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5 Ways to Optimize Your Workouts. by Jodi Helmer. April 11, 2019. 5 Comments.

Share it: Nothing beats the feeling of getting through a tough workout. Recovery is an active process and these five strategies ensure you’re making the most of every workout and optimize your fitness goals: 1. Keep moving. Yoga, stretching and walking are all forms of active recovery. Integrating low-intensity exercises can help expedite recovery and reduce muscle fatigue and post-workout soreness.

5 Proven Ways to Optimize Your Workout. Turning up to the gym is one thing, actually knowing how to get the best results is another. To optimize your workout and make the most of it, make sure you’re hitting these 5 key requirements. 1. Know your game plan. It’s best to know what you’re doing at the gym before you get there.

Move, sweat, eat, repeat makes for a decent training plan up to a point. But if you want to maximize your fitness gains, eventually you need to train smarter: smarter eating, smarter movin. Click now to see other ways to optimize your workouts. KEEP DOING IT: Stretching, yoga, walking, and tai chi are all effective forms of active recovery. It is important that you learn to integrate exercises that are low in intensity.

This can help in reducing muscle soreness and fatigue. Good Reads 5 ways to optimize your workouts. Good Reads.

Third Party Content. Posted: October 14, 2019. Take Caffeine Before Your Workout. Take 200-400mg of caffeine 1-2 hours before your workout.

Research shows that caffeine taken pre-workout increases fat-burning and endurance and blunts muscle pain during training, which means you can do more reps. A more recent study, from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln), indicates that subjects who took a caffeine supplement before their workouts. Balance exercises also require the attention and focus of your bra Improve Your Balance: A 5-minute Home Workout For Stability And Focus Dewrex News Fancy balance exercises aren’t required; something as simple as balancing on one foot with your hands out in front of you can work.

Another strategy to optimize calorie burn during your ab training is incorporating core work into your other strength days, Tripp says. Try doing a few ab-focused moves at the beginning, middle or end of your lower-body or upper-body routines. And vary the order to keep your. How to Use Caffeine to Optimize Your Workouts It can be hard to head out the door for a run around the neighborhood or a tough workout at the gym.

And once you’ve gotten going, it can be hard to push yourself to your limits and go all out.

List of related literature:

I believe the best of these is high-intensity interval training, which I have discussed last.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
by Jeffry S. Life
Atria Books, 2011

Well, I’ve created detailed beginner, active, and very active workouts to eliminate the guesswork (Part Two), but when I create individualized regimes for my clients, I always suggest that after a cardio interval, they start out with the exercise they dislike the most.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

Understanding why these six ways are essential and how they work serves two purposes: motivating you to do the exercises each day and making the program more powerful.

“Fast Track to Aging Backwards: 6 Ways and 30 Days to Look and Feel Younger” by Miranda Esmonde-White
from Fast Track to Aging Backwards: 6 Ways and 30 Days to Look and Feel Younger
by Miranda Esmonde-White
Random House of Canada, 2019

The second is easy enough to understand: Your body adapts to workout routines.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

8) Focus your mind on each exercise.

“The Wrestler's Body: Identity and Ideology in North India” by Joseph S. Alter
from The Wrestler’s Body: Identity and Ideology in North India
by Joseph S. Alter
University of California Press, 1992

• Establish a resistance training program in which the client is working at 80 per cent of one repetition maximum (1RM); increase sets and repetitions after the program is well established.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
from The Essential Guide to Fitness
by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
Cengage Learning Australia, 2019

To achieve a higher frequency of training, more detailed workouts should be developed, as simply performing the same exercises four times rather than three times per week is not the optimal approach to increasing frequency.

“DeLisa's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice” by Walter R. Frontera, Joel A. DeLisa, Bruce M. Gans, Lawrence R. Robinson
from DeLisa’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice
by Walter R. Frontera, Joel A. DeLisa, et. al.
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2019

These five exercises are the best ofthe best.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
Rodale Books, 2009

This book tells trainers how to delve into the minds (and physiques) of their clients and use this information to create exercise programs that work.

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
from Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies
by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
Wiley, 2004

• To go further with your physical training and create a long-term strategy, it is helpful to devise a plan with a personal trainer to gradually increase the intensity of your exercise regime: reps, weights and numbers of circuits in a programme you can stick to.

“Physical Intelligence: Harness your body's untapped intelligence to achieve more, stress less and live more happily” by Claire Dale, Patricia Peyton
from Physical Intelligence: Harness your body’s untapped intelligence to achieve more, stress less and live more happily
by Claire Dale, Patricia Peyton
Simon & Schuster UK, 2019

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I constantly use this in pandemic and my immunity is much much better it really works the result is amazing you must try this folk. here are the product link. https://amzn.to/2BATYCW

  • Sorry Ben everyone is different.A lot of my family and friends are living and coming up and over their 90’s.Did not go through Stem cell injections.They are Just basically happy people.They walk a lot. Have massages,eat well as they can,Regular monthly detoxing of the body,fast,eat alot of fish and plant foods and never stress over anything.Thats the success to longevity.

  • Thank you so much for bringing up L-methylfolate! So many doctors don’t know(or believe) that folic acid can be an issue for so many people.

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  • great video as always Mic I’ve been supplementing most of what you mentioned here. My addition would be Colloidal Silver. The brand I use is called Sovereign Silver. Since the pandemic I’ve been taking 3 to 4 teaspoons spread out over the day. Also turmeric, I use the powdered form. Hope this helps someone somewhere.

  • I’m ashamed to judge, as am I not to in this case. I got shivers down my spine when I first saw this guy, it got worse when he started talking. Some of things he mentioned I couldn’t disagree with enough. The guy gives me bad vibes.

  • the living forever versus aging and being conquered by gravity answer is in your psychology, ie; consciousness….the body is just a resource for and mirror of your consciousness conditioning.

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  • Hi guys, i’m a beginner and i want to start training to do the muscle up, i decided to buy a resistant band but i don’t know which band i should choose, the one that is more resistant or the one less resistant, can anyone help me, please?

  • Tom can wear whatever he wants he’s awesome and provides excellent shows which motivate me to strive for my potential and also live a healthier life. Now Ben, this guy is the weirdest interview ever on this show. I found him bizarre, disjointed, too smart for his own good.

  • Quality videos ever since. Still can’t muscle up but the belief is strong as ever! Thank you so much for your efforts and motivation, Chris and the ThenX family!!

  • @mamadoctorjones I have had mirena in for a year and my husband and I are looking to get pregnant around the time of my residency in medical school. Does mirena affect fertility or cause any issues with use after 5 years on a 20 year old? Also, is there any way to test fertility? His mom’s side has prominence of testicular cancer when 30-40, is that something to worry about now at 21?

  • Today in this time of crisis due to COVID19

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  • After 1 week I can only get 3/4 of the way through the routine.
    I examined it and came out with this fact for total numbers.
    10 muscle up with negatives on the way down
    1 muscle up with 20 straight bar dips
    15 muscle ups.
    Total muscle ups= 26 muscle up
    10 negative component
    20 straight bar dips
    10 L shaped pull ups waist to bar
    15 leg extensions
    1 round done
    4 rounds equal
    104 muscle ups.
    40 negative components
    80 straight bar dips
    40 L shaped pull ups waist to bar
    60 leg extensions
    Great work out once finished

  • Has Steven Pinker ever addressed this misinterpretation of “life-expectancy” vs. “life span”. This is really shocking! @sapinker stevenpinker.com

  • This is a great video! I also posted a similar video https://youtu.be/e_KKgVNYW3o with links to all the supporting videos on each topic from nutritionfacts.org. Check it out!

  • My first obGyn told me it would be hard for me to have a kid. 3 kids later and thinking about having another. Irregular and underweight. Not 100% ready for another but I’m thinking about it.

  • I would rather shoot a grizzly with a camera. Go out without intending to kill anything, yet capture the beauty of your adventure on film. Getting a photo of a grizzly is way better than shooting one.

  • Exposing his 13 year old boys to pot and psychedelic mushrooms? 13?!!! He said in a “healthy” way. At 13, really?!!! Don’t even get me started on killing the grizzly bear thing. Why? An adrenaline and ego boost. Ridiculous.

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  • People are staying home and now we need the government to sanitize the streets, subways and everything every day. Also viruses live in acidic bodies. We need to drink ALKALINE water, teas and food. Also to help your immune system take some garlic pills. Drink Chamomile, green and dandalion teas every day also make ALKALINE water by  Mixing baking soda and lime juice in water and drink it every day and stop eating animals. Animals are our friends not food.

  • Seems like a lot of people in the comments buy their meat from a shop at the end of the day someone has to kill it if you want o eat it

  • Fertility awareness method should be something that every young women is comfortable with. Basal body temperature, cervical fluid, cervical position and texture.

  • Doston, apni immunity ko badhane ke liye yeh video dekhiye https://youtu.be/BGBBy6BpJtA
    Agar aapko pasand aaye toh please video ko like kare, channel ko subscribe kare aur share kare.
    Aapke comments aur reviews hume aur acha kaam karne ki prerna denge. Dhanyawaad!!

  • I was actually fully into what you were saying and ready to follow you and your ideals until I heard you say you’re hunting bear!!!! WHY??? Why would you kill poor defenseless bears who probably have cubs somewhere that need them? It does not align with all the good, positive things you’re saying. Such a shame!

  • Uh oh, why is this the first video that was suggested to me when I opened the YouTube app after having unprotected coitus? ���� I also just checked my ovulation tracker, and I’m supposed to ovulate in 2-3 days. Yikes! ��

  • Really informative video. I also had this immune boosting herbal product from Planet Ayurveda like Immune booster capsules and Giloy capsules that contain herbs which boosts immunity naturally. It really works wonders

  • THIS IS WAAY TO MUCH VOLUME! Unless you already can do the muscle up.
    Decrease reps and time with 1/3 and do 3 sets or 2 sets. There you go.

  • I like to hear more about Joseph Campbell. Men marriage. Because I feel lots of men never transition from boy to grown men responsibility. Their wife becomes their mom after marriage.
    Like there is 3 people marriage.
    Before marriage we are girlfriends, after marriage, we become their mom figure. They go hunting their desire elsewhere.
    Would love to hear more about men
    Mind before after marriage. How yolo become more Men, real men figure.

  • Now my immune sustem is powerful like anything.
    I also used this website to calculate and boost my immune system ;

  • Isn’t it true that with this virus that the big damage is done with an over reaction of the immune system. So perhaps a slightly weak response might be a good thing? I say this because in seen reports that immuno-modulating medications could be helpful.

  • I want to see a video about how vegans can lose more weight. I stopped eating nuts, peanut butter, dried fruit, and regular fruit for almost a month and didn’t lose any weight. I don’t eat oils or processed foods. I want to lose fifteen more pounds. Why do bodies stop losing weight? I’m at the very top of the acceptable BMI scale for my age and height. I’m not muscular. I should weigh much less. Is the cause too much cortisol? I want to know all of the possibilities. If I get desperate I might just try eating only rice to see what happens.

  • Hey I am on the depo shot and we decided to stop it and my next shot is due in the middle of september. How long after stopping it should you be able to get pregnant?

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  • Some of what Ben Greenfield is saying is not right. For example, hemochromatosis is a genetic issue men are not more “prone” to it. So you don’t have to worry about the miniscule amounts of iron in himalayan salt. Otherwise a great interview that confirms what the best current advice out there is take cold showers, eat healthy, sleep well, stress your body a bit, etc.

  • Boy Tom looked absolutely deflated at the beginning there when this guy shot down the statistics on longevity and living forever and then pretty much destroyed all these new and modern hacks for living longer not to mention forever…. I think as Tom ages his needs to live forever will wane

  • If you or your significant other is unable to have children, learn this guide. I was upset by the outcomes that I was acquired from western medicine. later a couple of months of having planned acupuncture treatments and following a healthy dietary, I became pregnant. the sight of my year old daughter wandering around the house is highly enchanting. You can learn about this guide more by getting to Google. People call it Sofia Goρazna
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  • 6 months later i got my 3 muscle-ups in perfect form (hands and lats only) and another 6 muscle-ups with a slight legs kick.
    Thanks Chris

  • Mama Doctor Jones’s videos are always my favorite! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 13 months and hoping for BFP soon ��

  • Hey Mic. Many vegans are going to die as a direct result of listening to you. You have weakened the immune system of thousands of people. If being vegan makes you so healthy prove it. Go lick a doornob. You save animals and kill people.

  • Oh my son drew the cutest picture of me giving birth (he was three and is now eight) to his brother (I accident gave birth in front of him, baby came in three hours and 4 weeks early) I will try to mail you his explanation of birth and photo haha it’s so funny.

  • True Right of Passage: Pursuing to be the man that God has called you to be through His Word (the Bible) is really the only “right of passage” that men need. You first of course, have to repent of your sins and place your faith in Christ. A faith that is marked by a changed life that seeks to obey God from the heart. What greater right of passage than to cross over from death to life? The same could be said for women. As a woman, you can experience the outward signs of puberty (just as everyone does respectively) but that particular event doesn’t make you a woman. What makes you a woman is how you respond to the way God has called you to live. Now think about that. If those two people (mentioned above) pursued God first (and God hates divorce), what do you think would happen to the divorce rate in the world? Right. It would go down. Our decisions in everyday life and the way we view everything, tells us a lot about our view of God.

  • If we shouldn’t drink then the news media has got to stop intentionally trying to freak us out! Science is great but so is real data. I suggest everyone watch Dr. Pam Popper’s videos about the Coronavirus.

  • How to Increase Insulin Sensitivity Naturally and Healthy


  • All you moral police are so annoying. Death is the flip side of life. He’s not some flippant care free bear murderer. And he’s not the one who designed life to involve death. He clearly values life, and is a very well thought out man, who doesn’t get into things lightly. He lives a better life than 99.99% of us and some of you are clicking off because he killed a bear? It’s pathetic. Y’all are like ostriches with their heads on the sand.

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  • Why not boost our immune system by choosing wisely what to eat! Below are some best immune booster foods.

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  • Great video and my immune system is great because I eat only a vegan whole plant foods based diet with garlic, turmeric in most recipes daily and I love my vegetables and fruits.

  • Place your finger on the screen to cover his forehead wrinkles and this guy literally looks 18 years old (he’s 41).
    I might start digging into this whole stem cells thing!!

  • Thanks for sharing this good info, for Vit D best off taking a supplement or get some sun, the levels in all foods are way too low. I get mine tested every few months along with a few others in the UK at, thriva.co/i/hozns1 the link will get your 50% your first test.

  • Have beef, bacon, eggs while you eliminate all processed foods including vegetable oils and you’ll truly boost your immune system. Don’t believe me? Check the facts, but don’t go by epidemiologic studies cos they’re all just biased opinions with nothing scientific about them. Check MeatRx.

  • I relate the the hydrogen peroxide in eye. I didn’t know there was a difference and was crying. Jumped in a cold shower with clothes one to try and help the burn stop

  • I was really enjoying this interview until Ben shared about his bear hunt. With a bow so potentially the bear may suffer a long painful death. Jerk.

  • Parenting: A great book is “Shepherding Your Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp https://www.amazon.com/Shepherding-Childs-Heart-Tedd-Tripp/dp/0966378601

  • Ultimate biohack with PEMFT, PBMT, microdosing with 200mg of niacin and isochronic sounds for accelerated evolution. What PBMT machines have been beneficial for you? Looking to pick one, looking at the Joovv so far, any recommendations appreciated.

  • let me tell you I had the corona virus that as soon I started with the fever I didn’t want to eat cause I lost my appetite for food, I didn’t eat for 10 days with fever, headaches, all my body hurts, couldn’t smell or taste, felt like throwing up and I had diarrhea �� it was horrible I prayed to God before google recommended 14 days immune support to me if you experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus, looking for a way to boost your immune system naturally research https://drkanayonaturalcure.com/product/14-days-immune-support/ I was about to contact dr kanayo on whatsapp +1(909) 375-5642 after I placed my Order.

  • So I went to the website to have a look what the workouts look like, where the hell are they? do you have to be a member to get the workouts?

  • Maybe a dumb question, but is it possible that boosting immunity in younger, healthy people may potentially be unhelpful at this time? I only ask because deaths associated with younger people who have no underlying health conditions tend to be due to the immune system going into overdrive or a ‘cytokine storm’ and for the first time I am terrified to be young and healthy lol

  • From my experience (2 years of taking them) Probiotics work brilliantly. My immune system and recovery speed is brilliant now.
    You must take them every day though (when you are perfectly healthy) They don’t work like medicine.

  • why isn’t this topping the news today? much more important than people panic buying toilet paper over fear of a virus actually less lethal and horrible than HIV? I got diagnosed 25years ago it has decimate people’s lives and remained in epidemic status for YEARS, claimed about 32 million people’s lives and infected 75 million people. I use @dr.kanayo 14 days herbal remedy to cure myself it was recommended to by my best friend
    . COME ON! This is worth celebrating I’m grateful to Dr kanayo Peterson look him up on google

  • Thanks for this Mama Doctor Jones! My husband and I are beginning our journey to becoming parents and have been doing a lot of research about “getting pregnant” and this was incredibly helpful! There is some crazy info out there (legs up after sex) and it’s nice to hear from a doctor that we can just relax and let nature take it’s course. We definitely don’t want to lose ourselves getting wrapped up in trying to have a baby!

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  • The best video I have ever seen on Youtube. �� Keep making more videos and show us the way of leading life correctly and more happily.

  • I am actually immune to ticks, they instantly die after they bite me. Also mosquitos do not bite me at all, however i do not know if these attributes are related.

  • Hello everybody.

    If you want to enhance your immune system, you may wonder how to help your body fight off illnesses.

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    Find below, 9 tips to strengthen your immunity naturally:

    1. Get enough sleep.

    2. Eat more whole plant foods.

    3. Eat more healthy fats.

    4. Eat more fermented foods or take a probiotic supplement.

    5. Limit added sugars.

    6. Engage in moderate exercise.

    7. Stay hydrated.

    8. Manage your stress levels.

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  • Wow what a lot of croc! Pemf to simulate the earth’s magnetic field? That you can get anywhere! These guys as science quacks that themselves have not had basic science training but use the later buzzwords. It’s a dangerous trend that people like these are getting a soapbox.

  • I read that during the Pandemic of 1918 they suggested people take baking soda to alkalize their as that seems to fight viruses. The WFPB diet I eat seems to be very alkalize. So those eating a WFPB diet may have heightened immunity to Covid-19. It’s interesting this is not mentioned much as drug companies can’t make money off of this solution. It would be interesting to seem more research into this subject. Thanks.

  • Can you do a video about endometriosis? I think it’s really important to lift the information about endometriosis because people don’t really know what the disease is and what it menas to live with it.

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  • WONDERFUL WORK… wish you were president of the US, head of the FDA, CDC, WHO, AMA!
    Wish we knew how to clone you, but glad you are trying to clone your beautifully presented information with these videos.
    Now how do we get all those agencies to understand there’ will still plenty of money to be made in Pharma no matter how well people eat, supplement,,sleep, meditate, exercise, sunbathe, shower and stress manage?
    No money in it?
    There’s plenty of money to be made and saved in vitamins and all of these things.

  • come on none of those leg raises where effective they where swinging and you where halfassing them by going half way if your gonna do them do them properly and stop showing shitty progressions for a muscle up without explaining the technique behind them and it would be easier to learn them on the rings at the some time its easier then just doing on a bar but also hard because you have to stabilize the rings and its all in the wrist you need to get your wrists on top of the bar before you move your shoulders can get up

  • Thousand thanks! This workout was the key of my first muscle-up! What especially worked for me was the jump muscle up, but at a stance of one feet forward the bar. It helped me to really understand the ‘circular’ movment.

  • Cheers for the Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Tarbbatigan Complete Unit Tip (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning how to get pregnant naturally without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy after many years got cool success with it.

  • It took me and my husband 5 months to get pregnant, we didn’t use any tracking or ovulation tests, I just stopped taking the pill and decided to just see what happens.

  • Ibogaine saved my life… I was addicted to opiates. It was the ONLY thing that worked (ten years clean, no cravings or even a thought about it since) and I’d gone to rehab, and tried every kind of cognitive, talk therapy and even the 12 steps, nothing touched my addiction until I did Ibogaine… and, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life… thank you for mentioning Ibogaine, it is actually the anti venom for opiates… If only it were legal in the states… I went Mexico…. thank you for such a wonderful interview… I agree with everything he said and especially how he raises his children!

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  • I would find it beneficial for a video about irregular periods when trying to conceive. What you would suggest to regulate periods and methods you would suggest to help chances of getting pregnant for those of us with unpredictable cycles ( who don’t have PCOS).

  • I’ve been tracking my ovulation for 3 years because of natural family planning as birth control. This month we start TTC. I’m probably going to continue tracking just because it’s been a daily part of life, and won’t add more stress.

    I have been married since 10 years without any child. My Fallopian tubes was blocked I tried everything possible to get pregnant nothing was working. I visited so many hospital’s my problem never seems to end i lost hope and feel depress. One faithful day I start checking online on how to get pregnant in the comment section people were testify about how they get result with Dr Michael.. I was suprise about The testimony and decided to talk with him about my own issue… After explaining to him he said I have to purchase some medication from him after getting this medication i became pregnant and give birth. If you want to talk to Dr Oregbore contact him on whatsApp (+2347025486474)

  • Plzzzz Dr make on vedio LH and FSH.during menstruation….my LH 4.5 mlu/ml and FSH 10.3Mlu/ml….first day of menstrual cycle…..plz tell me…its normal or not…..

  • I would love to see a video of tips to help get pregnant with PCOS, without medications or some types of things besides IFV that could help a woman get pregnant with this condition.

  • I have been using 14 days negative for about 2 weeks now with raw honey, veggies and fruit when I read this story on his website in 2019 I started using the 14 days negative for my hiv infection and I just started eating veggies, fruit and honey…I recommended 14days negative to any hiv patient out there tired of antiviral treament and in 2 weeks no sign of hiv in my body…. i’m a firm believer in herbal medicine now. even tho i didnt beleieve before because my doctor told me there was no cure and herbal medicine is bad…I just wanted to give you my story to let you know your on point…if you are willing to talk to DR. KANAYO about your health through WhatsApp +1(909)3755642 just want to share some information on my health experiments..

  • My mum is a eye nurse so if acid is bad, alkaline is worse! It’s something to do with making the lipid in your eye turn to soap and make things worse (according to my school chemistry teacher that my mum confirmed that alkaline is worse than acid)

  • Instead of hunting go take some martial arts class, the best way to boost your ego. Or you can fight at a bar with the biggest men you can find.

  • Did my first beginner muscle up today i can do 8 pull ups, started 3 weeks ago with calisthenics and could do only 3 pull ups! 3 sets of jumping muscle ups, 3 sets of 4 weighted pull ups and 3 sets of 5 weighted dips. Is my routine

  • I’d like to hear more about trying to get pregnant. I’m probably not going to try for kids for another 5 years or so, (financial/practical reasons) but I’m very much looking forward to it.

  • Good list & well presented. Big issue though is soy’s hormonal interference, as well as the fact that orange juice’s sugar content is comparable to soda. Not health boosting.

  • Are we actually living longer than our ancestors? [ 01:14]
    The benefits of stressing your body [ 03:46]
    Simulating what the blue zones are doing right [ 05:58]
    Why antioxidants are bad for you, at the wrong time [ 11:20]
    The best exercise for longevity [ 14:21]
    Why fitness has become a new rite of passage [ 20:33]
    Ben’s new Everest [ 23:20]
    Why Ben is taking his kids on a vision quest [ 24:25]
    The real reason Ben doesn’t have strict rules at home [ 28:21]
    How to use plant medicines responsibly [ 33:39]
    How men can improve their sexual performance [ 39:01]
    The craziest “biohacker” thing Ben has ever done [ 41:56]
    Why you should be able to name your purpose succinctly [ 47:47]
    The one thing you should do to improve your health [ 51:24]

  • Hi�� is there any research on why backache is a common complaint after pregnancy? Does the lithotomy position have any hand in it. Is standing and squatting better and if it is can’t there be any way to support the mother at the same time. I am just curious

  • You should make a video on how not to get pregnant without birth control or condoms etcetera. Also talk about conditions that make it very easy to get pregnant. I didn’t want to get pregnant and apparently can’t avoid it because I drop 3+ eggs a month and we did our best not get pregnant but two years later and two children later it’s looking like a tubal ligation.

  • We can increase the functional reserves of the body, so that when the immune system is in a battle with a new pathogen the body can endure the challenge with minimum discomfort and in the shortest time possible:  https://blog.comra-palm.com/how-to-boost-immune-system-help-colds-flu-and-coronavirus/?att=11

  • Prophylaxis. If you have a movement to using the French treatment EARLY in the process, fewer and fewer will need to go to the ICU. Then the system will not be overloaded. The use of the quick Abbott Labs test can give a fast confirmation. Start the French protocol immediately at the ONSET of symptoms. This way, you still build herd immunity. Death rates will drop well below 1.0%.

  • Hey!
    I love you videos and your work!
    You need to do something about your audio when you shot videos in your gym. the eco is is horrible and it ruins the other good qualities of your content.

    Best wishes!

  • I’m 33. Also 4 months in to marriage and trying for a baby and getting paranoid and then saw this! Came right on time for me! Thanks!
    Question… is it normal for sperm to always spill out after sex? What amount actually gets in if that always happens?

  • YES! So happy I am seeing more vitamins using folate, NOT folic acid! I have the MTHFR gene mutation. My mom has both genes for it. I know of 5+ women on my moms side who have had miscarriages and it all made sense finally when my mom got it tested. Hack for testing: 23&me and then import your results into Nutrahacker.

  • My husband and I are wanting to start trying in the next 6 months. I’m 31 with PCOS, should we wait the year or should I make an appointment sooner??

  • I tried to do muscle ups today and failed. I’m going to practice these exercises to eventually get strong enough to complete them. Thanks for the tips.

  • I’ll be honest, when I saw Mic I was concerned this would have a vegan bias which would discredit it, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised ��

  • Well, I’ve had a sore throat on and off for the past 2 weeks now. Not as bad as the hacking coughs of my sick housemates, and I’ve been in close contact with them.:)

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  • I would love to be able to see your take and get some information on the right of a patient to be able to refuse a male obstetrician to deliver her baby. I am a primigravida and have had multiple very bad experiences with male practitioners amongst other traumatic experiences outside of the Gyn field and under no circumstances do I want a male to deliver me. Sadly my insurance requires me to deliver it only one particular facility and all practicing OBGYN‘s at that facility have at least three men in their practices. I’m worried about my rights as a patient knowing how important call schedules are. Sadly a hospital delivery is my safest option due to a cardiac condition which would make a home birth with a midwife very dangerous. Thank you for your time!

  • With two of my three pregnancies, I knew I was fertile by checking my cervical mucous. Egg-white consistancy is best but you don’t have to see it to get pregnant. If it feels slippery when you wipe like a period but it’s clear, you could be fertile.

  • This is my first time enjoying your YouTube channel. Great work! I’m looking forward to more great content from you. Thank you so much for this informative video! I got so much out of it.

  • I did feel like my immune system is better after having these supplement. My mother was sick for about a week and I was afraid I’d get caught with her virus so I took this Immune Booster. And guess what I’m healthy as ever.

  • I’m still in High School and have always wanted to pursue my dreams of being an OB Nurse. Your videos never fail to inspire me, and now I think I might just want to become an Ob/GYN (: Thank You for always teaching me new things, and for being an honest, and beautiful doctor.

  • 4:40 correlation or causation? Or do people with enough time and the inclination to [go to saunas regularly] have an underlying psychology or lifestyle to live longer anyway, and [ ] is just the available non-destructive social habit of choice?

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  • This video about getting pregnant: Exists
    Me a 17 year old senior in high school, who isn’t even sexually active, and has PCOS: interesting

  • Florida, Georgia and California have low CV-19 deaths. NYC and other rust belt cities have high rates. I am convinced that vitamin D has a lot to do with this. Vitamin D is needed for the immune system to work properly, and more is better, when the immune system has to work very hard. 2) Old people, shut away in “homes” have Very Low Vitamin D levels. 3) African Americans high death rates can also be explained by their very low vitamin D levels. (from their black skin)

  • I think it’s disgusting that for you to feel like a man you need to kill a bear. Do you plan on eating every bit if that bear? Are you starving and NEED to kill it to eat? No…your not a man!!! Weak is what you are.

  • If you or your significant other is unable to have children, learn this guide. I was upset by the outcomes that I was got from western medicine. Nevertheless, my pregnancy was successful after getting a nutritious diet and going through scheduled acupuncture therapies for a few months. Viewing my one year old daughter wandering before me makes me ecstatic. See much more about this wonderful method on Google. People call it Sofia Goρazna
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  • I do not smoke (anymore), i do not use alcohol only on small occasions with friends, i eat from varied source, cut out almost all meat, eat tons of fruits, strength exercise between 5 to 3 times per week, cardio 15 minutes to 20 minutes 2 to 3 times per week. And i am over 50. Never felt better in my life.

  • I’m sorry MDJ, this is the first time I’m going to fact check you. Alcohol has a detrimental effect on fertility in both males and females.


  • That is a tough exercise combination. I do a muscle up in order to do my negatives. Even one round wore me out. I did not want to do my weighted lunges after the first round.

  • Man, thanks to this workout I did my first muscle-up today (two in a row!) ��
    It took me exactly 3 workouts to succeed, I was prepared for at least a month or two of hard work.
    I did only 2 sets of this routine (4 sets were too much for me) every workout.
    At the beginning of each workout I also did muscle-ups with resistance band to “taste” the full movement, was surprised that I could do them at all honestly ��
    Of course, I am far from really MASTERING the muscle-up yet, but now I feel like so much more possibilities opened up for me after this little achievement.
    Huge thanks, Chris ��
    Keep being the be(a)st! ��

  • Confused here…if u do negative muscle up u hold your thumb above the bar. ( below is way harder)
    But in muscle up the thumb is below bar a

  • MAN your channel and Freeletcis helped me to stay in the fitness life. Thank you so much Calisthenics is now a part of my life i think im doing bodyweight fitness for 5 month now and i found out about calisthenics 3 weeks ago. big love to you!

  • Marijuana? Don’t be influenced and think it’s ok. Do your due diligence and check out real authentic brain image scans of people that use marijuana.


  • Anyone who likes this video is a fucking moron. Literally everything in this video is common sense that any basic pleb would know!!

  • I used to think explosive leg raises were just a way to cheat controlled slow leg raises, but now im learning that that’s the reason I can’t L sit pull-up or do more than 3 muscle ups. If I can’t control explosive momentum, how would I ever stop my legs from swinging everywhere? Thanks Chris.

  • I love mic with all my heart! But why the fuck even mention meat as D vitamins! It’s not and option especially now when the cause was because of farming animals. Why even mention. So upset

  • Atypical ego maniac. Going to burning man and doing dmt is somehow hedonistic.. guy clearly doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about there. Wonder what else he’s full of shit about. Seems to be leading on a lot of fads. Why kill a grizzly bear. Make one your best friend. Then you’d get my respect.

  • Fantastic guest!!! I will be diving into his info.

    Every living organism on the planet has a cannabinoid receptor. Your body produces DMT.

    Wim Hof for cold water info! Most folks don’t know about the importance of the Vagas Nerve.


  • This is awesome! Surprised more people are not going back to the basics here! Glad to see the science catching up on what keeps you healthy!

  • I am so paranoid lately. I am turning40 next year my husband and I want another baby. We started trying 1 month ago.I got a 1 1/2 day period that was very light this July and today again started period but it’s very light again more like spotting. I am very regular and this is certainly odd for me. I took pregnancy tests twice and came back negative. I have a doctors appointment this Friday ��so i can have labs done and start planing.

  • Man ky jelly burned my thighs and the area around the vaginally opening. That hurt so much. Haven’t used it since. Now I test everything on a different part of my body

  • As far as TracMinerals the recommended dosage is so low. It’s 1/8 tsp. Is this correct! How far can we up the dosage. Same question for kelp liquid supplements.

  • I’ve been eating LCHF for about a year and a half, I’ve lost 100 lbs, but I’ve been stalled for months, just recently getting a very stubborn 2 lbs off to reach my 100 lb mark. I still have a good 90 to go. I have not yet begun exercising, though, and it seems that’s probably what I’m really missing. Good video.

  • I see and understand everyone’s reaction when you heard Ben talking about bow hunting. I got uncomfortable too.
    How many of us are meat eaters on this planet? Your pork, chicken, turkey, fish and beef on your plate just happened without someone killing those animals????
    How about the rest of the knowledge and wisdom Mr. Ben greenfield shared in this interview?? How about we look into using his treasure of knowledge to heal ourselves instead of going around doctors offices and pharmacies. just because he hunts animals, let’s not discount the richness of the content he gave us in this interview. He acts like he knows it all in reality he knows it all. In today’s time in the world with all sorts people throwing whatever they know in these social media platforms as an ultimate message in fact rarely has science behind it. Ben’s statements are pretty backed up by science and age old wisdom. Listening to him is refreshing compared to all the confusing literature available nowadays. Ben looking young is a testimony to his own work. If you watch his videos even before his stem cell therapy the man looks much younger than his real age because of his healthy life style. This is probably one of the best interviews about nutrition and exercise I have ever seen. Kudos to Mr. Greenfield for sharing his amazing work. Tom is a good listener and a great interviewer as always.

  • Hahaha most cringy vegan, mic the vegan. High glycemic index Fruits don’t boost your immune system guys. And garlic is not proven as immune system boosting effects.

  • We can increase the functional reserves of the body, so that when the immune system is in a battle with a new pathogen the body can endure the challenge with minimum discomfort and in the shortest time possible:  https://blog.comra-palm.com/how-to-boost-immune-system-help-colds-flu-and-coronavirus/?att=11

  • Cheers for the Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you thought about Pannmily Intellective Paramountcy (search on google)? It is a smashing exclusive product for falling pregnant naturally without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • “alcohol reduces the quality of your sleep” is this really proven though. I tend to sleep like a baby when I’ve had a little to drink. seemed to me like alcohol’s main saving grace.

  • This is how we lived in Africa before “civilisation” Now we are being told to go back to sleeping on the floor, bath in cold water and climb trees, not sit in front of TV! We didn’t even have the TV…. I think we were okay before this whole civilisation…

  • The things about educating the kids… hmmm.. well… it really isn’t that easy. I do teach my kids about eating healthy and they do not care about it at all. If they have a huge ball of icecream in front, in a second it’s gone. When talking about kids things are complicated.

  • Hello again. I’ve made another Corona virus parody song, this one’s more peppy. Again I’ve used this video cover, at 4.53 min. Thanks again. https://youtu.be/lwpo0ogUtqg And this original Hindi song is a very enjoyable and charming video, overall grungy chic effect with a lovestruck teenage boy and his gang dancing on the streets of Mumbai. Excellent video I think, very musical and entertaining. Bound to make you smile. He’s asking the breeze to organise a meeting with a beautiful girl he has seen and is dying to meet. ��. https://youtu.be/lrusoeIvetQ. In my parody I ask the breeze, Hawa, to blow Corona away. At 2.40 min I show a message on factory farming and at the end at 5.42 a message on vegan food.

  • Every few years they come up with a new theory what’s good and what’s bad for people. Free radicals were bad, now it’s all good. And yeah, it’s called SCIENCE

  • Please don’t take alcohol away from me!! Is there any way to mitigate the effects so I can be glowing with health and still enjoy my alcohol? And I don’t mean full blown drunkeness, just a pleasant, relaxing feeling.

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  • Am I the only one that thinks chris is a little more pudgy than everyone else? He always looks a little more flabby than the others. Creatine or too much salt maybe?

  • Yeah “IMMUNE”..what a word..I guess if I become vegan I would become completely indestructible?? hmm let me try that..starting today I will only eat veggies and touch infected people because I’m immune ridiculous..

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  • Thank you for your contrbution to the collective..Boosting immune system is the best means to protect yourself at this time.. As a Health and wellness coach, I love nothing more than to help to enlighten other. here is my piece https://youtu.be/CcaXbeV_Q-M

  • My husband and I have been trying to have a child for five years and we have used different method just to try and have a child and the trying included visiting fertility doctors, under-going tests of all manners, hormone shots and during all these miscarriages had begun to be a stifling force to our marriage. My husband was ready to give up and I was emotionally exhausted. And I was on the edge of losing my happy home. On this faithful day a friend simply mentioned a FERTILITY SPELL as a common joke but never (never joke with a barren and desperate woman). After she left I had to surf the internet to make enquiring and my first and last encounter was Dr. Isi of website: http://ancientspiritualtemple.com and WhatsApp number +254795696876, he gave me hope and agreed to take my case and help me become a mother that I have always dreamed of all my life. Dr. Isi of http://ancientspiritualtemple.com and WhatsApp number +254795696876 understood and knew the devastation and conquered feeling that hopeful mothers with fertility were likely to go through, and I could feel his sincerity and his hope for me. We talked for a few days back and forth and we finally decided to go ahead. She did the spell and also send me some herbal medicine. After five weeks I took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE. Why i can proudly share this testimony is because I’m now 6 months pregnant with my healthy baby BOY. Thanks to Dr. Isi of http://ancientspiritualtemple.com and WhatsApp number +254795696876 for saving my MARRIAGE. I will tell the whole WORLD about his good work.

  • My suggestion for #10 is Zinc! Because viruses cannot replicate in the presence of zinc, it is wise to slowly melt a zinc lozenge in your mouth, filling your airways & lungs with a protective coating. I’ve used this to ward off colds for the past 30 years (did you know that the common cold is a mild coronavirus?)

  • Chinese and yoga philosophies and ways of actions are right since 2 to 3 thousands years ago!!!”they have had plenty of time to confirm their understanding of life principles.so don’t be fooled by western philosophie it is only 2 to 3 hundred years of controversial experiences with often hidden truths!!!! study the history of this new civilisation. it has brought us many worldly big problems.which are threatening our own life now!!! they have really spoiled everything…..but do you know that there are yet solutions that exist and they will or may come from each one of us if we change our thinking!!! what does that mean????what you see is coming from the functioning of your own mind and all the conditioning that you have received from your family and teachers and all other people called collective thinking and beliefs.to unravel all this mess you have to know yourself!!! know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods is often said by the greatest spiritual masters of the past and actually. but we seem to be far away of what is being done actually!!! so otherwise this situation will continue and something else will happen to force the change in the world!!! nature is more intelligent the man!!! it will know to ‘re establish the balance!!! but man will have to learn msny lessons.with no joy but…know that you are eternal by your soul not by your body which is ephemeral…you will come back on earth!!! if life is still possible….as you think so shall you be!!! this is a great law of life!!! this is a dream life!!! the arborigens people of australia have always said…..

  • At 4:40 the guy on the right is doing a L-Sit Pull Up and gets sooooooo freaking high (this is without any help from the magic button as you call it). I’m in awe….

  • Hi, �� Could you please do a video on regenerative agriculture and soil health? Even vegan (conventional) farming has desastrous effects on the planet, the animals and human health. We could even reverse climate change, if we just did ot right. As research and just in general, i recommend you watch speeches from Christine Jones, Elaine Ingham, Gabe Brown, Ray Archuletta and David R. Montgomery. From David i can also recommend his book called Growing a Revolution. What i learned is that we CAN and HAVE TO change and do better. ������ that’s why we need to learn how and why to do it better ☺ Thanks! (For even reading this comment ��) Also, Elaine Ingham has great YT short videos about the Soil Food Web that are great to get in much knowledge fast. ☺

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  • Awesome video! Just want to point out the microbiome contains more than simply bacteria. There’s also fungi, archaea, protists, and viruses (yep, we actually need viruses in and on our bodies to survive).

  • Ive recently just recovered from Covid-19, it was hell…but ive been getting obsessed with boosting my immune defences as ive had 4 viruses/infections in the last 3.5 months, and c-19 is no joke. I think my white blood cell count is low, so going to try an be a lot stricter on my nutrition…sugar is a weakspot for me and can attack the immune system. I had c-19 for 8 days but thankfully not severe/critical, and im positive taking in the immune boosting nutrients and supplements i feel more energetic and stronger than ever. Eat what God provided us foods created by man spoils us

  • Adding more zinc to your diet can also help to protect you. 

    “A Cochrane review updated in 2013 summarized 18 randomized controlled trials involving 1,781 participants across all age groups found that zinc – particularly in lozenge or syrup form – “inhibits replication of the virus” that cause the common cold and shortens average duration of the common cold when taken within 24 hours of onset of symptoms at a dose of more than 75 milligrams a day.”

    “A virologist’s take on Zinc and COVID-19

    The email was one that James A. Robb sent to friends and family. He is University of Colorado School of Medicine MD, a pathologist, and molecular virologist who, while at the University of California, San Diego in the 1970s, did pioneering work in understanding coronaviruses. He wrote:

    Stock up now with zinc lozenges. These lozenges have been proven to be effective in blocking coronavirus (and most other viruses) from multiplying in your throat and nasopharynx. Use as directed several times each day when you begin to feel ANY “cold-like” symptoms beginning. It is best to lie down and let the lozenge dissolve in the back of your throat and nasopharynx. Cold-Eeze lozenges is one brand available, but there are other brands available.”


  • Quercetin, a flavonoid found in plant foods, especially buckwheat. Researchers are trialing this substance against corona in Montreal. It has already been shown effective against Ebola and zika virus: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/the-current-for-feb-28-2020-1.5479561/as-coronavirus-spread-speeds-up-montreal-researchers-will-trial-an-anti-viral-treatment-for-covid-19-in-china-1.5480134

  • Should i be aiming to relax my scapula at bottom of my L sit pull-up, kind of how you do at the bottom of a scapula pull-up? I feel that that is the hard part of the L sit pull-up because you have to keep your legs from falling down and forward. These guys look like their backs are flexing the whole time which isn’t what you do in a normal hanging L sit, which is what you’re supposed to be doing the whole time, except you’re adding some full ROM pull-ups.

  • Very good workout! I’ve been trying to muscle up for about a month now, and since I did this workout only once 2 days ago, I really felt the difference! Been able to muscle up much easier. I strongly recommend.

  • So my wife and I were going to start trying to get her pregnant in July, this was back in 1999. We were using condoms for birth control at the time. Yes we were using them correctly. Sufficient to say she got pregnant in June, before we were going to start trying. Lol

  • 1. Microbiome
    2. Increase Sleep
    3. Reduce Stress
    4. Regular Moderate Exercise
    5. Diet
    6. Garlic
    7. Vitamin C
    8. Vitamin D
    9. Avoid Alcohol

  • Dude. Please stop spreading false information. This is a new strain of a virus that is BRAND NEW to our bodies, the only thing that will build immunity to it is getting it, it affecting your body and your body builds antibodies. Stop with your nonsensical “vegan diet fixes everything”

  • I am getting married next year and will be trying for a baby soon after that. If it weren’t for wanting my dress to fit I’d be trying even sooner. Little afraid of what issues I might have because I have a heart shaped (bicornuate) uterus. I found out last year and I still haven’t gotten an MRI so see the extent of it for various reasons. But I know it puts me at higher risk of miscarriage, preterm labor, and cryptic pregnancies. I also know that worrying about it decreases my chances of conceiving to begin with, so there’s that too. Yikes!


  • Also fasting helps a lot.
    You know that fasting was mentioned in the Coran from 1500 years ago!
    {And that you fast is better for you if only you know.} 2:184 Coran.
    I hope that you take a time and take a look at it, it’s the 3rd message from God to all of us.
    Best luck to you ��

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  • The simple rule of boosting immunity is give up all pleasures and do everything that makes you miserable, You can then live 100 miserable years of life with rock solid immuniity. NO booze, no smoking, No fast food, no other pleasure in life. Just hug misery morning to evening and you are doing fine.

  • Seems to me he is very biased with this ritualistic thing. Ritual is synonymous to a structure. If you need structure through ritual, means you have not yet grew up, and you are not ready to take the world as it is. Not judging, only writing this for some of you to be aware of this.

  • Thank you so much, this is the best video I’ve seen since this whole corona thing started. There’s actually some positive energy in here. I’ve found that more and more, the crazy vegan types out there are my favorite sorts of people to listen to, and this crazy vegan guy in this video isn’t really all that crazy. He’s an inspiration.

  • I have had lifelong chronic asthma since childhood. Going 100% whole foods plant based helped immensely. Also, crucially for my asthma: high doses of Vitamin D3. Dosage: 5000IU and higher. Recommended doses are too low and likely why 70% of people on earth are deficient: your skin cannot make D3 year round in all parts of the world, so SUPPLEMENT. Importantly: ensure you get enough K2 with it to avoid possible toxicity effects, ie 1 cup minimum per day of chopped leafy greens, parsley is a BIG TIME winner. If anyone has any questions about this protocol, I am happy to send out an email I have compiled for others with chronic illnesses. This isn’t something I randomly decided on, I researched extensively and ready many books/studies before settling on high doses of D3 to treat my asthma. Also: I have been behaving as though I am sick and have stayed home for almost two weeks now except for groceries. Results: I have never felt so healthy! I have served tables for a million years and always get sick from colleagues and customers, literally after every weekend after work in the winter I feel myself warding off a fresh infection. I can guarantee that people do not wash their hands, since we rarely have to refill the soap in restaurants, scary fact, pre-Covid. Since I haven’t been at work for two weeks, I almost feel like I don’t have asthma anymore. And apparently CO2 emissions are super low, which could be helping too.

  • Good presentation.. I saw another video today..a must watch on the role of Vitamins on your immunity.. must watch

  • This is excellent!! As a Nurse and Teacher, I am sending it out to my students and colleagues. You will be an extraordinary physician. Well done!

  • Cold showers. High quality animal foods. Quality sleep. Low stress. Moderate exercise. Breathing exercises, some fruit, and starches…