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4 Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Health Tracker. by Macaela Mackenzie. January 11, 2017. No Comments.

Share it: Fitness trackers and wearable health tech are dominating the fitness world, and for good reason. However, according to some research, using fitness trackers to actually make a real difference in your health isn’t as easy as. 5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Fitness Tracker Discover a health boost by going beyond just counting steps and calories burned By Rashelle Brown Contributing Writer April 24, 2019.

To get the most out of this triage call, try to summarize what’s going on in one or two sentences. Start with your most urgent symptom first; note. Here’s the thing: to get the most out of it you’ll want to do more than just strap a Fitbit Charge 3 or Honor Band 4 to your wrist and hope for the best but don’t worry, you don’t have to do. Fitbit Charge 4 (and Charge 3) tips and features: How to use your new tracker.

How to get the most out of your new fitness tracker. We try Fitbit’s Female Health Tracking. Nine Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your New Garmin Fitness Tracker. if you’re going to get the most from your Garmin it’s worth taking the time to get to know it better, because they.

Use these tips to get even more out of your tracker. Fitbit trackers are great at helping remind you to go the extra mile and get your life on a healthier track. Esto también se puede leer en. Try out the Fitbit health tracker and stay away from all tensions about your health.

This wearable tracker has been voted as the Tracker of the year 2018 by ‘Wearables.’ This means it is a fantastic device, and people have loved it for its features and ease of use. 10 tips and tricks to get the most out of Samsung Health. Samsung Health is your one-stop shop for fitness tracking. The sleep tracker is extremely optimistic, the fitness tracker can’t distinguish between different kinds of exercise, and the app isn’t very attractive.

But it can count your steps and the battery.

List of related literature:

Number of health apps soar, but use not always follows.

“Handbook of Military Psychology: Clinical and Organizational Practice” by Stephen V. Bowles, Paul T. Bartone
from Handbook of Military Psychology: Clinical and Organizational Practice
by Stephen V. Bowles, Paul T. Bartone
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Primary care-led weight management for remission of type 2 diabetes (DiRECT): an open-label, cluster-randomised trial.

“Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing” by Sofia Llahana, Cecilia Follin, Christine Yedinak, Ashley Grossman
from Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing
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Apps and virtual assistants can provide medication reminders; fitness trackers will monitor user health and movement, alerting care providers if deviations in a routine were to occur.

“Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare: Big Data for Improved Health Outcomes” by Arjun Panesar
from Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare: Big Data for Improved Health Outcomes
by Arjun Panesar
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6) Have the patient swim or walk in the underwater treadmill for 10–15 minutes, every 1–3 days.

“Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation” by Ronald J. Riegel, John C. Godbold, Jr.
from Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation
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Some great examples of automating repeated behaviors in the health space are exercise trackers that people carry with them throughout the day.

“Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics” by Stephen Wendel
from Designing for Behavior Change: Applying Psychology and Behavioral Economics
by Stephen Wendel
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Chart 19-4 lists more strategies to teach the patient and family how to avoid infection.

“Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume” by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume
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Daily step recommendations help people use pedometers to enhance health.

“Introduction to Teaching Physical Education: Principles and Strategies” by Jane M. Shimon
from Introduction to Teaching Physical Education: Principles and Strategies
by Jane M. Shimon
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Of course the problem with tracking your health indicators is that there really isn’t an easy way to do so—“easy” meaning having someone else, or something else, do it for you.

“Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicate” by Shawn DuBravac, Gary Shapiro
from Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicate
by Shawn DuBravac, Gary Shapiro
Regnery Publishing, 2015

Make a list of the leading health indicators.

“Broadribb's Introductory Pediatric Nursing” by Nancy T. Hatfield
from Broadribb’s Introductory Pediatric Nursing
by Nancy T. Hatfield
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4 Tell the health care provider that the patient is uncooperative with exercising.

“Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques E-Book” by Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Potter, Wendy Ostendorf
from Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques E-Book
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  • Oh my god THOMAS FRANK IS THE MAN! He is so right! I used all his tips and I started a channel to track my progress. I’m about to upload a video in 45 minutes to show you how much this video has helped me! Go check it out

  • I like “About me”, it helps not only track habit, but also rate mood, energy or productivity and see what have more impact on my life

  • these comments are dumb, how do you expect to improve. when you are given tips like “just dont fight if you wanna save your hunter”… you improve by fighting other players and failing.

  • I’ve been going with my current therapist for 8 months now. She’s the only one I have ever seen. I like her a lot, but don’t necessarily feel completely opened. She is religious, for example, and I’m not. I’m afraid to share my ideas when there is the possibility I may make her feel bad. I don’t want that to happen. I just recently felt so overwhelmed about personal issues and told her I was afraid she was going to get tired of me because I’m supposed to be better now. She recognizes I am getting better, and tells me there is still work to do.

  • My cousin and I had just bought this game and we have two polar opposite playstyles when it comes to shooting games. He’s more of a run and gun, and I’m more reserved and cautious. This guide has shown me that this game takes a lot more strategy than to what meets the eye. I realize in order to have a higher survival rate, he and I will have to combine our playstyles and find a healthy gray area, so to speak. I am happy to say, I will be sharing this video with him, and we will most likely discuss tactics an strategies to stay alive and give our enemies a very hard time. I love shooting games that actually make you think instead of running and gunning or camping to win matches. I feel games like Call of Duty have spoiled people into this face-paced mentality. The same kind of tactics that got me and my cousin slaughtered our first match. We made EVERY noob mistake possible, and ultimate realized a group of hunters were just lying in wait as hordes of enemies withered down our health and resources. Then they came to scoop up the leftovers. This game isn’t always as black and white as most well known FPV games out today. I only played a match, but I’ve come to respect this game already. I’m itching to try these things now, so thank you a lot!

  • I know another habit tracker app PingPal is FREE!
    By far it’s good for me. The best part is I can track habits with my friends. Sadly only iOS available…

  • I am actually practicing typing,
    So I have to keep track of my Word Per Second typed per day
    And I want an app to show my highest, average and lowest WPS based on my daily entries.
    Can you please help me bro,
    I have almost seen your videos and confused with all the habit and todo apps,
    I will be looking forward for your reply ��

  • How do I tell my therapist I wanna stop working with her? After telling this to her, she did not even talk about it, changing my topic, and now I am stuck again with her and don’t know how to bring it up again. We just chat like friends, I feel so lost with her. And that’s the reason why I came for therapy, being lost..

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  • I just need an app that has an android and web version, lets me create as many habits as I can and allows me to create reminders for specific habits on specific days, how can it be that NONE of the apps in this list do the job?

    I am almost considering coding an android app with this features myself

  • New subscriber here. Not sure if you’re answering comments but I sure hope so ’cause you seem like the perfect guy to ask: Do you now if there is a way (app, website etc.) to track habits AND qualitative life statistics like levels of mood, motivation, body states etc. so that it can help you detect and realize patterns? Simply put in perhaps banal examples: “Oh looks my mood drops every two days after I do x particular thing” or “Looks like a tend to spend more money related to x behavior”.

    I hope my question makes sense and that you or perhaps some of your subscribers have some input or ideas.

  • #1 app for ios is def “Productivity Wizard” for me. Habits, projects, tasks, daily journaling, morning and evening routine setting + more! Check it out Thomas!

  • I wish you could be my therapist. I’ve gone through about four different therapist. None of which I really could open up with. You seem so simple to talk to

  • I really like habitica but i think that it lacks statistics i can’t visualize my progress in months for example so yeah i’m relying on it for efficiency but it needs proper habit tracking tools

  • I came to this vid bcos I need to start to reorganize my life. And accidentally i found that you are a very good looking dude.

    signing off…….

  • I love when I find a Nerd guy on YouTube, I found you by accudent looking for how to organize my college life, and now you are my favorite YouTuber now!! Gosh I love when I learn new things from Nerd guys ❤❤❤������

  • My favourite one that isn’t on the list and it’s (probably just) for Android is Loop Habit Tracker. It’s easy to use and has a nice UI, with both light and dark mode. And yes, it’s free!
    It has all the necessary stats about habit strength, streaks and heatmap which shows you when and how frequently the habit was performed.
    It’s quite good in my opinion because of it’s clear design.

  • I just can’t get past the idea that therapists only care about you when they’re getting paid. Therapists will say that they’re there for you and they care about you and they want to make you feel better, and then they’ll say cash or check please.

  • For ios Way of Life is a good one. It has a notes section for every single day! So you can journal why you succeeded or why you didn’t succeed. another good ios app is Alarmed. Alarmed is my favorite reminder app! So many cool options and customizations of notifications! Coolest reminder app ever!

  • I started habitica and I woke up at 4 everyday since a week.. Studied for 6hrs everyday and brushed my teeth evertnight… Worked out for 20 min every day… Also I use FOREST App to be focused on only 1 task.

  • Hey, Tom! Thanks for your video. Can you tell more about IFTTT? Are you using this tool? And if “yes”, tell more (in a video maybe) how are you using it and which tasks can be solved with this tool?

  • hey i was always aggressive in valorant games but idk what my sensitivity would be trying 240 edpi is very hard to spray and it is like heavy but when i try 300 edpi it felt okay and way more getting kills but micro adjustments is my problem

  • Used to be high rabk at cs and had an insane aim but due to life havent played for a year needed this to become better at valorant

  • It can and will get better

    This whole video is helpful So thorough and like a good song you know the repetition of your closing remarks helps ground the new learning and feels familiar/nurturing
    Thank you again ��

  • This video was really helpful to see that it was the right decision to stop my therapy I went to for over half a year. I sat in there and had the feeling a was just talking to a friend. Even though I went in there and set goals (big and small ones) at my first session and gave my best at home where I really tried to work on myself with tricks I knew or googled because from her I got no tipps and tricks. I tried to ask her questions to stimulate a dialogue, but mostly I just talked. And after over half a year there was no progress at all, I even felt worse. When I said I wanted to stop the therapy she said in the last session that she wouldn’t think that I would ever finish my Masters degree, even though I told her in former sessions that nobody in my life ever believed in me. Those words kind of hurt me. I think it was the right decision and I’m not sure if I want to start a therapy again after this experience.

  • I’ve been struggling with derealization and it was so bad that I honestly thought my last option was suicide. Luckily I have a partner who pushed me to see a doctor and find a therapist. My second session is coming up soon and there is so much that I’ve been holding onto. My only problem is I have no clue what happened to me when I was younger. There is a chunk of my childhood that seems so dreamlike and I have vivid dreams already so it’s difficult to discern what really happened. I don’t want to feel like this but, I feel lost when it comes to what to talk about.

  • the core functions at the government levels need to be customized according to country structures… whereas USA has a federal type of government.. other countries like my own doesn’t

  • Hello. Do I need a Therapy? Anyway I can’t even afford to pay for a therapist. No question about it. Probably the answer is yes but since I can’t afford to get a new one so I guess will wait for a miracle to happen before my psychiatrist will open up and explain everything to me. My illness is getting worse, I hope i can reach out to someone who will be open and honest about everything I wanted to know, at least someone who can provide an a honest EXPLANATION, someone who will empathize and put themselves in my own shoes. Medication is useful but I think a therapist would be great! A combination of medicine and therapy will greatly help me improve of chances of recovery.

  • Also, number 8 hits so deep for me �� Possibly my biggest issue is my super low, fragile self-esteem. But you, Kati Morton, telling me “Be patient, kind, and gentle to yourself as you navigate your way to recovery,” is really impactful because of how much i respect and value you. Thank you �� I need to put that up in my room somewhere ��

  • once again 72 nay sayers (thumb downers) just because Kati speaks and not wanting to expand beyond their tunnel vision. They have no business getting on this video segment if all they have is being grouchy, negative and immature as heck. Get a life losers!

  • I wish you d reach out to.me...i have the worst anxiety…yoi mentioned dymethia depression! It’s sooo me…. I’m a mental.mess all.the time…im so crazy anxious! I can t.sleep.soo many nights, my.brain can t s hit off…do I try to meditate? But I dnt know how to do that

  • 7:12 “only practice 30 minutes a day up to a maximum of 19 minutes” does he mean practice 30 minutes a day or 19. I’m confused lmao. Who noticed this.

  • Hi Kati
    I have a question that I can’t quite figure out where to start.
    I’m an individual working in the field of social services and I have done a TON of good quality work on my “stuff”.
    With the current political climate and that amazing 24 hour news cycle stuff can come up.
    The question of the day is “How do you know when your “stuff “ is just coming up because of the current climateor you actually need to go “back to work” and start therapy again?

  • I recently started seeing a therapist, and last session i told her that i have never self harmed (even tho that’s a thing i struggle with right now) bc i felt scared that she would tell my mom about it… and i freaked out and lyed.. and now I’m debating whether i shold tel her about that or not…

  • as a consumer I hate bots and computer menus, not cor me…I will not use them…healthcare has become about money, data turned into money, and treating symptoms rather than holistically preventing disease….just like social media is not really social…

  • This was genuinely a trash video, not gonna lie. I’ve played like 1 game of Valorant and I could have made a better guide than this. You dont even do flick shots properly. You’re not supposed to position your crosshair directly next to the bots head and do tiny pedo flicks. Your meant to center your crosshair in the middle and flick to the bots as they spawn.
    I googled how to get better at aiming in Valorant because I wanted Valorant-specific tips like when to ADS vs hipfire, when to burst fire vs full spray & basic spray patterns.

  • This game not receiving more attention at release is a crime. Flawed, sure…a bit…but also a completely novel, atmospheric, intense, heavy feeling game. I hope it blows up with players soon.

  • Your pretty good. My therapist is much like you. It took my several attempts to find a good one. Now that I have, I’m not looking for another. Ever!

  • Muscle memory for aiming is a fad. A player with good mouse control will be able to change their sensitivity and mouse without any significant problems, so long as they don’t go into extremes. There can be a noticeable difference, but that’s not related to memory, but more related to comfort and preference.

  • Thank you for this video! I am going in to my very first therapy session later this week, after years and years of struggling with my mental health. I am nervous and anxious about it, but I’m intent on getting the most out of my sessions as I can. I’m tired of not working to better myself! And your videos have relieved some of my anxiety, and made me even more sure of my decision to get help. Thanks Kati!

  • I was doing a search on whether talk therapy is better than medicating and found this video and i tried clicking on your link about good and bad therapist but it didnt work so i tried to find it in your playlist and i notice you have Eugenias video with Shane in your liked videos. I was thinking you looked familar too and then i realized you were in that video. You were the one telling shane how to approach her. Lol i know this is a random comment but i just thought that was kind of interesting how i come across your videos without even realizing that i had actually seen you in a video with one of my fav youtubers ��

  • Thank you so much for bearing the emotional slings and arrows that come along with putting your advice out there in the digital world, your guidance is truely a priceless additional tool for those seeking progress xo

  • What happened to me is more painful than suicide. If not because of medication I would not survive. I wish I just died in an accident. I don’t deserve to suffer this much but I do not have any choice. People in Philippines is brutally cruel, savage and merciless. It’s not my fault and I didn’t do anything wrong or against the law but see I’m the one who suffered too much because of other people fault. I can’t even protect myself and I can’t expect no one for protection. This life is a living hell. ������

  • Thanks so much to you and shane(who I found you through the JP series)I’ve taken first steps to get into therapy (was to afraid before bing watching your videos)

  • Therapie should be paid by the government like its for me
    Why should someone pay theirself, doesnt matter if it is a service or not, it can take a long time too
    No wonder People go ham in Amerika, they cant even talk to someone about their problems because they are alone with it, and when they are in prison its already to late

  • My therapist has not mentioned goal setting at all. She asked me why I was going to make sure I actually had an answer but not true goal setting.

  • ive known my therapist for more than 2 years, she was referred to me through my high school and now that i’ve started college the time has come for us to terminate our sessions. And when you mentioned the part about being attached to your therapist it really struck a chord within me. She’s helped me through some of the most difficult situations i’ve ever had in my life and i’m genuinely sad because i won’t have her anymore to be able to talk to. My college offers counseling with therapists but i just don’t want to let go of my therapist because she’s absolutely amazing and has been such a big help. I guess im afraid of starting over with a new therapist because im still clinging to the relationship and bond that i have with my old one. I don’t know how to come to terms with the fact that i won’t be seeing her anymore because i believe that i still need to have sessions with her even though she thinks that i don’t need her counseling anymore

  • You can also check out “Avocation” our new habit tracker app available on iOS and Android. We offer a very beautiful and easy to use app which let’s you track your habits and also learn about the science behind habits in our lessons! ����

  • I like “daylio” for tracking my habits and moods. You can also add a little text. I’ve just checked its arivable for Apple and Android:P

  • Hi,Kati. My question is, could you do a video on dealing with spd and depression/anxiety in a large family? I’m new so I’m not sure how this whole question thing works but it would be extremely helpful if you could. Thanks!

  • Ive been going therapy recently and its what i needed in my life. From being depressed and lonely, and noone caring, i feel happy and focusing on my future

  • Kati Your right in my sessions I always have a plan by the 2nd session. Many times a therapist keeps you on line, just to make money off of their clients.

  • I am pretty sure that my parent’s therapists are mediocre and I am positive they are at least omitting a lot things and/or lying to their therapists. And it shows. Maybe I am incorrect but they seem less logical and much more difficult to be around since they started therapy. They have become convinced it is me who is actually in need of treatment (I guess it would be further treatment and for something I don’t think I have.) It is incredibly frustrating. Neither of them are mental health experts and until about 3 years ago, they’d t respect the field of psychology. Now, they have transformed into something above expert in their knowledge of mental health. That is not hyperbole. My father literally told me he didn’t believe the information that a mental health professional told me and that it was wrong. It felt like the laziest gaslighting one could encounter.

  • I just finished 2 years of twice per week therapy (that’s a lot of frickin’ therapy!) and I feel I only got worse. Ouch. I took a couple months off. I start with a new psychologist tomorrow. Pretty damn scared and VERY skeptical. I worry I’m too far gone to be helped. Wish me luck. I could sure use a little miracle right about now.

  • I really want to make more appointments with my therapist but my mom makes it difficult since she ONLY wants appointments at 5 in the afternoon and NO other time, I wanna talk about suicidal thoughts with my therapist but I have to wait an extra week than normal cause my therapist didn’t have a 5 o clock appointment open the usual 2 week span. She makes it harder to help myself.

  • I’ve been trying to get the most out of my therapy but i didn’t really seem to get a lot out for it and I haven’t talked with her for awhile now and I really need some help but I keep doubting myself to ask the school clinic if i could get session in sooner to talk about how everything is going on.

  • I loved Habitica but my issue with it was that it was too glitchy, so I uninstalled it. I really hope they fix those issues because I really loved the idea of Habitica but it got to the point where I couldn’t use it

  • I’m about to buy this game for me and a friend and I cannot stress this enough this video is VERY useful, even if anything has changed since it was made.

  • Therapists often relay informstion given to them with their close friends and future workmates.

    Something to consider before seeking therapy. I speak from experience.

  • That’s the first thing my therapist asked me our first meeting, “what do I want to get out of my treatment.” And then she would always follow up on the next meeting.

  • If you need a goals and check ins you need a respite care And hopstial care. I will not be able to create my own goals if my doctor does them for me and he be rude if I know it will be or won’t be appropriate for me. Like my doctor just won’t understand that I ready can’t go out for walks up and down my street the street is a blind drive which means I can get hit by a car.

  • Hey Psychoghost, i want to thank you for all your vids. It really helped me getting good fast. I uploaded a video of 10 kills, i started 2 weeks ago on ps4.
    Im not here to get views or likes but if you find time to watch it and tell me what i do wrong or good. I would appreciate it. Keep up the vids! Neenoh unum joe and you:)

  • I knew I shouldn’t have picked her based on her looks.
    She is actually really starting to piss me off because I was just in the emergency room at the VA because I had a mental break down and now she’s canceling my appointments. It’s ok when I’m just seeing you because I like looking at you because your beautiful but now that I need you I need you. So be there and stop cancelling my appointments. Pretty soon if she keeps playing like this I will be leaving her and going back to my old therapist.

  • I think this is part of the reason why I didn’t go to therapy I don’t know if I’d be willing to put the effort in that the process would require. Kati is right, it’s up to us. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’m willing to get there.

  • Hey katie, Ive gone to therapy for about a year now and in the summer I nearly got put in an inpatient unit as I attempted suicide twice but since September I’ve began to starve myself and take lots of laxatives but I’m too afraid to tell my counsellor, I don’t want to upset her, WHAT DO I DO, really hope you see this as I’m kind of at a crisis point

  • I have over 1000 hours on this game and still I learned like 7 to 12 new things that I didnt really know and some tips that could actually save money (like 40$ every match for throving knives). Trick about burning ducks was just a deal that I did with a friend (I won 1 avtomat thanks to that��)

  • My last therapist just chatted and there was zero treatment plans, she never wrote anything down, didn’t give me work to do, and would usually just talk about herself as well.
    She was a very nice person and I liked her, but I got nothing out of sessions.:(
    I got discouraged for a while and stopped going, but I’m not searching again!

  • Sadly I don’t really have much choice for who my therapist is. I live in Canada, with universal health care, and the system is so backed up and inefficient that even finding a family doctor can be hard. I was lucky that I was even able to get a therapist.

  • I wish you could be my therapist. I like my therapist but I feel like I just spill my feelings and don’t receive much feedback. I was hoping to receive tools and set goals. She was the only affordable one I could find, though. I don’t feel like too much progress has been made and I started going a month ago.

  • I just worked up the courage to source and contact a therapist suitable for me, I’m so glad I watched this before! I can’t afford to waste time or money, so thank you very much ��

  • I am a good player i have skills but i cant play properly because of my bad internet connection and because of that my friends call me a noob.

  • I strongly disagree with making more money off of someone by saying what comes up, it means that for instance if you are talking about a thing that happened then maybe you start talking about a different trauma that is upsetting you maybe they tackle the easier one to handle for you then the harder one.

  • My problem is that there is barley any therapists around my area because I live in a remote area in Scotland so its kinda hard for me to be picky xx

  • #7… hit me hard..i just dont feel like doing any homework and im very forgetful. she wants to put me on meds since the first meeting.

  • Thank you Kati! I really loved this video. I am a relatively new therapist and in my role as a medical social worker I am able to carry a small caseload of individual therapy clients. Are there any tools online that you like to use with clients and any suggestions on books or resources to help me grow as a clinician?

  • I’m disappointed in myself for not playing so good in this game comparing to my friends. I never thought that their experience in play csgo or other shooting game would help them aiming better. Fair enough i have the ability to type so much faster than they do. I just happen to never play so much video game because I didn’t have a good computer lmao

  • About the penalty for leaving random teammates, as someone that almost always plays with randoms it really was a problem where someone would instantly leave, you search again, get the same person who instantly leaves and the cycle could often repeat 20 times. This problem seems to have stopped with their new policy. If you see someone you recognize as a bad player or who has an incomplete loadout with no melee weapon or medkit, it is still worth taking the 15-60 second penalty but now it’s no longer abused.

  • could not have stumbled across this at a more perfect time!! literally watching this with another window open looking for therapists!

  • I have never had a treatment plan. They are all silly nilly & chat session. The latest was awesome For the death of my dad and relationship issues but now it sounds and seems more of a gabfest. Tried sending email with a list but I’m too tired to have to drive this. I’m driving with everybody else… I like a directive approach and a treatment plan!

  • Maybe I’m still considered new to the game, but why would burning a body right away be considered toxic and despised? Isn’t that a smart thing to do, since you get rid of their health (if not completely kill them), and pressure their teammates into potentially rash decisions?

  • That moment when you want to stop the video all the time, but in the end give it a thumbs up, because you realize you’ve been wanting to close it because it’s so true

  • Man this has age actually aged pretty well. (Patch wise) I come back every now and then to watch probably one of your best made educational videos.

  • First, thanks for those videos <3 Just stumbled about your channel today since it was my recommendations. Secondly, the video with signs for bad therapist in the description doesn't seem to work anymore and this one is the new correct link: watch?v=KLNWzFHIxus

    Also, about trying a few out; in Germany, at least, that’s not so easy. Sometimes, one has to find one year to even “try out” one therapist alone, so I’m usualyl tempted to try one with most knowledge/stuff studied, but currently, I got sent to his “assistent therapist”, even though I have the feeling I’d feel better with the one I wanted to go to. I’d really like to try therapy with the other one, but I don’t have the courage to ask her to do that/if I can do that since she could think I don’t think of her as being competent enough:/ And the last one I visited a few years ago was at a loss with me and my social anxiety and it all fell apart like a house of cards in the end. sigh

  • Aim trainers are great and everyone should use them. Sure valorant has a great aim trainer, but they serve as a refresher. Aim Labs let’s you customize basically everything and it’s free.

  • There’s nothing better than getting a tips and tricks vid with a guy that sounds like the comic book guy from the Simpsons. Great vid!

  • There are some things here i had no idea existed. Thanks man. Sub titles for the win! Sometimes i needed them, thanks to watching on the crappy work phone. xD

  • Thank you Thomas. I downloaded Today and started using it. It’s really really pretty. I can’t help starting at it, which is good because it makes me want to check in and look at it so far. I’ll gonna try it for some time, then experiment with the rest on the list. I am grateful for this video!

  • Geiles Video, das hat mir bestimmt 100 Stunden Gameplay gesaved indem ich das alles hätte selber rausfinden müssen. Danke! Hast dir nen neuen Abonnenten verdient:-)

  • Hey, thanks! Just subscribed, a total noob at this game, but still love it. Learning from mistakes, but this vid saved me ten hours of playtime mistakes.

  • Great video, but please I would encourage you, reach out to @0231Michael on Instagram for help services on Spywares and for the various Hacking &
    Recovery issues. Practically on, Mobile phone/WhatsApp hacking. Monitoring & tracking services.
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  • Public Health is a joke. I know plenty of latino and black HIV patients here in Ventura, CA getting treated like crap. They will stop helping teens and patients if Discrimination and prejudice evidence is shown. They really have nobody overlooking the malpractices of public health. Many kids are dying and spreading the disease because of the snobby workers at Public Health. Yet, they will excuse their lack of compassion or help to ‘Not enough funds’.

  • my First 5 games in ranked were: a 13:0 win with 15kills / 0 deaths
    a 11-13 loss with 42 kills
    a 9-13 loss with over 22kills
    a win and finnally a loss and i got ranked bronze 2 is it accurate?

  • My last therapist told me that I couldn’t quit seeing her. She would seem surprised when I showed I had issues. She mocked and became annoyed with me. She also didn’t believe me when I was honest with her.

  • I use the Loop Habit Tracker on the Samsung Z Flip. It’s a shame this isn’t on iOS. It’s the most simple and robust habit tracker i’ve seen in the last few years of using the tracker.

  • I wouldn’t have thought there could be 100 different tips for the game. But once I started watching the video, I couldn’t stop, and was still surprised how good the hints were in the later half.

  • I have gone through just about every tips and tricks/guide video on YouTube so I can recommend some helpful videos for new players to get started and I always send them to your channel first because it’s honestly the most helpful and best for huntshowdown and you have clips in the background to further help with the tips and I also just enjoy watching your videos and (when I can) streams

    Keep up the amazing videos <3

  • This guide is great. I’m so angry that this wasn’t a singleplayer game bc these assets are so awesome and there are so few good fps singleplayer games with 19th century weapons. There are none with this awesome occult theme AND a 19th fps setting.

  • I’m a Hunt:Showdown n00b and I’m loving this game. One of your tips was not to burn downed hunters right away. What’s the craic with that? Why wait if the goal is to survive and GTFO?

  • Congrats, good job on the review. I was looking for an APP where in the habbit or task I could have all the features I need. Example medidation habit and it rings and access to correct video, or run habit and it access to my playlist in youtube or itunes… Is there something like this? Thanks in advance, Diana. PSIf not could you get someone to create one like this pleeeeeaase

  • If you instantly set downed enemy hunter on fire the community will despise you. But… if you first throw poison on them and then burned them, you are good to go. Use every means to win, you play to win, don’t you?

  • There are no wrong in wanting to get better or wishing for a mental health and wellness. I’m not asking for money but just a little help because this event is too stressful for me to handle. I’m pleading and requesting for them to stop humiliating me and make a scandalous scene but nobody even heard me or they don’t want to cooperate. So the only way is to suffer. This life is too much for me to handle with all the stressful events I witnessed on internet and local media. Nobody even explain. People is evil! ☹️

  • Just started from ps4. I can’t stop playing it but it’s very buggy…weird reflexes from the gun while in water, often arrows vanish…shot, kill, but no arrow! sometimes, you shot at something but the bullet just stop mid-air, like hitting concrete…but in open space XD

  • I just made my first appointment! Thank you Kati for hosting such wonderful channel and helping me gain the confidence to take care of myself:D

  • Question about the book: Is there an ebook edition available? I tried to buy for my kindle and it was not available /: I live in Brazil.

  • Started playing the game just this past week following Skill Up’s review, and the amount of helpful tips in this guide blows my mind, the game has so much to it! Thanks my dude.

  • As a completely new player who started playing yesterday, i can honestly say this helped so much. Amazing work man. I’m probably coming back to this once in a while to get the tips i forgot in.

  • Is there a reason people cancel at the last minute? I do this often. I dread going out in public, talking to people more than the first few times, and will cancel plans and flake out on appts, friends, work, etc. I hate it when I do it, but I am such a flake! I’m just realizing how much I do this and it needs to change.:)

    *If anyone knows a good video for this, I would appreciate it. Don’t be mean!:P

  • My friend recommended your videos. I like this & it was entertaining even though i only learned a couple things like shooting the door bar from the other side unlocking it

  • Quick question, why is immediately burning a downed enemy looked down upon? Aren’t we like, trying to kill the enemy?
    Also side note, I’m still too scared to leave quick play for Bounty Hunt.

  • sir i have a problem in valorant matches i played more than 12 but its showing that i played only 9 (in career). Please help, it happen after update

  • So I’m plat 2 on r6s and my aim is pretty good. My friend is plat 3 on valorant and I don’t want to disappoint him but in valorant and I can’t aim for shit. I used a sensitivity calculator and got my r6 sens and still can’t aim even with practice:(

  • How do you turn off a lantern I just got this game today and was wondering for like scaring away birds for strategy I also won my worst game:)

  • Kati — what happens if you want to and/or decide to skip therapy appointments due to depression? What will my therapist do and/or say? I’ve been in therapy for a while, and these last few weeks/months have been extremely difficult for me. I’ve fallen into deep depression, anxiety, and am starting to struggling with my eating disorder more, and I’ve been in a huge funk lately. But I’m worried that if I skip therapy, my therapist will become concerned about me, and that’s the last thing that I would want.

  • Another one: If you’re really having trouble with Immolators, a choke bomb will kill them instantly. They can also be used to negate instaburns on team mates. Whether they are worth taking for those reasons or not, I will leave up to you.

  • I’d really like to hear a version of this video for people who are going to therapy through a healthcare plan. There are a lot of things you talked about that are sooooooo different for me. For example, I am not spending money, it’s covered by insurance. But I don’t get to choose the frequency of visits i get in when there’s an opening which is every 2-6 weeks. I do have a hard time going between sessions, but I don’t have a way to increase the sessions. This is just one example!

  • I like my therapist so much! She is such a sweet nice woman. I have been seeing her for nearly 4 years now. But still I can‘t really believe she likes me(that’s a believe of mine, that I am not likeable ). Hope I can change this.

  • 3:19 Theat is just not true
    Minecraft has its own uniqe pvp and aim from cs is nowhere near close to minecrafts if you are good at aiming in cs theat doesent mean theat u are good at the bow pls stfu i played minecraft pvp for 6 years now and i know theat it is tottaly diffrent pvp.

  • A lot of it guides are shit but I’ve been doing this for 3 days and its helped not sure how much since I’ve made some other big gameplay changes.

  • 10:34 I can barely hear the gunshots setting my volume to max (I don’t play even near that level), are my headsets kinda failing? I have the Hyperx Cloud Core

  • I know I need a new therapist because I’m not really getting anything done, but my problem is both my parents go to that same therapist. I don’t know how to talk with my parents about switching.

  • I have been using Daylio for over a year now. It helps me see which behaviors and activities correlate to my mood, which has allowed me to restructure my lifestyle to prioritize, make time for, and build in activities that bring me joy.

  • Its hard to play valorant when your ranks are higher since me and my friends average ping is 120( there is no val server in our area)

    We have good aim but the enemy team have faster reaction time also faster net making it hard to kill����

  • How is burning someone “toxic?” It’s a legitimate tactic to remove the competition. Now everyone getting salty and trying to go after that 1 person that did this method makes them toxic.

  • Who knows Keith alan from the fn channel he’s a really motivational coach to bad he only teaches fn because if he tought valorant that would really good

  • 8. Habitify: well-designed, simple, graphs, compatible w/ everything
    7. Habit hub: only android:(, nice design, goal feature, „skipped“ not failed markable
    6. Tictic: also to-do app so if you want a multipurpose app it‘s great,
    5. Bminder: doing your habits for money, really data-nerdy, connects to iftt and other apps, perfect for customization nerds hehe
    4. Today: iOs exclusive, aesthetically pleasing, many free features, you can set wallpapers:D, addable to apple Health app
    3. coach.me: capable, high five animations, community feature, faq‘s& tipps about apps, find coaches for accountability
    2. strides: ios exclusive, similar to habitify but more flexible, 30day challenges or yes/no habits, you can track an average over a period of time
    1. habitica: rpg with habit tracker, kinda like a game, geeky hehe, (too) much going on, motivating if you like gaming, party up with other people to attack a boss (lol), teamwork & accountability partners in the game, free features

  • I’ve just picked up Hunt yesterday, and my experience was fantastic, all thanks to this video. I have a lot of learning, and a lot of deaths ahead of me, but my first game of 2 kills solo is all thanks to these tips. Keep up the good work ♥

  • How do I make a action a habit like eye contact or not saying like or um or anything the is required to be done multiple time throughout the day

  • While yes i suck at aiming to me the bullets feel so random to me which throws me off is it just me? And ironically lots of the time i die i die because the enemy got a lucky headshot

  • I’ve only seen two therapists in my life, but immediately I knew the second one was right for me. I clicked with her, we had a natural syngery not just in the way she worked, etc, but we had chemistry. It’s very important you have chemistry with your therapist, otherwise it just won’t work.

  • Really great video! So much useful knowledge, awesome for a beginner like me.

    I think this video could have been heavily edited down however, as there were a lot of parts of the video that could’ve either been sped up or removed completely, it didn’t need to be 35 minutes long. E.g. 83 I know you’re trying to show an example, but it’s just 1 full minute of your gameplay.

    Also for no. 62 the tip is covering up the thing you’re showing, I had to check below the tip to see what you were talking about.

    Overall an awesome video, you’ve clearly put a lot of effort in!

  • I have good cross air movement I have good skill to read what’s going on in the game but the only thing I’m bad with is sometimes I’ll get 2 kill and another guy would kill me because I’m not used to valorent maps yet

  • 13:33 when you compared the passive boss state to the active one, you used the butcher first, then the assassin. Bruhhhhhhshsbsjjhvs

  • I’ve been in therapy for several years, and this was still helpful �� it made me realize i could ask my therapist to work with me in session to make weekly goal(s), because i’ve begun to struggle a lot with indecision, even with my hobbies and stuff. I’ve gotten advice to make goals myself, but I feel so lost on how to choose. I think practicing with my therapist could really help. Thanks, Kati!

  • The only problem I always have is that practice does not work for me. I dont improve in anything I do. I have spent so many hours on the Range and my aim is still bad. I guess some people just cant learn.

  • Psycho, how do you get a better ping (Internet Latency) living in South Africa? If you can answer that question with an answer with anything other than that of “you’re unlucky” or “move to a ‘better country'”, which constitutes as a viable and (South African-wise) feasible response, then I’ll become an instant Patreon supporter.

  • This is just what i needed, i have a 87% accuracy rate and all of those hit the leg or the chest parts. Really inconvenient when against an operator

  • Uhm sort of riding along with #4 is to set a proper schedule. Let’s just say some people don’t set proper schedules and either “let things slip” or turn the whole thing into a false effort.

  • Just coming across the very important lecture after more than 2 yrs of its release. Better late than never. I really appreciate it and want to thank all those who made it available for free particularly the CDC. This lecture has added a lot to my previous knowledge of Public Health and increased my desire to pursue a career in Global Health.

  • I just started therapy again, I was with the same therapist for 7 years because I was young and didn’t understand what to gain from those appointments. There was no homework or real gain from the conversation most of it was me venting because I was so young I really didn’t know how therapy was supposed to work. Eventually I vetted countless therapists until I found someone that genuinely cares and gives me “homework” during each visit. It’s been more constructive than any session I’ve had & this video just confirms for me that I’m on the right path. Thank you so much.

  • This is an amazing guide. Seriously. I’m must so used to 20 minute guides with ten tips, half of which are obvious. This was half an hour of quality tips about subtle mechanics with no filler. I’m…astonished. And subscribed.

  • E-Health market share is expected to reach USD 124 billion with a CAGR of 14.61% by 2024.

    Request a sample report @ https://www.envisioninteligence.com/industry-report/e-health-market/?utm_source=yt-anusha

  • @bertalan this is my favourite video so far. Really intriguing look forward to what we can expect in the coming year.

    Have you heard about the UK digital health strategy that is linked with the NHS Long term plan?

    AI is a common news story in UK with Babylon creating and marketing their AI platform with some positive and several negative outcomes. Regulation is key and something lacking, but a worldwide FDA like organisation would be invaluable.