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Sick of sit-ups? Ready to try some new core exercieses? Here are 5 exercises that are sure to be more fun than sit-ups!

Russian Twists. Sit with knees bent, abdominals pulled in and feet lifted off the floor, Roll low back slightly toward the mat so that you are supported slightly behind your tailbone. Hold a medicine ball or dumbbell in both hands.

Yes! Since there are more muscles involved in the core, it is great practice to focus on each of them during your workouts. Traditional sit ups are somewhat outdated, and there has been research done that suggests the repeated flexion movement of the spine that happens during a sit-up (i.e. the folding upward part of the sit-up) can be damaging to the spine.

8 Core Exercises That Are Better Than Sit-Ups For decades the bent-knee sit-up has served as the go-to core exercise by military personnel, sports coaches, and. Core training for youth athletes often amounts to little more than kids performing hundreds of Sit-Ups. This can lead to a hinder in performance as well as. Crunches and sit-ups are not the best options for core training. That shouldn’t be earth-shattering news anymore.

Thanks to experts like top spine doctor Stuart McGill, we realize that exercises such as planks, “bird-dogs,” the ab wheel rollout, and “stir-the-pot,” are just a few of the safer, more effective ways to train the core. These exercises will further build core strength by engaging your muscles in more complex ways. Side plank with rotation This exercise is an advanced version of the basic plank. For great ab muscles, choose exercises that target your whole core besides just sit-ups.

Try including exercises like plank variations, mountain climbers, Russian twists. The 11 Best Core Exercises 1. Hollow Body Hold. On their first day of training, gymnasts learn the hollow-body hold. It’s a foundational position that involves bracing your abdominals and creating total-body tension, and it’s integral to many other movements in the sport. The core is made up of primarily fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Fast-twitch muscle fibers are more dense than their counterparts (the slow-twitch muscle fibers. Hence, hard, heavy, and explosive bouts of exercise will stimulate fast-twitch fibers a lot more. This means that core training should be in the moderate rep range for best growth. Crunches and sit-ups can be monotonous, and they probably remind you of elementary-school gym class.

But they don’t have to be boring. There are plenty of variations you can incorporate into your strength-training routine that target the muscles that make up your core.

List of related literature:

I provide seven core exercises to choose from that are fun but challenging.

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The sit-ups should be a mixture of two very different techniques.

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Stabilization of the feet during a situp causes increased activity in the hip flexors, allowing hip flexor strength to substitute for abdominal weakness.14,17 Whether using the sit-up as a strengthening tool or as an examination device, the feet should be left unstabilized during the movement.

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Stability-ball crunch: Probably the most common core exercise.

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10 different situp-type moves.

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Another very effective – and fun – way to strengthen your abdominal muscles is to practice the Samba.

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The supervised exercises targeted the gluteals, latissimus dorsi and abdominals whereas the home exercise group performed movements of the arms and legs in sitting, standing and four-point kneeling while maintaining the pelvis in a stable position.

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Here’s how core strength training works: You incorporate exercises that challenge your abdominal, lower-back, hip, pelvic, and oblique muscles.

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The plank, push-up, and variations of the two, such as the leg-pull front, are also part of Joseph Pilates’ original repertoire of exercises.

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NONPHARMACOLOGIC THERAPY • Exercises primarily to maintain flexibility and aerobic activity are important • Postural training 1.

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  • The hip dips with rotational has also been called “threading the needle”. I had a bad experience with it some months back. Went to my chiropractor with shoulder pain. He advise me not to do that move since the shoulder of the supporting arm is put in a very stressful position.

  • Hi Redefining Strength, I just discovered you and was wondering where I can pick up that metal pole like that is fastened unto the floor to hold your body up and out as you are stretching? I’m glad I found you. Thank you! Jacki

  • Wow this is taking me back to when I was a fitness coach/PT, experimenting and looking at new ways to work my whole body and core. I’m on holiday and just finished crawling headfirst down the stairs and then back up backwards, it’s old school but great. ❤️ Your channel ������������

  • Love the lateral crawls. Very beneficial and require concentration. Do you have more of these contra lateral pattern/mind body connection exercises? Maybe a video on those only? Thanks!

  • 0:36 Side Planks Hip Dips (With Rotational Reach)
    0:51 Side Planks Hip Dips (With Rotational Reach) [Variation]
    2:31 Dip Hold With Leg Raise
    3:31 Dip Hold With Leg Raise [Modification & Variation]
    3:52 Dolphin Plank
    5:28 Dolphin Plank [Variation]
    5:36 Lateral Crawls
    7:19 Lateral Crawls [Modification]

  • In this world there are many who teach but very few who you actually learn from. I consider her my teacher and guide because I can feel the dedication and love for fitness in her voice and the tutorials.

    Thank you for this.

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  • Sit-ups deserve all the bad rap they can muster. As an exercise it’s arguably one of the worst things you can do to the human body given that it doesn’t condition your abdominal muscles as you think it would but sitips do overcondition your hip flexors leading to lower back problems later in life.

  • Is it just me or for russian twist u have to raise your legs to not be on the ground. And for AB wheel on whole feets not on the knees ^^ just asking for a friend.

  • Hey you’re a great trainer and teacher, can you share a video on what you eat a day? Also what is the best advise if you want to loose some stubborn body fat as you can’t spot reduce. Diet or exercise? which one has the master key to unlock the fat? Would like to know your views on this topic a video would also be helpful. Thanks!

  • Hello, I really like their teaching method, please give me the names of the exercise mentioned in the video above, waiting for answers, thank you.

  • I am a lazy couch potato, and I have watched plenty of videos, but I found you very very easy to follow your instructions, you are the whole package, you are a great trainer, couch or teacher, don’t know the right word… I am ready to start exercising watching your videos, THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • I love your videos!!! So informative, with wonderful form and technique-in fact, as I was following along one of your older videos, my husband came in and thought as you were completing the exercises you were a computer generated image animation, your technique was so good!!! You have become one of my new workout friends as I am still minimizing going to the gym. And, I love your cute little pup!!! Thank you!!

  • I would love for you to address the dangers of doing the first one on the shoulders. I have shoulder issues but I’m aware of them. Not everyone is. Some of these can really ruin your shoulders if someone knowledgeable isn’t watching you

  • Complete 2-3 rounds through, resting 30 seconds between rounds.

    30 seconds per side Side Plank Hip Dips with Rotational Reach 0:37
    30 seconds Dip Hold Leg Raises 3:35
    30 seconds Dolphin Plank 3:54
    30 seconds Lateral Crawls 5:36

  • I like coming across new moves for strengthening the core. Never seen the dolphin. Hasn’t the plank come along way from just staying still in a plank position.

  • I’m new to calisthenics. I Come from a weight training background. Forced to train from home due to lockdown. I’m currently making a video on my workouts as a beginner and tracking my progress on you tube. Your videos are awesome. Some really great content. If it’s ok with you I will be using some of your tips when I get a bit better at it. Keep them coming you are an inspiration.

  • Kristie Ennis, I tried those planks u did and they hurt but are better than sit ups cause I dont got a strand in my back. U are a tuff beautiful woman and fit to be a model. �� ��

  • Could I ask a quick advice for workout routine? I used to be fit and on top of my game till late 30s. But I’ve been struggling last few years. I cannot get myself to work out again. I will do a few weeks and drop. I am aware that half an hour a day is better than nothing but then do I count, do I set time… And I annoy myself so much with these questions that I do nothing at the end. I’m in terrible shape, my back hurts, I struggle to get up. But I also recognize this instructor knows the movement very well and I very much like the exercises as in this video. So how do I snap myself out of doing nothing? Thanks!!

  • We’ll done! My trainer put me through the same type of exercises and my abs starting popping out!
    So glad to see this all in 1 video!

  • 7:18
    that’s a HUGE no no from me, and probably should be in general.
    As a parkour instructor, i teach my students to NEVER use elbows or knees, especially when it comes to crawling (strength training) or climbing.
    Using your knees or elbows is usually a sign of weak muscle strength, and will continue to be that if you use those two joints.
    Not only that, it will hurt like hell, fast. There are no muscles on our elbows or knees, there is no soft tissue that can become stronger. It will eventually lead elbow and knee pains and injuries.
    Those joints are not designed to be used as… buffer’s? impact buffer? they are not meant for impact like that.
    use your muscle strength, not joints.

  • Kiwi didn’t get the memo. She thought it was cardio day and brought her ball ;^)))
    Fantastic exercises to add to my repertoire.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • these are great! more more more things like this that don’t require equipment and are transportable/achievable wherever you are. Thank you!

  • Thank u dia, i have a c section n an injured knee, i had surgery on it li e 10 yrs ago but i still feel the pain wen im working out, so ma question is does doing abs exercises n planks affect ma midsection, thank u so much, n im ur new subscriber all the way fro uganda �������� its a pleasure to hv found ur channel

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  • I reduced almost 30 pound
    However I need a strong core may. Not 6 pack strong
    My height 5.10
    I was 189 lb now 161 -163
    If you can help on my abs that will be great
    I have access to gym or can do it home

    I am doing some strength exercise now

  • What if you are older (60) and out of shape and want to strengthen your core to avoid injury? The only one I can do is the pointing dog one. The others are way too hard to start with.

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  • Hi there. Great video and will be incorporating these into my workouts!! Do you recommend working out fasted? I’m on the 14:10 fast at the mo to build up to the 16:8. If you have any suggestions or advice Cori, or anyone, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks again and awesome vid!!

  • I did the knee to elbow plank and it hurt my right abdomen, though not serious but rather a one time pain, it feels like my right abdomen is being pull apart. Any reason why?

    btw I don’t think it is because of a micro damage in the muscle because the feeling is different

  • These are great moves, thanks! I’m working with the Power Wheel again. I remember you did a video a few years back. Any chance of doing another one?

  • Yeah let’s pretend that the plank is a “great” abs exercise.
    Even though it actually isn’t.
    And NO your opinion does not qualify as a fact.
    Second the hanging LEG RAISE NOT the hanging knee raise is a superior ab exercise, ALSO according to scientific research.
    Do you guys ever get anything right?