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5 Ways to Push Past a Workout Plateau, According to Our Members. We’re here to help you push past that pause. More Articles You Might Like. 08/09/20.

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Some times the easiest way to go past a muscle building plateau is to simply eat more calories. Add 200-300 calories to your daily food plan. But those calories should come from muscle building foods other wise it won’t help. *If you have a hard time gaining weight, eat a lot more.

Use proper pushup form to ensure you are training the muscles correctly. Begin in a plank position, your hands on the floor directly under your shoulders, legs extended behind you and toes resting. Five Five Ways to Push Past a Plateau. I hit a bit of a writing block today, so I headed to my Facebook wall to find out your fitness questions.

Ellie wrote that she wants to know how to get past a plateau. Without having more information about her specific plateau, here are five things you can do to push past a plateau. 1. Mix up your diet. Some variables you can think of changing are: Grip position on a barbell when performing a bench press. You can move in by a few inches or out.

Foot spacing when performing the squat exercise. Move your feet a little closer together or further apart. If.

Take a Week Off Overdoing your workout routine can be a contributing factor to hitting a fitness plateau. It’s best to Change Up Your Exercise Routine It’s easy for your muscle groups to adapt to the exercises you’ve been repeating. Do More Intense Exercises Do More Intense Exercises Along with. The Growth Mindset — 5 Ways to Push Yourself Past the Plateau Time for a Change of Strategy. When you hit a plateau, it’s the universe telling you that it’s time for a change of Look for a Change.

Perhaps there’s been some change that has occurred without you realizing it. Look at. Follow these tips to break through that plateau and take yourself to the next level. Change up the reps – A lot of people get stuck in the same number of reps, usually between 2-10 reps.

A good way to break that routine is to start mixing in days where all your sets are 15-20 reps or more. It’s likely you’ve hit a plateau””a point where gains are minimal and your body is working only to maintaining only base-level strength. Frustrating, indeed. But before you throw in the towel, check out these helpful strategies to push past plateaus and start packing on muscle again.

Building muscle isn’t complicated, but it’s not easy – especially when we’re stuck in a muscle growth plateau, hoping and praying that this next program or this new diet is the solution.

List of related literature:

A plateau followed by decrease of strength gains 2.

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That is, these articles would teach you “inconvenient truths” like you can’t get muscle definition as fast as you’d like, you can’t target just belly fat for elimination, and you’ll need more than 1250-word tips to build the body of your dreams.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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These include Decline Presses, Decline Flys, Decline Cable movements, and Dips.

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Statements like “I want my arms to be bigger,” “I want more size,” “I want to be more sculpted,” or “I want to change my body shape” suggest that the client wants to follow a program that will result in muscular hypertrophy or increased tone.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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Involve the major muscle groups for 10 to 15 repetitions each.

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Second, the process stimulated by attempted muscle building, when successful, also generates increased bone mass, fat-burning hormone levels, energy levels, and cardiovascular and respiratory function.

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The resistance to a muscle contraction needed to strengthen a muscle can be provided by: gravity, the clinician, the patient, a wall or piece of furniture, free weights, pulleys, springs, theraband and dynamometers such as the Cybex machine (Cybex, Bay Shore, NY).

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Further, 10 new sidebars highlight specific topics of interest to gaining lean mass.

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Improve extensibility A. TFL-ITB and rectus femoris muscles (listed in the order of least aggressive to most aggressive) 1.

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In terms of bodyweight training, some examples include:

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
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  • Wow I have never heard someone talking about plateauing in this way before. thanks for making me feel better about myself. i have been stressing over my plateauing for the past couple of months and it was not fun. really apprecitate it Scott. F

  • I started go to gym for the past 6 months, and here now hit the “Plateau” i think, since the last two months I didn’t get any weight gain…

  • Scott at 65 1/2 years young, I have been lifting consistently for about 18-19 yrs am benching around 320-325.. I would LOVE to increase this max but is it realistic for someone my age to expect to actually get to 405 (or anywhere near it..).. I HAVE made gains in the last few years, but it’s like, I make gains, then fall back, make gains, then fall back.. don’t mind hitting plateaus… if only I could get steady increases from those plateau points, without falling back.. love your site.. great for young and old alike!

  • I’ve been training 6 days a week for about 3 months now and I’m hitting a bit of a plateau when it comes to muscle gain. My strength is still increasing. I haven’t always trained 6 days a week but I’ve tried it for a while now and it gave me good results at first but recently I’ve just been maintaining I feel. Should I go back to training 3-4 times a week?

  • after 5 years lifting you only can expect to add on 2 or 3 pounds a year.so how often is it worth working out to maintain,once a week or once a month or what,?

  • there is a kid on my football team who squatted 525 with the football team (so take maybe 50Lbs) during summer training who never trains outside of football and is like 5 foot 10 to maybe 6ft tall some people are just freaks.

  • i think plateaus are a good thing, it tells u that you have worked really hard and now its time re evaluate how you train because of how far you have come great video mate i enjoy your channel

  • Please don’t listen to those who criticize you so as to put you down! I really enjoy your videos: all of them are very instructive and inspirational. Congratulations, keep going��!!

  • This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about “reached plateau muscle gain” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Conabel Muscle Marmsome (just google it )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got cool success with it.

  • Taking pride and respect in what you do is the key to enjoying everything you do in and out of the gym along with everything else in life! ��✋����☝��

  • watched 20-30 of your videos over the last few weeks. love that you understand the body and anatomy of how to grow muscle. makes us viewers understand why to lift with correct form. also a positive approach to lifting is a must to work hard day in and day out at the gym. I was already a big fan of your videos but the DBZ comment just confirmed you as my favorite trainer to watch ha.
    thanks again

  • First video ive seen by you. Im pretty new to pwrlifting but I guess can i ask on deadlift sometimes i can pull alot of reps at 315 with decent form, moves buttery smooth. But then even on a lighter session, i go to pull pretty standard weight but i hear a pop in my lower back and then im totally discourage because i feel i failed light weight. Im just so confused as to why this happens. Do you have any idea why this might happen? Is this a beginner problem?

  • Hey man, could you help me with this? Ive been suffering from chronic insomnia for the past 4 months and I feel like it’s been effecting my gym routine dramatically. I’ve still be trying to push myself to hit the gym 4-5 times a week and following a p/p/l/p/p routine. I feel like it’s doing nothing for me and I don’t know what to do. Is there a good routine I can follow that is somewhat specialised for chronic insomnia gym goers? Thanks man.

  • Question, when you talk about experimenting/fast twitch/slow twitch etc, how on earth do you gauge if things are “working for you” when you’re only expecting to build 2-3lbs of muscle a year max?

  • Thanks for the mention Scott!!!! Great tips as always.

    I’m shooting for Super Saiyan Blue! And then I’ll shoot for Beerus’s level!!

  • Great talk Scott I have 1 question for you. If for some reason lets say the training wasn’t corrent or as intense as should be and nutrition wasn’t on point and on the first couple years of lifting one ends up without making the majority of the gainz that could be made. If they start training more effectively and pay attention to nutrition will they get the gainz in the third year faster or the completely missed the 2 year ‘anabolic’ window?? Thanks in advance man!

  • Hey Scott, I have a question. Every since I’ve been working out, I’ve lost a lot of weight. Now I’m at the weight I want to be. Now my goal is to grow my muscles. How do I achieve this?

  • What’s your view on Macro diets. And how do I know what types of food I am able to consume while trying this out? Is there a certain meal plan?

  • Hello Scott. Your video here are inspiring me. Like I told you in the last video you made, I have been working out at the gym for six months now. And every time I go workout, I’m always seeking to improve my performance. I workout really hard in the gym, and I make sure my food is nutritious and healthy. I’m making huge progress and even others have noticed. I have hit a plateau, but I have learn to embrace it, especially after watching this video. Thanks to you, I am encouraged to keep on going.

  • what u have said right but i see in this sport everyone choose what fits him i mean the way person look based on the excercise he did!!!!!!!!!

  • I’vее bought https://twitter.com/58e467a8f3b59db4e/status/742668391975096320. This produсt is awesomе. I gainеd waу mоre musсlе mass and rеduсеd bоdy fat fastеr than аnу оthеr рroduсts! I veеe Hit A Рlаteau What Now

  • No, he’s right. The main reason people hit a plateau is usually from something simple and in this case it was just the weight I was using. I needed to go lighter to improve my stabilizing muscles to then handle heavier loads (non-sexual reference). By using this lighter weight, with an ideal hypertrophy rep range, I am slowly beating this plateau and making overall strength/muscle gains.

  • i agree with mrgreeneye656!… people ask me how big do i want to get and ive only been doing this for 6 months! i dont want to be big just really strong and cut. my body type wont look right. i want to look good in the clothes i have already but move a tank if that makes sense. im 34 and my wife is 24 so i just want to look like im a trophy husband lol

  • On bench I plateaued at 265 then broke that a few months ago, now I’m at 295 been stuck there for about 3 months im so close to 305. I’m 205 bodyweight 18% bodyfat I’m about 1.5 years into lifting.

  • I have to ask… while you bench, why do you stay “higher” at the chest? I was told many times to dig deep for a better bench… great video as always, love the camera work (TopGear Style). Cheers.

  • The same way you would say about your bench press I would say about my squat,the idea of failing a squat or hurting myself would terrify me to the point of not ever being able to go heavy or near singles range

  • Great video Scott. I agree 100%. I like the positive spin on the plateau by looking at what you’ve accomplished. I’ve also reached to the point where I am very happy with my physique, and you are correctjust maintaining a natural highly aesthetic body is a huge challenge! You’ve gotta continue killing it at the gym and getting proper nutrition. Forearms have always been tough for me to target so I’ll check out those grip tools too (using your code, thanks!)

  • How about a video on the self talk / thoughts you’ve had around your historical hip injury and how you’ve managed expectations etc. ����

  • This is actually really overlooked and very important. Sort of related, but I started making better progress over time by making a music playlist that really hypes me up and makes it easy to tell myself “it’s gonna be so badass if you can lift to this song”. It sounds cringey, but hey we all have our own little things that help!

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  • Scott I really like your videos as you seriously help people do things safely and sensibly. There is so much propaganda out there so it’s good to have proper info

  • How do you actually implement these ideas? If my program is most PO focused should I add some sets/exercises that induce metabolic stress and eccentric damage within that same workout? Or is it better to cycle each form of growth over a few weeks?

  • i’m so confused right now. Jeff said “What’s going to happen to your frequency and your volume if you’re always doing eccentric training”. Volume mean more sets, right? And this pops in my mind that eccentric training should be done in 1 set. My current push workout for hypertrophy has a Floor Fly exercise with 4 sets of 8-12 reps (Rest: 1 minute). is this the ideal quantity or too much? Someone please tell me i am so confused right now.

  • Click here I only believe in NextLevelDiet. They provide you with personalized meal plan, training plan, fitness tips, healthy recipes. Thats everything you need to transform your body and get six pack:D

  • I am going on a cut because i have been at a plateau for the last 2 months, possibly because i have to much body fat (18%), and while doing cutting i will do strenght training, so that when i stop the cut (2 months) i can gain muscle fast.

  • Hey jeff i was just wondering it mound sound stupid but can you mix in metabolic with ecentric for example doing light weight but ecentrically

  • Summary:

    The 3 ways to grow muscle are:
    1)Progressive overload (increasing weight, volume, frequency)
    2)Metablic stress (peak contraction, time under tension)
    3)Eccentric damage
    To maximize hypertrophy you have to use all 3 methods and the only one that causes soreness is the eccentric damage pathway.

    Training for metabolic stress doesnt mean just feeling the tension, but the chemical reaction inside the muscle from the byproduct metabolites (lactic acid for example) and train through this accumulation which is a huge stimulus for growth. This can be done with light weights. By training thru the stress with light weights and really high reps, this is a new opportunity for growth.

    Training eccentrically causes mechanical distress as your elongating it under tension which causes muscle damage and grows.

    The MAIN POINT of the video is that all these methods should be done (PO w/ weight, PO w/ volume, metabolic stress, eccentrics) so you dont miss out on any elements from another method (tension, chemical overload, metabolic overload etc.)

    Training for progressive overload can go down 2 roadways. Training for PO by increasing weight which is good for neurological gains (being more efficient and recruiting more muscles in a lift) and increasing contractile tissue. Once this cycle ends, you go into the 2nd roadway which is Training for PO by increasing volume which has a problem because of overtraining and overuse injuries.

  • This presentation is pure gold. I’m 66 and been at it for 42 years. Believe this interpretation of how the body responds. I’ve never heard it described more comprehensively.

  • Great video, video’s Jeff. This was very helpful to me. What about the difference in effect using free weights vs universal vs dumbbell. Is it better for gains to use free weights vs universal or is universal the best for correct form when you are a beginner.

  • I love your videos, Jeff. Thank you for your knowledge. You’re my favorite trainer and favorite channel for fitness wisdom. God bless you man.

  • Great video. I almost feel like I reached a plataeu and started to incorporate new methods on working out. And these best describes them. Thank you

  • I tried your biceps workouts and my lady noticed it got bigger within 3 weeks. I noticed that too when she mentioned it. You are a genius…

  • so in your workout, do you focus on one of the three, like progressive overload, and still include (in a smaller amount) metabolic and eccentrics. or do you do 100% focus of one of the three and then switch them out?

  • great video! spot on, further called periodization! alternating programs and schemes. eventually youll need this approach to keep making gains!!
    always love AthleanX videos!!

  • So I’m sure I’ve done a metabolic work out alot of times but probably not right and even over working the muscles. I know it is a feel kind of thing but can you show some number comparison between that and body building or strength training. Like you did in your video showing the comparison between different chest training programs. Thank you

  • I see a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google). But I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular weight loss system?

  • Progressive overload is a great way to gain strength, but it doesn’t actually drive hypertrophy itself. Mechanical tension is probably the most important factor of the 3, the other 2 being metabolic stress and muscle damage. It really isn’t that well researched because it’s hard to only have one of those variables at a time though. Either way though, you should mostly just focus on your volume and some progressive overload to get bigger

  • I am not born in America so my english is limited please try to use simpels Words cuz i can t say that i understand what you told us,i got the first part but the rest sound like an Doctor speaking to a pacient

  • Only thing you didn’t talk about his often a person should be cycling through these methods. I’d assume either every 3 weeks which is generally how often lifters change their routine, or, simply when you start hitting plateaus

  • What is “eccentric damage”? That term is new to me. I think I get the other terms. It would help if you defined each term you use before talking about its place in body building, not just for beginners; currently the definitions of a lot of bodybuilding terms are not codified, different instructors use them different ways.

  • I was going to comment

    “It’s called just doing eccentrics on the negitive since your muscles don’t know the difference between 10 pounds and 30. It’s all about the tension”

    But you hit it all right on the head… Your the best fitness channel out there ;3

  • This is an important video. A classic. I wonder how this contrasts or compliments studies on training splits and frequency of exercise? How do we rotate this in? Studies have shown that a full-body exercise every day is actually more effective than “bro science” splits.

  • the weight and body fat thing is relativ.
    150 lbs 15% BF on what height?

    a friend of mine is pretty skinny, 5 9 and 135 lbs but he is strong even tho he doesnt workout
    another is like 6,2 at 200 lbs maybe 16% BF but he has like no strength at all, the definition of physical weakness

    i worked out with that last guy because it bothered him that his girlfriend was stronger than him and she is 5.3 around 110 lbs (she never tells^^ )

    he couldn’t even do 3 push ups and he managed 2 reps of an empty barbell!… that is like what? 44 lbs??

    in my experience, there is something more to strength than size and measure.

  • I feel ashamed that I didn’t understand shit the whole vid, I must be a retard or something who needs to pause the vid at every phrase and take notes

  • Can you do a quick video showing us physically with weights what you mean. I think it would help everyone by simplifying it. Just a suggestion

  • Lmfaooooo this is the funniest shit ive ever fuckn heard and dead on seriously the truth lmfaooo �������������� awesome!!!
    PbnJ with gogurt lmfaooooo

  • Even though this video is more than a year old this advice is still excellent. My body sadly responds a lot better ( in terms of growing muscle ) to metabolic overload in comparison to standard strength training so yes, there is a lot of pain both during the workout and during the recuperation time. But there is an old anecdote which perfectly describes this training: ” Pain builds a strong character “.

  • sure is right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. And One of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. have a look here bit.ly/13WSKJg?=kowjj

  • Hi Jeff and fellow subscribers
    What is the advised rotation schedule between the three approaches (PO, Metabolic & Eccentric Damage)?

  • Every muscle group in my body gets sore after workouts but my biceps seem to not get as sore and are sore for a shorter period of time. Does this mean i can train them more often?

  • Is it bad that I’ve yet to hit a plateau? Deadlifted for the first time in December. Currently at 565 without straps, 600 with. I add 10lbs a week seemingly without any issues. My squat also doesn’t seem to stop moving. This week hit 405 for a 5×3, max is 505. Also started squatting in December. Got in the gym in general in July of last year but only benched and did some bro split stuff. In terms of self talk, I tend to overhype my genetics and that really gets me going. My dads lifts at age 55 are on par with what mine are now, and he’s much smaller, so it’s a constant competition for me to improve and better him.

  • Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about “how to break my plateau” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Conabel Muscle Marmsome (do a search on google )? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • I’ve been stuck at 150-155 weight for 5 months… I guess I go heavier then go a lil light anf do like 20 reps or more
    And most importly eat more proteins.

  • I tend to plant the seed of self doubt as I attempt to get out of the hole during squats. I lost my brace the other day and it has fucked with my mental game.

  • I have been plateaued for 10 years but this sounds like great advice. I will try this starting my next work out. I’ll let you guys know how it goes thanks

  • I’ve only been lifting for 20 years with a sports scientist. Your body can only go so far or we’d all look like Arnold and all be a lean 250lb. Period!
    Every guy who makes a living off lifting vids on YouTube will always say you can always break through plateaus or you wouldn’t watch them. Your body can only find much and as you age it slowly declines or we’d see 300lb guys in their 70s still breaking plateaus.

    it’s common sense, your body always has a max.

  • How about definition? I’ve been going to gym 5-6 times a week. 4 days have cardio (bootcamp class) and weight, 2 days are weight training only. 3 muscle groups, 4 exercises per muscle group, 3 sets of 15 reps for fat burning/definition results which has been working for the last 4 months but now, I’ve hit plateau! I’m satisfied with my straights so I don’t wanna go heavy. Please advise how to get out of plateau for people like me. Thanks in advance.

  • dam eliot. u got excited at tje beging cuz im stuck in fuking plateau. man im always lifting fkn max heavier weight and stuck there

  • I fucking love you Elliot! When I started working out 7 months ago, you were one of the first YouTube fitness channels I watched and I gotta say I’ve made massive gains. 2.5 inches on my arms and a great mass built chest, however I literally hit my plateau this month and it’s bugging me! I have been eating less with college and stuff so I’m blaming that (as I’m on a bulk). However you say to strength train which is a awesome idea but thing is I’m frightened to lift heavy in case I get a hernia. Any suggestions? I haven’t purchased a belt so maybe I should try that?

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it work? I hear many individuals lost their weight with this popular fat burn secrets.

  • i used to do the same weight for every set. will it break my plataeu if i do the pyramid sets. where i do 12 reps in the first set and increase the weight but lower the reps 

  • if you’re scared to go heavier than usual on compound movements try slow pause reps on your usual weight. For isolations just drop the weight a little and do high reps for a week or two.

  • This video makes 100% perfect sense i want to better explain it for some reason basically you need to be strong to be big i’m sorry but its true even though i know strength doesnt necessarily eaqualcmass but mass does carry over to strength

  • Aye man do you do free audio so i can listen when i go for a morning walk and do you think you can email me you workout routine. idk if you want but

  • What the fuck is sleep? If I had time to get good quality sleep I wouldn’t have time to lift. I sacrifice sleep so I can get to the gym

  • I already told you. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.

    Listen to this I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

    you can watch out here bit.ly/1aruxi7?=iixkw

  • It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these normal people do it easily using “Six Pack Strike” (search for it on Google).

  • Yeah..That program at the site
    shows an instructions which exactly you
    need to know about how you can gain
    muscles. In my past, I thought it was
    impossible but with the helped of it. I
    gained 10lbs of pure muscles in a week
    using simplest body building strategy
    which is NUTRITION.

  • you answered the exact question i thought i was gunna have to email in. Thanks mate, you’ve always got applicable, well-rounded advice, based solely on scientific knowledge and first hand experience

  • My family laughed when I told them I would get ripped with “H6x Muscle Monster”, but then they saw the results. Google H6x Muscle Monster to see their reaction.

  • Thanks Jeff, you sir inspire me!
    I plateaus and I gave up after a year and a half, and I’m finally back in the gym this year, I look up to you and your plethora of knowledge.
    I’m back in the gym and I’m learning so much from watching all your videos and I’d like to say thank you for sharing everything.
    You’re the only expert that I trust and support!

  • You and jaxblade our probably my favorite fitness youtubers they strange thing is you both have an unhealthy obsession to dbz but then again so do I great vid

  • Scott is one of those rare guys on YouTube who is genuinely trying to help people achieve their fitness goals. Mad respect for this guy.

  • If you are looking to build lean muscle, you must make a search on Google for “Oak Muscle Method”. You are sure to end up getting the body you should have.

  • If you are looking to build muscle, you should do a Google search “Atomic Max Muscle”. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  • If you are looking to bulk up and get ripped, you might want to Google “Aston Muscle Ripper”. You are surely going to get the body you deserve.

  • I really needed this video both in and outside the gym. I am definitely going to start putting a rubber band around my wrist. Thanks Bryce and Dillon

  • It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when other normal people are able to get ripped so easily with MAD Muscle Ripper (search for it on google).

  • ELLIOT needs to be heard. somehow get ALL of sixpackshortcuts subscribers to elliot. im not saying mike chang isnt great at giving info and tips.. Elliot just BLOWS him away.

  • I think it was somewhere around 3000-3500. But you gotta start slowly and work your way up if you have a difficult time getting all your calories in like I did. I ate more on days I was working out. Specifically more carbs.

  • what lifts could I apply this to? is it mainly for compound lifts?? cus i dont know if it makes sense to do 3 sets or 3 or whatever on bicep curls or tricep extensions haha

  • I don’t know about you guys, but some of the thoughts I have when things aren’t going the way I want in the gym are:
    Man I suck at this, I’ve been stuck at this weight for ages, what am I doing wrong? It’s cause of “insert reason” that I’m stuck on this. As long as that is holding me down I’ll never make progress. Other people get to where I am without even trying much, what’s wrong with me?
    Anyone relate?

  • Simply drop the calories again, and throw in maybe 20-30 minutes of cardio after a work out. If you have a fast metabolism the fat will be burned pretty quickly.

  • Happens to everyone. I know gaining fat could seem unsightly but it happens to everyone who is bulking. Trust me though, bulk like that and you will start building a firm muscle base underneath. Then when you cut back down you’ll be amazed to see you’ve gotten bigger and held onto some of the weight.

  • 15 yrs 160lb (easily 20% bodyfat) with bench max of hmmm i think 115 for 7 reps…
    18 yrs 170lb; 8% bodyfat. max @ 205 x 6 bench, 285 x 1 squat, 215 pclean, and ran 4.61 s in the 40.
    20 yrs (before 6 month absence) 170 lb, 6% BF. max @ 225 x 6 bench, 275 x 6 squat, 11.4 in the 100m and 5:30 mile time.
    21 yrs (before another 6 month absence) 180 lb, 10% BF. max bench 235 x 7, 295 x 5 squat, 6:20 mile.
    22 190 lb, 13 % BF. incline press 225 x 7, 17 full hang pull-ups, upr row 135 x 10

  • If your gaining healthy weight but still not lifting heavier then yeah you gotta switch it up but most of the time people just get off their eating. They get stuck at a body weight and thus get stuck at a lifting weight.

  • Pro Bodybuilders also cop it all the time with peoples high expectations. These bodybuilders get upset when they come 2nd in mr Olympia or feel sorry to their fans when they come 6th. But that is a super achievement making it that far and they forget to acknowledge that.

  • Makes sense. Those are great lifts for 1.5 years in. But the plateaus will come.:) I didn’t plateau for maybe the first two years? Hard to remember. I’m 6’3″ and 195lbs. Took me a little over two years to get to 405×5 on deadlifts and 225×5 on bench. I’ve been lifting on and off for five years now and that’s basically still where I’m at. LOL. Honestly I haven’t been lifting or eating enough lately to expect better, but such is life.

  • I thought this video was amazing. I can say for me it helped me because I work night shift and 12hrs so when I get off I am tired but I always work out after work. I will say though after watching this video I realize before I go into that gym I notice i tell myself I am tired, my lifting won’t be good today, so now I realize I need to uplift myself mentally after work with positive thoughts and my workouts will be better.

  • Great content! Anybody got a positive self talk against ”i’m too old for powerlifting, that’s why you’re not making progress”? To put a little context to this, I’m almost 35 and started powerlifting at 33.

  • Maxing out is a big mental struggle. I’ve often lost weeks worth of sleep when i know a max out is coming around the corner. I kept pushing the attempt back a day in hopes that the next nights sleep would be good enough, but it never was. So one day i got just under 5 hours and went for it anyway. Hit 640 on the squat, but that wasnt what I felt was near what i could have hit. Fell asleep like a baby that night.

  • My mental struggle in training mostly was with my squat, I don’t have a weak squat overall it was more how I would always messed it up in some way in competition, this was stuff like depth, divebombing and miss grooving, at youth nats I cut my first squat super high and had a small moment of “I’ve fucked it up again” but my coach did well to calm me down and get me back on track, so ever since that nationals I’ve always looked at my squats as something I can improve and that switch to positive self talk is what I contribute a lot of my recent squat improvement to

  • Awesome Video!
    Next Topic should be regarding Injuries and how to overcome and stay positive, as well as active. I was a Rugby Player and have had/seen many injuries either on the pitch or in the weight room. Think it has made me conscious of my abilities, but I know for some it can be disheartening to have/rehab an injury.
    Thanks! from Toronto

  • Great video. One thing related to positive self talk that i’ve worked with people on, is recognizing the disconnect in their view of themselves. People that bust their ass, have no problem working up to 60 hours a week in a multi faceted job. But then get in the gym, and suddenly have this hugely negative view of themselves. I’ve tried to get people to see that if they’re strong and disciplined in one area of their lives, there’s no reason they get be strong and disciplined in other areas as well.

  • You’re very right about people influencing you. One of my gym buddies keeps telling me that my form is dogshit and my bar is unstable and “keep doing it it’ll improve eventually”. these are passive aggressive words and they really kill my mood. My other gym buddy just screams “Nice set” or “big weight” after each set and encourages me.

    Of course there’s nothing wrong about pointing out incorrect form but not all the time.

  • Fantastic that you took a more holistic approach to lifting weights by including the core psychology behind the process as well. Unfortunately, it seems so often neglected because we just focus on discussing programming, technique, and diet in mainstream fitness YouTube.

  • What do any of you (commenters too) do when you really are going to try that new pr. I at some point get a bit a fear and stress. Especially with a heavy bench… it eats me up and I feel like I lose focus

  • Bench is also my weakest lift. You’re right about positive self talk! Instead of me thinking that’s my weakest lift, I always try to figure it out what’s wrong and try to correct them. “Foot positioning for leg drive, bracing everything to have a good execution and etc. and with that, I see improvements! ���� this video is pure gold!!! ����

  • Arnold talks a lot about this. About him being able to win Mr. Olympia (a billion times) was his mental state in the gym. He visualized growing bigger. He saw him self moving mountains. The amount of volume that guy did back in the day is insane.

    I think all the great athletes know and do these things. Some may keep a secret. Many not even realize they are doing it.

  • Summary of this video: Once you reach your plateau you can’t get past it unless you get pumped on some juice. Instead you should be proud of your physique that you worked 15 years on and your still not as big as you wanted to be

  • Hello, have you experienced Max Muscle Method? (search for it on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Max Muscle Method, you will discover how to build muscle quickly.

  • Rich Piana “The more you put into anything in life, the more you are gonna get out. The more you eat, the more you sleep, the better results your gonna get”

  • damn this video was exactly what I needed! been training for only a year and my squat and deadlift have improved tremendously making my mindset for them great and thus more improvements but I have had a massive mental block on my bench, I weigh 80kg yet cannot bench a 1 rep max past 60kgs. at one point I did 60kgs for two reps and ever since hit it for a few singles but cannot get a 62.5kg! but your video has shown me exactly what I’m doing which is negative talking myself into this constant cycle of not wanting to train bench because I am so weak compared to everyone else!

  • Of course dude, ANYONE can put on size unless they have some sort of diagnosed medical illness. It’s all about the calories. Don’t get discouraged. Results aren’t instant. I used to be 130 lbs at 5’9″ and now I’m 185 three years later. As long as you are getting your calories and your lifts are increasing, you ARE getting bigger!

  • Meditation helped me alot with stopping thoughts. Thoughts which have nothing to do with lifting. But it helped me alot in the gym because I practiced on how to stop my thoughts and this made me really patient and motivated to work my way back up again after lower back problems for almost 2 years. (+ fysiotherapy ofcourse) Mind + body connected makes a HUGE difference. I use guided meditation like headspace if anyone is interested! Great channel btw!! So much usefull information!!

  • I found myself very weak in deadlift and have been trying to figuring it out what’s the reason. A lot of training days I’ve been failing even at 85%. And I slowly losing motivation every training session, and sometimes even skip gym because there’s deadlift session. There’s days I will able to pull 91% very smoothly but there’s just way too many times of me failing on the deadlift on even 80%.

  • How to sumo, how to deadlift, how to bench…..thats all we see over and over. FINALLY a great piece on “How to Think” to gain in everything! this subject is way overlooked!

  • Great advice Bryce, love your channel mate. Definitely needs to be more like this, in fact this is great advice for all facets of life and is awesome to hear it coming from champions like yourself inspiring not only the seasoned lifters but also leading the way for younger generations. Keep up the great work!

  • This is the first video I’ve seen from this channel and it’s a breath of fresh air. Great topic! So impressed, just from this one video, I’m subscribing.

  • Smashed the heck out of that like button! Bench is my weakest lift as well, but I’ve made some improvement and hopping to bench that dreaded 2 plate for 2 reps at least! ��

  • Wow, thanks for this video! It’s exactly what I didn’t even realize that I needed. I need to play this on a loop when I’m at the gym.

  • This video quality is just insanely high compared to the “HI GUYS” speaking at a single camera from a garage gym we get on YouTube fitness so often. Good shit

  • What is the best way to lost a lot of weight? I read a lot of superb opinions on the net about how Fenoboci Diet Plan will help you lost a lot of weight. Has any one tried using this popular fat burn diet plan?

  • dude you need to do a podcast, your voice has serious ASMR qualities, coupled with the well articulated advice and positive reinforcement it makes for awesome motivation!! love your channel and hearing your tips and cues for building better lifts

  • One contradiction I’m unable to see past is he promotes volume and frequency but also says that hitting arms 2-3 times a week is a mistake a lot of guys make and it’s hurting your gains.. which is it

  • You tell them, Scotty!! You look fantastic and you are so helpful to thousands of people, you deserve to feel very proud of yourself!:) Haters gonna hate, so f**k ’em!

  • One of the thing i do before doing Big lift is that imagining my self as Arnold and Imagine that the weight is as light as a piece of paper. That way it just blow me up and BOOM i lift that.

  • I have a lot of negative self talk going to a serious gym like the Strength Edge. First of all, I think that everyone who goes there knows what they’re doing and I’m way out of my league. Secondly, I am in my 50’s and most of the lifters are closer to 30. Sometimes I feel very intimidated, especially after taking time off for an injury. This video helps me to be more aware of how my thoughts can affect my performance. Great job Dillon & Bryce!

  • This is quite accurate. I try my best to avoid barbell squats because the negative thoughts and fears of fucking it up mid rep are crazy.

  • Awesome video that relates a lot to growth mindset. Adding something like “yet” to the end of a sentence can turn a negative self talk to a positive one. Awesome video man!

  • I psych myself out on heavy Squats a lot of the time. Even though I have the safety bars I have had small injuries in the past and now I get nervous and don’t push myself hard enough.

  • I don’t want to get to a high body fat but when I was bulking I would do long squat seasons going heavy and I never improved maybe it was my sleep?

  • We all talk to ourselves. I keep on battling with my high expectations from myself and the fact that im never good enough. Not strong enough, not lean enough.
    But, at the end of the day, working harder and harder is the way to move ahead.

  • Can i just say how much I appreciate your Dragonball Z references. Thanks for the awesome advice. Your videos have made a huge difference in how I approach my training. Keep em coming Scott.

  • It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these other people build muscle so easily with “RushMax Muscle” (Look it up on Google).

  • I can understand that skinny people need to stop worrying about gaining bodyfat and just need to eat more if they want to get stronger, but what about fat fucks who are plateauing, like me? I’m not 15% body fat, I’m 26% body fat. So, I’ve been eating at a deficit to lose fat, while progressively overloading at the gym to keep and even gain some muscle while losing body fat. And it’s been working until a couple of weeks ago.

    Do I just have to make a hard choice between getting fatter but stronger, and getting leaner, but weaker?

  • Been eating a shit ton, started at 128 6’2, now 148 6’2, been workin out for a year. The thing is, is that ive stayed around 7-9% body fat the whole damn time. Been gaging food down recently trying to increase my weight, and now i’m starting to see a gym plateau in my push muscles. Its really frustrating, and my body is constantly aching for how soar i am ��. I have never done a deload before and i think im going to to give my muscles a lil brake. Is this a good idea?

  • How about if I want to lose weight and gain strength? (spoiler alert: I am not at 150.. toss another small person on top of that). But this video is not for me, because I’m not plateauing yet.

  • What if I’m a basketball player who literally needs to stay as light as possible. I want to get stronger to jump higher and that is my only goal

  • well 500 cal surplus and 10 hours sleep and I’m still stuck after 2 months
    tried everything in 2 pages worth of google for ‘how to break a strength plateau’, all I can think to do is try a 1000 cal surplus
    edit, I’m back after some months, cals were completely unnecessary, just needed even more exercise variety

  • My 3 methods. Bulk 12 months of the year, sleep 6 hours a night (ARNOLD SAID SO, IDC)its a quality 6 hours too and do ‘ye olde, Clarence Kennedy squat 5×5. EZEZEZEZEEZEZEZEZEZ

  • Yo yo… Very good vid. My brother used to be an overweight bloke. He went from 293 lbs of fat into 208 lbs of genuine lean muscle mass. We think it is unbelievable! I just subscribed personally because I plan to strengthen my entire body. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  • Alan’s evolving nicely into the alpha-male final form: cantankerous old man! 😉 But seriously, I’m probably 15% body fat and 140 lb 5’10”. I’m keeping a thinner waist, and there’s no 6 pack gonna be had by me at 15%, but I need to keep my waist 32″ or lower. That’s all unhealthy fat at the gut and that’s where it goes for me when I eat. I eat super healthy clean s

    I don’t have a problem muscle building, but I agree with what Jeff Cavalier says is that bulking isn’t necessary; maybe eat just bit more but I’m holding on the waist size. Not a 6 pack but for health reasons and it does help a lot. I agree food is huge. Best wishes.

  • This and the RTS newsletter are the very few channels that I know of that speak of such concepts. Do you guys know any other reputable sources that also tackle these topics for strength athletes?

  • Stromgmans are expert eating as a pig, most eats 13,000 calories a day. 1 gram of fat has 9 times energy of an tnt. Fat power. LOL.

  • The book Easy Strength by Pavel Tsatsouline and Dan John is an amazing book. There are some people who compete in sports that require them to be strong and not pack on weight. Easy Strength is crazy but it works! 2 sets of 10 and is backed by research from Olympic teams. Beginner’s can experience strength gains from lifting as little as 40% of their 1RM. If you are an experienced lifter then you may need to be in the 70-85% 1RM range. Food and rest play a huge part but getting strong is deceptively easy especially when you stop worrying about setting PRs all the time. Get the book! 2 hours reading that book will prove way more beneficial than all the YouTube videos combined!

  • I wasn’t really counting calories but generally estimating my protein intake. Was plateau’d like a son of a bitch. Changed my workouts, nothing. Changed my workout time, nothing. So I thought, I’ll start counting calories. Holy fucking shit was I starving myself. I was eating WAY under what I should have been. I was eating barely over 2,000 calories. Started eating 3,000-3,500 a day and all my lifts, my weight and my strength shot through the roof in a matter of weeks.

  • Too much muscle and you’ll be like Trunks vs Cell lol

    I also prefer the more lean look. What’s the name that grip thing you have?

  • Alan. I keep hearing this message everywhere. “You need to put on weight to get strong!”. My issue is I’m a rock climber and as a rock climber my priority is keeping body weight down. I’m currently at 176lb but I’d like to be closer to 165lb. And yes, know It will be much harder getting stronger at my lifts while not putting on mass. Do you have any advice for diet or training to help me get stronger but maintain/lose weight? My body weight 100% takes priority here.

  • 150 lbs 15% BF to 200 lbs 18% BF is only 14 lbs of Fat with the Rest being lean tissue lol that’s pretty good for almost 35 lbs of muscle gained with only 14 lbs of BF

  • Started 5×5 4 weeks ago with 53kg. Still progressing, and already gained 1kg!

    I started inspired by Mark and you so… thanks, Alan! Wish you success!

  • i lost 70 pounds bro from 271lbs to 201lbs took me 6 months 5 to 6 days out of the week bro wish i can show u a pic cuz i follow stuff that i got from ur video bro

  • Athlean X has a video on how you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. But you clearly need to get enough calories and nutrients. I think some people use bulking as an excuse to over eat. The goal is to get buff not fat. I am too fat so I am working on losing weight and getting stronger and buff. My plan is pretty simple. Lift 3 days a week and work on improving my diet. It doesn’t matter how great a workout and eating plan is if you can’t stick with it. That’s why I am keeping it simple. I want something I can stick with. My ultimate goal would be to have a body like Meg from megsquats. She is jacked and not overly skinny.

  • 3:58 Don’t you dare bring goat simulator into this Alan! Nothing lame about galloping around the world bashing and licking things.

  • when you say rotate all 3 can all 3 ways be achievable at the same time? lets say progressive overload=adding 5lbs of weight to the bar every week and training 2x a week with a push pull routine. Metabolic stress=lighter weight higher reps 8-12 and then eccentric damage=full range of motion, controlled concentric and eccentric reps and holding and squeezing at the top?

  • What about people who are already heavy!? Like I am weighing 241 pounds but eating more will result in massive fat gain, I am already at 30%

  • So if I use a superset for my bicep curl that is a barbell bicep curl at 70lbs then immediately follow it with a set of drag curls at 70lbs does utilize PO and Metabolic stress?

  • The first time I tried the metabolic overload method with lighter weights for bicep and tricep exercises, the next day my arms ached like crazy. That is a good pain…

  • what about the plateau you reach after doing 5×5 by 6 months. I honestly believe the lack of hypertrophy in the program gets you to a certain point, Would you then suggest adding more volume to the program, given that you eat and get enough sleep. eating 3k calories a day and expecting to add weight to a bar each/every other week doesn’t seem to work for most people after a certain time.

  • its more a problem of what people actually consider a plateau i guess. there are alot people who think they plateaued if the progress stops for a few weeks, thats not a plateau

  • And whats the issue if every lfit except deadlift is getting stronger? Can’t still be diet/sleep if bench/squat/row/overhead press is getting heavier and im needing less assistance on pullups/dips

  • I an a noice lifter been lifting regurlarly for the past 1 year being on bulk for the last 6 months. Eating 500 too 700 houndred calories over my maintenens. I switched from a porgram that was putting 5p pound on every compound exercies every week i hit the required reps. About 3 months ago i switched to The Ensuns program and my bench press went upp 20 pounds in about 6 weeks but now i am stuck at 185 pounds. and grinding every rep. every other lift is still going up but my bench is lagging. Some help would be much apricichated.

    Btw sorry for spelling misstakes. English is not my first laungeg

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  • I Don’t know if it is unconscious but almost every bodybuildet comes with this kind of answer, as if the training was the more important aspect. Why not twll him to check his diet? His macros and the recovery process, assuming you have a little experience in training (and how to doing properly) the nutrition and chemistry will only improve the performace. Dont give me wrong training is importat but as there are multiples ways of progression and schemes the most importat thing is the recovery process.

  • Don’t get the point of going to the gym without pushing for constant progression in reps or weight. Progressive overload is essential

  • Number 4 is dead wrong. Proper progression of resistance and volume and deloading negates the need for subtle variances in exercise selections. Switching from front to back squats isn’t going to make anything grow faster.

  • The last point (nr. 5) will get you nothing but using lighter weights because of the strength curve. For injury safe workouts, you should limit the time u spend in the weakest position i.e. full extension and full shortening.