at me…

  • bruh the start of the video i thought someone was having sex and i saw reverse crunches being so fast and im like oh shit i use to do that

  • If im doing calves exercises side by side, i cant even lift myself up with my right foot with no weight. Probably cause of some injury. What should i do to reinforce it?

  • Not many of us are as blessed as Rikki with amazing calves. I mean seriously, if girls are walking behind him down the street saying DAMMMMMN… It’s not the glutes… its the calves. haha

    But all jokes aside guys, building great calves just takes dedication. Of course gentics will play a role, but that doesnt mean you can’t improve what you’ve got! So instead of saving them for last, try doing them first. If you make them a priority, then they will get the attention they need to grow!
    GUARANTEED GAINS “FREE PROGRAM DOWNLOAD” https://muscularstrength.com/guaranteed_gains_sign_up_FREE

  • Thank u very much lady. I thought i didnt hav time either cuz wenn i lift, crunches, push ups, or pull ups, i usually train 4 2 and a half hours bt recently i perfer 2 to 5 mins so i can hav time to 4 chill since i hav no job cuz i refuse things bt this new way is much better and none exhausting. Thank u so much.

  • Hey Scott, I don’t know who else to ask, every fitness Youtuber I know it’s either on gear, or vegans, or using fake weights so I don’t expect they have the I.Q. required for an answer. They’re just a bunch a conmen scammers.
    Question about body’s instinctual adaptation.
    If I do pull ups, (long term), how will my body preferentially respond:
    1) It will build the stimulated muscles
    2) It will start producing Leptin in order to decrease my appetite and thus decrease my body weight. (a lower body weight will implicitly make doing pull ups easier since fighting gravity requires such a tremendous amount of energy).

    Now, the question is, will this be a 50-50 even option the body is going to go after? Or what would the body’s preferential choice be?

  • I’m one of those genetically cursed in terms of calves �� (gifted abs though ��!) I’m learning so much with all your videos! I’m the kind of person that always needs to know the “why” because only when it makes sense to me, I do it right! Thanks Scott for your high quality video content and good sense of humor ��

  • I’m trying to loose weight and but I’m loosing muscle too. I drink a protein shake after my workout. I started to eat protein before my workout too(for breakfast). How do I stop this muscle loss? Love your videos!! Thank you!!

  • I train mine Dogg Crapp style: raise up, hold 5 seconds, low it slow and hold 15 seconds. Only need 1-2 sets with 12 reps ea set and that’s it. heavy as possible. nothing beats it

  • You are awesome. What you said is true. I am 61, i did workout for all the body parts for one half hour a day, 4 times a week until I am fully sweat out. I started to do lifting last eight month with dumbells and barbell curl only, including deadlift. Now I am able to lift heavy, just like you guys. Actually, my main purpose is to build strength and reduce my weight, as doing cardio for over years since I was 45, couldn’t give strength and neither it reduce weight. However, with weight lifting, it seems that today, my muscles had developed very obviously too esp on my biceps, triceps, shoulders, lat, delt and I could also see my 6 pack hihi. The result of going heavy weight. My weight reduced from 88 kg, now I am 62 kg. The main thing is to set your mind to achieve these goals, with decipline, hard work and concentration. Never have dinner hihi. Its really really awesome. Tq bro.

  • I’m definitely a fasted training person. I’ve had no issue with my energy training fasted especially because i do IF and i train in the morning.

  • Hi so I just started working out a month ago and I’m just curious, can I do the standing calf raise with dumbbells? I dont hav a barbell

  • The only downside I’ve noticed about having big calves is, I wear a size 13 shoe…but my calves make my feet look small �� great video

  • So “hahd” to take him seriously with all his distractions. The excessive boston accent that seems to come and go, the johnny bravo hair and the muscle enhancing tank top. I almost immediately just stopped the video, but decided to give it a chance. He’s saying all good stuff and performing well, but he’d be better if he toned all that other stuff down.

  • My calfs and legs overall are pretty strong and big since I did a lot of running related exercises, Even after 4 years of zero exercise.

  • Diet is the only problem I really have in this video! The problem is, there are two foods I just can’t seem to give up because they do seem to make me feel better temporarily-slim jims (I know, bad!), and  gluten-free xochitl chips (with salsa). I have a slim jim or two every day, because I crave fat and protein & they’re so easy to carry around with me, but so bad for sodium (among other things!). I’ve been eating them for 18 years, and can’t seem to kick them, although I did cut down from like 5-8 a day to 2! It’s just so hard to kick foods that comfort me, even when I see the fatty results on my body days later:(  Otherwise I seriously improved my diet with kale, veggies and more fruit in the morning, at least there’s that, right?
    I wish I could find better portable snack foods! Especially when most of my life is in a hotel with no fridge or microwave. Any suggestions, Tracy??

  • I was always unhappy with my calves, until I started doing my calf raises more slowly, incorporating holds at the top and actually remembered to take care of my soleus. I still have a long way to go, but I am finally seeing results.

  • Stay safe…

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  • I’ve been subscribed to you for years and I just wanna thank you for your genuine practical no BS content. There’s so many fitness channels on YT now and I can always trust to see legit stuff from yours unlike the fake natty fad stuff from others. Thanks man!! Love from Perth Australia

  • Just go on a lot of hikes, bike a lot (youll get them calves, and everything else…. genetics sadly xd)

    cos I dont train them, I just do these two things a lot

  • In kinesiology class my professor told us for calves plyometrics like box jumps and jump rope will be the most efficient because the calves have such a great mechanical advantage

  • Well, for my body type I totally agree with all separate from number 1.
    Adding weight ruined my figure,
    I added weight and my muscles grew bigger and my belly started going from flat to round. And that wasn’t what as a female I wanted.
    I’m back to doing my own ab exercises without weight. I’m happier now

  • Yay! I’m not making any of the mistakes. I just started one month ago exercising to your videos, I love them, I have been eating cleaner, I did have to stop for one week cuz I was so sick, but with all that said I lost 15 lbs. I enjoy your spirit, its like i’m just hangin’ out with one of my friends. Thanx again, Wendy 

  • For most anyone trying to get a 6pack, and having problems, its almost a guarantee its dietary related and not training. Cant think of a single person I know/have trained/or trained with that this wasn’t the case.

  • I saw many videos of how to do push up properly but i must say,this one is the best.Many other videos they didn’t say anything about breathing,but said it nicely.Special Thanks for that.

  • Calves is my finisher when I do lower or upper body workout. I do 1 min for each calves when I’m in the last seconds I can feel the burn.


  • Calves and abs. God knows I skip the fuck out of them. I should focus more on those two. Maybe moving calves around to the middle of my workouts

  • This video came along at the ideal time for me. Oh and thanks Scott…I’m now addicted to Jed North stuff. Going on my 6th tank and 5th pair of shorts. Used your code for all.

  • Any opinion on whether of not it it a good thing to do pushups from fingertips? I have been doing this for years and hope there is some benefit to my hands, fingers and forearms. It also takes strain off my wrists from the somewhat awkward angle in the down position.

  • If any of you guys want to learn how to make a protein shake without supplements come check out my recent video it’s kinda like the fitness addicts but not completely idiotic

  • That’s true, I never get notifications but I get recommended your older videos as I scroll my YouTube feed. Not in a list but every so often.

    Edit: just like this video ��

  • Hey Scott man to man I’m gonna say something about your physique. You look like your lower pecs are pretty nice but your crease between your pecs is kinda weak so maybe start doing some flies and your top chest is also a little small so you might want to hit the incline bench

  • I have a weird sensation in my elbow, like it’s gonna pop, when Im doing push-ups. It’s always been there since I remember. That’s why I can never do this properly:(

  • When you talk program hopping, are you talking complete changes to pacing or specific exercises. I personally like to hit Chest, Back, Arms, and Legs on different days, but I often choose different exercises day of to keep it fresh and hit the muscle in new ways.

  • When you are doing abs workout you not allway need weight like every other muscle. When you are working out you are doing what that emprove your muscles like you want so they look like you want and thats many times for the abs for many people without weights.

  • Yh I was fucking all this time, time to add this too the core workouts, fuck me this makes so much sense I feel stupid now. Doing this shit now.

  • I like walking a basketball out and back with fingertips while looking up at the basketball on a stability ball.
    I hate back extensions. They gave me results in under a month, but caused a belly button to tip charlie horse that knocked me down.

  • Im on a work out schedule and every time they come up with someting more difficult but like if i can do 60 crunches easly and they make me do 90 and its really difficult should i add weight and if i can do 7 minutes of planche easly but they make me do 9and its difficult should i add weight and do it for like 9 minutes

  • I’ll reserve most of my motivation after School, after puberty or the “growing years”. Then I could work out hard as I could…not to injure myself tho.

  • Thank you. I used to think I didn’t have time. I now find my self doing exercise when ever I can. i.e using stairs at work a little more quickly and often. Stretches and weight lift (cans of beans lol) when I’m in the kitchen whilst waiting for things to come to the boil etc. I am also weighing up my diet. Sorry for the pun 
    Thank you Tracey x

  • A Big �� to you Sir!
    Can we give thanks to Governor Cuomo of NY at the DMC Convention whose basic agenda so far has been the following:
    Most COVID-19 deaths in the nation.
    Allowing over 10,000 death by allowing the elderly back into Nursing Homes and does yet apologize to one of the family members.
    Supports defund the police.
    Having the highest homicide and mugging in the country since Mayor Dinkins.
    Inviting his rich friends for drinks and BBQ.
    Complete support for the Marxest BLM Movement.
    Allow rioting and looting.
    Allow protestors to not wear mask and potentially increase the number of Covid 19 cases.
    Oh just for got more New Yorkers are leaving the City in droves.
    I don’t think your getting a A+ this year

  • Thanks, Tracy!  Love your tips and videos.  I find being 65 it is harder to see results from working out.  I exercise faithfully, try to eat healthy every day but am not seeing the results I saw even five years ago.  Any tips????

  • I go and work out at the gym and I start off with this 30 min worout its doing steps and like fir the arms I would really want to focus on my arms and abs what should I do?

  • i disagree with tucking the elbows..this gave me shoulder impingement. soon as I went back to wider arm and flaring my elbows out slightly. the pain went away.

  • I have yet to see anybody using any kind of a program… people use the gym like they were at a buffet… they wander around aimlessly, doing the mr. Olympia pre-contest exercises, that they saw in the magazines!

  • I’ve been watching this channel for a minute. I’ve learned I have really good genetics for bodybuilding. One thing i can say is never switched out bench press, barbell rows, pull ups, dips,dead lifts and chin ups. These exercises are key to my foundation to my work out routine. As a trainer now I realized everybody is different all the way down to our finger print. This channel is truth. I’ve always wanted to see chris jones, paul revila and scott in one video but hey we all have dreams lmao

  • I eat 3 scrambled eggs with cheese, 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 banana, and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. What do yall think of this for a pre-workout meal?

  • Scott. Do you like the dumbbell Seated �� Raise? I know, “if it’s is all we got, do it” but I was just curious about your opinion on them.

  • this is a click bait you dont need weights to get better abs long s you put n work you will get them thats just like saying somebody doing 2 sets of 10 with 50 is better than somebody doing 10 sets of 10 with out weights