5 Advantages Of Exercising With Medicine Balls


5 MINUTE Medicine Ball AB Workout you can do EVERYDAY!

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5 Minute Medicine Ball Workout

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10-Minute Medicine Ball Abs Workout

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Top 33 Med Ball Moves

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Med Ball Workout (5 MOVES TO A 6 PACK!)

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Burn More Belly Fat With This Medicine Ball Ab Workout

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Medicine Ball Slam Workout (THIS BURNS SERIOUS FAT)

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Medicine balls are simple, effective pieces of exercise equipment you can use for strength training, cardiovascular training, high-intensity interval training and more. Check out these five reasons to train with medicine balls from personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist Tatiana Lampa. Talk about bang for your buck. Working Out With a Medicine Ball: Build Explosive Strength Medicine balls are ideal for building explosive strength that’s so important for sports performance.

Explosive strength is the ability to exert maximal force over a short period of time. You use explosive strength for jumping, leaping off the ground, sprinting, throwing and kicking. Best of all, medicine balls come in different weights and sizes, so even if you’re new to working out, there’s one to suit you. How to use this medicine ball ab workout. Medicine balls are wondrously simple tools for improving your functional fitness.

While there are plenty of medicine ball exercises to choose from, I’ve gathered my favorite 10 that can be peppered into your current routine to spice things up. You can even do them all together to complete one medicine ball-inspired workout! 1. Bicycle Kicks. Working out is a great physical form of medicine, so when it comes to switching up your routine and trying something new, one piece of equipment seems obvious – the medicine ball.

It’s right there in the name. In the most basic terms, a medicine ball is a heavy and solid rubber ball that is used when working out. Medicine balls are great for ab training, particularly if you have a partner.

For athletes, they can be used for functional training of throwing muscles, strengthening shoulder, arm and chest areas, with a stimulus different from dumbbells and barbells. They are very good for explosive training and plyometrics. While recent research on medicine balls is limited, a 2012 study found that a 12-week resistance training program using medicine balls improved throwing distances.

Ignjatovic AM, et al. (2012). Medicine ball training is a useful and effective training modality, but it needs purpose and direction behind it. Just throwing a ball against the wall for reps isn’t training—it’s exercising.

In this article, Coach Valle presents five tips to ensure that your medicine ball training has value for your athletes. Turns out medicine ball slams are great for working many different muscle groups at once and getting your heart rate up. “The medicine ball slam is a great total-body exercise,” says Danielle. As a user, you are sure to use the ball for almost anything that a medicine ball can do.

You are thus sure that it will strengthen your core, improve your mobility and facilitate for coordination. In the end, both your upper and lower backs and body joints will be rejuvenated.

List of related literature:

If you add 10-, 20-, 30-, and 40-pound medicine balls to your fitness arsenal, the range of powerdevelopment, coordination, and functional fitness exercises you can perform is nearly limitless, and if you’re training for any type of sport, the addition of medicine ball exercises to your routine is a no-brainer.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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Medicine balls are among the oldest forms of strength training in existence.

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Working out with medicine balls (Fig. 6a–c) Working out with big balls is based on:

“Sports Injuries: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation” by Mahmut Nedim Doral, Reha N. Tandoğan, Gideon Mann, René Verdonk
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Medicine and gel-filled balls are also excellent for adding variety and resistance to core training.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
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Using medicine balls is a good example of speed strength exercise.

“Wheelchair Sport: A Complete Guide for Athletes, Coaches, and Teachers” by Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey
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7) Increase proprioceptive and balance exercises: balance boards and balls, caveletties.

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Tossing medicine balls to athletes on incline boards while they are doing sit-ups (see figure2.11).

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Using the medicine ball for resistance allows you to add an explosive component to the exercise.

“Swimming Anatomy” by Ian A. McLeod
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Most of these are not effective; only a few have a small benefit for some aspect of athletic performance.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
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Medicine balls provide a unique type of unguided resistance that can be used for any number of beginner and advanced warm-up exercises performed at differ

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  • Thanks for this method and ab workou!
    But i got another question. Whats that for a whatch? is that a Casio g-shock? If yes, which one? it looks pretty cool!

  • Before I started working out I was easily over 300lbs. Since I’ve been following this channel i am at 220lbs and I’m stuck at 220 is there anything I can do to get pass the weight I’m stuck at?? Pls help me

  • While I’m doing these to absolute failure I hate you but by the following day I think you’re a legend for the strength gains and for the results these moves have given so far, especially seen in my obliques. Thank you xx

  • Alright, so I’m overweight, trying to get back in shape. The gym just ain’t cutting for me with a newborn and Covid-19 crap. Whether you believe in it or not, I’m not taking a chance. That being said, I’ve been using a kettlebell, and just ordered a jump rope and a slam ball. Is this legit or just a fad? Because if slam ball gets your heart rate going, I want to incorporate more exercises with it….but maybe a basic work out the first two weeks

  • So I’m a beginner and have tried multiple workout and diets and have failed. You are the first person that has ever motivated me to keep up the burn. This was fun thank you ����

  • I threw a 6lb one around with my son at the gym today 100x’s back and forth and my arms were noodles afterwards LOL I couldn’t imagine 12lbz

  • 🙂 very motivating! can’t wait to try.. ee’n with my 8lb..
    tonight it’s time for a relaxing vino >> as i hydrate.. AND chart my workouts for next week 😉

  • Hey jeff, could you please make a detailed video about how long you should workout. My brother keeps saying that he will get more gains from working out for 4 hours compared to 1 (he’s a natural lifter)

  • Awesome workout!!!
    ill try the circuits!!! You try Russian twists with that 12 pounds ������ and omg he so looks like Channing Tatum

  • I’ve always been a big kid, I’m 15 now and I’m still big. I really want to lose my belly fat and lose a lot of weight fast, any tips??

  • What weight ball are you using? I’m looking at getting a medicine ball today…trying to stay in shape. I’m a stay at home dad now, because I got laid off from the pandemic and my job won’t call me back. I can’t go to the gym because they are closed around here, I just purchased a treadmill and do 20 to 30 mins each day on it. I do 10 to 15 sit ups, 10 to 15 push ups, 30 second planks, and I use my daughter on my shoulders to do squats but she’s like 18 pounds. �� I use to go to planet fitness 3 to 4 times a week, and use all the machines and bench press. I’m missing it, but I’m hoping to just slowly make my own home gym with only the necessary equipment to build muscle and shed a the dad bod belly I’m gaining from not being so active.

  • Copy this guy if you wish. It’ll give you a good core workout if that’s what you want. Although if in a public gym suggest you don’t make all that verbal noise you’d look stupid. It’s a core workout not a deadlift PR. Also don’t rest your back on doors they can open a wall is better to lean on. I learnt something from this ‘don’t make a drama out of a simple core routine’ guys likeable channel is still shite though

  • Good video!

    Why do a lot of videos say “burn more BELLY fat with this exercise”. You don’t burn belly fat, you burn fat all over your body. It would be hillarious to see if you only burned belly fat with the exercise. A guy would have a ripped 6 pack and pudge everywhere else.

  • Great vid! The medicine ball is a versatile and effective training tool, excellent for cultivating speed and explosiveness through a wide variety of movements. Got my medicine balls at http://www.againfaster.com.au/conditioning/medicine-balls/

  • Tuned out a while ago because I began to get into weight lifting workout videos like Bradley Martyn posts. I think those videos are super helpful because you see him explain what each exercise is doing, then see him struggle through it. I came back and saw this video and automatically loved this workout. I’m going to try it as soon as I get to the gym tomorrow! I’d like to see more videos like this that everybody can/will do and maybe more explanation as to what the workouts do while you’re doing them. Thats just my opinion and what I’d like to see though, idk if it’s really indicative of what others would wanna see too.

  • I am 110 pound 5’3 and 14 I don’t know how I should be dieting to get lean muscle if I can get some tips or info I would really appreciate it thanks


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  • I started training 19 months ago for the first time at age 38. I’ve made some great progress, especially as I’ve dialed in my nutrition. However, I completely neglected my abs and now as I’m getting under 15% BF I’m really regretting it as those muscles are barely developed.

  • 1:42 That ain’t another exercise,but the a variation of the COMPLETE exercise before.
    I never saw it done on just 1 side,but al 2 sides 1 after another,no bouncing of the ball and only on the 2 sides,no middle, so you complete both at once.

    So in the end,ther eare only 3 exercises:
    Rocking one,the variation of it with catching (don’t see the use of catching,doesn’t do anything to the abs)
    Swinging to the sides
    That plyier at the end

  • 1:05 Just as the camera moves toward him,you can see the pair of squares just above the belly button contracting when he catches the ball.Incredible definition.

  • Neve seen so toned dude in my life.You can all all the different group.What do you eat to mentain? Grass and spinach:)))?
    Dude,why yell at a crowd,loose the voice and sweat,why not get a job as a LIVING TEACHING AID.
    Teachers can get you to bent,twist and turn and teach then ask kids all of the different muscle groups:)…

  • I am 17 year old and want to increase my height and also want to strengthen my core so if I do all these exercise with med Ball,,,,is these exercises can stop my height,,,,,,plzzz reply fast

  • Awesome vid as always Jeff! I always alternate between this workout and now this one https://youtu.be/rsIshtQv4DQ both of these roast the core and can really feel the abs starting to pop through!

  • Is it your intention to be male-focused? I love your advice and am female. Most of the time it’s fine, I’m pretty strong but I sometimes wonder if your recommendations for form, focus, or mainly, progression, would be different for women?

  • I would like to share you a hack on the internet for the popular yoga tips. Just type: “MindYoga4U” in Google. It will be very useful to you personally.

  • Awesome! I got my med balls here http://www.againfaster.com.au/conditioning/. They have everything you need to get fitter and stronger.

  • Hey Jeff, I tend to get a lot of pain in my lower back when I try exercises in this position where I’m having to balance on my butt. Do you think I’m doing something wrong or should I try to power through it?

  • How long are you working out per day, do you do work the whole body or specific parts?
    What is the best approach when wanting to build muscle?

  • a full body post workout stretching routine like the pre-workout would be great. Especially for those of us that have Xero and other programs with full body strength workouts.

  • Why don’t your athlean xx women’s workouts address diet and science as much as the athlean vids? They seem so focused on spot reduction:(

  • Please do a video on increasing arm width, because many guys can see arms gain height but not get as WIDE and Broad to show true gains

  • Great job but:a “Top” 33 med ball…?? You can do the same thing using a dumbell or any other weight. There is much more specific excersises using a med ball and thats why they invent it

  • HELP JEFF! What too do when im just injured. its my left albow, the brahialis and the brahiradialis is tight and i have a soreness in the joint. What to do, ice or warm bath? massage, do I need some oile or not, shall I strech or not?
    Its an old injury from armwrestling, and I have never arm wrestled after that.

    can’t find a related video on youtube about that, and I think you are one of the best in the world on this topic

  • Well I switched from stability ball to hanging bar combined with with this workout the other day and I fell the burn like never before. Thanks Jeff!!

  • Thanks. Great video. Is this a workout that should be done like once a day or once every other day or a few times a day? Does it depend on capability? Just wondering, I know rest days are important.. so I hear. I’m just working on the abs, try and drop some of the belly fat. Or all of it. Whatever works.

  • Hi Jeff, I’ve been training over 3 years and I started getting tension headaches recently almost regularly during my workouts, especially during compound movements. I used to get them occasionally during intense sessions but now it happens almost every workout. It would be great if you could recommend something that would prevent the headaches, Thanks.

  • Jeff could you please do a video on what training plan and frequency a person will low back problems should they be following
    I have 3 buldged discs and i love training but theres nothing to tell you the sort of plan you should be following and over what time scale and how you should address upping weights and volumes etc

  • Hey Jeff so I’ve been hearing a lot recently about an effective way to barn fat quick. Intermittent fasting what do you think about that?

  • Can you do a video on workout variations for obese people?
    I started max shred 2 weeks ago and probably wont be in the best shape once i am done, since there is alot to lose.

    Thank you!

  • Can anyone who has bought the Athlean X-1 program (or others) please give me some information?

    Alright, I know almost nothing about the program because I haven’t seen Jeff actually describe some of these details in regard to the program.

    When I buy a program, do I get something shipped to me? If so, what? If not, is it all electronic? Do I tell the program what equipment I have access to and then it gives me workouts based off of that? Is it assuming I have access to a complete gym (I don’t), I’m aware that athlean zero doesn’t do this, obviously, but do the others?

    I only have a small gym at home, we squeezed it in with the guest room because that was the only place for it. It’s a nice little gym and all, but I may not have the ability to do all the exercises that others could do, due to lack of equipment.

    I suppose that’s long enough for now, if anybody could give some information, that would be amazing and it would determine whether I’m gonna go buy this program or not. I love Jeff as a trainer and trust his knowledge, I just want to make sure I know what I’m getting in to.

  • 33 medicine ball exercises
    Bearhug squat Three sets, five repetitions
    Headlock squat Three sets, 15 repetitions
    Shoulder squat 1to3 sets, 10-16 repetitions
    Squat press 2 to 3 sets, 10-15 repetitions
    Horizontal thruster Five reps
    Vertical thruster 10 reps
    Jack press 10 reps
    Braced core squat 12 reps
    Burpee 15 reps
    Rolling squat 10 reps
    -Crush grip push-up-12 reps
    Uneven push-up 15 reps
    Archer push up 3-5 reps
    Rolling push-up 10 reps
    Feet elevated push-up 20 reps
    -One leg foot elevated push-up-20 reps
    Russian twist 8-16 reps
    V-up 10 reps
    -Lying chest pass-20 reps
    -Rotational lunge-10-12 reps
    Lunge and twist 2 sets, 10 reps
    Sweeping lateral lunge 1-3 sets, 8-15 reps
    Overhead lunge 10 reps
    -Halo-10 reps
    -Slam-10 reps
    Halo slam 3 sets, 15 reps
    Burpee and slam 1 rep
    Split jump slam10 reps
    Rotational chop3 sets, 15 reps
    Diagonal chop1-3 sets, 10-16 reps
    Swing 1-3 sets, 8-16 reps
    Overhead Hollow body hop3 sets, 10 reps
    Clapping squat10-12 reps

  • Hey jeff you said that 3 sets of 12 kills your gains but does 4 sets of 20 also kill your gains becaus i train like that and i wished to know that

  • Good lord, how can one possibly finish all of these movements one after the other? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do more then five reps on the last exercise alone, just because my abs are very weak in terms of stamina.

  • Hey Jeff-I’ve heard you can put weight directly ON your abs while you do your crunches, etc. in order to increase the load on the abs. What is your take on this?

  • Literally just finished doing a few of these exercises, I am now stretched out on my bed recovering from near death ���� good shit

  • They left out hundreds of different medicine ball exercises Here’s a few they missed:
    Holding ball in left hand while walking up stairs.
    Holding ball in right hand while walking up stairs.
    Holding ball in left hand while walking down stairs.
    Holding ball in right hand while walking down stairs.
    Holding ball with both hands while walking up stairs.
    Holding ball with both hands while walking down stairs.
    Holding ball above head while walking up stairs.
    Holding ball above head while walking down stairs.
    Holding ball in left hand while walking quickly up stairs.
    Holding ball in right hand while walking quickly up stairs.
    Holding ball in left hand while walking quickly down stairs.
    Holding ball in right hand while walking quickly down stairs.
    Holding ball with both hands while walking quickly up stairs.
    Holding ball with both hands while walking quickly down stairs.
    Toe raise with left foot while holding ball.
    Toe raise with right foot while holding ball.
    Calf raise with left foot while holding ball.
    Calf raise with right foot while holding ball.
    Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

  • I’m looking to get into this. What weight do you recommend? I’m a small guy (5′ 5) who currently trains with a 16kg kettlebell. Thanks.

  • Awesome vid! If you guys are looking for a med ball workout, tried this ab workout yesterday… roasted me https://youtu.be/rsIshtQv4DQ

  • Hi Jeff do you have any suggestions for a leg workout for someone with knee issues? I refrain from doing squats, lunges and leg presses since my knees are still recovering from the ones I did 4 weeks ago. The form was checked by a PT and. Ideas are very welcome.

  • Jeff you’re the best fitness youtuber’s out there. I have benefited a lot from your tips, is there a way that I can share my transformation pics with you? I really want you to see that….. thanks a lot man your stuff is crazily helpful.
    Hungry for more such killer workout videos

  • Only prisoners like to workout in public without shirt. Shame on Men’s Health. No wonder why their subscriptions are falling. What happened to deceny? 1000’s of teens are on youtube.

  • A very clear instruction to follow. Except the slam ball one, I can finish the whole set. The background, lighting and camera angles are good too.

  • Out of all the other equipment I have, the slamball/medicine ball is by far the most exhausting. If I keep it up maybe I can get rid of the medicine ball I store above my waist.

  • I am 56 kgs approx, I am keeping track of my progress here. Let’s see my weight and stamina after Day 30 and so on,

    Day 3 and good:)

  • I think it’s funny that she’s always doing it the easy way. Like how am I supposed to be motivated if she won’t even do it the hard way

  • Guys i am 14 yrs old 70 kg weight and 180 cm tall i was 82 but i lost 12 kilos and now i am at 70 kg!i wanna lean body with maybe visible six pack and muslces but not to much i got little bit of fat left most of my chest i will do pushups dips dumbbell press and fly,guys idk should i continue to lost weight or i just stay at 70 and workout you know lean bulk so i get 1-3 pounds a month idk should i lose more than 70 kg because i am tall so whats your opinion guys and when i will workout i will eat 2000 calories a day and maybe even more and idk should i need to do cardio or just after workout? Guys any helps would help me a lot also i want you know beach body lean one nothing special,thanks and have a nice day (:

  • Abs exercises in mornings are effective or not? And after drinking water in morning,after what time period we should have b/w drinking water and abs workout?