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Modification #4: Bent Knee Push-Up Once you have mastered three sets of 10-12 repetitions of the bent knee push-up, feel free to add in a few reps of full push-ups (on your toes). You can try as many full push-ups as you can do with great form, and then drop down to your knees to complete the set. Exhale as you push up from the ground to your starting position. In the challenge, you work your way up over the course of 2 months until you can complete 100 pushups at one time. Option 2: Negative Push-Ups.

A “negative” push-up starts at the top, and slowly lowers down. But instead of then pushing yourself back up, you can do an entire set of negatives—lower. Variable Arm-Width Pushup 1. Lower yourself to the floor, pause for a moment then press your body completely off the ground until your arms are at 2. Move your hands out so that they are shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself to the floor, pause.

How to Do a Push Up Method 1 of 4: Learning Push Up Basics. Assume a face-down prone position on the floor. Keep your feet together.

Your Method 2 of 4: Doing a Standard Push Up. Get down on the ground. Lay with your toes on the ground holding yourself up Method 3 of 4: Trying Advanced Push.

Try the following exercise and you’ll understand (you can also check it out in the video below): From a standing position, bring one arm in front of you (keep elbow straight) and place the fingertips of your opposite Now start pushing with your arm against a wall and towards your body (i.e., push. Doing a push-up correctly is a great goal, a feat of strength, and something you often have to work up to! If you aren’t strong enough yet to do a push-up, have no fear, these push-up modifications will help you build up the strength needed to rock a solid push-up!

Let’s start out with the easiest push-up modifications and work up to a full push-up with proper form. Once you reach parallel, push up through your palms, extending your elbows and returning to the initial position in step 2. Repeat for as many reps as possible, for 3 sets. 3. Applies a higher percentage of body weight to a single arm, while the opposite arm assists (a good way to build up to a one-arm push-up). How to Do It Assume a push-up.

The push-up is one of the clearest ways to see the principles of progressive calisthenics in action. Though sometimes unnoticeable to the untrained eye, these little changes can have a major impact on the difficulty of the exercise. Here are five of my favorite ways to modify the push-up using the principles of progressive calisthenics.

List of related literature:

One-arm Triceps Push-up-Body Resistance, Gravity Movement—Lie on side, place lower arm around waist and top arm in front at a 90° angle to shoulders with hand flat on floor, fingers pointing toward head.

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Push-Ups A classic push-up—lie flat, face down on the floor, with your stomach to the ground; bring your hands up to your shoulders and raise your toes, so the bottom of your toes touch the ground.

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Continue adding one push at a time, and multiplying the amount of Push Ups by four for the amount of hand raises you do in the air after each set.

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(2) As you bend your elbows and lower yourself between the bars, try to stay as upright as possible—the more you lean back, the more you work the triceps; the more you bend forward, the more you work the pectorals.

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To count as a complete Push-Up, the upper arm must reach parallel to the floor or below in the down position, the arms must be completely extended in the up position, and straight body alignment must be

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PUSH-UPS: 5 reps, rest for 30 seconds, then repeat Start on hands and knees, your body a straight line from your shoulders to your knees, with your ankles crossed.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
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Piked handstand push-up with a press-up (see Fig. 38-16) • Place feet up on a spotting block to position the body in a piked handstand position • Perform a push-up with hands shoulder-width apart.

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One push-up with reaches to both sides counts as 1 repetition.

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You can overload the push—up in several ways.

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Lie in a push-up position with your forearms on the ground, keeping your body in a straight line, your elbows directly below your shoulders, and your abdominals pulled in (top, right).

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
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  • i have a push-up fitness test in two days!!! wish me fat luck! my highest score was 15… i want to get 40… think i can do it? if not, i’ll retake the test… i HAVE to win that trophy.

  • I not trying to knock you pal, these videos are informative…but there is nothing more boring than GOING to look up workouts and the video is just showing you numbers and graphs…. Just say what you have taken from all this info, and layout a workout!! My god, watching numbers for 7 minutes is a nightmare…

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  • 4 reps is not bad but anyone who has been doing them for some time can do far more, this will NOT “make you as strong as a gymnast”, gymnasts train bodyweight movements 4 hours a day for years, doing 2 sets of an exercise 5x cannot equal thousands of hours of disciplined training

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  • After a week of doing this, I went from not being able to get back up, to getting my first one-arm pushup. I think I’m gonna go to Greg from now on.

  • If you don’t have a ball can you just use something more stationary? Or do you have to use something that can potentially roll away (I guess that makes it harder)?

  • I did with the help of chair it’s my first day and I did 70 in two sets it’s because I do some cardio exercises more often so may be that’s why I am easy doing even 100 a day ( with chair). And yes it makes you sweat a lot and I think I ‘ll be able to do a full pushup in next 7 days.

    Thanks for such a useful video ❤

  • Thanks so much for this video. I struggle with doing push-ups and since working out I have been trying to find a modified way to do them until I am strong enough to do full push-ups. This helped a ton!!! Thanks.

  • Any advice for not using too much of the front deltoid? I’ve been having this problem my chest will fatigue a little and my other muscles want to take over I cant seem to keep the tension on the chest

  • Just started doing one arm push-ups. 10reps on each side. Have to do some corrections on my posture and make it more strict. Thanks for the valuable lessons Greg. Keep going.

  • What about progression towards a real (not the often seen wobbly twisted version of the) one-arm pushup? A progression toward slow, proper one-arm pushup progression renders chest weight training for all of us beginner-intermediate practitioners redundant, sort of.

  • I do athletics as a sport and are all your videos completely safe/ useful for athletes? I’m 14 and I don’t know about different exercises/ weight training on or off season, please can someone help me, thanks for the great videos Tapps ��

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  • If you have bad rounded posture but want to do pushups, what would be a good exercise that can be done at home to work the opposing muscles on the back and prevent further rounding? Thanks!

  • This actually helped me with some issues. I always sank into my shoulders and fixed it. It made my pushups jump instantly and got me a better score on my army physical fitness test

  • I like the last type of exercise! What I wanted to know was actually how to breathe during the exercise, since it looks like I can only do them opposed how others are used: I breathe in as I descend and out as I ascend; sometimes holding my breath so I could continue.

  • This is crazy! I just learnt the one arm pushup today. The core requirements are INSANE.
    Following your Bodyweight Mastery Program, I’m coming for those muscle ups next!

  • I really like how Jeremy’s videos aren’t hyper-macho like other fitness vids. Also great incorporation of science and really demonstrated well.

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  • These are great recommendations. Specially, the one about the alignment of the elbow with the wrist. Thank you very much for that one! What about the head, though?

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    Oh, Peanutwhat a comic!!!


  • Narrow is difficult. I can do max 15 reps wide push up but max 10 reps narrow. So as long as i do max reps, wide is still will help me better to building muscle.

  • Wide push ups or commando push ups as many people know them are the best for chest and back if you go and read about calisthenics or anything else you will see that this exercise is perfect and not wrong as you say

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  • Lol I love Peanut! Thank you for sharing this. I recently have been thinking about working on my upper body strength. So this was right on time and very informative. Thank you!

  • Thanks for explaining these things! It amazes me that millions of trainers, teachers, coaches never explain these things. I could’ve avoided numerous injuries if they’ve just stated the obvious step by step like you guys always do.

  • I’m in Ghana Accra city I work out alot. Just 19 years and mostly push ups are my exercise. I would love to do more but I dont have the required materials and Weights������

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  • If I could do this with my mind, just imagining doing push ups and it actually works my body wouldn’t be tired all the time, I’ll try your four step push ups I hope it works, btw I LOVE peanut, she’s a cute one ♡♡

  • I don’t know why there are so many comments that begin with “Greg the type of guy…” trying hard to make fun of him. But Greg’s teaching is practical. I have tried to do the variations of one arm push ups suggested by him and they work. Besides, his excellent physique is proof of his discipline, dedication, and hard work.

  • I need a coach/ personal trainer who can get me where i need to be. Because using an ab wheel and trying to do push ups like you do only cause me to fall.

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