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4 Ways to Quiet Your Mind during Yoga Put the Phone Down. It’s difficult. But trust us, it can be done!

Many of us have the urge to consistently check our Focus on Your Breath. Ahhh the breath. It’s always there for us. Guiding us, keeping us grounded. That’s why it’s a Focus On Your Body.

If. There are many ways to quiet your mind on-the-go—whether you’re out on a walk during your lunch break, driving to work in your car, or on the train headed home. Give these ideas a try: Practice some deep breathing: The purpose of this exercise is to slow down your breathing and increase your. But it is through yoga, that you will find a way to allow your physical and mental self to find rest. Yoga is like your toolbox for building stillness and a calm mind.

Each day, around 70,000 thoughts run through our mind. That is a LOT of thoughts! Have a think about what has occupied your thoughts in the last hour or two. One of the best ways to quiet your mind and prepare for a glorious sleep after a harried day? Shut off your smart phone and try one (or more) of these easy and relaxing yoga poses adapted from Harvard Medical School’s Health blog post, “Yoga for Better Sleep.” Note that you need not be a super-flexible yoga master to do these yoga poses.

So make the most of it. The more you set aside this space as your own space to be calm, the more your mind will learn to calm down in this space. As I said before – it sounds simple.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The mind is just like the body in that it needs to be trained to learn patterns and ways of responding to what you do with it. While there is no way the mind can be ‘turned off’ for some time, the holistic yoga package comprising yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), Sudarshan Kriya and meditation helps the mind come back to the present, and restores clarity and alertness. Relax with yoga postures.

While there is no way the mind can be ‘turned off’ for some time, the holistic yoga package comprising yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), Sudarshan Kriya and meditation helps the mind come back to the present, and restores clarity and alertness. Relax with yoga postures. Learning to quiet your mind during yoga or meditation takes practice, so allow yourself to be a beginner and do the best you can. Do’s and Don’ts of your First Yoga Class. Here are a few tips to help you navigate your first yoga class.

Remember: don’t be intimidated!Three ways yoga allows you to quiet the mind and become more grounded: 1. The physical practice or asanas, help us reconnect with our body. When our energy is collected and focused on our poses and alignment, the intensity of mental distractions begin to naturally lessen, helping to focus the mind. 2. Focus on the breath or pranayama.

4 Ways Yoga Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone Sha Hafez When your life becomes a series of repeated events, as you hold on to the same beliefs, habits, behaviors, and relationships, you create around yourself a circle — a boundary — where everything.

List of related literature:

16 His Holiness explained that practitioners of the Yoga of the Five Elements meditate successively on the natural sounds of water, earth, fire, wind, and space, allowing them to permeate their consciousness and guide them toward an experience of what he called the Subtle Mind of Clear Light.

“The Heart of the World: A Journey to Tibet's Lost Paradise” by Ian Baker, Dalai Lama
from The Heart of the World: A Journey to Tibet’s Lost Paradise
by Ian Baker, Dalai Lama
Penguin Publishing Group, 2006

Through the process of gently focusing your attention (known in yoga as Dharana) while innocently witnessing the thought forms that come and go in your mind (Dhyana), you enter into the gap between thoughts, glimpsing the domain of unbounded awareness (Samadhi).

“AARP The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit” by Deepak Chopra, M.D.
from AARP The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit
by Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Wiley, 2012

If you look at these techniques, you will notice Yoga Nidra includes ALL of these.

“Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep” by Kamini Desai
from Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep
by Kamini Desai
Lotus Press, 2017

Patanjali described yoga as having eight steps, or limbs: yama (good conduct); niyama (regularity, observances); asana (posture); pranayama (breath); pratyahara (inner withdrawal); dharana (mental focus); dhyana (continued attention); and samadhi (original condition, balance).

“The Heartfulness Way: Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation” by Kamlesh D. Patel, Joshua Pollock, Varun Soni, James R. Doty
from The Heartfulness Way: Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation
by Kamlesh D. Patel, Joshua Pollock, et. al.
New Harbinger Publications, 2018

7 Yoga encourages me to travet inward, inside my mind, body and sout at wbatever tevet I feet com_/ortabte.

“The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything: Advice on Absolutely Everything” by Melissa Kirsch
from The Girl’s Guide to Absolutely Everything: Advice on Absolutely Everything
by Melissa Kirsch
Workman Publishing Company, 2006

One of the blessings of yoga is learning how to tune in and bring awareness to the changing states of your body, breath, and mind.

“Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby: Ayurveda and Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth” by Margo Shapiro Bachman, Vasant Lad
from Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby: Ayurveda and Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth
by Margo Shapiro Bachman, Vasant Lad
Sounds True, 2013

Done with focus and presence, yoga is the perfect blend of mind, body, and soul or breath.

“The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life” by Sue Morter, Jill Bolte Taylor
from The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life
by Sue Morter, Jill Bolte Taylor
Atria Books, 2020

The premise of yoga is quite straightforward: By moving, breathing, and concentrating the mind in a particular way, we will bring our body, nervous system, and mind all into a unified state.

“Goop Clean Beauty” by The Editors of GOOP
from Goop Clean Beauty
by The Editors of GOOP
Grand Central Publishing, 2016

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra I.2 and I.3 say, “Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence.

“Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief” by Julie Lusk
from Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief
by Julie Lusk
New Harbinger Publications, 2015

In a restorative or gentle yoga class, the warm-up often starts with pranayama or meditation and then continues with gentle limbering movements such as seated sun breaths, seated side bends, and cat tilts and dog tilts on hands and knees.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • There is so much love here that it brings tears to my eyes. Today’s the day. Whoever needs to hear this…today’s the day you start living. Don’t give up. Look how visible you are right now to someone you’ve never met. Choose love. Choose life. I believe in you. ��

  • i didn’t know where to go so i just came here, it’s helping me a little bit though. i’ve been so depressed and without a sense of purpose:( and negative thoughts are taking over in my head. the past year has been rough for me. hopefully things will get better, i’m going to try to get better somehow. for now i just needed something, anything to calm me down and keep me from doing something stupid again. thank you, if anyone read this or relates, i hope you’re doing okay and i wish the best for you. you are loved. don’t be too hard on yourself and things are going to get better:)

  • “listen to the sound of your breath like the waves of the ocean crashing” love that analogy so much! makes it way easier for me to concentrate on my breath when I think of it in that way, thank you so much adriene

  • Thank you Juliana, for this relaxing yoga video. I am also practicing yoga from home during the covid19 pandemic. Sending vibes of wellness to you and the world.

  • Really enjoyed this one, thought it would be calming as it’s really hot today and then came the plank!! (Secretly enjoyed the plank!! ) thanks ����

  • In the last 2 months of revisiting yoga with you, my vrikshasana has grown so much taller and balanced. The growth is slow, but it is real and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. #Inquire2020

  • This session is so good. My only regret is that i wish this video have about 10 extra minutes with sound of waves and instrument which would allow me to meditate at the end of the total relaxation.

  • to be hoenst I watch these a lot and do yoga daily, but I have never LOVED a yoga tutorial enough to do it twice.. but i really think i’ll use this one a few times a week!!! i feel soooooooo relaxed. especially because i was crying for an hour today, i feel soo much better. Thank you soo so so much��������

  • Today was the first day I finally flew in crow pose. I realized that mindfulness plays a big role in every yoga pose. I am so happy and feeling very refreshed after this practice. Thanks Adriene:)

  • Just want to let you know that your music is amazing..you are doing a great job providing these videos to help people relax..and to anyone reading this post..remember YOU CAN HANDLE EVERYTHING. Keep holding it up! Cheers!:)

  • Have an exam in 15 minutes! Was very anxious, tried this and let me tell you it effin works! I was skeptical at first but the longer you press each finger, the calmer you become!

  • I love this sound, it touches my inner soul and recall the childhood memory with my late mommy, my pray almighty god bless my mother. Rest in Peace

  • so im getting harassed online and i could feel my heart almost beating out of my chest, this worked but not really, it only helped me sleep and sleep made me feel better

  • A member of my team tried this Japanese technique but it did not yield results. I would say my favourite way to reduce stress and anxiety is to listen to music and meditate. It works every single time!

  • I was stressing out about school because I go back tomorrow and this was the perfect practice to refresh my mind and calm down. The last part of the video was extremely awesome for me when I whispered to myself, “I got this” and suddenly I was no longer worried. Thank you Adrienne as always, Namaste ����❤️

  • Thank you, this actually gave me total mental focus. I need it, there’s a meeting at work tuesday that will decide if I have to hand in my resignation. Now I feel like will be able to argue my case with perfect clariy!

  • Music is not going to heal you…music will support your healing process because EACH OF US has the power to self-heal. Enjoy this beautiful music, relax your mind, and let go of all the thoughts and emotions that create conflict on us inside. Then we will more free..more light and the real healing will start to happen.
    Love you all!
    Peace and Power

  • my ex lover had been cheating on me and I only knew it recently.
    we (or appearantly only I) had had joy and suddenly the love was taken back. only a short while of the happiness
    was told that not used to be as together.
    but found out someone has taken my place.
    I told myself it isn’t worth, but I just can’t help myself thinking about this relationship and missing it.
    came around and peace my mind
    Hope no one gets hurt like me.
    Happiness and gratitude are all around.

  • Thanks so much for this masterpiece! I really need to meditate lately because im attracting negative vibes.I liaten to this using my high end headphone and I feel like flying��

  • With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.

  • Your voice is sooo soothing and calming at the same time ��… Thanks for being my yoga companion every morning..
    Love from India❤️

  • Appreciate video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Tanichael Nonpareil Transcendence (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for unlock the real Ho’oponopono techniques to lead your best life minus the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy at last got amazing results with it.

  • I bought GTA San and my mom knows that I bought gta and like she have to pay the arrears and I feels pathetic about her. I’m so stressed and Anxious I just need something to make me relax
    (Sorry I have bad English)

  • Hey you. Yes you random person that i will never meet.I truly hope that you will find happiness  in life. Today is going to be a great day

  • I really respect him. But he never actually tells how to do things. He tell the benefits or what the thing is itself but never how to do that, which the title says.

  • I was just going to pick something from your channel but then I saw this and I was like YES THIS IS SOMETHING NEW AND COOL, LET’S GO! I like doing your previous ones but I also love it when every sunday there’s a fresh new one waiting. c: And I’m still going strong with my 365 days of yoga that I started on January first. It never feels like a task but like a prize. c: Love it.

  • This helps me when my anxiety is high… I listen in the bath as someone suggested and it’s so relaxing! Be Kind with a Clear Mind! Pray for one another!

  • This is not something you can get, you are already. You just need to realize this. Think about thinking, who is it that observes thought? This is all free. Think completely logically and you will know.

  • This is so inspiring and emotional video. One of my friend had been disabled for the past 10 years of his life and when he saw this video, immediately he started walking. Thank you so much for your courage and your fighting spirit. I hope others can replicate this act of bravery.��

  • i felt really sick before and low, this really did help bring me back to the present and to accept how i feel presently and just listen to my body. it needed a break❤️thank you

  • Just want to let you know that your music is very soothing..you are doing a great job helping people relax..and to anyone reading this post..don’t worry and stay happy! NOTHING IS PERMANENT, not even this phase. Cheers!:)

  • No way! when i was young, i i just know! my brain doesnt need “distance”…but he did say being in surrounding does…i think im confused…

  • Who is listening this.. Good thinks are coming to you!Your All dreams coming true soon ��. You deserve all the best and these things come with spiritual awakening. If we are here and listening to this it means that the awakening has begun.To the person who created this video and put it here..Thank you.��❤️God bless you All.Love you ❤️

  • I like this a lot. The only instruction I’ve had before is “focus on your breath” and my mind soon wanders but with this, I have specific aspects connected with my breath to concentrate on. It’s good stuff ��

  • What a great practice for me today in the middle of a busy working week and about to move house with added building work thrown in. Feel much calmer and ready to focus on work rather than getting anxious about everything that could go wrong! Namaste Adriene and fellow yogis everywhere xx

  • Thank you Adriene, I have been playing your videos to my year 6 class and they’re really enjoying it! Thank you for the calming yummy vibes!

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    Thanks in advanced.

  • My crow soared for 3 seconds today! This is the first time I’ve done a full crow in 4 years. I’ve gained a lot of weight since then so the fact that I can do it now means I am so much stronger!

  • nice, great stretching and relaxing but with just a wee bit of challenge. Perfect ending after doing one of your 20 min blast pilates videos!

  • Thanks Adrienne could feel my body wanting to stop but i powered through and feeling great ���� this is the time when i need it the most when im resisting x

  • Found this video today, august 2020 and can‘t believe that I missed out on it. My new favourite! Soooo good, thank you, thank you, thank you������

  • Amazing session! I’m on day 4 of the perfect days of sweat haha It’s quarantine on France here and I’m gonna kill this challenge and finish it the day before we can go out again!!! My best healthy thoughts to the one who’s reading me 😉 And thank you Boho Beautiful couple for that awesome content:)

  • Dearest Adriene,
    I found you at the beginning of my journey managing my anxiety and depression.
    Today it’s been 5 months into that and I needed some calm because I felt the anxiety and panic creeping in.
    I felt it right after the gate pose.. and it was so relieving I smiled to myself and felt so emotional because my Negative thoughts began to clear and were replaced with more productive ones.
    Then something beautiful happened: after saying namaste, I fluttered my eyelids open and could hear the rain outside, like it’s washing away all the bad energy.

    Thank you Adriene, for allowing us to move with you

  • Haha Adriene you bring so much joy to my heart I was splitting my side with laughter when you said at 7:28 “you didn’t expect that did ya?” LMFAO:-) keep shining sister and as always thank you for your kindness.

  • Hey Adriene, Thank you for your videos, at this time of lockdown they are a real hope to stay present in life and stay grounded. I couldn’t find the video’s for third-eye chakra or yoga for crown chakra… is it possible to share the link? It will be very helpful

  • I love the flow of your yoga classes but they seem a little bit too short. Doing a combination of two videos is better to get the most of your sessions.

  • I started my exercise today with anxiety I just acknowledge that indeed sometimes I have the feeling of anxiety but never really knew and acknowledge that maybe I had it,so I turned to one of Adriene’s meditation and even before this video ends and the crow pose waved back at me from Home30Days Yoga I feel lightness

  • I would never think I would be able to sit through 26 minutes of yoga but I am amazed at how quickly it goes! The focus is there alright!

  • Was feeling a bit bummed about an error I had made at work and being called out on it. I admit, I made a mistake. And this practice was on my calendar for today…somehow the words, and the flow were perfect for what I was feeling and to make myself feel so much better. Mistakes happen right? I accept it, and I let it go and I move forward. I’ve got this. Just like you said, I have got this. Thank you for such a beautiful practice that changed my mindset this morning. Stay blessed, always!

  • Dear themax316, it costs indomitable will and continuous consistent efforts to find your true nature.. With these, it is hardly even a matter of 3-4 days..

  • Great vedio like always:) but I think OM chanting is also an important part of calming down and mental focus which in general I don’t see in many vedios:)

  • Does anyone else find it so incredibly satisfying to watch her move so gracefully from one yoga position to another. This video really helped calm me down and I felt an incredible stretch during and after the video. Thank you! Subscribed

  • Thank you Adriene for your generosity in sharing these wonderful classes with us. I had a long day, and this class was just what I needed to calm down and go back to my center. Thank you. Obrigada. Namaste <3

  • I find it so hard to want to be present with my emotions and to relax enough to feel what I’m feeling. At the end of the practice, I cried because I had a moment of presentness and awareness that I’ve been missing for a while. Thanks for doing what you do, Adriene.

  • Thank you for this awesome practice! I love how it’s nice and slow, so I could really feel it out and come into a peaceful state. Namaste! <3

  • can you make one with the egyptian bone flute? that thing activates my nervous system like no tommorow! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6YKlSLBIWw

  • Thank you very much for this practise, I am about to pass my graduation exam and I was really stressed, this video actually helped to calm me down and believe in myself. So once again thank you. Greetings from Czechia.

  • hey Adrienne, I have been watching your several vdo, you changed my prescription about yoga is too hard to do. now your video’s are my part of day.

  • At 4:54 he says one word, referring to a tool wich is given to us, but i dont understand the word, it sounds like “kolshunia” or Cholshoonyia”, can somebody please explain please?
    It would help me very much, thank you!

  • Hi Adriene! I’ve been doing yoga with you every day for a year and a half now. In my toe stand today my cat decided it was a good time to jump into my lap and ask for pets. He stayed there until we sat down to end practice, then he jumped right back into my lap again. At home yoga is the best ��

  • For anyone wanting to try practicing with music.. I had this practice open on one tab then had this music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHpJQJ4gPOg&t=2252s playing on another on a little lower volume and they went together so well… like avocado and lime haha
    It’s only on occasion that I practice with music but yesterday I needed a little extra support <3 Love to everyone

  • Adriene: ‘I’m dressed like a ninja today.’
    Me: ‘Me tooooo!!’
    Husband, from next room: ‘I can hear you you know! She’s not your friend!’
    Me: ‘Yes she is, she’s my BEST friend!’ ��

  • ok sadhguru ji yes we all have identified ourselves with body. and this material world is full of bodily designations, how is it possible in this contemporary society where almost everyone have identified themselves with their body which they are not but a pure consciousness can detach from it,how one should try to detach from it when people are so much enamored by almost all the things around them, overall my question is how one can try not to identify themselves with their body??, or is it possible only after certain age when all the senses became weak and the person keeps waiting for his death to occur..

  • Nope! 12:29 unreal for me �� too much fat in the way… So hard to stay calm as I really feel my lovehandles and side butt. But anyways, still better than nothing right? ♥️

  • Savannah-very nice, thank you. Two wonderful images in particular: thoughts as clouds and exhales as wind; and the breath as waves washing in and out. They are staying with me. If you have time, please do more.:>)

  • Last days were tough, I smoked a pot and went through your calming practice. Giggled at Wu tang fingers and you’re right, I didn’t see the plank coming at all�� I just discovered the new level of Yoga with Adriene��

  • I’m going through a tough time in life. I think God is trying my feelings bc sometimes I just feel SAD and even when I meditate I feel hopeless. I think I am severely hurt. I want to get meds that help me get better just like when I drink. But I dont know if I should. Anyways I always enjoy meditation it is somewhat like medication. Without the side effects that medicine gives. But sometimes I’m just SAD anyways. It’s written just right. Noive me mistakes there.can anyone give me advice? Ty. Btw I dont drink but have. Drank a little here and there. But I dont recommend it. Anyways I do take meds but it dont help.

  • Hi Savannah, I have needed to return to my YOGATX teachers…you, Jacq, and Cole. I practice regularly with Cole. Thank you for your Yoga Medicine. ����️��‍♀️❤️

  • Thank you. In this trying time with the virus. This has helped me regroup. I’m into yoga. But I tend to overthink and look at my past too. This helped me redefine and regroup. Bravo.

  • Beautiful… I also enjoy meditation. ��
    For meditation I’ve appreciated watching a lot of Sri Avinash myself lately. #SriAvinashMeditation
    I have found his Satsangs very comforting and helpful to my life. ��

  • I started watching Yoga with Adriene when lockdown began in March because my therapist suggested that yoga would be a great way for me to meditate for my anxiety while still getting a great workout. Since then, I have been watching Adriene’s videos and doing yoga every day and I love it! My quality of life has really improved, from my anxiety levels to my physical weight loss. Adriene has really changed my life and I am so thankful for her, her skills, and her passion for sharing yoga with others. Thanks Adriene!

  • This is a great instructional video. Savannah, can I suggest that you do another, longer version of this with an appropriate pause between instructions.For example I formed my intention but found it hard to hold with your instructions.

  • there are no special techniques or body positions needed for an effective mediation. do your meditation first thing in the morning, when you wake up. get out of bed before every one else, sit in a comfy chair and just focus solely on your breathing. your mind will drift to thoughts, that’s ok, just re-focus back on your breathing. after doing this daily for about 7 days, you will start to really get into a quieted state. its all about consistency.

  • How right you are! I was tired getting on the mat today because it was later than usual. I did it til the end and this is what I am grateful about. Thank you. Namaste

  • Very nice video! I am completing a 24 hour fast and felt like giving up and had a bad migraine. Feeling better now and think I will complete the fast now:)

  • Thank you again Adriene for helping me find some calmness and peace and happiness and relaxation and new focus and I could go on and on…..

  • Freakishly intuitive practice. I find myself here on my mat in 2020 and thinking I’m squeezing in a counter poses after each pose only to have Adriene cue that very pose next. Beautiful experience! �� Evidently, just what my body needed!

  • Sadhguru is a great man. His talks helped me stop drinking and no longer crave any substance to calm myself artificially. I have very control if my thoughts and mind than I ever have and happiness and calm I haven’t had since I was a child.

  • Wow a very good beginner video & how to instruct others. I think I will send a few here to watch this video thank you!! Now what if you can no longer sit on the floor Indian style, can’t cross your legs or their hips pop out of joint which causes them excruciating back pain? Thank you Namaste

  • Life is hard,stress,stress from even positivity or belief frustration,but when religion comes religious trauma syndrome worsens everything,especially u think that prayer by someone will clean smoothly but on contrary it creates negativity and provokes opposition…

  • The human mind is not a physical object. It is only a word that must be interpreted. How do. you think Sadhguru interprets it? How do you interpret it?

  • Beautiful serenity and peace and HOPE I feel when listening to this healing music. My German Shepherd puppy and my cat are sleeping peacefully beside me while this music plays from my Mac Book. Thank you for sharing this music to help ease distress across this planet.:)

  • sadhuguru m facing with an uneasyness.. as i m on the process of changing my days now m in complete ease and peace but when i wake up from sleep i sometimes ask myself who m i and what is to live without having no problems!!!!!!! even i find myself an unfamiliar creature to my mind.

  • Gurudev my mind is awesome it analyse wat I do I try to stop myself but it always find excuses even I feel like a slave I m stopping myself but I do wat it says even in my last comment on another video I said that I Will try to meet u n exactly it has found an excuse to meet u by telling my real problem which I couldn’t say to anyone but telling u my problem..
    This seems I am in grave problem but still fighting to get away with it..
    My mind is really awesome but can’t control it
    My body n physical approaches has become slave
    Plz help
    Gurudev plz

  • I don’t know what happened at the end but i literally started crying I don’t know but the feeling that overwhelmed me was so calm and sort of out of body that was crazy. Thank you for making and uploading this Adrienne!

  • Not true. But never happens for most of the people, I guess… in this life, that is. I mean you cannot silence it by force correct. Mind is never silent incorrect. (If you mean by “mind” the internal talk and imagery, emotions and identification to any of those.)

  • I feel compelled to say thank you Adriene. One of the few blessings of this horrible virus was being able to connect to myself, to my body & find my strength. Ive been entirely immersed in every video of yours that I clicked. So grateful to be a new subscriber. Thank you again and again.

  • He discloses that when one is identified with everything he is not such as the body, the clothes he wears, his family, education, etc., a quiet mind becomes an impossibility.

  • Sadhguru says we *are* body, mind, and emotions. With the shortest of distance achieved by inner engineering, I/we can leave all that destructive identification behind. I have indeed found this to be quite true…

    But what (or who) in me is witnessing, and is hence separate from, all this?

  • No effort needed, actually quite the opposite, maintaining this state is another story.. it’s up to you, this is a way of life not something you do

  • Download this music on iTunes:
    Album: Essence of Spirit, Track no. 09 Inner Peace Relaxation

  • I have a big Zoom presentation in an hour so this is just what I needed. What I didn’t need was my dog deciding to wander underneath my downward dog and lay down for a snoozle ��

  • I like what he says but he is being too vague to the answer to all the problems…will this cost me money to attain…how much does enlightenment cost please?

  • “Just employ the divide things will happen” I like what Sadhguru says… I am a muslim. because every where i land there is a mosque and some meditative few always there.

  • this is so peaceful, you’ll feel so better within yourself and life �� remember you are beautiful and amazing, don’t doubt yourself and life is going to work out for you, God have a plan for you ������

  • Take is disengage from mind so that whether it chatters or silences it is never Your problem… distance yourself from body mind stuff

  • I stepped on a poor little bee yesterday, under my thumb toe joint. Woke up to a very itchy toe!! This really took my mind off of it, and the toe pose at the end stretched it out, so it feels better. Now I better move on with my day so I don’t keep thinking about it!!

  • Adriene, in today’s love letter you asked us to check the number of views before and after the practice. This way we could see how many others around the world practiced with us. I chose a different practice than the one you featured, but still did that exercise. The difference was 49. So there were 49 of us yogaing together today, to the Movement Medicine practice. How powerful is that? Love it. <3

  • I really struggle with all the low squats (I can do chair pose with no problems). Is it just because I’m tight? I feel like I lost all the focus I gained because it was so much of a struggle

  • This is a form of distraction. Works on many but on long term Complex PTSD it doesn’t seem to have a great deal of effect. It is interesting to see so many differing techniques out there-many helpful at times. Thanks for sharing.

  • While doing this practice today, for the first time ever I managed a “proper” (foot on my thigh) tree pose on my right leg, and I balanced for a solid second in crow pose! Thank you Adriene for the continuous stream of videos, this has helped me become more confident, flexible and calm. ��

  • I always seem to find the videos I need and they are all yours. Thank you. This week has been overwhelming and tonight I felt so low. After doing this I feel so much better

  • Day 4 of working entirely from home for me in self isolation. This is helping me get into the zone and feel so grateful for what I have. Thank you:)

  • Hi, Adriene. I did yoga yesterday too but without watching videos. Tonight I watched one. Did not do too much today apart from sleeping because I had only one hour sleep last night. However, I walked my doggy for one and half hour. Many thanks as usual.

  • I am surprised that that worked! Three days ago I knocked on my friends door and he had a shoe on his head and I did not laugh at all because I was under so much pressure that day. But after I did this he did it agian and I was laughing so hard because there was not so much going on in my mind! Thanks Bright Side

  • Too much going on in my life today. Adriene just has that power, her guidance, that helps me rein it all in. Loved this practice!

  • Everyday I do one of your videos and follow whichever with the neck/shoulder/upper back one. Today was my first time doing this one and I had to meditate for a bit after it because as soon as it was done I had tears in my eyes and felt the biggest release (don’t even know of what). You’re a gift to this world ❤️

  • Today I decided to make my Yoga home practice with my AirPods on, and at the end I could hear the beating of the Adriene’s heart and it was so unexpected but beautiful at the same time ����✨ what a good way to star the day

  • Awww, on a very bad black dog day, where just “being” is tough, this brought me to tears. It felt so nice to have someone speaking with such kindness and gentleness. Thank you so much

  • I had the most hectic quarter of school this spring, despite (or possibly because of?) all of my classes being online… I lost yoga for just about the whole time and I feel so so good to be back, hopefully for the rest of the summer and into next school year:)

  • Very well done, a good beginner video. It’s rare to see people that young to “get” meditation. Took me until 30 before i realised its value.

  • I dropped my iPad behind the bed when I was doing this practice, so I decided to do the rest of it without the screen, just by listening. It was kinda funny so I thought I’d share.

  • One of the many things that Yoga did to me, is actually free me from many unnecessarily expectaions, committments, and even thoughts. Thanks Ady:)

  • So wonderful, this meditation was so clear and easy to follow. it was pretty easy to blow away my rising thought clouds. thank you so much. I so appreciate your wisdom.

  • I’ve been feeling really serious and stressed out recently and it was indeed my first lion’s breath i did today, and it felt so good that i cracked the widest most genuine smile i have in a long time i feel like. thank you adriene, you really make my days lighter. it feels like you’re my friend. thank you.

  • Ok this was an amazing practice! I just did this after an exhausting workout, feeling tired and grumpy and this totally changed my attitude and energy. I have been doing your practices for two months now and you never dissapoint. You are awasome <3 Namaste!

  • Thank you for calming me down Adriene, I have felt a drowning feeling as i’ve experienced a dip in my mood this weekend. I have felt as though I was losing progress on my journey but this simple practice has helped me ground myself and find more inner strength to press on and remember that I am a work in progress!

    Thank you!

  • Why is yoga so addicting? I’ve only been doing it for four and a half weeks, and I’m already taking up a lot of the living room for an hour and a half every day just to do yoga. Also, it’s almost unbelievable how much it helps me control myself and focus on tasks.
    I am officially in love with yoga.
    (I actually only started doing these videos because of “the cute puppy”. Thank you, Benji!)

  • My mind wandered alot today including during this practice but this gave me time and reminders to return to my body. For that I am grateful.

  • I started your videos recently and I am loving them. However I have noticed my knees are hurting and it’s only getting worse. Sometimes just being on them for the standard stuff becomes so bad I can’t move them to get to a less painful spot. Does this mean yoga doesn’t love me?

  • It’s really, really hard to manage my depression in coronavirus world. When I don’t know what else to do, I come to YWA. Thank you, Adriene, and everyone for being here. It means everything.

  • This is a great video. I can do yoga for three hours. I’m not really flexible but I’m getting better. I do my own routine. But I’m thinking of doing this kind bc I want to better myself. Namaste.

  • Amazing practice that gently stretches heart and hips and leaves you feeling awesome in mind and body! So pleased I can now finally do full tree pose and still do a yogi squat not bad for a 6 year old yogi, who is 66! Thank you Adriene xx Namaste ����

  • I needed a chill practice before bed and this was perfect. A bit of movement to appease and calm the body, breathing and rest to calm the mind. I feel a lot better than when I started. Thank you.

  • This practice today was so therapeutic for me. Sometimes when my anxiety gets bad again and things boil to the surface I sort of forget about my daily yoga routine, and this just brought me right back. I love your stuff Adriene, you’ve definitely changed yoga for me and show me to always come back to the breath… “if you’re not breathing you’re not living” right?

  • I seen you on the Today show in jan.2020. I could never do yoga. I took classes an ended up quiting. An hour long an to many moves. But I love your classes. It’s May 12 an Iam still with you. Thank you. You’ve made yoga workable for me at 77. I can’t always keep up but hey Iam still here. Love bengi.

  • I think i was in love with you and your namastee………really it is a very longlasting awesome feeling…..yoga and yoga with adriene is best������

  • The Try Guys recent exercise in quarantine video that featured one of your workouts brought me here and I am so glad it did. First online yoga routine that I was able to follow and not want to give up on halfway through! I have chronic pain conditions and this was actually easy enough on my body I don’t feel hit by a truck afterwards but also pushed me enough that I feel like I am still getting it done. Thank you!!