4 Ways Online Spinning Classes Solved The Problem on my small Bike


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Free Spin® class from Studio SWEAT onDemand! 30 Minute Spin® good for Beginners and Veterans!

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I Did Peloton For Two Weeks Straight And Here’s What Happened

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4 Ways Online Spinning Classes Helped Me on My Bike | Fitness | MyFitnessPal. November 2018. Turns out online indoor cycling classes are more motivating and effective than you’d think. 5 Must-Know Tricks for Positioning Your Spin Bike.

Learn these five essential steps—and get ready to. However don’t just turn up with your road bike shoes: most indoor bikes use an SPD cleat (small, metal 2-bolt, recessed cleat) – more often seen on mountain bike shoes – rather than the larger, plastic 3-bolt, non-recessed road cycling cleat (SPD SL; LOOK).. While cleats come supplied with the corresponding pedals, for spin classes you obviously don’t need to bring your own pedals, so. Tried my first spin class yesterday, was hard work but really enjoyed it! Liked the variety of sprinting, climbing hills and doing squats on the bike.

Am sure this will help me get in shape and lose weight.. I would recommend it if you need to get fit. A standard class is 45 minutes, but class lengths can vary.

Locating classes near you Most gyms offer indoor cycling classes, and you can search here for ones in your area. Cycling classes feel pretty dang intense most of the time. They’re typically fast-paced and interval-based.

You come out *dripping* in sweat and riding an endorphin high from the heart-pumping. When you’re taking a spinning class for the first time, here are a few helpful guidelines: Cushion your seat If you’re not accustomed to riding a bike, the bike seat may feel a little hard on your. Find a class that fits your mood. With daily live classes and thousands more on-demand, there are a variety of workouts for every rider.

Filter by class type, length, music, intensity level, instructor and more. Awarded Best Cardio Machine by Men’s Health, Peloton bike is a high-tech stationary bike with a 22″ HD touchscreen, carbon steel frame, smooth magnetic resistance, and near-silent belt drive. including DVD, Blue Ray, and downloadable files compatible with almost any playback device, including, iPad, iPod and iPhone. Our videos are ideal for working out on your bike trainer or spin bike.

Cycling Videos Online provides quality virtual indoor cycling workout videos and DVD’s designed to target specific training goals. Book or Riser: You can buy bike-specific risers to level the wheels, but a thick book also works. 6. Entertainment: A TV, iPad, phone, or training buddy will help prevent boredom.

List of related literature:

During this time, I learned that I enjoyed taking Spinning® classes.

“The Year of No Nonsense: How to Get Over Yourself and On with Your Life” by Meredith Atwood
from The Year of No Nonsense: How to Get Over Yourself and On with Your Life
by Meredith Atwood
Hachette Books, 2019

Spinning bikes feature racing handlebars, pedals with clips, adjustable seats, and a resistance knob to control workout intensity.

“Principles and Labs for Physical Fitness” by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger
from Principles and Labs for Physical Fitness
by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger
Cengage Learning, 2015

Give pedaling pointers such as “Visualize your feet spinning in separate perfect circles” or “Feel each foot moving front to back with each revolution” or “Create a perfect balance between your right foot and left foot.”

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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The appeal of spinning classes is that it simulates a bike race.

“Personal Fitness: Looking Good, Feeling Good” by Charles S. Williams, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
from Personal Fitness: Looking Good, Feeling Good
by Charles S. Williams, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
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Many beginners first approach cycling by pushing down on one pedal while pulling up on the other.

“Be IronFit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness” by Don Fink, Melanie Fink
from Be IronFit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness
by Don Fink, Melanie Fink
Lyons Press, 2016

Exergames are exercise activities enhanced by virtual reality; in the Anderson-Hanley study they compared older adults who exercised on typical recumbent bikes to those who exercised on recumbent bikes fitted with three-dimensional (3-D) displays that showed scenery, bike courses, and potential competing cyclists.

“Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults E-Book: Promoting Quality of Life through Collaborative Practice” by Karen Barney, Margaret Perkinson
from Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults E-Book: Promoting Quality of Life through Collaborative Practice
by Karen Barney, Margaret Perkinson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2015

I used to take a spin class every day, but now my life feels like a spin class and I don’t have time to add any more spinning!

“Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
from Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting
by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
Atria Books, 2009

You can take a Spinning class or find a cycling buddy rather than riding alone.

“The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive” by Jim Afremow
from The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive
by Jim Afremow
Rodale Books, 2014

LaFortune and Cavanagh26 first presented the concept of pedaling effectiveness by calculating the “effective” force on the crank, that is, the force component perpendicular to the crank doing work to rotate the crank (Figure 8-7).

“Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen, Robert C. Manske
from Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
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Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

CB1 Gallery spinning classes help keep me sane.

“Living and Sustaining a Creative Life” by Sharon Louden
from Living and Sustaining a Creative Life
by Sharon Louden
Intellect, 2013

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  • love this for beginning been doing it for a few days now it’s great. soon I’ll be ready to step it up a notch. Do you have an intermediate workout that can be watched? thanks.

  • I’m definitely not going to buy a Peloton but this video has made me decide to commit to biking 45 minutes a day to help keep the weight off during the quarantine!

  • Hey this workout was perfect for me. Starting the spin bike with partial foot amputation from motorcycle accident. Hard enough but manageable enough to get good workout and not so tough I give up or cheat. Hanks Mare W. Can you add some more videos please.

  • I love this bike. This and my dumbbells are all I need to keep building muscle/HIIT circuit workouts… I generally do the scenic rides with my own music playing.. but love this bike! Here’s a promo code to get $100 off yours: V58W6X

  • I love my peloton! I recommend it to everyone. Bike is badass and the instructors if you sign up for it are great or you can be your own and use your own playlist after a few beginner classes!

  • This was motivational for me. I’m starting my spin class next week and hopefully I’ll lose my gut and moobs. I’m considered to be “skinny fat” and looking to tone up my physical appearance.

  • Only a week in and he’s disappointed that his stats haven’t improved? That’s (usually) not how exercise works.. He should have tested it for 1-2 months instead of 2 weeks.

  • I don’t understand this whole movement in the long term sense. Who cares if you went 143 to 142 or 140? Is that meaningful or sustainable?

  • I love my Peloton! Want $100 towards your weights, shoes, mat, etc.? Use this: W3HY2J The instructors are upbeat and keep you engaged the whole time. Not only do I love Peloton for the biking, but also for the app and the outdoor runs, yoga, strength, etc. It has really been a blessing, especially as gyms have been closed. I won’t ever be paying for a gym membership again.

  • I’m only 9 And my dad is obsessed with working out! So he said get on the exercise bike and watch this vid while I’m doing it This vid changed my life! Now my dad is proud of me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • Can these exercises be done on a bog standard exercise bike or are they just for spin bikes. Does anyone have a link of exercises for a standard bike too please? Thanks

  • You know if the camera cuts you off you can record another segment, then then edit it together with the magic of video editing….

  • Hi I have embedded your video into my article.


  • I havnt used my magnetic bike for about 3 months now, I do cycle to work every night but the magnetic bike is ALOT harder as on my MTB I stop and start due to pedestrians/crossings etc
    My magnetic bike is just CONSTANT cycling without stopping, anyway I used to manage 15-20 minutes
    I did it today for the first time on easy setting after just 7 minutes I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack!!!! Lol
    it wasn’t even an intense workout just non stop cycling watching tv:)
    I’m getting back into it will do gradually when I get time as my time is VERY limited due to long hours at work.
    it’s Christmas now so I think the beer is getting in the way Aswel at the moment:) will be using my bike gradually on my day off from work
    I’m 39 and definitely not overweight
    but always tired from work

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  • This is so stupid. You hurt your knee because you went from doing nothing to spinning for 14 straight days. Yeah no sh*t, take a day off inbetween workouts.

  • There are two types of people in this comment section. The people who think this is a waste of money and there are better alternatives and there are the people who are Peleton fan boys who are calling people poor. $1200 is still alot of money for a bike and tablet. Unless you’re Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates, you fan boys are going to be broke if you spend money on things like this, bet you bought masterpieces like Juicero.

  • Pretty good job…not too sure what you expected for two weeks. Can’t exercise to Kiss? What’s the matter with you? Nice improvement in aerobic capacity, that’s what spinning is about!

  • I feel like just going on a hour long ride and adjusting resistance as you go is a better workout. No need for a class, you can actually just watching or listen to something more interesting

  • Is there a way to download this? My internet is horrible! And I’m new to YouTube don’t see it anywhere but thought I’d ask. Thanks for any help.

  • Omg you are amazing. I just purchased a spin bike and I haven’t worked out in 6 months. You really gave a great workout in 10 minutes. I’m going to do this for the rest of the week and then try something more advanced. Thanks

  • First time spinning and I used to HATE cycling! Too intimidated to try this at the gym, but my husband bought a spin cycle and now I’m hooked! Slowly building strength and endurance watching this class a few days/wk.

  • I like your vibe as well as your line of thinking while speaking. It didn’t feel like filler when you spoke. Also I didn’t feel the need to skip a bit when generally do. Good video. I started doing cycling to work through withdrawal symptoms I got when I quit smoking. The endorphins I got from a good run were great for stress reduction. Anywho I’m rambling. Look forward to more videos. Hope your weekend went well. ✌️

  • this video is so inspiring any motivating!!! i just started spinning last week and fell in looove. you look awesome (before and after)! i really admire your confidence & so happy you uploaded this. also i need to know where you got your leggings they’re so cute!!!

  • The amount of triggered nerds in the comment section is quite amazing. The guy lost significant BMI in 14 days… as a 145lb person, that is quite incredible. There is a reason the professional trainer is shocked at the results you nobs.

  • I’m obsessed with my Peloton! I’ve owned it for half a year so far and have 8 videos on my channel documenting my experience and Peloton current events. I wonder how the Peloton will keep holding up against soul cycles indoor cycling bike now!

  • Cycling is a good cardiovascular exercise. Cycling for an hour can burn you about 400 calories. It strengthens the lower part of the body, including the muscles of your feet, hips, and buttocks. Cycling regularly can strengthen your heart and lungs. You can ride bicycles in indoor by using an exercise bicycle.

    If you are a beginner to exercise cycling, it is best to choose a flat road first. If your body is accustomed to exercising well and exercising at a higher intensity than you need, you can choose rough mountain paths. It also gives exercises to the upper part of your body. If you are using off roads for cycling it is not normal cycling, It can increase the number of burning calories than riding bicycles on a normal road.


  • Use this class everyday musics great and she doesn’t over talk the class. I need the music and most instructors talk to much. She’s great thanks

  • Is it just me or is the instructor bouncing too much when off the saddle? I watched the set-up video and they said not to do that.

  • This guy has not been exercising for very long. He made a nice improvement in his VO2 max, but he lost muscle, and strength. He gave up after the first 2 weeks. He needs to continue long-term, at least 12 weeks, which is how long it takes for a permanent transformation. At the end of the video, he says he did it “for a mountain of cash”, which likely came from Peloton. From Xbox / barfly to fit for 2 weeks, back to barfly with a lot of cash to spend on chicks that he met in the NYC studio the day before Valentine’s Day. Too bad for him and Peloton. It could have actually changed his lifestyle from couch potato to fit guy. I agree with Profit Glen below when he said “This doesn’t in any way make me want to buy a Peloton.” Why did Peloton dump a lot of money on this person? Peloton was the loser in this equation.

  • 2000 Dollar, ich lach mich tot. Da setz ich mich lieber auf meinen alten Drahtesel und radel gemütlich zu meiner
    Stammkneipe und versaufe das Geld, für 2000 bucks gibts viele Guinesspints. Prost.

  • poop out in the warm up,I have however seen an improvement just doing what one can if you cant stand long stand for what ever time you can you will see improvement

  • Question about bike performance. When your pedaling, and want to coast (that is stop pedaling like on a real bike), will the motion of the bike continue to push your feet forward or is it like a real bicycle where you can coast. Thanks anyone.

  • Wot a strange middle class sport this.iv owned bikes all my life id rather fresh air and scenry myself and the money in my pocket

  • Hello I am 62 years old and have COPD and this beginners workout is perfect and it’s making everything around my problem much stronger So I want to thank you so much have a healthy and happy life carol goode��

  • Finally a true short spinning class not a bunch of body destroying antics. So many classes on u tube and in gyms really do some very bad exercises for legs and arms not mention bad for the bike. Thanks for a sane work out run it twice a good hour spin class.

  • I think it’s important to note that we don’t know his diet. If he’s not eating towards his goals of course he won’t see optimal results. The workout itself is good, it’s healthy to do cardio but working out can only do so much if your diet isn’t on track. Plus 2 weeks is hardly any time to truly test out the bike and the programs.

  • this is my first try and my vulva feels like it’s going to be bruised for 3 months and i’m only 5 minutes in. will i get used to this feeling? p.s despite my name, yes i am female

  • I’m starting a spin class too! I’m pairing that with yoga and body bootcamp classes. So excited to see my body transform to its best! And of course be healthier

  • Hello everyone! I apologize if you can hear the squeaking of my resistance knob.. I meant to lubricate it before this but forgot! ���� Hope to had a great workout! ����

  • WOW! Thank you Mere W. This was the very first spin workout I have ever done. I loved the struggle, the music and the sweat. I am an almost 50 y/o male who has always struggled with my weight. While in the Navy I had both knees dislocated and my ankle tendons stretched out, so I deal with weather related pain. I finally found joy in running, but I developed achilles issues that a specialist said might be helped by cortisone, but had a bit of risk to it. I switched plans and for the last two years have been doing a variety of plans on Beachbody. This has been ok, but never a real rush. After my father passed away this Christmas I haven’t been able to motivate myself and get going again. I decided I needed to look at something else. I had contemplated spin classes before, but unfortunately our city rec center never has basic ones available at decent times for me. I am a stay at home dad with twin 4 y/o girls and a seven y/o daughter as well. I am hoping to find a decent used spin bike to make my own and be able to workout at home. When I know I will be able to make a few more planned trips to the rec center I plan on giving the free trial a run and hopefully sign up soon with Studio Sweat. Thank you again for giving me a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • This was me at the beginning of me becoming an instructor, I teach spin so it’s a great accomplishment, you look awesome keep at it, and the reason one leg works harder is because it’s ur lead leg, u lead off n ur other follows.

  • This is such a great workout for a beginner or newly returning to spinning. It’s as hard as you want to make it and the best out of the ones I’ve tried. Well done to the superb instructor!!

  • Thanks so much for making this available! It was my first time ever spinning with a bike a just bought to keep in shape after an amazing fall of jogging/mountain biking. I really enjoyed the video, not easy for a beginner but totally doable! thanks

  • i started yesterday on the same challange. so very true with the hair washing. i have my own bike i save £££ but it doesn’t challange you as much but hey ho. nice video. thx for sharing.

  • Hi Kirsten, am looking at doing a quick 30min intense spin class tomorrow morning before work, would this be harder than the Tabata HIIT & Jenga, or pretty much equal? The Tabata HIIT was damn tough but I did do it after a 40min run Thoughts? Have a nice day ��

  • Holy crap I’m beat. This is the best 30 min ride I’ve done. It was challenging but not so hard that I wanted to kill myself �� thank you, with your help this chubby dad will be… Uh less chubby ����

  • This really worked I’m only 11 but this really works I feel much more healthy❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤����‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️������‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️����

  • Great video. This type of exercise bikes is very useful for those who want to lose weight. #fitgeeky #BestExerciseBikesforWeightLoss

  • Great video. I can see how Peleton and cycling alone has a lot appeal but being the only form of training you do has a few draw backs. Loved the final evaluation at the end. I could see this with a mix of some weight training (not the mini dumbbell weight training) could really pack a nice punch. Thanks for the great video.

  • You can’t out run or out train a bad diet if that is what you are expecting out of a spinning class. Please focus on your nutrition first and foremost and continue being active to maintain happiness

  • 45 min classes two weeks straight (ESPECIALLY IF WITH OLIVIA) is too much; you NEED rest days. Also, two weeks is not enough time to see significant results, really. Thats the bullshit McDonalds I want it now mentality. If anyone is REALLY serious about purchasing a peloton bike, I am telling you it is WORTH it and I saw results in my stats at the second half of my first month, and have kept seeing progress since! After about 2 months my body started showing changes. Are there coaches with more “therapy” like moments? yes. Are there some hard ass coaches that just motivate and coach you through? Yes. Are their coaches in between these two? Yes. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it as an investment in your health? Yes, bc in addition to the bike there are strength, stretching, walking, running, meditation, and yoga classes. And your stats are individualized to you! I know it’s not for everyone and if you already know it’s not for you that’s fine, I am not saying this to try to change your mind, but I just feel this video does not do it justice AT ALL for those who actually are interested in it.

  • There is a serious design problem on all these bikes that is if you’re tall you got to take the damn thing to a machine shop to adjust a seat to a higher position I got to take mine to a machine shop that I can drill out the seatpost and put in a bicycle adjuster and I can use the seat post on a bicycle to raise the seat 10 inches
    Otherwise you can damage your kneecaps and be in a wheelchair for life you don’t want plastic kneecaps I’ve seen people who don’t have the seat adjusted properly have knee replacement surgery your legs have to be three quarter extended otherwise you can cause serious damage to your kneecaps and your ankles and end up in a wheelchair 4life ��

  • This video is awesome and girl I think your body looks freakin great! I tried to do 30 days straight on my peloton and made it 5 days ��that was last week…..so maybe I can start over this week. Today is day 3 hahaha.
    I love spin soooo much. It’s such a great and fun workout.
    I use to spin 5 days a week and meal prep before I had my babies and was in the best shape of my life. My youngest is 21 months so trying to get my act back together.

  • First of all: good on you for working out every day.
    But, there’s just some thing that are not right. Dairy isn’t unhealthy.
    You wont magically get abs by not using them. Spinning does obvs focus on legs. Also, your body doesn’t loose bodyfat in one spot.

  • My doctor has suggested this workout for me since I have a knee issue right now. I am going to purchase one. I just have a treadmill and weights. Thanks for sharing. This video was very helpful.

  • I am recoverimg from my third knee surgery for torn meniscus and ligament and was told to resort to cycling and swimming for cardio from now on. This was perfect for me to help build strength and endurance especially in my legs to help my knees. On my way back to cycling in class and outdoors! My new fitness focus!! Thsnk you and God bless you!!

  • I’ll keep the free stationary I got and watch DBZ while intensity. The screaming helps. Also this guy got injured because he didn’t rest

  • The reason he has pain in his knees is that he’s pedaling at a pretty low rpm, you should always be over 80rpm and he’s averaging at 74. For the love of god just buy a real bike and get out on the road.

  • These videos are especially great during this shelter in place order. Great energy! Any advice for squeaky flywheel on original Schwinn Spinner? Thanks and stay safe!

  • My honest opinion is the bike is only worth 400 to 500 bucks with the monitor an extra 200 max. I regret trading in my flywheel bike for the Peloton bike because the Peloton bike is inferior in so many ways that are irritating.ost notably you can’t even charge your iPhone or Android device to it. The CEO at Peloton is ripping off many Americans that are just too ignorant to know the difference between high quality vs. just ok. A shame really.

  • Thank you for the video. Most of the home spin bikes don’t have an rpm monitor, which makes it difficult to track your ride though. I wanted to share that I found an app online that works on androids that is just 3 bucks and it works perfectly every time. It also tracks your distance, and time. If you search icyclerpm you will find it. Can’t go wrong for a few bucks! I would definitely recommend it!

  • Great workout as always. Also dont’ worry about forgetting to lubricate. The noise was hardly noticeable. Speaking of lube, do you recommned any type? Silicone based or petroleum based? Liquid or semi solid? Also you said 11:36 When I do standing intervals, I feel it in my quads. I hope that’s not incorrect.

  • Website called NextLevelDiet is the best for your body transformation. I lost 20kg by following their diet plan (I also had cheat meals) and training plan.

  • U look so good and sexy…there should be no bad commenters on here. If I good get that motivation and drive that you have it would be good. Nicely done����

  • So pleased that people are liking the video. This was done a few years ago and I have more workouts, inspiring videos and motivation follow my channel and also on social media. @timpursuit

  • DIdn’t do your workout just watched it. Loved the sweat. I’m a spinning instructor and see you got it going on! What a great class. What are you using for your intervals the whistling tool? Is that an app? Great energy and an instructor who sweats and actually works like she should. Most excellent!

  • Actually no, the fitter you get the more efficient your body gets, meaning the fitter you get the harder it is to burn calories. You are insanely uneducated in fitness metrics.

  • First time riding with you was Rap Ride and I absolutely love it! I haven’t stopped and haven’t tried anything else because I love this so much. Thank you

  • Spin classes aren’t really my thing. On a road bike the fit would probably put the bars level with or below the saddle. For that kind of money, and with a cheaper monthly fee I could get any number of trainers paired with zwift. The experience would be more realistic and I’d be able to direct my own workouts easily. To me, this thing is right up there with the jucero. Overpriced and overly connected without any real application. I guess if you have the money to burn and it’s a motivator for you, it could be a good purchase.

  • Great looking workout! Pity I’d just cycled 10km before looking for a spin class-too tired to do it! Next time definitely! I have a question if you don’t mind? My heart rate goes up to 170-180 and seems to stay there full workout. Does that mean very unfit?? Or do I have tension to high? Pedalling too fast? I struggle to bring it down to my fat burn zone. My bike says I’m in maximum zone. I’m 42 and pretty fit (or so I thought?!). Any advice welcome? I’ve subbed and will absolutely try your workout next time I’m on bike!!

  • Cat, Love your video workouts, i do them everyday. I’ve noticed your replies seem to be the standard “Have you checked out our website yet? We have over 600 classes in our library, and we add new classes every week! http://www.studiosweatondemand.com“. Prove me wrong and show us all that you’re not a bot and you really respond to us. Just once reply without trying to sell us something please?

  • 8:19 is a cheating. Your VO2Max is 50.8 and it’s excellent (mine is just 45) but how dare you saying it’s 79 and you’r now in Olympics it:-D

  • Love the idea of the video but it takes the body 6-10 weeks to adjust to a new routine. 2 weeks is definitely too short. I get why he couldn’t do 8 weeks because that’s a lot of time to be putting into a 10 minute video. Still would have loved to see a video with 8 weeks of workouts

  • I have bike in my room but my goals is losing my fat of thighs and leg
    Please tell me if this exercise effective for small my thighs

  • Something is not right with your before and after measurements. BMI is strictly a height and weight thing. Your initial assessment with a weight of 143.5 lbs and BMI of 18.5 indicates your height was registered as 6’2″. Your follow-up assessment shows 142 lbs and 21.6 as your BMI, indicating they had the machine set to 5’8″. Your BMI simply can not go up when you’ve lost weight. Based on that I’m going to guess all of your numbers are wrong, sorry…

  • Use my referral code 7XM4DE if you are interested in getting the Peloton!!! I love my Peloton bike and the app! It is a game changer!!!! My boyfriend and I use it, and it is 100% worth the price. We save money (& time!!!) by working out on the Peloton instead of having individual gym/yoga studios/cycling studio memberships.

  • Started spinning at SpincoMontreal in september and I am so happy I do that! Not only am i actually loosing weight but i am addicted to it and it keeps me healthier!!!

  • Hey, me again. lol. So happy I found your Channel. I did pilates every day at 6am when I was at my soul crushing job. What video editor do you use for your videos?

  • wow this was great I just did it for the first time on my exercise bike at home and I just want to share a couple things that came up for me during it if that’s okay if it’s too much writing for anyone then feel free not to read it

     first of all I was afraid to stand first of all I was afraid to stand up I’m access by cuz I thought I would break it so I just stayed sitting and sometimes I would modify it so that I pedal harder during the standing portion

     I was a little I was a little worried to put my arms on the handlebars because my left shoulder has some trouble but it worked out okay

     I thought it was great that you mentioned to keep hold of the bike when you got up because that help me be aware that I was a little tired even after just those 10 minutes or so

    Thanks for guiding us through the stretching because that was helpful to me a lot of times I work out so hard and then I don’t leave any energy for myself to stretch

     oh yeah when oh yeah when you said ladies I knew you were talking to the women in the room but I’m also actually not a lady I am a male so I thought it was kind of funny and I had to tell myself like all right it doesn’t mean I’m a lady for doing this workout I think this workout is for men to please correct me if I’m wrong but I guess it was only for females that there would be a female coach

     other than that yeah other than that yeah it was really cool to come on YouTube and be able to come to a spin class like at the gym it really help me focus and I’m going to try out some more of these different ones on YouTube

  • omg love this video!!! I’m a spin instructor and trying to film stuff like this, so you gave me a great concept/idea! thank you:)

  • This is my favorite spin video. It has everything flat roads, hills, surges, resistance building, jumps, and heavy hill climbs. To get a longer ride I stop the video before the heavy hill climbs at the end and go back to the beginning. Works for me!

  • Whomever suggested this spin class, thank you! It was a brutal one and barely any time to recover. Lol. I loved it! Thank you Kirsten �� ��

  • I’ve never wanted to quit any of your other workouts so bad while in the middle of it, this was intense!!! Also I had a question about when you say low tension during warmup, should it be on flat row or a little intensity?