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5 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid in the Gym Be Patient. Many people have big goals when they’re entering the gym for the first time. And this is a good thing! Working out Too Much. When starting up a new routine, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to make gains as fast as you Not Warming.

There are lots of things that can go wrong at the gym. And if you want to get in shape and do it safely, it’s best that you avoid these five common beginner gym mistakes! Support PictureFit!Gоіng to the gym can be tough, but not always because getting in shape is hard work. For ѕоmе, the рrоblеm іѕ that thеу’rе not exactly ѕurе what thеу’rе doing in there.

The еnvіrоnmеnt, the equipment, the еxеrсіѕеѕ, аnd heck, еvеn thе fаѕhіоn trends can bе dіffісult tо grаѕр. Hеrе аrе 5 Beginner Gуm mistakes. not getting proper rest is the common gym mistakes beginner’s as they are new to gym Conclusion This are the 5 common gym mistakes the beginner’s do when there are new to their gym so please try to avoid this 5 common gym mistakes.

Here are 5 gym mistakes for beginners that you MUST avoid. Based on personal experience in the gym, I, Dr. Vishwa Patel of 1MindMuscle want to shed some light on the most common beginner gym.

5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make in the Gym. Being new to the gym can be overwhelming. You walk in and assume everyone knows what they’re doing, they’re super fit and it comes really easily to them. Of course, these assumptions aren’t true 99% of the time, but it’s.

To enlighten some of our fellow beginner bros and broettes, and even some of you seasoned gym-goers, here are 5 beginner gym mistakes that you might want to fix. Number 1, you use only machines. There’s nothing exactly wrong with machines as they do simplify many exercises and are, for the most part, easy to use.

In this video You are going to see beginners gym mistakes common gym mistakes how to avoid gym mistakes every teenage mistake MISTAKES -: 1. ATTRACTION 2. Depending upon supplements 3. lifting. Exercisers (especially the beginners) often commit mistakes that not only keep them from getting the full benefits of the workouts, but also put them at risk of injury. Here, I have compiled the most common workout mistakes, and how you can avoid them so as to achieve your fitness goals successfully. 5 Gym Mistakes to Avoid 2020 Looking for some tips when hitting the gym in 2020!? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The goal of today’s video is to help avoid 5 Gym Mistakes.

List of related literature:

Some of these mistakes simply make the exercises ineffective; other goofs can result in serious injury.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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What are some of the most common novice mistakes you see in lifting?

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I designed the training programs in this book to avoid the above problems; however, I must emphasize using correct form while training, and refraining from any jerking movements.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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In part 2, I highlight common faults associated with specific training movements.

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If you were going to use the 10 sets of 10 training method, follow these guidelines.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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The same advice applies to all of them: Stop training immediately.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
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Beginners should be sure to use a controlled, slow lifting speed while they are learning the movements.

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There, I mentioned that the biggest mistake most self-coached triathletes make is inconsistent training.

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One common mistake competitors make is backing off their efforts in the gym during contest prep; however, this is a recipe for muscle loss.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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Many of the mistakes that people make come from just not fully digesting the material before they start training.

by Grisha Stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hei,I am from India…..
    And i would like to say…..
    Thanks….Thanks…Thanks A lot…
    I am a Gym Beginner…and i hav started liking all ur videos….just because of the u convince ur people in there way….I like ur way…..going bottom to the heart….
    Once again….Thanks a lot….����

  • lol the lat pull down one makes no sense, the wider it is doesnt mean wider lats but it hits it in a slightly different way, e.g. helps to grow, so rlly just do both short+wide grip for optimal growth, cmon dude im 15 and im better than u(jk dw lol)

  • I have been on my fitness journey for about 3 years and am still no where near my goal. HOWEVER I’m still not giving up. Little/slow progress is better than NOTHING

  • ”being the best version of yourself’..you hear a lot this phrase by health channels.Without spiritual growth,you absolutely cannot be a better version of yourself..Just concerning about your body is the same ego you feed,the same narcissism.Change my body to be the best version of myself for what?To have others like me more?To have girls like me?Grow up..

  • Thanks for this vid brotha, I learned a lot from this. My side raises were using too much momentum, my preacher curls were using too much forearm from ez bar, and my grip was too wide on lateral pulldowns, and too close on close grip bench.

  • Fellas I also recommend listening to CT Fletcher’s 10 commandments while working out. It gave me the motivation at times where I wanna give up working out

  • Can you teach me how to karate chop my head through the kitchen table? I want to impress my girlfriends parents when we meet next week…..(shes asian)…..

  • I can’t believe that one of the most informational YouTube fitness channel that I follow was once a dummy in fitness. Congrats to your progress.

  • Yo zac you can’t be talking about bad dumbbells bench press form with your elbows flared out like that. Keep them at a 45 degree angle or just not flared out like that.

  • Time stamps
    -You need to train every day ( 0:58)
    -If you eat like so-and-so, you will look like so-and-so ( 2:46)
    -You need to feel sore after every workout ( 5:33)
    -You need to plan every meal, workout and be laser-focused ( 7:35)
    -You need to do it alone ( 10:12)

  • Honestly judging change by weeks seems more like stupid then a simple mistake it took years for your body to become what it is it’ll take years for you to turn it into something else.

    This coming from a guy who has never stepped foot into a gym. I know what I’m in for a long term project.

  • Hey buff dudes! I have a question. I know you guys have occasionally addressed it but could you guys do a video on what to do when you get bored with your journey or how you keep it interesting. I’m 18 years old and haven been lifting for 5 years. I’m really strong having joined the mythic 1000 pound club at only 15. After suffering a chest tear and some mental health issues, and just feeling as if my journey had hit a wall, I’ve found it very hard to stay motivated to even finish a workout. I figure since you guys have been doing it for a while, yall could give some advice on the subject.

  • Best: homework up
    Push up
    Sit up
    Pull up
    Price: none (except pull up if you want to do it in home),( you can do pull up in some park)
    Day: 30-infinite
    Result: you will see your self.

  • Solid info on the preacher curl bro. I single arm it for more isolation also. I like to rotate the opposite shoulder away from the curl too to create more iso on the muscle. Great content g

  • Will you please please make a video about going back to the gym after a small break. I haven’t had a hard workout since quarantine started and the gym is going to open soon. I know I shouldn’t just jump right back in

  • Been going to the gym for a couple months, decided to finally try deadlifts. Messed up my back. GET THE FORM DOWN BEFORE PUTTING THE WEIGHT ON THE BAR.

  • My worst mistake was doing hanging abs around my friends and getting pantsed along with my boxers. Man my pp was just hanging there for a cool minute while there were like 15 people in front of my me

  • All I hear is Tony Horton P90X,P90X2,P90X3. That’s cause his stuff is several yrs old. Old that even today all these new trainers copy, use, imitate or add their own flash & panache.

    Still reminds me of Tony Horton P90X,P90X2,P90X3.

  • If i’m looking cute while doing the reps, it means i’m not working out hard enough. That’s my personal metric! �� awesome video thank you!

  • Number 5 is so important,in my experience gym bros have gained all this knowledge that’s not really applicable outside the gym and are more than willing to help you out if you’re lost

  • What do you do as a novixe if you want to take a turn on a machine but somebody (not necessarily, but can be, someone bigger than you) is sitting on it texting?

  • Consistency is key. As long as you do compound exercises, push yourself, dont eat like a pig, and go at LEAST 3 times a week, you should be fine. If you dont see results, dont quit. It will come in time

  • sad face.. im still hoping this is some sort of genius master plan to put an absurd amount of mass on the ass with the fianal objective to get lean again in the near future.. oterwise this is bullshit.

  • Sometimes I’ll put on my gym clothes, drink pre-workout and stand facing the mirror ready for a warm-up, see all the fat on my arms, my hip dips, and walk right out of the room to go eat to feel better. Then crawl into bed. ��

  • Don’t try and lift heavy weights if you just started going to the gym, stick around 20lbs and do sets, don’t just lift a lot then tire yourself out and go onto something else, not really the proper way to do it

  • I see this all the time in the gym, girls sitting around on their phones or barely breaking a sweat the entire time. When I’m in the gym, i’m not their to play. I’m a grunting, breathless, sweaty mess and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • Counting calories is for those that go to planet fitness, 24hr fitness, or the conveyor belt gyms, ballerinas, dancers, runway models, fitness models (wanna be workout trainers), yacht/boat/pool/car/model girls) or escaped malnourished choir boys.

    Most of us workout & lift to get rid of the estrogen filled soft squishy pregnant bodies complete with t*ts or are skinny scrawny toothpick rail thin hungry ectomorph hard gainers.

    Counting calories? Ok to an extent not when your trying to gain some muscles the natty way. That sh*t only works for so long.

  • -Not keeping track of your reps
    -Not having the right nutrition
    -Trying to do too many exercises per session
    -Spending too much time on cardio
    -Not doing warm up sets when lifting heavy

  • I used to go to the gym all the time..at least like 6-5 times a week -w But then somewhere I started slacking and my diet became supper poor. I wanna get back there but I honestly forgot everything.

  • My biggest mistake was not following a structured routine. For all you new guys out there please for the love of god, hop on a proven program and focus on strength progression.

  • Can u make your makeup or skincare routine video? Or your pampering or haircare routine video plzzz lots of love from me…������

  • For my workout plan to bulk I do two days of upperbody, legs, then rest day and for all my workouts I do 2 sets of rep til fail would y’all say that is a good workout plan for bulking??

  • I have tried out these tips and I can already tell the difference. I made the decision to put my phone on do not disturb, so now my gym time is my relax time.

  • I wouldnt say pressuring people to do more is always bad. when I was doing a bench press with someone the other day, they often said “3 more” or “1 more” a good type of encouragement.

  • Hey Abby, as a medical student I believe the intestinal absorption of macronutrients is also quite variable from individual to individual, and that could also explain why some people seem to eat their whole weight in food and not actually get fat (a lot of what they ingest ends up being excreted in the faeces).
    I happen to know a lot of people who are pretty sedentary and yet extremely skinny, so I don’t think that’s mostly due to the calories they burn as you say in the video (I hope I didn’t misinterpret it ��).
    However, it’s important to emphasize that this is also not as good as it may seem, since these people have a lot more trouble getting the nutrients they need from food and also tend to have a poor diet since they don’t get fat anyways.

  • This video is so helpful! Too bad I learned some of them hard way:”)
    The thing is with maintaining fitness is you NEED to love it! At first I restricted my diet so much and resulted on me binging on my cheat day… Now I’m kinda let myself loose a bit, enjoying foods that I want in small serving sizes:)

  • Let’s say I’m skinny right? I’m trying to gain muscle, but I’m doing so I’ve accumulated more fat than needed, do I keep bulking to get more muscle, or should I cut and get to a better body fat% before bulking up again?

  • Amazingly, I’ve been performing a lot of these exercises correctly. I practice moderately nowadays, but lifting without injuries to support my body for my other sports / hobbies feels a lot better than bro-gainz & injured rotator cuff two months in. ✌️�� Great summary!

  • Hindsight is everything…… because you simply chose to go for it in that moment of time that kickstarted your journey and you ended up learning things that you “wish you would’ve known”. Seriously, nobodies going to eat perfect, have the perfect routine, or lift heavy enough weight when they first start off. But the progression undoubtedly comes from experience. So whoever’s reading this, if you’re a beginner or you’re even just now thinking about starting your fitness journey, don’t overthink it. Go for it and stay consistent and watch how you improve, learn things on the way. If only you knew how strong and capable you truly are:)

  • Hey guys great vid but for some reason my left arm has considerably more veins than my right I’m right handed and work both my right arm is also a little stronger why tf is this?

  • I came to read all of the thirsty comments (the subscribers did not disappoint!) and left with some pretty good tips. Guess I will subscribe.

  • Hey guys, please join us on the PictureFit Community discord! We’ve had lots of great discussions and would love for you to be a part of it. Also, we’re looking for more people with expertise or education in the health and fitness field. We have some already but can always use more. If that’s you and you wanna help out some of your fellow bros and broettes, please come join the server and message me directly! Hope to see you guys there. https://discord.gg/picturefit

  • A really good tip is choose a couple of foods that you like, and stick to them, it just makes life so much easier and you don’t have to worry much about what to eat blah blah.

  • . 4:25 absolutely never ever have your hands lower than your shoulders while doing sides. you’ll snap your shoulders. arch forward and get a better angle

  • PLEASE never underestimate the danger of overtraining. When I started working out, I overtrained like a madman because I figured, 1. I was only eighteen and could recover faster than the people telling me not to, 2. I was at a disadvantage since I was starting out later than a lot of other people (I never played a sport in high school or anything and I only worked out a little before that)
    I didn’t really get bigger or stronger at all. My muscular endurance increased a bit, but it improved by an even greater margin when I started training the right way. The worst part was I got way too bio-mechanically efficient at really good exercises and probably slowed myself down a decent bit in the long run. Thank god I didn’t injure myself though.

  • I have never seen anyone hit the nail on the head as well as you do. I feel like 99% of fitness content out there is incredibly tunneled, focusing ONLY on one aspect of health be it nutrition, muscle growth, cardio, metabolism, fasting, etc. and completely disregard everything else related to that one aspect.

    Abby truly advocates for health as a LIFESTYLE, which encompasses so many facets that people can’t keep track of and honestly shouldn’t keep track of. And while a lot of fitness influencers claim to use science to back up their facts, they often isolate scientific facts or studies, while Abby includes the entire scientific process and analyzes multiple aspects of scientific studies to make sure they’re accurate.

  • I remember my very first time going to the gym, it took me an hour to build up the courage to go and then another hour in the parking lot because I was so anxious and so afraid of embarrassing myself. Now, the gym feels like my safe space.

  • The last one got to me… My family and my bf all believe I can achieve my goals of losing 10 kg and get into a healthy BMI (rn my BMI is around 28), but I often find myself not believing in myself. I need some tips on how to change my mindset, asap.

  • Agree with everything except for the cardio. It’s recommended to get around 75 minutes of intense exercise or 150 minutes of low-moderate intensity or a mix of the two for cardiovascular health.
    The heart is a muscle and is IMO more important than capped delts and glutes.

  • Is it necessary to retract shoulder blades for every chest movement? I have a really problem having my pecs to do chest movements and instead it’s primarily shoulders. Super frustrating.

    I can squeeze my pecs fine just sitting or standing, but getting them to do the movements is another story.

  • So encouraging. I walk every day. I work out, I eat pretty well, and I’m pretty close to where I want to be (still trying to build strength). But the daily walks (sometimes two or three of them if I can) are not about goals. I just feel great, my head clears, I notice the changing skies, the birds, the quiet, and often I listen to music that inspires me. I enjoy my whole body, mind, and heart when I can take daily quiet walks in the woods or neighborhood. Thanks for the reminders.

  • I just clicked this video because I’m just starting to get into the habit of moving again after a longer break, and when you told about your challenge, it just made my day =) I’m looking forward so much to start moving more again, and I hope it will get easier and feel safer, with your community to guide me. Thank you so much <3

  • With the flat dumbbell press even when you lock out, you still can squeeze your chest and flex. You only have to for a second but still good to get the flex

  • But some people might say you have to focus on some exercise to gain strength for beginner
    , but I just focus on the hard exercise and I can perform only 5-6 reps
    Am I doing right or wrong

  • Really helpful advice, I also just made 3 Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid video and that is from my own experience.
    I wish I knew therm when I started, in the beginning, it would save so much time and money for me.
    Have a blessing day folks.��

  • I’m pretty guilty of getting easily distracted and not training hard enough! I also used to wait waaay too long between sets, but I was self-aware so I fixed it. Gotta fix the other two! Thanks for the video, so useful ��

  • When you get to my age, the goal is to fight gravity! Keep everything from sinking into gut and butt. �� Consistent mix of weights and cardio do the trick.

  • Best advice to keep exercising at least for me is ‘If you want to eat then exercise’! �� This is a great advice even for a lazy like me!��

  • “Start showing up for yourself before other people show up for you.”
    That hit me like a freight train. Thank you, Abby, love your videos! You’re brilliant.

  • I have to say you guys, the more I watch your videos, the more I feel motivated to get my ass off the bed and do some bidy work. You inspire the little buff due inside me to come out. Thanks for all your hard work you dudes! Stay buff! Yeeeeaaaahhh

  • Hey, I think I love you. ��
    I love that you use science journals and that you mentioned the belief system. You’re amazing, keep being you.

  • Please tell me she wasn’t locking her knees on the machine. I don’t remember what the leg machine is called but I saw a video on someone locking knees and having it break ���� please be safe

  • I know it has nothing to do with this but I’m so pissed they took the heavy bags out of my gym, now I feel like I need to cough up a pretty decent chunk of money because some asshole fucked around on the bag and they took it out for safety reasons.

  • Re. tri kick backs they’re good because the way to get an actual complete contraction on your tricep is to have your elbow behind your body which you don’t get with tri extension/pushdown like you showed so that’s why they’re good (for example the reason why on a side tricep pose your arm is behind your body)

  • I’m a 57 years old Indian female. Though I’ve been exercising regularly for last 5-6 years, I’ve started on my weight training journey 3 months back. Your channel is God sent! I hang on each and every word. Thanks for sharing valuable information. At my age maintaining joints and avoiding injuries is crucial. So going slow and steady.

  • The only thing that you showed that I really need to work and focus on was what you said about the dumbbell bench press and I need to do it for normal bench press but just not locking out my arms one of my friends told me to stop locking out because long term it will fuck up my joints I try not to now but it’s hard for some reason

  • hey guys as a teenager 17, im not fat but still a lil chunky xD.
    should i cut as a teenager? will being in a caloric deficit effect my growth?

  • Bro I am a beginner so should I hit gym 3 days a week and only do compound movements like deadlifts,barbell row,squats overhead pressure,pullups, pushups and bench press for three days

  • Yeah I mean, It’s very stressful and heartbreaking when you train so hard for weeks to grow the muscle a little bit, but with a couple of days of a bad training all of that work just go away �� I’ve been starting all over again about 6 times since I began this journey two years ago ��

    Srry my English

  • Gym girls never understand why men skip leg day. Don’t neglect the booty, guys! Bench press on the other hand… I’ve got stuck a couple times, not a good feeling!

  • It was hard having to go from 30 lbs to 20 lbs for bicep curls at age 13 in the gym. I felt like that big dude who was deadlifting like 700 pounds next to me was trying not to laugh
    in reality he didn’t even notice me there and was focusing on himself

  • I trained for years, when I was younger. At age 20 I stopped and now at age 31 I start again and it is only now that I focus on the muscle and it’s just so amazing, to willingly use like a back muscle when doing back and not “cheating” with your biceps, when the weight is obviously to heavy for your back to pull.

  • I hope you combine a combo sale of the foundation and optimization program.:) I already have the intermediate program, but have been out for a bit. Exited to get back. Thank you for all your info!!

  • tbh everything in this video that’s bad form is what i see everyday in my gym. not to mention it’s extremely packed and small. only gym within 45 minutes

  • The Buff Dudes would never sell out to advertisers, that’s why instead of the 1 BILLION subscribers they should have, they have only 1.5 million. But I hope their popularity steadily continues to grow and they never sell out. If more people followed their example people would be seeing better results in the gym, using less supplements, and generally being more respectful to each other. Go Dudes!

  • honestly, i feel like #3 is wrong, imo most beginners try to use too much weight because they’re insecure about how much they lift and don’t get contractions or even perform the exercise right. but i def are where it’s coming from

  • Really helpful advice, I also just made 3 Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid video and that is from my own experience.
    I wish I knew therm when I started, in the beginning, it would save so much time and money for me.
    Have a blessing day folks.��

  • I was LOLing so hard at the representations you were doing of those people I see everyday at the gym, but it is real and true. Really great and informational video as always along with comical inserts. Love it!

  • Been watching your videos for years now but this is the first time I’m wanted to comment.

    I have the utmost respect for you as a woman. The dedication, the effort, the self-awareness, the mindfulness, the, Integrity that you uphold in a multifaceted way, nobody’s perfect but I think you should feel really proud of yourself not just as an athlete’s but as a woman and a human being. as I’ve watched your channel for so long now, it’s apparent that you strive to be a better version of you than the day before in every aspect of your life and help others women and myself also strive
    For the same.

    You are a beautiful beacon of positivity in this community and I hope you choose to stay for a while.

    With love & appreciation❤

  • I’m so glad you’re talking about RPE. I used to gym it twice a day, doing 1-2 hours of strength training after work, but I never saw any changes in the way my muscles were looking. I realized after a while that I was afraid of embarrassing myself by making ugly faces. Now, I know that I need to push myself till maximum fugly face is achieved and then the work out was sufficient. I also do reps until I physically fail to get in another full rep. So I don’t plan on hitting a goal on a number of reps, I plan on repping until my muscles can’t do it anymore. I have my boyfriend spot me on lifts where I’m in a vulnerable position because I know for a fact, that last rep will be a failure. Plus that failure gives me a marking point for a hurdle to get over next time. And every time I think I can’t add any more weight, I add 5 pounds and just attempt a rep so my body knows what that added weight feels like.

  • I agree with everything besides switching things up. You should always try new excersizes and shock your muscles. It’s a good way to find new favorites and is the best way to stay well rounded and learn!

  • There is one more important advice: Educate yourself, ynderstand what you do and why. That helps also to deal with most of the points on your list.

    My biggest mistake is related to kind of all, but has a uniquie root cause: my dad.
    I trained for like 3 years, with my dad who was (for my understanding at that time) strong as hell and anyway the hero… So I joined his gym and go a training schedule made for me. After 2 weeks I started to deviate because my dad started to show me other stuff like “try this, try that too”, or “I do like this” I followed lots of his advices and trained for 3 years with very little progress, never questioning what I was doing.

    Later, when I went to university, I joined a different gym, started to educate myself and discovered I how poorly I actually trained.

  • All signed up and ready to go couldn’t be a more perfect time. Having to stay home, gorgeous sun outside and I’m ready to make the most of this global opportunity for change.

  • If you want to lose 20kg like I did, you need to visit website *Next Level Diet*. They provided me with 30 days plan meal, training plan, fitness tips and healthy recipes. Visit their site and transfrom your body!!!

  • You can go 40 reps or even more with lower weights and still be understood as progressive overload from the muscle BUT, you have to take it to failure. That means your muscle will probably won’t fail at 40 reps, but at 120.

  • Funny part about no1 is that as a beginner i started a bit with machines got to free weights like for years and now that im more experienced i find myself coming back to most mashines more than free weights again.

  • I’m trying to work on mind muscle connection, it makes sense when it comes to glutes but I’m struggling with chest and back. I know I must have the muscles but I can’t see them so it’s hard to concentrate on them.

  • First time I finished watching a video consisting of just a guy talking sincerely and honestly with no fancy graphics or visual effects.

  • The pasrt about how intense it should be and “could I do one more?” Was honestly really helpful.
    Personally, I’ve probably just ever gone to a five because people say not to push too hard when you’re new… so I’ve never really gone to the point of “fuck me this is hard”.

  • Thanks for the inspo. The lack of confidence one really hit… I’m in city so my gym is usually crowded but I’m starting to get used to going out of my comfort zone and just trying my best despite what anyone things.

  • Awesome video Zac. I was guilty of #6, pointers like this are really beneficial for us n00bs! I’ve only been lifting for around 4 months but loving it ����

  • I would love to see you get a nutrition degree! You’re so good a teaching and I feel like you would really excel as a dietician or nutritionist with a focus in fitness!!

  • The thing is, I can’t train SUPER hard because I’m quad/hamstring dominant and if I wanna feel my glutes more than my legs I need a lighter weight in order to not lose mind/muscle connection:(

  • I am not a teen anymore.
    Just turned 26 but these suggestions are solid and go a long way.
    Great video to remind yourself of the fundamentals!

  • I grocery shop when Im hungry, but I eat 6-8 hour window and shop for food every other day; buying just what I need for macro’s. Yes, it does take more time cooking, but not shopping.

  • Knowledge is super important. How many people wind up getting a gym membership and have no clue how to lift. So they just wind up on the treadmill and maybe a machine or two that has instructions on it. Probobly my two favorite lifting channels are Athlean X and Buff Dudes.

    Diet is also key. You can’t out train a poor diet. Tess Holliday works out. But because of her crap diet she is still morbidly obese.

  • Love your videos. You truly have taken the time to do the research, and you do an amazing job explaining it so easily for everyone to understand. Thank you!

  • I feel like that tricep pushback re0lacement isnt really a good one because the whole point if it is to get more activation getting your arm behind your back

  • I know this is video is targeted towards beginners etc.. But I love Isolation exercises for body building specifically because I want to actually train and build quality muscles with the exception of compound movements of course) and I feel like if you really want to actually get results especially in the beginning when it comes to the actual development of muscle—isolation workouts are the shit.

    And I don’t necessarily agree with the amount of reps either when it comes to increasing weight… I feel like if you’re asking beginners to lift heavy and do small repetitions so vaguely… it doesn’t quite make sense because that’s actually how one would hurt themselves.. if anything I would just say not adding enough volume or perhaps not switching up your workouts every few weeks…

    At the end of the day it all comes down to actually having the motivation to get up and go.. So keep your consistency and don’t fail on that.

  • If I had $1 each time someone told me they’re fat because they have a bad metabolism or that someone else is thin because they have a good metabolism I’d be building my own palace right now. I wish I could automatically link 3:50 to every single one of them.
    Unless pathology is involved everyone is ruled by CICO.

  • My buddy taught me how to train and we did all of these things. I got lucky someone could guide me at the beginning. These tips are really good and stuff I preach and practice all the time still. I like your videos man. Good stuff

  • thank you SO much for making this challenge! Watching a video is not enough sometimes, having someone who knows what they’re doing helps Immensely! Not to mention its free! I am so hyped for this month now��

  • 6. Clips on the smith machine. I pride myself on being the dumbest guy in the gym, but this is beyond dumb, this is like mythically dumb. I appreciate your gym ettiquette, but the only way that weight is coming off the smith machine is if the hole gym tips on its side, sunny side up. I kid you not I have walked up to the smith machine and had to remove clips from it.

  • I’m almost 4 months post partum and this is exactly the video I needed. Im so ready to get back into shape and join the challenge! Thanks!

  • It’s not as if they train and eat very well now. Don’t get me wrong, I like them and they are in good shape but they train with bad form and their nutrition advices are straight out of the 90s…

  • Love love love watching your videos! I’m new to your channel and have binged pretty much all of them over the last two weeks (thank iso). Ice now subscribed to your channel so I don’t miss anything. I wanted to know.. What kind of fitness tracker do you use? I’m looking to upgrade mine. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It’s much appreciated to someone like me who’s new to fitness.

  • We’re currently doing a challenge at my company to move at least 30 minutes a day, it’s a competition between groups of individuals and all workouts are worth an equal amount. I’ve moved more these past 4 weeks than the entire rest of spring. Probably because I’m a competitive bastard. The made to move it challenge sounds great, is it possible to join later than June 1st? My company’s challenge finishes on June 15th.

  • I love how you said “honor your body with activity every day”. This is such a healthy way to look at exercise! It’s not just about getting the body you want but it’s also about doing something healthy for your body and yourself! Love it, thanks for this ��

  • Please, I am struggling with the addiction to bad foods. By day 4 I am irritable and craving is too strong. I also am struggling finding healthy/affordable meals to make for my family of 6. So discouraged.

  • I always like to watch, your video’s, im not as buffed as other people but, training makes me feel good and some of the mistakes in this video i also made,

  • Hey!
    Do you have a video on “Short periods of lean bulking combined with short cutting phases”?
    Would really love to understand that.

    Thanks for posting great content always.:)

  • overtraining doesnt exist with the right sort of variety. flexibility, strength, form, the various intensities of cardio, muscular endurance, and stabilizer muscles, over the entire body. if you switch your exercise types often enough, and power through your limitations for the basics, you dont need to take rest days, so long as your diet and sleep schedules are ok.

  • Wow thank you. I haven’t been feeling sore lately and I was wondering if I needed to up the intensity or workout longer. That makes me feel better though that I can still get results without being sore every time.

  • I figure this place is as good as any other. I go to the gym 3x a week training is going well but i dont know what to eat and how much i have to eat. If someone could help me out i’d appreciate it

  • one of the biggest mistakes people do is not fixing their fucking posture and muscle imbalances first, before you go under heavy barbell. Many people that is starting to workout have rounded shoulders or anterior pelvic tilt or both and many other imbalances, i would argue that the most people have them. I wasted at least year by lifting with muscle imbalances and all i gained was back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain. Then i realized okey i need to fix these imbalances first and humbly started to do glute bridges and all kinds of band exercises for my rotator cuff and back muscles, before touching heavy barbell. And now i’m able to do heavy deadlifts, heavy bench press and heavy OHP with zero pain and strength gains is sky rocketing finally!

  • Ego is good for developing men, but it must be balanced with reasoning so a young man can realize whats okay, and whats plain dumb. Its tough because nature makes most men at those ages a bit more testosterone fueled than we are later, but thats just the way its meant to be. The “ego” is not necessarily the same as undue pride, overestimation of the self or lack of experience. Those are their own fallacies that even women can suffer from. lol And its true, genetics and life experience in all its facets of diet, training, and whatever, all play parts in making people different. Nobody lives like their ancestors whom struggled and ran a lot or walked a lot or fought a lot. We are different now than we were centuries ago, so it helps to do workouts that not only target muscles, but are reasonably associated with what you would need that strength for in real life. Build strength of body, but will too. Stamina is most times far more important than brute strength for short spurts. Fo the distance. ^^

  • My lady and I are 50 years old we thought we are doing everything right when we were 17 in 1987 and now at 50 were in the best shape of Our Lives wish I knew then what I know now…..p.s. I have not had sugar in 869 days

  • I use to feel the same way that my husband was trying to keep me fat �� by bring cookies, cake, icecream etc. In our home and I would give him a piece of my mind. Lol!! Well, I started following his workouts and food routine that included all those sweets just to see if it would work for me. Well, I’m 40 lbs lighter �� with 50 more pounds to go. I don’t eat the portion sizes he eats, but I have learned to eat smaller portions and he wasn’t trying to sabotage my weightloss. Lol!!
    Sorry babe!

  • 1:24 like you know it’s not easy to integrate free weights if you’re under 18 years old and in Germany not legally allowed to use free weights in the gym

  • Biggest ones I see:

    1. Quarter Squatting
    2. Squatting not to even considerable depth
    3. Half Knee Bends
    4. Slapping on 3 plates then quarter reping squats on the squat rack
    5. “Oh sick bro I just squatted 315 you wanna try”
    6. Squatting JUST above where it gets hard(you were so close)

    Nah but for real I’d say 90% of gymgoers fuck up squats. I’m not saying go atg and have huge buttwink but, please go to an inch or two above parellel atleast. Drop the weight and ego, please squat correctly before you bitch about knee problems.

  • Thank you! I’m doing weight loss as well as lifting…. I hear so many ways to go about it. It can be confusing and overwhelming. I’m using in the gym for a hour to a hour and a half. Cardio, functional weights, free weights, then 10 mins of cardio again. I just don’t wanna be flabby for my end results of weight loss. I eventually want to body build in the end. You have a new subbing ��❤️��

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQSiU3dCoH8&feature=share this lad is doing neck exercise and can anyone tell me if his doing this exercise right?

  • I’ve jsut discovered your channel and I really like it!, I like that you show the research behind why those myths are false, I’ve just signed up for the challenge haha

  • I think I use to many machines.I am only 13 so when I first when I wanted to start a was super scared of hurting myself but know I do bench press, squats and a couple other things

  • I came from the Chloe Ting challenge, after my roommate urged me into doing further research on proper fitness techniques.

    I really enjoy the science and in depth explanations on everything and I’ve signed up for the program! Already seeing results from body weight exercises but looking forward to proper form and further results!

  • I feel like this is doing the opposite of what the beginning should do. The machines aren’t great but they’re good for the beginner to get into a good form

  • “if you consume less than what you burn you lose weight”… Wow my body is magic I guess. Tracking calories and I’m 500 under what I burn every day for months. And no sugary junk food. Still holding my weight no matter what.

  • Any thoughts on doing an ancestral diet for 30 days? do some genealogy research on where your Y chromosome comes from and then eat what they ate As far back as you can trace?

  • So true for us all. The more we do this, think, read up on the subject, trial and error, the more we learn, and the better the results. Well some faster than others.

    400-500 calories over your goal. Even if you were not counting calories and weighing your food, If you kept your portion about the same with each meal you should have a good gauge. Not losing but gaining body fat. Then cut back a little on your portion/meal size. Keep tweaking a little more and more until you body fat stays the same. Then you know where your folctlrum is on your see-saw of gaining to losing body fat.

    Please stop doing bulking and cutting phases. You can do both at the same time. What it is supose,to truly mean is,that they are cutting their body fat to peak for a contest. Lowering their body,fat so low,that they could be risking their health,during this period. It puts great stressxon the body and something that can,not be maintained. So, after contest they are able to put back on a healthy level of bod fat. For some body,builders this means,they canxjust eat what they want, get as fat as they please, and when xontrst cones around they can start cutting again to lose body fat. Most bodybuilders dont want to have to cut so extreamly, so they main tain their body fat at a health level, but not too far from their goal vlbody,fat when peaking for contest. Ityer just dont care how much body fat they mat gain. Interisting note. Some,of,the greatest bodybuilder had actually found they peeked their best at times 1-3xweeks after contest when they were not being so restrictive when doing a lot of photo shoots for magazines.

    Injuries. I know lots of people think injuries and streatching are each others counter points. Yes streatching is good for you. Yes it can also increase muscle gainst, according to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though according the exercise science studies and test, it is not streatching out before a workout or sport that causesxinjories. It is lack of doing a warm up is the cause. Just think of it, the colder our muscles are, the more ridged they become and more likely to tear, become injured. When warming up our muscles. Just something simple to increase our core tempature. The more elastic our our muscles become the better they are able to be malable and lest likely to treat.

    If your shoulders improves from you doing shoulder gatr exercises, it most likely those muscles were just weak and needing to be strengthened, rehabilitated.

    I hope it helps. Keep up your gains, self education, and helping others with share what you learn.

  • holy shit ive been doing my calories wrong. ive been taking my BMR+amount i burn from exercise and make that my calores for the day..

  • in that good form of dumbell curl there are still too much shoulder involved, since its an isolation exercise you want to isolate your bicep as much as possible and not let your shoulder take over

  • I’m getting great supplements from infowars, I only take half the dose though, that’s enough and I’ve been in the gym 5-6 days a week

  • I stopped working out a month or 4 ago. I see no result i cant push myself. And i hate 45min workouts dont have time for those. But 20min workout wont get me anywhere i guess. I cant seem to get back into it but im started to be repulsed by my body

  • Abby’s great the first of the month, gift of positivity from Abby, if you Accept requests, AYBL leggins haul please. Thanks And HUGS

  • a healthy, beautiful woman training hard at the gym purely to be STRONG <3 i love it! i also follow your all in journey and i'm in the middle of it myself. I also LOVE the gym! thanks!

  • As far as goals go, my #1 goal is to show up and have fun. I thought if I was too focused on numbers, metrics & results, it would be easy to become discouraged. I’m one of the few people still around the gym. Also, when I look around my gym and see all of the bad form, I’m really grateful that I worked with an personal trainer.

  • You are gonna get results in a matter of years, sometimes not even in months, so just chill out, don’t stress yourself and the most important thing -> ENJOY THE TRAINING:)

  • If you aren’t getting the results you want in the gym here are some tips that might help.
    1. Food is always better than supplements
    2. Sugar is the worst and includes white bread/simple carbohydrates

    3. Form over weight any day of the week.

    4.For a natural bodybuilder the progressive overload theory is king Which basically means more weight or more volume on a consistent basis= gains

    5. If you aren’t getting stronger check your diet, check your sleep, or check your regimen. Slow and steady wins the race and persistence is king

    6. Write out your workout plans for the week at the beginning of the week or stick to a written schedule. Your volume or chosen lifts may change but you are committing yourself to that workout when you write it down.

    7.Plan your workout time at least the day before so you don’t run out of time

    8. Figure out ways to motivate

    9. If you buy supplements, research them make sure they’re quality

    10. What works for me won’t always work for you. Adjust your training according to your needs and your body

    Finally I would take a look at this plan. It has helped a lot of people https://tinyurl.com/y4fkwgru

  • I think the n.3 is bit weird advice. Go when there´s no-one there to help you execute the moves correctly? If I try something new I always ask for help to film me or to advice me to do it right. Just trying to watch a video is really different than really getting first hand help. No-one will ever judge you if you just go and ask for advice. Worst case is that they don´t know either and can´t help.

  • Abby, I don’t know if you read this book almost feels like you did, but everything you’re referencing like small wins to build habits, willpower fatigue, are explained really well in Power of Habit. It’s a very well written, scientific book that goes through a few case studies, and i think you would enjoy it quite a bit. Also, thank you for being you and everything you do. You have guided me through my fitness journey for the past three years and i appreciate all of your guidance. Thank you for it all.

  • I’ve just been getting in shape recently and in regards to the last mistake, just today I asked a guy to check my form on squats(because they’re the most uncomfortable for me) and I found out I was apparently leaning to far forward, not keeping my heels on the ground, and not going down far enough. While it was rough making adjustments, (I near fell backwards), I actually felt more of the workout afterwards, as well as I was able to lift more with my heels in place. Ask For Help. It is important haha

  • Yaaaaaasssss. ��
    This is what everyone who is entering into a healthy lifestyle needs to hear ��
    1. Be realistic with our goals
    2. Enjoy the process every step of the way
    3. Not get obsessive looking for that “perfect” results
    4. Have a healthy relationship with foods

  • Preach!! Call out these folks not being intense enough. Hate to see people taking the time to got to the gym and then wasting their time by not pushing themselves hard enough!

  • As long as you don’t get injured. You get away with a lot as a teen. I say learn good form and lift 5×5 adding weight every week.

    At 15 I did full body 5 days a week. I was fat and going recomp. That plus portion control got me to a healthy weight.

  • I just followed a workout plan my brothers friend gave me (he squats almost 600) and day 2 (legs) literally can’t walk the last 3 days. I even went lighter than stated and I can’t walk without keeping my legs straight.

  • For myself personally I find it easier to meal prep that way I only worry about what I will be eating for one day then I will meal prep for Monday-Friday which is my work week and then Saturday I just stick to my diet and Sunday is my cheat day. I struggle with a eating disorder so it helps me sometimes I don’t eat all my food which is okay I can only try my best, I’ve gone from thinking about food and being scared of certain foods 24/7 7 days a week to thinking about food for only one day and thinking of it when I eat I’ve improved a lot although I am still scared of a lot of foods cheese being the main one. I’ve over come a lot and your videos really do help thanks for coming to my ted talk

  • I can’t seem to find any credentials for this guy. What’s his education and what makes him a “fitness expert” other than his YouTube channel, him saying he’s a personal trainer and his endorsements?

  • Just a little tip for my fellow home gym bros. The ego lifting tip might be true in the gym, but personally, I found that I didn’t have enough ego to make progress. I didn’t have anyone to compete with, so I stagnated for a long time. This was also due to not enough protein/calories and not enough money for new weights though, so take this with a grain of salt.

  • Might’ve heard it wrong but u should not do 5, 3, or 1 rep. You should do between 8 to 12 for maximum muscle rip. After that, go heavier later on by doing 6-8 reps

  • I love this; I also make sure I’m moving my body at least SOME every day. I think the only days I don’t exercise at all are when I push myself way too hard the day before (on accident, usually) or the first day of my period, but otherwise, gotta move. Yoga is a blessing for lazy days:)

  • My bros listen to the pop when pump but me I just can’t do it I need the real music. Help one of your Bras out, whats ur gym playlist like when u go to the GOLD’S??? Mine always be classic rock like Metallica, Slipknot or the new band like the Delta Parole. What urs bra?

  • Right because your an expert…you have like no gains and you are basically a child why would anyone listen to you? How are you qualified to give expert advice? Smh YouTube is embarrassing

  • In the myfitness app goal food + exercize= remaining calories….this does not make sence…why is exercize adding calories and food decresing calories…this doesnt make sense…pls advise

  • Your elbows shouldnt be that high when you’re doing a flat db bench press. It risks your shoulder cause you are internally rotating those shoulders. Its better to place your elbow on a 45 degree angle. Otherwise great video!

  • Hey! Love your videos; was just curious where you find the studies your reference in your vids? I’d love to read some more of them, but don’t really know where to go!

  • When I started weight lighting when I was 16, on the bench I started with 20kg for the bench press until failure and gradually increased the weight by 2-2.5kg each week. Screw ego lifting, you’ll make no progress that way. Found that helped, especially for reaching muscle fatigue and plus progressing each week was actually quite fun.
    Always start light to get form correct also, grip, tight core, feet position, chest puffed out, shoulders back, good breathing and eat enough protein and calories, plus stay hydrated. And always remember legs and I’d say to workout your back too, we all made that mistake of neglecting parts of our body that needed improvement.

    Those were the mistakes I originally made especially with poor form at first, plus the lack of leg and back training.

  • Your videos are so educational, I feel like I should have to pay for them. You kill it with citing recent research, illustrating it, and synthesizing it. Love you!

  • Great video bro. Been working out for a few months and don’t want wasted time in the gym or injuries. I am focusing on mind/muscle and stretching and joint strengthening more now.

  • I’ve been taking group classes only for years because I find the gym floor intimidating. so I hired a PT. everyone was saying how people at the gym don’t care what you’re doing, but what I’ve noticed is that is not true at all. Everytime I have my PT session taking a rest between sets, I can clearly see that people are also resting and looking at what everyone else is doing……

  • That last myth got me to me man. Its literally me I struggle with that bad mentality sometimes & I try so hard to change that & have more faith in myself but I still have my moments some days. I have lost weight don’t get me wrong but not in the way I wanted. I still have stubborn fat & I feel like my skin has become loose & that really makes me feel really insecure. As of right now I’m struggle to balance work & working out but I just keep falling off track & its making me feel more & more discouraged & disappointed in myself.

    P.s. sorry for my long rant that probably nobody even wants to know about ��. Btw absolutely love the video Abby.

  • You. Speak. Too. Fast. Please. Slow. Down. Me. Need. Time. To. Process. Everything. You. Say. It. Is. Quite. Complicated. For. My. Brain. Help. Me. To. Understand. You. Better.:) THANK YOU

  • Thank you so much for making this video, Abby. I needed this so badly. I’ve put on so much weight this past year and I want to get healthy. I signed up for the free challenge and I can’t wait!

  • Another awesome video Zak, Your really are inspirering & such a likeable guy!..
    Keep all the good content coming & stay massive ����������️‍♂️….
    Cheers! Paul, South wales/UK…

  • You said that you “wasted” a lot of time doing theese exercises wrong. But when you make this video teaching us, you turn it around so that you actually gain from a mistake. Thisi find fantastic, keeep up the good work!

  • I typically weight train about 5 days a week. Before each work out I get on the stair master for about 10 minutes. I also will do some jump ropes in between each workout. Is that too much cardio?

  • babe im really struggling to gain weight. my goal is 120 im always fluctuating between 105-110lbs. im 5ft. i saw your gain weight video and i really wanna know what n how you did that��

  • For past 30days am following one simple technique I picked from your videos. One minute plank. Three times a day. And gradually increase

    No other change. I now have attained 2 1/2 minutes for each attempt.

    I wanted this for better and. I had put belly with 30% fat structure.

    When I started the plank the big pot belly used to hang ne down. Today I have progressed to easy 1minute side plank. Difficult to believe and no change in my pot belly. But it is making an impact elsewhere. I have better stamina than all these were started. And my biceps have grown insane.

    I am still chasing my dream of flat belly and I follow very simple technique from your video Jeremy. And you are doing this without any expectation and u rock.

  • this is so true.. this is why i’d rather train alone or in a group session and not with a bunch of friends. i see this every time i go to the gym people writing emails while doing legs or being on the phone to someone for 1h or stopping and talking about god know what in between every other rep

    looking fabulous btw:D i totally agree you should ditch the baggy tops and happy new year to you and Jeff <3<3<3

  • The only one I did not like was the dumbbell chest press where you are going too far down and putting pressure on your shoulders. At that point you’re not even working chest

  • Hi stephanie this was very informative.
    I was wondering if you had advice for people like myself who of course want to push hard in the gym but hold back because for me I work as a massage therapist in a spa which on a busy day can be extremely hard on the body. I usually try go after work around 7pm and I love it but there are times when I know I’m not giving it my all but it’s because I dont want burn out as I need my body for work too…if that makes sense.
    Thanks again,from Ireland ��

  • you literally have become my favorite youtuber!���� i love all your videos and your so inspirational and you keep me motivated��������

  • Hey guys!!! I’m new to YouTube and just made my FIRST WORKOUT VIDEO!!! My anxiety is sooooo bad because I’m so nervous but F it! Just trying to get some feedback for my next one!!❤️❤️����

  • Thats a really stupid things i do.in my live i just go to the gym and workout for 2 hour For 5 month and i didi not lost weight because i never calculat my calories. don’t do this mistake if you want to lose weight. First is a good deit them workout.

  • Hello guys I need help I joined the discord server but I can’t type or ask questions and I don’t see the chat there is only start rules and faq

  • Hey J for a young guy yr sure good at transferring knowledge to people. I was a physical training instructor for many years during the 80’s & 90’s & I have to say although it’s very different times (The Web, YouTube etc) I think u r one of the best out there. Very well done & keep up the excellent work.

  • Dude i watched a shitload of videos on dudes talking like they know what they’re saying.
    Glad you always keep us beginners in mind on your videos. Thanks for simplifying things
    and being real, definitely subscribing.

  • Great video. Even when I trained with a PT, she rarely pushed me to RPE 8/9, so looking forward to focussing in on that when I can get back to the gym ��Any advice on how to progress when managing a high volume of a lighter weight but fail early whenever increasing the weight by a minimal amount?

  • Little kid what do you know about working out you look like your barely starting and your trying to talk like you’ve been lifting for years. Dude please!!! There’s nothing impressive.

  • I wish I had known about the fitness-fatigue model when I started my fitness journey. I used to be so disappointed when I wasn’t sore the day after a workout. Thanks for sharing this, Abby! I appreciate your incorporation of evidence-based recommendations and love that you cite your sources. I wish all fitness youtubers did that!

  • omg i was watching all your 2017 videos and then came to this by change and WOW! You’re progress is sooo inspiring! �� You look amazing

  • Will cardio help me lose weight or fat? I’ve been doing a Push/Pull Legs and eating high protein, high fat, low carb, no sugar and my weight won’t budge, and i cant lose the pudge around my middle. So naturally, I start side eyeing the elliptical and stair stepper

  • I’m glad I found this guy I have just recently started the gym the last 3 months I had a personal trainer for about six weeks but was $140 each session twice a week too expensive. Now I am going to the gym by myself and with information like this is priceless