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Dynamic Stretching Warm Up Exercises Before Workout Warmup Workout Routine Stretches

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Upper Body Active Stretch Workout Arms, Shoulder, Chest, and Back Stretching Exercises


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Dynamic Stretches to WARM UP Chest Muscles (before you bench!)

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Full Body 5 Minute Dynamic Warm Up for Intense Workouts

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Deskercise Chest and Arm Stretches

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Upper Body Dynamic STRETCHING | Autumn Fitness

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Dynamic Stretching for Upper Body 3 Minute Pre-Workout Warmup!

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While passive stretches relax your muscles (and can actually reduce your strength and power), dynamic stretches help activate your nervous system so it’s actually ready to demonstrate maximal strength and perform its best. For your next workout, give your upper body the right movements for a great workout. Dynamic stretching can prepare your body for a workout by helping to loosen and warm up your muscles. Static stretches may be better suited for cooling your body down than dynamic stretches.

By warming up with dynamic exercises, your body will move more effectively during your workout. Exercises and stretches Before performing dynamic exercises, do 5. Dynamic stretching on the other hand, is done in motion and is generally done before activity.

The main function of dynamic stretching is to warm up the muscles and ready them for the movement they are about to engage in. When it comes to the upper body specifically, you have multiple stretches to. This exercise stretches your latissimus dorsi, one of the largest muscles in your upper body. HOW TO DO IT: Attach a resistance band to a fixed object slightly higher than shoulder height. Grab the band with one hand and step back so that your arm is straight.


WARM UP. 1. Jump rope: 90 seconds. Keep your knees slightly bent and jump with both feet at the same time, one foot at a time or alternate between feet.

2. Run in place: 60 seconds. Start pulling your knees up, and slowly land on the balls of your feet. Treadmills are a common method of cardiovascular exercise but these machines do not sufficiently work the upper body. One way to solve this problem is.

Maintain your gaze 10-15 stride lengths ahead of you by keeping your head up. Getting your Muscles Ready – Dynamic Stretching First you will want to warm up your body for 5 to 10 minutes. After warming up, you should stretch while your muscles are still warm. Do not allow your body to cool down before starting to walk. GUEST POST: Trainer and BuiltLean founder Marc Perry demonstrates a dynamic warm-up to get your body prepared for almost any workout.

Check out his tips and a. 5 Dynamic Stretches For Your Lower-Body. by Anthony J. Yeung. June 25, 2019. No Comments. Share it: Want to have a great run or workout?

Start by mastering your warmup. With specific activation drills and movement preparation exercises, you can ensure your body has the mobility necessary to handle whatever you throw its way.

List of related literature:

To enhance the stretch on the hamstrings and posterior deltoid, lengthen the opposite arm and leg and lean the chin into the movement, keeping the shoulders over the hips for good posture.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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In other words, start with your back, hips, hamstrings, groin, and quads (calves, ankles, and feet), and then follow up by stretching your shoulders, arms, wrists, and neck.

“Lacrosse For Dummies” by Jim Hinkson, Joe Lombardi
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These are some of the most varied but well-known techniques of stretching.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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Begin the general warm-up with activities such asjogging, cycling, or ropejumping, then have the subject move on to a dynamic stretching routine consisting of activities that target the lower body (e.g., body-weight squats, squat thrusts, walking lunges, butt kicks, high knees, walking knee tucks).

“Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology” by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
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Perform one set of eight static stretching exercises on three days a week, including back-saver sit-and-reach, knee-to-chest, side stretch, sitting stretch, zipper, hip stretch, chest stretch, and calf stretch.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
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Extend your left leg as straight as possible as you raise your left arm into the air, take a deep breath in, exhale slowly as you lean back to straighten your spine, and lean to your right as you rotate your left shoulder back (away from the front of your body) to increase the stretch.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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Yoga postures and body alignment ■ Seated spinal twist ■ Cat and cow poses ■ Modified child’s pose ■ Mountain pose ■ Forward bend and backbend ■ Side stretch ■ Modified Sun Salutations

“Voice Disorders, Third Edition” by Christine Sapienza, Bari Hoffman Ruddy
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stretching on the front of your legs, torso, neck and head by (1) pulling your lower legs toward your hips; (2) pulling your knees up toward your chest; (3) curling your head, neck, and torso toward your waist; and (4) pulling your arms and hands against the handles while you slowly uncurl and bring

“The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body” by Robert Donald Cooley
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You should encourage a variety of stretching exercises for different parts of the body, including arms, shoulders, back, chest, stomach, buttocks, thighs, and calves.

“Caring for Older Adults Holistically” by Tamara R Dahlkemper
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You may want to increase the degree of stretch in your body by removing any support or padding from under your body and/or arms — or even by adding a small towel roll under the middle portion of your spine (at shoulder-blade level) in a position perpendicular to your spine (see Figure 4-9).

“Golf For Dummies” by Gary McCord
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  • This is SOOOO EFFECTIVE! It’s actually beyond belief. All the weights had my body feeling stiff and am only 21 ��. So il defo start in cooperating this

  • This is an amazing warm up, I do the whole thing before any lifting and the first 4.25 minutes before a run (don’t want to tire myself out before cardio haha). Thank you for this video!

  • This really helped me warm up my body before interpreting (sign language). Arms and wrists move about 13,000 times an hour when interpreting; going into it cold led to tendinitis, but on the mend!

  • I really like this dude… he is only about getting into the point of the vid.. and i will use this warmup for good because I never had a good warmup and that held me back in my training, so thank you for being part of good content gang

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this. I’m one of those guys who warms up by just getting under the bar and working my way to my working weight. I did these warm-ups an hour ago before benching and I was ready to go. My bench felt great on every set. Awesome advice.

  • This is amazing, thank you so much. Very effective, more than a regular workout. How many ttimes per week is this recommended to do?

  • Starting in 2019.
    We’re going through a weight loss challenge with my hubby this year. He like your videos.

    Beginning weight
    Me: 152 lbs
    Hubby: 263

    Will update from time to time.

  • Thank you very much for this video, the older I get the more that stretching is absolutely necessary. In order to constantly workout without soreness or injury. Thanks again!

  • Would you suggest doing the whole warmup before each workout or only the warmup that specifically targets your exercise of the day?

  • This is much better than the warmup I’ve been doing. Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, flutter kicks and pushups along with dynamic stretches for 5 minutes.

  • Overhead triceps stretch 01:17
    Arm Cross Stretch 03:45
    Chest Stretch 05:00
    Rear Arm Raise 06:17
    Forearm Stretch 07:32
    Abdominal Stretch 08:44
    Lower Back Stretch 10:00
    Oblique Stretch 11:14

  • Good, except the beginning. 0:28 NEVER EVER start the warmup so fast like that especially with high kicks, except if you want to injure your hamstrings.
    Start slowly for at least 3 moves, then go higher. Or, at best, do some basic hamstring stretches first.

  • Ever since I started doing your warm-ups and cool-downs, my post-workout soreness has been totally minimal! Before, my fitness journey would always be cut short by soreness that lasted days. Turns out I was warming and cooling down completely wrong! Thanks for the videos!

  • I’m a far guy and I want to work out and loose weight. Should I do this warm out, go for a run, take a like 30 minute break, do the warm up again, and then do my exercises?

  • It’s 2018 and i am still using this dynamic stretching warm up before i do my workouts. I also use this warm up before i go to work to prevent injuries and prepare my body for anything. It’s the best warm up ever! I even bought their black t-shirt and gray hoodie sweater to support them. They saved my health, and because of that, I am stronger and fitter than ever. Thank you very much coach! God bless you and your family!

  • Just tried this. Been working out for 8 months without stretching barely at all. I could feel my body activate alot of inactive muscles. Going to keep doing this for real.

  • I heard you’re suppose to stretch after a workout.. and warm up your muscles by moving around for example benching with the bar would be great warm up before hitting chest. If you stretch first your muscles are loose and it’ll be harder to hit those heavy weights.