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Foam Rolling the Latissimus Dorsi

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BackBaller Foam Rolling Program Step 1: Back

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BackBaller Foam Rolling Program Step 4: Glute

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LIVE Foam Rolling Recovery Workout

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Foam Roller Mistakes! Watch Before You Foam Roll + Giveaway

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How to Foam Roll (Massage) Entire Body with Good Form & Technique.

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Does Foam Rolling Work? (Better Recovery and Less Soreness?)

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This 4-Week Foam Rolling Program guides and motivates you through some basic foam rolling techniques and hopefully creates some healthy preand post-workout habits. FOAM ROLLING PRO TIPS For all of these exercises remember the following: Move slowly, stopping and holding on tender areas. 4-Week Foam Rolling Program By Joanne Kelly October 12, 2019 No Comments Regular foam rolling (self-myofascial release) is beneficial for elite.

Many of us are great at smashing ourselves with a challenging workout, but how many take the time to focus on proper mobility and recovery before and after a training session? This 4-Week Foam Rolling Program guides and motivates you through some basic foam rolling techniques and hopefully creates some healthy preand post-workout habits. 1. Make a foam roller your best mate. Try to foam roll before and after each run, especially your calves, hamstrings and glutes. Try to do 30 seconds per muscle group and foam roll in between runs.

4 WEEK FOAM ROLLING PROGRAM. Created Date: 5/24/2019 11:30:43 AM. Lesson 3: The 10 Do’s & Don’ts Of Foam Rolling Video Time: 5:03 Instructor: Daniel Little In this video I’m going to share my top 10 tips for foam rolling in the form of 5 do’s and 5 don’ts. Get your own Fit-Nation Foam Rolle. Creating a Foam Rolling Program is so easy to do.

This super simple daily exercise benefits your whole body wellbeing & flexibility once you know your goals. All you need is 3-4 different exercises to do in the morning or evening and you’ll feel the results pretty quickly. These tips will get you started and inspired.

A side benefit of the rolling process is that is actually increases the circulation of blood to your muscles, which is the whole point of a warm-up before you exercise; therefore, foam rolling can be used both before your workout to prep your muscles for exercise, and after your workout to release adhesions and promote recovery. Does Foam Rolling Hurt? Foam rolling can feel uncomfortable, but should “hurt so good”, not bad.

If you have a particularly sensitive area of pain or tension, roll a few inches around it first. Or, apply a gentler pressure over pain points. You don’t want to make things worse by hitting a nerve or damaging the tissue. NASM | Guide to Foam Rolling Foam rolling should be done before static or dynamic stretching activities, improving the tissue’s ability to lengthen during stretching activities. Foam rolling can also be done as part of the cool-down1-2.

Foam rolling activities should be performed on tissues identified as overactive during the assessment process.

List of related literature:

According to Su et al., comparing the acute effects of foam rolling with static stretching and dynamic stretching, foam rolling is more effective in acutely increasing flexibility and may be recommended as part of a warm-up program [43].

“The Sports Medicine Physician” by Sérgio Rocha Piedade, Andreas B. Imhoff, Mark Clatworthy, Moises Cohen, João Espregueira-Mendes
from The Sports Medicine Physician
by Sérgio Rocha Piedade, Andreas B. Imhoff, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2019

I introduced youto foam rolling in the chapter on improving lower­body mobility, and inthis chapter, I want toexplain why foam rolling worksand show you fiveof my favorite foam rolling exercises for supporting my weightlifting routine.

“Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded” by Michael Matthews
from Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2014

Or, if you’re like me and don’t have oodles of time to foam roll before and after a workout, you can spend ten to twenty minutes once or twice a week making sweet love to a foam roller.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Your main objective: Focus on foam rolling the muscles that need it the most.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

Does this mean foam rolling is useless?

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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Foam rolling for delayed-onset muscle soreness and recovery of dynamic performance measures.

“Triathlon Medicine” by Sergio Migliorini
from Triathlon Medicine
by Sergio Migliorini
Springer International Publishing, 2019

Self-myofascial release using foam rolling can either be used to increase training efficiency and sporting performance as well as to hasten post-exercise recovery [6].

“Enhancing Health and Sports Performance by Design: Proceedings of the 2019 Movement, Health & Exercise (MoHE) and International Sports Science Conference (ISSC)” by Mohd Hasnun Arif Hassan, Ahmad Munir Che Muhamed, Nur Fahriza Mohd Ali, Denise Koh Choon Lian, Kok Lian Yee, Nik Shanita Safii, Sarina Md Yusof, Nor Farah Mohamad Fauzi
from Enhancing Health and Sports Performance by Design: Proceedings of the 2019 Movement, Health & Exercise (MoHE) and International Sports Science Conference (ISSC)
by Mohd Hasnun Arif Hassan, Ahmad Munir Che Muhamed, et. al.
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• Using foam rolling in conjunction with stretching will have a synergistic effect.

“The Rock Climber's Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability” by Eric Horst
from The Rock Climber’s Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability
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Recently, foam rolling has been advocated for counteracting DOMS.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
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The program consisted of two sessions per week lasting for 10 weeks.

“Science of Flexibility” by Michael J. Alter
from Science of Flexibility
by Michael J. Alter
Human Kinetics, 2004

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  • LIterally does nothing besides placebo effect. Scientifically it is as well supported by studies as acupuncture, which is not at all. MFR is classified as an “alternative medicine”, same category as nonsense like traditional chinese medicine and homeopathy. If it makes you feel better, do it, but there is no research to even suggest that it has beneficial effect in recovery or anything else.

  • I think you overlooked the benefit to people by age group. When I was in my 20s and 30s I felt like I could do anything an never incurred any type of injury while training. Now in my 40s I’m horribly out of shape and my body in general is very inflexible. I need something that will help my muscles relax pre and post training to improve performance and prevent injury. Also, there are more aggressive rollers for deeper self-massages which should be considered separately when conducting this type of research. But in all there is some good info here on this topic. Thanks!

  • You use the medium density foam roller…..but your Amazon page shows the soft foam roller. Use the soft foam roller for beginners?

  • I have three different foam rollers and love them all! Keeps me moving and pain free! I sometimes roll my back out on the wall when I’m too lazy to get on the floor. I have a firm one that I use in bed. These are the most used exercise equipment I own!

  • Is there anything that we should pay attention for example the direction at which we should roll the muscles so that we don’t actually end up damaging them or making them too loose etc?

  • Foam roll helps along with stretching, if you can not afford a good message a foam roll will help. It has help my IT band problem and my sciatic nerve problem.

  • Hi! Why don’t you know about Yamuna Body Rolling? As physical therapists, I would think you would want to promote something that actually works. The results of foam rolling are temporary at best, but mostly it’s just a waste of time. Yamuna Body Rolling balls CAN be used in the low back, they CAN be used in the neck, they CAN be used on the spine, the bones, even the face and feet. Yamuna follows the natural logic and order of the body by rolling for origin to insertion, allowing for a compete release of muscle tension. Please look into it and stop promoting foam rollers. Thanks. http://www.Yamunausa.com

  • i think ur using your microphone wrong.. it look like ur talking perpendicular to the axis of the cardiod pattern… if it is on.. if its omni please ignore my comment.

  • This was great.  I just bought a foam roller at Costco last weekend.  I bought it in the hopes it would help me relieve upper and lower back tension.  THEN this video comes out and I see you can do so much more with a foam roller than I imagined, AND you’re not supposed to use it on your lower back.  
    I followed all the instructions in this video, spending a lot more time on my glutes and upper back.  Man!  I feel like I just got a full body massage (except for the fact I had to exert energy and therefore, I worked up some body heat).  This video was very good and timely.
    QUESTION: B&B what WRIST tips do you have for doing these exercises?  I felt that some exercises really strained (hurt) my wrists.
    COMMENT: B&B, you have the Vikings and the Pack displayed very nicely, but what about the mighty Lions?  Go with the top of the NFC North, baby!  Or, the top after week two that is…��

  • That is a very cool service (MASS) but they are pricing it way too high. For common enthusiasts (non-professional) to jump in, I’d say a $10/month subscription should be a target price.

  • awesome video but would’ve been great to include thoughts on releasing knots or helping with cramps with the foam roller. Any thoughts on a foam roller helping these areas from the comment section???

  • I love man! Usually, don’t say this to a guy! But you are a guru on fitness! Even me as a classical musician use a lot of your technique and knowledge to get the best of my fitness!

  • i tried foam rolling on my legs back etc.i not sure how to move while foam rolling? since I’m a big chubby guy…
    my body soreness…legs thighs arms shoulders back.i rather have someone help me message my body instead of foam rolling?

  • You guys are so awesome & generous with your expertise! I’m a European & I love your channel, & follow & like you across social media thank you so much; you’ve helped me such a lot to manage my body’s muscular/skeletal health. Kudos to you both ��

  • I think the next level of myofascial release is the use of a percussion gun. I’ve had amazing results using one. You should make a video on that.

  • Foam rolling and selfmyofascial release are maybe to terms who shouldn’t be used together, to prove my point check this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnYdzaoMyQ8

  • Question: In your clips of you foam rolling you seem to roll very quickly (around 8:20). I have heard that it is best to stay in one spot when foam rolling to let the muscle relax and only then move on. Is there a reason why you foam roll quickly?

  • Massaging my quads and back with a form rolling feels really good. I just want to know why my quads get hard even though I don’t work out.

  • A warm up helps decrease muscle soreness while the muscles are warm. However the post exercise foam rolling decreases muscle soreness at all points after exercise. So why would you consider warm up just as effective given that it is temporary?

  • I don’t have a foam roller but I found a flex/exercise ball to roll on. I have osteopenia and this seems much kinder to the skeletal system. It seems to really help my back after exercise.

  • Great informational video & you both are very entertaining to watch. I just started foam rolling per chiropractor due to severe pain from pregnancy & of course I was making some of these mistakes. So glad i stumbled upon your video so I dont continue and injure myself further.
    Thank u…subscribed! ��

  • I love foam rolling my lumbar! I’ve had hip issues for years and the best thing I’ve found is to put something right under my lower spine and relax over it. It really helps stretch out the back of my hips.
    Of course, I’m not the pro, so maybe it’s not helping as much as I think it is haha

  • I have had my black one for close to a week. My acupuncturist suggested I get a black on to use. It has changed my life. I may be doing some things wrong, but I feel soooo much better!

  • I’ve read that foam rolling the lower back is not good for you, mostly because your ribcage only insulates the upper back. Has anybody else heard of this?

  • How come I barely stretch, or warm up or do nothing of that and still don’t get sore? Even tho I work hard with slow controlled reps��

  • Despite the so-called science, I perform static stretches on my hip flexors, it’s great.

    That said, if done excessively, I’m sure it’s counterproductive.

    Some dynamic warmup, foam rolling and sensible levels of static stretch are great before my leg workout.

  • I thank you two a great deal for the videos. I recently learned my PT for DDD would cost me $2K out of pocket. I cant afford that so I have to depend on your videos. Thanks again.

  • The effectiveness of foam rolling is the same question as asking is deep tissue massages worth it? And what is your opinion on the more expensive vibrating foam roller?

  • Really interesting channel. Just starting out my Personal Trainer journey and enjoying hearing the scientific analysis both for and against, being given out. Cheers man.

  • Hello Bob & Brad, first off thanks for all your free generous humorous info.
    Any advise on how to safely pull down something heavy from a shelve that is at or above shoulder height? A demo would be great!

  • Please don’t stop your videos, ever! Ha ha! Love them. I have relied on PT for over 30 years to stay healthy. In the Navy I had the luxury of being referred to it for sports injuries and anytime I thought I needed it. I am a believer and love you guys! I will follow you through my retirement. I’m available for testimonials ha ha!

  • Question on recovery time. Or if there’s a video on it I’d love to see if there’s a link I can go to.

    But, my question is, is it plausible for hypertrophy to be limited if I were to say do hamstrings one day and then run for the next two days? Or should I just attribute the lack of mass gain on my hams to something else? Basically the question is how long after doing a leg workout should I wait before i do any leg related activities?

  • Honestly, my massage therapist recommended rolling my low backI knew that it wasn’t good advice. It feels like it’s harmful. Thank you for confirming.

  • Thanks for sharing different techniques to do with a foam roller. I sit on mine and help my hamstrings and then do my calf muscles. I used the roller up and downthe wall for my back between my shoulder blades to my low back. I have done this for a little more than a month now, it’s seems to be helping me a lot.

  • thank you for this information. I have lower back pain and at jiu jitsu class i use the foam roller and was doing the spine, know i now.

  • Awk, not your best. Too much back and forth between good and bad. Dialogue not keeping up with what was being done. Confusing and it’s really not like your normal great explanations.

  • I use a foam roller but I have not been using for a very long time. I have one at home but I never use it. It stays there in my room waiting for me to use it. I shall use it afterwards after I do abdominal crunches. And push ups in my room.

  • What kind of foam roll is better to buy? Urs is round flat one, i found more grip foam round roll on online? Give some ideas pls!

  • Soooo my PT had me put this directly under my low lumbar & my bottom hips & legs felt like I went paralyzed for the moment, it hurt so bad yet at the same time it was a little comforting, more pain though she then assured me she was not going do anything to me to hurt me, you guys just said AVOID DIRECTLY TO THE CURVE.

  • What do you guys think of walking like they did in medival era (front pad of foot hits ground first) vs how we walk nowadays (heel hits ground first)?

  • Thanks. I didn’t know this besides not to roll on the low back or neck. No wonder why it’s so uncomfortable when I’ve used it on my hips and IT band.

  • Thanks for the video. Really like that. Ive used the rolling video you did last year, for a couple of weeks on my rest day recovery sessions. This one seems to be almost the same except you didnt rolled the lat like in the earlier video. Whats the reason you didnt rolled the lat in this new video? Personally i had problems with rolling the lat it didnt felt good like all the other zones. So i was wondering if i did something wrong and you skipped it because its too hard for beginners?

  • Are there any way to foam roll the neck. I have neck pain and use a hand plastic spiked roller and that work pretty, but was wondering if there is anything else I could use?

  • Hmm. This is very interesting. This is diffidently without question helping me stay loose and helping the soreness and recovery. This isn’t in my head like the bennifits are very noticeable. However I wouldn’t replace this with like the cooling down stage or anything like that but more add onto it. Thanks for the vid

  • Hi there! Can I make a suggestion for a video? How to properly sleep with a pillow for side sleepers, back sleepers etc without waking up with stiff necks etc? What kind of pillow is best? Tysm

  • Personally I don’t use foam rollers. however, I would challenge your method of analysis as to how effective foam rollers are in reducing muscle soreness exclusively in the time frame immediately following a work out. Your video never explored the cause of soreness, which to my knowledge is from the build up of lactic acid in the muscle. If we accept that as the only or “exclusive” cause (excluding muscle damage), then I would propose that a foam roller used immediately after a workout, breaks up the lactic acid held in the muscle. To further support this idea, from what your video suggests, preforming a dynamic warm up immediately proceeding the next similar training event would aggressively manipulate the muscle group and increase blood flow to the muscle group and help to remove any stagnant or lingering LA still present prior to training.

    I love the videos man, this is just a thought.

  • For me, after foam rolling i feel better and on anecdotal level I feel loosened up and more flexible so im gonna carry on using foam roller

  • There’s a video by Jeff Cavalier where he explains stretching shouldn’t be done before performing an exercise because your brain has to adapt movements for stretched ligaments thus effectivity gets damaged.

  • professional soccer’s teams have been using it for a few yrs. I remember taking my youngest about 7ys ago to an open practice & only the players who didn’t play the previous night were doing actual training while the starters were all stretching and doing foam rollers work (to the chagrin of kids who didn’t see the players do any skill work, just rolling on ground) Since then, I’ve seen many training clips with teams like Barcelona, Arsenal, etc using it.

  • Jeff Man I Love You Dude. All Of Your Videos Are So Informative. I Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart. I Hope You Know Just How Much Good You Do For Just Regular Smucks Like Myself. For Real My Man Thank You Thank You.

  • You are very knowledgeable. I like the way you explain stuff with concrete sources. It’s not just broscience. You actually put effort into this. It shows. Keep up the good work. 😉

  • Good vid! I got totally free Samsung Galaxy S9 device because I joined a giveaway last week! I’m sooo happy, really can’t believe it. Give it a shot all you have to do is search Samsung Giveaway Monster on Google and sign up for free.

  • Love the opening quote. I foam roll with the hard black 36″ roller nearly every day before bed time or if I tweak something during the day. I am 43 years old, 6′ 1″ and do lift weights and try to stay somewhat athletically active. I started using it after pulling a hamstring to aid in healing. Everyone needs to understand that using the hard black roller feels like you’re rolling on concrete for the first month. The first few times can be a bit painful…but for the 1st month or more wear a thick sweatshirt, or 2 sweatshirts ect..to help pad it more. BUT after a month or so your whole body starts to get used to it, loosen up more ect..and you get so you don’t need as much padding and eventually you get to the point where you don’t need to use any padding and just wear a t-shirt or even no shirt. It takes a little while to get to that point but it just shows how much your body changes going from it feeling like torture to the point where you sleep better after you roll in the evening. My experience has been to roll as close to bed time as possible, drink some water just before or just after rolling and it’s like getting a full body massage before going to bed. I spend 5-10 minutes rolling 5-6 nights a week before I go to bed and it makes a HUGE positive difference. I’ve read where you’re supposed to roll with the most pressure pushing fluid “towards the heart”..but I haven’t noticed much difference between just using equal pressure in each direction and trying to use more pressure while rolling “towards the heart”. Also, rolling is a bit of a work out.. you are manipulating your body around and at times you’re kind of in a planking type position so at times it isn’t easy to do and requires some effort. But if anyone is wondering: Rolling is SOOOO worth it! I recommend it to everyone. Of course if you’re having lots of pain issues this is just one tool..you may need to work on flexibility, strengthening muscles for stabilization, muscle imbalances, see a doctor, see a chiropractor, see a PT, may have an old injury you need to finally deal with ect.. so don’t think that rolling is a fix all for everything..but if done properly it can help alleviate A LOT of pain over your whole body..:)

  • We have the blue foam roller and my son who runs XC and swim uses it daily for his legs after practice. Is it possible to use in the chest/heart area? Son gets muscular chest pain after an XC race and Dr.says its muscular related and to take Ibu. for races or quit running until it gets better.(He has had a chest x-ray, echo, etc everything is normal, we think he must have pulled something lifting or just how he runs because its been months) Maybe the lat roll?

  • Hi Jeff,
    I watched your video and here are a couple thoughts for you:
    1. Feldenkrais (pronounced Feld-n-krise) is an extremely valuable form of dynamic movement therapy. I personally did 100 hours of training with Frank Wildman, Ph.D, who trained directly with Feldenkrais. I’ve used Feldenkrais therapy as a useful tool in my overall therapeutic took kit since 1990, and countless are the number of people who’ve greatly benefited from it. It may be worth you seeing a qualified Feldenkrais practitioner to formulate an opinion after skillful application of the method. I show how to use some key Feldenkrais exercise in my book titled “The Golf Biomechanic’s Manual”, and The Tennis Biomechanic’s Manual, by Leigh Brandon and myself. I also teach it in the C.H.E.K Institute Chek Practitioner program. Like the foam roller, if Feldenkrais is not skillfully applied, it won’t have any better benefits than any method not skillfully applied.
    2. There is a lot of technique involved in getting optimal results with foam rolling. Foam rolling emerged from clinical rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurological disorders, and started becoming popular among physical therapists in the early 90s. It is a very helpful tool for joint mobilization, particularly good for the rib cage and thoracic spine.
    The foam roller is VERY helpful for decreasing abdominal wall tension and supporting optimal organ motility, but again, skill is required, as well as awareness of some of the potential dangers, which I cover here if you or your viewers are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu3raV9C2Lw

    I cover a lot of useful approaches to diet, movement and healing in my book titled “How To Eat, Move, and Be Healthy!”
    If you’d like a promotional copy, I’m happy to have my assistant, Penny Crozier send you a signed copy; you can email her at [email protected] paulchek.com
    Love and chi,
    Paul Chek

  • I lay the roller horizontally on the wall and lean my whole body on focusing on the traps and roll back and forth. Works like magic. Thanks for the video idea. Awesome tips.

  • Excellent. I bought the bundle with a double toothed version, with the additional single roller as well. Really feel it with back and legs, glutes, and quads especially. Absolutely spot on for preventing injuries and helping with aches from office based work. I play five-a-side football three times a week as well so this is ideal.
    I get what Philip is saying about the audio, but it’s all free, it’s clearly done where this guy works and under real world conditions. I actually prefer the reality of this against a polished advert.
    Thanks Gerard!

  • I’m sure foam rolling helps somewhat, but does anyone stick with this and carry the roller to the gym? I almost never see anyone foam roll right after or before workouts. It’s difficult to do correctly. Idk, but I feel like the average person is better off getting occasional massage or doing some simple self massage that doesn’t involve humping a foam

  • Foam roller almost seem to be too risky overall based on this video, and no one should attempt to use one until they have seen many videos…Bob and Brad videos that is…haha

  • I just lifted 50 lbs from the floor. I thought I was using my legs to lift well my lower back did something and I had to put a cold pack on it and the muscle is sore so I just got a foam roller and tried that in the lumbar area and it felt good to me. So I’m hoping I don’t get sore tomorrow after doing that. I’ve been using heating pad as well. This happened Monday.

  • Hi! I do use my foam roller in my lower back. I have heard (more and more) that is has a great risk for injuries. Is this true? I use it to relax the muscle and then do some basic Yoga poses: cow-cat, sphinx and child’s. It feels better when I use the roller, in fact, when I use the roller, my lower back almost always cracks and the stiffness goes away. Is the risk greater than the reward? What do you guys recommend? Thank you! Great channel!!

  • I got a foam roller for £2.50!! And I have a coregeous ball for your abdomen and it’s really nice if your stomach is feeling tight. Would love to see what you guys thought of it. Thanks for giving me a foam roller work out!!

  • Hi from Australa.
    I love rolling the lumbar lower back area. It gives me a nice stretch. I had a car accident 8 years ago and broke hip and pelvis in 3 places.
    When I get right down in my lower back it’s such a relief.I even kle to rest my hips on the roller with the rest of my body on the ground

  • Foam rolling is amazing! I don’t use it before a workout or anything, but I use it to get my body looser. I have quite some nasty tight muscles in my back chain and when it becomes painful I FM to get it loose, which helps tremendously! Back pain relieve 101 for me:)

  • If getting a message after athletics is beneficial than foam rolling is also. They correlate together. Foam Rolling is for poor people who can’t afford messages.

  • I usually got down to the belt line because I get a really nice POP in the lumbar spine area. It doesn’t hurt at all, the POP actually relieves tension

  • OMG! You two are fantastic! I am a Yoga Instructor and over the past few weeks, my right knee has begun to hurt like nothing I have ever felt before. Luckily, my boyfriend owns a foam roller and started with me opening up my IT Band which is so painful on my right side as well as watching your video three times to open up my hamstrings and hip abductors. You both exude such warmth, fun and alot of great information thank you!!!!

  • Hey guys!! Which roller can I use for costochrondritis or if and how to use this for on going costochrondritis. I saw one video on that issue but I didn’t see any stretches for it

  • Jeff Nippard In Conclusion: an exclusive channel that takes all Jeff Nippard videos and condenses them into 30 seconds of yes, no, do this, not that, for sure, definitely. Perfect for those on the run and anyone that trusts Nippards loyalty to good science.

    get to it

  • I have a hard time using my foam roller on the floor for some of these exercises so I do it up against the wall. It’s especially beneficial for my sciatic pain and knots I get around my shoulder blades. Thanks for all the helpful tips on what NOT to do!:)

  • For all I know was whether to perform foam rolling is all depend on situation, for those who experience low back pain is not really recommend to do this until you find what it actually cause, as it might make it worse if you simply perform foam rolling. Feel free to say out if you guys think im wrong haha

  • I personally don’t consider foam rolling a replacement for stretching or a warm up, it is just a replacement/cheaper alternative for a massage when I am sore or a muscle hurts.

  • Foam rolling does work and cool. but i find using a body massager like Pure-Wave Hand held Cordless Body Massager-deep tissue) it’s faster easier and it hits specific areas ( stubborn knots, tight joints, stiff muscles and cramping legs) a lot better than a foam roller-also is better than being in uncomfortable position,avoiding added injury to other areas. in my experience! combo use with resistant band does wonders!

  • Hey, Jeff I really liked this, I have used the foam roller in my training to fix a lot of pain in my joints (knee & back), I noticed it does a really good job at bringing overall muscle tension down of the specific muscle which helps the joints tremendously in my experience. Also, I get into a lot of stretches/SMR that I could not get with normal Streaching & warm-ups

  • Sorry guys I love your product I really do. I have 2, the original and new toothed version. However the audio on these videos is just so crap it like a 5 year old did it. Please redo them with proper mics and sensible audio setups. Then perhaps potential buyers will jump on board.