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5 Great Coastal Hikes to Keep You Inspired 1. CLIFF WALK. Visit on a weekday or early morning, and you might just get this 3.5-mile long path all to yourself. 2. DIPSEA TRAIL. This rugged trail — also known as the Ben Johnson Trail — winds from Muir Woods National Monument 3. SANDY HOOK NATURE.

5 Great Coastal Hikes to Keep You Inspired September 15, 2017 / jeanettehorton According to the Harvard Medical School caloric table, the average 155-pound person can burn more than 300 calories an hour when walking at a brisk pace. If you are visiting in the summer, keep an eye out for the loggerhead sea turtles and piping plovers that lay their eggs along the edge of the water. There is no fee to hike the trail, and there is no shelter system along the way, so plan ahead.

4. Cape Perpetua Hike, Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon. Difficulty: Moderate** Distance: 6.5-mile loop**. The Sunken Forest Nature Trail is a 1.5 mile boardwalk, but you’ll want to focus on the 32 miles of Fire Island beach. Although your eyes will be drawn to the ocean and bay views, remember to look down to see the beach plum and beach heather along the way.

For information, call 631-563-4354 or visit nps.gov/fiis/. Coastal Hikes Guide Your guide to 10 of the best hikes along the rugged coast of the San Francisco Peninsula: Interactive Google trail maps and driving directions; Available activities for each hiking location; Tips on local favorites: restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and more. If a 7.5-mile looped trek in direct sunlight isn’t in the cards for you, there’s the option to shorten your walk to a 1.8-mile hike to just the tavern site, or a 2.4-mile walk to Great Beach Hill.

The wide open views of the Pacific Ocean are really just the cherry on top. Especially on these eight coastal hikes! 1. Muir Beach Overlook. Difficulty: Easy (0.3 of a mile) Short ‘n sweet, the hike to Muir Beach Overlook will give you clear, wide ocean views without even having to go a half-mile. Corral Canyon resides in a nearly unblighted, 100-acre coastal stretch of Malibu, cleaved by a natural creek draining to the ocean.

The main attraction here, the Sara Wan Trail, named for a former longtime member of the California Coastal Commission, is a 2.5-mile loop. It winds through a small marsh and sagebrush before heading to the top of. Coastal trails are described in great detail in the book Hiking the California Coastal Trail, Volume 1: Oregon to Monterey (2nd Edition, 320 pages, 2002) by Bob Lorentzen and Richard Nichols.

For a multi-day backpacking trip along the coastline, you may have to walk along Highway 1 because the coastal trail is. Here are the 10 best coastal hikes in the U.S. All you need is time off, a solid pair of boots, and you’re just a grueling climb away from the best views of ocean or lake in America.

List of related literature:

Of these none were considered more inspiring than the mountains of the Teton Range.

“National Parks: The American Experience” by Alfred Runte
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Certainly it can’t be for lack of recreation, for aside from the standard state park fare of hiking and biking trails, the 2,400-acre park and its 150 camping sites rest alongside more than five miles of the free-flowing and refreshing Deschutes River.

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These first two hikes are just an introduction.

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Of these, none was considered more inspiring than the magnificent Teton Range.

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Trails at Great Basin run the gamut from relaxing ¼-mile jaunts to multiday backpacking excursions, so everyone can find a path that matches personal ability, fitness level, and desired destination, be it mountain peak, flowered meadow, or evergreen forest.

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If you need ideas for off-trail jaunts, check out Nancy Pallister’s Beyond Trails in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.

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Hikers interested in the next trailhead to the south, Virginia Lakes, will find the second and third Green Creek trips easy to adapt for Virginia Lakes.

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These include special sections in the leading guidebooks of the day, notably Sweetser’s White Mountains Guide (1876) and Stoddard’s (1874) and Wallace’s (1875) Adirondacks counterparts.

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The most famous of the walks is the four-hundred-kilometre Alpine Trail, which begins in Baw Baw National Park, near Walhalla in Gippsland, and follows the ridges all the way to Mount Kosciuszko in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales.

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And the final one is an easy, overnight trek to a mountain-top campsite along the spectacular Escarpment Trail.

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  • How fantastic. your channel is really making its mark on the world.I knew almost nothing about Estonia before it.awesome��
    I too have been approached by a tour company here in OZ.hopefully one day my channel may grow like yours.Really looking forward to the NZ stuff,I’ve visited NZ a few times and just love it.
    ps: i think YOUR editing skills are excellent, excellent work.
    cheers Gizmo

  • I’m the only one to complete the worlds longest trail. The Great Trail in Canada. It’s 21,000km long which is the equivalent of walking around the world or walking from New York to LA 3:times

  • I’ve done the first four, two are in my Top 20 (A.L. & Iceberg) and I put The Precipice and Fiery Furnace in a separate ‘Mini-Hikes’ category. In that category, they are certainly in my Top 10.

  • Iceberg lake was great! We saw 2 Bears at different times, fortunately they did not pay us any attention, the granite chalet in Glacier is also amazing.

  • Morocco is a distinctive tourist destination with unquestionable qualifications and capabilities. With its different and varied views (km from beaches, mountains and deserts) and a rich cultural balance (imperial cities, ancient cities, cuisine, traditional industry), Morocco represents a unique and varied tourism experience, so I invite you to follow us.
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  • Acadia is the only national park I’ve been to and it was a brief trip so I loved how short & rewarding the hikes were. I’m from the Adirondacks in NY so most of my top hikes are there, Whiteface Mtn probably the most well known.

  • I think that all could be fine, if there is optional trails. Costal walks in Latvia is nightmare(for me), because surface always have slope(from few degrees and up) and direction of moving is along by water line. After long walk my feet have slopes too.:)

  • Love your video.. My brother is in British Columbia and goes on some epic hikes just like you.. Here is a short one of his. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w41sfvvz34Y

  • Beautiful! Not in a National Park but if you find yourselves near Mt.Baker in Western Washington, the hike to Lake Anne is probably the most gorgeous I’ve been on. You do have to go in late summer or early fall though when the pass is clear of snow and watch out for heavy rain cause part of the hike takes you through a valley.

  • I brought my non-hiking wife up the Precipice many year ago. We bought some freshly steam lobsters at the docks. We wrapped them in newspaper and hiked up the trail. We ate our lobsters at the top of the trail as we were looking over the view. Great memories.

  • WOW… great video. And congratulations on your collaboration and venture. This long hike would be as challenging as the Mt Everest hikes that are so popular.

  • Great video! Awesome pictures. Good to know the best places for hiking.

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    you soon.

    Best regards,

    Cutting Edge Power

  • If anyone wants other ideas for amazing overnight hikes in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, just check my channel. I have hiked almost every trail in Banff, Jasper and Kananaskis over the last 28 years.

  • Great video with some beautiful shots! Our favorite is the 2200ish mile WWT, which goes from NV through ID, into MT and down into WY.

  • Mmmm I wonder who will get the first movie offer Hiker Estonia or Luna the dog? Luna has one part role in an add and already she is developing an attitude

  • The best hikes in BC are from Diamond Head to Black Tusk in Garibaldi Park (7 days) Beautiful mountain meadows in between the peaks. The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island (6 days and you need a reservation), which is very arduous but rewarding, and the Kootenay trail, in the Columbia district, which ties with the PCT.

  • You are now the go to person in Estonia for all things trail walking. You have done more than anyone else to promote your beautiful country, I hope one day we shall meet on the trail.

  • Hey Guys, really enjoying your channel. My wife and I frequent the Bruce Trail in Ontario, Canada. In total it’s around 900 kms (not typo) long and offers a variety of terrain and gorgeous views. In particular I recommend the sections in the Bruce Peninsula, the views over Georgian Bay are incredible.

  • Yeah, Gros Morne made it to your Top 5 list! That’s pretty impressive knowing all the places you guys have been. Of course, I’m from Newfoundland, as you probably guessed.

  • great video! Some thoughts/questions:
    I would so love to dive into that glacial water!
    What kind of sandals are you wearing?
    I admit itI have a big crush on one of you and it ain’t Owan 😉

  • Your backpack seemed small….you were able to pack your tent, sleeping bag, cooking gear etc in it???? What airlines did you use. I have flown in Iceland air before they charge a good bit for baggage. Thanks. Great Job.

  • I always enjoy your guides, Allan. Yourself and Kraig Adams are my favorite Youtubers, so it was cool to see you do something similar.

    I noticed you opted for a quilt for your sleep system. What quilt do you have and how did you find it for this trip? Was it drafty at all? Thanks!

  • Wow, beautiful! Thank you for putting this out there. I’m curious, is this Trail part of a National Park or regional Park system?

  • u.k based.
    Passes near to my home town,have spent many nights camping and hiking there and the South Downs are a beautiful part of England.
    What a great idea to link up with Europe.
    would love to take time out and see your part of the World.

  • Wonderful video, thank you very much! How did you pack your tripod while hiking? Did you have to take off your backpack and unpack your tripod for every shot? Thx!

  • Hey Allan, been a subscriber since your japan videos. Gotta say I love the solo hiking video, would love to see more solo videos. Always wanted to solo travel but don’t have the guts to do so, anyway keep up the good videos. Love and peace <3

  • Such diverse landscape, it looks like an amazing hike. I love the way you layout and present your vlogs too, informative but also captivating.

  • A Great video and clip from the advertisement for the trail route. Luna… Priceless ��! It’s hard to be a video starlet she says while lying on the couch but in the end she did give all her fans a tail wave goodbye ��. ������

  • Kinda a crowded one but not nearly as much as Angels Lansing but Observation Point in Teton National park is a Great Lake view. Also the narrows which I’m sure you did if you went to Zion

  • How exciting for you to be asked to be involved. The video looks great.
    I’d love to visit Estonia and do some hiking, I’ve been following your videos for a long time now.
    You are a great ambassador for your country!

  • Fantastic hiking guide and great video! Your voice over and the beautiful scenes are a perfect combination. Looking forward to more!

  • Congratulations Maiu,, Awesome video presentation…You are now the hiking Ambassador for Estonia…Luna doesn’t seem too excited about being a celebrity…..

  • Thanks for yet another delightful video. Your enthusiasm, and ebullient presentations continue to make you an adorable representative of the hiking community, and an incomparable ambassador for your lovely country…… keep it up, and don’t change, ever…. Cheers.

  • Great video!! I’m from Canada but my grandparents are from Latvia. My dad and I have came across this trail online and now want to do it!! We’re wondering if it’s possible to do it by bike? We have mountain bikes with wider tires. Thank you for any help!!

  • Thank’s for sharing and congratulations:o)
    You certainly deserve the recognition as you do so much for Estonia and it’s beautiful countryside.
    This new hike / bike way looks awesome, can’t wait for you to show it to us all ;o)
    Oh and I really enjoyed you dog sled adventures, what a fantastic time to have. now can’t wait to see your time in NZ ;o)
    atb, ODJ xxx

  • That’s bad ass! Look what you did for hiking in Estonia. Literally! They even featured your print. I’m glad I got a first run print. ��

  • See rada-läbi-koduküla tunne on hää tõesti:D Vahva, et see rada on aastaga tõesti mahlakas koguses infot juurde saanud. Mulle meeldib kui asjad edenevad:)

  • You and your lovely dog look so contented. You certainly know how to enjoy life.
    Can there be anything much better than trekking through wonderful countryside? It has to be a tonic both for the body and the soul. Thank you for uploading and sharing this wonderful video.

  • Hi Mak and Owen. I gave you a list of hikes that you might be interested in a while ago. I finally got around to making my own video. A little overlap with yours (Gros Morne) https://youtu.be/tgxqN8_Lg1E

  • As always, great video. Loved the Luna tail wag. As a gentle observation, as someone who has bicycled across the the USA, the phrase here is bicycle touring.

  • I am just starting out so was thinking about doing TALLINN > PALDISKI at first and then see how it goes from there. I don’t feel comfortable in the forest so this trail seems like a great choise!

  • Absolutely beautiful scenery! If i ever head back over to the US i’ll need to check out at least one of them, Iceberg lake looks like my favourite! Love the Rockies! Thanks. ��

  • nice hike, about the same distance as the Arizona trail. but along the coast it wouldn’t have the elevation gain (or the cactus) I suspect it will be very popular.

  • Wow, fantastic. Finally we have something cool to enjoy nature. I gotta go see at least some section of that trail in Latvia. Would be also great to hike it all the way some day.

  • Luna is a star! Those other sites need a good translator. That’s what my friend in Tartu does for a living. And on the side he is a musician, you may have heard of his bands, they have been on Estonian TV and won various contests; Green Bullfrog, Bullfrog Brown (you will find my name on the back of their first CD), and most recently Roundabout. I also know the singer from Cathouse Radio, also from Tartu.

  • My wife and I have hiked Angels Landing and Gros Morne Summit.  We have hiked in Glacier N.P. and Arches N.P. but we didn’t do the trails you did.  Trails that we have done that I highly recommend.   Longs Peak (Rocky Mt N.P. Colorado), Lakeshore Trail (Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Michigan), Kalalau Trail (Kauai Hawaii), The Crack (Killarney Provincial Park Ontario), Crypt Lake Trail (Waterton N.P. Alberta), The Subway (Zion N.P. Utah

  • Harding ice field pass hike in Seward, AK is very majestic. Had to clap at a brown bear for it to leave the trail and up in the alpine region there were mountian goats within rock throwing distance. I got a pic of a goat with seeing veins in its nose. The ice field is literally 100s of square miles large and you are beside exit glacier the whole walk up. It’s a pretty epic hike.
    I’ve been to 3 of your hikes. Great choices. Cheers

  • Very interesting. Cycling sounds good, a little easier on the old knees. Lovely Luna not wanting to steal your limelight. Stay happy.

  • Luna: “Don’t bug me.. please. There! You got a tail wag.. happy now?”
    Hi Maiu.. looks good ��. �� hmm.. will have to arrange for more days off.. perhaps a weekend will be a bit short ��.
    Looking forward to the NZ footage.. perhaps we’ll see the Shire and the Baggins Clan..
    Take care..

  • That looks like a great trail! A good way to encourage tourism that is low-impact environmentally, but high-impact economically. I hope the trail is super successful. Congratulations on being the model hiker for them!

  • I’m leaving for San Luis tonight. I’m going to try to get in as many of these as I can in the next five days…..Valencia Peak is my favorite.

  • This place is magical. Ended up here on the 4th of July years ago on a cross country road trip with my dad. Never forget it and this makes me wanna go back!

  • you know.. i’ve lived in northern and southern california and i’ve never taken the time to explore the middle much. thanks for showing me more of my home state.:) Regina