4 Low-Impact Exercises That Deliver Big Results


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Low impact, high intensity cardio workout (for seniors and ALL starters)

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Overweight Beginner Low Impact Home Workout (Burn 300Cals under 20mins) | Joanna Soh

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4 Low-Impact Exercises That Deliver Big Results. by Jessica Thiefels. January 3, 2017. 8 Comments. Share it: Joint pain is an issue for millions of Americans, with 10 million people experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and 1 percent of the world suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

German demonstrates a low-impact workout you can do at home in as little as 15 to 20 minutes. Cycle through the exercises one to three time. The king of joint-friendly exercise, swimming is a great low-impact option that still torches calories. Buoyancy in the water reduces stress on your body by helping to.

There’s a wide variety of simple bodyweight exercises to choose from, including squats, lunges, push-ups on your knees, jumping jacks, and more. Perfect for home, when traveling, or even at work, finding a way to fit in bodyweight exercises could not only help improve your bone strength but also give you a great, low-impact workout. Source. The cardio moves tend to be low impact (think side steps and walking lunges with weights), but you can always modify moves if you’re concerned.

As your body builds muscle from the strength training, you’ll burn calories faster. Low impact fitness doesn’t mean low results. Try some of these exercises to accelerate your weight loss. Other low-impact activities that can give you a good workout include cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing or rowing. Any of these activities can be good if you work hard.

You may also want to cross-train with higher-impact activities. Working out using an elliptical machine is an extremely low impact exercise because both of your feet remain on the pedals at all times, decreasing stress and removing any impact on your ankles, back and hips. The smooth glide of the pedals should give you a pain-free workout that people at all fitness levels can enjoy. Simply stated, low-impact exercise is when at least one foot stays in contact with the ground—meaning no jumping or plyometric work. Walking, hiking, rollerblading, step aerobics and cardio-dance formats can all be low-impact exercise.

Some formats are. Low Impact exercises: It is very important for seniors to practise and do some exercises. These workout Exercises need to be adequate to the physical condition.

Usually, it is recommended for senior to do Low Impact exercises.. In this articles, I have compiled the Top List of Senior Workout. 20 Simple Exercises That Show Results After One Workout. Yes, for real.

By Ashley Mateo and K. Aleisha Fetters C.S.C.S. May 18, 2018 Shutterstock.

List of related literature:

Regarding exercise, the optimal approach to osteosarcopenia may be targeted multimodal programs that incorporate traditional and progressive resistance training (PRT), weight-bearing impact exercises, and challenging balance/mobility activities (Daly 2017) (please see Chap.

“Osteosarcopenia: Bone, Muscle and Fat Interactions” by Gustavo Duque
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Examples of this exercise type include push-ups, squats, and chin-ups.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
from Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity
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Specifically, exercise that is considered high impact is the best.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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These are good exercises which tune up the physical body.

“Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities” by A. Parthasarathy
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4) Precede and follow passive range‐of‐motion exercises with massage of the quadriceps, biceps, and gluteal muscles for 5 minutes.

“Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation” by Ronald J. Riegel, John C. Godbold, Jr.
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These exercises are important for socialization, independence, and maintaining core body strength.

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
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I believe the best of these is high-intensity interval training, which I have discussed last.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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For example, clients who are resistance trained and will perform structural exercises (those that load the vertebral column; e.g., back squat, push press) or exercises that stress the lower back (e.g., bent-over row, deadlift, shoulder press) may benefit from temporarily holding their breath during the exercise.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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Types of active and passive shoulder exercises.

“Rosen's Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set,Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features and Print,7: Rosen's Emergency Medicine Concepts and Clinical Practice, 2-Volume Set” by John A. Marx, Robert S. Hockberger, Ron M. Walls, James Adams
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gressive resistance training on body composition in frail older adults: results of a randomized, controlled trial.

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  • My new come too I’m not really big like you beauty but I find it so hard to keep up with other work outs but it was so easy to keep up you really motivated me if she can you can too!! Just burned 300 calories with this work out so thank you!!! I’m gonna probably do this work out every other day ��

  • im 13, and about 63kgs, i used to be skinny but earlier this year i broke both my ankles and have been in a wheelchair, becuase of this i still am not allowed to run, jump, or pretty much workout, i have gained nealy 7kg’s and im really not happy with my body. I am trying non weight bearing workouts becuase i am still hurt but they are not as good, but this workout is GREAT, i loved doing it even though it challenged me in some places(but its good for a challenge) Thank you!

  • I absolutely love this channel. These are the only workout videos I actually complete till the very end without a break. Helps me feel motivated everyday ��❤️

  • Great workout. Change the title though. Not (necessarily) beginner/overweight friendly. This is more of an intermediate workout in my opinion.

  • I’m not overweight, but I definitely want to loose a good 20 pounds or so. �� I gained twenty pounds since March during quarantine so I want to start working out again and low impact is where I’m gonna start. I’m gonna do this workout everyday with some warm ups and cool downs as well:) if I remember, I’ll update as well. Currently, I am 5’2 and 120 pounds but I’m usually around 100.

  • I am having a difficult time trying too lose my last 10 pounds. I was very successful the first three months and lose over 20 pounds. Help!!!!!!!!

  • i weight about 160 and i dont have a matt because i ordered one on amazon and it never came.. so doing burpees or anything on the ground i cant do it because my hands and feet begin to slip

  • Hlw mam…..your all videos r superb…..mam i m 26 & my height is 5 feet & my weight is 67 kg…..mam muje kitna weight reduce krna chahiye…..or mam muje ye smaj ni aata ki mai kha se start kru?….plz help me mam to reduce my weight…or muje kon si video se start krna chahiye?

  • I am 42 years of age and 5 ‘2″ in height and i weigh 61kgs.
    I am classified as endomorph body.. Thanks.
    My goal is to go back to my original weight which is 55kgs.
    Thanks a lot if you could help me. ����

  • Thank you Holly �� Can’t thank you enough for making this video.. I’m 90 kgs too.. I’m also on a weight loss journey.. and I am breaking down every other day.. because I cannot see results. Don’t feel like looking at the mirror too.. I think people like me can relate.. I hope all the people like me come across your video and be motivated.. you are doing a greeaaaat job.. you had my love at first sight.. or I should say love at first video ��

  • This was perfect for me! I have hardly any experience with floor exercises. I always felt awkward doing them at the gym. I was wobbly and shaky when doing the side planks, but as I got used to it, experimented with different positions, I wasn’t wobbly anymore! Thank you!

  • I just found you!! Subscribed! After a 4 year illness (very very long story for another day), I have minimum 60 pounds to loose. 35 years ago, I sported a 28 inch waist, and I don’t even kid myself I could ever achieve this, but with my health issues, which include 2 auto-immune disease, I really need to be healthy. Thank you for this! I’m going to start from the beginning and watch them all.

  • I am very unhealthy and can’t sprint for more than 1 minute so is doing jogs ok because those are pretty easy for me. I’m not overweight.

  • Damn girl you got my heart pumping. Was 154 kgs and now 115. The other workout I was doing was too easy, but this one got me in a sweat. Loveeee

  • I just had a baby and gained 50 pounds during pregnancy. I’ve also never been fit before so this work out was actually doable but also a challenge. I was definitely sweating!

  • Umm Joanna… what if not only are you overweight, but you’ve also basically been sedentary for a couple years? Asking for a friend ��

  • I felt I had to do something during this lockdown to counteract eating and sitting too much. I used to be a gym rat until arthritis took over. Fast forward 10 years and 10 pounds, and I knew I had to get off the sofa. Thank you for being so motivating, this is one senior that really appreciates you!

  • Hola me gustó mucho que una persona real muestre desde el principio yo soy una de las personas que busco personas reales de ver el cambio y verte me motivó mucho sigue adelante bendiciones

  • hello Holly!!! I’m so proud of you. This kind of workout is so helpful to those people who wanted to start like you. great job!

    -coachlei12 TV from Philippines

  • So I started this workout today. I am not overweight or obese I am normal weight but I am beginner so I chose this workout.
    Let’s see how long will I be able to keep up with this workout.
    My starting weight is 58.4
    Height 5’3
    Age 15
    Day 1: I did the workout in casual shirt and lawn flapper��, for me the workout was easy I only got trouble doin the squat and lunges as I hate them the most. In between the half workout I started to sweat, at the end of the 1st set my flapper looked liked I peed��. When I reached at punches in the 2nd set my heart rate got so high and I felt like I am going to faint right now so I stopped the workout for about a min and so, after that I started it again and then it became easy like before. After completing the workout I didn’t felt pain. I have done a few beginner workouts before but after 2 to 3 mins of workout my body will feel like someone have hit me, so I will leave the workout incomplete,but this time I completed the whole workout and didn’t felt any pain after that. So I am really happy with the workout, and I would highly recommend this workout to all the beginners cause this is really easy.
    Day 2: yay! Today is the day 2. Wow, I am so happy about it cuz it’s the first time for me to complete the second day. It was a bit easier than yesterday but today my armpits hurt a bit. I also sweat less than yesterday. I am so happy that I was able to keep up with the workout. I completed the whole workout with her with no extra breaks. Yay! I am also going to start intermittent fasting. Let’s see how long will I be able to keep up with it. Love you Joanna. I am so happy that I found your this workout. Btw you are so cute. Bubyeee

  • I’m 385lbs and my knees hurt horrendously, even just marching hurts and I feel my knees are gonna crack. Do you have exercise for morbidly obese with knee problems

  • I damn near busted my ass trying to stand up after them kneel squats�� I weigh 189 and I’m trying to get rid of belly fat and tone my legs and booty but the first 10 minutes I looked like a hothead�� today was my first day but imma keep trying to be consistent, I’m also fasting every 18 hours with a 6 hour eating window so hopefully I get the results I’m looking for

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU!! ❤️❤️ after 4 years of never working out, having a baby and gaining 70 lbs it is so intimidating to try and get back in to exercising but you are making it manageable ��

  • Don’t be fooled guys,i am 50yrs and this is not easy for me but at least i completed it.Thank you once again Daniel and team project team.

  • Daniel, I lobe all your work outs and all of your team, wow! Thank you so much for sharing them with us especially your motivations. May GOD ALMIGHTY bless you brother.

  • I love your videos. My blood pressure was getting higher than normal and my Thyroid was slow. I was tired of being told I would never lose weight now that my thyroid was slow. I found your videos two months ago and I have lost 10 pounds and a full clothing size. I watched your interview with Diana & Doug and decided I would not give up. I have always eaten good food, and was thin until my fifties. I was very proud to finish many of your videos on YouTube and now do them daily. I am 71 years young and hope to work out forever My blood pressure is 120/60 perfect. I eat a set amount of calories per day and feel positive again. Thank you for all that you do.

  • Omg, I’m glad I found this workout. I hurt my knee and I haven’t worked out in a week.. And this is PERFECT, low impact and my knees didn’t bother me one bit!������

  • Your videos have been so great for my healthier life goalsSO THANKFUL to have found these videos and for someone who doesn’t have the $$ for gym or workout subscriptions this has been a gift! Thank you

  • Oh thank you so much for this. I did a workout last week (Just a normal one for beginners) and i’m still hurting. I looked for a obese workout (i’m also a good 100pounds to heavy) and find you. I’m going to train with you for now on! Again thank you so much (ps i’m dutch, so excuse my english ��)

  • Did this today not knowing if it would get my heart rate up, it did. Have been doing lots of ankle twisting zumba during lockdown and have seriously hurt my ankles. Thank you so much, once my ankles are repaired will go back to standing low impact. Thank you sir.��������������

  • I’ve been struggling to lose weight for a few years-my goal is to lose 80 lbs. I’ve never enjoyed exercising for the exact reasons you named at the start of this video. From today on, I’m going to “try” my hardest to add a bit of exercise to my daily routine and increase my water intake. Baby steps! ❤️

  • Ich habe heute das erste Mal die Übungen mitgemacht. Meine Schwiegertochter hat sie empfohlen. Und ich konnte nur sitzen, aber es sind tolle Übungen und machen Spaß.
    Bis morgen��

  • Watching from Philippines im 55yrs of age and always join you doing workouts. Hope i could lossen my wieght. More power and endurance God bless to all��

  • Working out has always been very hard for me. I think I was going at it the wrong way though. I always tried to find some kind of app to help me but those never worked out they way I wanted them to. So for the first time. I tried looking on YouTube. It’s much easier looking for videos that fit with what I’m looking for.Overweight low impact. I just did thus workout and it was really nice.
    I don’t feel like I was hyperventilating like with those apps. Thank you so much. I will definitely be using this video again.

  • I loveur workout since 2016 tel now im super inlove and helathy ����������������������������������������‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️������thank u team body project more new exercise plsssss������

  • My son is almost 11 months. I gained 63 lbs my pregnancy. I’ve lacked the motivation to exercise and just feeling sorry for myself. I found this video and did it today. I am sweating and my body is fully engaged. I hope to come back tomorrow!!!

  • My mum had a breast cancer surgery last year and, is trying to get back to normal life. This was the first workout we both tried together. Not sure why but when I completed this exercise with her, we both teared up a little. So, thank you. thank you very much.

  • I just finished doing the whole work out and I got more of sweat out of it then my 1km walks i started doing this week.
    The sweat I got made me feel like I was in a gym!! Seriously im so happy u found you!
    Thankyou!!!! ��❤

  • BLOODY MARVELOUS! marvelous! I found this today and love that he gives us allowances to start and not feel guilty! I am actually working with bin bag stuffed in my clothes.

  • I am 104 kg. Most of the workouts I tried earlier involves some sort of jumping which puts stress over my calf and for the next 3 days I will not be able to continue the workout due to the pain but this work out did not put any stress on my legs but at the same time it is exhausting (at least for me) and I need to take a 3 min pause instead of the 1 min pause b/w the first and second set but glad that I completed it.

    Today is my first day. Let’s see how it goes. I will post my weight once a week.

    Week 0: 104.4

  • Oh my goodness, this was one of the best seated workouts I have ever done. I am working through a calf injury and tennis elbow. I am not elderly. I am in my forties, but this was great. It had my heart rate up and I loved it. I will be doing this workout twice a day everyday, until I am able to go back to TeamBodyProject other workouts. Thank you TeamBodyProject and Daniel! You are so motivating. The seniors in the back were amazing.����

  • Third day of doing this workout. Enjoying it so much. I am overweight and I just basically want to start moving and be more active and this helps me a lot. Already subscribed and hopefully I can soon do some of your other workout videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about fitness and how to have a healthy lifestyle. Bless you.

  • I am santanu, a retired army personnel of 69 years from Kolkata India. I do your exercise pgme daily. My submission is to make a low impact high intensity cardio of 30 minutes for seniors like me. My regards to one and every member of body project team.

  • Another fabulous workout with great motivating comments from Daniel, as always they make all the difference! Also, I found a lot of inner motivation from seeing the before and after pictures of the guests if they can make such changes, I sure can! Definitely worked up the ‘earnt sweat’!

  • Thank you so very very much Joanna for you do able exercises. Due to bad knees I have trouble doing other exercises, but not with yours. Thank you again!

  • Brilliant! Loved it! I feel so good after these short sessions, can throw everything in cos it’s for a short time. Love this session cos I can adjust for my Achilles’ tendon. Fun, interesting and loaded with encouragement. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much brother, your video s used to me, amen hallelujah �� ���� �� Praise the lord, god bless you abundantly �� ���� ��️, I appreciate you… ����

  • XD oh hey its my aunt and uncle! They really do make sure to do these exercises each day, and at the pace that they need to. Its very nice.

  • Loved this workout! And loved doing it with the man who looks like Asterix!! Thanks so much, from a beginner who needed motivation during the Covid-19 and you guys gave it to me:)

  • I see a lot of comments about how this routine is too hard for them. It’s really frustrating to see tiny, fit, young instructors trying to promote “beginner” workouts for obese people, when they have no idea what it is to be obese. Something as simple as lifting your leg or reaching over your head can be difficult and painful. I know Joanna has a newer workout of this type (Obese/beginner) and it’s much, much better. However, she still includes the low impact burpee, and this is absolutely impossible for me to do. It’s not safe for someone who weighs 300, 400, lbs, to be putting all of their weight onto their wrists and hands. I really hope these well-intentioned instructors start consulting with experts in obesity to create such workouts. The movements have to take into account the massive amount of weight and the strain being put on ankles, knees, shoulders, etc.

  • This video is a fantastic idea. I am 220 pounds and I have plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia and every bloody video on YouTube has skipping, jumping jacks and of course the dreaded burpee. Thanks for this

  • IM SO HAPPY THIS EXISTS!!! Thank you so much for making this, it’s so nice to see someone with a body like mine doing something like this for the exact reasons you said at the start ������

  • This was exactly what I needed. I could actually focus on working the right muscles instead of struggling with the move. I feel great after your work out instead of discouraged that I couldn’t keep up. Thank you, Holly!! ������ Just subscribed.

  • I love this routine and I love that its made for real people. As hard as it is for someone like me to workout to those thin 20 year olds, this was a refreshing glass of water. This workout is perfect for me and I hope you release a few more. Thank you for all the help, much love ❤

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! I find other workouts so difficult due to mobility issues but your videos are perfect. Having workouts that are achievable are so valuable, and seeing someone who looks like me doing them is really inspiring and helps me to believe in myself. Please keep going!

  • Ive been using YouTube to workout and its been so tough. Thank you for helping. These workouts seem way more doable for me! Babysteps are keyyy!

  • Thank you for this. I’ve become an emotional eater and with the weight I’ve gained I don’t have energy for fast pace workouts. Thank you again ❤️

  • Amazing people, this has become the clip that I have been followed the most. I thought the senior version will be too light, but I was wrong. It is fun and challenge!

  • thankyou so much for this, as someone who hasn’t done any exercise for months I needed this, maybe more stretching to begin with? I find now I’ve put more weight on my knees are weak, and doing the back kicks were quite painful, maybe not so much if I had stretched more. I loved it though so thankyou

  • AT LAST. Since back injury been looking for a truly beginner level Pilates. THIS IS IT! Others are not that I’ve found on YouTube. Great clarity of instruction, timings and music /distraction free video. Very accessible. I’ve done Pilates for years before injury and know that this is very very well done. Thank you.

  • I just finished this workout. My first step to getting back to the ‘me’ I want to be. I am exhausted, but feeling great about it. Thank you for making these videos. No hesitation on subscribing. I will see you again tomorrow! <3

  • You are fantastic, so refreshing, my saviour. I admire you. I am the same size and you make it look possible! I will exercise along with you.Thank you Holly

  • Ms. HOLLY, where you been all my life. Lol I am a new Subscriber. I just now saw this video, and was watching while reading through some comments and girl you are wonderful. With me being overweight and middle aged woman I honestly think i can do this workout. And again I love that it apartment friendly and no jumping lol

  • Hello no offense but I don’t think these is for beginners, who are over weighted. Can u also put some vedio for overweight and physically challenged.

  • Thankyou, I have been doing Daniel, Wade and Ange, a couple with Alex, however my left knee needed a break, so I searched TBP and found this, I feel at least I’ve done something (actually on the chair still worked up a sweat). So happy I’ve found TBP, so realistic, so inspirational, not judgmental and so friendly you just want to tune in, big thanks ����

  • i really appreciate this! most workout videos i see and just think well i can’t even move that fast. in PE classes i always found myself completely drained after a few minutes but this is all so much more achievable. also, seeing it done by someone who isn’t less than half my size is so much less demoralizing.

  • I have gained so much weight rapidly. It’s keep me on the couch or in bed depressed. It’s so sad that I went from being independent and doing everything on my own to being winded just carrying milk. Or walking up my stairs. Watching thin fit people workout did not help. They don’t know how much the pain is physically and mentally. Thank you for these videos. I wanted to be around people who are not as fit or not fit like me. You’re motivationally inspiring. Thank you.

  • Thank you soo much for this! So excited to try it!! Just started going to a gym 2 weeks ago, but not sure if I’ll be able to afford it every month. I’ve been searching for things I can do at home and this is the first realistic one. You could even use resistance bands if you wanted more of a challenge.

  • At work phones are slow. Did the chair version…WOW it made me bust a sweat GREAT WORKOUT I feel energized and NOT as hungry as before ������

  • I’m far from obese, but not in a very good shape. I really loved the video, it was the first one made for actual human beings. All the other videos seem to be made for super humans, who can bounce around like crazy.

  • i recommend you push your weight onto your big toe bone when you go up to your toes after the squats. This aligns your joints, otherwise you can injure your ankles if you push your weight onto your little toes.

  • I loved this, I could do every move. I wasent the only one getting winded and you are so sweet and encouraging�� Thank you�� I hate it when super fit ppl make work outs for fat ppl like me or begginers they dont eaven sweat

  • I’ve been at at home since March because of covid 19, and I’ve been sitting at home most of the time. I’m already overweight and gained more being at home sitting all day. Simple walking has become a major chore for my body and I decided just now I need to do something. Anything. A quick YouTube search of workouts for obese led me here. First video I clicked on and this is perfect for me. I was only able to last the first 15 minutes but that was more than I’ve done all month. I will definitely try to do this every day and see how much longer through the video I can make it. Thank you so much for this video.

  • I’m relatively in shape, not at all obese, and this still totally kicked my ass. Very good, thorough workout. Not everything needs to be complicated or fancy!

  • Thank you so much for this! I’m struggling right along with you! Thanks for making me feel HUMAN about that struggle you are perfection

  • I am from india,my height 5feet 3 inches..my age 29 years old
    i weigh 65 kg for the last 4 years….i try my die hurt to cut weight…. BUT I CAN’T

  • I have horrible knees and carrying the extra weight doesn’t help, but I am excited to give this workout a try since I can’t get on the floor and do squats. It’s nice to see and be able to workout with someone who looks like and breaths like me! ��

  • Hi Joanna I just downloaded this workout to start as I am start a weight loss journey. My current weight is 270 and I am 5ft 3″.my question is how much calories can I burn doing this workout? I want to add to my fitness pal app which I am also using on this journey.

  • Your doing a great job love! No matter what people say KEEP GOING, I will be following you and working out with you too! We aren’t doing this for the mockers. You are inviting others in that sorely need a good workout and see that they are amongst wonderful company!!!!!! My modo has always been “Big Losers NEVER QUIT!!!!

  • Thank you! I have never found a workout that would work for my size. I did this one today and was sweating but I felt so accomplished when I was done! It was so inspiring to see someone like me struggling through and completing it too! I recently went through a miscarriage and the pregnancy weight plus the depression eating after the loss made my lose all the progress I had made while trying to conceive. I hope that this workout will help me get back to healthy for my future rainbow baby.

  • I did this a few months ago but I always just did the first set and then today I tried again and I get through all of it. It probably doesn’t seem like all that but I’m proud of myself.

  • I’m 187cm tall and stocky naturally, I weigh 108kg. Going to get down to 80kg hopefully! Going to be a good journey to get back into my old clothes ��

  • I look soo much bad ��because of my body weight and fat, and i work out 2 months continuously but it doesn’t work, I lose my confidence, u r slim as well as beautiful

  • Is this going to burn 300 cal at a time… I mean after 20 min my weight will be. 300 cal less??? Is any side-effect as I am pcos patient.. Do I need sports bra for this exercise???

  • I am chubby and have had a microdiscectomy on L4-L5 and there’s NOTHING online to help me out, and my doctors just told me to try not falling, nothing else. I’m doing cardio atm but I’m going to have to do some strength training too eventually, and NOBODY is helping…

  • I absolutely love this and thank you for sharing it with us! Finally, a real and do-able full body workout, that really is for bigger people. It makes such a difference just to see someone bigger doing the exercises and struggling like us bigger people do, and not some perfectly thin, fit person moving too quickly and being patronising. I appreciate your struggles moving around on the mat just to change positions something fit people just don’t get or understand. On those videos, I’ve never been able to keep up as much as anything because they’re already half-way through the set before I’ve even managed to change positions on the mat, or got from standing up to sitting down! This is a serious game-changer and I hope your videos go viral! Please continue sharing your journey with us. You will make such a difference to so many people’s lives.

  • Hi Joanna, thank you for this workout program!
    I’m only 161cm but have around 106 kg… I tried other workouts before, but they were way too hard for me. This one of you is hard and exhausting too but I can actually do it! And it’s pretty fun too!!


  • The beginning was fine I was really pleased even find this video so I actually decided to try it now I’m 60 years old or will be soon and I have had a broken back and the lower part of my back the L1 I believe and I broken my left arm and the upper part of by the shoulder and I broke the other shoulder at the cuff that actually goes in broke it on both sides and some liability with my arms it’s something I’ve been working with for a while just from my couch I’m extremely disabled really and I can’t stay up long on my feet because of my back and my obesity is due because of my inability to move and so I enjoyed doing the stuff that I could definitely cannot do anything on floor so I’m wondering how much to patch could I possibly do that on the bed even just to the 1-2-3 stretch out on something lower like maybe in my coffee table if it would support me and then kind backed up I’m definitely not ready for touching my toes that’s not so so I’m just wondering can we change it be made and if I did that how much damage would there be to my back possibly or my knees that are one particularly is very arthritic so I guess maybe your workout is more for younger and over-sized I’m more older with disabilities and a lot of problems more in Mobile parts and I love the fact that I found you

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  • You guys are just amazing seriously. You are so inclusive AND best of all you use your targeted audience as people. If it wasn’t because money is a bit tight right now I would do a subscription because people like you deserve it.

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    I have a knee replacemt and have managed most of body project workouts because of the way it’s delivered and set out,thank you very much,starting to build strength and muscle��

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    Doing this workout was difficult for me but I definitely felt the burn and the sweat! So I won’t give up and I’ll keep coming back to this video everyday.

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    We should not allow our personal values to erode, even if others think we are peculiar.

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  • Most important thing to remember guys and girls is to never go beyond your limits! Stretch before and after. Im 335# and Im 61. I used to be very fit for my size ( well 80# lighter) I learned that when you are older if you don’t stretch your muscles shorten and injuries can happen easier when your beginning a fitness routine. I wish we lived close to each other Holly. So much we could learn from each other. Im not at all trying to turn attention from you because your doing wonderful and IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! I hope you get a huge amount of subscribers!

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  • Shout out to the person that keeps disliking the videos as soon as they’re posted. You’re just helping to raise the view count so more persons can see these wonderful videos. Thanks!