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What Goals should you define in your Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics Goals Tutorial // How To Setup and Configure Goals

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How to define an Event Goal in Google Analytics

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Tutorial // How to Setup Google Analytics Goals

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Tracking specific goals with web analytics

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3 ways to view Funnels in Google Analytics

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Goal Planning Part 4: Tracking Your Progress

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Every time I’ve set a goal and then never put down a plan to achieve it, I’ve never succeeded. And so I’ve discovered that there has to be some kind of way to track your goals from start to finish, otherwise you’re destined to fail. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of 20 different ways that you can use to track your goals. Then, you know exactly what you need to do this week to reach your year-end goal.

Track Your Activity. Every day, write down what you must do today and do it. It can be simple: run on a treadmill for 20 minutes, read 10 pages of a book, spend 15 minutes tucking your. Joe’s Goals is a web-based tool that allows users to track their habits and goals in an easy to use interface. Users can add as many goals/habits as they want and also check multiple times per day for those “extra productive days”.

Something that is unique about Joe’s Goals is the way that you can keep track of negative habits such as eating out, smoking, etc. A structured and informed set of goals will ensure your ambitions are reached in the quickest time, with maximum effect. What is often the most difficult part is staying on track, particularly if the goal in question is a long term one. There are a number of tactics that can be employed to assist you lasting the distance! #1 Keep a diary. With our assessments, teachers can use the growth projection data and learning statements to develop individual academic learning goals with students.

Going beyond the individual student level, teachers and school leaders can identify strengths and areas for improvement in goal performance areas for classrooms, schools, or entire districts. In this way, the manager and employee can work together to achieve not just the individual goals, but also the objectives of the company. Metric #2: Quality The quality of an employee’s work is. Daily goals are a great way to stay focused and on-track towards your long-term goals that are years and years away. It’s easy to lose sight of those big goals.

One of the ways is using them to set, track and achieve our goals for the new year and beyond. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to tracking everything from your. 3. Playbooks and Metrics. We have defined playbooks that help us track key metrics per department.

It differs in every business model, but this is a great way to grow efficiencies and keep. For example, you might compare data over time using metrics such as your speed of work, accuracy, level of responsibility or quality work to determine whether you’re improving. If so, you know that you’re adding value to the company.

If you’re not meeting your goals, you might consider adjusting your focus and resources accordingly.

List of related literature:

To perform data analytics, one and a half months data has been recorded for the following 5 parameters – steps taken, distance covered, floors climbed, minutes active and calories burned and these data are fed into the service.

“Emerging Trends in Computing and Expert Technology” by D. Jude Hemanth, V. D. Ambeth Kumar, S. Malathi, Oscar Castillo, Bogdan Patrut
from Emerging Trends in Computing and Expert Technology
by D. Jude Hemanth, V. D. Ambeth Kumar, et. al.
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The primary goal of any tracking method is to assure that data is not lost and this goal must be met.

“Practical Guide to Clinical Data Management” by Susanne Prokscha
from Practical Guide to Clinical Data Management
by Susanne Prokscha
CRC Press, 2006

First of all, the scalability and objectivity of current daily practice can be improved by using tracking data.

“Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases: International Workshops of ECML PKDD 2019, Würzburg, Germany, September 16–20, 2019, Proceedings, Part II” by Peggy Cellier, Kurt Driessens
from Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases: International Workshops of ECML PKDD 2019, Würzburg, Germany, September 16–20, 2019, Proceedings, Part II
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Adding big data to simple online tracking data makes the behavioural targeting of online advertising much more effective.

“MKTG4” by Charles W. Lamb, Joseph F. Hair, Jr, Carl McDaniel, Jr., Jane Summers, Michael Gardiner
from MKTG4
by Charles W. Lamb, Joseph F. Hair, Jr, et. al.
Cengage Learning Australia, 2018

Tracking tools, when structured correctly, provide the agency with just the correct amount of data.

“Handbook of Home Health Care Administration” by Marilyn D. Harris
from Handbook of Home Health Care Administration
by Marilyn D. Harris
Aspen Publishers, 1997

For instance, with the advent of trackers and smartphone applications to monitor exercise, behavior change techniques—goal setting, feedback, and rewards—are available in small packages.

“Lifestyle Psychiatry” by Douglas L. Noordsy, M.D.
from Lifestyle Psychiatry
by Douglas L. Noordsy, M.D.
American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2019

To receive accurate and reliable data to drive action, ensure that you’re using campaign tracking to track your marketing initiatives (read Chapter 18 – “Campaign Tracking”) and that you have also set up goals (read Chapter 23 – “Goals”).

“Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics: Second Edition” by Benjamin Mangold
from Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics: Second Edition
by Benjamin Mangold
Loves Data Pty Limited, 2018

Data can be tracked by day and users can set daily goals that can be viewed on graphs.

“Building Positive Behavior Support Systems in Schools, Second Edition: Functional Behavioral Assessment” by Deanne A. Crone, Leanne S. Hawken, Robert H. Horner
from Building Positive Behavior Support Systems in Schools, Second Edition: Functional Behavioral Assessment
by Deanne A. Crone, Leanne S. Hawken, Robert H. Horner
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Initiatives that successfully use tracking studies often incorporate one or more of the following approaches into their study designs:

“Marketing Public Health: Strategies to Promote Social Change” by Michael Siegel (M.D.), Lynne Doner
from Marketing Public Health: Strategies to Promote Social Change
by Michael Siegel (M.D.), Lynne Doner
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Tracking, Reporting, and Control I. Establish guidelines for tracking, reporting, and control A. Define data requirements 1.

“Handbook of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Second Edition” by Adedeji B. Badiru
from Handbook of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Second Edition
by Adedeji B. Badiru
Taylor & Francis, 2013

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  • Thanks for all this information.
    But do you have smart goal setup tutorial video???
    Actually I am searching for it for a long time but I did not find it.

  • At 7:50 you say that eCommerce websites usually do not use goals and that the tracking code is better, how are conversions measured if there is no goal linked to the thank you page. I use a bigcommerce website and am a bit lost on the specifics. Thank you

  • Hi Julian thanks for great tutorials!!!!! Can you possibly clear this issue up as it’s always a commonly asked question. In your experience what is the best method to setup conversions. Via Analytics Goal then importing into Google Ads OR set up conversions in Google Ads itself……OR…..using GTM to track clicks, URLs etc etc. Please assist…thanks JW

  • I am having an issue with event goal configuration in analytics! After setting up my event tracking in GTM, I can see events are recording correctly with respective ‘categories’ and ‘actions’ as I have defined in GTM. But during event goal configuration, ‘goal verification’ shows Zero results if I give ”category’ name! and if I only give ‘action’ name and leave category empty then goal verification gives ok result. Why its like that? can my goals work fine if I only assign ‘action’??

  • Hi,

    Quick question: We use a third party ticketing platform. The google ad ID is already integrated on there. How am I supposed to track the conversions (Purchases)?

  • Really you actually explained each and every step very nicely and it was clear to me in the fist go itself. Very nicely informed and that is what i exactly wanted to know about. Thank you for sharing this video.

  • Wow! A recommendation from Neil Patel! Well done!

  • hi Julian, I have user generate content website, user could create their own content and share on the facebook and other social network. I wonder how I could use GA to track if whose content traffic come from to reward for user.

  • hi, i have a question.Why does the event flow report of every account that I have in Google Analytics showing till 13th step like (1st,2nd,…13th)?

  • Hi Great video presentation. My event is being recorded in real time as an event but the goal I have setup, following your instructions is not working. I am using video as category and when i verify there is nothing. When i go to realtime and trigger the event the goal is not registering. The event is registering in realtime but not the goal. How do I figure out what is wrong.

  • very professional, simple language, wellexplained and patient when explaining. One of the best educational videos I have seen. Keep it up please

  • Hello, I clicked verify and it still says 0% when I am tracking a contact (/thank-you) conversion. I received 2 form submissions today and still not registering. Does it only track the data moving forward even though it says to verify?

  • It would be helpful to see an actual website and how content and event tracking are done on that site and what the tracking results look like

  • I have a site for magazines submissions online. There are quite a few types of magazines. How do you assign value to each goal? Or would you suggest to go for commence tracking instead?

  • Any future Google Ads videos in the works? It’d be great to get more in-depth with advanced campaigns like remarketing and shopping.

  • subscribing to a newsletter on a regular basis is free but, since we can add a “value” to each subscription, how the heck are you give a $ value to something when it is supposed to be free? 12:40

  • hi, i have a question. Why does the event flow report of every account that I have in Google Analytics showing till 13th step
    like (1st,2nd,…13th)?

  • Quick question: when you write /thankyou after equals to, how does GA actually knows where that “thank you” is located? How come you didn’t use the full URL?

  • Thank you for the video! And i only have one question, can we define a goal in the original view or do u suggest to create a new view?

  • Hi, I really like your channel as it’s very informative. I have a question though, if I want to set up an event every time a purchase is made do I set a goal in GA or do I choose e-commerce tracking?

  • another great video thanks. one q please Would you need to make a ‘paused’ goal to see how often the user watch the video or this will show up anyway? thanks keep it up

  • Great video, very helpful. Many tutorials talk about what conversions are but it’s hard to learn how to actually do it and what all the different options are for matching the right goals with the right campaigns

  • Hi Julain, I believe i have configures everything correctly and when i verify i have a.40% conversion showing. However I cannot see the trigger fire up GA? I see the goal under real time > conversions but nothing being triggered? I can see the goal being fired when i preview the website. What could be the possible cause? Where do i begin this investigation?

  • Is there any reason why you added the “Lead form” contact us page in the funnel? Is this to ensure that the conversion only counts IF the lead came from the contact us page, and did not open the “thank you page” straight away?

  • Hey there! Thanks for watching my video. Want to make sure you’ve configured Google Analytics correctly? Take a moment to check out my free Google Analytics checklist at https://lovesdata.co/rGb3e

  • How can I setup a goal that is actually on a 3rd party website? I.e. My ticketing page is on a 3rd party so the user journey ends on a page that isn’t on my website. Can I still track them completing the goal if they are on an external page from my website?

  • Hi, really great content!
    I did exactly what you are teaching. Just one question:
    Could you explain why UNIQUE events and goal conversion associated to them do not match? I get in my analytics that goals hits are less than the number of events. However, if the goal is measured when also the event is triggered, why the numbers do not match? I know that goals measure the sessions and events the hits. But shouldn’t the UNIQUE Events also measure the sessions?

  • Help!! I put on events across the US in various cities. Each event has a page with a unique URL on my website. For example, for my event in Tampa, the URL is https://www.conqueryouth.com/tampa-2020. When they click REGISTER they are taken off-site to a registration platform called RedPodium. Each event has its own RedPodium registration page with a unique URL. Example: https://conqueryouth.redpodium.com/young-lions-ocr-tampa-2020. When they register, they are taken to the RedPodium Thank You/Confirmation page. The Thank You/Confirmation URL has their unique transaction number and ends with /receipt#. Example: https://conqueryouth.redpodium.com/01E1058K6C82YN76MR1/receipt#

    My issue is that I want to set up a Google Goal for each event I sell registrations for. So I want to track my registrations for say Tampa and separately Wichita or any other city. But the RedPodium Thank You/Confirmation page URL is the exact same across all my events in that it just is exactly as shown above just with a different transaction number, but they all end in /receipt# 

    How can I setup a Google Goal for each event?

  • Hey Man, i have a question at google analytics by mistake i delete my view at my account and i dont know it will delete my data too so, how i can return it back. Please Help me out

  • Hi, great video. I need to track a pdf download (there are some different pdf files). My developer wrote a JS that assign the category download to the link. Now my question is can I use the URL of each different pdf file in the field action when I set up the goal? Thanks

  • Hey, do you know how to add a step with url parameters? I have a webpage, e.g. http://www.example.com/checkout/?level1 and another page http://www.example.com/checkout/?level2. I set up a separate goal for each page, but the results are the same. I think it just tracks http://www.example.com/checkout/ and ignores the rest of the url

  • Great video, thanks! When creating a custom goal and specifying Category/Action/Label values ( 3:20 of video), what are the various operator options in the dropdown, aside from ‘Equals to’? Specifically, can you enter multiple values in the associated text box? Ex: ‘Action’ IN play, pause.

  • Matching regular expression I get the OR statement but can you confirm that the initial thank you part (which is written as /thank\-you\?id= even though the matches required are all /thank-you?id=

    Should’t the initial OR string match the rest of the path or is this how it is supposed to look?

  • 0:00 Introduction
    0:38 #1 Goal Funnel Visualization
    1:03 How to Use the Goal Funnel Visualization
    1:53 How to Set Up the Goal Funnel Visualization
    4:20 #2 Checkout Behaviour Analysis Funnel Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
    6:22 #3 Horizontal Funnel Using a Custom Google Analytics Report
    6:49 How to Set Up Custom Google Analytics Report

  • i have set event in GTM that is my goal but when i checked total event source medium wise it not matching but unique event are matching please let me know reason for same

  • Julian, great video this is really is helping. I have a site that is a school where I am looking to make a check out funnel for the 8 step enrollment process. It is one page with multiple tabs. Do you think I should use a goal funnel with virtual pages or the enhanced eCommerce method? Thanks.

  • Hey I have a question, how would you build a goal (and likely an underlying event) user visited 3 pages or user clicked on 3 links?

  • Thanks for the clear video!

    I’ve got a question about how to set up a goal funnel for a sign up where there are 2 pages that have the sign up form on them organic and Facebook ads. Do I add individual steps for each of these?

  • Hello, thank you for your usefull video!!! i have a question, i created an event on GTM, and then created the goal on GA..with the name of category and action. On real time, i can see that it is working, but on the behaviour, event tab, there is still nothing..is it normal?? can’t i see statistics for a month for example and not only in real time? thanks

  • Julian, thank you very much for everything you are doing on this YT channel. Could you advice where can I find detailed info about the way to set up the Checkout & Shopping Behavior Funnel on an e-commerce website? Thank you in advance! Karolina

  • Great video Julian. Question, what is the best way to setup GTM if I use GA to manage and review multiple client site data. I’m not sure if we should use our company name and create a container for each client titled e.g., Client A Container, Client B Container, etc., or go another route…suggestions??

  • Clear explanation and I was able to add a goal immediately after viewing. Question: my site has banner ads that click through to my advertising clients’ landing pages. Their destination url is not on my site. If I use their land page destination, will the Goal track properly so that I can report back to clients the number of times their ad was clicked? Thanks,

  • hi, can you help me how to fix google analytics because in the status there is No Data received is past 48 hours. can anyone give me the steps on how to solve it? thank you

  • Now wait! What if I wanted to track the Action: ‘From {{Page Path}}’, or the Label: ‘To {{Click Text}}’ as I defined in Google Tag manager? I’d like to track the dynamically-generated Anchor Text and the dynamically-generated Page from which it was clicked, whichever page and anchor text that was. Do you happen to know if these dynamically-generated values be recorded and displayed as Goals in Analytics? Thank you! Great videos, by the way. I’ve learned so much.

  • Thanks Julian! Great Video that clarifies the differentiation between Events and Goal Events that many people doesn’t know about it.

  • Love your videos!
    Just a question: What do I do if I can’t identify any action when someone clicks?
    For example when you find the action (about 2.40 in this video), to seperate people starting the video and people pausing it. When I go into GTM like on the video, there is no “action”.

  • Wow! Just wow. Thanks for making this video! I am in the baby stages of starting my own online company as well as a Social Media Marketing Agency. I happened across this video by accident but am so thankful for it.
    Would I be correct in thinking that this would be an excellent tool (if set up correctly) for a business/client to have physical data to point to and actually see the “return on investment” for hiring my agency for their social media and ad campaign conversions?

  • Quick question: what happens if we write the entire URL: http://www.example.com/thankyou after euqals to? Will there be any differences in recording of conversions?

  • I am facing issue in funnel visualization report. In my goal funnel visualization for step1, for a specific date range i get one of my page URL as exit but when i expand the date range filter, in the new funnel results, i don’t see that particular URL in the exits eg. on Dec15 2017 to Dec18 2017 Date range i get abc.HTML page in the exits but for date range Dec14 2017 to Dec 18 2017 i don’t get abc.HTML in the exits, so it is bringing discrepancy the report, what is the reason?

  • Hi. Thanks for the info. I have an issue though. I have different sign up pages that all lead to the same thank you page. I have created different goals each with its steps. But when I look at the results, they all show the exact same result probably because the destination page is the same. Is there anyway to tell how many people ended up on the thank you page based on which page they signed up on?

  • which expression is the best expression if my goal url is something like this domainname/checkout/order-received/356/?key=wc_order_58b9662091987 to set up a goal funnel?

  • hi, since you said Goal not for ecommerce. Can you make a video ecommerce tracking code. I believe many people are looking for. Thank you great video

  • Great video!
    I have a question though. Isn’t it possible to create a Analytics goal to track phonecall-clicks? So that I know how many people have clicked on the phonenumber-link in the footer, or on a phonecall-button-link?

  • Hi Julian. Your videos are super cool! I’m new to analytics and tgm and I’ve been searching for a data driven channel for a while now. Can you advise me how to learn analytics and tgm from scratch? (books, google acadamy, your channel) I’ve seen that you made some beginner courses in 2016 but since then a few things have changed. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks!