3 Methods to Learn Your Exercise Routine Preferences


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3 Approaches to Learn Your Workout Preferences. by Jennifer Purdie. February 6, 2019. No Comments.

Share it: It’s easy to do the same workout repeatedly, just by going into autopilot. While being consistent is important, adding a little diversity to your fitness routine helps strengthen new and different muscles and keeps things interesting. Find Your Workout Preferences By Asking These 3 Questions As the months go on in 2019, we are approaching the timeline when gyms start to lose members. You know, those who are ready to make this year the year they got in shape.

3 Approaches to Learn Your Workout Preferences. by Jennifer Purdie February 6, 2019. It’s easy to do the same workout repeatedly, just by going into autopilot. While being consistent is important, adding a little diversity to your fitness routine helps strengthen new and different. Exercise selection, intensity, repetitions, sets, tempo, rest interval and post-training recovery should all be consistent with the individual’s health status, training experience, current fitness level and desired goals. 3. Sufficient intensity, volume and frequency of the workouts to stimulate the desired physiological adaptations 4.

Exercise Selection: Choosing the Most Effective Exercises for Your Clients A while ago I watched a fitness instructor taking a client through their first programme review. On the initial programme the client was doing a seated chest press, the instructor decided to change this to a bench press with a fixed weight barbell. 3 Effective Approaches to Set Priorities. There are three basic approaches to setting priorities, each of which probably suits different kinds of personalities. The first is for procrastinators, people who put off unpleasant tasks.

The second is for people who thrive on accomplishment, who need a stream of small victories to get through the day. Your naturally muscular, and it’s easy for you to gain muscle with a little bit of weight work. It’s important to know just how to mix up your workout routines as your body will adjust fairly quickly to a workout style. Your diet is fairly moderate, but you’ll want to focus on veggies and protein as the main food groups.

People have a preferred learning style stemming from right mode/left mode preferences and general personality preferences. Learning style is an individuals preferred way of learning. Different people learn in different ways. Each of us has a natural preference for the way in which we prefer to receive, process, and impart information. Everyone’s approach to learning is based on a complex mix of strengths and preferences.

And we absorb and apply new concepts, skills and information in different ways at different times. So, however helpful it would be to find out how each of us does it “best,” there are many reasons why even asking the question is far from straightforward. VARK is a questionnaire that helps your learning by suggesting the strategies you should be using.

People with a strong visual preference for learning like: different formats, space, graphs, charts, diagrams, maps and plans.

List of related literature:

Well, I’ve created detailed beginner, active, and very active workouts to eliminate the guesswork (Part Two), but when I create individualized regimes for my clients, I always suggest that after a cardio interval, they start out with the exercise they dislike the most.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

: Option 2: Choose two workouts and alternate between them 3 days a week.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

The second is easy enough to understand: Your body adapts to workout routines.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

This book tells trainers how to delve into the minds (and physiques) of their clients and use this information to create exercise programs that work.

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
from Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies
by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
Wiley, 2004

8) Focus your mind on each exercise.

“The Wrestler's Body: Identity and Ideology in North India” by Joseph S. Alter
from The Wrestler’s Body: Identity and Ideology in North India
by Joseph S. Alter
University of California Press, 1992

1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
from The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging
by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Rodale Books, 2010

The primary purpose of this book is to be a resource to help you learn how to perform time-efficient, effective workout programs using only one piece of equipment at a time in either a commercial fitness facility or from the comfort of your own home.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

Feel free to modify the exercise selection and order based on your preferences.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

1. to four key workouts each week (breakthrough, or hard, workouts).

“Triathlon Science” by Joe Friel, Jim Vance
from Triathlon Science
by Joe Friel, Jim Vance
Human Kinetics, 2013

These five exercises are the best ofthe best.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
Rodale Books, 2009

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  • after watching your breakdown and explanation on deadzone, response curve, and this video, I was doing a lot better than I was before LOL not gonna lie before watching everything Im always at the bottom of the scoreboard

  • Back when I joined a milsim on bf3 (Xbox 360) my boy helped me learn sniping like this..

    Aim 200m away and shoot a smiley face into the wall

    Next 400m and so on..

    It sounds easy but it really helped me out

  • 100% agree with deloading strategy that what I do every few sessions, I will almost kill myself for two/three days on my main parts back/chest/legs squats and then pick up extra isolation for my deloading as while isolating muscle you often lift lighter:] worked well so far 18months in

  • Hey thank you for your videos! Also, my parents live near that gym. When I visit them I sometimes go there. Hope to see you there sometime.

  • I left after #1. If you think volume (as in 3 sets of 6) is better than going to failure (since the first two sets accomplished nothing)… I’m out!

  • Leg curls on the machine make me feel a sudden brief discomfort on the knees on the concentric phase, which makes me believe it’s a harmful exercise. I’m a novice to this exercise only using 10kg…
    Maybe my range of motion is too extense?

  • @CrashCourse. Hi, wonderful lecture, thank you for the effort that you put into free education. I was just wondering, you mentioned that almost all schools agree on 3 basic needs. Sex, hunger and need to belong. What I do not quite understand is how the need to have clothes (which is physiologically a need to maintain desirable temperature and psychologically a need based on socio-cultural values) and the need to have shelter (again both a phsyiological and psychological need) are skipped as basic motivators. Apparently it would seem, these are higher needs than need to belong, probably somewhere in the same bracket as hunger.
    Could you please comment on this.

  • In older cods holding down the trigger or tapping the fire button will still kill enemies but not on this game. Definitely feels like guns have more recoil

  • This drill along with your aim settings have improved my game 500% in 1 day. Seriously, I spend hours screwing with settings, but I feel so locked in now it’s ridiculous it took this long.

  • Honestly speaking idk if it’s me alone. I love to watch ur videos their really helpful BUTTTTTT you talk wayyyyy to “FAST” no disrespect!
    I always watch over the videos to make sure I didn’t miss anything because I always do ���� or because I didn’t fully understand because you were speaking at such a FAST pace
    But I do enjoy ur videos ����

  • I do max health. Headshots only. Team Death match with no friendly bots. Mixed difficulty. Unlimited time and points. Go for 150 at least. Massive improvement

  • What if you’re doing a full body workout and doing main compound lifts? Is it ok to train to failure if you’re not doing other lifts?

  • Thanks for all the great information, I’ve used it to create the best at home hamstring workout ever. It is like the gliding leg curl at 4:11 but with a chair with wheels it works great

  • thumb pain in right hand anytime i use p-bars. I stretch and ease in, but always discomfort and pain if i push it. Any ways to change up grip or other things to consider. When I take videos my alignment doesnt look to whacky or anything.

  • So I tried this drill last night with six BOTS and a loadout consisting of a PKM and an Oden. I can’t tell you how many times I ripped off six to ten shots in the kill box of a BOT and the damn thing didn’t die until I had hit is almost twenty times. or got a head shot. How in the hell is this game fair or even remotely realistic? I admit I don’t have the best ADS in the world but when my scope is lined up with the upper torso of a BOT and and dead center and I put that many shots on target, it should drop like a rock after three to four shots. This has been one of the reasons I have not played the COD platform very much. Am I wrong for wanting realism in a FPS game? Then I see people taking pot shots at snipers you can barely see with an MP5 and they get a one-shot kill. C’mon, that’s BS!

  • Would the barbell lunge also be a good hamstring exercise? My thinking is that as you step out with one leg you are activating the quad on that leg for the forward knee flexion, but the other leg would be flexing with your foot behind you supporting the weight of your body and the barbell on the eccentric and pushing up on the concentric. Basically loaded flexion with your foot in front of you works the quads, loaded flexion with your foot behind you (like on a lunge) works the hams?

  • Agree with a lot of this apart from no sound, being able to effectively shoot via indication of footsteps prior to vision is a great advantage once learnt, pointless to disregard it. Also put bots to 250hp if you’re practicing for warzone

  • Hi Bro love your videos man very informative…quick one could you make one on how to actually lose belly fat my top 2 abs are prominent but getting rid of the belly fat below is proving troublesome would appreciate a video on this!

  • Regarding the part about the hunger tests and stuff, how would that fit into anorexia? I’ve watched their videos on eating disorders, but it hardly cover the basic human drives, because while quite a few anorexics seclude and isolate, theres also a lot who don’t. Is their mental illness just putting hunger lower on the list of drives, permissing you to be social and sexual, or something else. I’m assuming that the severity of the eating disorder also plays a role.

  • How can I save and load custom matches? Because the game let me save a custom match (free4all, no killstreaks etc) but I see no option to load a saved preset

  • Can anyone please give me a routine! Right now I should go five times per week but I have only been going like three times. Right now I hit arms twice and legs twice.

  • The newest research actually shows just 5 sets per week per muscle group to be most beneficial in terms of hypertrophy but hey it’ll change next week I’m sure����

  • Take aim assist off for maybe 100-300 kills (at least 100, do more than that if you want) and then try out your aim assist whether that be standard/precision/focusing for like 20 kills and you’ll notice a difference. You’ll feel extremely accurate

  • as awlays!! each time I’m looking for smething that bothers me you post a video for what exactly i’m looking for, what a happy coincidence!!

  • Ima try this out. This is my first cod I been playing for like 2 months. I was horrible but I’ve gotten my kd up to.83 really want to get it to 1. I think the hardest thing has been getting my reaction. I hadn’t played video games in years lol

  • I love the way you really explain things to the little details. By no doubt your content is the highest quality content in the fitness industry! Just wanted to say thanks and let you know it’s appreciated.

  • Honestly I was looking for drills like this witch was hard for some reason, and it really helps! Thank you so much for this video!!

  • I like your videos but I’m confused I watch this other guy named seth feroce and he says that every time you go to the gym you should leave it all out there never cheat yourself but treat yourself,and if you have more to give dont shit the bed and go all out?!?!!

  • Dude you are 5’5 your thigh is 5 inches long. You are basically a mini me. When a man comes on this video who is 6’5 with massive thighs I’ll be impressed. It took you 3 months to get in shape. You are so short it doesn’t take much.

  • If you want to step this drill up a little bit, put it in hardcore turn up the difficulty of bots and turn off your aim assist. I’m a masochist

  • I have to work in a high school weight room, so I needed this. We have a rowing machine I could keep in mind. I will also keep the slide leg exercise in mind for home exercise.

  • Could my imbalance of strong, larger than average quads to weak gluten and hammys play a role in the low back pain due to a slight bulging disc?

  • Thanks for the gliding leg curls. Didn’t know they existed.
    The nordic hamstring curls are too difficult for me so these will be a good alternative.

  • Clear logic in the design of our muscles and delusional people still think humans and everything else are the “result” of random, mindless and chaotic particles Lol.

  • Nordic hamstring is my fav exercise for the hammies (without dropping, pulling yourself back up using your hamstrings) not shown on this video though:(

  • Over the years I have spent my time in combat training/custom games playing without sound but found, in BO3, it created a negative effect for me. In my sweatiest moments i had to take off my headset and play music to focus. No game audio and with music was the way I practiced against bots over the years. My predictions would then be on point but then you can’t hear foot steps, knifing or missed shots. Playing with my A40s is a distraction now so my 2cents would be to play with game sound and be patient with letting the flow state come to you. Now, it’s more difficult for me to play with game audio than without.

  • I like to use the bare weapon with no attachments (except extended mags and stippled grip tape to keep things balanced so its as similar to the bare weapon) so when i use the weapon with actual attachments that improve its accuracy and all that other stuff, it makes it wayy easier to be more precise and drop people. This is optional but i also like to turn off aim assist during practice and turn it back on when i play online

  • I’ve been accused of being immature and easily amused before, but do you HAVE to call them P bars? Parallettes is only 3 syllables long lol

  • It MUST be understood that body types need to be accounted for. A sprinter, 100 yard dash will get KILLED in a marathon. BODY types, ectomorph, endomorpth. Understand that not everyone can look like Chris Hemsworth. Some will have to settle with the body of a lightweight, MMA fighter. Nothing wrong with them guys, I’d give a left nut to look like that. So would my wife.

  • Sometimes I will be playing and my aim is Chris Kyle, other times I will be playing and it turns into a goddamn Stormtrooper. I do pretty well, but the consistency is a bit silly.

  • so the deadlift and romanian deadlift are not enough for hamstrings and you must add the leg curl to hit the biceps femoris short head?

  • I don’t have a hamstring curl machine I heard that was best for building muscle is this true and wgats the best exercise I can do for big bicep hamstrings? Deadlifts and squats dont seem to do it?

  • Thank you, Jeff “Muscle Nerd” Nippard (no offense intended). This is such great detail.
    On my right leg, I have such an imbalance in my outer hamstring compared to my inner hamstring that I believe its the cause of my back problems. Im constantly having to pop my hips and back and my back “goes out” randomly. I’ll start a new workout today.

  • Another animal instinct is like when your dog does the doggie paddle even though its just above the water, not in it:) Don’t some human infants have similar swimming instincts?

  • Term and definition at time 3:53 in the video do not match. I think you meant to put optimal-arousal theory instead of drive-reduction theory.

  • Can someone tell me why im 160 pounds very skinny but im super strong for my size i can bench 275 for 5 good reps and i see muscular guys in the gym who cant lift it more than one time its very frustrating to see that i know i shouldn’t compare but im getting stronger and not bigger

  • I’m new to this. But I’m liking it. I bought a pair of push up bars today for… push ups, but found they’re useful for working triceps… though limited. So I’m thinking about buying parallettes for greater range and challenge. I thought I knew what fitness was, but I can see what people mean by filling in the gaps.

  • There’s so many factors when it comes to mouse aiming. It all depends on what style you’re using (wrist/arm/hybrid) keep your dot at a higher area but don’t focus on it because you’ll have slower reaction times. Practice your flicks with an mp7 and your accuracy with the revolver, do as many jumpshots and slideshots as possible.

  • I think I haven’t commented yet because you’re very analytical and logical, so I’ve been pretending to myself that you’re like AI creating videos. Forgot that you’re a human being. I’ve watched and learned a ton from all this hard work done and excellent content you’ve created. Thanks Jeff.

  • Great video btw! I just wanted you to know to try to make your videos 10min long. This increases the green paper. Shelby church had a video about it.

  • I prefer to use the gunfight map speedball, then have the ffa kill limit at usually around 150 kills, and put 6-8 bots. Or sometimes 11 lol

  • such useful info. I’ve seen a handful of Jeff’s vids now and really think he’s doing some of the most insightful and well structured fitness videos out there on Youtube. New Sub for sure

  • Excellent Jeff. However, one important tip when performing seated/prone leg curls: Dorsi Flex, in order to limit the gastrocs from assisting. This places emphasis on the hamstrings

  • Awesome, thank you for this. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it until now. Is there any drill you’d recommend that would improve general game sense? The issue is I’m constantly being shot by people I don’t see, people always see me before I see them.

  • I really appreciate your in-depth research and reporting of findings; subbed keep up the dope ass work man!

    Edited: I have implemented* your suggested drill and honestly can say my controller (Standard Xbox One) feel more responsive to reflex jerks/movements when coming around corners and spotting a enemy or shooting and connecting more shots at a distance.
    Haven’t tried it in Warzone yet, but I do feel more confident now.
    Thanks again fam!

  • Thanks for your videos. I haven’t played a CoD game since BO2 and had forgotten some of the simplest of things… like centering. I will be running this drill tonight when I get home.

  • This suggestion that every muscle group get worked out twice a week… does anyone here actually heal that fast? If I work out a muscle group enough to get sore, that soreness last 4-6 days. I eat plenty of protein and I try my hardest to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

  • you say there is only 8 boxes to fill it for mail resistance exercises yet u add the core plank witch clearly makes it 9????????? so I took out hammer curls and put in the core exercise will I still be OK?

  • Oh, so basically the video talked about how we humans have a psychological need to belong. And also the need to eat, sleep and do other important stuff to survive. One of the most primitive emotions is fear and that could be one of the factors on why we do what we do.

  • You should see how he shows up on Sonocent lecture recording. He literally doesn’t pause to breathe. It’s continuous skip free recording lol.

  • I have to say, you’re videos are very good and you’re so knowledgeable in the subject. Thank you for all that you do and I hope everything continues to go well for you!

  • Bots in this game sometimes make human movements but i think their could have been a difficulty level higher than veteran. The only thing that I think is unfair playing the bots is the bloody throwing knives.

  • I notice you’re doing something very important that most tutorials miss: You’re aiming at the sweet spot, the lowest central point of the head. Face on, it’s the chin, from the side, it’s the bottom point of the ear (earlobe). Aiming at the lowest central point of the head means that if you don’t pull down enough against the recoil, it travels up, giving headshots. If you pull down too strong, you still land body shots.

    I see too many players aiming at center mass. Sometimes they pull down to strong and miss shots between the legs, other times it recoils up into the chest, but never reaches the head. Once you get used to landing at least 1 or 2 headshots with every burst, you’ll start to see the TTK shrink as you cut through the enemy like butter.

  • I noticed you curl your toes to your shins during the movement, is it better to point your toes away, or curl them toward your shin, as you’ve shown?

  • Would compound excercises like curtsy lunge or (high feet) leg press count on the overall volume of training (hamstrings) per sesion? My hamstrings aren’t growing and I fear I may be over training them �� thanks for the fantastic aproach and well explained content!

  • Him: “…whereas others might be satiated by an engaging book or new knitting pattern.”
    Me: (Looks down guiltily at embroidery that I’m working on while watching)

  • Here is a link for a free stock
    https://join.robinhood.com/rachelr1707 also Link for TWO FREE STOCKS. https://act.webull.com/e/fX2OEckhIM48/z25/

  • As a teacher, I say the fast-paced edit style used by this presenter makes this video stressful and exhausting to listen to. It’s impossible to take in one fact before he’s halfway into another, and don’t even think about writing down any notes unless you want to hit pause every sentence or so. I’m not going to ask my class to come here to watch this.:P

  • Training frequency does not increase volume…. high-volume training has nothing to do with frequency….
    Strength training is about doing straight sets or pyramid sets… cycling between rep ranges from low medium and high… muscle confusion or changing exercises is to break a plateau!
    Overtraining can happen… doing high volume high frequency high intensity…. need to back cycle or take a layoff!

  • i have yet to find, in my search so far, a satisfactory definition of what motivation is, but many people talk about how to get it, but i just dont know what it is im trying to get, how do i get a thing that i dont know what it is? I cant even tell what is motivating me to go after this question.What motivated me to spend 2 hours reading about friedrich nietzsche’s life, when studying for things i care about tires me out after 20 minutes?

  • So, then, why the fuck do all the AI in my customs use god damn shotguns? I mean you can’t really fucking counter that when four fucking ai turn the corner with 725s

  • I honestly enjoy the TTK in this game. Yes it results in BAD players camping all the time because they are scared to get into a shootout, but the fast TTK forces you not only to get better at landing the first shot but it also forces you to think about positioning and whether or not you should rush or play patiently. There are plenty of options for countering campers, it’s just that running directly at them and jumping around and drop shotting them isn’t one of them. It’s like if CoD players can’t just rush nonstop and play in everyone’s face they think the game is broken. This game just involves a bit more focus on strategy, positioning and map control and less on running around like a crackhead. I’d say the vast majority of shooters play something like this, most older CoD games are essentially arcade shooters, and so is MW when you break it down, but I appreciate the added bit of realism and strategy that the faster TTK provides.

  • I’ve been playing this game since it came out and didn’t realize you could use bots… Thank you for making this video and all your other breakdowns. super helpful.

  • Watched this video so I could scientifically strategise how to motivate myself but instead I’m feeling really insecure about my asexually

  • I built my p-bars out of 4 pieces of 5 x 5″ plywood and two 50 x 500mm diameter roundwood( maybe it’s called that) and 4 screws. So it isn’t exactly too hard or expensive. Thanks to a broken wrist and constant crashing on MTB the p-bars offer me a pain free session of pushing training. Thank you Brian for a great channel.

  • Gregg Doucette is not gonna like number 1! But its mainly because most people have no idea what failure truly is and leave far too many reps in the tank

  • Ok but whenever i do the lying leg curl I feel like my calves start to hurt or take over,, is this normal?? how do I assert this situation?

  • Now that you know what motivates us you will form society to manipulate our brains into functioning as sheep. You will tax us for breathing, bearing a child, owning land, and many others. You will get us to advertise for free and you will get us to buy that what we freely advertise. You will build a database of our personalities based off google searches, facebook posts and what we talk about when we think the mic is off. You will own us except those whom serve jesus. Those without jesus will be tormented by their past when they step out of line.

  • Bro i am one of the best players and i have to watch this hahaha my aim everything is gone because of not playing this game for months

  • I want bots with the same shields as Warzone. I wreck bots and normal multiplayer but the whole needing a while clip thing while they run slide and jump is messing me up

  • Who is watching this at 4 am, trying to retain all the information for their AP Psychology Final that’s in a few hours? Because same.

  • he is really fun and he makes psychology fun
    I do appreciate it. My psychology instructor keeps referring us to these videos in her slides
    Big Thumbs up

  • From the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, i think my lack of motivation may be caused by my reduced meals over the past year +. I shall test this theory and see where i am at in 30 days of 3 full meals a day. Thank you.

  • You mentioned it at the end as sort of a throw away (no offense), but I HATE that when I turn off the game sound, basically muting my TV or no headphones, I do SOOOO much better. I want to hear the shots, reloads, explosions, etc., but they don’t help me at ALL. I’ll put on Netflix on my tablet and play with no sound and destroy! But I will be average at best with the game sound in my ears. It’s so frustrating. I literally have to chose whether I want to do well, or enjoy the full gaming experience. I hate the way my brain works.

  • My Girlfriend actually just got into MW after I asked her to try the campaign so I’m gonna have her try this out and see how she does.

  • I wish that you could disable bots’ guns or equip them to just run with knives. I’m practicing quick scoping and I’d just like moving targets to practice on for now.

  • Good stuff. Thank you. This was just what I was searching. I split my quads and hams for two different days and I’ll be doing this for a few weeks.

  • I’ve always been wondering how to improve hamstrings since any lower body exercises tend to few stretch dominantly at the lower back and hip.

    Probably no wonder I had a back injury a while ago.

    But I will know what to do.

  • Neither of these pics would I walk up and say. “Do you even lift bro?” I’m gonna go out on a limb and find one of these things is not like the other. The only thing that changed was the shorts.

  • Great video, I think it is also important to note that any concentric exercise such as leg curls will shorten the muscle which can increase risk of hamstring injuries. So it is important to ensure that eccentrics such as the sliding hamstring and glute-ham are included to promote lengthening while strengthening

  • I don’t do weird exercises, not because I’m smart but because I’m dumb. I do low bar squat, OHP, deadlift (one set only), and on workout B I do low bar again, bench and bent over rows.

    What are your thoughts on the low bar squat wrt hams as opposed to high bar? Does what you say in the vid apply equally?

    What about recovery? I find my hams recover more slowly than the other groups, though that may be primarily a function of deadlift recovery. Btw your variety of the hanging deadlift has me intrigued, for it’s stretch reflex. I better get myself to look into this.

  • i like the video, i do have one question. why are you practicing with bots? A.I. can’t be close enough to human player reactions and unpredictable movements like jumping, sliding, going prone etc.

    do you think it would be more efficient training to do the drills against human players?

  • New favorite quote when I’m with someone and hungry. “My need is food. My drive is hunger. My drive reduction behavior is burrito.”

  • The fun factor is definitely something that convinced me to get a set of P-Bars. P1 has been a BLAST so far! Thanks Ryan for the video!