3 Publish-Workout Mistakes and the way to Fix Them


The 3 Biggest Mistakes that Stop the GAINZZ Train! (How You Fix Them!)

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Unsurprisingly, regularly overdoing it on the post-workout snack or meal can lead to weight gain over time. The Fix: Beware how many calories you’re consuming post-workout; don’t follow a 30-minute run with a 600-calorie smoothie and call that a “snack.” If you’re having a snack to tide yourself over until your next meal, try to keep it to 200 calories Exas says. 3 common strength training mistakes (and how to fix them) Expert tips for safely building strength and getting the maximum results from your workouts. When done regularly 2-3.

3 BIG mistakes you’re making with your plank (and how to fix them) Ruth Hamilton 3 days ago. Calls to defund the police are dangerous (opinion) This Mega Grocery Chain Is. Fix It Aim to do two to four rounds of 15 to 30 seconds per muscle group you trained, according to a February 2012 clinical commentary in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. The recommended type of stretches to perform post-workout are static (ones you hold for 15 to 60 seconds) and PNF (stretching and contracting the muscle. READ MORE: 5 Major Stretching Mistakes—and How to Fix Them Mistake No. 3: You Don’t Snack Afterward Food fuels you up before you start sweating, and it also helps your muscles repair themselves.

Common Recovery Mistakes and How to Fix Them. Newsflashnobody’s perfect! We all make mistakes, and post-workout recovery is no exception. Here are some of the biggest mistakes and what you can do to fix them! 1. Not Keeping Enough Off-Time Between Workouts (ie. doing leg work every day when you want to improve your legs).

The Fix: Stop Thinking You Need a Post-Workout Shake. Here’s the deal: You don’t need a shake post-workout. You can still recover, make gains, and get stronger by opting for whole foods rather than a fast-digesting liquid following your last set.

Plus, this choice will keep hunger in check for the hours to come. In this video, we are going to teach you how to ski by looking at some of the most common mistakes beginners and intermediate skiers do when skiing. We are going to help you to correct problems. 3 Video Title Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them A video title could be a viewer’s first impression of your channel. As the saying goes, first impressions are everything, so creators like you put a lot of care into crafting strong video titles.

Fix it: Choose 3 to 10 of your favourite posts, or posts that readers have responded well to, and link to them from your About page. Mistake #5: Going On Too Long. As with blog posts, don’t waste words on your About page.

If it drags on for too long, readers may miss the really important information that you want them to get to.

List of related literature:

I start by entering my preand post-workout nutrition numbers, as these are “fixed.”

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

On many days I would add a third training session at lunchtime.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
from Total Recall
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

The most useful advice I can give for any lost-training situation is that you should not try to make up the missed workouts by piling them on top of the remaining sessions on your schedule.

“Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life” by Joe Friel
from Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2015

I changed my diet to the perfect mix of protein and healthy carbohydrates and extended my daily practice sessions.

“An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund” by Timothy Sykes
from An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund
by Timothy Sykes
BullShip Press, 2008

A great way to mix them up: Do one of the first three workouts early in the week, then choose a second from numbers 4 through 7 later in the week, at the track.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

Since then, I have refined my fueling strategy and the nutrition tactics I recommend for endurance athletes to include other potent compounds such as dextrin and exogenous ketones (I’ll talk more about these in chapter 14).

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

To determine how much effort you should put into your workouts during the week, I recommend that you follow the Rule of Thirds, which is covered a little later in this chapter.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

As mentioned, spread the exercises for each week over two days, preferably with one or more days of nonelastic-reactive work in between (refer to section on rest in chapter 3).You can split the workload by doing half the volume of every exercise each of the two days.

“High-powered Plyometrics” by James Christopher Radcliffe, Robert C. Farentinos
from High-powered Plyometrics
by James Christopher Radcliffe, Robert C. Farentinos
Human Kinetics, 1999

The details of how to blend all of these elements into the “athlete’s diet” is the focus of this chapter.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
from The Cyclist’s Training Bible
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2012
from this and everything else we accomplished together in those few days, we decided to follow a linear-periodization plan and use a 9-day training “week” (see Chapters 8 and 9 for details).

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2016

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  • Funny as hell: the ad that was shown to me at the start of the video was for a program that makes you really fit by avoiding common mistakes shown by other programs. The guy in the ad wore a blue short, doing a Plank, and asked “do you see what I’m doing wrong here besides wearing a blue short”, then he goes on that most online programs show you wrong stuff that keeps you from getting fit or even harms you (the usual BS).
    So actually, Youtube showed me an ad that said “the video you are going to see is bullshit”. Shouldn’t be that way

  • Im new on this channel so don’t be mad at me for not understanding but
    why is he using weights if the channel is called calisthenicsmovement?

  • Hello Sorry Brother Do you have a Calisthenics or Bodyweight Exercise for the Side Delt or Side Shoulders, Posterior Delt or Back Shoulders & Upper,Middle and Lower Trapezius, Thoracic and Lower Back, Forearm, Wrist and Rotator cuff and How to Neck exercise and Upper Abs, Obliques or Side Abs & Lower Abs Type, Variations Workout?��

  • This has been spreading around online stores lately, I hope you guys can look into it and make a review about it if its worth having it,


    thanks guys, been following you ever since, thanks YouTube recommendations!

  • I am very guilty of under recovery. I’ve been working out for a very long time and I, honestly, don’t incorporate recovery into my routine. With that said, I’ve developed injuries that now affects my workouts tremendously. Tennis elbows, wrists injuries, lower back injuries, etc. It’s really hard for me mentally to have rest days, especially now that we’re in quarantine and I’ve gained a few pounds, I’m struggling and feeling hopeless. Any advise on what I should do? Thank you!

  • Hi Jungs. Vor wenigen Tagen habe ich euch entdeckt und muss sagen, ich mag eure Videos sehr. Ihr seid topfit. Ihr erklärt alles so schön und macht Beispiele. Ihr habt nen harten aber sympathischen deutschen Dialekt in eurem Englisch. Abos und Likes sind getätigt. Dazu kommt das ihr auch noch asugebildet seid und mehr Ahnung als Andere.
    Macht bitte weiter so.

  • I am a huge fan of the channel and learnt alot from you,,, Apparently, As usual you hit a crucial topic and actual mistakes which we all fall into including myself,, I do “wrong rest times” Like what you mention I like the short rest period even with hard and new exercises and if I take 2 3 minute I feel like its too long rest periods and that the metabolic rate stress & hormonal effect did not quite happen, but as performance progression happens should we not reduce rest period after adapting to the exercises to enhance hormonal response??

  • I think it is, however I am experiencing a lot of hip pain after a fall. I get it…I need movement what I need is detailed exercises whereI am shown how to get more limber without hurting myself in the process. I know if I was to try some of the exercises shown here I would hurt more. Iam active and not at all overweight..

  • very confusing: is stretching before a workout beneficial or not? Ive always been taught, stretching before a work out is very important to prevent injury. You seem to be contradicting that!!!!

  • Hello calimoveteam, I can’t figure out the difference between standard Push ups and dips. Same muscle groups, dips are just harder to do, because there’s no legs on the ground. Maybe you will use it as a theme for the next video ��. Besides, if it is a really simple question people from the internet answer plz…

  • I am 40 weeks into their complete calisthenics program. At the end of each week, I have distinguishable gains in strength and form. Cali-Move promises a scientific approach. They have delivered! I am compelled to reiterate my satisfaction with this training simply because these guys are delivering training with integrity and humility. I hope their efforts influence athleticism as a whole. Regardless, I believe they will better the health and fitness of anyone who listens to their instruction and applies their training.

  • Guys, you’re great. One little nitpick(just miswriting). 5:44 Second shortens as Sec not Sek. Otherwise, the content is really useful and helpful

  • Guys im a 16 yr old boy and both my knees crack alot and have minor pain… but im still worried. Most of my joints are bad. Any help will be really really appreciated! Im desperate.

  • Not sure I want to be skinny and 145 pounds without a ton of muscle. I guess it’s a personal perspective. I prefer old school, big bodybuilding movements and shit tons of stable state cardio. Good video tho.

  • Nice video im watching your videos for like 1 year now and now im subbed i saw that you have a site were you sell like programs for full body transformation i was gonna ask if you had like a free app with workouts becuase i didnt train for a long time i cant even do 20 wide pushups without resting and if you dont have a app can you write it here a workout routine for beginners without equipment like 20pushups then 10diamond pushups squats and keep it up youre doing great

  • I’m so frustrated with this pain but this video was helpful in letting me see that I’m still on the right track. I just have to continue forward with the exercises and the stretches. I am getting stronger despite the fact that another area is highlighted as weak or broken. I am finding the solutions that I need. Thanks for your info.

  • Okay, but the different scenery is a mood!!!!!!!!!!!! Also; yes!! Like I always say: love yourself enough to want to change for the better, instead of hating yourself enough to change for the better

    Brilliant video!! ����

  • Great video. Yeah I’ve been having a protein shake with a banana right after my workout since I started lifting in 78. Yeah you need 7-8 hrs of sleep but it’s the quality of sleep/deep sleep that makes a difference too. Arnold on the other hand bragged about sleeping something like 5-6 hrs a night right.

  • I love love love how wonderful your tips are! You have such a positive healthy body conscious the last tip is everything! We are all uniquely designed and each one of our bodies are beautiful! Love yourself fully�� Thank you Bailey��

  • The form of your back is somehow distracting me…is it just me that get bothered by it…lol. I feel like you’re doing the exercises wrong and at the same time I believe it’s the right form.

  • Hello. First of all I want to say this is an excellent channel to follow so thank you for that.
    Secondly I have been doing pushup for a long time now but recently every time I do pushups my right side ribs start hurting. I can hardly bend down either. So if you could give me some advice that would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Por favor. Se ve muy bueno el programa pero sería posible q sea traducido en español por favor. En español pq no se entiende nada.

  • im trying to get my period from having anorexia (haven’t had it in over 2 years) so I have cut out cardio and HIIT temporarily. I hope it works-I don’t want to completely cut out exercise (I do strength training, yoga, pilates)

  • I always hate getting into routines but any time I go to a gym or listen to some fitness person they say you have to be patient and not to change the routine for like 2 months! So confusing! I feel the need to change every week, is that really ok?

  • Is the calimovement site okay to use for all ages? I’m a teenager and I’m not sure if it’s okay to train? Or is it better for my body if I should just do the light exercises

    3:35 #2.WRONG REST TIME

  • You are the man! I’ve seen several of your videos. You are humble and informative. I especially like how you showed different exercises while you talked. This motivated me to get out of my chair and stretch. Good job. I wish I could repay the favor.

  • Thank you for putting this out. I am going to try your hip stretches and other videos.

    I have been told that my osteoarthritis has wore through the labrum and the only solution is replacement surgery. However, with Covid-19 they will not allow surgery, so I can’t even get relief that way. Plus I am diabetic and I have to get my blood sugar down before they will even consider surgery. I have been living with 7-8 pain level for 2 years. I finally got a cane to help me with pain while walking.

    Thanks again. I’m looking forward to watching and using your other videos.

  • I like that progress is an experiment of exercises and positions. 6 years ago I had bone on bone hip xray…I did get a total hip replacement and it has been 100% effective…now I have the other hip issues but it’s not a candidate for surgery and we are trying the experiment to find what is right for my needs with my hip pain

  • I just want to comment from someone who has had both hips operated on by one of the UK’s leading hip surgeons and the protocol we followed before making the decision to operate and then post op recovery. I also had a top sports physio who now works for English Institute of Sport to handle post op recovery protocol. I see a lot of comments from the states and it does sound like a lot of professionals over there are quick to advocate surgery so I just wanted to set out what you should be told both in terms of the symptoms you have and what will improve them as well as the importance of an experienced sports physio who knows the surgeons required recovery protocol. I think it also backs up the message of the video that impingement should not equal all hip pain and in turn surgery will not 100% eradicate all symptoms. The
    first consultation was late 2016.
    The surgeon explained the difference between these symptoms from first diagnosis through to the decision to operate. Like so many the symptoms and pain that led me to get it checked out turns out to be snapping hip syndrome and tight and weak muscles no doubt from sitting down all the time also with a posture that led me to put more pressure on the left hand side. But…at the same time i had really good movement in the hip joint. To be 100% sure I had hip and lower back xrays, ct scan and mri just to check everything out. From that they identified i actually had a significant bilateral cam impingement in both hips( basically the shape of the cam meant it was catching in two directions and as a result grinding away at the cartilage within the joint but the left was further along in terms of deterioration of the cartilage this put me a 4 to 10 times more likely to develop arthritis. My surgeon was very clear that the pain i would feel as a direct result of the impingement would be a very direct place in the deep inner groin underneath any muscle and ligaments and that at the time of that first consultation I did not have it but it would come eventually due to the severity of the impingement so we agreed to reassess in at the end of the year unless i felt the relevant pain sooner. Everything else I was feeling was weak or tight muscles including the snapping hip syndrome mainly from sedantry lifestyle and mainly sitting so much for so many years as an accountant.
    The other symptoms could be helped with strengthening work as mentioned in this video so I spent three months with the physio building up the strength in the hips and glutes. Also to mention i was signed up to an IRONMAN in July
    The surgeon warned me that any sport that involved a cut movement due to the bilateral nature of the impingement would accelerate the deterioration of the cartilage but that straight line movement was ok so cycling, swimming front crawl were ok but racquet sports, golf, football, rugby etc were bad but on that basis I was ok to continue IRONMAN training.
    It was only when i felt that deep pain that the surgeon offered the surgery. he was very clear that the arthroscopy procedure was new and that the evidence is not sufficient to 100% confirm that it would stop arthritis but I was happy that the purpose of the surgery made sense and having seen a guy at the gym who had gone from martial arts and dancing to barely being able to walk and needing both hips replaced it made sense to remove the problem. We then also did a final check by injecting a steroid and anaesthetic to check what effect that had on the pain which if works is the final confirmation that the surgery was needed. As you can see this was the option of last resort not the first answer following the MRI

  • I had hip pain for about 5 years (psoas region). Not debilitating pain, but veeery annoying. I couldn’t walk without feeling it, and running, cycling or swimming would make it much worse. Resting helped. I had in total 2 MRIs, 2 X-rays and 2 ultrasounds done. They found nothing. I went through 2 physical therapists. They gave me stretching and strengthening exercises, which helped me a lot, but didn’t really FIX the issue. My issue was finally “fixed” after a certain chiropractor cracked me back in place. I was finally able to run/cycle and squat pain-free again.
    The thing is, about once a year, I feel the pain again and it doesn’t go away until I go back to him. He tells me my psoas becomes tight because I get stressed too easily (I F***ING DON’T). What frustrates me is that I cannot find anything in the literature for this (e.g. orthopedic or physical therapy). So far, only this chiropractor who delves into Traditional Chinese Medicine was able to provide a good (though not life-long) solution. I have to find other good chiropractors. And maybe chill too. Maybe yoga will help? Cause lifting weights doesn’t seem to be effective by itself.

  • I’m an active 50 year old. I was diagnosed with AVN with X rays and MRI. 99 percent chance I will need a hip replacement. Do you have any specific non load bearing things I can do to stretch and strengthen all the areas needed for my hips? I want to be able to manage the condition and also have everything strong for Post op recovery.

  • played hockey my whole life, played soccer goalie, 22 now and havent stopped yet although hasnt been competitive since i was 20, and i have cam impingement and tried every stretch every exercise and nothing helped

  • This is awesome! It is so encouraging to hear so many practitioners saying this nowadays. It’s because of this that I have committed to moving properly at least 5 times a week.

  • i was about to say sleep should be #1, however, u did reverse it midway through. sleep is and always the number one recovery, not just for the muscles but for the joints, tendons, ligaments, cns, endocrine system, digestion, brain, kidneys,, etc..

  • Any input when your pain is due to an autoimmune inflammatory condition?..
    Hip pain started 2months ago
    20 yo ( has some transient joint swelling at age 16)
    literally singular L hip involvement. Aspirated & analyzed (no infection/ no gout/ no trauma) Injected & with reoccurrence a steroid dose pack. Following autoimmune protocol diet still some occasional pain…just had MRI shows residual effusion & “red herring” degenerative labral tear.
    Still trying to control via diet… tough while living in college campus… wondering if certain hip exercises could be helpful to resolve fluid in hip joint ( effusion)… perhaps just cardio ( stationary bike) to increase heart rate?
    Sorry for going on & on but you fo seem so well versed in the anatomy & physiology of hip joint with respect to exercise… thanks for any help
    Btw… seronegative for any & all autoimmune markers… no definitive dx… super frustrating thx.

  • Jillian is so underrated in number of subscribers. She is so positive and hard working. So normal. Only true workout not body showing in front of camera.

  • Very excited I’ve found your channel feeling less defeated!
    I’d been training lower body for a year before developing hip pain on one side and I’ve stopped my workouts thinking it would heal it’s notI’m just losing all I’ve worked for can’t really afford all the tests the Doctor will order but know I need to have them done
    Feels better when I stretch it but I’m weaker every day resting it which can make the injury worse if I use the muscles and tendons all the suddenlooking forward to more videos!

  • Hi iv litterally just come from my private hospital appointment and been told iv got labral tear and I’m going to need a hip replacement very soon at the age of 30 I’m currently going through great Britain hockey trails and don’t wanna give the sport up iv looked on your website but I can’t see anything directly linking to hips and labral tear problems please help Thanks

  • Holy mother of god I did the lateral stretch of the inner hip muscles INSTANT I MEAN INSTANT RELIEF. DUDE WHAT?!? I just gained 2 inches of inner rotation of the knee…That is like weird and awesome. Thank you dude! I started changing the angle of the squat from more or less front squat to relatively wide squat (which works the inner thigh quads more) and boom some gnarly pain creeping up when in internal rotation. But now I did that stretch and IT IS LITERALLY GONE…. dude How can I repay you? Thank you so much! I am not from the USA do you have a donate fund or something? Thank you again!

  • I had surgery on both of my labrum at 16 due to what a doctor “saw” on an MRI. Now my hips have healed incorrectly and i have arthritis and bursitis. I wish I could’ve found something like this before I had surgery I didn’t need. My hips have never been the same:/.

  • I’m on my last month of 90 days and just let me tell ya that I’m hell of a scared of you ���� it’s like you are really watching me through that screen and I’m like “DON’T GIVE UP!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! JILLIAN IS WATCHING!!” But tbh I’m really thankful for your programs AND your existence))))) ❤ even through those videos you are somehow able to motivate me so much, I honestly don’t know how you do it, but thank you again and loooooots of love ♥ ♥

  • what type of exercises can you suggest? i had labral hip tear repair surgery, but it really has not helped and I also have hip bursitis.

  • Hello Guys i’m gonna give you the abbreviation of my try to calisthenicsmovment’s program exause my english but i hope you can understand, so first of all i started thier program about 2-3 years ago it was the old one and there was so much diffrent exercisesbut not this new one which is the body trans, i really didnt like it at all because it just repeat the SAME! exercises over and over like i thhink there is about 10 exercise maybe on the program AND no more! it’s really boring moving with that program and FOR ME i didnt like it at all and i won’t recommend it it’s just so boring and about the skill learing program i would say it’s a bit batter speacily there is diffrent exercise you can do and also sets/reps anyways long story short i tried many programs and i found a really really great program have diffrent exercise and also skills only for 62$ i would really recomment their program im improving alot and evreybody noticed ( https://caliathletics.com/my-programs/ ) or you can just type in google caliathletics, and in the other hand if you want a free program with a really great dude you can type in youtube ( Pilous ) he have beginners routine intermediate and also advanced and he has alot of skill’s learning in hi’s channel he is really good you can tell by hi’s videos, i dont mean to be rude to calisthenicsmovment i’ve learned alot from their youtube videos but their program is just a money steal tbh.

  • I’m 5 surgeries into my hip joints now. 4 on the left and 1 on the right.. I started feeling pain after a really bad fall into a 6 foot hole, 6 years ago when I was 21. I’m sick of this pain, it’s extremely debilitating. I have not yet had a surgery give me any improvement. The pain I experience is intense aching all day long, worsens with sitting, standing, and just basically living and breathing… I also experience sharp pain with flexion w/ neutral, internal, and external rotation. I need to be able to move on with my life, I’m pretty desperate I need help. I’ve been doing Physical Therapy for 6 years on and off as well. I continuously put my self in an intense amount of pain during my stretches (doctors orders) by reaching the point where I feel sharp pain and then pushing passed it and holding it there for 30 seconds to a minute. My strength in my legs is fine, the pain however is keeping me from enjoying my wife and kids, my old hobbies, and being able to work. Thank you.

  • My hip shock and ball are mis aligned. This has caused them to touch, bone to bone. Will the information in this video help a brother like me?

  • I’m doing body revolution right now but I also like a day of yoga. When would be a good day to do yoga based on the muscle splits in the program? Loving all the new content! You’ve been training me for over 10 years! Lol

  • This is amazing you’re squatting near the floor with your one leg pointing out to one side or other in perfect balance! I can’t even attempt it on one side. I’m following your exercises and seeing realistic expectations that this will take a couple of years to get to this level you’re displaying. Just wow!

  • I was hoping to hear/see more of your hip movement… perhaps some stretching/strengthening. And although I already do what you are doing on onscreen, the rest seemed to be talking about spinal surgery.

  • I would love to see videos on how to work your way up to doing a difficult workout move. For example, I can’t do pull ups but I really want to get to a point where I can! I’m just not sure how to get there safely.

  • I am in so.much pain,i did physical therapy it didnt help,i have labral tear �� it is not only that i have Chostochonritis and neck problem.When its starts every part of my body hurts.And i don’t want surgery of course.Are these moves on your video good for labral tear?

  • Great video! I have right hip OA, and want to avoid replacement surgery at all costs. What exercise makes me feel better? Roller-skating the ramps and half-pipes at skateboard parks. I always come home feeling stronger & more supple. Sitting for long periods makes it worse.

  • I needed to hear this. Doctors told me that too but chiropractor said don’t stop exercise just limit or slow movement or exercise based on your ability to understand when to stop or slow it down.

  • Schmoney! JM is spot on with muscle split days in the week bc it gives you optimal time to recover each push/pull group. I’ve changed my gym routine in the course of 4+ years and continue to achieve the power and agility I aim for in every session. These days I am always focused on form and recovery bc staying cognizant prevents injury and peaks performance.

  • I was pushed into back surgery on my L5 S1 it failed and I’m now on disability. I wish I would have known them that surgery doesn’t actually work and that our discs can reabsorb so surgery isn’t even necessary

  • you are such a beautiful woman!! i mean beyond beautiful. Breathtaking. you know what, if you do ever read this, there are no words that can do you justice. Your wife is one lucky woman!

  • Hlo sir im begginer in calisthenics and i was doing clean pushups but from some days im getting shoulder pain hand problem in hand placement (i have place my left hand lilbit backward from right with the equal hand position im getting power imbalance in arms ao plz help me

  • What if you have hip displasia (sorry spelling!) I do yoga but it seems to be getting worse. Very sad about this as I love doing yoga.

  • Hi, great information! Thank you. I have a question. My right hip is tight and I’m working on it. When I do a standing splits, the left hip comes off my torso like a hockey stick blade with no resistance. The right hip does not. It stays more in line with my torso forcing my upper body to the left. I hope that makes sense. What is a good stretch to increase that mobility in my right hip?
    Thanks again

  • I noticed a lot of hip issues comes out due to sedentary lifestyle. I might be guilty of doing some of the mistakes. But I always make sure to do 3 stretches that helps my hips and take less than 3 minutes.

  • Thank you Bailey for great tips! Beautiful video! I love BBFit workouts and low impact cardio it’s the best way to add cardio! And new Summer glow challenge is so amazing new workouts, meditations, mindset tips, diet tips, lives so fun and effective!

  • I have cured myself of a couple of “incurable” health issues already
    My hip problem is proving even more difficult to defeat
    But defeat it I will

  • But if you have a labral tear in the hip and you keep on exercising and stretching through the pain will it not get worse? I have a hip labral tear and want to do yoga, should I just persevere through the pain and will it eventually go away or get allot worse?

  • Matthew, you made me chuckle, how you moved easily from one position to another speaking gently. Love your videos. At 71, overweight all my life Really need ypur advice but cannot get to floor now. Glad U found your chanbel

  • Another book I would highly recommend for back pain with some attention to hip issues is Stuart McGill, The Back Mechanic. McGill is a spine biomechanics specialist recently retired from the University of Waterloo. I have followed his program and found nearly instant relief from low back pain. There are a number of YouTube interviews with him people can check out too.

  • So glad I recently found this channel!!! Excellent views and information from Matt and others on the channel…..thank you so much…I wish I could support this channel financially but I will sometime in the future

  • Exactly what happened to me after serious falls. At first, I was still able to move fairly well, but 3 years later I have trouble walking and going upstairs. I’ve been doing exercises lately, but some make me ache or cause me pain afterwards, and I work nights.
    I went from very fit and toned to almost crippled, snapping, popping, grinding and out of shape at 72. So frustrating.

  • Thanks guys, love your products and love your workout videos. I use them regularly. I was quite surprised, though, to hear your “scientist” classify all three of those drugs as anti inflammatories; as NSAIDs. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is not an anti inflammatory; an NSAID. So it does not have the same deleterious impact on muscle building as does true anti inflammatories as discussed in Mistake #1. Thanks again for the fantastic videos and products. I use both! Keep up the great work. Just thought you should know about the oversight.

  • LOVE! Thank you for this! Love your workouts in BBfit and quickies here and there �� and i think your talk on overexerting yourself in exercising is so important. Sometimes I struggle with this until today especially when I’m being hard on myself. I find myself tired days before my period and I’m not sure if i should do a low impact cardio, a toning or stretching class with you ☹️

  • A lot of love and a special thank you to you Jillian and all your tips. I did try several of your DVDs and do them once a week bouncing back from quarantine. It’s a bonus to watch your YouTube channel. Thanks for being around �� ������

  • I know nothing about working out I am 50 years old and I have a stomach I’m short and stocky I weigh about 185 pounds and I’m 54 I lost my sign for years ago and now I’m going through menopause full fledge I don’t know anything about eating right I don’t know nothing about counting calories but I know I need help can you help me?

  • I have to admit the thing I love most about Julien is that she doesn’t just tell us that we’re fat/unhealthy, she actually gives us real tips and advice and how to lose weight in layman’s terms. There’s so much confusing advise online that it’s hard to trust anyone. I love her because she might as well be a Doctor of fitness, she knows so much. I hate people like Swolenormous who constantly makes videos about fat people and all his videos are about are telling us how unhealthy we are. It’s like I get that, but do you have actual advice instead of making us feel bad about ourselves.

  • Wait, so I shouldn’t stretch before a workout? I’ve followed your video and I’ve doing the “3 stretches you should do everyday” before a workout; downward twist dog, butterfly shoulder stretch and the lunge and reach… should I stop doing those before a workout?

  • Hi from Belgium! I started your 5 minute workout videos during quarantine and got addicted to them!!!! The best videos ever and I do notice changes and improvement. I love what you represent, thank you and please don’t ever change ��

  • You are so beautiful and I love watching you doing this workouts, it encourages me alot, thank you so much ✨������ you are awesome ♥️♥️

  • I’m loving the BB Fit app, I started with your five minute YouTube videos then signed up on the app and I’m getting those results, feeling better and stronger everyday, my joints aren’t cracking as much as they did when I first started. I’m 52 yo post menopausal and lost my body my strength and so many things but by getting back into the swing of things gradually with those YouTube really made a huge difference. You are so right about you can do anything for five minutes, I couldn’t at first but keep at it until I could and then kept going with the app. Not having to go to a gym and doing everything in my home is also huge, I’m more inclined to stick with it, I’ll rest a day but try to at lest do the five minute workouts when I’m short on time or energy. Those things are key to my recovery. I can’t recommend these two things enough.

  • Yes! It is very important to learn the basic movement before any one plunge in into a compound and complex fitness routine. So it’s better to ask any fitness professional you’ve known. Invest to learn. And know any fitness plan that suits with your body type. ����

  • do a video on recovery. i only use 1.5 to 2.5 kg weight for arms n bach tonning. do it still need to give rest days for that light weight.

  • Hi girl!
    Im joy neville and I love ur videos and ur truth to health and fitness! Ive LOST 135 lbs eating healthy drinking water and exercise! I just started a youtube channel 2 weeks ago and was wondering if you can help a girl out? Share my story? Or shout out? If not I understand i still love ya���� i just really want to get my story out there in hopes to inspire or motivate other women! Im all about women uplifting women��

  • Jillian, please help! I’m a mum of two young kids and have in the past few months started running. I switch it up alternating between distances. I was also counting calories (1200kcal) and lost 5kg (over several months; slow, steady progress). I’m petite so 5kg is huge (for me)! Please can you advice how to move to maintenance healthily. Thank you!!! I watch your advice videos over and over again and take it to heart!

  • A couple of years ago my friends and I did the 30 day shred. Why do you believe in recovery now and not then? I think the video said you had to do it every day for 30 days. I remember being so sore I couldn’t walk. I could have used some recovery:)

  • I will never know why but I AM ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ATTRACTED to Jillian Michaels. Like seeing her gives me the fuzzies and the butterflies in my stomach. Hahahahaha i sound like a school girl with a crush.

  • i work out on my own doing weights i have a old school weight machine for full body and i have a multi function bench coming as well but what should i be doing for cardio with my weights?? treadmill or stationary bike? im a stay at home mom i make $12.50 a day 4 days a week it takes me alot of time to save up to gett a big itme… and i want to make sure what i buy is the right thing in three weeks ive gone from a tight fit in a size 11 jean and i have made it comfortably into my 8’s my goal is size 6. and i want to gain a bunch of mucels… my goal is when im an old women to beable to pick up all my grand kids and jump on a trampoline with them and not feel frail and weeek (im 27 now) also a video on protien shakes and how to do them and when to drink them would be great:)

  • So not to jump into routine what should I combine with the 30 day shred workouts I am doing with?Are they enough for weight loss or I need to add a different one?

  • xoxoxo biochemical imbalances Jillian! I am so stoked to see you again! I used to use your WO for my fitness classes! Keep thriving!!!

  • Sometimes you see something that immediately clicks and has the potential answer or at least guides you in that direction. I have had hip pain for years. Labral Tear is part of it and this whole presentation makes so much sense and has given me some guidance and the incentive to start my own pathway of discovery as to what works and what doesn’t. Thanks.

  • Thanks! so will be ok to do like a yoga class one day, a Weightlifting another day and a pilates class another day and switching days letting the muscles recover?

  • Whenever I lay down on sofa etc my left hip calf feels sore even when am trying to sleep left side feels sore hip calf. I sleep on the floor and am 27.

  • I’m so glad you just jumped right into the point of the video instead of being like other youtubers who have an entire 3 min intro talking about what their video is going to be about lol

  • thanks for ur kick in the pants today. I am homeless living in my car. in one way im not that bad off..at least I have a car. did have work to pay for most of my bills. I need to find a job because the big box store I was working for cut my hours from 39 to 20 and I’m working for a witchypoo. I really hate looking for work. its so discouraging to apply for hundreds of jobs and not get a reply. I did apply for one job but it won’t start for 4 weeks. im not thrilled about the job but took it anyway….right?

  • Everything she is saying is on point. That’s why I’m sticking with FitnessBlender (Daniel & Kelli)
    They offer free you tube workout videos but if you want to remove the guesswork, you can purchase their very affordable workout program. Their program work on different muscle groups and they use different type of workouts include HIIT, cardio, weight lifting, Pilates etc. Their program is 5 days a week giving you a rest day and an active recovery day. Check them out, you won’t regret it.

  • I agree with the under recovery, but she confuses me. She talks about under recovery, but her videos and app suggest working out, on the same areas, for 6 days straight with 1 day to recover. That’s not enough time. The first two times I did her 30 day shred program I did 3 days on 4 days off and then 5 days on 2 days off. I got great results. This last time I did it the way her app suggested 6 days on and 1 day off. I looked worse than when I started. I was not happy.

  • Awesome video! This is extra helpful. So this literally means one should NOT work same muscle group two days in a row even if it’s just biceps & triceps? I teach so sometimes find myself not letting recovery happen because of having to teach.

  • Ok. I do understand your point of view. And I think you’re right. Could you give a weekprogram for us to start with? I would be very grateful.

  • Been struggling with chest acne since I’ve really started sweating in my workouts. Do you have any skincare suggestions or help with this?:)

  • Thank you for always being quick and to the point. It makes it really easy to watch your videos knowing I’m getting the information I clicked for

  • Bailey i always use your workout videos!! They make me feel so much more confident in myself and my body! I appreciate all the hard work you put in to help us!��

  • The person saying “any minute we may need to be ready to use our back” is referring to Greg Glassman (CEO of CrossFit) that just resigned for basically being racially insensitive and a jerk.

  • I wish i could find exercise workaround for these! I have a very very, bad arthrtici ankle with RA! ruins most lower body and many upper body things!

  • Hmm good stuff. I always experience pain in my knees after squat jumps jogging or hiking. It usually lasts through the next day. I’ve never paid attention to it because I’ve seen great results. (I’m in love with my thighs and legs). However, I will definitely be paying attention to form and the extent in which I work the lower body.

  • I need to work on recovery. Got into mountain biking a couple weeks ago and it’s so addicting! In the past 3 weeks I’ve only taken 2 days off, my legs are hating me

  • Thank you so much..I came to dead end with NHS theapists and doctors….. I was told..get your head round it,, take more /stronger painkillers.. since watching your videos,I have done more exercise. Bought an inversion table and visit a amazing sports injury therapist and do yoga and I so much better.. thank you for your inspiration that you can fix yourself

  • Under recovery is definitely a huge problem. Track athlete here for about 5 years and for the last two years I had this “constantly on the grind” and “no pain, no gain” attitude. When I twisted my ankle on a run I took a day off and went to training the day after ��‍♀️. My left ankle is now probably messed up for the rest of my life and it’ll never be the way it was before… and I’m only 15:(

  • Thanks for being my fitness role model!!! You’re inspiring and have such an uplifting video presence ❤ just downloaded your app ��

  • Hi just found you. I did ballet from young and have (at least verified) in my feet and a bone spur. Now my hip is getting bad. Listening but I want to know what your movement history was. Hoping to salvage my mobility for vitality of movement.

  • This is what i needed right now, thank you so much. Your workouts are the absolute best and they give results plus they make me feel so good. You are awesome!!! ❤❤❤

  • Hahaha at you drinking a coffee and a smoothie at the same time– I do the same thing! I always feel like I need to have as many beverages on hand as possible ��

  • I’m early only to say
    1. I love bailey and her workouts
    2. Everything she says makes so much sense
    3. Please stay consistent with her workouts and eat well!
    Bailey, thank you for everything.

  • Do you have any tips on how to choose the right protein shakes/drinks? I’m currently trying to build up my muscles and eating more protein doesn’t seem to be helping as much as I thought it would so I thought I’d try protein shakes/drinks

  • Well let me tell you the problem about eating and working out at the same time e.g. Like your protein powders? As soon as you swallow protein powder it activates the stomach juices and intern the stomach uses energy which is far more than any exercise you can possibly do. Then you’re trying to do the gym at the same time which is literally impossible for the body to cope with. And studies have shown if you exercise on an empty stomach yeah produce Lena muscle rather than fat.

  • I totally agree with you about not needing a gym membership because it saves me so much more time doing home workouts after work. I have more free time for myself at night after the workout before going to bed

  • Loved this video you have helped me so much in my journey Bailey! I had times when I was over obsessive with losing calories and doing a bunch of cardio but just following your workout calendar and trying to get those negative thoughts in my head really helped. Now I know that it is best to do shorter workouts and bbfit has been making me feel so strong and confident ���� It really is apart of my lifestyle now. I’m even getting my friends wanting to do your workouts! So thank you ����

  • i don’t know exactly what it is about your videos but you’re the only fitness youtuber that actually makes me excited to do your workouts. i’ve struggled so much of my life with health and body image and your 5 minute workouts are especially motivating and i’ve made so much progress with them. thank you so much <3

  • The last point ������ so so true! All about working with what you have instead of fighting against it. Your workouts on BBFIT and your YouTube channel have definitely helped me come to love the body that I’m in so thank you so much ����

  • I’m starting to think I might be overdoing the cardio aspect lately, but I find it so hard to figure out the right balance of each kind of workout! I do a 4km run 3 times a week (which I love) and some form of HIIT 3-4 days a week too in addition to some toning Pilates/bodyweight workout and all of that. Is that too much? Not enough variety? How do you figure that balance out?! ��

  • i stopped doing cardio workouts and I focus on toning and other fat burn workouts because I live in a village right by the sea so I go swimming a lot,I walk and I also go cycling all the time but I don’t know if that’s good.What do you think?❤

  • son muy buenos estos tipos, pero siempre las flexiones las hacen con joroba exagerando la protracción de los hombros, típico de los calistenicos.

  • Pls pls do more 15-20 minute videos on your channel!! Especially cardio, I hate running/traditional cardio but love your cardio videos, I just wish there was more of them ��

  • Hi Bailey…
    I love your videos
    I’m actually helping my mom to start exercising and I don’t know if I’m doing the right things
    We usually do a cardio vid (cardio pilates+boxing) that last 20 minutes, or we do two of 10 minutes
    Then we start with some sculpting (abs, legs and arms)for about 25-30 minutes and finally we stretch that takes us 10 minutes
    So we do approximately one hour per day… We rest on Sundays and on Wednesdays we only do half an hour
    She’s trying to lose weight so I don’t know what kind of videos are better for her
    Thank you for being amazing and I hope you can help me out ❤️

  • Bailey!! You look amazin! Why are you so glowy? I think we’re due for an updated skin care routine (when you maybe have more time) plus your whole tanning situation.. Like what are you using? Cause neeeeed��

  • Your videos are very informative and professional! One tip: suggest to include a short list with the main points at the end of your video as a take home message.

  • You need to do less talking and more doing. I’m not here for a lecture or see you get off listening to yourself talk. I want to know what exercises I need to do to get rid of pain.

  • The stretching tip is a VERY interesting one. I done passive stretching for years in Kickboxing. Does it work? Yes! Does a 45 minute passive stretch work as well as a 15 minute Mobility workout? NO Not even remotely close. If you Bridge and do 15 mins Mobility work everyday it will change your life. A decade older and I’m more flexible now than ever!

  • Repetitive strain injuries are REAL and can cause major pain. As an LMT, I see it all the time from athletes to corporate employees to stay at home moms. If you have an RSI, massage therapy, specifically precision neuromuscular therapy, can be super effective. It aids in recovery.

  • Thank you Baily, love your tips. During quarantined i did every day workout/fitness at home. I am a tennis player (not profi) now we are starting the daily training and at the weekends our official matches. No time for my workouts and i’ve noticed that i’m again gaining weight. Please advice. Many regards from Germany❤️

  • I love that you follow your own advice! Your workout channel is the best one on YouTube and you are prettier than all the YT beauty gurus:)

  • Hey could you make one nina dobrev workout her body is amazing. In one Video you said we could say who we want next. Btw i love your channel and I am doing your workouts with my mother she already lost 5 pounds ����

  • 4) view this video thinking they will finally say something new that they have not said in their previous videos (which, by the way, were more interesting and useful, even if filmed with low quality cams..)

  • Love your vids! Also people forget that with the VS models it is there job to look that toned and lean ( I think it’s pretty so no body shaming at all). But they have time to go to the gym, eat very healthy and all that kind off stuff! Sorry for grammer or/and the sentences, I did my best( Dutchie here). X

  • I’m using your daily workout playlists on your channel. They are amazing and, I love how you say about how many workouts u do a day. I also love that u categorised them into a different day of the week.

    I love you Bailey ����

  • Has nothin to do with the video content but THIS PINK COLOR SUITS YOU SOOOO WELL!
    Now to the video: really really helpful as usual and I’ll make sure to adjust some things in my routine!

    Love you beautiful ����✨

  • What is your thoughts on sydey cummings workouts?? she does training 6 days a week from a heavy lower body day to the next day being a full bosy strength hiit routine. I find that ectremely tough and muscles extremely sore??

  • How do you think I should work out, I’m 14 1.46 39 kilos. I don’t need to lose weight I lost what I needed, I want more of the bikini body �� I have some abs and I don’t want to not lose my body I worked for summer and also not lose Weight�� what do you recommend or think? I love your videos ����������

  • So much positivity both in your video and the comment section, it´s just wonderful:) keep up the good work bailey and everyone else on their personal fitness journey!

  • In a perfect world and with flexible schedule it should be a great solution. I workout right after work between 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. and eat after my workout. What would be the best time to have a real meal?

  • can i do like 4 abs workouts one day, 4 for legs for another day, then arms with some rest days in between? would that be balanced?

  • Could you make any 5 mins back workouts?? I love all your workouts!!! I LOVE YOU and thanks for all the short and effective workouts……

  • Thanks for another back to basics, no bs video!
    After almost 40 years of training hard style martial arts my joints are messed up a bit, particularly my knee after meniscus surgery and an acl replacement 15 years ago. Squatting and heavy dl are no longer a good option for me. What do you think of training in the 15 to 20 rep area with multiple sets to failure for muscle gain?

  • Thank you again for the wisdom brother!
    You’re always giving us the best advice when it comes working out.!
    Much love and respect.!
    �������� God bless you

  • I know when I’m gaining weight (more than 20 lbs), my hip, may back feel so stiff. When it is like that, then I pay more attention to workout and less sugar. I usually gain weight around holidays (oct feb). It is cold and just plain lazy… Once, I lose weight, the back pain goes away.

  • Excellent ��. By the way John I’m still using the equipment you suggested back in March! My gym is still closed, so thanks for the suggestion!
    Prayers for Ric�� too.

  • I had a botched spine surgery as a kid, CSF fluid leaking for weeks, several operations, nearly died….now suffer with arthiritis, and i have found naturally through life that moving and stretching was the answer to pain, staying still increases it, so i have to be up and down all day for less pain but can’t stay in one position too long or do repeatetive tasks, i doo all those things you do in this video and more, just slowly, and people think well your back and hips can’t be that bad then, but they are and the worse they are the more extreme i need to stretch, which can look very constortionistic, the pain relief is enormous, like a shot of morphine, i have to do core excercises everyday just to stay on top of the pain, which leaves me stretchy and quite nimble for my age whcih shocks people when i tell them i have bad arthiritis, but just walk with me for 20 minutes and you see my face turn to a grimace and the hobble comes and i gotta rest for 10

  • Hi!
    Even if I am properly warmed up I feel pain in my biceps after doing ring muscle ups. What am I doing wrong?
    I would be very happy if someone could help me out.

  • When you train intensely there’s no way 6 hrs of sleep is enough unless you train low Intensity.. I need at least 8hrs of sleep no question…Great video John….