5 Methods to Intensify Strength Workouts Without Growing Weight


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How To Get Stronger Without Gaining Weight

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“By far, my favorite way to increase the intensity of an exercise is to incorporate isometrics at the midpoint, endpoint or both,” says Rachel Straub, MS, certified strength and conditioning specialist and co-author of “Weight Training Without Injury.” Isometrics are when you contract your muscle without actually moving, essentially. Of course, in a weight-free workout, you can’t increase force (unless you gain weight). But you can boost your work output by moving a greater distance during each repetition.

Apply these ten methods to increase your strength without inflating yourself. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube! In order to view the.

You need to rotate through exercises to build up muscle across your body. Try exercises like squats, handstand pushups, pull-ups, dips, and body rows. You can also try things like sit-ups and 1-armed handstands up against a wall for balance.

It can help to rotate through types of exercises. According to the Mayo Clinic, strength training may help: build lean muscle mass. reduce body fat. burn calories more efficiently, even after you’ve exercised. boost metabolism and make weight loss easier. increase bone density and improve bone health. boost flexibility and. Do the circuit for a total of three to five times.

1. Squats: Bodyweight (“Air”) Squats, Squat Jumps, Isometric Squats. 2: Pushups — Standard pushups, Plyometric pushups, “Pause” pushups. This is why most linear strength programs that work are 8-10 weeks cycles (sometimes 11 or 12 if they have a deloading/peak week). Lifters often don’t realize they can continue making gains without constantly adding weight to the bar. Finding ways to progress without adding weight will allow the tendons to adapt along with the rest of the body.

Legs & Shoulders: You would typically start out with 4 sets of squats, then 3 to 4 sets of leg press, then 3 to 4 sets of leg extensions, then 4 sets of lying leg curls, then onto 3 sets of stiff legged deadlifts, then 3 sets of standing calf raises, and then finally 3. Increase the weight this is the most typical way of implementing progressive overload. Even just increasing the weight by five pounds will force your muscles to work harder and adapt quicker. Make a note of the weight you’re using each workout, so you don’t forget.

Increase the volume of sets/reps increasing the sets or reps forces. A workout designed to increase strength without increasing mass would certainly be useful for these athletes. An excellent way to develop crushing grip strength, useful for manual labor as well sports such as wrestling, is by using hand grippers. it is very feasible to increase strength without increasing weight.

It all bogs down to the.

List of related literature:

For the bodyweight exercises, start with 2 sets of each exercise, and as you feel your mobility improve, add 2 reps per week until you reach 20 reps per exercise.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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For your two strength-training sessions per week, you can lift weights, focus on bodyweight movements (calisthenics, yoga), or practice any sport that builds strength.

“The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory: A Practical Guide for a Successful Journey” by Eva O. L. Lantsoght
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This is where the art and science of developing a strength training program come into play, because the principles of training specificity and progressive overload need to be balanced with individual needs, goals, and abilities.

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Strength-train at least once a week (preferably twice per week) using a minimum of eight exercises that involve all major muscle groups of the body.

“Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness: A Personalized Program” by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger
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Here’s how to add intensity to these exercises and any body-weight strength workout.

“Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets To Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever” by Strauss Zelnick
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Next, resistance should be added to further increase muscular strength, and the duration of the exercises should be increased to enhance muscular endurance.

“Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
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For example, instead of lifting 40kg, perform the same number of repetitions, but lift 45kg.

“Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running” by Richard Blagrove
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  • It doesnt matter what rep ranges I train in. If I lose weight Im getting scrawny and if I gain weight, I get fat. Rep ranges have had zero impact on anything for me. It always ended up the same.

  • At least 10 of my questions answered here… THANK YOU THANK YOU! Also, thank you for the “don’t get stressed about the exact numbers ” attitude cos that’s absolutely me….I actually feel myself sighing in relief haha soooo stupid but anyway… THANK YOU!

  • Very Interesting topic…I’m almost 57 and always do 8 reps with probably 75% max load. I like your tip to try 50% fast reps, and max loads with 3 reps. Thanks John.

  • I completely disagree about rep ranges. I have legit 19″ arms, but I rarely do any exercise for more than 5 reps. I’ve experimented and messed around with higher rep ranges, repping out, and such, but that comprises less than 5% of the sets I’ve done in my life. You can see Strongman competitors doing 5-6 reps when they aren’t doing heavy singles. Brian Shaw is very, very rarely going to do sets of 20 in any exercise he does, yet he weighs 440lbs at about 21-25% bodyfat. (Let that sink in.)

    The time I was the highest strength to lean weight ratio was when I was not getting optimal protein or carbohydrate intake for growth. (When I was young and dumb.) My pet theory on this is that it forces the neurological part of lifting to improve, while holding back the muscle tissue growth. Also, genetics have a large part to do with it. Some guys have high propensity to develop larger than average muscle tissue for the same strength.

    A case in point that any scientist should should study is this: why is Cailer Woolam deadlifting over 900lbs at barely 200 lbs bodyweight, while Mateusz Kieliszkowski is doing around 960lbs at 331 lbs body weight. What is the difference in training programs/styles? What are the differences in diet? What about genetics? Skeletal structure?

  • This type of training is also great for maximizing the potential of a lifter who already has a lot of muscle, but doesn’t lift that much in relation to bodyweight; i.e. the guy who weighs 250, deadlifts in the 500’s and wants to make it to the 600’s and beyond.

    Those light sessions at high velocities take a LOT of strain off the joints and connective tissue! They are also fun to do.
    Thanks a lot for the information. Much appreciated!

  • Compared to the masses, though doubtful compared to people in your circle, I am already a large guy. I have been trying to figure out how to get stronger without getting bigger and not punishing myself with a drawn out 5×5 or 3×3. Thanks for the video! Can’t wait to implement it and track the results.

  • Lol at the thumbnail, thats what i picture 98 percent of low rep sumo deadlifters looking like, no muscle and struggling like hell

  • I’m just wondering how many people experience back, neck issues etc.. knee inversions due to fallen arches?? I know for many the problem is resolved before it reaches those areas but for me my whole frame is affected.
    I tried these exercises but I realise they’re not going to work for me as my ankle has completely fallen inwards so it’s too late.

    BTW dude, you don’t have flat feet ��

  • Mountaindog1, you have done it again! I tried this today, your first point was on que. Heavier weight, 1 single five to six reps, I will train this way. For me, This is the best way for me. Thanks MD1!

  • Great stuff! How would you adjust a typical bodybuilding diet for a strengthathlete who doesn’t want to put weight on? Is it just caloric intake vs burned cal or is there more to it?

  • Hey, @Mountaindog big fan a question for you that I believe a lot of us would like to know is what if we want hypertrophy and strength. Do we have train the body separately, for example, one day only strength training and another day hypertrophy?

    OR can we train them simultaneously during each workout? For example, the bench press I usually start with the bar and do 10-15 reps until I get to My 1 rep max after My 1 rep max I take some weight off to where I’m about 3-5 rep range and stay there for about 5 sets then I do a drop set for hypertrophy. Or AM I confusing the muscles too much?

  • Hi John! Nice channel, very good content, keep it up!
    How would you integrate the “explosive” training in a Push/Pull/Legs routine (Sets, reps, etc.)?

  • This actually explains some of the things that happened to me when I was in my thirties and forties. I would start lifting as hard as I could. Never got seriously strong, but was strong for my weight and frame. After a while I’d make my joints so sore that I’d have to stop for a while. The muscles basically got stronger than the joints could handle. At 65, I’ve changed my workouts quite a bit, and I don’t have that problem any more, but I’m never going to be what I consider strong again either. Going to try some high velocity reps and see where they get me. Thanks again for all the good info. You help me a lot!

  • I clicked because A. John is the man and I respect his knowledge. B. To make I wasn’t doing this in any way shape or form. I spent my late teens through early twenties eating everything in sight and worrying about how much weight I could possibly lift. Now being 32 I’ve adopted the philosophy of, I don’t really care how much weight I can lift. I care about how much weight I look like I can lift.

  • I’m in the same boat I want strength but not size I’d prefer to remain lean and strong rather huge and slow. I do something similar but try to increase my reps each time till I can get an easy 10 or 12. I’ve seen strength increases but have definitely avoided the size not sure if I’m even on the right track any corrections would be helpful

  • I trained with a body builder 15yrs ago and he told me, “ Lower weights higher reps, you don’t need to always lift heavy to build muscle.”
    I’m not a body builder but I love watching your videos because I enjoy working out, but want to make sure I’m doing it properly.��

  • wow man! thanks i saw ur “getting stronger, not bigger” on youtube and awesome… I live in middle east…bodybuilding is really popular here…but they wanted to always get bigger…my job is singing and it’s all about illusion…no one wants a pop singer to be HUGE athlete…so I wonder if there any book u can introduce me or any type of service i can give u… so i can ask my fitness questions and get ur answer…cause fitness coaches in here is all about getting HUGE…no more Hollywood look!

  • Please do a video on speed and power! I’m a distance runner who’s now a wannabe sprinter/lifter! I want to be fast! And I was wondering, if your goal is leanness and strength and being in a calorie deficit is best for that…how long do you recommend to be doing that and can those same foals be achieved in maintenance?

  • My feet are flat.
    It sucks, I find its really difficult to get active due to it.
    Not impossible, but as they are flat all work = damage to your structure.

    6’5 220 lb it feels like my actions have more of a long term effect on my structure and i can feel wear and tear on my bones.

  • Hi John! Could you do a video about the importance of mobility and stretching in bodybuilding and being able to lift heavier weights?

  • When i incorporated explosive lifting in a 15-25 reps I literally blew up in size!
    Couldn’t train heavy due to injuries but wow. My friends where in a standard 8-12 rep range always asking what i was doing. It just works!
    Very nice upload John, and loved the thumbnail also. ��

  • Yes I agree with the rep ranges! I’ve heard heavier weight and/or higher reps work well if done correctly. 1-5 reps definitely increases strength for sure.

  • Another great video John! Your channel is definitely inspiring many. I just met a cool guy at LA Fitness today that watches your videos and respects you. He was talking about how you believe in always lifting heavy instead of switching to high reps before a show..haha.
    Shout out to Maleek! (or Malik…lol my bad idk how to spell your name)

  • well that was good, and i am doing same stuff personally, mean working on power, and explosive without gaining muscles and during this lock down period i am working with a word-class fast bowler, i will not mention his name but Kholi is his fan aswell because of fast pace. so mean to say low rep, high weight and compound is true way.
    we started our squat from 80 kg and now today we lifted 140 kg, same with others weights but we never gain weight, only strength.
    I am from Pakistan.

  • Really interesting. Since I went back to concrete I backed off to a 4 day split doing everything once a week. I have made 2 personal records since and I wonder if all the labor is fatiguing the slow twitch so at night my weight training is hitting my fast twitch better. I feel exausted when I get there but after I warm up I can move serious weights still.

  • John proves he is a multifaceted coach.
    Some people are all about getting big and can’t accommodate other types of fitness related topics.
    good video

  • I really don’t understand how you only have 100k subscribers…I use more workouts and tips from you than any other. I love your channel.

  • I am a dancer and have flat feet, so my pointe is not very good. Anyone have any solutions or stretches to help improve your arch/pointe?

  • Great video. True on maxing out too much and getting hurt. I was told by good friend, Pat Neve, first man to bench over 450lbs at 180 lbs and mr USA 75 76, never max out more than once a month

  • Here’s a nuanced follow up question/scenario if you feel so inclined to spend the time:
    What is your opinion as far as strength gains = size/muscle gain(in general)? Will size gains naturally occur as a result of strength specific training to any extent(as opposed to hypertrophy specific training)?

    What about strength gains= muscle gains in someone who is de-trained/de-conditioned? For example if(and I know this is a totally flawed broscience scenario but I think it gets the point across) you had a 200lb guy who could bench 200, now he’s a 250lb guy benching 150. Could it stand to be reasoned that if the person specifically strength trained to get his bench back up to 200 then he put on a bunch of muscle in the process?

    Using that same scenario, if the guy is skinny-fat could it be reasoned that he could diet down and still get back to or closer to that 1:1 ratio, as opposed to the old adage of “gain weight, gain strength?

    I hope I’m making sense and you can see how this fits into the context of your post. Appreciate you John!

  • Hey Tapp bros here, thanks for watching! Today’s question… Where are you from and why do you want to increase your strength? We will choose 3 of you to win our Rapid Primal Fitness course!

    Oh and you can pick up your free Bodyweight Strength Workout here: http://bit.ly/2nEXQuE 

    Be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video!

  • Sir sprint races mei hmeh kitni baar weight training or strength training krni chaiye ek sprinter ke lie weight traing bare btaye apki bht bht madad hogi hmm sab sprinters ko

  • Been training splits for about 3 years after wrestling for 8 years. Started doing 5×5 and I’m growing super fast even after years of training.

  • I just finished watching your 5 free parkour lessons and loved that shirt with “think differently” written backwards. Where’d you get it?

  • you seem like you take care of your diet and all but you also have like that visible stomach round shape that fat people have, why is that? (no offense)

  • i have a question i’d love it if you could answer it, is a 3 days workout good to get stronger and not bigger? or should i stick with a 5-6 days workout?

  • Hai tapp i really love your vids im a girl i have a very strong Triceps (I don’t know if i spelled “Triceps” wrong:P) and im doing good push ups the thing is i can’t wall run do i need explosive power on my legs? Please respond i luv your vids:D

  • Dear Tappbrothers,
    At school am required to do sit-ups so I have been doing sit-ups throw out the last couple weeks. Until I have saw your video which told me not to do sit-ups. My problem is that I have seen a lot of improvement but you told me it will not help in the end. How do I practice sit-ups for school without doing sit-ups?

  • I am unable to bend the elbow with weight of my body.I can remain in perfect plank & sholder movement except the elbow.So how to gain some strength in elbow.

  • Hey Tappbrothers,
    I started doing calisthenics 2 years ago (mostly cardio to loose weight was overweighted) and now lost about 30kg.
    Why I want to increase my strength? Thats easy!
    I want to learn all Calisthenics Skill, so I can teach them to people who are new to Calisthenics the way I learned them.
    Like you do:D
    Its one of my dreams to make Calisthenics more popular the place I live in Germany and work as a Trainer/Teacher!

    Also keep up your good work!

  • Highly useful video.

    Thanks James, however, the main problem I have is the big toe on each foot drifting in on each foot resulting in the a bunion forming and this seems to make it more difficult to get the muscles for the arch of each foot to raise the mid part of the foot off the ground. In addition to this I have the complication of the 2nd toe on each foot appearing to give a clawing action, otherwise known as a hammer toe.

    Although I can temporarily deal with these problems by using Kinesiology tape this only works when it is first applied and I don’t want the arch muscles to deteriorate due them not being used and I wonder if there any exercises to help the big toe and the 2nd toe of each foot?


    Dave from Bournemouth, England.

  • I’m from Nebraska and i want to increase my strength to try out parkour and inspire my 2 boys, so we can all flip out together! Ha

  • Sir please help me I need your guidance please sir. I suffer from very critical situations in my life. Sir please help me my contact no 7978511406 eak bar baat kar loo please

  • Im from austria and I just wanna increase streanght because why not? I mean you feel better, you look better and you can get sone cool stuff done

  • Hey Tapp bros I’m from visakhapatnam India and I’m looking to increase strength to recover from a really long illness and also to be able to do parkour with your help:)

  • Hello I’m from Singapore and I would do body weight exercises such as push ups and pull ups to be stronger because I’m afraid that if I do weight lifting, it will stun my growth:) Btw that’s for the great tip!! Keep up with the hard work!

  • oh my god yesssss thank you so much!!!!
    like I have gotten extremely lean but lost the strength and did not want to bulk again without gain fat

  • Hi Tapp Bros. I live in BC Canada, I am 59 1/2 (today) and I want to continue get to stronger into my 60’s and beyond and because I am planning on becoming a personal trainer. (I did 4 muscle ups on the rings yesterday but find the bar muscle up hard) I’ll try the eccentric movement, which sounds like great advice, with the bar muscle up. How would you do eccentric for the human flag?

  • Tappbrothers i am from india i want to increase my strength to be fit just like your goal for GFC and i want to learn parkour as i read your story and i am 15 year old the age you started to practice

  • I’m from Queens, NYC and I want to increase my strength because I want my body to realize its latent natural potential. In my life, I tend to spend too much time indoors and connected to technology and not nearly of it doing the climbing and running/jumping activities I gravitated toward as a child. This has robbed me of size to strength ratio as I grew and I want to learn certain strength feats like the one-arm pull-up and muscle-up and get back in tune with my body! Thanks bros!

  • This is incredible! Great exercises to build up strength. You guys are the best! Thank you for the very helpful tips and advice!��������

  • How can i lose fear for performing new moves or doing a normal move that i already know what to do. I don’t mind getting hurt a little such as a scratch but i just have a fear of braking or rolling a bone. I have watched almost all of your videos multiple times and the training triangle is basically useless. Do you have any better advice or tips i could use to overcome a fear?

  • Ok but lets take for example i want to increase my bench strenght but at the same time get that hypertrophy does it work if i make my first two sets 5 reps with more weight and then the last 2 sets i go for more reps with lower weight? Can i gain strenght and still get more muscles?

  • Muscle is not a byproduct of building strength… strength is a byproduct of building muscle… not the other way around… in every gym guys are using excessive weight and don’t have anything to show for it… strength training is using a lower rep range… it gets you nothing except a big ego!

  • I progress with the weight when I can progress in reps or a set.

    Bicep curl let’s say 25kg for 8 reps 3 sets.
    Third set I hit 8 reps easy… I’ll try another set or more reps on the same set.

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I see many people keep on speaking about this popular fat burn methods.

  • Great video. Been lifting for about two years and i’m happy with my appearance. How do i get dense strong muscles without losing fat or gaining mass? Is this possible. I’d rather gain mass than lose fat if i have to be slightly to one end.

  • I just found you. I have a job that requires me to wrestle and lift men. I’m thin and feminine and strong-ISH from growing up on a horse farm, but I really want to get stronger without getting bigger. I’ve avoided lifting and upperbody workouts because I tend to quickly become muscular. I enjoy keeping a feminine physique. Your video ia so helpful with aiding in this quest of becoming a total beast that looks like a skinny pretty chick… I honestly thought my goal was like finding the lost city of Atlantis! So thank you for explaining with physics, neurology and a new perspective. So glad I found your channel!

  • Hey Tapp brothers i downloaded the workout and it says “10 seconds for reps” so do I have to count 10 sec while Im going down or the rest betwen them? Please reply as fast as you can

  • Hey, how should I do it with calisthenics? Should I pick hardest exercise I can do for each muscle group (for example one leg squat for legs, weighted pull up for back and weighed chin up for biceps) and do them in low reps or should I pick some exercise that uses multiple muscle groups at once (and is intense) and do these in low reps?

  • I can see that not many people have searched for this, but i wanna share why i searched for this.
    I’m a karate student and in our concept of fighting we need to be strong, precise, fast and flexible. Getting big however, requires more stamina/endurance by that i mean, since you have big muscles then your body needs to move on a higher power-rate, which requires more stamina. But if you gain strength without increasing your body weight with more muscle mass, then you can be strong and swift and this video explained it pretty well to give me an idea of what to train for.

    I appreciate the time you put into this video. many thanks.

  • Finally a flatfoot exercise I can manage without leg cramps! Thank you. On walking with straight feet/knees, I have hypermobility so I can bend my knees straight forward with up to a 90 degree angle between my feet, and with straight feet they do the “charleston in” bend. How can I solve that?

  • I’m a teen girl and I wanna throw pushups into my workout routine cuz I want some upper arm strength but Im afriad that my arms will get muscyly and bulky

  • Paji as i heard generally 60 min trainning is enough..but Mr. Mukesh gehlot said he trainning 2-3 hr in one session..and person can go long trainning session to inc his capacity and all.

  • What do you propose would happen if you did say 20 singles at 90%, it’s absurd amount of volume AND intensity. Therefore one should gain both size and strength?

  • Thanks for this video! (Florida) Cervical spine issues, old torn right rotator cuff. I am losing more ROM to Right upper arm / shoulder with increased pain. Having to use LEFT hand to raise RIGHT hand. Will use this ECCENTRIC focus to see if it will help regain strength, decrease the pain to right arm / shoulder. Thanks agein. headed to the web site now!

  • You might not be gaining size, but you CAN gain muscle mass in a caloric deficit, as long as what you’re removing from your diet is your energy intake, fats and carbs (yes protein too, but not to the same extent). If you then have enough protein and enough fat from your body you can use that to gain muscle while burning that fat.

  • Can you make a video about the effects of protein supplement in building strength and is it good to use it if I only want to get stronger without getting bigger. This will help a lot. One of the most helpful channel I’ve ever watched.

  • I know I have flat feet, but I’m going to get my doctor to look at it for sure. I love your instructions on how to do the exercise and I’m don’t want to wear orthotics. I’m hoping to get some results from doing them. I exercise everyday and I understand more now about my arch problem, which is also giving my knee problems. Thank you and I just subscribed.

  • I wanna get muscular but not like really really bulky… but i do wanna be slightly big as in have a nice level of mass. But not huge.

  • Sir volume par ek video bna do..
    Beginner ya intermediate jo muscle build karna chahta hai…unke liye
    Week me total kitne reps or sets
    Volume kitna hona chahiye.

  • Sean, can you explain why whenever i use heavier weight with sloppier form i see better results? I have tried lowering the weight and concentrating purely on form for a number of months and i didnt see any results at all, infact. I saw my muscles significantly atrophy because of this, as soon as i went back to lifting heavy and my form suffered i saw noticeable return in fullness, roundness and overall size. Cheers!

  • Thank you, this video was very informative! All the popular fitness videos keep talking about maximising hypertrophy, but here is where i found what i really needed.

  • You can gain muscle in a calorie deficit. Look it up. For many it’s easier to gain muscle in a surplus but it’s possible while in a deficit.

  • Thank you so so much for this videos and your other content ☺️���� I want to lose fat but also really want to be stronger ���������� and always thought following other ‘fitness gurus’ I had to go through the typical bulking then shredding cycle cause no one ever talked about that distinction stronger vs bigger! I also appreciate how your caring and humble personality shows in all your videos and in your podcast. Much respect and love back at you ����

  • In my opinion the majority of the huge powerlifters and strongmen aren’t huge because of powerlifting or training for strongman competition but they do powerlifting and strongman because they were already huge.

    Sure they can get much bigger with training but they have chosen this sport because they already were big.

  • Dude! Your channel is sooooo underrated! The information in your videos is on point. No bs, just clear and concise points. Thank you!!!

  • Hi jordan, love all your videos! Been following you for a while. I’m on a calorie deficit and I’ve lost so much weight, thanks to you!

    Can you do a video on RFD please? I’d like to fully understand it.

    Love your work!!

  • I feel like I’ve heard all these things. I’m a pretty big and muscular guy, but I think my power output is trash. Has the speed and power development video been released under a different title name? I would love to see it. I think this specific information could help me. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much! I was looking for this info everywhere.. and the info I found before I watched this just confused me. You explain it so well ��

  • Master of all sport aspect. I never see person like this. Most of it i knew what he told about neural efficiency and speed. However., thank you for remembering ��������

  • Really the only person I trust in terms of fitness & diet advice. You really deserve more praise and recognition, John! I’d really love to meet you one of these days. Lots of love from Canada ��

  • i think i found my new fav channel! thank you so much for sharing your knowledge jordan! i love your videos! currently binge watching them!���� keep up your amazing work!

  • Well done on your channel noticed that you reply to nearly every single comment. You been spending too much time the Mr Vee. You are crushing it ����

  • Excited for the speed and power video. �� Can you also include balance? I’m training for boxing and I can’t control my punches when I miss. I’m worried about controlling that gain in speed and power. Thanks bro!

  • Actually I’m a Natural Expert at this. Over the last 7 months or so, I started as a complete beginner and now I can do single leg squat (bodyweight, of course), Superman pushups, handstand push-ups, dragon flag pose(not completely but requires tremendous core strength), Pullups (1214 at a time).But I haven’t gained any weight. Infact I’ve lost around 2-3 kilos, while getting a lot more stronger

  • Love, love, love this!!! Period!!! End of story!! ��

    Is this the approach you took with the Squat Supremacy program? I mean, it has, “… Stronger, leaner, faster…” In the title! ������

  • I love Johny but this is completlet wrong,there is no rep range for musce size and endurence and strenght.Stronger musce=Biger muscle unles drugs come in to play. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/28834797/

  • Jai hind Sir pls help me about the page we r strong membership how can open because I am live abroad.but no any option here in you tube and option in open your site for we r strong membership pls sir help me

  • Tendons joints in my 30s i could bench 455 but the tendinitis and joints started making it hard to work. I was 150 back then. 60 now bigger curl 100 17 in arms more reps don’t know max bench backs messed up so if I load a bar up for squats the pressure on the spine standing kills it. But 600 leg press 15 reps leg day tonight������

  • Sir mera ek question h punch m jo power aati h woh speed + muscles s aati h mene suna h google p dekha tha toh sir punch m strength ka role kha p aata h qiestion yeh h ko ek muscular man h lekin uske pass strength nhi h arms toh uske punch m power hohi kya

  • Thanks. What about the individuals flwith high arch feet? Are there any exercises to treat this issue and make the arch less?( High arch feet is also a serious problem ). 99 percent of videos and articles are regarding dealing with flat feet!!! If there are any videos for treating high arch feet, I appreciate if you provide the link. Thanks in advance.

  • thank you for telling ahead that this video is gonna be boring because of it I find it less boring hahaha.
    And another thank you for the comprehensive video.

  • Hey guys, just a quick note to let you know that I do my very best to respond to the questions that are posted here, but YouTube doesn’t notify me of everything that is posted and with the hundreds of videos on this channel I can’t possibly keep track of them all. If you don’t receive a reply to your post, it most likely means that I simply didn’t see it. If you need a guaranteed way to get in touch with me, please join the Facebook page and post your question there: https://www.facebook.com/SeanNalewanyjOfficial

  • Its this not possible to get stronger without a caloric surplus and there will always be some amount hypertrophy gain when you are training for strength gains and visa versa

  • Sir I read alot of book and websites for fitness knowledge….. after watching ur channel and ur knowledge. I need less books.all i can say……. U R ONE MEN ARMY….sir one question… certificate important or knowledge. Or both…. please reply. Ur obedient. Himanshu Sharma

  • Sir I want natural hypertrophy,my strength is increasing but muscles are not seen to growing
    I do strength training and
    I walk approximately 1700 steps a day, should I reduce some walking or not!???

  • Sir
    Can we drink only milk and do weight loss or fat loss.

    Only milk no food.

    I am asking this question because I saw many videos about it but I trust your knowledge sir thts why thought to ask you.

  • Request you to make a video on intermittent fasting, like Ramadan fasting. I love to hear it from you
    with scientific knowledge.Thank you

  • Sir everytime I start increasing my diet with clean protein based food…I always end up getting belly fat faster than I can manage any muscles..i always hit gym hard with heavy lifts but still extremely slow progress…i can get lean but really not able to gain pure muscles…Addituonally I consume veg protein only.. should I absolutely stop lifting 10 -12 rep sets and stick ton4 reps max kinda set up.

  • Sir iam big fan of your videos
    Sir my question is
    Iam workout everyday but donot take proteins foods
    What problem may occur
    Please reply me

  • Please sir do a video on body types also..is that important to eat according to your body type beacause i am slim i have tried everything but not able to reduce fat from sides and tummy i have apple body type

  • Sir I wanna gain strength and get lean but at the same time I am worried if that will slow me down while doing cardio or boxing…can we coordinate both or does it counteract

  • This is awsome…it requires less time to build max strength i feel like….i started this for one week…and good results…thanks for this video

  • sir kya hum strength aur hypotrophy ek sath increse kar sakte hain.
    i mean weak me 3 days for hypotrophy
    and 3 days for strenth like compound movments(80 to100) percent of 1 rep max.
    kya ye dono cheej ek sath possible hai.?

  • Thank you so much for this. I have probably had this problem my whole life and started getting knee pain by age 10, and now my hips and back hate me, and I’m on gabapentin for the ‘mysterious leg pain’ that’s existed for so long. I will start these today, but I wonder how much you have to maintain this type of exercise once it starts working. Will i be doing these foot exercises for the rest of my life, or…?


  • I’m guessing I definitely need to increase my weight as I’m doing 20-25 reps. I’m building definition, but also want muscle mass growth. does that mean I should aim to do more reps, but increase weight ever2-3 weeks?

  • A professional recommended some of these exercises, I made these along with gym using correct feet posture and ballet classes. I noticed lots of improvement, I recommend!

  • Hey if medical personal is ignorance of your flat feet and misdiagnose or don’t help you can you file a lawyer for medical negligence and personal injury

  • Good info mtn dawg! It’s good to hear your opinion geared towards training in other sports and not just bodybuilding and bodybuilders.

  • I have flexible flat foot/pttd. Caused a lot of problems. I may try this. Appropriate footwear & appropriate inserts are important

  • My feet are so flat I cant even do this. I tried. My feet have been flat all my life but now it hurts when I walk too long, exercise etc. I need help

  • What do you suggest if you have a knee that naturally inverts? My knee faced inwards when my leg is parallel and only forward if I walk turned out, which makes it really difficult to keep my knee over my ankle when I walk parallel.

  • How do you feel about arch support inserts? And how do you feel about walking barefoot in the summer? (For arch-challenged folks like me)

    Thank you so much for that video. Seems to be helpful, even on day 1!

  • The person who made this video has what is called a flexible arch. He is flat footed but an arch can be visible when not standing or in a sitting position. There is no exercise to develop an arch in your foot. While these exercises may strengthen your arch, it will not develop one. Any podiatrist will tell you that.

  • I’m having physio finally for my flat feet. 4 years ago I saw pedestrian about my feet only got given innersoles nothing else and no real follow up either. My ankles are now really swollen and painful. I’m on painkillers constantly ( dr prescribed). I’m on feet for my four hour shifts walking around a supermarket doing online shopping and often when I get home can’t walk up and down my stairs. I need more help and advice other than I should quit my job (which I’ve had from other dr’s)! Where I live you can’t just go quit a job as it’s difficult to get one. What can I do other than exercises to help? What type of shoes can I wear that will be comfortable and better innersoles than what I get from hospital are best and not too expensive? Thank you

  • I’m doing this exercise for a week or 2-3 by now, and my arch still drops when I push my feet to the ground. It’s like my footsole is still flat even if I did this exercise 2 times a day, but not every day, sometimes just 1 time. How is it possible that my arch remains flat even if I did this exercise?

  • Born that way. Nothing wrong with them. You’re assuming that if your feet aren’t shaped like everyone elses, there’s something wrong with you. Not true.

  • Bhai benchpress weightlifting k bary me video bnaen k hum apny aim tkk kesy pohnch skty hn kitny time me or kon c training best hy means age 19 me agar 110kg uthata h to uska aim hy 270 kgs to is bary me pls information den…

  • I`ve been taking this process “Lαsοnοz αtc” (Google it) for only over 4 months now and have encountered good results. In that time, I became 2 inches taller and I am willing to utilize this product for a longer time. I really like this product a lot more realizing that a doctor had developed it..

  • Good video on a topic little discussed. Asthmatics (like me) have problems when we lift because every pound of muscle gained stresses our lungs throughout the entire day and while sleeping just performing normal living and so don’t want to become mass giants because it’s not pleasant.

  • I started foot exercises two weeks ago after YEEAAARS of pain and watching my arches fall bit by bit year after year. I saw a big difference in those two weeks. My ankle was strengthened and I could see an arch and was walking straight! It was incredible. Then boom, they fell down again. What the actual?!! I am so disheartened now. Please give me some advice. Please!! One foot is lower than the other and I have anterior pelvic tilt also that I’m trying to fix at the same time. It’s all quite impossible:(
    Don’t tell me to see a professional.. They’re all useless and will only put me in stupid orthotics again which caused most of this damage in the first place. Help me get back on track!!

  • Thank you so much for your helpful video and article. I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis for a few years now and as of 6 mo ago my heal hurts so badly in one foot. I discovered a week ago that my arches have been falling over the last couple of years apparently. It didn’t dawn on me that that’s what was happening till I got fitted for new running shoes and the attendant said that not only was my shoe size a half size bigger than the last time I got checked 2 years ago (and that was a surprisingly a 1/2 size bigger than before/ just after my pregnancy) but that my arches were a bit flat. I thought it odd because I never considered my feet flat and remembered someone even complementing me on my arched feet.

    So when I compared my feet to a friend who was my current size I was like “it’s so weird cause that’s a whole shoe size. Like I used to be this small tenses feet and fakes an arch and now they’re like this and long.” When I saw the difference a lightbulb went off. Like holy snap the muscles of my arch are weakening! That’s probably why I have all this damm foot pain!

    So thank you for such a clear (and humorous) video. I’m gonna practice this and hopefully update you with good news by the end of the year or when I notice improvement. Whichever comes first! ��

  • I have high arches that are starting to fall on 1 foot…. I cant figure out how to hold the muscle doing this. When I lower my toes i cant feel it anymore.

  • Hello there..i want to share my experience…I am over 25 years old, so I doubted before using the ✔️Growth Boom Pro✔️grow taller product.
    But after a few months I got great results. now I’m about 4 inches taller than before. It is an excellent product without pain and side effects. I would recommend it to everyone. http://www... growthboompro… com

  • Just FYI there are Charleston and swing era dancers in 2019. Thousands of them! There is a big community right in Toronto if you look up Toronto Lindy Hop �� it won’t help your arches though

  • Well I think I’m within that percent that have flat feet (yeah both of them) however, I’m a fast runner and have no pain at all plus I’m 32 years old! I’m a lucky guy though!

  • What exercises, that still fall into a certain degree of specificity, would you recommend for a wrestler to become more explosive?

  • How about tuck l-sit? How can I use eccentric method for this exercise? tuck l-sit off the ground and slowly for 10 sec. descend to ground?

    Thank You!

  • Many thanks, I’ve been looking for “deadlift for size” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Yenabriel Deadlift Smasher (just google it )? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.

  • My feet are so flat that you can’t even see a difference when I do the short foot exercise. When I leave footprints they’re shaped like blobs��

  • I tried barefoot workouts at 49 and my feet are very flat. Big mistake! I ended deploying with pain in my left foot from walking in boots on rocks. It took my almost 18 months to heal and every now and then the pain comes back. Go see a physio and a podiatrist while you are young. I now have nerve damage, lots of pain and have to take gabapentin. Take care of your feet. It you wear Army boots you will develop horrible foot problems if you do not get help.

  • Flat feet exercise, I find this kind of clear video for a long time. This is really very informative video maintaining a foot arch height.
    Keep it up guys and Thanks for this video.

  • Majority of guys will be like what the fuck why would i not want to get big…well if your athelete in certain sports getting bigger will be more negative..mma combat sports olympic weightlifter

  • You’re talkin about weightlifting… weightlifting is not bodybuilding… and every gym everybody is weightlifting and nobody is bodybuilding… everybody’s they’re feeding their ego and nothing else!

  • hi sean how do i increase strength? do i have to add more carbs/calories? or do i have to increase body weight (lean bulk)? or is it neural adaptation even though the rep ranges i follow is 8-10? i am already lean bulking following your videos but strength is coming so slow!

  • I wonder if you can start with lifting heavier weights first with less reps, say 3 sets of 6 for the heavier weights while lifting them slowly, then go to lighter weights where there will be more and faster reps, say, 6 sets of 9.

    Then do the reverse going back to heavier weights?, Say 6 sets of 3 for heavy, and 9 sets of 6? Then find middle ground for in between. If you were starting out, could you have 9 kg for the heavier weight, and about 3 kg for the lighter weight?, Then have 6 for the mid weight?

    Just an interesting thought? Plus I’m seeing the weights and reps as a ratio and avoid numbers ending with 0. 3,6,9 is probably the best sequence of numbers because regardless of the order, they add up to being the same!

    You could probably use number 9 alone, because of the crazy ratio by counting in 9s? Like 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90! All add up to being 9. I wonder if full on bodybuilders use this?

  • EXCELLENT info as always Remember to TRACK your lifts. Meaning write down/record exactly what you are lifting, how many reps/sets and weight increases. This is really useful to see how far you have come. It also gives you an aim and keeps you motivated

  • I have dumbbells that can go 120lbs, right now i can curl 60lbs. Someone give me tips on how to reach my goal 100lbs 1 hand curl? For armwrestling purpose ty.

  • How many push ups do I need every day forever? I want a body a little bit bigger than Bruce Lee’s just a tiny bit I don’t want too big

  • What’s your opinion of bodyweight exercises to build muscle. This would include weighed calisthenics and plyos. I train with a combination of both bodyweight and free weights. I find it difficult to progress with just bodyweight alone but do think they’re important.

  • Another few examples of sports where athletes are absurdly strong while being quite skinny:
    Rock Climbing (especially lead climbers and ice climbers need to be very light but have crazy upper body strength)
    Classical ballet (the men jump ridiculously high and lift the women above their heads constantly)
    Anything in Cirque/Circus is just insane feats of strength matched with crazy flexibility and amazing dynamics from pretty small people in general.

  • I have an arch in my feet but still my ankles my a Clic to the inside and it also make my feet almost flat. I have also thin ankles. What is the reason of that and why do I have An arch but still have that Clic to the inside?

  • I’m a beginner, and my strength sky rockets each week. I increase it significantly each week cause I have the strength to do it, but it leads to over training… I increase the weight by 5-10kg each week. I eat, drink, and sleep enough, but I think I ego lift too much. What should I do to stop over training? Should I just ease up on how much I overload?

  • Hey Sean!
    It’s been over a month since I’ve started exercising but I’m not able to lift heavier weights by myself. So I’m kinda stuck with the same weights that I started out with, maybe I increased weight in some of the exercises but I can’t see a remarkable change. What should I do?

  • How do I apply progressive overload for an exercise like dumbbell rows? I have Dumbbells that go up to 90 lbs, I’m at 60 lbs right now with 5-7 reps.

  • I have terrible genetics, it’s so hard for me to get big. I always dismissed how much weight I could do just bc I looked small. When I was a freshman I brushed off deadlifting 400 pounds bc I didn’t look huge.

  • Hi Sean, I’ve followed your TTABM and want to know, if you’re performing 2 sets, 5-7 reps. On the first set, you hit 7 reps, but on the 2nd set you can barely squeeze 4 reps. Should you lower the weight and perform a “3rd set” of higher reps, or lower the weight on the “following” workout day and try to perform higher reps before increasing the weight again?

  • From India, I want to increase my strength because of this one single question. How strong can I become?
    more simple I just love to push the barrier and move on to next level.
    I want to know where my limits is IT IS FUN I KNOW

  • Hey Sean, which type of lifting style do you believe yields faster muscle building results: doing straight sets or pyramids (ramping up)?

  • i wanna learn parkour. really i love it. i m learning it day by day.i can handstand for sometime. its a great feeling about parkour

  • clearly one of the best explaining videos i ever watched. perfect and logically explaining all the content. First time in my life i feel that was worth writing in the comment section. PERFECT.

  • is it possible to keep doing low rep exercises and not change my slow twitch dominant muscle composition over time,
    this is important to me because i’m a rower and i need to focus on endurance mainly. great video btw.

  • Keep going friend. You are gonna be successful soon. But I was shocked after seeing your subscribers. Don’t worry they will increase

  • greate video, I searched so long for a good video but they keep talking about them selfs and there experiences at the gym. You came straight to the point and explained it Thanks!

  • Mr. Roy, what is meant, when you say “X” (in one example, you used 90%) percentage, of 1 rep max? I don’t understand. 90%, of what, exactly? Would you mind, explaining, as I am new, to weightlifting? Is there a rest period, between these sets, and if so, how much of one?

    Lastly, what kind of nutrition, is applied, for this? Is it a surplus, or a deficit? And, what micronutrients do I focus on? I really want strength, without size, but I need to know what I should do, to expedite this. Thank you. I hope, that you can/will help.

  • Good video and advice. I am a soccer player. I have been getting great results from doing a 5×5 type of training at about my 80-85% 1RM. I don’t do the Olympic style lifting. I have adapted the 5×5 into my Dumbbell routine. Has helped me stay low in weight and gain strength.