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5-Minute Expert Guide to Restart Your Workout Routine 1. Choose shoes that work with your workout. When you exercise, your feet can do more work than any other part of your 2. Set a specific goal with a deadline. What are some characteristics of a motivating goal?

Making it. As you ease back into things, be sure to gradually build your workouts up each week. Your schedule should look something like this: Week. Kickstart your new routine by focusing on mobility instead.

Not only will you feel better all over, but you’ll have a better workout and be more likely to come back tomorrow. 1. Spend five. Below are 5-minute daily workout routines to stay fit. Standard Squat.

Squats take the shortest time out of an entire workout session. It forces your brain to actively participate. In case you’re stressed from work, this routine kicks out such feeling. Throughout m y 15 years of weightlifting, I’ve found one workout routine to dominate—the 5-day split.

If your goal is to build the most muscle in the least time (in other words, you are a bodybuilder) and get ripped, the 5-day workout routine is optimal. It’s OK if it takes a few workouts to find the sweet spot. Rest between sets should be about 90 seconds.

Rest between exercises should be about 3 minutes. This way, a day’s workout shouldn’t last longer than an hour. Each exercise should be done with proper form coming before added weight. A Bodybuilder’s Comeback Workout: 3-Day Split Weeks 1-4. And I’m not talking about just stress as an emotion but stress on the body from exercise and under-eating.

My favorite way to battle stress is yoga. It’s also helpful to add rhodiola, ashwagandha, B vitamins, vitamin D, omega-3s, and six to eight cups of vegetables into your daily routine. 5 minute low-intensity, low-impact cardio warm up.

Use an elliptical, recumbent bike, or walk on a treadmill. After warming up, start off your workout with a series of compound upper body movements. After that, move to a lower body movement, and then finish up with some core exercises. Push-ups: Keeping your feet firmly on the ground, get into your plank position with your hands on a chair.

Then bend your arms to go down, and bring your body back up. Then bend your arms. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, can be an efficient, fun way to tackle your cardio workouts, add muscle, and shred serious fat.

73% of African Americans said they did.

List of related literature:

This routine too can be done by working out all the body parts in a single day (3 days a week), or using the push-andpull method of training (4 days a week), or doing a single body part a day (5–6 days a week).

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

This routine should take no more than 20 minutes.

“Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way” by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
from Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way
by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
VeloPress, 2016

To summarize, instead of performing 6 straight reps, you do 6 reps, rest for around 10 seconds, then 2 reps, rest for around 10 seconds, 1 rep, rest for around 5 seconds, and then one more rep to finish.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

As you’ll see in Principle #5, the workout should be short, and literally, you should be able to finish your training within 15 to 30 minutes.

“The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” by Ori Hofmekler
from The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body
by Ori Hofmekler
North Atlantic Books, 2007

This recommendation means that athletes who are training once per day should be doing some major sprint sets during nearly every workout.

“Swimming Fastest” by Ernest W. Maglischo
from Swimming Fastest
by Ernest W. Maglischo
Human Kinetics, 2003

The routine includes:

“Genie in Your Genes” by Dawson Church
from Genie in Your Genes
by Dawson Church
Hay House, 2018

Then, I went back to each week and decided what the key workouts would be.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2016

The first 5 to 10 minutes and the last 5 to 10 minutes of these workouts should be used to warm up and cool down.

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
from Developing Endurance
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

These routines give you plenty of choices for what to do in those 15-minute increments.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Wiley, 2011

Set a stopwatch at the beginning of the workout, and record how long it takes you to complete the routine.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

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  • This question is running on my mind since the beginning. Hahaha just want to ask, there are no covid19 vaccine right? How come there are survivors? Please, I am just asking. I’m just curious, because even if there are no vaccines but there are a lot of survivors, people with covid19 still has a chance to survive. Hehehe don’t get wrong. I am just asking.

  • I am 35 years old and i start running again for two months now after 4 years been in the fridge mode,hah, today i made 1 kilometre run in 4min and 24 secs!!! I know its nothing compare to this video title but i feel great!!

  • Im coughing for i dunno… 3 months now… This ain’t covid, cuz i only have this… Motherfucking cough the reason i got it was after swimming and cold wind hit me… While driving…

  • 99.9% of people with Covid-19 survive people and 95+% has zero to mild symptomes…get a grip. This is just a flue virus like every year.

  • Yaknow it seems like every time I follow your steps I alwayse see results idk if it’s just me but I think I think u do a great job at explaining and guiding people to start working out and training

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  • Sprint quarters. Sprint a full lap. Sprint till you can’t. Then walk a lap. Sprint till you can’t. Walk a lap. Repeat. That’s how you increase your pace. Not with endurance jogs. But with sprints! If you can sprint farther you can jog faster!

  • I learned all of this by the 8th grade, i graduated. High school and with no degree went to work at facebook at age 18
    Anything is possible
    My first project was a mod menu in Blackops1 then all hacked all my games, with generating my and softwares
    It is really hard because I remember when i was 11 i had to google things up like crazy

  • Well i did have a really strong fevar february i had Diarrhea some hard coughing an a little high temputere is but i recover in 2-4 days

  • such a beautiful place your running in, I live in London and it makes running so “shit” because you are taking in a load of pollution and cold so also makes training hard but thanks so much for the helpful information.


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  • I can do pushups no prob. But i dont see nor feel the gains in my chest only arms and front shoulder area. What adjustments should i be making?

  • This is a GREAT workout. I’ve done two of his other ab workout videos and my hip flexors were burning me out. I’m more on the intermediate level and can do this one solid feeling a really good ab workout. If you’re not a beginner you should be able to do this workout twice.

  • is 3,2% milk bad for let’s say making belly fat? I heard it is less processed and healthier and i drink around.5-1.0L per day or two or three with oats for high caloric intake which is at the end 1500cals

  • Maybe it was a bad idea to talk about code for 5 hours & try and condense it into an 8 minute YouTube video.. *Disclaimer* this is not a beginners tutorial and new programmers should not be intimidated. I am simply trying to show how multiple layers of technology integrate with eachother. Each minute of this video can be broken down into months of learning. It’s taken me over 2 years of university plus highschool plus personal projects.

  • I am only 26 but i had lower back pain for years and i could understand why but now i know i was doing my sit up wrong for 25 bloody years thank you jeff

  • I was doing this for straight 4weeks and my chest just got a little bit bigger. I always sleep at 11:30pm and wakes up every 8am and do this. Is that okay?

  • I learned C a long time ago when I was a kid. I just took C++ recently. I’m going to take Data Structures and Algorithms in about a week when Fall starts. Anyone got any advice?

  • I think I’m gonna need a Beginner-Beginner ab workout:’)

    I didn’t think I was that out of shape, but i can’t even last 2.5 minutes on this one.

  • I had a fairly mild case, lasted about 2 weeks. But what was weird were my symptoms or rather symptom.

    I only had one symptom at a time & each lasted for 2-3 days before stopping & having another different symptom begin.

    Sore throat > Malaise/fever > Diarrhea > Nausea > cough was my order.

  • freshman year i played on the high school jv basketball team, coach suggested to me that since I had some speed to go out for track. I did and i ran a 4:58 mile at the first meet with not even a week of practice. I’ve been training hard for a year now and can run low 4:30s pretty consistently. Though I broke 5 fairly easily, it’s still a very physically hard, gritty accomplishment.

    One workout that will get you in insane shape for the mile is 12 400m repeats with a minute of rest between each rep at a pace that is about 20-30 seconds off your goal time. Try to get at least a 10-11 mile run in at an easy to moderate pace as well. I also do about one 4-5 mile tempo a week at high 5s to mid 6:00 pace. But most important is rest! If you do the proper workouts, you will run the best time by taking a few easy days before your race. Fresh legs are everything.

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    Tried them today and it felt like I was giving myself a vasectomy with a chainsaw��

  • I have no f***ing clue if I should do advanced science as a bachelor and then do PhD astrophysics or computer science I’ll guess I’ll do all 3 and get major debt

  • Good video thanks. The only thing is jumping jacks or what you called stars are very hard on the knees and ankles when you’re over weight.

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  • You can buy P100 half mask respirators online. About $35 to $40 bucks. Make sure the half mask comes with P100 (magenta color filters) otherwise, you need to buy filters separately. P100 filter cartridges provide near 100% virus filtration and if you are fit tested (a specialized leak test required by OSHA), then they do provide 100%.  Make sure the half mask fits you properly. A normal adult size face will be a large size.  Women might be a medium size.  The P100 filters are HEPA filters and they will last a very long time unless you’re working in a very dusty environment. They should last at least a year or so but, you can buy a pair of new filters for about $15.  Wear it when you go into any public building. It will save your life. Make sure you are clean shaven (no beards or stubble) otherwise, the mask will not seal to your face and virus can get through. Perform a positive and negative pressure check on the respirator when you first put it on (this is a basic self-seal check you can research online to ensure proper sealing). These respirators have been designed and researched by NIOSH for decades and they are required by OSHA. You can make and attach a simple, loose cloth cover for the exhalation valve to prevent coughing droplets from being released. Use caution if you have pre-existing respiratory health issues as wearing a respirator does add some resistance to normal breathing but you will find half mask respirators to be very comfortable and much easier to breathe through and cooler than most masks and face coverings because of the exhaust valve.  Make sure to keep your respirator clean inside using sanitary wipes and make sure the membrane valves are taken care of and are not damaged because they can tear easily. Store your respirator in a Ziploc bag.  Do not share your respirator with others.  Half mask respirators can be completely dismantled and cleaned but this only needs to be done occasionally.

  • If you’re reading this and thinking about starting exercising please pause the video and try the exercises as you’re watching. Don’t just imagine yourself, it will help you realize it’s doable �� you got this!

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  • I ran a 508 this year in track and it was my first year but I only traced once bc of COVID and I would have definitely breaked it later is the season

  • Hey Jeff, thank you for your great videos. Can you help me figure out why when I do any floor ab training, my lower/mid back gets strained? Thanks, again.

  • i belong to the mild-moderate category.

    Diarhea, fever, incessant coughing, shortness of breath, muscle spasms are the ingredients.

    Antibiotics and dexamethasone are the major firearms.

    14 days stay in the hospital. Though in my day 5 after being admitted and has been treated with the medicines, there is already great improvement or u feel cured. it is just that there’ll be test yet to be conducted as to organ damage. hence the 14 days stay.

  • I have short breathe and a sore throat and i sweat alot like not normal for me should i be worried? Its still really hot over here but i still dont sweat this much normally

  • Shit… I’m going to get lambasted for this, but…. fuck it.

    Little to no direct training is needed to run a sub 5 mile. Be able to sprint a 400m in 1 minute or faster first.

    From there you just run the mile 2-4x a week until you get the pacing right at which point you will run a sub 5 minute mile. I’ve done this myself and seen it countless times with sprinters and basketball players when I coached those sports. It took me 3 attempts!! I’ve had kids do it on their first attempt who were well conditioned basketball players!

    The mile is an aerobic power race (intensity of 85-90%) so your top speed matters in it far more than the longer races like the 5k and up. Anything under 10 minutes is aerobic power anything over 10 minutes is aerobic capacity. Don’t over think the mile guys. Sprint and recover until you hit that 1 minute 400m then proceed to practice that mile until you get the pacing right.

  • Tbh I don’t even practice at all. My Pr is 5:20 and I’m always in the 5:20‘s. Idk how I run so fast. (Keep in mind I’m only in 8th grade)

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  • i run XC and track its sophomore year XC season ended and i finished with a pr of 19:33 and last year track mile was 5:35 what should i focus on to drop those times?

  • I’m a freshman going into track season and my mile time and I need to break 6 by end of season to not get cut. Any tips for getting fast and improving mental toughness

  • >this is how beginners learn programming
    >spends 1 minute going over the most basic concepts that make no sense to regular people
    Good vid

  • I got covid and developed double lobe pnuemonia. I went to the ER day 9. It’s day 16 since my symptoms started and I’m healing nicely. There was a point where I was very scared. I’m very lucky it was not worse. I pray for anyone who is sick. May you heal quickly!!

  • I ran a 5:11 last year with no specific training just running a mile per day and a bunch of squats and lunges. I will give this a try and pr in the fall

  • This virus came from Ukraine. New government sales human organs from 2016 to China Europe and North America. This biological weapons.

  • Don’t know why as a retired runner (who can still run sub 5 comfortably) and ran 4:12 back in college, I am watching this video.

    Good content is good content I guess

  • Covid is overrated. I have sinus problems, diahorrea, breathing problems, coughing, high temp, mild fever and sore throat. If it’s covid it’s not as bad as I expected.

  • As a 400 runner in hs and college I ran the mile once, and only once (freshman year). I had no idea how to run consistently over distance. I hit 5:45 as a freshman after killing myself on the first 800 and never returned to it. As a now 26 year old I run distance (seeking ultras) and am trying to build that base to get down under 5, which I should’ve been able to do 10 years ago. Wisdom is power, and your videos are pure gold for running wisdom.

  • Judgment Unlike Any Before
    , https://youtu.be/YQJU0P8i2nA
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  • I’m going into cross country my sophomore year with my pr being 5:12. I think after XC training I think I can roll into indoor track and break 5 there

  • Way too hardcore for poor fat me. Started workin out after a looong time (new year resolution). Just doing few variations of crunches for now every time I go to gym. Taking it slow. I always do good quality reps, nice slow controled motions and struggle to do 8-10 reps for now before colapsing haha. No way in hell could I do those halos. I will when I have the stamina for it. We all have to start somewhere. I’m around 50 pounds overweight right now. (that’s some really old picture someone took almost 10 years ago)

  • If I ran 5:26 last week for my first indoor meet with no speed workouts since the end of XC season, could I break 5 for outdoor season?

  • I do track in the spring but right now I am doing soccer. I have it 4 times a week and I get good exercise. How much additional running should I do to get to a 5 minute mile? I currently run around 6 minute miles. I am 13

  • I just watched this video so it pops up in my watched history on the home smart TV so my wife thinks I’m super smart. I don’t understand anything besides “hello” thanks Devon.

  • I just started learning comsci last month and I am having difficulty but watching this video make it sound all easy…. but then i go back to my books then the next thing nose bleeding:))

  • Thanks Jeff,
    I can’t locate the video you demonstrated the corrective exercise, Angels and Devils. Would you recommend using 5-10 pound dumbbells if completed with good form or is this mainly for body weight

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  • My older sisters got covid from going to the bars in TX when they first opened in June. Then my mom got covid from going to Vegas in June and then my dad got covid at the end of June. After my dad was taken to the hospital and placed on a ventilator on july 4th i started getting covid Symptoms. I tested positive for covid on july 11th. I recovered after a week. My dad is currently in ICU. He tested negative for covid the other day. Now its just the healing and recovery process for him to go to rehab. He has been in ICU for a month now. Please pray for him. This virus can really damage your body so Please stay safe!! Every ones body is diff and reacts diff with the virus.

  • Ran a 5:15 during a 5k having never ran over 300m that season, in full weight trainers, wonder what I could peak at 40yo sub 5min? how close to 4min?

  • This is my third time with that work out and to be honest it fucks me up really bad. I still can’t do regular crunches at the end without holding something. I will edit my comment every week to show results

  • You just taught us what We learn in the last 1and half year… That is system architecture, programming in Java and programming in Java ��

  • When the instructor explains it in real life situations, I can comprehend it better but when he say “code it”, I get lost…not knowing what characters, variables, arrays to use, where to place it, when to use it. It’s frustrating especially after spending countless hours, days, weeks trying to implement a simple program. I do better fixing the bugs than applying codes.

  • I spend most of my time gaming on my computer and have started running as a result of my new caffeine obsession. I have been chipping my mile time down from 8 min down to 5:47 recently and hope to break 5 min and hold onto it for the rest of my life. See you guys soon in the comments.

  • I just started run a week ago. My best 1 mile is still in 12 minutes. I’m so weak and slow, but I’m gonna work for it. My current goal is to reach 1 mile in 6 or 7 minutes. Wish me luck guys.

  • Aerobic power/aerobic capacity
    Long runs keeping heart rate 120-150 (cardiac output) 45-90mins, 3-5 times per week! Do this until resting heart rate in mid 50s or lower!
    1-2min all out intervals trying to get heart rate as high as possible rest until heart rate 120-130 repeat 4-12 times, Helps improve oxygen supply at higher intensities and improves the power endurance of the cardiac muscle!

  • Seriously though, is that how you do staggered pushups? I thought the objective of pushups in general is to not let your chest or stomach touch the ground. Now how are we gonna take you seriously if you do pushups like that

  • Normal pushups (30 secs).

    30 secs break.

    Wide pushups (30 secs).

    30 secs break.

    Staggered pushups (30 secs)

    30 sec break

    Negative pushups (30 secs)


    Isometric push-up (30 secs)

  • Lost my husband to covid on 29 july healthy,non smoker, 48 years still can’t believe that I lost him this is the reality of covid

  • I m very afraid because I m mother of 8 months old baby I m suffering from cold, bodyache, sore throat and slight fever I m tensed about him who will take care of him when I will not be with him he is crying a lot for coming in lap but I can’t I don’t want to make him infected please guys pray for him

  • My mom just got a fever last night and she has been vomiting sometimes and she is tired I hope it isn’t COVID… ����
    I’m not forcing you to but please pray for my mom her name is Lhyn ��

  • How do you deactivate front leg muscles as mine are so tight I can’t straighten my front thighs. I have week core and glutes as well and ATP. Where do I start.

  • I‘m trying to transition from doing 3 mile and 5k races for cross country to 800, 1600 and 3200 training for track. What kind of workouts do you recommend? I figure I‘ll focus on speed work because I likely already have a strong aerobic base.

  • Judgment Unlike Any Before
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  • This is just superb, I’ve been looking for “how to become apple genius certified” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Ronny Geniusify Epiphany (just google it )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  • I’ve been running for 3 years now and tomorrow (2/16/19) I’m going up against some of the best schools in Texas. My PR right now is 5:09, hopefully I’ll keep up with the faster people and get a sub 5 minute mile. My goal is a 4:58 mile. Wish me luck.

  • I’m running a 6:40-7 minute mile but I have to run a 1.5 mile in 11 minutes and I don’t know how to continue my pace. I’m usually dead after my first mile. When I run 800m intervals I start at 2:48 and finish at 3:00 but when I put all three together, I can’t keep running. I need advice on not stopping or slowing up

  • Great content, as all Jeff’s videos are. I have to disagree with him that most people are weak from the bottom. Most people are weak from the top of the ab complex. This is a common source of dysfunction through the chain as the hip flexors overwhelm the abs. This is why so many people hook their feet under something to do sit ups, because they are then able to use their hip flexors to do the movement vs. the abs.

    Great content and thank you Jeff for all that you do for the fitness community and to educate people across the globe!!!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dS4b4mWzicg&t=8s Covid-19 Virus I’m ready to go back to normal. will there be a normal? Play it Safe!

  • I just did this for the first time and I could do the Halo’s and the Reverse Corkscrews pretty well. The Pendulum Plank Reachouts I had to do in two sets of 30 seconds, same with the Chainsaws, and then I took a minute or so of rest to do the Sit Up Rollouts. I timed the workout and it took me about 10 minutes to complete including rest. As someone who experiences quite a bit of lower back pain, my goal is to complete this in 6 minutes including rest. It’s nice that I can do this at home besides my couple weekly gym workouts.

    Edit: I think I’ve done it about 4 or 5 times now and I was able to complete the routine in 6 minutes and 40 seconds now.

  • https://youtu.be/YQJU0P8i2nA
    Why would the God of love permit disasters such as COVID-19 pandemic to occur? Why is He executing such deadly judgments in our age? Hear the eternal gospel, the new covenant to turn away from your sins and return to the perfect Truth!

  • I can’t even run a 13 minute mile and i’m running in front of loads of people and then they watch you I hate that so much but yeah…. and i’m taking it next week….

  • So I do Indoor track and want to make It for sectionals for the mile. But to make it you need a 5min mile to qualify automatically and none of my friends think I can do. So starting in March up until October I’m gonna prove then wrong

  • I was very lucky. I had the moderate symptoms that came right on the edge of having the severe symptoms. I came down with pneumonia on top of Covid19. My oxygen dropped to 89 percent and having cold sweats. Started having these feeling about 19 days ago and just now coming out of it and feeling better. To God be the glory for my healing. And my healing for my family as well

  • So to clarify 1 long run, 1 tempo run, and then first week 12×200 m below 35s with 2 min repeats
    Second week 6 400s at 74 seconds with 2 min rest
    Third week 8 400s at 74 seconds with 2 min rest
    Fourth week 6×800 at 2:45 pace(?) with 2:00 rest
    And then fifth week 6×1000 at 3:30 pace with 2:00 rest

    I did the long run (about 7 miles), the 12x200s around 33s with 2:30 rest, and today I am doing the tempo run! (I am going to try to aim for 6 min pace on the 20 min, we will see ��)

    Also most people say you have to run at least 3 times a week to see improvement, so I don’t think just the tempo run and the sprints are going to cut it ��

  • I have had a shortness of breath for around five days, but that’s it, nothing else, no other symptoms. I guess my immune system took care of it. My shortness of breath isn’t as bad as it originally was.

  • I remember when I asked my high school coach how to break 5….he told me to stop being a little bitch or quit….so…i changed my life.

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  • Okay. I’m 35 and ran a 5:04 in high school. There is a mile race in June 2020 and I want to break 5 minutes. I can still do a 6 minute mile now. Let’s do this!

  • I have a question I know you’re not supposed to eat candy bars but what about those pure protein bars that have three grams of sugar and are only 180 calories are they alright to consume

  • So athleanx often goes off on leg extensions doing damage, then proceeds to teach “beginner” twisting sacrum ab exercises. Any true PT should know full well to stop doing this will be doing damage to spine and nerve roots. One reason going stop watching this chanel

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  • Just starting the 30 day work out challenge (the first one) posting my progress here as a way to remind myself to keep on it.
    Day 1: ✅ Was pretty tough and I’m not completely satisfied with pushing my limits on that and so will try harder tommorow. Little worried about feeling sore but luckily I hung out with my brother who knew a couple great tricks to stretch after the workout.
    Day 2: ✅ My chest is a little sore but not as much as I thought it would be. The leg workout kills.. easier to do than the chest workout but oh dear my knees.
    Day 3: ❎ Phone was having trouble loading the video going to do it on day 4
    Day 4: ✅Video 3 done going to do number 4 when I get back from work. Video 4: Cardio… Cardio.. what more can I say. It was a good pain.
    Day 5: ✅ I don’t quite know if I’m doing all of these arm workouts right so I went ahead and did the video twice as I mostly just tried to observe then copy him on the first go around.
    Day 6:❌ days like this make me wonder if drinking would be a viable option for well drowning my sorrows. I’ll do it tommorow
    Day 7: ❌ Bust
    Day 8: ☑️ did the two workouts for the previous days. Might do the 8th workout later today.

  • Man, I wish I had access to this kind of stuff when I was in high school. Pre-youtube days. Grew up in a pretty small town, track coaches were just teachers who took the job, but didn’t necessarily know anything about training. The distance runners literally never did workouts like this, just got sent out on jogs every day while the rest of the team did sprints. That’s all we ever knew, just jogging until practice was over, day after day. Then the meets would come and none of us had the fitness to compete with the kids from bigger schools, or even know how to run our races for that matter.

    Kinda bums me out. Not to be all Uncle Rico or whatever, just makes me wonder what kind of potential I left on the table. I’m in my early 30’s now, I’m only getting older and slower, but I’ve managed to get under 5 a few times just from the fitness I’ve gained hovering between 10k to Half training plans. Not saying I’m anything special, but in some alternate reality, that would have been cool to have gotten a scholarship to some tiny D-III school instead of taking out student loans lmao.

  • It pay off when we humon being eat the foods our god jesus told us to eat fruits and vegetables nuts and grains clean meat fish without fins.ect.

  • Man, I said this a while back and I’ll say it now, you are a freaking genius bro. Thank you for this video! It explained for me so clearly the topics I should be focusing on learning to get my Computer Science degree, instead of learning topics through trial and error. When I was your age(im 38) I was wasting my life away break dancing and skipping school, but you young guys are doing it all correct. Thanks again bud ����

  • i remember watching this video a year ago. i was not able to even fathom the things that were spoken here. now, ive learned a decent amount of python and i can say that i can wrap my head around what he is talking about. interesting.

  • All calculations are great but it depends on the person.. Some people are simply not capable.. For example I’m 37, had a back op last year and learnt to walk again. I started training March this year and now have a PB of 4.44 mile.

  • HA running coach is too biased in his thinking. Tunnel vision. “Aerobic base first, then sprinkle in intensity”.

    The first thing to do is LOSE THE DEAD WEIGHT. Of course you can do that in conjunction with building your aerobic base, but if you’re consuming the calories while attempting an exercise program. Then you’re not going to make very good progress. In fact it’s going to be rather slow until you start dropping the body fat. There aren’t going to be ANY offensive tackles running fast miles. Basically, guys have to stop drinking if you want to make good progress and dump the sugar calories (only diet pop if at all.) Etc, etc, etc.

  • For the pass 4-5 days I’ve been having a diarrhoea,dizziness and a little chest pain and feeling tired.Please if you are familiar with the symptoms do share them with us.

  • I have a degree in computer science, and what I see in this video is a kid glossing over concepts without explaining any of them in any comprehensible way. A video half the length of this one could have been four times as informative. This is the best possible way you could turn people off from Computer Science. Congratulations

  • Can someone who runs a 5 minute mile or faster give me an outline of your progression? I’ve shaved some time off my mile from an easy 8 flat to about 730 but want to know how long it will take to get down to a 6 or 5 minute mile.

  • Jeff: Does the whole workout with perfect form and little rest, while speaking the whole time.

    Tries doing Halos and does erratic movements instead of circles.
    While doing Reverse Corkscrews sprains a triceps.
    Tries the Plank with Pendulum (without arm reachouts) and can’t do even 10 seconds. Then tries a normal plank and cuts the elbow on the hard floor, tries again with a rag under them, does only 50 seconds.
    Tries Chainsaws but abs are so tired that even raising the hips is impossible.
    Can’t do sit-ups for 60 seconds.

  • So i barely feel anything in my chest, but my shoulders are burning, i’ve read some comments and they say that i need to fix my positioning but like how do i do that?

  • So my goal is a 16 minute two miles, while also able to lift heavy weight and box and wrestle 4 times a week for 45 minutes. I’m 5’8 190lbs

  • So can I do this after studying computer science? Although I didn’t understand anything, it somehow looks fun and maybe it will be a little easier after practice I guess.. so can I take this as a career in future after studying computer science?

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  • The chainsaws are a bit confusing. It looks more like walking and rotate than scissor and rotate.
    Is that right or shoot for a scissor and rotate?

  • This is my Log Journal also this is isn’t my first but decided this will keep me on track.Ill Update everyday

    Day1-Legs ☑️
    Day3-Core ☑️
    Day4 -Back ☑️
    Day6-Shoulders Check
    Day7 Rest

  • Do anybody know about Episoketren System? Does it really work? I hear a lot of people improve their soccer skills using it with this popular training program.

  • For a beginner ab workout I was thinking of something more along the lines of lying on your back and trying to reach a sandwich that’s hanging about 20cm above your head:D For a beginner the exercises mentioned in this video are pretty intense, but I get that doing crunches over and over doesn’t get you that far.

  • You know whats interesting, is that i started doing high school track and cross country in junior year, which is right now. I had no prior training so at the beginning of cross country i was getting 16 minute 2 miles, but each race i cut 1 minute, 40 seconds, all the way down to 12:30 before track. Then, mid-track, i cut the mile down to 5:22 and 2 mile down to 12:17. But then, my mile improvement stopped completely, so did my 800 but my 2 mile time kept improving. So I only ran that race, and i cut to 11-59, 11-42, 11-25, 11-03, and the race before finals at 10-52. I never ran the 1 mile since i stopped improving but i kept cutting down the 2 mile. However, i realised that my 2 mile pace was now the same as my old 1 mile so one day i asked my coach to time my 1 mile and the 4:53 came easily out of nowhere

  • I am not able to do a halo, nor lift my pelvis from the ground without momentum… is there a more “beginner” Ab workout or am I cursed to only train my hip flexors?

  • I used to run a sub 5 min mile at 24 yrs old, now 41 and taking up running again after 17 yrs off, do you think it’s possible to ever get that back? My brain seems to think so! Is muscle memory real or am I just wasting my time ☹️


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  • I pray for everyones good health ��
    Are Chinese products safe? Can you get Coronavirus from packages delivered from China?
    ��This is a usefull and informative video for anyone who is worried about importing/using products from China

  • I’m a first year Computer Science student and watching videos like these makes me want to dropout of uni. Already kind of struggling with learning the basics of programming:/

  • #PARASITES!!!!!!!! all these
    Symptoms resembles to
    parasites(the side effects
    of their toxins are so dangerous to our body!!!!)
    i bet if doctors opened up a
    Dead body from covid19
    Patient..there would be
    Parasites causing all these
    Symptoms;especially the
    *Mucous/fluid build up
    *inflammation in the body
    *Loss of appetite
    *Unable2taste/smell Food
    *Achy joints,pain in body
    *abdominal pain
    *intestinal problems
    *Feeling Lethargic
    *dizziness,it all sums up to
    #PARASITES!!scary shitt

  • you are right sage. i brought my time down to 4:32 instead of 5:01… have good mileage and 1 long run a week of 10 miles on sunday. the rest 6 mile average and tempo’s, interval etc

  • I think this is a great channel with great videos, but research has shown that Janda situps (hooking your heels on something) do not protect your back.

  • I’m truly thankful for your 10 min work outs.
    They have got me back into my fitness game. I NEEDED IT!!!
    One week in and I’m feeling ALIVE!

  • God gave me revelation that the coronavirus vaccination is the mark of the beast and anyone who doesn’t take it will be taken to a FEMA camp for “quarantine” and killed. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior NOW and DO NOT take the mark. If you do, you will experience the full wrath of God and you will be sent to hell for all of eternity.

  • I just broke 5 today and it has taken me 2 years to go from 6:00 (first track race ever 11grade) to 4:39(equivalent of 4:59 in the mile, we run 1500m in outdoor for college btw) it’s very hard takes a lot of dedication. But I also get injured a lot so I could see someone doing it in a 6 months to a year. Goal for next week sub 17 5k.

  • Layer one:
    Start by building a slow and large base. Slow and mid-distance runs, aim to run 5-6 days a week.

    Layer Two:
    Once a week add:
    20 minutes tempo run(slower than 10k pace)
    12×200 Faster than 37.5 w/ 2:00 recovery.

    Layer three:
    Every other week go for 6-8 x 400 @ 74 seconds w/ 2:00 recovery.

    Layer four:
    Add in 6x 800m @ 2:45 w/ 2:00 recovery. Build towards 5 x 1000 @ 3:30 w/ 2:00 rest.

  • Thanks.
    I remember watching this video 1 year ago ( when I was 14 ). Now i am 15, already studied HTML5 and CSS3 and JavaScript ( made my first chrome Dino game )

    Currently i am studying C, i already have the knowledge of Pointers, Loops, Data Types, Exceptions and File Handling, but now I’m on I’m studying Memory Management and Preprocessors

  • Not trying to be racist here, but if it wasn’t for that bat eating dog, we wouldn’t be in this situation. Suffering and loosing loved ones, come on. It’s 2020, it was meant to be a positive year. But nah, we are loosing people and going through pain. Not being able to see family and being stuck at home, with tough restrictions..this year is messed up, caused by someone that literally took a bite out of a innocent creature..

  • I ran 4:48 off 6 months training when I was 16. I got down to 4:27 but was mainly doing 400/800 training (ran 49/1-56). My training partner ran 3:38 1500. There aren’t too many secrets in mid distance track. You can read books by Arthur Lydiard or peter coe or Tony Benson to get a good idea about training or Clyde Hart for the 400m.

  • I and about 6 of my other friends are all in track as freshman in high school. 1 runs a 5:23 the other runs a 5:18 the next guy runs a 5:10 and i run a 5:53. How do i break the 5:30 barrier? Plzzzzz help me

  • This can’t possibly be a true beginner’s ab workout. There has to be some sort of preprebeginner’s to this. My stomach muscles and legs are so weak that I can’t even get them up in the air let alone heave them up somehow to try a halo. Yikes. Like what type of beginner exercise is that? I felt completely discouraged by this. As a beginner with this ‘beginner’ workout, I want to quit already.

  • Thank you b. I made a lot of progress following your workouts while the gym was closed and still refer your videos to my friends and family.

  • Do anybody know about Episoketren System? Does it really work? I hear many people improve their soccer skills using it with this popular training program.

  • I think I understand most of this, even the assembly language, and I am going to be a sophomore next A.Y. I think assembly language is just another level of abstraction (learned it in the crash course CS here in Youtube), it just uses an on and off electric current like the binary and uses logic gates to perform such things and how to communicate between hardware and software.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but you can enlighten me:D