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4 Bucket-List Hikes Around the World. by Jodi Helmer. November 15, 2017. No Comments. Share it: If you’ve hiked iconic trails across the United States, you probably dream of lacing your boots, strapping on a pack and hiking trails around the globe. Add These 4 Unique Hikes to Your Bucket List.

Whether you plan a trip to Peru, Mexico, Sri Lanka, or Turkey, these four unique hikes belong on your itinerary. Ready to go? Whichever destination you choose, explore accommodation like unique stays on Airbnb or the top-rated hotels on Booking.com to plan the perfect hiking trip in the country!10 Bucket List Hikes Around the World 1) Mount Kilimanjaro | Tanzania. You don’t need any technical climbing skills to reach the 19,340-foot summit of 2) Tour du Mont Blanc | France, Italy & Switzerland.

What other trek in the world takes you through three different 3) Inca Trail | Peru. Going. 50 Best Hikes in the World to Put on Your Bucket List 1. Torres del Paine W Circuit.

The W Circuit is one of the most recommended hikes you’ll find. Not only will you 2. Inca Trail. Location: Peru Be prepared for a lot of ascending and descending when you sign up for one of the best 3. Grand. One of the most popular hikes in all of the world and definitely top of many people’s bucket list is to climb Mount Everest. The hike begins at 9,000 feet as you are flown in by air to a small village called Lukla.

The length of the hike is around 40 miles or 60 kilometres. 7 Scenic Hiking Trails Around The World For Your Bucket List. Spread the love.

An awe-inspiring view, a challenging terrain, and breathtaking locations, that’s what brought these stunning hiking trails on our bucket list. Without any hesitation, they should also be on your bucket list as well. 25 Best Hikes in the World to Put on Your Bucket List 1. Inca Trail. Location: Peru One of the most popular hikes in the world, the Inca Trail takes you through 26 miles of 2. The Torres del Paine W Circuit. Best Time to Go: Popular from October and April.

We preferred July (their winter). 3. Anyone who has hiked in numerous countries around the world has a personal list of his or her “Top 10 Hikes.” Kasey Austin, Vice President of Operations for the award-winning active travel company Austin Adventures, has gone through twelve pairs of hiking boots while trekking and leading trips on trails all over the globe..

As you would expect, she has definite favorites in locales from the. We all have our bucket list destinations.Greece, Australia, London, New York. But what about dream activities?

Erin Bender of Explore With Erin has traveled the world for the last five years, seeking out the most unforgettable experiences along the way. On top of that, she’s gathered the expert opinions of our other Gnational Gnomads to bring you the “best of the best” bucket list. 20 best day hikes in the world for your bucket list: Kjeragbolten, Trolltunga, Tongariro, Machu Picchu, Great Wall of China, Half Dome, the Narrows.

List of related literature:

I’d hiked all around the world too, from Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Scotland’s Great Glen Way to Israel’s Ein Gedi Nature Preserve to Vietnam’s Halong Bay Islands to Japan’s Fushimi Inari Shrine.

“In the Dark of War: A CIA Officer’s Inside Account of the U.S. Evacuation from Libya” by Sarah M. Carlson
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Three very popular destinations are Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mt Everest Base Camp in Nepal, and Mt Aconcagua in South America.

“Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Paul S. Auerbach
from Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features
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This adventure is one that tops many people’s bucket list.

“Kingdom of Shiva” by Sivkishen
from Kingdom of Shiva
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The most popular activities, in descending order, were trekking and hiking, birdwatching, nature photography, wildlife safaris, camping, mountain climbing, fishing, river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and botanical study.

“Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: Who Owns Paradise?” by Martha Honey
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Bucket List: Listing famous places as “must visit” is a trend.

“Handbook of Research on the Impacts, Challenges, and Policy Responses to Overtourism” by Ribeiro de Almeida, Cláudia, Quintano, Alfred, Simancas, Moisés, Huete, Raquel, Breda, Zélia
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The most popular activities, in descending order, were trekking and hiking, wildlife safaris, fishing, river rafting, nature photography, canoeing, kayaking, bird-watching, camping, mountain climbing, and botanical study.37 Their tours are generally small, usually including no more than twenty persons.

“Ecotourism and Sustainable Development, Second Edition: Who Owns Paradise?” by Martha Honey
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This ‘bucket list’ approach to tourism is significant because it is the external good of the bucket list itself that has achieved primacy.

“Deviant Leisure: Criminological Perspectives on Leisure and Harm” by Thomas Raymen, Oliver Smith
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I have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to the third door, and hiked gorges in Tanzania to swim in pools from waterfalls.

“Black Women's Liberatory Pedagogies: Resistance, Transformation, and Healing Within and Beyond the Academy” by Olivia N. Perlow, Durene I. Wheeler, Sharon L. Bethea, BarBara M. Scott
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These range from simply wanting to travel to each of the seven continents to fulfilling a lifetime climbing goal, to pursuing work as a guide and setting speed records.

“Climbing the Seven Summits: A Comprehensive Guide to the Continents' Highest Peaks” by Mike Hamill
from Climbing the Seven Summits: A Comprehensive Guide to the Continents’ Highest Peaks
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Six of the members had traveled all over the world to take on challenging hikes together, like Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Machu Picchu in Peru.

“Death in Zion National Park: Stories of Accidents and Foolhardiness in Utah's Grand Circle” by Randi Minetor
from Death in Zion National Park: Stories of Accidents and Foolhardiness in Utah’s Grand Circle
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  • Going on a solo trip in March 2019. Although I’m excited, I still have the fear that I’ll feel lonely and miss all of my friends and family back home. Nonetheless, can’t wait to go!!

  • I have always wanted to ‘backpack across Europe’ and I am finally putting my foot down and doing it no matter what anyone says. I am 52 and I will be backpacking solo in Europe for about a month. Got the plane ticket, the Eurail pass, a couple of things planned (3 concerts) but for most of the trip nothing is planned. I know there are some places I want to see and things I want to do but if I don’t get to them that’s ok cause I plan on going back for more time after I take care of a few things in the states when I get back.

  • See the glaciers melting by travelling by plane… kind of a conflict you don’t wanna miss anything but still it’s bad for the environment

  • What a great compilation of the epic hikes you’ve done in your past. Thank you for showing the route on the map and the line you hiked-very helpful to plan and understand the terrain, area of country, start/stop of the route. Makes me want to get back to Iceland, Torres Del Paine, Nepal, the Alps and so many other places. What’s next on the list? Maybe something in Africa-the Rim of Africa or the Red Sea Mountain Trail in Egypt. So many options-can’t wait to see your next video.

  • Sorry to hear you with many countries but without Pakistan how can you make your video. Bcoz Pakistan has world top 5 highest peaks.and 2nd highest mountain K2.����

  • Great video as always. I absolutely agree with number 10 on your list of best hikes, more o less you said “In adventure, you plan yourself into de backcountry, honestly, for us, those were the most rewarding trip so grab your map and compass we have your GPS and map your self into…

    In my own words: Geography felt and learned by the feet enriches me as a person. Walking makes it easy to feel part of the whole, it intensifies your senses of observation. To know unknown places, to feel the territory, the air, the rain, to see the horizon and the land that surrounds you, is to live the geography in its purest state.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice movie Hank.
    My prefered movie was the Camino de Santiago.
    If you keep hiking, make you’re way to Corse (Corsica) in Southern France and compleet the GR20. It’s the hardest GR trail of Europe and i finished it last year.

  • The AT is the longest foot trail in the world??
    I get it when WatchMojo is pop heavy when it comes to movies. But nature??
    Checkout the CDT and the PCT

  • I have done like about 6 hikes, but only in the Himalayas. I’m so happy you put out this video and now I want to travel the world doing all these hikes.

  • Really enjoyed watching this video. Some great perspective on some epic hikes so thank you for sharing. I completed the WCT last summer and would say that 11 days would be a stretch from a duration perspective unless you are planning to spend multiple days at one location or another. 7 days is plenty for actually being on the trail and provides plenty of time daily for hiking, sight seeing and general ‘camp site’ time. Could probably do the whole thing in 5 days if you extend each day by a few kms but to be honest, most groups seem to complete the trail in 7 days so there is some daily continuity and friendships that get built along the way which is pretty awesome. Again, great post and hopefully get to check some of those off my bucket list in the years ahead.

  • I still have lots of energy when something motivates me and I can beat youth and younger than me adult men in races. Just saying, I could handle a festival in my 30s. ��
    I blame working more hours on my feeling tired earlier in the night on the weekdays. When I can sleep in, I can stay energetic for longer. Work is what kills it.

  • Wow can believe how much this resonated with meI’m 25 but I felt proud of how many of these types of trip I have been fortunate enough to do!

  • I’m only 14 but I’ve traveled a lot cause my parents love it, I’ve spent 2 months in south-east Asia and it’s so amazing, I absolutely love it, especially Cambodia, I already have big dreams of traveling the world in 4 or 5 years

  • When you talked about dieing it made me tear up. I want to travel and live my dreams. and im not scared a death. im scared of dieing before I live my dreams

  • Thank you so much. I used to travel all by myself to Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam,…because I could not find anybody else to go with me. I thought I was crazy or that’s what everybody thought about me. Now I know there are people travelling alone and I am not crazy.

  • I hiked the inca trail last year in April and absolutely loved every second! Such a challenge but so worth it. I look back on photos all the time! Love seeing videos of it all again

  • Hii main apki ek bahut badiwali friend hun aur apke videos ko subscribe, like, share bhi karti hun,to plz plz plz mere channel ko subscribe kardo plz

  • why don’t you kept all USA and Europe trails

    there is enough trail in Nepal which can challenge this list trails
    -Annapurna circuit(ABC)
    -Manaslu trek
    -Ghorepani Poon Hill
    -Upper Mustang
    -Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
    -Gokyo Ri Trek
    -Upper Dolpa
    -Makalu Base Camp
    Every mountain trail in Nepal are fresh and endless
    this list of nepal is just a sample, there are many

    Plz 1st visit/travel and then make a list

  • I’m over 40 and this makes me sad. I’m stuck with family and work expectations and can’t get out and do these things. I wish someone had told me this 20 years ago!

  • Why is the Appalachian trail on here but not the Pacific Crest trail or the John muir trail. If you ask me, the jmt should be close to number 1.

  • Certainly one of the best top 10 hiking lists I have seen. Always so subjective. I’ve done 5 of these hikes, but my all time favourite would have to be the Annapurna Circuit…

  • me watching this being 30 years old lol…but working holiday visa are valid for people who are 30 as well….so,i’m going to Japan for a year. Better late than never!

  • No Kili or Machu Picchu? Loved the TMB, a pretty challenging trek. Iceland is beautiful. And you need to work on those Spanish names on the Camino bro. 😉

  • Love this, Hank! We made lifelong friends on the Camino and the best part, as you said, is the dinners with your Camino family (and the wine!) Iceland is on our list, for sure.

  • 1. Bag packing through Europe with BFFS
    2. BIG TRIP
    3. Solo trip
    4. Free Spirit
    5. Festival
    6. Travel for love
    7. Dirtbag trip
    8. Cultural immersion

  • I am glad that you enjoyed the Inca Trail. The network of trails that the Inca built extended from Pasto, Colombia to Maule, Chile. Equivalent to driving from NYC to Portland, OR and the to San Francisco, CA.

  • Well I”m 32 but my 20″s is starting now:) I”m from Europe but I leave it for when i”m older and I will not be able to travel so far away:))For the fist time I”m going to Asia in the summer.We don”t live forever and that”s true….means being realistic.:)
    Lucky I found you guys and thank you for sharing youre experiences, they helped me!

  • I’m in my 30’s and never did any travel, none that you mentioned. I’m now married and pregnant and heartbroken that I didn’t take the opportunities of youth!
    Don’t live a life of regret like me go have these experiences!
    I still haven’t given up just look at the Bucketlist Family. When there’s a will, there’ll be a way.:)

  • I discovered your channel today. Thank you for all of the helpful tips! Please consider doing a video on traveling with your teenage/adult child. I have two boys and would love to take them to the places I was not able to visit when I was young. In particular, I’d like some help on staying safe as a female traveling with a child. I think your perspective would be more helpful than the usual “family” videos for what I have in mind. Thanks again!

  • I spent the overwhelming majority of my 20’s in school and working. I went on one big trip when I was 23 for a month in the Philippines and had the absolute best time of my life. I spent the following years still in school and working and only traveling within my country (Canada). I’m turning 33 in a few months and have finally “woken” up to life and will start travelling even in the midst of a career. I’m starting my 2 week travel Indonesia then start going down that bucket list as often as I can. I feel like when you’re travelling older, it’s not as “colorful” of an experience when you were 20 but you do gain a bit more of an appreciation of life.

  • A place I went to in Spain was camilito del ray I am 100% sure I spelt it wrong but it was beautiful it’s a long walk in like what I think is like a gorge it can get super hot there I would definitely recommend if you are ok with the heat it’s around 80 degrees farrenheight

  • White people clapping for the porters, as they pass by. Lol. I wonder, if the Inca, did the same for their slaves in the Andes, 500 years ago. Funny to me…that most do not get the irony. The rich, and the poor. The rich always have a way…of making themselves…feel like ‘decent humans’. Lol.

  • Hey bros. I’m over 30 but all your tips are so right on. Just subscribed now and can’t wait to see your traveling in this new covid19 era. Btw is Marco single? Wanna marry me?

  • This video is like gold. I love it. Very authoritative and masterfully presented. Getting close to this list would take a million hours of internet research. Thanks for the astoundingly good advice shared in an captivating way.

  • How about don’t succumb to the norm of ending your life at 30? Don’t get married and have kids and work a boring job just because it’s what everyone else does.

  • I sort of disagree
    I’ve done the Torres Del Paine, Inca Trail AND Huayuash ( Huarez, Peru) and the last one was by far the most beautiful i’ve done

  • The appalachian trail is not the longest hiking trail, the pacific crest trail Mexico/US border to the US/Canada border, and the continental divide trail which starts also Mexico/US border and ends again at the US/Canada border.

  • I am so pumpedd. I’ll be 18 in two months and haven’t had a memorable trip ever. I love traveling but sadly not allowed to travel alone. Is anyone here like me

  • As someone who lives is Georgia. I HATE THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL. I much more recommend the TMB, Or pretty much anywhere in western US

  • As Time Pink Floyd says:
    And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking

    Raising around to come up behind you again

    The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older

    Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing. in 2019 I hiked the Camino de Santiago’s 540+ miles, and also spent 10 days hiking the mountains on Isle of Skye, Scotland. In 2021 my friends and I are doing the Everest Base Camp hike:)

  • Awesome video, guys, really enjoyed it even though hiking is my secondary objective while travelling due to time constraints (work obligations. shorter vacations of up to maximum 2 weeks etc.). Loved your video from Spain too. Anyway, I also wanted to suggest another trail, “Via Adriatica Trail” in my home country, Croatia. It starts in the nortwest of the country and goes all the way down to the south (at almost all times you can see the coast and Adriatic sea), 1100 kilometers (683 miles) in total. I believe you’d love it, only 4 people have done it so far, took them 37-44 days.

  • They missed ABC and Tse -Phoksundo!!!
    Looks like the editor has not actually traveled anywhere!!
    Try to watch recommendation from the travelers, They are the authentic blogger.

  • Complete bullshit. You can travel at ANY age. Live and let live. I know of a woman in her late eighties and she is always going on a adventure. Good on her.

  • Thanks for sharing. My boyfriend and I definitely need to try dirtbag traveling. We made a card deck of the items on our bucket list, and we’ll be picking our challenge at random and vlogging about it. These gave us even more ideas.:) Niani

  • Alex! You just just turned 30
    and already lacking energy!?!
    I hope that was a joke! I’ve got
    more energy now and am always
    on the go! My 40’s have been the
    best, so far! ��

  • In my 20’s and 30’s, I can’t afford a trip to the other side of the state. I’m in my 50’s now and I travel everywhere and in style. The point is to travel anytime at any age while you can. You guys are awesome! When I grow young I just want to be like you.

    thank you very much

  • Hey guys I have build an app that lets you drop your bucketlist experiences and personal memories as little timecapsules so others can find them. I created a video so you can see how this looks like: @ni30

  • What would you recommend after 30. I’m 31 and had a lot of family health issues from 17 to 28 and didn’t get to travel like I wanted. Now feel lost at times, but you two are really helping with my future travel fun. Have really considered finding a way to move to another country

  • Two thumbs way up for the spiritual journey ����

    My bucket list:
    1. The Seychelles
    2. Uzbekistan
    3. Eastern Europe
    4. An active warzone
    5. India
    6. Southeast Asia
    7. West Africa
    8. Haiti
    9. Brazil, Argentina (to meet my cousins), Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile
    10. Western Europe (including Germany to meet my cousins)
    11. Lebanon
    12. Alaska
    13. Australia

  • Turning 30 this year. All this is in my bucketlist BUT I’ll be back with an update because life begins at 30 for me �� it’s never too late. �� just..perhaps no unbridled drinking haha

  • What if i was living in a fucked up third world country with the fucked up visa limitations how would i do what you suggested in the video?

  • I am 31 now and yeah…you get slower and lazier
    But it should not stop anyone from traveling
    I myself were never that laid back to begin with…after university (minimal time) i startet looking for a job out of security and independance (not like getting away from my family but in the sort of not being a liability for them)
    Have been to many places by now mostly around europe and US) but also was during my studies a semester abroad in finland
    That was a real life changing experience
    By now i have a good job and money and potentially 5 weeks of obligatory holidays and now i am feeling ready for more trips
    Although many will disagree traveling early is not always a smart thing
    If you are young you are mostly more stupid and make mistakes
    And…one thing to mention…know its still far off, but when you work somewhere you pay taxes in that country. For your retirement it will be extremely hard to come by, by only your minimum fee
    Have fun getting retirement money from india
    So my advise…keep cool, take half a year off to live somewhere to get life experience but don’t overdue it
    Then you can get relaxed onto trips without worrying too much later on ��

  • Great videos. I just finished my 4 months trip around the world. Love your channel, hope to learn more from you guys for my travel bucket list channel.

  • I’m 23. When I was 17 I became pregnant with my boyfriend of 3years. Which was during the time of my apprenticeship. I got 52 weeks paid maternity leave and so did my boyfriend. When are daughter hit 4months old we travelled the world together. We travelled for 27 weeks it’s was absolutely amazing and one of the best experiences. We returned to our apprenticeship which fortunately we both worked Monday-Thursday. So around every 2 weeks we would travel on the Friday till Sunday then return back home which we continued for about a year. We then really got focused in our careers. I was hired by Dior as a visual merchandiser/event planner assistant. After working as that as my job for 7months I got promoted as the store interior designer director. Around a year I got promoted again adding to my job description styling models for photo shoots and runways. Which I’ve been working as for about a year and a half now. My boyfriend is also doing really well in his career owning his own business. Our daughter is at school(was obviously until covid-19). My boyfriend proposed a few weeks ago. Everyone’s path is different.

  • Totally love your adventures with your brother. You inspired me to hike the TeAraroa in the South Island of New Zealand.
    I like how you do your best to make your trips fun, and bring that to your videos.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  • Been traveling all over the world for my hole life. The world get’s smaller the more places you visit. All places become “Same Same” just a different zip code or weather condition. Be happy in mind before you leave otherwise you will be unhappy no matter where you are in the world. Traveling is exhausting and places are an experience. Later in life you can travel back through your memory. Unless you loose your mind!

  • i just turned 20 and i am thinking about traveling / backpacking but don`t know if i should really do it beqause i don`t have anyone to go with me and i dont really know how to begin.

  • Alex you reminded me this guy.
    Charlie was depressed because he hit the big 40
    I guess hitting 30 or 40 is harder on some people.
    I was impressed with your thirties video, you sounded more mature that I expected. Good, sane, wise advices.
    I am in my forty something kid ��
    Yes the energy plays a good role however my body doesn’t affect my spirit, and besides as you age you start liking different things too.
    So, do I want to be back in my twenties or perhaps my thirties? not really, been there done that.
    Hope both of you you had a good time in Peru, surely the New Zealand football soccer team did.
    Have a great wedding Alex, congratulation and best wishes for you and your fiancé.
    Marko take it easy, I do not think you are old to be single, you have time to chose the right one, just don’t wait too much.
    Look at George Clooney, nice fellow but can hardly pick up his kids.
    Good luck to both of you, your parents raised you well.

  • if you really want to get away from absolutely everyone and everything. go out into 100 mile wilderness in Maine. I love it. its about 2-3 hours from my town in southern ME. Dont go out alone unless you’re very experienced and a veteran hiker/climber. bring 1/3 extra the essential supplies you’ll need for your length out there. (trust me it is very unforgiving and unpredictable, much more so depending the time of year you go) have others go with you. and always tell someone where you are going, how long you will be gone, and your final destination spot on the date planned. Yes it is Maine, we dont have many animals that would really bother you, but it is very dense forest and huge. and getting lost is easier than anything. stay on trails.

  • Peru had the last couple of games to classify to the World Cup Russia 2018, with New Zealand, one game over there, one game in Peru.
    Even though we know New Zealanders are more into rugby, was nice why they did there
    That was funny too, they say that behavior like tourists in the middle of the field is unusual.
    That was an interesting moment for both groups.

  • I’m 22 turning and 23 in Mexico for my bday. I first the country at 11 and this is my first time back out of the country. I quickly realized that all of the money I put into staying in a hotel in Miami for 3 days I could put into traveling the world so here I am.

  • Great list Hank!! I’ve done a few of those hikes including Everest, Mont Blanc, Torres del Paine O circuit and the Camino, but I’m really keen to do John Muir and Rim to Rim hikes. Hopefully I’ll get to them in the next year or two. Love your work!:)

  • I do not appreciate your attitude about the age thing, I raised my sons first and now following in their footsteps and traveling the world, just in the last twelve months Italy, Switzerland and not in 30 days Germany, Britian, France and includes Scotland and over New Year’s Portugal. This all happening in my forties and NEVER want to stop.

  • It would be impossible to list all of the best hikes, in the world, but I would include the Berg Lake Trail (BC, Canada), the PCT, and the John Muir Trail

  • I disagree with the exception of partying. Throughout my twenties I partied hard and experimented with, ehmz, allot of substances:)
    And now I’m 30 and starting to travel. But I’m blessed with 40 days of paid leave per year with the company I work for.

  • Love this video. Thank you for putting this together. I added John Muir trail & Iceland to our list after Teton Crest Trail & Colorado Trail this summer. ������������

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  • 7:00 I would definitely be up for that with a partner rather than on my own… I’m a petite woman, learning to trust is good and all but maybe I should learn self-defence first ��

  • Hey I have a question. Grew up with a very over protective mother and has taught me about how “evil” the world is. That plus my trust issues and the reality that travelling as a solo girl can be dangerous at times, what can you suggest for people like me? How can we be safe in un known territories?

  • im 19 and idk what im actaully doing in my life im about to graduate next year! and because of this i really want to explore the world and be a free human being! ugh but im broke af