4 Small Exercise Tweaks that cause Big Results


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Change it Up. You can follow a pattern of subtle changes to maximize the efficiency of various exercises. You’ll want to take your conventional exercise and alter either its angle or your grip.For example, for an ordinary bench press, you’d either flip to a wide-grip or a fat bar.For deadlifts, a sumo deadlift or trap-bar deadlift.For dumbbell overhead presses, an Arnold press for angle or. 4 Small Exercise Tweaks that Lead to Big Results. by Palwasha Malik on March 4, 2016 in Lifestyle, Health and News Articles.

No Comments on “4 Small Exercise Tweaks that Lead to Big Results” Leave a Comment. Create a free Account or Log In. Think of pulling the weight up through the mid-back, pausing at the top of the exercise briefly for increased tension on the muscle. Alternate Between Narrow And Wide Grip. Another small exercise tweak that can lead to superior results is adjusting your overall grip pattern on the bar.

5 Small Exercise Tweaks That’ll Get You Dramatically Better Results You also will not see the fitness results you want if you work out for an hour a day and then spend the rest of it. 6 Small Fitness Tweaks That Add Up to Big Results for Your Body These tiny moves can make a big difference to your success on the scale or in the gym. By Jennifer Cohen.

If your goal is to lose weight and exercise more, forget the deprivation diet and marathon workouts. Research shows that taking small steps—not giant leaps—is the best way to get lasting results. The great thing about body weight exercises is that they’re easy to tweak and adjust in so many ways to make them harder. In this case, removing a leg or arm from the exercise is a surefire way to. Forget about crash diets and killing yourself with exercise—these small steps can help you lose weight in a big way.

20 little changes for big weight loss results. is more likely to lead. But in reality small tweaks to your diet and lifestyle can make a huge difference. Try some of these painless little fixes and see how a few small changes can create a big result for you! 1. Replace sugar with stevia: This important step will help you avoid blood sugar crashes that lead to tiredness and cravings for unhealthy foods.

Small steps and big changes. All may not have the luxury of time to make huge changes to their lifestyle. Small changes go a big way to help your physical and mental health. • BREATHE RIGHT Remind yourself now and then to take some slow deep breaths and feel calmer instantly. • EAT RIGHT.

List of related literature:

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The intensity, volume (repetitions and sets), and frequency of endurance and strengthening exercises should be “titrated” to stimulate the desired adaptive changes without undesirable side effects such as symptom aggravation or poor adherence (Haskell 1994).

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For these positive adaptations to take place, resistance exercise can be performed at different intensities, at different frequencies per week, and at different volumes per session.

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For example, you can try a “5x5” routine while wearing a vest.

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Although aerobic exercise has been shown to be a reliable tool in the maintenance of weight loss,22,23 these studies suggest it may not be enough to elicit significant fat-loss effects.24–27 At the same time, new lines of research show potentially promising effects from more anaerobic modalities.

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Change does not occur to your body without a preceding stimulus, and exercise is a physical stress that can be applied to create many changes, including increasing muscle size, boosting definition, reducing body weight, improving aerobic efficiency, and enhancing coordination.

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  • Jeff thanks for the vid. You seem to mention in alot of videos that bands can replace machines or weights for home use. How would you generate progressive overload as the band can pull only for so much?

  • Appreciate that video my brother, Everytime I Squat I would wonder why I would go on my toes instead of heals and it would piss me off lol but now watching this video I will try what you said stay blessed my man

  • You are the best. I have followed you for some years now. The way you explain things and show how to fix real problems that I face is very helpful. Thank you

  • You’re my new fav channel. Deserve triple the amount of subs. Keep up the excellency. Gotta be one of the best fitness channels out there.

  • I feel quite foolish that ive been doing some of these incorrectly. With gyms closed, been trying whilst watching t.v. Instantly feel the difference. Great, thanks

  • 3:13 so I’ve never had knee problems in my life. I remember when this video first came out, I started doing my quad workouts exactly like this. 6 months later, I regret listening to what he said there, because of this exercise, I know experience knee pain. I’ll admit tho, the exercise was pretty effective, but it just wasn’t worth it. So what ever y’all do, please don’t let your knees pass your toes. Otherwise in a couple of months, you won’t be able to workout your legs for another year.

  • I wish you did more free weight exercises and not so much cables because there’s only one cable machine in my gym and it’s always taken.

  • The half rep thing isnot correct to a point. There is an area of rufly 20-30% where the muscle is under max tension and putting more emphasis on that area during a rep by making the rep shorted will help growth.

  • Hi iam not allowed to do squats exercise due to health issues with diverticulitis, can tell me wish other exercises could replace squat thanks ( iam allowed to do lunges)

  • Try lifting your heels with a 1 inch piece of wood during squats this takes the emphasis off the glutes too. It’s working for me at home during lockdown with a length of decking board.

  • That’s actually a very uncommon exercise called the archer row. You almost never see anyone at the gy,m doing it as it requires a dual pulley.plus most people don’t even know that exercise exists.

  • Hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know in the comments below what other muscle groups you’d like to see me cover. And don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/jeremyethier/ ) for more content! Cheers!

  • When I do my training at home I gain a lot coz I eat a lot of pap, rice and meat, I can even change my Jean size in 3 weeks I think I’m blessed to have such growth. But the problem is I gain a lot at my face ����

  • I love all of Jeff’s videos. But this one seems a little weird. Maybe ’cause it seems like too much effort for too little benefit. But who am I to say? Thank you anyway Jeff for all your hard work and all your tips! I owe my current body to you and your programs!

  • Hi actually I wanna have slim thighs and for stomach I already seen a video of yours but can you suggest me anything about how can I make my thighs slimmer?

  • Hi Marcus, first I have to say I really love your videos. You do such a fantastic job!
    Btw where are you from, where do you live?
    have a good day.

    Simon from Switzerland ��������

  • For raptor to reach 250t of thrust, you need 360 bars of chamber pressure. Personally, I think they should design the Superheavy so that it can hold both 31 and 37 engines. Way higher thrust is useful for bigger payloads and heavier tanker ships (with fairing volume replaced by more tanks, 900t increase)

  • On a somewhat tangential note, Elon Musk financed the thawing of Stanley Kubrick’s cryogenically frozen head so that it could direct FAKE SPACE X MISSIONS which are being broadcast from a soundstage in an undisclosed location (probably a cave). Fortunately, Stanley’s directorial style was of a cerebral nature and never relied much on the use of “body language.”

    Kubrick directed Apollo Missions 7 through 17 on a sound stage at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, UK, because by then he was averse to leaving England to travel anywhere, even to shoot on location and he particularly hated Hollywood because of all the the smog and hippies he had to deal with while doing the Gemini multi picture deal for NASA. He had even been mugged once by libtard hippies wearing Hillary Clinton masks.

    Apollo Missions 18 through 22 actually took place, but were kept secret from the public. These missions involved astronauts traveling to the moon to confirm that YES THE EARTH IS FLAT EXCEPT WHERE IT’S BUMPY WITH MOUNTAINS AND STUFF except for during the NFL season when it’s shaped like a football. While there, the astronauts had a series of meetings with Important Lunar Munchkins who live in craters in order to discuss the dangers of vaccinations and child molesters who congregate in the basements of pizza restaurants that don’t have basements.

    Also, Donald Trump is a STABLE GENIUS WHO KNOWS ALL THE BEST WORDS, understands military tactics better than the Generals, has a better command of foreign policy than FAKE DIPLOMACY career diplomats, is more knowledgeable about macro-economics than Nobel Prize-winning FAKE ECONOMICS economists, has a greater mastery of climate change than the FAKE SCIENCE scientific community, and now is a more reliable source regarding human health and epidemiology than FAKE MEDICINE medical experts. Oh yeah, I almost forgot… BUT HER EMAILS!! BENGHAZI!! /s /s /s

  • Didn’t realize that the Lockheed/BO/Northrop lunar lander is over 40 feet tall….that’s gonna require a long ladder….and better not slip…

  • Knowing it was Elon’s plan to be able to one day churn out rockets and rocket engines like airplane manufacturers and now seeing it slowly come to fruition, is amazing!

  • Dear Marcus with the info in this video even kim jon un can build a starship, why do you give info to us enemies? Why do you make a joke of all that hard work the people at spacex are doing?

  • They will have SN8 ready for presentation. Will look 100x better than SN1 and capable of flight. �� All in a year. Nice vid Mr House.

  • 330 bar isn’t that much. Simply bottles of compressed air used by scuba divers are typically pressured at around 300 bar. This has existed for decades.

  • hay
    Marcus loved the vido as alwyas a i was wondring if you chould use some of
    Stanley Creative’s animations in the chanole thaye are realy high qualty

  • Hey Jeff, I have a very wide torso. Is there a way for me to slim that out? I’m currently on a low carb diet and my abs are showing but it looks strange with the wide torso. What muscle group should I work on?

  • Commenting here because I love the channel and I want YouTube algorithms to be nice to our friend Marcus.
    Keep up the great work!
    Be nice, YouTube! ✌️

  • i normally like your vids but i think this is over complicating the workout and it also requires a very specific piece of equipment.

  • hey i follow ur channel and like ur videos bt pls can u tell wrkout schedule for ectomorphs to gain muscle i mean how many times should i being a ectomorph wrkout should i train 2muscles a day if yes how many variations should i do etc pls solve my problem

  • Kudos for the Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard about Chireetler Amazing Butt Rule (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for learning a simple solution to get an amazing looking body minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate finally got amazing success with it.

  • Is it useful to keep the scapula retracted while doing row exercises in order to isolate the lats and to keep them under better tension the whole movement? Or do you prefer to always let the shoulder blades go forward and retract them when holding the weight in your hands and then pull it to your body with the help of your lats? Although the last version offers you are greater range of motion, i’ve seen many people always keeping their shoulder blades retracted the whole time when they e.g. do a cable row with a close grip.

  • srry to say but I have tried almost all of ure techniques but I never feel my muscles. if I try another shit. I’m feeling all kindzz of muscles all kindzz

  • Hi, im 17 years old and i train 6-7 times per week (gym, sprints, jogging). I never eat unnecessary calories and I always try to eat healthy. But i am not loosing weight. I have friends in my age that can eat like 100 chocolate bars and drink 50 Coca Cola and still be lean. What i am doing wrong? Am i training to much our what can i do to loose wight? It feels like if I just eat one cheat meal (like BBQ) I go back to square, where i once started…..

  • Jeff what does it mean if you get like a small electric shock while lifting in the forearms? Happened first time to me, is it bad or am I just overtraining my foreams (not painfull)

  • Tried this little tweak yesterday and felt the movement right at the bottom of my lats. I can always activate my lats, but this took it to the next level. thanks

  • I never get sore in my lats from doing any kind of pull movement (haven´t tried this yet tho) but I discovered the solution by accident. I was doing some shoulder presses with dumbells. I did one arm at the time and the resting arm hanged at my side with an equal weight for balance. Try that, it´s amazing. Make sure your arms come down all the way and touch your body (negative training for your lats). I used the standard angle (hands in line with the ears).

  • question, how is this different from a classic dumbbell row?
    does the straight hand under tension makes the difference?
    because it seems the same movement.
    Just asking.

  • is my current food plan effective enough
    breakfast Porridge + 2 scrambled eggs
    lunch chicken with rice and veg or sometimes tuna with salad
    dinner chicken with vegetables and sometimes potatoes?

  • well shoot… i was wondering why my arms wouldnt go back further lol. I thought i just wasnt trying hard enough, or that I wasnt strong enough. its the way the body lines up. Thanks!

  • Hello
    I am not a beginner,but intermediate at working out.which program should buy for that all around increase in size with a 30 to 45 mins limits.

  • Who else here cuz they working on they upper body strength a lot and forgot leg day and u just looked at the mirror and were like damn I got sum chicken legs

  • Great advice! Was working on a lick and just couldnt get it right. So I found the part I stumbled on and just kept working on it slowly. I eventually got past it and can play that lick cleaner.

    Still it takes a lot of reinforcement. Then again playing an instrument is a life long commitment so I dont mind continuing to get better and better.

  • Jeff you rock man! I love your work. Almost all my diet and workout was made following your videos AND IT WORKED AWESOME! i’m lean, i’m big, i’m athletic… until a few months. lately I can’t make any gane. I’m getting leaner, I have nice abs ( and I love it), but I want to get bigger. could you help me please. I’d like to look like you and it ain’t easy jajaja.
    Thanks from argentina

  • Hey Jeff, would the same movement be done during a one arm dumbbell row or one of those seated single arm rows that is chest supported? Thanks for all the videos and advice! Really helps.

  • Hey love your videos. Im 60 kg 5″5.5 16 year old teen. I do 20 min. workouts everyday. I think its enough, or is it? what are your tips jeff?

  • Thanks man for the informative videos, could you possibly do another winged scapula vid? Like how to train chest and traps with a severe case of that. I know it begins with serratus anterior..

  • Thank you!!! As a fifty year old with Carpal tunnel, I was about to give up as my right hand would go numb after 15 minutes…I was plucking up! This changes everything, just have to stay focused on changing my ways!

  • I’ve had to drop back on my weights for squats due to my gym being closed and I don’t have a squat rack. I’ve been doing more reps per sets and going down deeper into the squat and I can truely say my legs have been shocked by the experience. I believe I’ve maintained my mass but I can definitely see more definition.

  • Anybody know any bicep exercise i can do with a fractured hand? (I have boxers fracture to be exact)
    I have been able to improvise for my chest and shoulders, but I can not find anything to do for my biceps

  • thank you so much for these tips. everything you said was clear and not complicated. my top is massive but my legs are puny. maybe these new rules will help thanks

  • You have to implement a variety of exercise for quadriceps because the muscles composed the quadriceps was different and each head activate differently during a specific movement. For more information check the study below https://www.researchgate.net/publication/339030201_Intra-_and_inter-muscular_differences_in_the_cross-sectional_area_of_the_quadriceps_muscles_assessed_by_extended_field-of-view_ultrasonography

  • how similar is this to one arm dumbell rows on an flat bench? as my gym has a really basic cable cross machine (can’t even select a height it’s just top or bottom)

  • Hey bub How do you feel about being more active keeping a caloric deficit not starving but finding that balance like you say where you’re more active same carnivore lifestyle but finishing that groove like you’re doing where you can still cut down I think eventually if you stick with the increase in activity you’ll plateau at some point might end up loses more inches not necessarily weight you might end up toning and putting on a little more muscle