5 Exercises You have to Start Doing


5 exercises you need to start doing!

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Before you start doing any exercises, make sure you’re all warmed up. Do 5-10 minutes of cardio plus a set or two of each exercise with smaller weights, to wake your muscles up. Meaning your workout needs just five exercises, one from each of these categories: push (pressing away from you), pull (tugging toward you), hip-hinge (bending from the middle), squat (flexing. Do strength training exercises for all major muscle groups at least two times a week. Aim to do a single set of each exercise, using a weight or resistance level heavy enough to tire your muscles after about 12 to 15 repetitions.

Start low and progress slowly. If you’re just beginning to exercise, start cautiously and progress slowly. Beginner: Kettlebell or dumbbell deadlift (shown here). *Do 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps, resting 60 seconds between sets. How to do it: Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell with both hands and hold it at arms length in front of hips.

Bend at hips and knees to lower the weight to the floor. Without allowing lower back to round, pull torso back and up, thrust hips forward, and stand up with the kettlebell. Note that tight hip flexors can make it challenging to sit back on your heels.

Do not force this stretch; rather, stay within your range of motion for best results. Extend your arms in front of you with your palms facing down. Softly place your forehead on the floor. Hold for 60 seconds. Repeat 3 to 5.

The 5BX program involves five basic exercises, takes just 11 minutes and needs absolutely no equipment. The only five exercises you need to stay fit at home Skip to sections navigation Skip to. Simply start your workout with some aerobic exercises like arm swings, leg kicks and walking lunges. Alternatively, you can warm up by doing easy movements of the exercise you are planning to do. “All you really need to do is some form of a squat, deadlift, and overhead press to strengthen multiple joints and muscles.” (Here’s how to perform a.

If you’re not used to exercise and you’re middle-aged or older, check with your doctor before you start strength training. Also talk to him if you smoke, have a health condition, or you’re overweight. You’ll fire up your hamstrings, glutes, and quads to see results in no time.

Get instant results: Start in the standing position behind a box holding dumbbells in each hand by the side of.

List of related literature:

These five exercises are the best ofthe best.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
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These five exercises are by no means comprehensive.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Three main types of exercise are essential for a fit body: aerobic activity, strength training, and flexibility exercises—incorporate all three into a weekly routine.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
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These exercises are important for socialization, independence, and maintaining core body strength.

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
from Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book
by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, et. al.
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1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
from The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging
by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Rodale Books, 2010

These exercises should include at least 8 to 10 exercises that use the major muscle groups of the legs, trunk, and shoulders, with each exercise repeated at least 8 to 12 times.

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
from The New Harvard Guide to Women’s Health
by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, et. al.
Harvard University Press, 2004

Phase Intervention 1 2 3 4 Exercises Inclusion of one or a combination of –passive range of motion –active assisted range of motion –stretching –resistance exercise on leg press, light weights (1-5 lb [0.45-2.25 kg]), and/or exercise band –breathing exercises (deep breathing, coughing, incentive spirometer).

“Understanding Nursing Research eBook: Building an Evidence-Based Practice” by Nancy Burns, Susan K. Grove
from Understanding Nursing Research eBook: Building an Evidence-Based Practice
by Nancy Burns, Susan K. Grove
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

The most basic workout is exercising each of the six major body parts-shoulders, back, chest, biceps, triceps and legs-by doing a single set of eight to twelve repetitions for each body part at an appropriate weight.

“The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal” by Jim Loehr, James E. Loehr, Tony Schwartz
from The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal
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3) Continue passive range‐of‐motion exercises and massage.

“Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation” by Ronald J. Riegel, John C. Godbold, Jr.
from Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation
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Torso Turn…Knee Raises…Pushups… Roman Chair Situps…how to make the Roman chair situp safer…paradoxical breathing…squats… the secrets of safer back bending…

“Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2000

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  • Hey guys and gals! Wrote everything up with some bonus tips in this article too if you need another reference https://redefiningstrength.com/5-bodyweight-exercises-for-a-full-body-workout-try-these-2-home-workouts/

  • I think the video is great, but you are demonstrating exercises for seniors while wearing socks on a polished wood floor. That is a serious slip risk.

  • Thank you so much for this workout and your precious tips!
    I often do airborne lunges and paired with pistol squats, it’s a good alternative to weighted square when gyms are closed! I used to do Turkish bridge but I gave up this exercise and I didn’t remember anymore this movement exist!

  • I’m going to try this routine and see what happens.
    I like the fact that you explained every single muscle involved and that motivated me even more.
    to start training. Thank you.

  • @Redefining Strength: I have a query. In your demo video of ‘Airborne lunge’, the knee of your leg/foot on the ground tracks in front of that foot (in fact a few inches). Is that normal/okay/desirable? I thought/was told that is a big no-no.
    I think this is partially due to the fact that you lean a bit too forward. A related question is: Is this okay (i.e. lean forward to balance while not caring too much about forward knee tracking), or should we try & stay as upright as possible? I sorta thought the latter might be better for long term knee health…
    What is your take on this?
    Thanks for another great video!

  • With the knees bent you really have to work to stay past the knees. Not bending fully at the waist because it’s tough seems silly, how else you going to strengthen those bones, joints, tendons and ligaments?

  • Best 15 Exercises For Musculature and Health����������
    1. BB Curl
    2. BB Shrugs
    3. BB Row
    4. Deadlift
    5. Squats
    6. Overhead Press
    7. Bench Press
    8. Pull-ups
    9. Dips
    10. Hyperextensions
    11. Leg Lifts
    12. Ab Crunch
    13. Straight Leg Deadlifts
    14. BB Lunges
    15. Planks

  • Helpful video man. I just realized that I’ve been to that gym. I live in Louisiana and went to Wolfforth for work for two weeks. I love that gym, and yes, the music playlist is legit too. It’s a 5 star gym for sure. Keep up the hard work brutha.

  • What kind of device can you give me I’m 63 years old and I’m practicing martial art when I fix my flexibility does not there I don’t know why can you give me some advice please thank you

  • Hey great tips as always but I am flat footed and despite great shoes I still have balance challenge with airborne lunge or pistol lunge how to go around that? Waiting to hear from ya. Love

  • A friend sent your video to me, and I appreciate it. These are exercises I can do in my small space. Your instructions and demonstrations are clear. Thank you. I will look for other videos by you that focus more on the core and balance as I a less confident walker than I was just five years ago. Thanks, again.

  • excellent. First time I have seen this. One question. I have bad knees and little cartilage can I still do these exercises without hurting my knees especially the squats? Are there any specific simple exercises that would strengthen my knees? Please advise. thanks

  • You’re an exercise genius! I’m a cyclist and usually ride between 150-200 kms each week. During self isolation, I’m not allowed out cycling so I’ve been running and walking more, BUT I’ve been including a lot of your exercises to do at home. My gosh, I’m getting amazing muscle definition! Some much so that when we’re allowed out again, I’m going make sure I continue with your ideas. I can’t thank you enough ������ You are an amazing YouTuber ������

  • Nice. Feeds the vestibular system novel stimulus, challenges proprioception, and stabilizer muscles. Well done and thanks for putting it up.

  • This is my workout plan.

    Warm ups: Jumping Rope 5-10 minutes

    Monday: Pull ups followed by sled push
    Tuesday: Cleans and jerks, bicep curls and sledgehammer workout
    Wednesday: Rest
    Thursday: Benchpress, shoulder press and dips
    Friday: Deadlift and farmers walk
    Saturday: 10 km jogging
    Sunday: Rest

    Finish each weight lifting exercise with a 5-10 minute cardio. I prefer hard running. Avoid the treadmill. Run outdoors instead.

  • I been trying to figure out a personal routine where I can put on head phones, and workout without depending workout dvds. Thanks for the tips!

  • Your channel is amazing!!! It’s so empowering to see strong AF women posting these super thorough, challenging videos and really emphasizing proper form. I’ll be binging these vids for sure!

  • I really liked the video and tried it this morning. What I particularly like is your detailed explanations, and alternatives. I am older, but active & exercise regularly. I and found this workout extremely difficult, especially the air lunges which I could not perform.

    I feel as though this video is for younger, more advanced people.
    Look forward to other vids.

    Thank you

  • I love this. As I’ve got older (64 soon) I need to slow it down a little as I’ve got advanced osteoarthritis. My right side is not what it was, especially my right knee. The pain is unbearable. Thank you soooooo much for this steady exercise regime. The morning stretches are also brilliant for my back.
    It’s so so nice that you’re not demanding money unlike ‘most’ of the nasty trainers. Thank you so much. ��

  • Hey Steve wanted to thank you for posting these videos for a beginner like me these videos are my go to and I’ve lost 20lbs and gained serious muscle definition since starting working out according to your videos. You’re the man keep it up.

  • Great video and clear explanations. Thanks. How many repeats for each exercise? If I work out the abs, how many at a time and how many times should I repeat the same exercise? Thanks in advance

  • 1. Standing Calf Raise
    2. Seated Calf Raise
    3. Donkey Calf Raise
    4. Smith Machine Calf Raise
    5. Hip Thrust

    Only 5 exercises for a great physique.

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    Free PDF of the 5 exercises, ready to download: https://integrativephysicaltherapyservices.com/pdf-downloads/
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  • When shld we do these exercises in the morning?
    Before or after breakfast?
    Only three times a week?
    I am a woman 73 yrs old.
    Any need to consult a Dr. if I shld do these exercises?

  • Thankyou so much for these 5 exercises. When doing them with you for the first time I can already tell how they are going to help me. (81+) Sally K

  • Thank you for giving us this work out and an opportunity to learn and grow. I am high performance athlete and with the current quarantine at feel at times like I run out of creative options to stay in shape and you give me just that and a challenge.
    Thank you Cori! Happy Easter ��

  • Does anybody have any tips for inflammation. It seems like I fight this everyday when I try to stay in shape. I take turmeric everyday and I try to always try to keep my body moving but it’s freaking annoying. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis which means wear and tear on the muscles and joints over time. I’m only 17 and I’ve been dancing my whole life. I was always super active but never really started working out until about 6 to 7 years ago. But one thing I always struggled with was inflammation and physical fatigue. I’m sick and tired of it and I want it to stop. I want to eat healthy and get back into shape again. I’m very depressed and I need to do something about it but it seems like everything I do does not work.

  • Is the airborne lunge essentially the same as the shrimp squat? I hold my ankle with my same side hand but otherwise looks the same.

  • I just love and adore your videos and tips and tweaks and rehab info! And I’m loving the new look and format of your videos too. I’ve started sharing your videos with one of my daughters to help her improve her muscle strength as she progresses through her volleyball skills. You are such a fantastic role model!! Thank you for sharing this invaluable info. I’m beyond appreciative and love sharing your channel.

  • I definitely think pull-ups are better than lat pull downs. But of course if you really aren’t strong enough to do a few or if you have a lot of body fat, then you’re gonna have to do lap pulldown’s. But if you can do four or five do a few sets of that and you will go up so fast. I don’t think of myself as somebody with a strong back but I’m at 23 pull-ups and four sets of eight with the 45 and never dreamed I’d be able to do that. I was just doing sets of seven reps a few months ago. I do them a few times a week usually preferably three days apart but sometimes two days. And I’m probably at least 20% body fat which kind of sucks maybe even a little higher, I’m 5 9.. I want to be in the 150s I’m at like 176 seven or five kind of depending on the day lol I know nobody cares that much about this comment…

  • I’m 53 & so happy to see these exercises explained… I’m not immobile & I’d like to stay this way waaaaay into my old age ��������️‍♀️��‍♀️����‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️ I’m currently unemployed & feel that I’ve lost a lot of muscle tone due to not being active (I love having jobs that keep me activly moving) & I’d like to start an exercise routine & this looks like it’s perfect for me!! ������ Thank you, I’m so glad I found your videos! ����‍♀️��

  • Really disagree with the lat pull down being a better bang for you buck than the pull up but I respect your opinion!

    Not for beginners but you can also do a pull up and a row at the same time in calisthenics too it’s called a yewkis and it looks fucking awesome

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a search on google) We have noticed many awesome things about this popular fat burn diet plan.

  • Excelent presentation of these exercises. However I’m somewhat confused about the Grapevine. It seems to be characterized as somewhat dangerous (“safety is paramount”). I find it very easy to do without any difficulty. Am I missing something?

  • Nice video ����, but dude, you need to boost up your cardio ( first 30 seconds workout shouldn’t make you breathe that hard ) ������

  • Bruh, theres waaay more pull ups variations that make the exercise harder than lat pull pull downs…

    1. Wide pull ups
    2. Type writers
    3. Archer Pull Ups
    4. Assited one arm pull ups
    5. One arm pull ups

    Yes.. the list goes on…

  • Ok. My upper back is on fire. Im doing this routine after two hours of other excercises. I can’t do the feet rotation right left left right…. I wish you did excercises the whole routine instead of tips only.

  • I’ve stopped flat bench, squats, rows, and dead, and my back and knees are finally heeling after years of problems. I believe I was using too much weight and incorrect form, so looking forward to getting back into these using proper form and lighter weight. Thanks for the tips!

  • Awesome exercises.pls tell some body wt exercises for lowerbody as i have postural problem with left leg and cant put too much pressure on it but love to pick up wts.How can i compensate for it.

  • Just to clarify… your “rectus abdominus ” muscles run down the front making up the “6 pack” not the transverse as mentioned on here. Your transverse abdominal muscles wrap around you spine creating a safe belt.

  • Okay, good, but when I did bodybuilding, and other gym classes when I was younger, I was told to not squat without being able to see my front feet this is so the knees never stick out beyond the feet. Otherwise, you can injure knees I was told.

  • Steve aside frombeing a great athelete and educator you´re a great human being. In ALL the ab workouts all I see these atheletes that break no sweat and make it seemsoeasy and after I follow their vids for a week I can master their move and start to feel that it´s innnnnnnefffffective and repetitive, but the movements are always hard which makes sence it is afterall training, even the beginner movement…. finally an athelete that says it how it really is and shows that it´s not easy even at a professional level really Steve you´re a great man thank you

  • The airborne lunge and no 3 i usually do it in TRX class, your version is more challenging. No 4 is my favorite,thank you for the video ����

  • I feel these exercises are quite vital…..yeeeet seldom many inform us of FORM!!! Of how important it is form….to avoid injuries & to make exercises more effective. Please tell us, SENIORS about the correct way to do exercixes, FORM!!! Thanks for making these available to us.

  • Thank you so much for showing us I’m 72 need to get back in shape again had two eye surgeries took awhile but now in ready to get back at it again! It looks easy enough the bridge what does it do For your body? I love your channel will follow your exercises daily ❤️so kind of you to share ❤️❤️

  • I am doing crunches for 1 months….
    Alternate day…(means 12-15 days in 1 months)
    I can see me abs…
    I will start pull up ab exercise..
    Along with crunches

  • Nice! I already do these! Lost so much because of COVID gym closure, but bought my own gym set and growing fast because o these exercises and other compound lifts + Arm isolation focusing exercises!

  • Thought this was very well done. Quick breakdown of targeted muscles, good cover of variety for different fitness levels and progression, while not forgetting the importance of stretching the back, without going overboard.

  • Hello, new subscriber. Just looking at your channel as want to start more bodyweight focused training. Noticed however that you don’t have an ankle injury tutorial in your playlists. I am now 3 months past complete rupture of Atfl and partial tear of cfl. Still sore but definite progress. Haven’t been able to see physio in 5 weeks due to isolation. Anyway taking thing slow but if you did have one please could you post the link? Thank you

  • Thanks to you, I no longer place my hands under my glutes when I lower the legs for lower abs workout �� Don’t you think that turkish bridge is the same movement as “wild thing” in yoga? Stay safe Cori!

    Also Igor”I hate my obliques. I don’t know why my obliques are so big.”

  • These are nice. I will use some of these tomorrow. I have been trying not to eat too much junk food. STRUGGGLING ����Although, I am adhering to safety guidelines, I can tell you, I miss the gym. I also re read my physical therapy Rx. So, I’m performing those exercises at home. Glutes and hammies, I was already doing, added quads. Until things open up again. Self care. However, I am getting in 45 minutes 3x week. Thanks for the continued motivation.

  • you have the pink area around your eyes my ninja….. looks like you’re not doing well. hope you get some rest. I love your videos

  • You are a blessing! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I am 76 yrs old and I haven’t exercised for 5 months. I feel my muscles loosing flexibility and strength. Thank you again for getting me going!

  • OK, I was about to get all huffy at you for telling me (older people) how you know best what we need. But it was excellent and I was wrong! Hey, it could happen!

  • I have a separated shoulder but still do these 5 exercises. I find that with the barbell bench, my left shoulder which is separated, can give me trouble when doing heavy benches. I love the barbell bench. Any suggestions?

  • Wish I could do the hanging leg raise but my hip clicks like a 90 year old woman and I’m 30 and been working out for year and years.:(

  • bro i would watch a hour long video if you make it because you make the video so interesting that i didn’t even noticed that it was 17 min long

  • Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many individuals lost a ton of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just google search it).

  • Guys, you won’t look like Steve even if you do 100000 of crunches/exercises for abs. You need good genetics, some juice and a lot of hard work!

  • Your instruction is superior. I know you’re not in competition with Mark Rippetoe but I hear so much about him and have watched a number of his videos and can tell you, your coaching is fluid it is clear and it does not waste time on hyperbole. I don’t need help trying to be a tough guy what have some problem with being manly, when I go to the gym and when I am moving steal for the benefit of my health, I need the highest class of coaching I can get. You are it

  • excellent group of exercises thank you! stopped working during pandemic age 62 and have noticed reduced muscle strength. these exercises will be great!

  • I say it’s all about personal preference, I always hear all these trainers say don’t do that do this and other trainers say do this its all confusing and people end up doing workouts they’re comfortable with

  • Hay Steve, Tracey from South Africa thank you for pointing out the right way as a woman training you always want to know that you are on the right track thankyou for showing me that great workout will definitely add some new movements to my routine great work out ( [email protected] gmail.com

  • Thanks so much. I am 63 and I gave RA i am soso happy to find excercises that are not so easy that i don’t want to be bothered to do them. These are great please do more. Thanks so much.

  • Angle up means more traps due to bio mechs..what certificates or full time courses on exercise do u have? If ur to high up its a modified shrug…exercise is now a science and u won’t be adding testosterone on top of ur synthetic test…also there is no hip hinge on a fucking squat hopefully anyone reading this can do a quick Google search and see its a different pattern entirely…im out.

  • 1. dumbell behind the neck overhead press 8-12 reps (Wont really hurt shoulders if do face pulls alot…
    2. face pulls all kinds of different rep ranges (sometimes only shoulders sometimes whole back.
    3. one leg heavy hamstring hip thrusts (dropsets)
    4. pulldowns (8-12 dropsets)
    5. Cabble lateral raise (external rotation 45 degree forward bend) Legit amazing.
    Just realising I have way to many favorites. The only way you can do isolation much is no resting and superset multiple in a row. Otherwise you will be in the gym way to long.

  • So let me check is I got your point. U tell me to stop doing the most isolating ABDOMINAL exercise there is ( chruches) and replace it by movement that activates greatly also the other hip fleksors including psoas major/minor, TFL and iliacus muscle.. hmmmm dude u need to wake up xDD

  • i would love more follow along videos of entire routines to complement these! the few you have i have been watching over and over and over.

  • Hey Live Anabolic. If I continue doing only these 5 exercises for 1 year, then will it benifit me? I mean, will all the muscle groups be covered by just these 5 exercises?

  • You look great, but I must add for all those with weak knees or knee injuries, the first exercise is deadly, stay away from it if you don’t want any further damage.

  • Love how you explain why it is important. I have started a channel for women over 50/60 covering health, nutrition and mindset. I will be putting this video in my playlist for my viewers. Thank you

  • But guys doesn’t the rectus (I don’t know the english specific term) of abs contracts all at the same time? So that lower and upper abs don’t exist

  • Thank you! I have always loved being still. At 67, I feel groggy when I lie or sit. I had to force myself to do these 5 mins and it made a difference, more focused, less anxiety.

  • Ugh my problem is that I’m weak as hell. The last time I was able to handle my own weight I was 135…I’m now 206. I start and then cant keep up with certain ones because of my knees too…its very frustrating so I stick to weight lyfting but days I dont feel like going to the gym I would like to do body weight exercises…����

  • Incorrect. The real top 5 exercises is:
    1. Standing Bicep Curl
    2. Concentration Curl
    3. Hammer Curl
    4. Cross Body Hammer Curl
    5. Cheating Curls

  • why make things so complicated. Get strong on deadlift and weighted pull ups and ur back is fine
    Chest flies? waste of time lol. Get strong on bench. Like pause bench 150kg and ur chest is fine
    His advice is kinda for noobs, I recomend to watch Jason Blaha.

  • THANK YOU for mentioning the actual CROSSOVER of the cable crossover! I cross my arms on every fly and it feels sooo much better. It’s my favourite exercise. When I’m doing it looking in the mirror I go red, the veins come out in my neck and I feel like I’m going to explode. If I did it the standard way I wouldn’t feel like I’m doing the exercise properly.

  • Just discovered your videos. You are so strong, love all the challenging moves! That airborne lunge….whaaat??? Will have to really work up to that. Great explanations.

  • You mentioned shoulder problems in 2 exercises and I actually don’t experience that in either but I do with a squat. Mine just don’t want to bend that way to hold the bar behind my head without going very wide. What can I do there?

  • Wow! Amazing and so well explained. Thank you for explaining how to get to do those exercises. I do not currently have the strength and mobility do do some of them so I will surely give it a try It is so rewarding to be able to do a movement we could not do before it is like being a kid a gain. Thank you!

  • Thank you Steve for sharing these excercises and tips I will be adding some of these to my ab workout! I just have a quick question. I know you said to do ab workouts about 3 times a week, but is it ok to work out your abs daily? Or is there a downside to that?

  • been watching your videos for the past three years… love how you explain it and teach us how to build our own workout instead of just throwing it in our face. I generally never sub or leave comments but great content

  • Excellent. I like the exercises, the way and depth to which you explain them, and the multiple camera angles. If I could give one tip, it would be to include a graphic at the end or beginning with the list of exercises and your suggested workout plans for them. Perhaps a label on screen for each exercise when you’re demonstrating them might help too, for people like me who’ll rewatch the video while trying the workout and skip through parts.

    I really like your channel, it’s one of the few I’ve subscribed to. Hope you grow your audience and keep putting out high quality content!

  • We are both in our 80’s and still believe in having a strong body and a calm mind. This was an excellent video and we learned a lot from you. We are doing research for our new YT channel that is all about healthy aging. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

  • Incline Bench Press
    Standing/Overhead Shoulder Press
    Weighted Chin Ups/Pull Ups
    Deadlifts/Hang Cleans

    Bonus: Weighted Crunches people forget about the core so much, it’s insane.

  • Thank you, these are great. I have a question about the squats though, as I noticed your knees were going forward over your feet, and my PT always wanted me to make sure my knees stayed back to protect them Interested to hear your thoughts on this?

  • Hey Garry:
    These 5 compound exercise is this the one you use to build your big muscle.? These 5 exercise is it enough to grow my muscle?

    Thank you,

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    You Totally Rock. ����

  • This guy has got an awesome physique! I’ve been able to do 225 for 14 wraps with good form oreight sets of 10 reps and I never look that good lol I guess I’ve never really worked on hypertrophy and staying leaner like that maybe if I was 20 pounds lighter I’d be at probably 10% body fat and had a tan I would at least look, a lot better to say the least haha not that good though.

  • Olá, gosto bastante das suas aulas e dicas. Pena que não posso fazer esses exercícios por que tenho problema no meu joelho, no menisco��

  • I have uneven shoulders where it’s very awkward for me to do squats because of balance without going really light with them. What leg do you recommend if squats don’t work for you?

  • Good job Randy! Once suggestion….I over did it with squats in my younger years and my hips took the hit. If your hips go lower than your knees, you are going too deep.

  • “Unless you wanna be in the gym everyday, working out two hours a day…”
    .. Eyyyy where my other gym addicts going to the gym everyday and loving every minute of it?

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  • Lowbar Squat is the king of exercises? I thought deadlifts were the king of all exercises,
    or as Dom Mazetti says “The best: Bench press, the worst: Squat, the hardest: deadlifts”

  • If people only knew this is really all you need. I’ve been training from home these last 4 months due to this pandemic. I’ve made more progress in building muscle and strength then ever before. These exercises are about 80 percent of my program. I do 3 movements per body part. 10,15, or 20 reps 5 sets each. RPE 8 or 9. That’s it. I haven’t changed my exercises for like 2 years now. I just change the rep range. Still making good progress and never been injuried. Been training for 6 years now. Good form an a tight core can minimize injury ALOT. Great video man! Simple but VERY EFFECTIVE.

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  • Suggestion… wear a bright white shirt to show light and dark of your chest and bones. T’was impossible to see or imagine your scapula bones.

  • Hi
    I’m going to follow you
    I just want to bring to your attention it appears your just wearing socks. Please emphasize wearing a non-slip shoe or sneaker.

  • I’m 6ft 3 & 48 y/o. Advice for older tall lifters. I do the bent over row like the video but I pull to top of my abs. Squat I avoid, they will fuck old man’s knees (speaking from experience). For deadlifts I use a trap bar and they are great, less stress on spine just like carrying shopping from the car! Bench press I do not use a wider grip as this video appears to show, I have already fucked where shoulder connects to arm doing that, never again. Ibuprofen is my friend these days. Age is no barrier to lifting folks

  • Great video, but ran out of audio about halfway through the performance. Program my equipment, but very good and was able to follow along.

  • When I work my chest if I’m doing bench press or hammer chest machine a ton of different chest machines I feel it more in front of my shoulders no matter how I hold my hands whatever I do it’s baffling to me this has only become a problem in life past year idk wtf I’m screwing up

  • Honestly, i never liked squats, i never saw big improvements in leg volume with squats, i always had better results with leg press, lunges with 30kg in my back. The best exercise for chest i believe is the incline dumbbell, for shoulders, flies, and for arms anything that concentrates a lot of tension on that specific area and doesn t let u do them reps wrong. Always negative and very focused on the specific muscle at least at biceps

  • You kept calling the rectus abdominis as the transverse abdomen and basically called two different muscle groups the same transverse name. know your anatomy

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  • A general tip about making fitness video’s demonstrate an exercise stop the video get breathing back to normal re-start the video speak ;o)

  • to bad I am so glute dominant that I my quads dont get worked on squats. Its fine tho cause I feel like my legs overall are very dominant so to grow them I only need heavy biking, dancing and isolation exercises. My chest genes are kind of shitty but my shoulders are good…

  • enough with these bs.Omg iam so sick of every “trainer” out there.Doesnt matter what exercise you choose!AS LONG AS YOUR DIET IS GOOD!AND MOST OF THE YOUTuBE TRAINERS ARE ON ROIDS!

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  • Hey, love the content you produce but I’ve a question about the row for the push ups. I know you are trying to show exercises without equipment but you don’t have any resistance like you do on the pushing section. All I can see is you lifting the arm so you’re in a 3 point plank and therefore working the core. Squeezing the shoulder blades to engage the upper back might be good for posture and mobility but I can’t see how that would make you any stronger.

  • What kind of footwear do you recommend for these types of exercises? My shoes aren’t awkward for movements requiring this kind of balancing.

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  • Hey man, Try out these 5 BEST exercises to build muscle for men… they’re critical! If you have any questions on any of the movements (or anything else you want to chat about), leave a comment below!

  • Thanks for the information. You can use lighter weights though for demo purposes, so you don’t have to get worn out during the taping.