3 Safe Exercise Moves for Moms-to-Be


Kids Workout / Super Mario Workout (age 3-10)

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Pregnancy Exercise Third Trimester

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Third Trimester Prenatal Cardio Workout-But Good for ANY Trimester of Pregnancy!

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25 Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout-No equipment workout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters

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Pregnancy Stretching Routine | Best Stretches to Relieve Pregnancy Symptoms!

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5 Best Pregnancy Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises Ask Doctor Jo

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Exercises for the pelvic floor and core in pregnant women

Video taken from the channel: Atlantic Physical Therapy Center

Place your feet shoulder width apart, with your toes pointed out at 45-degree angles. (Be sure to turn out from your Begin to squat down by bringing your hips back, as though you are about to sit down in a chair that is too far behind Sink down as low as you can, then push back up through. Moms-to-be may be afraid of hurting the baby or of injuring themselves while working out, but unless your doctor or midwife tells you otherwise, it’s usually safe to keep moving. “Find reliable resources that teach you about the body so that you know how it feels like when you’re in alignment without the teacher adjusting you,” Welch. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant women. If walking isn’t enough of a cardiovascular challenge, try jogging instead. However, pregnancy isn’t the time to start a running.

Best poses for pregnancy: Cat-Cow, Warrior, Tree, and Cobbler’s Pose Walking Sounds simple, but walking is one of the best low-impact exercises around, especially for beginners. Start off slowly and increase your time and distance as you build up your endurance. Barre classes — a mix of Pilates, yoga and ballet-inspired moves — are excellent for expecting women because they involve strengthening your lower body and core without much jumping. They also involve balance exercises, which help keep you stable as your baby bump throws off your balance. “Elliptical training, stationary bikes and treadmill or outdoor walking are safe exercise regimens and also seem to prevent or lessen joint pain, likely due to the active use of the hip joints in a non-traumatic manner.”.

Continued 6. Bonus Workouts for Baby and Mom. It can be hard to find time away from your baby in the early months, so try these exercises that you can do with your infant.Take caution when. Improving your flexibility helps you maintain good posture and move more freely and easily. A study published in the International Journal of Physical Therapy found that after 10 weeks of stretching 2-3 times a week, older adults had better spinal mobility, an increased ability to flex their hips and a more steady gait.

For a quick, total-body workout for women, pick five of the best exercise moves and do 3 sets of each. Move as fast as possible between moves for maximum calorie burn. The next day, do the other five exercises. You can incorporate a few sets of cardio intervals into the total-body training session or do it separately for a longer period of time.

Yoga is the perfect at-home workout for both moms and moms-to-be — all you need is a mat (and if you don’t have one, a rug works just fine). This prenatal flow lasts about 10 minutes and will strengthen you from head to toe, decrease bloating and increase energy. What’s more, many moms-to-be say prenatal yoga helped them prepare for labor.

List of related literature:

In the second place, the several recommended types of exercise for pregnant should address all health-related physical fitness components (i.e., aerobic, resistance training, and flexibility), as well as neuromotor exercises, pelvic floor training, and preparation for birth exercises.

“Exercise and Sporting Activity During Pregnancy: Evidence-Based Guidelines” by Rita Santos-Rocha
from Exercise and Sporting Activity During Pregnancy: Evidence-Based Guidelines
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• Safe exercises, even for women who do not exercise before pregnancy, include walking, swimming, cycling, and aerobics.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
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A client of mine recently started belly dancing and loves it—it’s great exercise and she laughs and has fun.

“Will I Ever be Good Enough?: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers” by Karyl McBride
from Will I Ever be Good Enough?: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers
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I got a good, safe aerobic workout, and a daughter who came out of the womb loving dance and movement!

“Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being
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Safe activities include walking, swimming, dancing, and yoga.

“Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach” by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
from Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach
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You can exercise alone or find an exercise that you and your baby can do together: mom and baby exercise class, walking with the baby in a stroller or carrier, and walking or running with a jogging stroller are several options.

“Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers” by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Jack Newman
from Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers
by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Jack Newman
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Best practice would be to offer advice on safe exercise in pregnancy and on back care and pelvic floor early in pregnancy.

“Tidy's Physiotherapy E-Book” by Stuart Porter
from Tidy’s Physiotherapy E-Book
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I did Pilates, yoga, and tai chi, and a lot of walking with both my pregnancies.

“Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Mother Daughter Wisdom
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I had tried Mommy Yoga at Tess’s suggestion and Mama Zumba at Pamela’s.

“The Supreme Macaroni Company” by Adriana Trigiani
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Exercise and pregnancy: A review.

“Sports Science Handbook: I-Z” by Simon P. R. Jenkins
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  • I am so grateful my husband found this video here on YouTube! I was in so much pain and desperately needed sleep. Since I’m doing this routine in the evening and another one in the morning, I’m able to sleep again with turning every half hour because of the pain. Thank you thank you thank you! ��

  • Just did this stretch routine for the first time and i feel so relaxed and loosened. Definitely going to put it in my nightly routine! Thank you

  • Wow.. this stretched me so so much and made me feel that mostly the left side of my body really struggles.. Definitely gonna try to do this every day from now on! Thanks hunn

  • I’m 18+ 4 weeks and have been having such a tough time with my body this time around. This was incredible! I felt like jello after! Thank you! ��

  • I just tried this and honestly my back feel so much better! I’m 31 weeks and have been struggling with back pain.. I also work as a care giver so my job is quite physical so I’m hoping to get some relief after work by doing these �� thank you so much

  • I’m currently 21 weeks & my back started killing me! I was crying all day, trying everything. I tried one of these simple stretches (the last one) & I’m pain free! I will be doing ALL of these stretches everyday from now on. Thank you!

  • I’ve been doing prenatal yoga and working out all throughout my pregnancy but with the quarantine had to youtube it so thank you. Still think this may be for more advanced peeps? I wish there was a little more dumbed down directions. I don’t know yoga pose names or know what my body is supposed to do with a big belly so i had to keep looking up at the tv to see what i had to do as i was doing it. I don’t have to do that with other videos. May be good to give the instruction and show it before doing it for real and explain what exactly each part of the body is doing and what to do with belly or modifications. Thanks!!!

  • loved this. thank you for being real about not vacuuming lol it felt like I’m having a chat with a girlfriend and made the time more enjoyable<3

  • I have been hesitant about exercising and worrying about my abilities but this was so nice and relatively easy, it feels great. Thank you so much.

  • This helped me so much. I have sacroilitis from military service but I’m pregnant so I find everything is exacerbated these stretches really helped

  • Had no back pain. Woke up this morning and suddenly did. It feels like a bruise across my back alright at L3 ish. Omg. 26 weeks with twins. So not excited to see how much worse it gets.

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  • I’ve been experiencing lower back pain due to my previous cs operation (accdg to my research t’s because of my spinal injection) and it’s been worse when I got pregnant and as the months goes by..now that I’m on my 23 weeks, decided to search some remedy here in YouTube and saw this video..I tried it and viola,its so relieving while doing it because I can feel my back like it’s releasing the pain and start fixing my spine (that’s how I describe it because it feels so good)..when I got up to do the doggy exercise I was surprised even more because I didn’t feel any pain (ahh u can never imagine the pain I feel Everytime I get up from sitting and from bed)..I will definitely do this everyday..thank u so much..

  • Thank you very much! I did 15 minutes of the exercices and I already feel better! I’ll try to do this everyday �� I’m only 21 weeks and I have so much back pain ��

  • Best video ever! I’m excepting my 3rd child and 32 weeks today. This was perfect!!!! Thanks very much! I’m going to check on Yoga videos ��

  • This video has helped me!! I’ve been having terrible low back pain for two weeks and I’m only just now going into my second trimester.

  • I’m 31 weeks pregnant right now and this was such a wonderful video! It was just what I needed. I’ll be using these tips each day!

  • Doing those first two exercises finally got my lower back to pop!! ������ I’m 34 weeks and am definitely feeling that lower back pain at the end of the day.

  • Man I’ve been dying! I had a car accident a month before I got pregnant so I have a slightly moved disc. I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant with my first and oh my god my back, hips, and thighs hurt more than my accident. This video really saved me

  • I m 21 weeks pregnant and I was experiencing lower back pain so much that I couldn’t sleep couldn’t walk comfortably… I am feeling better by doing these exercises just once.. Thank you so much…

  • Loved this! It was just enough for me to complete yet gave me a workout. I only have 2 weeks till my due date and it took me this long to find something that suits me.

  • I’m 34 weeks and have transitioned from weight training to body weight work and this felt so lovely! Just enough to make me feel energized and uplifted. Thank you!

  • My delivery done in sep 2019 nd now I hot serious back pain nd wrists pain nd knee pdin I can’t sitting down not able to carry mybbiy drvsaid do exercise nd yoga which I don’t know plsss advice me humble request as mother u can understand my problem nd ine more thing my husband mom suffering with serious knee pain what to do

  • The day I did these exercises watching this video, I gave birth to my pemature baby. I don’t know if I can link these events, but that’s what happened

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful workout… I feel amazing and this helps me keep my energies high… absolutely loved this workout…. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Glad I started this. It was a challenge in some parts bc I’m in my 3rd trimester but I feel good after completing it. I feel much more accomplished doing this than walking.

  • This was great. I am 28 weeks and have not been moving as much due to the heat. My body is so stiff and This made me feel so good afterwards. Will use this daily. Thanks!

  • Love this really gets your heart pumping and wakes baby up for sure. I used to gym lots stopped around 24 weeks due to a bleed so this is perfect low impact but feels like your doing something x

  • I’m 8 weeks pregnant and due to gastric I couldn’t eat anything even couldn’t breath easily. Vomit is countless what should I do plz suggest me��.

  • Wow this really does work. I’m 28 weeks with my second and I’m experiencing some low back pain and pressure. This immediately helped. I started off slow but I noticed a difference. I also started doing more stretching and walking and that helped as well! I’ve saved this and will keep coming back to watch. I plan on doing this daily. Thank you!

  • My wife is in her s second trimester and she feels her abdomen getting tight from right side!!! And feeling motion only on her right side!!!
    Mam why only right??? Why not left side and more middle of abdomen??
    I mean why she feels only on her right side??
    And she has pain on toes?? What is the problem??
    Please reply.

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  • I’ve been trying to figure ways out to help my back pain, I woke up in pain rn and tried this and it helped so much. My up back shoulder is in pain anything for that?

  • Pregnancy in quarantaine… this is a great stretch for me during my breaks while working at home (and getting stiffer each day). Thank you ��

  • Thank you for your prenatal/postpartum workout videos Amy! I started doing your workouts for my last pregnancy in 2018 and I’m blessed to say that I’m in my second trimester and loving your prenatal videos yet again! I appreciate what you do and thank you for the motivation to workout at home! Cheers to focusing on health and strength in motherhood!

  • I think this my favourite one of your videos. I am 36 weeks pregnant, have been doing your exercises and yoga for 3rd trimester from 32 weeks and it has made a huge difference to my back and pelvic ache! Also very good for relieving stress and staying energised during lockdown. Thank you so much for making these videos!

  • Thank you!! I can’t get to the gym to have a workout with a coach because of covid but want a fit pregnancy so I appreciate this so much!!

  • Love the stretches in this video, they have really helped me a lot. I’m 37 weeks now. Please tell me what music was used in the video?? It’s so calming and I want to add it to a playlist I’m making for myself when I’m in labour.

  • 38 weeks today, and this one has been my go-to workout for the past week. Perfect intensity for this big bump that gets tight easily. I hope to keep doing this one for the next two weeks, or until the baby decides to come out:) Amy, you have helped me keep moving through this pregnancy! THANK YOU!

  • Hi… thanku I was not able to feel my baby movement properly from 3 days after this workout I felt little pain for some time at last… felt ok after few minutes… and my baby movement was great.. thanks

  • I’m 15 weeks and having terrible sciatica + restless leg syndrome. I was searching for something that gave calming stretches and wasn’t so hard to do, especially since I’ve never done yoga or anything like that. This has really helped me. Thank you so much!

  • this is good to try, especially working mothers who take long hours sitting. Try t you will feel good that bumb wont be heavy at all. Iam doing it and am experiencing a great change

  • Thank you sooo much! My back was literally killing me and im only 28 weeks i did some of these stretches and worked on my breathing and now i feel less pain in my lower back!

  • At 22 weeks and this was an amazing exercise. Used light dumbbells for the arm movements for that lil extra extra. I used to workout with heavy weights before, so I needed something! The lunges were killer.

  • I’m a teen mom, currently at 22 weeks and a few days. Been searching for a good stretching routine and will be sure to give this a go��

  • I absolutely love this one ☝️, I have GD and every time I do it after my breakfast it just feels soooo good. Thank you ���� sooo much

  • I’m 36 weeks and my baby is sunny side up (facing forward not facing my back as she should be) does anyone know if this is safe for babies that are positioned like that?

  • I am a little over 15weeks and have been following your videos since before I got pregnant. You are the only one I can keep up with and you are so calming. Every other video I come across is like HIIT. I can barley keep up with you sometimes. Thank you for keeping us pregnant people into consideration. You’re doing a great job and I know you love what you do.

  • I’m 33 weeks and haven’t done much If any exercise during my pregnancy. I didn’t think o could do it but your supportive comments throughout were so encouraging and realisticloves it! This workout was a perfect start and I hope to do it daily until delivery ☺️

  • I do these at my physical therapy bc im still in pain and can barely walk by myself at night. The baby is dislocating my pelvis and sitting on my sciatica nerve

  • Amy! I’ve been doing your workouts since week 6 and now I’m at week 37. These have been perfect for every trimester, not too much but not too little (and they especially came in handy during the quarantine!). Can’t wait to continue to workout with you in the post natal series! Thank you soooo much for these videos

  • Thank you for all your prenatal workouts, Amy! I’m 38 weeks and very much appreciate still being able to move my body with your routines!

  • wow! I just tried this… it’s really really good. I’m relieved of waist pain. I can now get up from bed and turn on my bed without stress ���� �� ��

  • I was very fit before pregnancy but now I’m 29 weeks and can’t imagine myself moving like this because of all my pain:( will try on my next day off though!

  • Doctor.. I’m on my 30 weeks… having severe side body pain (around the breast bone, over the hip ) while sleeping on my side. Can’t sit or stand continuously for more than 10mins. Can you please provide remedy for this

  • I love all of Amy prenatal workouts. You can do low or high intensity, whatever your preference is and you can still get your heart rate up. Healthy baby, healthy momma! ��

  • The only decent looking exercise others i saw so gym type and i think they are insane xD i’m 3rd trimester and struggle the most with movement in the lower body so this will help a lot thanks!

  • Im 31 wks and have had so much lain this pregnancy. This video was great and helped all my back back immediately. Also it was nice to see a pregnant woman in the video!

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  • Love the new video! I was pregnant with my first baby when you posted the prenatal cardio workout 2 years ago & now I’m pregnant with my second too! Your workout videos are awesome��

  • I am 23 week pregnant..after doing your workout I feel more energetic full day (it’s good) and also feeling more hunger..(don’t know it’s good or bad��)

  • I had a complete placenta previa I am 22 weeks now and it moved actually up so I am good now but is it safe for me to do those things? I am just scared

  • Hi! I love this video! Your method of teaching is so calming and enjoyable. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and trying to fit stretching and walking more into my daily routine, especially now. Thank you!

  • i’m 33 weeks today and this made me feel so good! it’s been hard for me to work out because i work 5 days a week and i’m always exhausted by the time i get home but this workout was perfect!!!

  • I loved this workout! It got my heart rate up and blood flowing, while feeling encouraged working out at a level that’s right for me. Really excited to make these videos a regular pre-natal exercise routine!

  • I had really bad sciatica in my last pregnancy and my baby was sideways so I was in quite a lot of pain for the good part of my pregnancy. It’s interesting that doing the stretch with my ankle near my knee I still feel sore on one side so I am definitely working more on that side, currently 17 weeks so I’m glad to have a few stretches to help with that so I’m in so much pain this time. Plus I’m sleeping so much better at night, the quality and the quantity. Thank you

  • I totally wouldn’t mind if this video was longer and you did all the stretches for 30 seconds. Is it possible you could make another one, where this is the intro/explanatory video, and the other is full-length stretch-with-me? I like the stretches but I also really like doing them with you and the music.

  • Hey thanks so much. I have a question though’ am 28weeks pregnant. What time should I be doing this exercise and is it enough without adding any other for the entire pg journey?

  • I don’t like this session because it’s so fast which makes it hard to follow each change in the position. It will be better if it’s in a slow pace only.

  • Hey,,guys,its already one month after my delivery, during my pregnancy this stretching helps me a lot, I was able to rest good for 8 hours a day, and less suffering of pregnancy pain,,

  • After a couple of months break from workouts due to extreme fatigue and nausea, I am now 13 weeks and feeling better and managed to get through the whole video yeyy!! I am hoping to get some kind of exercise 30 minutes per day from now on

  • Hi Amy, I’m in 17th week of my pregnancy, first baby, and I found your channel 2 weeks ago!! I did gym work out and yoga before my pregnancy and now I. JUST. LOVE. your prenatal workouts and your personality! Thank you for these videos and keeping Moms fit <3

  • I do these exercises mostly at night, it has helped me so much, I needed for my neck, upper back, legs everything. My husband already knows the exercises and asks for ‘hi, mamas’ haha Thank you so much!:)
    I am now 34 weeks.

  • Omg. I’m 28 weeks + 4 days prego and due October 7 2020 and this video is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me in my pregnancy. Going to be doing this till l give birth everyday…going to share with other moms in my birth groups

  • I can’t begin to tell you how empowered it has made me feel finishing this work out. I found it really pushed me and I am dripping! But man, I feel GREAT. THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️

  • I know this video is a few years old but thank you for this! I’m usually a crossfitter/weight lifter and I just haven’t felt great in the gym (probably my competitive nature with myself) and last time I went and lifted I was in bed the whole next day with debilitating heartburn (I know, what? I guess it’s a thing). This is great for me to feel like I’m still doing something without overdoing it! Thank you so so much!

  • Hi Haley!!! Im just shy into my 2nd trimester. I think I have sciatica so I did your stretching workout this morning and it feels much better. Is it okay to do it before bed as well? ��

  • Oldie but Goodie! This was great! I love how you said we’re not here to break any fitness goals, our goals are to stay healthy and strong for our babies <3!

  • Thank you so much for this amazing workout! I’m 33 weeks today and have a toddler running around and going nuts during this quarantine. I’m going to try and do this workout every day while the boy naps before the baby comes and hopefully it will give me some peace and strength:)

  • Thank you so much! I’m 27 weeks, While I was trying your work out I felt like I didn’t move since 1000 years �� but now, at the end of 20 minutes, I feel GREAT! I’ll do it every day until I’ll can, before giving birth!❤️

  • Thank you so much for this workout! My body feels like jello now and I LOVE IT! I’ve been struggling finding a workout that works for me and is free and helpful. I kept trying to download workout apps that only wanted me to pay for everything and were nothing like this video so thank you SO MUCH mama ������������

  • Have really appreciated these videos over the last while. I normally like to keep fairly active and also do a lot of taekwondo training but with pregnancy and then Covid-18 lockdown I’ve really got great use out of your prenatal workouts and also your prenatal kickboxing workout. Thank you for these ��

  • I have been doing this workout starting when I was on the half of my 1st trimester until now that I’m on my 2nd trimester, 19 weeks… I am in my good preggy shape and positive state of mind. And I exercise because I would like to get rid of all the excess weight I can have, still have the energy for the day and be healthy for the baby. I would just like to gain the weight my baby needs.

    I appreciate these kinds of workouts. It does work fine for me. Sometimes it is effective if you like and believe in the workout right?:) Thank you Amy for this!

  • This is my favorite one so far! Such a good stretch combined with good body weight exercises. I’m going to continue doing this work out during my entire third trimester! Thank you for putting this together

  • Love it! Not too heavy and not too light either! Just enough for me in my 3rd trimester. Been doing your prenatal exercises since first tri! Thanks and God bless you!

  • Found out your Prenatal Bodyweight workout on youtube and I love it!!!! I have been doing it every other day!!! 25mins is perfect time. Fave workout for Prenatal. Thank you!!!

  • I am doing this together with my wife who is in her second trimester. It helps out and I can say that any husbond out there can do it with their spouse and get a nice workout as well, while giving some support to your wife along the way. Really good workout. We have also tried a few of your other videos and they are all worth trying out.

  • At 30 weeks pregnant this really helped me to stop being a couch potato as i was feeling too lazy to go out of the house for a walk or gym. Thankyou

  • Thank you so much for sharing your stretching routine! It’s been so helpful even with my mood. I find that I can be very tense and this just gets me to slow down.

  • I’m 30 weeks now pregnant with twins, actually I thought those simple moves will not do much but it did make a difference. My muscles are relaxed & I feel better. Thanks, greetings from ����

  • This was AMAZING������I feel so rejuvenated for the Day.I will definitely do this Everyday for the last 2 months of my Pregnancy and Beyond.��������Thank You.

  • Loved the stretches and the very first music is so soothing that my eyes automatically get closed. Will you please mention the title so that I can download it?

  • Tq so much.. i have been so much pain in my lower back and pelvic area.. since early third trimester.. this exercise help me to get myself less pain..

  • Just stumbled upon this video and I haven’t felt so good in a long while. I’m 35 weeks along and will do these stretches until I deliver. Thanks a lot!

  • Thank you, been missing the gym sense covid-19 and my doctor recommended I look up pregnancy workouts online and I found you. Only got through half this first time but I know I’ll be able to do all of it soon if I keep at it everyday.

  • Thank you for these!!! They’re just challenging enough without working me too hard to where I have to quit and I love that you filmed them while you were pregnant because I KNOW you’re respecting the challenges of working out with a belly ��

  • I am 38 week pregnant and I stopped all my workouts and sorts of activities because of whats happening right now… Until few days I realized that my legs and knees are so tired and can’t pick me up so I started this routine, I thought I wouldn’t make it through the end but I did ������ was so encouraging and relaxing I felt like I need a nap ����

  • Day 1 of my yoga stretching. Really, im sweating. There’s small ache in my back because its feels so good. Really sweating.. doing this evening night. Thank you ��

  • This really helped my wife because she has had such an uncomfortable pregnancy. We live in area that gets to 105 degrees everyday during the summer so she can’t go walking like she did with our first daughter.

  • This still is such a delight to feel a bit more fit during pregnancy! It is just the workout I was searching for, and I enjoyed every minute of it, even though it was posted like 4 years ago. Thanks a lot!

  • Another great workout that was surprisingly intense without weights. I love the addition of the countdown clock so I know how long is left! Thanks so much for these videos!

  • Okay so other than walks I haven’t worked out my whole pregnancy. Yesterday I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and so I know I wanted to do more than walk. Honestly I was nervous thinking about the workout and how I don’t want to be doing any jumping but this workout was SO perfect!! It has me sweating but not feeling like I’m dying. Thank you so much, I loved it!

  • First trimester and haven’t worked out in weeks due to all the fun symptoms. Did this workout yesterday and I’m feeling the BURN today ��

  • Im only 14 weeks, 2 days… but this is my third pregnancy and so self care has kind of fallen behind. I was feeling desperate for relief and stumbled upon your video. I want to thank you for making such an easy to follow, concise video (had to pause sever times…kids!) I will make this my nighttime routine…I feel great. Thank you!!!

  • Is it too late to be starting this at 36 (almost 37) weeks pregnant? I used to dance, exercise and do yoga before I was pregnant but throughout my whole entire pregnancy, I hadn’t worked out. Not even walking. But my body was ACHING and I was in so much pain. So I took this class and oh boy everything was so much harder. I didn’t realize how tight my body was!! It was REALLY hard for me to get through this video but I feel 10x better now.

  • The butterfly stretch is my go to stretch for hip pain, I like the leg stretch I’m going to do it more, it gave me a good leg and cow muscle stretch thanks!!

  • Thank you so much again. I have been doing your yoga for the last two weeks and it’s been amazing. I am on my nearly 32 weeks now and I felt so energised. Thank you for sharing and keep it up and God bless you and your family.

  • Hi Amy. I’m Jana from south Africa in my 10th week of pregnancy. If possible, could you please advise on the correct form of the bird-dog position. Should you keep your back straight during the exercise? I think I may be doing it wrong.
    Thank you so much for your videos, I love them!!!

  • Just want to say Thank You Amy for making these prenatal videos. I have enjoyed your commentary which is absolutely motivating and kind. At 20 weeks in, I found out that I had gestational diabetes and was told that the baby would likely be big and I might need to be induced. I was already overweight pre pregnancy and had developed pregnancy thyroid. I started doing this bodyweight workout to control my weight gain and become stronger. I did it almost every day from 20 wks until 39wks and the result showed at my delivery. I delivered my 7lb baby vaginally without being induced but more importantly i realized at the time of delivery how much stamina and strength i needed to push the baby out. It requires physical strength. And after the delivery, I was able to be more mobile than i expected which i believe attributed to these workouts. Thanks to these videos and the motivation to keep going, I’m now a happy mama. In one of your videos you said “the best thing you can do for your baby is to be healthy” that statement kept me going:)) Thank you Amy. For mama’s out there….keep at it….you will not regret it:))

  • I need to figure out some modifications for severe wrist pain in pregnancy it happens every time to me and it makes it impossible to do anything work wrist suppression.

  • I love these prenatal workouts!! I’m finally taking better care of myself with this pregnancy and I love the way I feel after these workouts!! Thanks so much!!

  • Im nearly 7monrh pregnant and this is my favourite workout, I do it every day and always feel great afterwards, thank you Amy for sharing it with us x

  • I’m one week postpartum and this was my go to workout in the 3rd trimester but I loved all of the prenatal workouts I did from Amy. Agree with other commenters that it was just right in terms of activity level and intensity so I found myself returning to Amy’s videos day after day throughout my pregnancy and over other prenatal exercise videos that were either too intense or not intense enough. Looking forward to checking out her nonprenatal videos on e cleared. She definitely has a huge fan over here!

  • I’m 33 weeks today and this was absolutely perfect! I’ve been very scared to work out because I feel so heavy and tired, but this truly felt so great and safe!!! I’ve done some of your videos pre-pregnancy and I always enjoyed them, so I was so glad that this popped up on my search. Thank you so much for your videos Amy!! They make a difference for so many women.

  • Like some others here the mat exercise was tricky mostly because I felt all my weight push down on my knees so I just did it really slow and only couple times

  • I am over weight and trying to control my weight during pregnancy. I’m 36 weeks and this exercise is fantastic thank you I’ll be doing this once or twice a day.

  • I’m almost 25 weeks, used to workout a lot before this pregnancy but stopped when the nausea came on… 2nd trimester when the nausea went away I decided to get back into it and been following this workout for over a month now, has helped heaps I have more energy and feel lots stronger. Thank you.

  • So grateful for these fantastic videos I can do during the coronavirus lockdown! You are awesome! I appreciate the way you go about the exercises in a gentle way for pregnant mamas!

  • I’m currently 29 weeks and can I just say I love your prenatal workouts! I feel so productive and good after following them! Thank you so much!

  • would be really good to show how to get up from lying on your back for pregnant women…:) otherwise thanks for sharing this info very helpful

  • Is it normal to feel your hips popping in and out while lifting my back and hips off the ground? It doesn’t hurt extremely it’s more just uncomfortable

  • Hey there! Thanks for sharing this video! I am pregnant with my first daughter! She will be born june 16 2020! I am 30 weeks, this video help me with my back pains. Thank again!

  • I loved itttttt! I had problems issues before following this stretching routine. It really helped me! I follow this everyday after 15 20 minutes walk!
    Pls remember me in your prayers! THANKSSSSSS! ♥️

  • I really love your workout but I just watched handmaid’s tale the day before and I am somehow getting freaked out by the “deliver healthy baby” etc references.

  • It is nοw bεεn αrουnd fουrtεεn dαys wοrking with this αcid rεflυx disοrdεr trεαtmεnt sοlυtiοn “Tαzυnkο Sοbο” (Gοοglε it) αnd I αlsο hαvεn`t hαd 1 timε, οr αNY discοmfοrt bεcαυsε οf αcid rεflux, Nοthing αt αll. I αm nοw bαck tο my dαy tο dαy αctivitiεs. I`m οnly sαtisfiεd thαt I cουld εvεntυαlly fεεd οn my pεrsοnαl fαvοritε spicy fοοds αgαin!

  • 28 weeks and working out with you since the very beginning!! I tried alot of different exercise videos on yt but yours are definitely the best! Not too easy but not too hard as well! Thank you for sharing your workouts!! <3

  • Omg �� your video helped me so much after I thought I would be bed ridden and immobile from my lumber herniated disk in my lower spine at 10wks pregnant. I was put on Percocet for the severe pain and your exercises relieved my pain tremendously �� thank you so much I’m able to walk and slightly squat.. baby steps.. tysm!

  • Hey ladies! Lovin’ all the love and support on this video! I wanted to let you know I just created an awesome freebie for all my mamas. It’s the Ultimate Mama-to-be Guide! Everything from pregnancy, labor and delivery and baby prep lists are all included. I even go into information on delivery, birth plans, pain options, bringing baby home, breastfeeding-it’s literally all there for FREE! Check it out: ​​www.letsmama.com/mama-to-be-guide
    LOVE, Haley xo

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  • This was AMAZING! Thank you! I’m at nearly 29 weeks and haven’t been confident about what exercises are safe and reasonable at this stage of pregnancy, so I’ve just been going for walks. This takes my pregnancy workouts to a whole new level. I feel pleasantly exerted and flushed, but not overworked or exhausted. I feel super energetic and happy! I really appreciate what you’ve done by making this video!

  • My first pregnancy, I am working 5-6 days in a week, your excise program help me lot to manage everything..I would like to say a great thank you and want to see more video as well.

    Thanks with Love

  • Kimberly here at 30 weeks + 5 days and I also love this prenatal cardio workout. Again, I only did the first 15 mins because I want to do another 15mins of Yoga. Next pregnancy (God/nature-willing), I won’t wait until the end of my 2nd trimester to workout again. Because I always worked out hard in the gym pre-pregnancy, everyone told me to relax and not work out so much. I’ll just follow your home workouts so I don’t feel guilty for not going to the gym.

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  • I’m 22 weeks and my insomnia is crazy right now. I wake up on average every 1-2 hours during the night whether it’s for bathroom trips or just trying to get comfortable. I followed this video last night and slept all throughout the night. I woke up only one time for the bathroom and that was at around 5 am. I recommend this video to anyone and everyone watching. Thank you so much! It was easy to follow along yet very effective.

  • I am 28 weeks and have been working out even before pregnancy. I love this workout, but one thing: you should not do push-ups or planks (ab separation) and also no jumping. Amy herself commented on that in her workouts with her second baby.

  • Thank u so much! Had a hard time getting up from bed because it hurts so much. Suffered for 2months. After i tried this last night, i felt immediate relief. This morning i just realized the pain is totally gone! Thank u very much

  • i sit all day at work and man, im just sick of not getting enough exercise while pregnant with my second. Im 28 weeks and tired! i couldn’t finish the video. I did most but im beat! IM DETERMINED!I have been walking everyday for the past week for 30 minutes at least, but I feel like its not enough. Thank you for this work out! its a challenge.

  • I absolutely love these stretches, with being 40 weeks now and 1 day. I feel they help out a lot, my main problem I’m having is the lower back pain and all 5x I’ve had contractions it’s been in my lower back, so 100% sure when I go into full blown labor I’m gonna be having the back contractions, but doing what I can with these excercises to help with the lower back pain I’m having. Not much longer till my sweet boy arrives, 70 if not 80% effaced now had drs appt td ������!!

  • 27 weeks here too! Got the dreaded gestational diabetes so I am trying to include even more Amy into my day to get that blood pumping

  • I very much like this part of my routine…Had been doing the stretches for almost a month. Stretches are really good. Could you help me out with the last stretch as I’m doubtful if I’m doing it right.

  • Almost 35weeks with twins and I was desperate with back pain and with it feeling lots of anxiety and just did like half of the exercises and I feel alot better, I just can’t believe how great this exercises worked for being the first time. Definitely going to keep doing them every day until I give birth.

  • I am 27 weeks, I am too lazy to go to the gym. plus I do not know what to do and not do at the gym. Having your videos easily accessible at home, makes it easier to work out. Thank you Amy.

  • Great workout for me at 30 weeks, its enough to make me feel like I’ve worked, but not too much that i’m totally done in. These antenatal videos never fail to make me feel better physically and mentallythey give me more energy, a really good stretch and I do notice a difference in my sleep on days when I don’t do them. Thanks for all your hard work with these vids!!

  • I’m almost 25 weeks, used to workout a lot before this pregnancy but stopped when the nausea came on… 2nd trimester when the nausea went away I decided to get back into it and been following this workout for over a month now, has helped heaps I have more energy and feel lots stronger. Thank you.

  • These are great videos. They are so helpful for women who want to stay fit during their pregnancy. Thank you for making such great content. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Amy you are fantastic. Love doing exercise with you! I’m in my 31 week and I do feel fab thanks to you. I have been watching your videos since my first trimester and I’m completely pleased. I just want you to thank for all the tips and time I spent watching you. ����

  • 12 weeks pregnant with twins which means I’m already huge lol. So I chose this workout because it got my heart rate up really steady and felt really good for my body. Thank you Amy! ��

  • I’m a believer I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I have been having lower back pain. I tried a heating & cooling pad, warm epsom salt bath, walking, exercising, stretching and nothing helped in the area I had the pain. After a session with Dr. Jo I’m proud to say I’m loose enough to finally get a good nights rest. Thank you so much ❤️❤️

  • 27 weeks pregnant and feeling totally out of shape and have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes so this workout has been so so good for me! Thank you so much and I’m glad Ive made a start.:) best choice I have ever made!

  • Hopefully it helps me as I’m 28th week pregnant and suffering from both pelvic bone n hip bone pain. I’ll sure start it from today. Thank u much

  • Hey I’m struggling to sit up straight with good posture for more than 5 minutes. After 5 minutes my back starts burning really badly. Any suggestions???

  • thx for those beautiful videos iam 35 week pregnant
    iam donig mix of your exercises like this one and the one of core exercise also some time make the video exercise which contains pushing at the end of it ( exercise to make easy delivery for third trimester)
    also the stretching video using yoga ball
    aim doing this routine day by day
    is this too much for me?
    or u prefer doing 2 of them every day for example
    and thank you very much ��❤️

  • In my early stage of 2nd semester and on a serious note the back pain has started. Thanks for the pain relief exercise. I will definitely start. Your video is much appreciated.

  • Sorry… but very bad squat… Bowing forward way too much. It doesn’t give you anything but pressure on your lower back and knees.

  • A little challenging at 39 weeks, but felt good modifying using blocks! I loved the sphinx version of child’s pose since child’s pose has been difficult ever since my belly has started to appear! Thank you!

  • Good morning dr i am in 32 weeks pregnant i write this message to thankyou from my heart really on the night i almost die by backpain suddenly i start to wach your channel &I traied your exercise oh my god the pain is gone…thankyou so much for your interesting advice dr

  • nice to do yoga (wouldnt call it exercise) but for ladies with an actual 3rd trimester belly, some of these moves are literally impossible to do half moon???? no way… pyramid pose I can barely start bending before my belly prevents me from going any further forward.

  • This was so wonderful! I’ve watched quite a few pregnancy yoga videos on YouTube and this is by far my favorite. Thank you so much!!

  • Your exercises are great and especially at a time like this when the whole world is on lockdown, your videos are helping me to keep fit and healthy! Thank you so much ��

  • Love love love! It’s so real to what I can do and what I feel like doing. Great length, every exercise has a reason, just perfect.

  • I’m 28 weeks pregnant very grateful to find your videos (so useful). THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will hopefully continue practicing till labour ��❤️

  • Thanks for posting. Some exercises were complicated (e.g. lifting legs from downward dog position). It seems like it can be too hard for women with a big belly on 3rd trimester. But thanks for this video!