4 Workout Moves to Tone Your Arms


4 Workouts For Toned Arms

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Sexy Toned Arms Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Arms

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4-Minute No-Weight, Arm Toning Workout | Class FitSugar

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Tone Your Arms Workout No Equipment (QUICK + INTENSE)

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Workout for Toned Arms 10 Minute Quick Easy Fitness / Lean Arm Exercises at Home No Equipment

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5 minute arm workoutget long, lean, toned arms

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Best Arm Tone & Definition Class ♥ 5 Minute Miracle

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4 Workout Moves to Tone Your Arms 1. Tricep Kick Backs. This move looks easy to perform, but it’s going to take your triceps to the limit in no time. For 2. One Arm Dumbbell Row. Back to the bench!

Start by placing your right hand firmly on the bench along with your right 3. Renegade Rows. Carrie Underwood’s Trainer Erin Oprea Shares the 4 Best Moves to Tone Your Arms this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Try this quick arm-toning workout to learn how to tone your arms more efficiently. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson designed these arm-toning exercises, which include arm circles, for upper arm exercises that work for every fitness level. 3 Simple Exercises to Tone Your Arms Building strength in any part of the body requires the right exercise and lots of practice.

In the case of arms, any weight lifting exercise, be it external weight or your own body weight, can help in toning them. These 5 moves to slim and toned arms can be performed up to 5 times per week. The more often that you can complete this routine, the better!

You’ll feel stronger and more confident than ever! In addition to this workout, you may also like: Slim Down Your Arms in 5 Minutes a Day; 10-Minute Kettlebell Arm Workout; 10 Must-Do Moves for Perfect. Use this 25-minute resistance band arm workout designed by a certified trainer to shape and strengthen your biceps, triceps, and shoulders—it’s only 13 moves. 2-in-1 exercises that will tone your arms and abs A workout routine to target two common trouble areas — in half the time!

The abdominals and the arms are two of. Below, we’ve included videos showing how to perform each move. Using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout. Exercises: 1. Dumbbell Curls – 4 sets of 8 reps 2. Tricep Dips – 3 sets of 15 reps 3. Dumbbell Row – 4 sets of 8 reps 4. Upright Dumbbell Row – 4 sets of 8 reps 5. Overhead Tricep Extensions – 4 sets of 8 reps 6.

Lower your chest and do as many planks as you can. This exercise ensures your tricep muscles are getting engaged. Elbow touches. Stand on your yoga mat and stretch your arms forward.

Then close your fists and bend your elbows at 90 degrees. Now bring your bent elbows closer to your face so that they touch. Do this 10-15 times. To get great arms, you don’t need a bunch of fancy moves. You just need to work the muscles of your arms and shoulders properly, which is easy to do with these classic, tried-and-true exercises.

Here are six of my favorite moves for a killer upper body workout that will leave your arms trim and toned.

List of related literature:

(2) Holding your elbows steady as unmoving pivot points, curl the weights forward and up, twisting your palms forward as you lift so that the thumbs turn to the outside and the palms are facing up.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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Then gradually bend arms at the elbow, allowing your chest to sink to the floor; then raise up your chest and upper-body by straightening out your arms, the entire weight falling upon the arms, with the toes as a pivot—this last is a difficult motion, and should not be overdone at first.

“The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more” by William Walker Atkinson
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My favorite weight-less exercises include dips between chairs, pushups (done with your feet elevated, such as on a chair, and with your fingers facing each other, five inches or so apart), calf raises on steps for each leg, lateral raises with chairs, backhanded isometrics in a doorway, and handstand pushups.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
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For best results, an exercise circuit should alternate between upperand lower-body muscles or between movement patterns like moving from pushups to rows to step-ups or from squats to overhead presses to lateral lunges.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
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Slowly raise both weights towards your shoulders by bending your elbows and keeping your arms in front of you (remember to breathe), stopping when your forearms are perpendicular to the floor and the weights are facing the ceiling.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Keeping the dumbbell in a neutral grip, the athlete flexes the elbows until the dumbbells clear the thighs on each side; she then supinates the forearms and wrists by turning the hands outward until they are near the anterior deltoids (photo b).

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
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Using the strength of your arms, straighten your triceps to a locked-out position, lifting your body upward slightly.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
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Hold the dumbbells up for a count, then derotate, moving your arms back down to the initial starting position, and repeat.

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
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squeezing a ball, bending and flexing wrist and elbow, hand wall climbing, pulley exercises, rope turning, arm swings, elbow pull-in, scissors).

“Ulrich & Canale's Nursing Care Planning Guides E-Book: Prioritization, Delegation, and Clinical Reasoning” by Nancy Haugen, Sandra J. Galura
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At the top of the movement, squeeze your biceps for a count of two, and then lower the weight while rotating your palm back down into the starting position.

“Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living” by Ben Lerner
from Body by God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living
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  • When I did this for the first time, my arms burned so bad. I’m always being bullied for how weak I am, so I really hope that this works for me. ����

  • anyone else with double jointed armss/ and has had dislocated shoulders in the pastthat may be recovered nowbut 1:48 pops the hell out of my shoulders/cracks and pops loudly when i do that exdercise with the right-angled arms? Is there an alternative for this exerciseother wise LOVE the workout:):) thank you

  • Easy fitness… Woww I can’t imagine how’d be the advance series… I guess this is why Cirque Du Soleil have superhumans artists. Awesome

  • I’ve been doing this for 2 months now. I can guarantee it works. I have really thick arms and droopy shoulders. Now the shoulder line is more defined and i have NECK now! and it’s really noticable when i wear turtle necks (cant wait for winter)and my arms have a good shape!

  • Thank you popsugar and team for modifications and advance exercises. You have given me a positive and healthy lifestyle. I love you!

  • First arms workout I complete without stopping the videos! I feel much motivated now! Been doing this month’s calendar and I feel stronger, thanks Cassey��

  • I loved the advanced abs! And others too. But I didn’t see advanced arm workout..? Im a straps artist and all training is cancelled atm! �� So new ideas are welcome for straps conditioning… ��

  • I’ve been doing this workout for about 2 months, 5 days a week. Every time I do two or three sets. However, to be honest, I haven’t seen huge results. I do notice my arms a bit less flabby and I feel stronger, but I don’t notice them slimmer. I am following a healthy diet. I guess it will take a longer time or maybe I have to combine it with weights.

  • Hi! I’m trying the arm workout because arms are my one of my insecurities. At first, its so hard to do it. I try to stay still and add more motivation to myself. After a week, I didn’t expect the results of my arms they are getting slimmer and firmer and even didn’t expect the muscles of my arms are getting bigger. And now, I’ll continue doing this routine! Thanks a lot!❤❤❤❤❤

  • Day 1 ( June 20/1:48 PM ): Completed.
    Day 2 ( June 21/2:02 PM ): Completed. Definitely felt the burn on my arms and shoulders.
    Day 3 ( June 23/1:08 PM ): Completed.
    Day 4 ( June 24/1:32 PM ): Completed.
    Day 5 ( June 25/11:52 AM ): Completed.
    Day 6 ( June 26/2:07 PM ): Completed.
    Day 7 ( June 29/9:41 PM ): Completed.

    2ND WEEK

    Day 1 ( June 30/10:05 PM ): Completed. My arms were getting slim and tone. I am so happy ����
    Day 2 ( July 3/10:19 AM ): Completed.
    Day 3 ( July 9/9:19 PM ): Done.
    Day 4 ( July 10/11:10 PM ): Done.
    Day 5 ( July 13/11:01 AM ): Done.
    Day 6 ( July 14/12:17 PM ): Done
    Day 6/8:04 PM ): Done
    Day 7 ( July 15/2:56 PM ): Done.

    3RD WEEK

    Day 1 ( July 22/12:38 PM ): Done.

  • I think the key for this workout is just like she said in the video,” do not ever drop your arms for the next 5 mins” bcs u can feel the burn and it’s getting really sore. I love this so much btw! i’m doing this workout everyday! Wish me luckk ��

  • Oh my goodness that was hard after my 1 hour 15 min workout. This was hard. I did with 2 pounds. That was good anyway. Thank you!

  • EXCELLENT WORKOUT!! I used 5lbs �� and my arms are WEAK! But I feel it in my arms, back and abs! Thank you!❤ I will get 2lbs and do more throughout the day… but this will be my nightly routine! Will try to remember to check back in 6wks for results.

  • Thank u for congratulating me miss Cassie.. Ireally did it hahahaha thought I cheat a,lil bit in the middle.i need t rest for 30 seconds..

  • I’m what’s considered skinny fat. So far I can only do this half way without having to stopand catch my breath. Doing it in the middle of my gym workout. I’m going to keep doing it until I can do it without stopping.

  • This is a reminder to myself
    Day1: Didn’t pause, done
    Day2: Didn’t pause, done
    Day3:Didn’t pause, done (holy shit guys im already seeing a huge difference)

  • Today I did this workout for the first time without dropping my hands! Btw I’m seeing results fast, for me this workout works. Thankyou!:)

  • How long in doing this would you say youd notice a difference? It isnt so much weight I want to lose on my arms..I just want them toned.:)

  • Hello Everyone! I wanted to start this challenge. I will keep you updated.
    My arms are at 15 inches.

    I will edit this post in about two weeks ��

  • OMGGGGGG, This is the first time I completed the ENTIRE video without even putting my arms down for once! I am shook. HOLLY DOLKE YOU ARE AMAZEEE!

  • De tonificar nada estos brazos largos sin forma,,hacéis ver a las mujeres débiles x eso los machotes luego sacan músculos e intimidan a una mujer sacar músculos igual que ellos igualdad en todo absolutamente

  • It would be a much nicer video, if the movements would have matched the music… You are not on the counts:( and the explanation takes so much time! Please spend time on that next time!

  • I have been doing this routine daily for two months and I love it. My friend commented on my arms last week and I shared your videos with her.Thank you. Great job!!!

  • These classes for the arms are absolutely amazing! ����They are quik, energetic and fun! ��������A true miracle!���� Thank you!❤��

  • I just uploaded a video where I share me doing this routine for a week and the results I got. So if you are interested in seeing what happens when you do this workout everyday for one week definitely go check out my video.

  • Her body is literally so tight and toned. She doesn’t even have any armpit fat or folds. Even skinny people have folds. Amazeballs

  • I’ve been doing this workout 6 days a week for the past three weeks and I’m definitely seeing more definition (especially in my triceps!). Thanks Elizabeth and Guilhem!

  • I finally can complete this without cheating! Just started this on and off but now I’m going to commit to doing twice a day. So far, I see slight definition, so that means it’s working.Cant wait to repost the positive results that I know we all love to hear! Wish us all good experiences and the love for our bodies, mind and spirit! God Blesses!

  • I love this workout! highly recommend to do it every single day + some usual arm exercises and you will see results in 2 weeks maybe even earlier! =) Come on ladies we can do it!

  • Is it just me, I didn’t gain any weight since beginning this workout (actually lost 1 pound) but I feel like my arms are thicker. Like the arms of my tshirts are tight. They are stronger and tighter but definetely thicker. Maybe it is because PMS but… I have been doing it 1 or 2 times a day for a week, 2 pound weights. Can I be doing something wrong?

  • Can you like put the vid on public so i can download it? I really need to… I only have data and i can’t watch this everytime i workout����

  • Things that make my favorite Blogilates videos: easy to follow moves, catchy music, and Cassey being a little goofy.
    I love this one!

  • Annie I have been in the gym since I was 17 close to 70 now and loved this workout! I only had 3.3 lbs. and could do the whole workout but I really felt it! Thank you!

  • “Lets write cirque it out” had me like ����������������������������������✌️������������⛑������⛑����������with my bare, shaking hands

  • I just did this with 3 lb weights 4 the 1st time, this totally works. this is wut i shud b doing 4 days a week 4 5 mins each time:)

  • i made it and hurts a lot. after 3 years without working out, it is so painful. i will keep doing this till i get results. thanks to you.

  • Am I the only one who does the numbers singing while doing this routine? And 4, and 3, and 2 and 1:D Thank you! I love doing this everyday!

  • OK I’m 64 years old in my arms haven’t done anything for a long time except sit at a desk and work so I made it through halfway with a 5 pound weight and I say this I’m gonna do this every day till I can get through the whole five minutes

  • Literally me crying because of the angels wings��but I can do thiiisss!! For those who wants to give up keep going you are doing great!!❣️

  • Loving this. First week 2 pounds but going body weight only next week. I still feel it. I see a difference but I didn’t measure my arms before starting this.

  • WOW!! That was intense! I really felt the burn and the muscles working. Amazing exercises for arms without weights. I will do these every other day. Iḿ already sore. Thanks a bunch! <3New SUB

  • Love the Cirque it out videos! Have been doing beginner unicycle abs & the beginner back work out twice a week during lockdown. I feel really good from it. It’s excellent because Christine has such specific knowledge of the muscles and you don’t need any equipment. I can really feel my muscles aching the next day. I feel much stronger. Really enjoying them.

  • Im having visible muscle now. But what i want is to remove the sagging fats. Hahahah may be im really a muscle girl. Thanks for this routine.

  • 16 seconds in and Anna says “shoulders are burning”. What the heck! No, they are not! I like Anna, but she does talk toooooo much!

  • I am commenting under my spouse’s account. The topic says ‘Quick & intense’… SOOO true!!! I am in the midst of giving myself a 21 day challenge with this.. I’m on day 11.. this workout regime is no joke.. I curse in the middle of the workout… but shit you can feel it.. The first couple days I had to stop in the middle. But then I realized I should move my hands up and down just to get my arms moving. But don’t give up. If I can do it you can do it.

  • Hey guys, so this is the beginner arms workout. What happened with the advanced arms workout?
    Do you think you can do one workout for the chest as well? Keep it up, i do your exercises every day. I alternate the advanced abs with this one and on Tuesdays and Thursdays i do the HIIT workouts
    Hope you will add advanced arms and chest maybe:( looks like you totally forgot about us

  • I’ve been doing this daily for a month and two weeks, and this is really affective for trimming your arms. If you want to accelerate the effectiveness, i recommend highly to flank after this workout.

  • I’m on day 4 & I ALMOST completed it all without the need to put my arms down. I can feel myself getting better and better each day. Thank you for this!

  • Hi I’m 14 years old and I’ll put my results:

    Left arm: 27cm
    Right arm: 26cm
    Weight: 41.8 kg

    Day 1: Done and I paused around 6 times
    Day 2: Done and I paused around 2 tomes ( who knew that slapping in the air is so painful ). I woke up with sore arms and neck.
    Day 3: I didn’t have time ����
    Day 4: Done without stopping and I begun thigh workout ( SLIM LEGS IN 20 DAYS BY EMI WONG hope it works)
    Day 5: Done.
    Day 6: Done and it’s VERY IMPORTANT to strech before doing any exercise.
    I’m not doing any diet and I’ll keep you informed.

  • Absolutely love it! I wonder how wide the hands should be for push-ups. And because my shoulders get tired and somewhat hurt, I can’t do them all at once. Will it get better??

  • its not down god push up. its is pike push up. and your doin it wrong….. don’t ket the elbows flair out. it is very dangerous…. please make sure your doin it right. lotts of to exresices are wrong.

  • I’ve been doing this workout for about 6 months now, 4 times a week.
    I can tell you its given me the most toned capped shoulders (in a cute way haha, not overly muscular) and has made me feel so much stronger.
    But just to warn you it won’t get rid of the bat wings haha, still looking for a workout for that!

  • When I first did this workout, I was like Jesus help me!! 4 minutes seemed too long. But now after a few weeks of doing this workout, it seems much easier to do. So just smile through the workout and do it!

  • Thanks for this workout. I love that it’s short. At the beginning I kept taking short breaks because I couldn’t keep my arms up, but after a few days, no problem ( I surprised myself). I do this while hulahooping with a weighted hulahoop. While hulahooping, the arms aren’t really doing anything, so this a a great combination. Sara says to hold the core, I believe hulahooping helps with that.
    In any case I love this workout!

  • Great workout! Currently my bingo wings provide me with a nice breeze as they flap back and forth. I expect that after doing this regularly I’ll need an electric fan.

  • I am currently working from home because of COVID19 and this arm workout is perfect when i’m sitting at my desk w/ downtime!! #feeltheburn. Definitely will be doing this daily. My weak arms thank you:p

  • Can you recommend some exercise to reduce double chin I am doing exercises but double chin is my biggest problem if you can make a video I am sure lot of women are struggling with this issue

  • This looks like a very challenging workout, even for medium and probably advance level athletes. Wish I could be that strong, to not even lose my breath, shaking arms, and mantaining form. Would definetely try this one out, pausing the video from time to time to rest, cause I know I wouldn’t endure it non-stop. Great content. Cheers.

  • I’ve been doing this workout maybe for a week or more, and i can feel that my arm were slightly toned. Remember guys its ok if you pause the vid and take few second or minute to rest, consistency is the keys. Take rest day don’t push yourself to hard.

  • I like this arm workout because I broke my wrist years ago and it doesn’t support my weight so push ups and planks can be real hard for me.

  • Breathe through the burn!! 😉 Thank you for all the amazing support and love. You are the reason for everything we create here. Love you guys and thank you so much for your support!! <3
    Stay connected with us and check out our DVD program http://www.bohobeautiful.life.

    Love and Light*

    Juliana and Mark

  • My body says thank you for being able to stay strong during Corona ���� I don’t have to lose all my muscle during this quarantine. Will probably come back to this video once we can leave our houses again. This is just wonderful.

  • i am 15 and i’m a dancer. my arms my biggest insecurity, so i’m going to track my progress of doing this 2 time a day! ⭐️day 1morning (22cm)⭐️ did it all the way though, but my arms hurt so bad.
    ⭐️day 1night⭐️ did it all the way through, a lottt of pain
    ⭐️ day 2morning⭐️ did it all the through, not as much pain

  • hey! I will be updating this as I do the workout for a week:) like for support if u want
    day one (july 27): completed! this workout felt so short but i could feel the burn right after, especially behind the lower sides of my neck even though this is an arm workout
    day two (july 28): completed! my muscles are sore from yesterday
    day three (july 29): completed! i don’t see any results yet
    day four (july 30): completed! i can feel that my arms have a little more muscle than before
    day five (july 31): completed! i dont see as much armpit fat, that little bulge is almost gone now
    day six (august 1): completed! this workout feels much easier now
    day seven (august 2): completed! finally done
    results: i dont see drastic results, but my shoulders feel sour every day after the workout, my back behind my neck area are more toned and i have less armpit fat now and my upper arms are a little less flappy! good luck to everyone else whos doing this!

  • Yooww guys should try this workout, I’ve tried it and can really see a big difference. I’m doing it twice a day every other day for like 3 weeks and it worked but if you want an immediate result you can do it everyday twice a day since it’s only a 5 mins workout.

  • Had to take many breaks, but I can feel my upper back getting firmer and I can feel my shoulder muscles taking shape!!! Thanks for challenging me, Cassey. I especially love weightless arm moves.

  • I am doing this over 10 days now and can confirm that the cellulite around my upper arms have disappeared. I do take one or two breaks in between and I think it is normal. When I started I used to take break after every 30 seconds. Now it’s reduced to one to two. Thank you Holly, you are a blessing to my flabby arms. I am also starting the ab workouts.:*

  • Er, These routines are good as it builds up endurance for that part being targeted. However, This particular workout I felt that instead of the arms (Tricep, Biscep and Forearms), the routine was impacting the deltoids, back and shoulders. Sometimes even the chest. I’m not sure about this routine for only arms. Dont get me wrong arms muscles, like the biceps bracchi, triceps, brachialis and coracbrachialis are definitely being used and you may argue that deltoids and shoulders complete the picture… but I feel the impact is a lot lesser on the arms muscles. Anyway, still a big fan of Cirque workouts and Elizabths ab buster!

  • i started this with 5lbs because that’s what i had with me and i had to drop them and just use body weight �� still felt the burn!!! ����

  • i’ve tried almost all of the arms workout without equipment on yt and this is definitely the one that burns my arms the most!! ����

  • start doing this two months ago, twice a week (at least, on off lol) i lost almost 2 cm for my both arms. thank you so much. i’m enjoying this as i no longer need breaks in between ��������

  • I used dumbells 1 kilos each and this works very well i could see the difference in less then a week im on my 2 week and its definetely toned it gets easier the more u do it, and i do it 2 times a day

  • I’m 63. Broke my back 2 years ago and haven’t really worked out since then. Ready to get fit again. I have rheumatoid arthritis. I tried this without weights and about the 4th time, I got all the way through it. I’m pumped! Going to try 1# weights. Annie, you are adorable. Thank you!

    I do his everyday for a week, the difference is just unbelievable my arms started to harden i still have flab under my arms i feel like it works more the upper part of your arm as i feel the burn there…I’ll keep doing this and see, but even my family commented on my arms looking toned =)

  • Hi Ma’am, greetings from India, I love this 5 minute arm workout! I have been doing this for a week, it burns and actually makes me feel that I did something for my arms. Will try the other ones too!! ����

  • Gi guys so I’m gonna do this workouts for 1-2 weeks twice a day
    Remind to keep you updated.
    Day 1: I stopped halfway during the exercise on the first time but did it entirely the second time
    Day 2: I’m feeling sole soreness but it’s gone after the workout. And also I was able to finish it in the second time
    Day 3:I’VE finished the first entirely but I forgot to do it again
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

  • Really good. Couch potato here just getting back into exercising and discovering how much out of shape I am. Really like the 5 minute time and intensity as a starting point on my way to getting back into shape.��

  • made it to the very last workout (not realizing it was the last workout and thought there was more to go) and dropped my arms for 2 seconds.. so close yet so far!!!

  • I totally laughed when you said 2 or 3 lbs weights and used 5 lbs instead. I’m officially dead now. Great work out but man that was hard!

  • I’m starting it today ✨
    Now: 29cm/11.4 in
    Day1: done✔️ it was a lil bit hard but doable
    Day2: done✔️ it felt really really hard today but I managed to do it without pausing the video

  • First time doing this and I only dropped my arms once, I’m so surprised and happy! It hurts so much though, I was trying so hard not to stop that I started crying ��

  • your awsome ive lost 30 pounds eating healthy but have a lil loose skin in my arms did acouple of your arm work outs today love them will b part of my daily routine thanks for sharing ��

  • Thanks a lot for this excercise! I’m from Uzbekistan. This kind of workout helped me to get rid of daily pain in my left shoulder!!!

  • Someone come rub my arms, pls…like…wt…like super kudos to the pp who didn’t drop their arms. Mine are on fiya but I’m going to stick with this. I know this works as bad as my arms hurt!����

  • You are my favorite person to workout with I’m in my 60s with COPD. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be working out. I have to pause some of the harder workouts to catch my breath, but then I go right back at it. Thank you Annie.

  • Hii guys
    I hv started this yesterday and I want some motivation…. If you want my results plz like so that I don’t forget.. I’ll definitely share the results trust me if am able to complete it
    1 like = 1 motivation
    Day 1: ✅did twice a day for better results
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • I did this for only 5 days now and i swear to god you guys i’m seeing results ���� thank you soo so much i won’t stop this routine

  • Hi love you so much since 5 days I’m trying dis twice a day I can feel the pain a lot in my arms from d day one I’m doing dis without dropping my hands… I can see d difference in my arms they r burning dis simple workout helped me a lot and I’m going to add this in my daily routine exercises……lots of love from India

  • Day 22 of the Beginner’s Calendar and the second video is complete. I cannot believe how Cassey can make these arm workout so painful without even using weights. Her arm workouts really make my arms feel like wet noodles. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do one of these videos with weights.

  • Anna is so off putting. Shut up and let someone else instruct. She is back there like “yoohoo, hi, I’m here, notice me back here.” Muted. Ahh much better.

  • I’ve been doing this work out 4 times a week and it is really helping my 47 yrs old arms! At the beginning I did let go a few times but now I’m getting the hang of it and it does wonders! Thank you Holly!

  • Hello all. I’ve been doing this workout twice a day due to working at home during quarantine. Just a tip. It does work but my shoulders started to wear a bit. Give it a break and get some low kg weights and do some bicep curls too (look up a vid on how). They have helped me target that lil area with the flabby fat on the arms and I can finally feel actual progress. I have a long sleeve that my arms barely fit into and yesterday it feels comfortable.

  • I have seen a lot of comments on people getting muscles and stronger and what not, but can anyone confirm if this tones your arms or makes them skinnier?����

  • Looking up workouts to do while working from home at desk Let’s just say I’m glad the mic and camera are off�� I def said “wheew” a few times ��

  • There’s a tik tok trend where girls with big boobies can’t get their elbows to touch but she has big boobies and she can her elbows to touch. TiK ToK explain

  • Love this!! Highly recommend giving it a go with a hoolahoop or a balance board…. or all three at the same time if you really want a challenge ��

  • Hy Casey,

    I love all your workouts, especially the arm workouts. Request you to post a standing abs workout video. Thank you in advance ��

  • First time I paused like 5 times. I’m on the 4th time doing this and I do it every other day to rest my arms. I no longer have to pause! <3 Arms also look more toned already. Thanks for this workout Holly.

  • I love this video! I’ve done this everyday in addition to Chloe Ting’s 2 week challenge workout and I have seen so much more muscle definition.

  • I’ve been doing this for a while now it works SOOO GOOD. and I am finally able to do it fully without stopping but the burn is real

  • I’m day 4 challenge. I feel I lost my arm at the first day, but now the fourth day I think I start use to it. Will see the result in day 7.

  • Flabbiest part of left arm: 32,5cm (22/01)
    Flabbiest part if right arm: 32,5cm (22/01)
    Goal: Want to be able to wave goodbye without being so self conscious ����
    Current weight:

    January 22nd: ✅
    January 23rd:
    January 24th:
    January 25th:
    January 26th:
    January 27th:
    January 28th:
    January 29th:
    January 30th:

    I’m going to Seoul on March 1st and would love to be kept accountable until then. Please help me out w/comments. Are you doing it as well? ����

  • So happy i found your channel:) i love your videos. Ive been following it for my indoor yoga since we dont have class here at the moment cause of social distancing restrictions =)
    Thank you:)

  • Love these Upper Body and Arm Workouts? Then check out my Arm Burner Workouts Cards: http://bit.ly/2EXDJOI (Plus here are 3 tips to help you improve your upper body training routine!)

  • You lose half of your arms fat if you do this twice in a day for a week. You’ll se the insane results, trust me. This is what we’ve waiting for.

  • This hurts so much lol but in a few days you can see your shoulders and arms become more muscular. Wow. Thank u so much!!! Love from Argentina.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart♥
    I’ve been searching for an easy-beginners but effective arm-workout for so long never thought my favorite entertainment company will give me such an opportunity:з

  • Omg here for July calendar 2020 and my arms are burning!!! One more video left! Can’t believe I actually did this without stopping! X

  • OK SO I’m here because my best friend and crush started going to the gym and I have this weird competitive nature that only comes out with him and I don’t want to lose! I don’t have time in my schedule to join a gym so every time I’m working out at home I think of the advantage he has over me and that pushes me to work harder. it’s really silly and childish even, and I don’t really like to compete, but it motivates me.

  • Wow
    You make it look so easy, and instruct and count so calmly.
    Hopefully I will be able to complete the work out without stopping soon.

  • I’ve been doing it for 7 days straight and I tried my blazer today, it fits! Ussually I can still put it on but very tight in the arm. Be patient girl, at 7th day, it gets much easier!

  • Wow ��…..did yesterday morning. By evening felt the soreness….. lol I haven’t picked up anything heavy in a while. I couldn’t!! Pretty sad �� Did again this morning. Love it, love her and attitude ����. Looking forward to getting rid of hanging skin.
    My shoulders are sore. I’m I doing this right?

  • Ok… I definitely don’t have enough strenght to do the last calendar video today after this… and cardio… and beautiful arm sculpt… my arms are DEAD

  • i made it through the first time but maybe its bcoz i m currently doing beginners calendar and its my last week so my arms got stronger…….. love u cassey for making me this hard core and strong

  • Tip: Watch something you really like while doing it
    For example I love nature, so I was watching my backyard while doing it and it doesn’t hurt at all

  • A good tip is to slow down the movements. You can manage keeping your arms up for the whole five minutes, as long as you don’t follow the movements as quickly as you see on the screen!

  • Day1: Loved this, I could just sit while doing this exercise and didn’t have to smell the floor like I have to when I do my other exercises, lol.
    I do this exercise mostly so I can get better at my push-ups. So far I can only do 25-30 in one go, but my goal is 50.

    Day2: It was a lot harder than yesterday because I was still sore and did another exercise that also worked the arms right before this one. But, somehow, it was easier to do push-ups today. (I would also like to mention that my arms are already pretty strong because I worked them out before this as well, so don’t feel bad if you are struggling more with these. It will get easier the more you work your arms out and remember to not over-work them so that you don’t injure yourself!)

  • I did the whole work out with 10lb wieghts and I am 11 I believed myself and pushed my self through it for baseball come on you guys push through

  • This is my first day doing this workout and it wasn’t as difficult as people said in their comments…i completed the workout without any breaks and it ended even before it started. So don’t get scared because of those comments and do your best. Good luck.✊

  • I love these short workouts so much! I struggle to motivate myself so I always say “just do one 5 minute workout from YouTube and you can stop” but I always end up doing a minimum of 3 or 4. Really appreciate these, please make more ����

  • Follow update, I finished my day 7 challenge. I measure is still same, but I will add another 7 days challenge, I believe it works because I can feel the burn, but I will go for another arm exercise from Boho beautiful. Will update again.

  • Hello Cori!
    As always an excellent routine, really complete and functional.
    A hug and many kisses for Kiwi!
    Greetings from México!