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7 Best Hip Mobility Exercises to Decrease Hip Pain & Improve Flexibility

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The standing egg beater is a hip drill aimed at increasing the activity and function of your hip capsule, says Plascencia. The move: Start by standing on one leg and raising the opposite leg off the ground so the thigh is parallel to the floor, and the knee is bent at 90 degrees. Kick out your raised leg until it’s locked out in front of you.

5 exercises to improve hand mobility If you find daily tasks difficult to do because you suffer from stiffness, swelling, or pain in your hands, the right exercises can help get you back in motion. Therapists usually suggest specific hand exercises depending on the condition. The great news is that the opposite is also true.

Just 10-15 minutes a day spent on specific stretches, release exercises and stability drills can do wonders for your mobility and overall surf game – now and long into the future. Fewer injuries, more time in the water, faster skill development and a lengthier surf career – all sounds good. 5 exercises to improve hand mobility – Harvard Health. If you find daily tasks difficult to do because you suffer from stiffness, swelling, or pain in your hands, the right exercises can help get you back in motion.. Therapists usually suggest specific exercises depending on.

5. Lateral step-up. This exercise works your glutes, quads, and hamstrings while stabilizing and strengthening your core. Up the intensity by increasing the weight. Mobility designates exercises that will increase your range-of-motion and your stabilization, or control of the muscles that surround each joint, Wickham explains. Mobility isn’t the same as. Maggi injured herself performing overhead presses.

Mobility work will help with her recovery and help prevent future injuries. 4 Shoulder Mobility Exercises For Strength & Injury Prevention 1. Shoulder Dislocates. If you could only perform one mobility exercise, this would be the one to choose. It’s absolutely incredible. This exercise may be challenging, but it should not cause pain in your hip or knee.

If it does, see your physical therapist or doctor. (source) Do these neck stretches and exercises a few times per week, and you should start noticing more mobility and relief from your neck pain. Both of these exercises are great because they work on mobility and proprioception of the ankle in multiple planes. Note: The data demonstrates that wobble board training can improve discrimination of discrete ankle movements, especially with the ankle moving into inversion which is key to prevent another ankle injury from occurring.

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Physical Activity and fall Prevention Regular weightbearing and muscle-strengthening exercise will reduce the risk of falls and fractures as well as increase bone density.16 Weight-bearing exercise includes walking, jogging, tai-chi, stair climbing, dancing, and tennis.

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  • I think your video is better than a lot of them I’ve seen on this subject because it’s addressing generic heal pain, going over some of the possibilities it could be but NOT making definite diagnosis of what it is.

  • Amazing! Found this after a lotta search in the YouTube. And this is exactly what I needed. Helped me a lot with my posture and day to day aches as you mentioned. God bless you.

  • Hi Cori, many thanks for these exercises and for bringing me back to my childhood. When I was a kid I always walked on my heels. I forgot how much fun it was. Have a great day stay safe����

  • Thanks Bob and Brad for your videos. I’ve had TRHR in 2017 and recently my left hip has become tight. Needless to say this is a great help.

  • Hello Bob and Brad! I’ve a disc herniation with sciatica (after jumping with a girl on my shoulders on the rock concert, as I think). Went to 5 different doctors (in Russia) but non of them could give me the right excersizes. I’ve seen all of your videos about this problem and doing all the excersizes you said but it getting worst every day… Could you please watch my MRI and tell me what to do right. I will thank you!

  • Am I the only one picturing some serious missionary action during those hip flexors…���� Lol Jokes aside great video�� I’m definitely including this in my next yoga sesh

  • Hey guys are awesome.. I was really excited about this but as you were talking about amd then showing the stretches i got sad because i wish i could:’/ im 29 and Disabled and am in Constant Chronic Insane pain. �� maybe you can cotact me about my Insane pain amd hopeful some sort of relief…

  • Hi yes I have a job where I’m on my feet walking all day & my right foot / heal has been bothering me for a month now & with everything closed can’t really get it checked out I been doing the water bottle roll & massaging my foot but still pretty painful does ur heal Insert really help if yes how do I buy one

  • Could you guys make a “prehab” routine for athletes to follow? Preferably a quick 5-10 min routine that could be done close to daily to prevent injuries.

  • You guys are fun to watch.been stuck home for a week so far from neck pain that has made my blood pressure high. So watching fun videos how to elevate pain helps my sanity.lol...thanks��

  • You seriously need to make your videos shorter, get to the point n stop rambling because you’re loosing viewers.. P. S I actually like you guys I just think u need to know that most people wont sit for more than 5 minutes. I skip through your videos to make them faster.

  • Oh I like you. Thank you so very much. I dislike the term ”activate” when hearing any discriptive term referring to exercise. However, in any event, in over fifty years of regular training and teaching I have only practiced half of these calisthenics. And can’t recall anyone explaining them so well. They are going into our regular routine. Thank you once more. Have a great day.

  • these will help me i have pelvis problems lumber problems xrays and mri over last few days iam only 40 and all this news has put me into a depression

  • Are all of these stretches safe if you have hip tendonitis? And possibly a hip bursitis?
    Thank you for all of the helpful videos! Love you guys.

  • Can these be done post bilateral THR (posterior approach)?
    By someone scheduled for bilateral TKR in 2018?
    I am an official groupie! I love you guys so much. I wasn’t prescribed PT after my THRs this year. You two and your videos were the foundation for the routine I created for myself.
    Thank you so much!!!

  • Hi Dr. I’ve some serious hip injury can you help me I’m not able to move my hip and I’m facing this from last 5 years please help me

  • I’ve been suffering for over a year with sciatica. Physios can’t agree on if it’s disc or piriforma related. Been doing these hip and sciatica stretches for just 2 weeks and it’s so much much better. Thank you

  • After my horrific bicycle accident, now X2 yrs, these flexibility exercises worked wonders for my entire body, especially my back. I owe you big time Sir. Thank You.

  • For the banded hip stretches, what can band be attached to when doing this at home? Not everyone has a vertical freestanding bar readily available.

  • I have pain in the hip capsule and the SI joint when I perform the butterfly move and also in the frog pose. Could that be pelvic instability?

  • Hello doctor my age is 27 I had 2 LSCs. im suffering back pain and heel pain much.i can’t do normal work.after my cooking the pain will increase. Give me some solution doctor.my wait also gained. I hope that you can give proper guidance to my problem ��

  • This video is incredible! Thank you so much. Really helped my hip. It felt so tight and inflamed, also causing lower back pain. These stretches really helped. Going to do them every day and hope the chronic hip tightness and pain will be banished. Fantastic instruction and demonstration.

  • Wow. This video came up just the right time. I’m currently suffering from a right hip tightness and it’s hurting my lower back. After doing these stretches, I’m feeling much better.

  • Dr i have spondyloesthiasis
    Can u plz share specific exercise for this problem some dr says u canot use random back excercise in this back pain

  • Great video and thank you for sharing the knowledge
    in order to gain maximum benefit how many times per week would you say to do this regularly?

  • This is for me! The most problematic parts of my body are hips and low back, with pain in my left thigh till my knee. I was supposed to have flat feet but it seems it was related to the rotation and tension on my hips, as my therapist found. Actually I’ve been doing a variation of the first exercise, and it relieves me a lot, but this video is the most complete set of exercises on hips I’ve ever been taught. Thank you!

  • Wow, those are gorgeous calves. If you want more followers I suggest doing lots of videos on calves exercises because that is the number one area guys have a hard time building.

  • it’s important for everyone… wether you are a guy who goes to the gym once a week or a guy who…. how about if you are a woman? everyone, so not just men I hope haha Just something to look out for I find a lot of you tubers who are into fitness cater for one gender. You get more followers if you make vids for both. just a tip

  • I have been dealing with heel pain for close to a year and just watched your video yesterday (6/20/20). I started with the runners stretch in the morning and couldn’t believe that I could barely separate my legs no more than a baby step apart. Anyways, I stretched for 30 seconds on each leg and for 3 reps. The pain in my calf was almost unbearable but stayed with it until done. I didn’t really have any calf pain prior to stretching, I was only concerned with my heel.

  • Thank you for a very helpful video. I have a question why do I have the pain around my heel? Is there something different that I should do?

  • I liked the video and presentation.
    Quesi hv heel spur in both my heels. Starts paining even with small activity.
    I also been feeling the pain at the back of the heel areaarea not touching the groundback of the feel.if massage feels very good and painful. I have this when i was a kid, still feel pain these days,why so?
    The leg bone, front side,lower half if the leg bone just above the foot,feel pain if lets say i press with thumb or my kids stand on it,or sit on my legs while sitting cross legs position,
    Whats tge reason and any cure?

  • Hi, I have heel pain and cannot understand how massaging the heel makes it better, surely if inflamed as it is, wouldn’t that make it worse inside? My name is Kathy and just need help, had this 5mths now. Thankyou

  • Hey Obi! First of all, great vid. Question; do you really do all of this before EVERY workout? Would you say that doing this once a week could be fine?

  • Thank you so much the information Dr Jo. I tried the stretch and it brought relief. Of course my little baby only allowed few minutes but will sure try all these. Would these work on chronic pain, mine has been ongoing for 8 years now. Had CS injections without any relief. Thank you!

  • I subscribed because I’ve been dealing with some pain in my right heel for about a week. I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and bought Kuru shoes specially for that. Now my right heel is extremely painful. Just randomly started. I’m not sure if it is an extension of my injury from when I was a child that still gives me pain.

  • Hey Doc. Great Video. I am suffering with SEVERE Heel Pain. I am 45. I’m pretty sure it’s planters Facaitis. I’ve had it for a few years off and on. Usually it hits when I get out of bed and then goes away later in the day. About month or two ago it started to hurt all day with throbbing stabbing pains in my Left heel no matter if I’m walking or laying in bed or on the couch. My right one does not bother me. With all the Covid19 going on, I’m having a hard time to get referral to see a doctor. I just bought some new Danner work boots and Dr sholls planters faciatis Ortho in soles. My question to you is, if I do these exercises along with my new boots and in soles, how long do you think it should take to go away??? It hurts So bad right now. I thought i was going to be sick the other day from the pain. Thanks for your time. Greg George.

  • Navigation You should defently watch the whole Video tough to get your Snowmobilia (Synovia) flowing in those Joints!

    0:10 Welcome
    0:20 Introduction
    1:45 Biomechanic / Anatomy of the Hip and Range of Motion
    3:22 Extension lying (passiv Extension of the Hip)
    3:50 Alternativ Hip Ext.
    4:20 Alternation with Flex in the Other Hip standing / kneeling
    4:50 Rotation Hip (and Lumbarspine) Shoulders down, Great for the Morning:)
    6:12 Single Leg Flexstretch (other leg can be extended as well, Straps are great for Comfort like you see at 6:55)
    7:15 Knee to the Opposite Shoulder
    8:02 Alternative Outer Roation Stretch
    8:40 Supine Position Outer Rotation Stretch
    9:12 Advanced Iliotibialis-Band-Stretch
    10:04 Assessment OR, can be used to stretch s well:)
    10:56 Frogstyle stretch (both legs)
    11:27 Hip Adductor Stretch

  • Wow, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I I just found your channel and followed 2 other if your videos plus this one and my back feels already better. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • I jumped in my swimming pool in the area that is not deep, and I hit my left heel. I have this pain for almost 5 months.

    I took X-Rays and it said everything is ok, and my doc made me buy a night splint.

    I still have that pain. I will try one of these methods.


  • Please recommend a item for my knees. My knees don’t normally hurt until I’m doing exercise or stretch on them. My yoga matt is not enuff cushion even when I fold. I started ur stretches 2 days ago, I’m sore but I feel good. I hav trubl wt knees tho& those lunges r great for I cannot hold for long

  • Hello I have a child 10 years old has a contact pain can I know what is the reason his pediatrician took a radiograph and said no problem has found

  • Hi Bob and Brad, So in that figure 4 movement, i have a lot less movement crossing one leg over the other,(ankle on knee) similar to Brads discovery. My question is, When doing stretches to get more movement, what are you actually stretching? muscles or ligaments or can arthritis lessen movement? I have no pain in my hip at all and all other hip movements are very good and in my late 50’s. Thanks guys, you do a great public service. Jimmy

  • I use the heel seats from Heel That Pain, and they are really good. I felt I still needed arch support, so I tried the “full seats” from the same company, and they are the greatest! Better than the custom orthotics I got from my podiatrist! I highly recommend both heel seats and full seats from Heel That Pain!

  • Wow I had to subscribe love all of your stretches and I’m going to try for a month the only one I will have a problem with is touching my hands with my feet over my head ������. But hey if I stick to it who knows what is possible in a month

  • Hey doctor jo I’m an athlete and had a fat pad/bone bruise and it went away I don’t feel it anymore walking (5months later) but when I start to do some jumping on that foot that was hurt it feels as if it is going to come back not sure if it’s not fully healed or if it’s something else. Any recommendations on what to do?

  • Dr. Joe I am in terrible bicep �� pain. Hurt the muscle during dumbbells curls. Please Please Please do a video to provide therapy for it. God bless you. Thank you.

  • I do ballet and I’m going en pointe soon! My right foot finally stopped hurting but my left is starting. In ballet, I can’t wear any inserts inside of my shoes so i was wondering if you have any tips for me?

  • Couldn’t see the step exercise as the subtitles are covering your feet! But I guess it must be calf raises!
    This pain has developed after removing the cast in the end of Oct. Visited the dr for that but said nothing to worry about! Should I take an X-ray again and go for second opinion.
    My age is 52.I walk a lot @ 5-6 km daily but can’t run or jump or do other exercise after this injury. When will everything fall back to normal?

  • good morning Dr Jo, I watched your Heel pain video, after working on a roof for 12 hours the next morning I could not put any weight on my left foot as the heel was extremely sore, I kinda worked the next day but put more weight on the right foot, now that Heel hurts. Anyway what are bone spurs? I never had Heel pain before, and do you recommend these exercises as preventative maintenance, or do you have others. I’m 56 now and wondering if 32 years in the construction field is catching up with me.God willing I can get 9 more years in the field. Thanks

  • Do you think swedish massage is good for the body and is 60 min good or 30 min is enough I’m 26 years old girl thank you love your channel

  • from 1 years i am using all ecersise mam only now heel back pain i can’t fast move and run allready take medine from 2 year but not relife pl help me mam

  • You are a Star.. Your video is fantastic with good and simple instructions, and demonstrations. solved my heel pain.. Binned all the pain killers. Thanks so much for uploading the video.. Best wishes

  • Thank you all for watching and hope you find this video useful!! please leave a THUMBS UP if you like videos like this that are more informative so i know what more to reocord for you all.:-)

  • I’ve had chronic pain from planter fasciitis for 5 years. Found the heel that pain heel seats 3 years ago. Best thing I ever bought. I have to have them in whatever shoe I wear.

  • Thanks for this, going to try these out. I’ve been alternating between rolling my foot on a spikey ball and a golf ball and doing the runners stretch, but the massage thing I’m def going to try out.

  • great vid, I add it to my collection. Flexibility/joint training is part of strength training and should be considered highly. Being able to actively own greater range of motion and in consequence prevent injury risk IS strength

  • Hi am farzana I am suffering from heel pain after my first delivery now it’s almost five years and my pain has worsened I can’t walk properly due to the pain I feel the pain even when am sitting or lying please help?

  • thank you so much for sharing. My right hip gets very stiff due to a trip fall accident and I need to exercise for mobility otherwise the pain is really bad.

  • Hello sir, please help me.. now i am suffering from proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy, sir from last 50 days i face 3 time this injury. sir it come again and again.. when i do strength then it of after some time it back… sir you are doctor please help me.. why it is happening? and how can I cure.. please reply.

  • Well, unless you are a labourer for a living or something mobility is way more important than strength (as long as you have reasonable strength) and they obviously go hand in hand anyway. The “fitness” industry is unhealthily obsessed with body image and “strength” which is usually artificially and superficially focussed on “building muscle” which is predominantly narcissistic and vain and not about integrative health and well-being. Strong arms mean shit by Ido https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcva6kVy5gQ&t=43s

  • Funtastic.. big help.. arthritis for 20years but didn’t realize there were no pain hip streches too.. love u guys to the moon n back for this..

  • Today is my first day with “heel that pain” inserts. They feel good but, obviously, I will need more time before reaching any definite conclusions.
    Promise to keep you updated!

  • I subscribed to your channel. I loved the moves, specially the ones for lumbar section and wrists. I´ll add them to my daily morning routine. Keep up the good job you are doing. Peace!!

  • This would of been great if you didn’t play music and just explain what you was doing or just play a very calm peaceful music. Still great information! Thank you!

  • Hello! Love your videos! Just wondering, if I incorporated some of these stretches as a warm-up before weight lifting would that be sufficient after a day behind the desk? I do find I feel super tight once I finish work. I literally look forward to gyming whenever I clock off ��

  • Hi I am Sri from Las Vegas I am suffering from plantar fasciitis I tried Cimzia but it didn’t work and I am taking Cosentyx then I felt better but again I am feeling it worst.. is there any better treatment for this

  • minute 3:15: it’s not good for the muscle to bounce while stretching. It actually makes the muscle contract, which is the opposite of what we want it to do! Instead in the exhalations one must try to reach a bit forward but slowly and progressively.

  • Hi thanks for your video. I think that I’m in pretty good shape but when we go hiking 10k I’m still feeling good but for longer distance my hips are getting in pain and my hamstrings are tight I’ve read a lot about it but I’m not sure is it a problem in the hip flexors or weak gluteus max or medius? Any suggestion? Thanks

  • Good stuff but I thought the man bun was sort of passe by now. And don’t need the no shirt look nor the loud music. Something less disco and more soothing would really work better

  • Thank you young man, Obi Vincent, you give specific details on form. In your warmups & workouts. Truly appreciate your time & effort professionally

  • I love your channel and have utilized a few of your exercises/stretches in my daily workouts. I have two herniated discs from a past physical job, and now that I’m retired, I do my best to continue with my workouts, which include both weight training and cardio. People with herniated discs need to be VERY careful with rotation-type stretches

  • Yusuf good stuff thanks! Also I see u were in pain doing some of those. So I am prescribing to you a week of no training ��

    Also, after setting speed to 0.25 gives u enough time to follow him n move on from one to the next exercise. I do that for kind of quick stretching. Speed 0.25 allows me for around 5 repetitions.

  • Hello Corrie (apologies if misspelt). I just wanted to say how much i appreciate your videos. i have recently come across your channel and have viewed videos even from 2016 which have been helpful today, thank you. I have had back pain and muscle spasm for years, started off at L5-S1 right side, and now after a couple of years of pain management through stretches the spasms have come back on left side now it seem like L1 pain the spasm happened at my external oblique area, so can you suggest stretches for external obliques and maybe the Quadratus Lumborum. my pain has not subsided still after 5 months. Thank you again.

  • This is fresh and much appreciated. The audio mix on this video got me heated, though the difference between your recorded voice and the music is way too noticeable/I had to adjust my speakers multiple times!!

  • 4 empho on toopic wellcome 2 youtube playlist: bruce liebe FUN KEY https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgBUbrYPoJ8kswAUGnkEJ0dDMrcChwPa0 3C0 +x+… enjourneyyyy

  • A great stretch routine! One thing I was not clear is the designation “10r+10s H.” It seems the video only shows Reps. We are supposed to do holds on our own?

  • Los movimientos están bien solo te recomiendo hacerlos en secuencia por secciones y de menor a mayor dificultad y así tendrás aún mejores resultados… Es más de esa manera puede ser una rutina completa y verás que sales flotando… Atte un bailarín de ballet.

  • Mobility and flexibility are two crucial, yet often overlooked, aspects of total health and wellness. I hope this video helps you in your journey to achieve that. Be sure to leave your experience in a comment below, like the vid if you found it useful, and let me know what other topics you’d like me to cover. Thanks so much for watching! ������������

  • Superb, Cori. My favorites can be summed up in the last two moves, the inchworm and the side lunge with rotation. I believe they pretty much cover everything.

  • Okay, I’m incorporating cobra wings, side lunges and the inchworm into my routine, and I’m working on that tough tabletop bridge. Feels good.

  • Hello Dr. Beckstrand, loved the video. I generally go for a walk first up in the morning. Do we need to do this before that or is it something we ought to do before we do any exercise/workout (bodyweight /freeweights)? By the way thank you for replying to my comments every time. Great content as always. Cheers!��

  • Hey, I just wanted to say that your videos are really helpful and have honestly helped me a lot with my back, neck, and chondromalacia knee pain. So thank you for making them and have a great day:)!!!

  • Thanks for this, I’ve been looking for a good (but simple and quick) stretching routine for the morning. I dislike stretching, but I think I can actually commit to doing this!

  • Hey man! Been doing your stretches ever since I found one of your thoracic exercises video because I always have upper back spasm and your videos really help!! Looking forward for more!! Stay safe ��

  • Hi Jared I love your videos, they are very helpful. I have a question to ask you. I gave birth to my last child about 4 and half years ago and I have saggy tummy which you call as mommy pooch but its more like hanging downwards.. Please do suggest me which of your videos is best to get back,, i am even startings to wonder if it will ever get back to normal..Please take time to suggest.. keep doing the videos.

  • Thank you so much your videos helps me a lot i dont need pain reliever now it lessen my pain. Awesome! i feel great after the stretching thank you Doc ����

  • Hello Brother. I have a question in mind for a while and the internet is full of confusing information. So I decided to bring my question to you as I trust your knowledge and at least I know I won’t get in wrong direction. I am 52 year old male, with some fats around my belly more on the sides. I heard running or walking can help me loose them faster but at the same time I heard running after 50 can hurt your joints and so on. Would you make a video about this topic “ running vs walking for 50 and over”? Or you can simply reply to my request directly here. I appreciate your videos and your great effort in teaching people like me how to get in better shape and get rid of some of those pains ����������������

  • Hi. Thanks for this video! I am almost 70 and have lost an inch in height so there is no way I can touch the floor. I have an inner staircase and use the steps for the inchworm. My body really likes the bridges.

  • I tried this for the first time this morning and I didn’t do it near as gracefully! I admittedly may have fallen over a time or three, but I tried. These kinds of videos would be good as full length follow alongs. I kept having to watch it, pause it, do it, unpause it and repeat, but other then that it was great. I think I stretched some ligaments, muscles, and what have you that I didn’t even know I had! Lol

  • Been on your channel for about a hour now lol I love your knowledge and explanations. Marry me? ���� keep the videos coming, I’m learning a lot

  • I have arthritis in my wrists, this makes putting weight on my hands uncomfortable when, for example I do press ups and similar. Have you any alternative exercises that do what press ups do and other exercises that rely on weight on the wrists please?

  • Thank you corie you know playing singles tennis 4 days a week sometimes I feel pain in achilles so I needed this and any tips will be appreciated

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