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Here are three ways that you can avoid exercise burnout. Vary The Intensity Of Your Workout First, remember that not every workout you do needs to be done with great intensity. In fact, it’s best to only keep 1-2 more intense workouts in your schedule each week until you advance to the intermediate level. Cross Training Cross training—including two or more types of exercise into your regular routine—is an effective method for avoiding burnout. Cross training helps you avoid doing the same motions day after day, which reduces the stress on your muscles and joints.

Planning your workout is one way to avoid exercise burnout. Make sure you schedule in those recovery days too. This way you’ll be better able to stick to your fitness routine and get enough rest to go the next round. Dedicate a time that is suitable in your day to workout and stick to it. Picture Courtesy: Google Images. readmore.

Increase your self-efficacy.Self-efficacy is having the belief in your own ability to accomplish (and exercise control over) personally meaningful goals. Here are three ways how you can avoid workout burnout: Don’t Do Two Intense Full Body Workouts Too Close to Each Other. I’ve seen a lot of people do that: They finish a class at 7:30pm and next day, they’re at the gym again to do a 6am bootcamp!

That way, their recovery time is really short. Varying your intensity is one of the best ways to avoid workout burnout. Don’t go at the same level of difficulty in the same areas every single day. Give parts of your body a break while working out others and no single muscle or muscle group will feel overworked in comparison to the others.

2. Without taking the proper time to decompress and recharge your batteries, burnout becomes almost inevitable. With that being said, here are three ways you can stop burnout before it happens. 1) Sleep.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep seems simple enough but still bears repeating as insomnia is one of the telltale signs of burnout. Changing your viewpoint on your current job situation is a simple fix that could help you avoid burnout, and focus on the positive things work brings you. EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE It seems these two things can cure anything! What you put in your body can have a large impact on your mood and energy levels throughout the day.

Throughout the work day you might crave sugary snacks or comfort food. Here are my top 4 tips that will aid in recovery and prevent burnout: Take 1-2 days off each week, especially if you are a beginner. Your body does perceive exercise as a stressor, and like any stressful situation, sometimes you need a break. You don’t have to.

You can avoid barre burnout by having modification options in your back pocket. Here are 3 ways to keep the burn going without compromising the benefits. Not every group barre class is designed with our bodies in mind, so having options in your back pocket are.

List of related literature:

Achieve a balance between rest and activities False 3.

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8) Focus your mind on each exercise.

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• To avoid boredom, it is recommended that an exercise prescription include more than one kind of aerobic exercise (e.g., swimming, biking, race walking, jogging, aerobic dance).

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For example, if you are usually busy without much time to exercise, prioritize it by scheduling an exercise session into your date book at a regular time so that you become accustomed to devoting that time to physical activity.

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Another skill that is very useful for individuals experiencing staleness, overtraining, or burnout is learning to say no.

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1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

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Regular physical activity helps people adopt a more active lifestyle as they begin to feel better physically and emotionally, thereby breaking the negative stress cycle (Figure 13-4).

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Sometimes alternating activities is a great way to avoid burnout or staleness

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Even replacing sedentary behavior with light-intensity physical activity provides health benefits.5

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Strategies for avoiding burnout include learning to say no to extra work (even if it brings extra rewards), learning effective time management and prioritising tasks appropriately, physical exercise and pursuit of non-work enjoyments, and learning to

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  • Still following this and here are the results: It might be that it’s the lockdown that stopped me eating unhealthy food but I have lost a lot of fat w just doing this routine 2 times. But I only have got decent obliges (idk the spelling) and upper two abs the lower ones are still not visible and I still have a small amount of side fat and stomach fat left. What should I do now?

  • In video we can not feel the pain but when we get up and do the exercise then we feel the pain and then we really get to know how strong we are ��

  • When I frist joined the work force right after high school I weighted over 300lb I got a job straight out of high school doing landscaping. I lost so much weight! I realize that I was working out for 8 hours a day so I ate a 6inch sub with no sauces bc I didn’t want the extra calories. I also never brought a soda to work for lunch instead I would bring a Gatorade or body armor drink. This was a year ago and I’m now 225.

  • But what if we burn out from having to take care of oneself? Eating healthy, sleeping at the right time, exercise is really difficult and so exhausting. I feel like just taking care of my basic needs is overwhelming me.

  • He mentioned this exercise is most effective when done atleast thrice but he didn’t mention the break in between so I took break for a month.

  • I taped and hung drywall for 15 years. I maintained 200lbs consistently after eating fast day. Rest is the key. Never work a Sunday no matter what. Diet and streatching is super important too. Aerobics and martial arts will round you out. I burned out bad. I wish I sorted it out sooner.

  • Question. I’ve noticed in a ton of your videos you really stress the need for sleep as part of proper recovery. That’s a bit of a challenge for me, I work graveyard shift at a saw mill. 12am to 8am. I’m able to get 6 hours sometimes 7 if I’m lucky. And on a bad day I’ll only get 5. And anyone who’s every had a consistent day sleep schedule knows it’s not the same as a good “night” sleep. Is this going to be a problem for me? I still seem to be progressing in my training. And I’ve been really focusing on diet to try and help recovery best I can.

  • My mom says that I’m leaner and Stronger,I am more energized and am eating more broccoli and Quinoa and are now much Tastier for some reason. THANK YOU Chris, THENX, but I wont stop just yet

  • Being told you need to spend time with friends in order to have balance really sucks when you don’t have the social skills to achieve that, nor anyone who’s remotely willing to teach those things.

  • Removing work apps from my phone was huge. Naval Ravikant says that “notifications are just alarm clocks that someone else sets for you” haha

  • Chris Heria thanks for making this video, pls notice me why my necks hurt after im doing this for a couple of days? and should i eat rice? thanks for reply in advance.. godbless

  • Hey Chris I have done this group of exercises from 4 months,everyday 4 times and got a sheared 6 packs abs, thank you for sharing this helpful video in YouTube

  • I’m rewatching this video again cause I forgot 2 exercises but what kind of nutrition should a 5’4 150-155lb man eat? Also I’m someone who is very active like running and mountain biking @thenx

  • I disagree, Echo. You still need to supplement your exercise in the trades. Your body will get used to the same kind of exercise over time and you will develop asymmetries and such which will lead to pain. My back was getting messed up from plumbing and I had to start doing a lot of supplemental exercises to keep it strong.

  • I totally agree with you, I like what you said about not getting stressed about diet. I have always believed being super strict, weighing food,counting calories and using percentages every time you eat just causes damaging stress. Your better of thinking more about what your doing in the gym.

  • I have that feeling I can eat what I want. Even to less. But than I don´t become bigger, I just get Stronger. That´s the cool thing about Calisthenics.:) And when I start just to eat big, I will get big. But my recovery is always good.

  • Healthy food, SLEEP, strength exercise (heavy weight) that builds resilience for the job. Dont sleep like Jocko or Arnold, only some people are genetically fit for that.

  • Started listening to this podcast three weeks ago, subsequently I started going to the gym every morning, eating healthy, and writing down my plans for the next day each night. Hadn’t committed to such a productive lifestyle for five years. Jocko makes it tough to keep lying to yourself.

  • Jocko said, “Don’t eat crap and you won’t need as much sleep”.

    This is truth. I work weird hours that sometimes have me running 4 days in a row with 3 or 4.5 hrs of sleep with a 2AM wake up time. I’m pretty worn by day 4 but I have been doing this for over a year and have been maintaining momentum. My diet could always be better I am certain that I eat healthier than the majority. Were it not for the fact that I eat well and exercise I doubt I could have lasted this long. That said, I know my long term health will benefit from more sleep. All the more reason to work harder while I have the opportunity.

  • I have the same problem. I’m a commercial plumber. I work 50+ hours per week, and it is very physical. I still work out, do jiu jitsu, and compete with my pistol.

  • I do a lot of pipeline construction at work pushing a wacker packer, shoveling dirt, jumping in and out of trenches.. hard work for 10 hours a day. Gained weight my first year, changing my diet now. Also ordered resistance bands, when I get home a quick 20 -30 minute bodybuilding set throughout the week is all I need. Changing my life, all because of this video. Thanks for the ideas.

  • I work in retail and start the shift 04:00 a.m. I have to wake up at 02:45 do some Burpees, eat a Muesli. After that I have to cycle for 6km up hill. I mostly sleep three to fours hours before I go to work after work, I come home and eat and then I sleep till I wake up and feel refreshed. Then I drink one black coffee, train calisthenics and some resistance band judo training, drink a protein shake, eat healthy and then read till I fall asleep. Once a week I go to Judo classes.

  • Started a weight lose journey last year. Killing myself with these Heria Workouts and shredded 70lbs of my body. I ended up looking more like Brad Pit (Fight Club) then Chris’s physique but it is what it is. Appreciate you Chris. 35 years old and in the best shape of my life, Mentally and Physically.

    “You can get results or make Excuses, but you can’t do both”
    Chris Heria

  • I’m 30 years old and basically lived through everything laid out in this video over the past few years. It’s so true!
    I always say “choose to do what makes you happy”, and it really works!

  • Im a drywaller, i am 24 years old and i also feel drained after a day of hanging. I still end up joining my jiu jitsu academy in the evening and knock out at home!

  • severe depression, undue strain, overburden, i needed you people not to destroy my entire life, to this point thats all your group has cast on y life from day one of my existence, none of you were ever put through what i was put through, thats why none of you understand what im saying, because you are ignorant and on easy street, they put me through worse than anything youve ever seen before you ever knew personally that i existed. i was a little boy when they put me through the level of test that youve never witnessed or are aware of its existence. when i was 12 in 1989 i was already the most robbed human being that had ever lived, since then its only gotten worse. none of you have ever been put through that and never will be capable of surpassing the thing i suffered 31 years ago, you are wasting my time. im not. wasting my own time i refuse to do.

  • Make sure you check your spiritual health as well.

    Training can be tough in the military and it always helps me to remind myself of my “why” when I’m feeling burned out.

  • If I didn’t have a dog, I’d get less cardio. I walk my dog twice a day mostly because I love my dog so much. She needs to stay healthy and fit.

  • Not as cool, but 6 miles every day after school for cross country running. It wasn’t fun per se, but it was rewarding and gratifying, and definitely kept me in good shape.

  • My great grandparents were divorced my grandparents were divorced, and my parents are all alcoholics. I don’t drink because I know how dark my mind can get

  • Thanks, this video is very very good! I am shifting from big corporate job to indie game dev and I am worried that I work too much.

  • Am a gal who does house cleaning and there are times I am tired and little stiff but still do a work out. Stretching appropriately is very important. Stay away from the fermented drinks ��. Anyway, find the equipment and downtime that is right for you. Slow down and figure it out

  • I’m not in school right now, (summer break) but this course series on soft skills in business (and life in general) has been really helpful.

  • 7:05 Pinning for a preset workout Regiment; thanks Sir Jocko Wilink, and of course Echo Charles!

    10:17 —Other Regiment for those interested.

  • Hey, CC, you noted that burnout might be like other mental illnesses and I struggle with some myself! Most people might not know how to see the warning flags of depression and anxiety being normalized in their lives. Might you do a series on mental illness / conditions, such as depression, adhd, aspergers? It isn’t covered in schools, but it is so important!

  • It’s really simple just go to the gym b4 work coz after a day of manual labour Ur tired. This is the only way I have found to do both coz after work I’m too tired

  • I work up to 12 hours a day labor. Im 52 and do my 5×5 program every day, squats everyday! Plus 30 min cardio during the week. Week ends boxing, cardio and 5×5. I have to stretch, eat right, and get my sleep including a 15 min deep nap at lunch. Took years to get everything together. This including injuries which I have learned to avoid for the most part by listening to my body. I come home beat but as soon as I get my gear on Im ready and always feel ready to go when I’m done. Either you want it or you don’t. Oh and I drove the ship, Qm2 6th fleet flag ship USS Belknap ’87 -’91.

  • Chris: You wanna do this for at least three to four more rounds
    Me (9 min break while recovering from the jumping jacks): you mean four to five rounds in total?

  • I think training with autoregulation is a big thing he didn’t mention. It’s perfect for lifting with unreliable readiness without overly taxing yourself while still making steady progress. Barbell Medicine’s programs would be my suggestion.

  • Jocko isn’t kidding, used to work in landscaping, most of which consisted building foundation walls and other things. 8-9 hours a day of carrying cinder blocks, masonary block, running equipment and lifting/moving large trees and plants, all you really needed at the end of the day was the cardio.

    If you want another “whole body” workout, try rock climbing. Seen a ton of guys in the gym laugh at this but the first time they go their arms are so sore they can’t even grip a door handle, lol.

  • Good exercise will never, EVER out-pace bad nutrition. If you do hard work (hanging drywall) all day and then get some cardio in, and maybe even some strength training on top of it… then go to McD’s and snag a super-sized double quarter pounder meal and large shake, then follow it up with a sixer in the evening, your health will be absolute dogshit.

    Get smart about nutrition and be disciplined enough to follow through, and good things will follow.

  • I was pushing a really heavy weight for me on the sled at the gym yesterday and every time the burn in my push muscles, legs and lungs got to the point I wanted to give up, I heard Jocko’s voice in my head saying “Don’t quit” in that gravelly, manly tone of his. He’s motivation personified. ����

  • I went running 7km������ & came back home & I thought that I could slide in a abs workout but trust me I don’t recommend doing what I did it’s been 3 days I can hardly get off of my bed in the morning ����

  • Damn, Gracies should pay Jocko and Joe Rogan 10% of their income, considering how many people they brought in and how much they promote jiu-jitsu in their podcasts

  • I disagree with the point pertaining to social connections. It’s close knit relationships with a few people, especially immediate family that matter the most. Most people are arseholes commited to increasing the size of their bank account and they’ll screw you over of it suits them. We live in the age of competition, and our relationships are hollow. I’m happy being with my family, other people I avoid like a plague.

  • I’ve been a Construction Worker all my Life. And these guys are on point. My Personal experience exactly matches their Words. I been through all of that. I nearly got retired at 36 Years, but I fixed my Diet, get my Rock Climbing (that’s the Pullups part ) going and do not Workout at all exept from stretching and mobility. Ocasionally I try some calistenics Regression as a Max. Strength Workout. Right now I’m picking my career back up. Strengthwise as well as opticaI I am in the shape of my Life. I can’t do it fulltime anymore, but at least i got fit enough to make a Living again. It’s not easy tho. It’s like society is working against you. You have to be educated and concious about your nutrition. Also you need a good bullshit detector. There’s tons of terrible advice out there. Great Video. Thanks for the Motivation.

  • i’m pretty inactive and don’t leave the house much cos of my social anxiety but i wanna loose fat and get in shape if i was to eat well lets say around 1800ish calories maybe less and do this workout 1-times a day would i still be burning fat?

  • What the heck you guys.. I am seeing too many comments saying that the video isn’t helpful and so and so tips don’t apply to them/don’t work. Crash course has to put holistic advice, applicable to most people in just a short video, and they do it to help people out and nothing else. Listen, change doesn’t happen overnight or in the first week or even sometimes the first month. But consistent and diligent work on one self (finding a sleep/exercise/eating routine) does. Self care takes a long time to master, but the result is an even longer time period of sufficient energy and a balanced state of mind and hence a desire and ability to perform well in the workforce. There isn’t a set of rules that works for everyone, but that is why you have to do trial and error in your daily routine, until something sticks and makes you the best version of you! However, it is up to you and dismissing advice because “it doesn’t work” is actually you denying yourself a better lifestyle. Don’t give up, burning out sucks, and is a warning sign from your body. Listen to it. Good luck, we are all rooting for you!

  • Honestly I think he should just push through and do the workout anyway. I used to be a mover for 7 1/2 years and I would literally RUN heavy ass furniture and boxes and pack the truck simultaneously because I was also a crew chief. And I would work 10 hours a day and sometimes I’d even do moves that lasted 22-24 hours and I’d still come into work the next morning with no sleep! Those days I didn’t get to workout after work but on normal days I’d workout everyday after I finished work. I struggled with discipline but I forced myself to do it even though my fingers and body were sore as hell and callused. It was hard, really hard. But I noticed that when I would workout despite being sore, on the next days when I worked doing moving I would seriously work way harder and more effective whether I was sore or not. I was just simply much stronger because of the workout. And since I struggled with not having perfect discipline, I would regularly workout about 4 days a week and rarely hit 6 days a week but I KNOW IN MY HEART that if I constantly managed the 6 days a week with pure discipline, I’d always be at my best on the job site. Because on those days where I decided to skip my workout, my body looked less pumped and I wouldn’t be AS strong as when I forced my workout in. Just saying, he should force through it and workout anyway.

  • If you have problem in physics or mathematics, welcome to me, i can help you, you can search my facebook named mostafa ragragui, good look.

  • Eddie ‘Flat Earth’ Bravo goes bananas after this vid.

    So true. I am an IT guy who works in a toxic environment. But bjj classes make me better and relief all the office crap out of me.

  • Hey bro I would say you don’t know how much your videos help me but I know it is the reason that you do them God bless your heart thank you for your service����‍♂️��⚓��

  • 2:00 Jumping Jacks
    2:52 Bicycles
    3:56 High Knee Taps
    4:54 Russian twists
    5:56 Mountain Climbers
    6:51 Laying leg raises
    7:50 In and outs
    8:53 Plank side to side
    9:54 Star crunches
    10:53 High Knee Runs

  • Bro, this guy is gonna be the death of me. God, after I lose this weight, I am never gonna get fat again. 18 pounds down and 40 to go. Tomorrow, I will get back here stronger, I will not lose to this exercise.

  • Please publish vedio about
    World history about Saudi Arabia and other thing if u publish any vedio related these topic plz speak my name at last my name is hafid thank love u John green sir

  • My burn out is with life. Might join the military but I’m betting it would suck being the oldest guy at basic as I’m just under the age limit.

  • I’m a grape swamper in the Central Valley. We toss/load 2500 boxes of grapes onto a work truck in 95-100 degree heat. I am drenched in sweat most of the day. My advice would be to try to clean up your diet 1, and 2 do a lot of stretching to keep u fresh most of the day. Get knots out of ur back or hamstrings and you won’t be as tired to lift when u get home.

  • I’m doing ironwork right now. 10-12 hours a day. Gonna be waking up at 4 am and hitting a workout before these 10-12 hour days so I’ll let y’all know how this goes

  • only reason i m burned out right now and the only reason i keep training is becasue of pure momentum is becasue it s summer and i have 30 degrees celsius in my god damn room, i m sweating all day, feel like shit and than comes 6-7 pm, time to train, but i have no energy because i spent them trying to not pass out all day….

  • I guess there is always going to be some freaks out there like Several times 60’s Mister Olympia Sergio Oliva working in a foundry steel factory like over 10 hours and then going to the gym to lifting weights..

  • Ive been doing this for about a week…. an for the first time instead of passing out i was finally able to do a second round! Thank you!

  • How strict do you think workouts should be structured? If for example if today is my push-up day three hard sets of push-ups any harm in doing two sets according to the progression with the last set a variety set maybe sandbag, Dumbbells, bands or neuro grip pushups

  • For me, part of avoiding burnout before it can happen is to de-load one week per month. I still work out, but I do 30-50% less volume/intensity/load and by the end of the de-load week I feel ready to go hard again. The difficult part is actually de-loading when I feel FINE going into the week. But I know that if I keep pushing, then some level of burnout will only be a week or two away.

  • Love your videos Chris! Thenx has inspired me to master my pullsups and keep wanting to grow and learn more. I created a new YouTube channel/Instagram dedicated to calisthenics. Thank you for the inspiration! �� youtube: Tiltsnturns

  • Physical labor, 8 hours a day here + standing commute.
    This is what I do.
    1) eat lots of meat
    2) sleep 7 hours min.
    3) drink electrolytes especially salt throughout the day.
    4) restrict coffee intake in order not to mess with my cortisol.

    5) take steroids (kidding but the option is out there I guess)

  • Nice video! I’m struggling with motivation at the moment so thank you for the tips:) I found out that if I don’t have motivation to train I just train my favorite exercises a few times a day and feel okay with myself. What is your opinion on the thickness of the bar for pull movements? I’m asking because I saw something called fat grips and I am not sure if it’s a scam or not, they just make your bar a bit thicker

  • I wanted to wait til the end of the series before officially making a judgement, but you were in no way qualified to host this series. You are an internet personality, not a business person. You hold no official training in this subject area.

    Furthermore, every reference from this video promoted liberal ideas and agendas and did not remotely suggest a fair balance of ideas. Never once was there a reference to a more conservative field like finance or accounting (you know, actually business). Your dress was not business professional, and those pins in particular are exceptionally inappropriate for any business workplace. Your use of phrases like ‘black girl magic’ and ‘white man confidence’ were the most egregious use of unacceptable workplace language.

    While I love Crash Course, this series really dropped the ball.

  • Thank you for this thoughtful series. Even though I don’t work in a corporation/office job you gave me helpful tools on how to manage work life better. I’m gonna pass the course on to my students, they should know these things while going out scouting for jobs.

  • Take it from me. My career ruined my health. Don’t do it for the money. Ever. Ever. That’s what trapped me. Do what you enjoy. The alternative is hell on earth. You’ll be sitting in your mansion dreading the coming morning, shaking and sick. All day, every day. Not able to enjoy anything in life. Hell on earth.

  • hey chris. I was reading the CC book(i do it repeatedly,like a bible),come to think of it, convicts pretty much workout throughout the day in small shots(when they get time in the cell,yard,prison jobs…). so they workout the whole day. i have been following this idea for a week. will it come under the endurance training banner,with little strength and size gains?? or will my muscle size grow with strength too?? thanks!

  • I started watching your videos and started doing the workouts, I did them for about 3 months and then let myself go and stopped doing them because of lockdown, I’m just starting to get back into the videos and I’m doing the workouts again, your videos have helped me out alot and I thank you chris

  • hey!:) are you interested in physics? I’d be really thankful if you visited my channel! watch my first video and, if you like it, you could like and subscribe ��❤️

  • I’m don’t want to work in retail forever. I don’t have weekends & don’t enjoy the time I’m missing from my family from working so late. I doesn’t help that jobs aren’t easy to come by in a city that a lot of ppl want to move to.

  • My dad worked for the old Westinghouse Defense and Electronics for over 25 years. After they lost 3 general managers to heart attack deaths in 18 months, they brought in a consulting firm to look at their work/life balance. The firm suggested giving all employees access to a fitness center and nutritional counselling. However, they also said that all of this was pointless if the employee’s spouses were not included as well so my mother was also able to access these facilities. My parents got into the habit of going to the gym on a regular basis and, now retired, have been able to keep up this habit into their 80s.

  • I am a bit sad about the end of such a great series, but have i heard it right: we will have an entrepreneurship series soon. That’s awesome!

  • Have you ever thought of making a series on megalithic structures and or “secret” societies? Love the vids thank you for everything!

  • Jocko accepts Burnout as an excuse only if you got set on fire by a napalm-grenade and burned to ashes, BUT he still expects you to inform your superior officer before taking your last breath.

  • 0.1 per mil blood alcohol content is legally drunk? You literally get this by drinking a sip of radler and the fact that if you don’t sleep you feel like 0.1 per mil drunk is kind of underwhelming to be honest hahaha

  • Approaching HR is often a hard option and last resort, and may not always give you what you want as the department may be biased.

    If you have any issues with your colleagues/boss, it may be best to first approach them in a calm/friendly/neutral way and simply ask them about the issues of conflict in a non-confrontational way. Unless you have established a reputation as being petty/irritable or as a constant complainer, a lot of people are willing to listen to you if you bring up any issues you have if you approach them the right way, and assume it is a honest mistake on their part. Being confrontational/aggressive should generally be avoided, as the other person is then liable to become defensive; which is simple human psychology 101; and should therefore be avoided.

    Of course, if there is a genuine problem; there still exists a few people who are unwilling to budge even if you approach them in a proper way, in which case it may be necessary for you to escalate. But escalation should always be the last option.

    And, lastly; if you feel there is a problem, always take a moment to scrutinize yourself first before you scrutinize others. If you have a nosy boss, it may be because you lack initiative when not supervised, or have been unreliable in your past performance/delivery. Sometimes the problem is with you, sometimes it is not; but always make an honest self evaluation first.

  • I used to do a strict routine, and then something would happen and I would miss a day, then I would stress about when I could fit the missed workout in. But I didn’t want to overwork one day having two training sessions in a day, then I would miss another day and then everything started to compound and all that worry just burned me out. Stopped working out for a while. Now I’m more relaxed about everything, following that chain training and working on the basics, pull ups, push ups, dips, handstands, bridges, squats and core(after my broken rib heals a bit more). Great video (as always).

  • Hey man, you can make yourself the most real of real bros man. Im serious. It s called work. If you take a hammer and hit the nail. Sex feels better. Keep fucking it bro.

  • My previous workplace was toxic. The entire team was bullying me since day 1, and the company knew and didn’t do anything about it. In fact, the boss even instigated a toxic environment for everyone. The friend who had helped me get the job bullied me just the same. I thought for months it was just me, but I realized that the problem was not me, but them. Was tough, and took me ages to switch jobs. Still nursing the scars from that job, and I am just happy to be in a healthier environment. People remarked that I look much better than when I was back at the old job.

    So yeah, the right environment is crucial! Otherwise a good performance is not possible and you as a person wrinkle too.

  • I have never had to deal with HR never worked for any business large enough to have such a department but from what I’ve learned from listening to friends and so forth, the concerns getting raised in comments about approaching HR are founded in experience. However I had a thought that might be helpful: documentation. If you can manage to document the behavior you’re reporting, if you can essentially have it “in hard copy” then HR can try to mess you up, but you have the ability to provide proof in a case against the company (in case of that whole, being laid off thing). It’s not “nice,” at all, to feel like you have to outsmart your co-workers and the company, but it’s also not good to feel like you can’t rely on the department you’re supposed to be able to trust to be fair.

    This has been a great series, and Evelyn, you have been a pleasure to listen to and to learn from. Thank you!

  • I never believed it, but a foam roller makes me black and blue, especially on my back. Afterwards it feels amazing.
    I work in the concrete industry and am responsible for six kids.
    Just try the roller, its fun to watch.

  • That HR thing caused my downvote. HR is there for the company’s status quo -leave the job don’t bother with HR they can fire you for it.

  • To me, burnout isn’t just caused by work…it’s caused by taking on too much, regardless of whether it’s occupational, social, familial, etc.

  • I did plumbing for 8 1/2 hours a day and then would work out 5 to 6 days a week for 1 to 3 hours every time I was always exhausted, fucking sucked. Looked good tho��

  • I used to work at starbucks. My store was one of the busiest stores in the district. This was one of many factors that caused working there to be stressful.

    There was always a war going on between coworkers(just as much as any workplace im sure). Sometimes it got to the point where there would be verbal fights on the floor on a monthly basis. Every week one barista was trying to get the other fired. Gossip, misinformation, lies and mistrust spread throughout the entire store of course. Sometimes the toxicity would get out of control and it felt unsafe to go to work.

    Outrageous customers were a norm. As were trivial cooperate rules. These rules were specifically designed to achieve whatever qaurterly goal they wanted accomplished. On the surface that doesn’t sound bad but in reality that meant that us employees were to sacrifice doing our job efficiently and effectively just to “get drive thru times faster” or whatever.

    Strict rules for the most tedious trivial things you can think of. And yes we actually did get in trouble of we didn’t adhire to these rules (write ups, reprimand, and fired)

    Here’s an example of an actual rule my store had to follow: “To keep the store looking clean, do not prepare backups until they are needed”

    This meant that when we were understaffed(usually 3 people) and busy we had to stop what we were doing to make a backup that should have already been prepared.

    Imagine getting paid $9/hour to not do your job and then getting yelled at for it.

  • Work-life balance? HA!!! lol. Tell that to inflation, plumetting wages, rent hikes, gentrification, having a family to feed, the glass ceiling, a competitive work force, and all the other bs I can’t think about right now.

  • Carpenter here. I still train 5 days a week but I’m only 26 with no kids. A lot of construction workers have good diets actually but there are of course a lot who don’t but that’s the same for all job groups

  • People with physical jobs often talk about not being more physically fit. I think you’re correct about diet, but I think there is a lot to be said for sustaining a target heart rate for a period of time.

  • Psh, drywall. Try logging. Hauling sometimes 250/300 lb rounds out of the woods and stacking it in the back of a truck for upwards of 12 hours.

    I helped with drywal once and honestly id rather log.

  • isn’t this supposed to be only part of the business course? I’ve been looking for the first episodes of part two and can’t find them, can anyone tell me where to look?

  • I’m sorry but “sexual harassment is unfortunately more common than it SHOULD BE”??? What the hell people, it should not exist AT ALL, not be LESS COMMON… The formulation is rather problematic 0_0

  • Let me make this clear, to me this is the most important video Evelyn has covered and is fitting that its the finale.

    I don’t think it was mentioned clearly enough or was assumed in the video. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to burnout. You have these internal voices telling yourself that something HAS to be done, that you NEED this job, or that is just the way things work. Some of those internal voices may be truthful, but you cannot KNOW this unless you confirm it. Talk to your coworkers, bosses, other freelancers, other business owners. Those internal voices may be lying to you or preying on your insecurities without you knowing it. If there are outside voices telling you some or all of those things, either times are extraordinary or its a red flag. Again, communication is key. Talk to your boss and coworkers to understand why, talk to other bosses to confirm the why. Once you understand where they are coming from, you can make the best decision for you. Which might not be with your current boss or company.

    Notice that I never included HR in this. They are there for the company, not the employee. They will only act if sufficient evidence is presented that this could be a long term problem for the company. Most of the time, without a cost-benefit analysis in your favor, you could be the long term problem for going to HR. If the company has a whistleblower hotline that is generally safer, but again the problem has to be ‘worth it’. ‘Worth it’ is generally smaller than most people expect, as re-training can be cheaper than increasing employee churn but for some companies it isn’t. My first employer out of college loved new college graduates, so did their best to weed people out by their fourth year with the company. I stayed through till my fourth year, then left because they started stacking the responsibilities without increasing the incentives, salary, or positional power. So it worked for them.

  • I just quit my job yesterday. Knowing about how “abnormal” some things were compared to other places I had been before made me say good-bye the moment I had the chance and a few extra bucks on my bank account. Handy video.

  • Most construction workers I know have a fatty liver and are prediabetic from corn syrup and too many beers after work. It is sad to see such strong men be so sick.

  • Good stuff! For the most part, I do 1-2 well, but I need to get better at the self-care. I realized I was missing something on my list of “enjoyables” (thanks for the mention)…adding a quarterly massage. Muy importante!

  • Okay, this is soooo good. Both as a permission for myself but also to know you do it, too! I recently took work email off of my phone and that was SO good. It made me become intentional about the times of day that I check work email. I used to be:) awful about separating work from family time. This is an area I intend to improve. Working from home makes it hard to not have the two bleed together. It takes a lot of intentionality.