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More than just tools to burn out your arms, battle ropes can be used to build strength and power throughout your entire body. Because of their ability to provide a serious, heart-pumping aerobic workout, they also make great additions to any high-intensity interval training program. Marciea says training with battle ropes can increase yourarm strength, which makes sense. But it can also increaseyour strength endurance.

He mentions another study, in which a group of male volleyball players aged 18–25 participated in an eight-week ropes training program. BATTLE ROPES HAVE several things going for them. They train cardiovascular capacity, muscles big and small, and balance. With battle rope workouts, you shred fat and build muscle at the same time.

When you incorporate the use of the battle rope, you improve your core-to-extremity strength and aerobic capacity in the same workout. Who wouldn’t mind that? You don’t need much time. The key to a good rope workout is the battle rope itself.

Picking up a decent, durable set like the Power Guidance set on Amazon is great as long as they are quality and in your budget; it is also possible to make your own to avoid overinflated prices.. Once you have your rope set up, it is best to learn up to five basic moves and do each one five to ten times for 20-30 seconds, resting for 30. Plain and simple, battle ropes are one of the most engaging training implements available.

Like sandbags, TRX, and medicine balls, battle ropes challenge your functional strength and stability. But I love the ropes because you’re able to amplify the intensity to another level. This also means that extended sets are not typically performed. Battle ropes are great for the arms, but the exercise also involves the shoulders, core muscles, hips, legs and feet.

When you’re doing even the simplest of battle rope exercises, it’s best if you can be aware of not only your arms, but also your feet, legs and core. Battle ropes allow you to work on your conditioning just using your upper body. This will translate well to mane day to day activities, but also to sports. Combat athletes love battle ropes, as they help them prepare to the ever-changing conditions of live fighting. Battle Ropes Are Fun.

Battle ropes are a very fun and challenging way to train. Battle ropes come in two diameters -1.5 inches and 2 inches. The right diameter for you depends, in part, upon your goals.

If you’re looking to create well-defined muscles through intense cardio workouts, a 1.5-inch rope would be the best choice. These narrower, lighter ropes are used to focus on ramping up the heart rate, speed, and dexterity. POWER GUIDANCE Battle RopeBest Battle Rope in Our Rating.

The nylon coating does not rub off or crumble. Shrink grips for a firm grip. Heavy internal filler for better hand pressure. Lengths from 30 to 50 feet to choose.

Read Verified Customer Reviews.

List of related literature:

Partner tug-of-war ropes provide effective pulling experiences.

“Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children” by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
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Battling ropes or battle ropes can be used for full body strength and conditioning and it is only used by advanced fitness enthusiasts.

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ground with muscles, ropes, and motivation.

“Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The difference and why it matters” by Richard Rumelt
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Varying the load, the rhythm, and the vectors of pull or stretch while training – as in club or rope work, kettlebells or parkour; machines and weights in gravity tend to be more linear – insures an even development of the supporting fascia in and around the muscles.

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I decide to add three carabiners from the climbing supplies on my harness to a figure­eight knot, replacing the rope fist.

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Shorten the rope on the weights 3.

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Use backup belay ropes in all of these exercises to keep everyone who will be off the ground safe.

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Make sure the weights hang freely, the pulleys glide easily, the ropes arent frayed, and the knots remain snugly tied and taped.

“Lippincott's Nursing Procedures” by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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Some suggested exercises include: • sculling, arm circles and figure eights (performed in stationary position) • tuck and pike positioned exercises (suspended movements) • walking, running, jumping, leaping, travelling and jumping jacks (rebound and locomotor-type

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Improper technique for many of the exercises, especially those involving heavy loads, is a sure way to get hurt.

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  • The best information on battle ropes I’ve seen yet. I’ve viewed a ton of them, but got the most from yours. I started adding ropes to my workout(s) in February and it has been a game changer. I’ve had my back fused twice now (l3 s1), have had 3 rotator cuff surgeries, and 4 knee surgeries (all on left knee), and the ropes don’t aggravate any of it. Anyway, fantastic info…very well done. Will subscribe for sure!

  • Really great content. I only have a 30 foot rope and was confused by men needing more than a 50 footer to see vO2 improvements. I used battle ropes in my journey 5 years ago when I was losing weight and gaining strength. I made huge gains in endurance and lowered my resting heart rate significantly. I only use them occasionally now to mix things up but have not been in the same shape since regarding ease of breathing during intense workouts. Battle ropes are crazy good. Thanks for sharing this info!

  • Thank you for the exercise it’s really help me to reduce weight and at the same time increase my fitness
    10 kg more to get my ideal body weight

  • nice yogurt ad too,, but Im in San Diego.
    no sprinkles here. haha
    great ropes tutorial gonna do the sit down w legs raised one I have nt tried, bro! after 3 years on ropes!
    thank you!

  • I just joined a gym with these, and got trainer instruction on how to use them. I never got so winded so fast, but it’s getting better now.

  • Started watching your videos a couple days ago. Love both your exercise demos as well as this video, in terms of how you explain the knowledge and logic behind the exercises. Thank you so much! Wanna say hi from Taiwan.

  • They just installed battle ropes at my gym and I tried them yesterday and loved them (even though I discovered I am weaker than I thought:D) and was looking for more info and different exercises I can do. This was extremely helpful, thanks:)

  • hey tomas, i lost about 200 pounds i went from 210kg to 110 im still fat but im a new person now, i wanted you to know that you were a big part of it

  • I had a couple of ladies, active older adults, who wanted to use the battle ropes. We would start with five seconds and work up to more time. One had CHF and shoulder replacements. They miss the training since I moved.


  • Great video what do you guys think would be a good weight to start off and what length. Also what do you guys tether it to if you buy this at home.

  • I recently bought a 15m length 38mm diameter rope. I have smaller hands and it is fine for me, if you have giant hands you may need a larger diameter. 15m length has a nice flow. I bought a bag to put it in as well. At first new rope is very stiff, so expect the first workouts to be much tougher than you are used to. I started with one set of slams, alternating waves, waves, between each exercise I threw in ring inverted rows, or ring dips, ring pushups or resistance band work.
    One hint, if you are using a tree for the rope, wrap something padded around the tree (a long belt or similar) then attach that to the rope, this saves excessive wear on the rope and damage to the tree.

  • What is the best schedule/volume/intensity for battle ropes to combine it with Full-Body intensive weight trainings during the week to have min. negative effects on muscle growth?

  • Can you tell me what size diameter is the rope you’re using in this video? I just purchased a 1 1/2” x 40’ rope.. I’m a beginner incorporating ropes to my workouts….

  • Great video..just started doing these and had no clue on how to start. How many times a week do you recommend I do these? Also, can I do these on days I lift or do you suggest I do them on cardio days only? Thanks

  • YES!!! Please make more videos like this. I never really understood how to properly use the battle ropes. This was very helpful! Thanks Thomas:-). More videos that teach effective training so one can spend less time in the gym and more time spent living.

  • I’ve been told that even to start fat burning process in your body you’ll need about 90 minutes of consistent workout. In running circles that is de facto. Don’t know the truth though:(

  • Very informative, I just purchased battle ropes to use at home. By the way, cute bichon you have there but he looked like he was plotting against those ropes, maybe about to mark his/her territory. ��

  • I feel traps and shoulders mostly… I do 40 alternate lift whips then 40 two-handed slams…heart beating like crazy after that 70 second workout… I do 10 sets of that…

  • Thank you so much coach…. U explained it so beautifully, was searching for a informative video and found this one. Tons of info in a single video!! Loved it ����

  • This was a great ropes tutorial!!! I do ski hops, inner waves (side motion), shuffles (moving left to right while performing drum motion with the ropes) and hip toss (slamming the ropes left to right and vise versa. Definitely on my way to leaning out as my mid-section armpits and legs have been my targets. This vid was refreshing. Keep up the great work.

  • When you said 10 minutes of rope exercise are you saying to intensely swing these ropes like this for 10 minutes without stopping? I have not seen anyone do more than 30 seconds or so. I have not seen anyone really time it, they just kind of seem to do it with an undefined time goal, until they go on and so something else. So, my point being…should a person keep increasing the non-stop time, as the method for effectiveness and success with the rope workout? I have exercised for years off and on, I am no beginner, but I have not done every type of workout, some of this stuff just started appearing in gyms fairly recently.

  • Battle ropes are great for cardio. Try doing intervals like 40 seconds of works and 20 seconds of rest. Just get to about 85 per cent of your max heart rate. Do that for 20 minutes.
    It’s better than jump rope because you don’t need any skill to do battle ropes.

  • Hey thank you for the video. The only problem is when I’m in the garden doing it I can’t watch I can only listen with head phones. Could you please do a version with you talking over at the timer intervals please

  • How about showing how to use battle ropes for someone who doesn’t really have low energy and is starting to rehabilitate their body from weakness

  • i have discovered these in the gym over the last 6months or so, but I dont always have access at the time I’m there. so, I REALLY REALLY want one at home but have no space inside, or even in the garage. (I rent a room and my roommate/the owner has it filled with stuff.) What is the best set of adapters so I can go down to the local park and attach to a tree safely, or other equipment, fencing etc without damaging the ropes, or other property? Where do i get them? Do the covered ones for outside damage grass in the parks or is it pretty ok on the turf? Just trying like crazy to figure out how to make this a regular thing in my week!

  • Definitely need this video been wanting to use the battle ropes but didnt know all the benefits and such, for sure gonna be starting this Tristan

  • Excellent workout, thank you for sharing! It would also be nice to have some explanation on the do’s and don’ts of important things like posture, or back and leg positioning for us beginners.

  • Yea i rlly think this is one of the most toughest fatburning workout, i tried for a while and i got my results im glad that i bought one rope like that on amazon here if someone is interesed https://amzn.to/3e9XGAZ

  • I love the nutritional videos but I think these exercise HITT videos really round out the whole picture for what people are looking for. I know they do for me. More of these!

  • I’m happy to see you do a whole video on one of my favorite training tools.

    Also, seems you made some audio/recording changes recently possibly? Comes in louder for me now. Also very nice!

  • Please upload a video on
    How to lose tummy fat..please….this battle rope exercises scinve are sueprb…and i say one word
    U r ginious

  • Thanks for the vid. I have been pulling an endless rope for a couple of weeks, but I am going to add this in. Lifting weights always gets old fast to me, so a variety of QUALITY work, on a high efficiency level is what I am after. This should help me considerably on my personal 90 day quest.

  • I see a lot of MMA motivational videos doing Battle Ropes and because of that, I’m definitely looking to add that to my Warrior’s Workout routine. ��������

  • Battle ropes look like they would translate really well to training for paddling power and endurance while surfing. Which battle rope exercises would you recommend to most efficiently work the muscles used during paddling (triceps, biceps, deltoids, trapezius, rectus abdominis, latissimus dorsi)?

  • Hi Alex, is 9m 38mm battle ropes works for the fat burning workout? your videos are so helpful and motivator to anyone who hust wants to kickstart.

  • this video is a complete all rounder. relaxing, very informative and I believe the number one thing a lot of videos lack is the balance between information and the lengths of video time. another thumbs up for the pin points in the description to make things a little more clear in what i’m getting out of the video. Thanks!!!!!!:)

  • Is it still effective doing the slam without the hop? I’m six months from being able to have hip replacement surgery on both hips and the hopping is out. Trying to get more cardio into workouts but its tough when you can’t run, cycle, or even walk fast.

  • Well executed and throughly explained watched several other videos didn’t finish watching them.
    Something about your demeanor made it worth watching and I will follow your plan.

  • For women and weight loss, it is good. But if you are building muscle it has no use. You can use the rope to climb for example tie it on a pull up bar or two seperate ropes for two seperate arms. You can also do bicep training which is also good for grip, you tie the rope on the kettlebel and do curls with it. Sledge pull will also be good with the battle rope.

  • This past weekend I figured out the technique on how to use the battle ropes and I am fucking in love with doing them and figured out I’m actually really good at using them ����

  • I just started doing the ropes, and I can say I got a workout in a short amount of time. I did a whole hour of my session. 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes of weight. I am sure ii will incorporate the ropes in somewhere. thank you

  • Doing this for the first time. Just now finished 2 rounds and feeling it. Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep doing this as part of my routine ��

    P.S. sorry for the capsjust wanted to get your attention

  • If you could see what you think of the
    ● Inertia wave system
    and give your reviews, I’d really appreciate your input. I just ordered them and I’m hoping what they say is true. Anyway blessings to you and yours

    Love my Battle ropes regardless. Always killer sessions. That said im excited to try this Inertia wave.:-)

  • Battle rope helped me lose 35lbs in the past but then I got lazy so I’m gonna do it’s again and I also diet I did some weight training but here and there

  • I love this video. Helped me a bunch. I just ordered a battle rope, 50’ 2” from Amazon. It was a bit confusing at first with the crazy prices on some sites. Almost purchased an Onnit rope. It was so ridiculously high priced. Anyway, it gets here Friday and I’ll be looking for a routine to do. Thanks for the info. Subscribed.

  • Am I the only that died laughing when he showed the wrong way to do the movements? Haha I see it everyday at the gym. Great Video!!!

  • My battle ropes become too rough and heavy seems they got wet and were kept for long time. I can’t even keep it as in coil shape.. It’s too hatd.. Can anyone tell me how to make it light?

  • I LOVE Battle Ropes it’s like lifting weights and cardio at the same time. I usually use the ropes once a week when I work on my arms is that enough or could I use the ropes more frequently (more days)?

  • 3/40’s, I do 3 mins on the ropes then once 3 mins is up I hit the 3 min timer and blast out 40 push ups and what ever time is left over from the 3 min is my rest for the next round, 5 rounds in total, great endurance work out, switching singles and doubles each round

  • My trainer made me do battle ropes for the first time today, I only needed to work out for 30 mins it was so hard and it made me feel like I had done a marathon haha. I really enjoyed it though!

  • Love doing HIIT. Maybe you could make a HIIT walkthrough/follow along video. 10-15 minutes of body weight only HIIT workout. Thanks for the great content!

  • I just bought one of these. Tried it for 10seconds and i was finished. Can’t wait to get to this level. Great video!! Keep it up guys.

  • Been wondering for years what “those rope thingys” were for, and this finally provided a full answer. Thanks to YouTube for being an info treasure hunter’s dream!

  • For a beginner who wants challenge,

    What would be the ideal diameter? 1.5″ or 2″?


    What would be the ideal length? 30m, 40m, or 50m?

  • Can we get a video that gives a full workout that isn’t HIIT but rather just something purely focused on using up intramuscular lipids (fat inside muscles) without triggering anaerobic energy systems like HIIT or Tabata style workouts do? I don’t want to do HIIT during a fast because it messes up my fast results, I’m looking for something that just drains lipids from muscles.

  • All id say is you need to move closer in towards the ropes so they are looser as your working alot into ykhr skeleton rather than maximising your muscles & you’ll be less worn out…

  • Hey Thomas I love your videos and that hair really suits you. I have been following a Keto lifestyle since last two months and its going great, I am not a fat person, but in my past because of weight lifting I gained a lot of muscle which now I want to transform it back to my feminine look. I know an additional fat loss will be great, so doing keto for that but I feel I should give lifting a break. Could you suggest what type of workout I should incorporate now to burn fat and still not look bulky or skinny either. I hope you get the point:). And i am thankful to you, really appreciate the knowledge and science you throw in, its contagious. Love.

  • People just don’t understand other people’s hardwork and just dislike without any reason or with a ignorable reason may God give you guys some sense of understanding.

  • So I was looking back at your fasting video about building muscle. I am confused during our feeding window after breaking our fast to build muscle? How can we keep calories in abundance while following eating about 4-6 hours o have insulin stop being secreted and have glucagon released again. Also are we supposed to split our meals to protein/carbs and fat/protein I am confused on wanting to build muscle while fasting if we split our meals that way after we increase mtor and carbohydrate uptake. Since I have follow 4 days of fasting 18/6 and have only a 6 hour eating window my meals are decreased to my post workout and one after wouldn’t that decrease my calories to much therefore making my weekly calories overall too low to build muscle?

  • My garage is only 16ft. My drive way is sloped where I can’t walk out on it for extra room. Can I not have a battle rope in my garage? 30ft+ is a lot of distance

  • Hi, Thanks for the video. My daughter is pursuing Tennis and we have incorporated battle ropes to improve her physical health.We want a mix of power and endurance.Kindly suggest if battling rope is good for her.

  • Thanks for the demo. I’m 58 and I’ve been a trucker for 37 yrs. I spend a lot of time behind the wheel. I haul cars so on the positive side I have to do a lot of walking to find my vehicles. I would like to jump rope but I have at least one deteriorated disc in my back at the bottom. I’m not really fat-fat but my core is out of shape. I’ve been considering investing in a battle rope and roller blades. I set out to buy a battle rope today but they were out of stock. What I would give to be young again. I boxed for about 3 yrs starting at age 13 and I was so defined. I also made some young man mistakes and so it fell by the wayside. I can’t wait to try the battle rope. Very promising. Thank you.

  • I use battle ropes every week but I have issues with my hands getting so tired of holding the ropes with or without gloves…any ideas on how to hold the ropes with this issue?

  • I discovered battle roaps a couple of months ago, love the versatility and awesome all body workout you can achieve in a short time period, I’m 66 and its become a work out staple for me (and it’s just fun!).

  • Loved this video, I use them because I have osteoarthritis in my knees so can’t do high impact cardio so I love battle ropes for this

  • Just watched some random guy named Mike Thurston teaching how to use battle ropes, but did it all wrong. Kinda embarrassing, but you are fkn brilliant.

  • Your making a few mistakes…. Your back is too bent, you need to push Buttocks out, poke your chest outwards and slightly bend your knees, looking straight ahead. I mean, I’ve always got taught that if your working any muscle in your back, it’s important to follow these basic steps. Also when doing the alt or normal waves, it’s also important to keep your arms straight but not hyper extending. As this will work rear and front shoulders, traps and lats. In this video, your biceps seem to be only doing the hard work. I mean it’s good for biceps, but as you explained, battle ropes are multi functional….. if used correctly.

  • After going through this channel and watching battle rope videos, I literally just said to myself, “I wish u knew what muscles were worked during each exercise” anddddd VOILA! I’d also love to know what muscles are worked during the different kettlebell exercises ��

  • this month is my year anniversary of using the batle roap might was fascinated because you can do lots of movement, I bought one and use it at the gym 4 days a week, it’s never boring but it kick my button every time,

  • Hi Thomas,

    Looking for a first Battle Rope but couldn’t find much info on which width is best over time for anyone looking to use it as a fat burner but who also wants to build/shape muscles as well. Most recommend starting with a 1.5″ then moving to a 2″, but at 140€ for a good outdoor rope, it burns just thinking about it.

    Thanks for the great channel, so much knowledge an no BS.

    All the best!!

  • Yea i rlly think this is one of mos toughest fatburning workout i tried for a while and i got my results, im glad that i bought one rope like that on amazon here if someone is interested https://amzn.to/3e9XGAZ

  • Could you replace weights with Battle ropes? I love cardio but I don’t really care for weights, I like bodyweight exercises but not into weight.

  • I bought mine on clearance on the walmart website for $40. 30 ft long they have 30 40 and 50 or 60 whatever it is and let me tell you it really is great quality!

  • Happy New Year bro. Hey just wanted to say I’m just starting out with ropes and your video was very informative and beneficial for me. I’m kind of like you I don’t like running and walking on treadmills too much but with ropes I’ve discovered a whole new way to get my cardio in without my joints hurting. I appreciate it bro have a good one.

  • Please answer my question..how do you stay motivated and is it all from the mind set? I tried everyday but it was hard to keep up my spirit.. I was moving alone

  • Excelent viceo Cori. You have providen an specific information, that made this sport device, an important resource to include in our job. God bless U…

  • Hi, I just found this video. LOVE the science to support your video. Adds authenticity to your words and the work you do. Thank you. Keep doing what ya doing. Big thumbs up from me

  • Excellent tutorial on battle ropes. Just started and since I’m a male, fit but in mid ’70s I went for a 1 1/2 x 30′ rope. I can see that I can go longer and heavier but i think I’ll save that for the future since my main concern is to avoid injury. Thanks again for this video.

  • Nice video bro. I am on the T25 workout followed by battle ropes 20 min and weights after. I’m trying to cut down to best diabetes. I was 236 pounds and now I’m 195. Thank you for being an amazing motivator. God bless

  • That was the best action movie that I’ve seen this summer! I am sold on the exercise, especially the strength aspect, e.g. more pushups.

  • When you say for 10mins…i am assuming your not talking a straight 10 mins but rather a hiit type of workout? If it is hiit what would be a good interval for such as fat loss and endurance?

  • You should know that a company promoting “Mass Ropes” (a weighted jump rope) are using part of this video in their advertisement(s). It shows you holding a rope (battle rope) in your hand, leading people to believe that you are promoting their product. Their product looks very similar to the battle rope you were holding.

  • Hi, I was a power lifter and stopped now for nearly 6 years so I gained the weight as 115 kg and my height is 6 feet, now I have started to light weight training and I would like to do the rope pulling exercises to reduce my body fat but I’m having BP as 140/90, so let me know shall I do the rope exercises?

  • Im 56 with one bone on bone knee and 2 torn meniscus, one in each knee and severe DDD in L1-L5 but my whole life was very active in kickboxing, running and outdoor activities. I basically feel 90% handicapped due to these issues and have recently lost 30 pounds following you and learning proper techniques and protocol for Keto, IF etc; my question is could you please do some videos for aged warriors!? Thanks!

  • Hi, I am interested in purchasing battle ropes and I would like to know the name of the equipment is used on the video that is anchoring the ropes (looks somewhat like a sled). Also, I noticed a shot that featured pink and black ropes can you tell me where I can buy the pink and black ropes? Thank you.

  • Thank you for the video. I am 83 and have begun using the ropes for my workout. I do the 20 sec & 40 sec rest. My favorite is jumping jacks with the ropes and the kneeling L & R leg. I use 10 exercises for my session. Stay the course and make another video.

  • This video gave me a science orgasm. I absolutely love it that you cited research in this. I’ve been looking for better oblique workouts and have been trying battle ropes more and this is so very helpful. Thank you!

  • I’ve seen your videos on ACV, any benefit to ACV and creatine before a work out? Being that ACV does have some carbs to interact with the creatine?

  • I’ve been doing 150 pushups a day and it’s been a week and now I want to switch it up and while doing the pushups Imma do this for 3 months and I’m going to see the results

  • I thought battle ropes worked all muscles but mainly biceps. Can you break down which exercises target which muscles. I substituted dumbbells when i didnt have access to ropes. Thanks a lot!