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Tips to sit less and move more

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25 Minecraft Redstone Circuits YOU SHOULD KNOW!

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1. Spice it up. Feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Change your route or try a new exercise.

Variety is the spice of life! 2. Keep it simple. Maybe you’ve had a chaotic day and barely have enough juice in the tank to fall asleep while watching 3. Short. But, thankfully, there are steps you can take to make the time change more bearable.

14 Reasons You’re Always Tired. quicklist: 1 category: Ways to Make the Switch to Daylight Savings Time Less. If you have an open office space, try switching things up and moving from your desk to an area of the office that gets the most sunlight. Short and Sweet Workouts. Sometimes, the idea of an hour-long workout class (not to mention getting to and from the gym, plus showering and changing) just seems way too exhausting and not worth the effort.

How to Get More Done With Less Daylight I’m one of those people whose mood can be dictated by the weather. I know this from growing up in a city of extremes [either no sunlight in a day to full days of sun ] and experiencing long stretches of in-betweens that have wreaked havoc on my inner state. Your sedentary lifestyle is killing you. The solution is to find ways to move more. Humans were made to move.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (C.D.C.) only 20 percent of American adults meet the minimum national exercise guidelines of at least 150 minutes per week of mixed aerobic workouts and strength training. In turn, a lack of physical activity has clearly been shown. How to Deal With Less Sunlight & Shorter Days • Feel Good / Health. Maximize autumn and winter sunshine with a few tips and tricks. Dealing with shorter days is no easy task. We’re spoiled in the summer by long stretches of daylight and 8 pm sunsets (or 10 pm if you live way up north).

Most likely you have a set of activities that communicate to your child that it’s time to get ready for sleep. A bath, story, jammies on, a kiss and a song — these will all need to move back in order to make up for that lost hour. Like the bedtime, move the routine backwards during the week before Daylight Saving. Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 11, which means we’ll be “springing forward” and losing an hour of sleep.

But not to worry — Tips For Adjusting To Daylight. If you noticed you had an easier time getting out of bed this morning, you have Mother Nature to thank. As of 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 4, daylight saving time officially ended.

Move task areas close to windows Consequently it’s well worth spending more time on daylight in architectural education and in the design process in general. 7 Ways Daylight Can Make.

List of related literature:

Figure 28-2 Four major properties of light affecting circadian photic resetting.

“Therapy in Sleep Medicine E-Book” by Teri J. Barkoukis, Jean K. Matheson, Richard Ferber, Karl Doghramji
from Therapy in Sleep Medicine E-Book
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The human circadian system can shift its phase by about an hour a day, so adjustment to the daylight saving change should be complete within a day.

“Automotive Lighting and Human Vision” by Burkard Wördenweber, Jörg Wallaschek, Peter Boyce, Donald D. Hoffman
from Automotive Lighting and Human Vision
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Adjustment to westward travel should include exposure to dim light/darkness in the morning.

“Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Meir H. Kryger, Thomas Roth, William C. Dement
from Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features
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Daylight saving variations make it even more complicated.

“The Art of Community: Building the New Age of Participation” by Jono Bacon
from The Art of Community: Building the New Age of Participation
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During DST, clocks are moved forward one hour to effectively give (from the morning) one more hour of daylight North Geographic Pole in the evening during the summer months.

“Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings” by Walter T. Grondzik, Alison G. Kwok
from Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings
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Prior to departure, one option is to move the sleep schedule earlier by one hour each day, combined with morning bright light exposure, so that the clock is already advanced to the new time zone by the day of travel.

“Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects” by Sudhansu Chokroverty
from Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects
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Some travellers find that using natural daylight as much as possible helps them to adapt to the new time-cycle, particularly if they are moving from night into day.

“Foundations of Psychology” by Nicky Hayes
from Foundations of Psychology
by Nicky Hayes
Thomson Learning, 2000

If you are traveling west, you will need to shift your habitual bed and wake times 1 hour later per day and maximize your bright light exposure in the 3–4 hours before your bedtime each night.

“Behavioral Treatments for Sleep Disorders: A Comprehensive Primer of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Interventions” by Michael L. Perlis, Mark Aloia, Brett Kuhn
from Behavioral Treatments for Sleep Disorders: A Comprehensive Primer of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Interventions
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Provide switching choices, to accommodate schedule and daylight availability: Areas near windows that can be naturally lit should have continuous dimming controls to dim lights that are not needed.

“Architectural Graphic Standards: Student Edition” by Charles George Ramsey, Harold Reeve Sleeper, Keith E. Hedges
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Night shift workers who are going back to day shift should do the reverse: have bright light exposure in the morning and limit exposure to light in the evening.

“Safety at the Sharp End: A Guide to Non-technical Skills” by Rhona H. Flin, Paul O'Connor, Margaret Crichton
from Safety at the Sharp End: A Guide to Non-technical Skills
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  • I’m 4 years late in seeing this video but I’m trying to learn redstone so it’s really helpful so far. Except I’m building these in my redstone testing world so I can reference them again and Mumbo just goes SO QUICKLY sometimes. Well, trying to be smart, I turned playback speed to x0.5 and immediately almost died laughing (10/10 would do again, except it makes focusing on the redstone much more difficult)

  • y’all talking about shirt this and that… but what about the fucking voice, i did not look at the thumbnail and come in expecting that shit

  • also the 9th time i have watched this. shout out if you see these. love your content. entertaining, informational and inspirational.

  • Who esle just now realized after ages of hearing this song and rewatching the video that the garbage can guy is Corbin Reinhardt from S.W.A.T., Ultimate tag, Dodgeball, and TFIL/Sam & Colby?

  • Ok i love your vids but this one is quite flawed the visual brightness makes it blinds faster and if you dont agree what does exactly the oddbuld blids faster so does the intence halogen what do they have in common increased visual brightness

  • 5:45 your friend is called Pauli Esther… Lmao how many people actually got that?
    Edit: Lmao he is actually called that I thought it was a poliéster joke

  • Lol that CJ save never worked on me, I never knew this was a tactic. I always thought they accidentally vaulted towards me and I just grabbed them or hit them if they were healthy.

  • Where have you been my whole life, mostly i needed your wisdom and these compact creations back then. But Great video, and instructions, now im i need to go change my redstone now lol

  • Shit if my body looked like his….. That is how I would walk around all the time!!! I’d fucking show up to job interviews and shit no shirt no shoes!!

  • I was going to say this is the most helpful redstone video I’ve ever seen, but that’s not actually true.

    It’s the only helpful redstone video I’ve ever seen. Maybe now that I’ve seen it, other redstone videos won’t be quite so unapproachable.

  • Yes, I’m aware of the small editing mistake at the end on the Discord part.
    Also, vote up this tutorial on the steam guides section, that way more people can see this!

  • If you want a fast redstone clock, no lighting updates, and only 4 blocks?
    Just read more for directions!

    2 observers facing eachother, a sticky piston 2 blocks away, facing the observer, and a lever next to the piston, power the piston, and unpower it to turn it off.
    simple, isn’t it?

  • Crazy to see Etho having a clock named after him lol everyone in the redstone community calls it the Etho clock but Etho calls it the hopper clock haha the dude is just to humble.

  • did anyone notice that the “plus-size” girl who is swinging her ponytail and dancing in the video was just on America’s Got Talent this week?

  • I was watching this and saw the monostable circuit and decided to go build one and test it, then I decided to hook it up to a T-flip flop, then I realised that is completely useless.

  • These guys were phenomenal live… unfortunately they were touring with Ghost and Ghost fans just cannot appreciate this band apparently. They complained the whole way through the performance.

  • Mumbo, do you remember old school lemon circuits/redstone clocks? Here’s an image d=dust (directional arrow)=repeater

    ^ v

  • This is cool and all but I have no idea what any of these would be used for. I get the circuits that power on and off are used when you want to power something on and off without having to manually do it, but I have no clue what something like a T-Flip Flop is used for.

  • This song pumps me up so much that I just want run outside and fist fight the planet. Also….THAT DRUMMER IS WEARING A DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN SHIRT.

  • most of these work except a few in bedrock, the t-flip flop that uses the monostable circuit doesnt work, the repeater lock t-flip flop works but is random so it can be on twice and off twice, thats all, (atleast i think)

  • i was listening to this while i was in class and the background conversations i thought were part of the video which made it better.

  • Plot twist: Joji was looking at the guy
    Credit to the commenter who commented (forgot his name) this when it came out if you know tell me

  • I didn’t shoot my shot before the pandemic started and now I cannot put my feelings into words on how much I regret it because now she’s probably moved schools ��

  • I love your videos, but I think sometimes less is more. You may want to go over fewer circuits but allow more time for you to and the viewer to breathe and demonstrate at little more the uses and inner workings.

  • Hi everyone,

    I am just starting to making music. Check it out and please me a comment if your guys like it

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1QZ-bZmLAo

  • “You don’t wanna use a fucking green battery and then a yellow battery”
    Yeah right that 1% difference between green+yellow and green+filament that might actually be a miscalculation on your part is insanely important

  • 1:49 a REACT/FBE reactor. One was in a Childish Gambino “This is America,” one was in Eminem “Godzilla.” Never noticed her in this video.

  • We Won’t Stop #WeDontStop Nothing More Nothing More Nation #DontStop till the children are rescued

    #fightthegoodfight #lordgiveusstrength


  • Out of all of the videos I have watched so far by this youtuber, this has helped me the most and is very useful. The quick tips and CJ Tech were the best part of the video. Now everyone knows how to counter me when I’m hag. >;C ��

  • It used to be illegal to eat icecream on the sidewalk in Carmel, CA. Then in 86 Clint Eastwood became mayor and repealed the law. So my question is WHO DO THESE SUITS WORK FOR???

  • Idk why I thought this but considering he isn’t wearing a shirt or shoes he seems like the kind of person that probably goes commando and if it were up to him he would just be completely naked all the time!

  • i know that this video is 4 years old now but thanks to you, i make my very first redstone door. i used a pulse extender and a redstone reverser to make a button operated door. Thanks for the help

  • was playing a game while watching this. got a 4k when they ran at me like flys and then reported me for “taking the game hostage” when i slugged them when there was no hooks…

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  • Hey for some reason my hopper clock will only work with 1 if I add more it just moves one over and then nothing moves any ideas how to fix it

  • Whenever I flashlight save I always get to close. You also mention the correct angle for the flashlight save which I have no clue about. Do you need to be at the perfect angle or can you be in front of them as well?

  • I cam e to this video because I’m trying to make a cool side light. It’s a 3 thick wall with 3 redstone lamps on top of each other theres gonna be a lever for the light switch

    Mumbo like this if u wanna help

  • I survivor called me a hacker when I was following him after being blinded by a flashlight… I was listening for grunts and footsteps

  • But I want to know how you make all these ideas so I can try making one please if it’s possible try to give me some tips on how to make the ideas thanks I hope you reply○●○●

  • I know a smaller size doble (sorry for spelling) piston extender (here’s what you need) one obsvr (and a nother) OK!!!!!!!!! Two pistons one redstone repeater and one button it has to be stone (first put two pistons facing up and put a obsvr also up one block away and next on that one block gap put a redstone repeater and a stone button) AND YOR DONE!!!!!!!!!! comment if not working OK this took a LONG TIME �� so like the comment

  • Normies: Minecraft is just a game, it’s a waste of time and did not bring any benefit…
    Engineer, Elektrical and computer science student: Ah yes… Minecraft…

  • Whoever was talking over the double battery segment, it’s super fucking dumb. Green battery + Low amp gives you.32s more than Green battery + Yelloe battery. It’s the exact fucking same basically.

  • I dont understand why you would want to hop the pallet in the CJ Tech. Its far safer to just sit on the other side.
    It looks like it doesn’t do anything but waste time. All the hops I’ve seen look like they happen after the killer fails to break the pallet, so if it isn’t to bait the killer into doing something he was likely going to do regardless, then what’s the point?

  • Hi Ussylis! Fellow dbd YouTuber here, recently I made a playlist containing all of your tutorials (which is helped me as well) for convenience, I’d like to thank you for contributing these great tutorials and videos to the dbd community! Please keep uploading these great vids��

  • to be honest. There really isn’t anything even remotely moderately skilled about using flashlights.
    All of this things I could do literally 2 days into de game.
    And I’m not good, I’m trash. Anyone slightly more talented in videogames could pull this off in no time

  • “I apologize if this video is a little bit boring,.. ” What are you talking about? The way you talk was enough to make this video not boring/unboring/disboring/whatevering… INTERESTING, yeah that’s the word:P

  • It’s just called an RS Latch. It is NOT a NOR gate as NOR gates are only on when neither in put is on. In other words a NOR gate is only on when NEITHER a NOR b is on. An RS latch is a logic device which can be Set and Reset, hence the “RS” part of the name. The latch remembers its most recent state. That is its entire purpose. FYI, the first “RS Latch” you mentioned is actually an OR gate as the output would be on regardless of which input is on.

  • Please please please create a reanimation album like Linkin Park did with this song, Jenny, God Went North, and some other popular ones. I wish I had the equipment to do it haha.

  • We need new music! You guys are amazing. One of the craziest concerts I’ve been too. Some army guys got in a fight, and the craziest mosh pit I’ve ever avoided. Lol

  • Redstone Clocks
    0:29 Simple redstone clock
    1:06 Redstone torch repeater clock
    1:48 Comparator or 1-tick clock
    2:27 Etho hopper timer
    Monostable Circuits
    3:13 Basic monostable circuit
    3:42 Dropper-hopper monostable circuit
    4:13 Silent 1-tick pulse generator
    Toggleable Flip Flops (T-Flip Flops)
    4:49 T-flip flop
    5:44 Dropper-hopper T-flip flop (silent)
    6:32 Repeater lock T-flip flop
    Pulse Extenders
    7:04 Pulse extender
    7:38 Old-school pulse extender
    8:11 ABBA gate
    8:43 CodeCrafted’s massive pulse extender
    Logic Gates
    9:34 AND gate
    10:17 OR gate
    10:48 AND gate, vertical
    Redstone (RS) NOR Latches
    11:32 RS NOR Latch
    12:23 Compact RS NOR Latch
    Double Piston Extenders
    13:04 Double piston extender
    13:46 Double piston extender, flush with a wall
    14:22 Upward-facing double piston extender, flush with a floor, vertical
    15:30 Downward-facing double piston extender, flush with a ceiling
    Block Update Detector (BUD) Switches
    16:23 BUD switch
    16:58 BUD switch, flush with a wall

  • I have no idea why your so gung ho about “comparing red tone flip flops” or their “extended hopping” capabilities but i would suggest a pair of sneakers. Flip flops simply are not effective footwear my dude

  • Wraith doesn’t have anti-lightburn addons anymore:)
    CJ strat is not gonna works against killers who know what it is. Basically as a killer you should NOT break the pallet. Just wait and tap m1 when a pesky flashlight survivor tries to do this and you can hit them or even grab them, if they are injured ^_^

  • maybe i’m just a huge nerd but does anybody else think this might be taking place in the Matrix? mysterious men in suits and sunglasses trying to stop people from doing what they want? shock waves pushing them back at the end as the hero gives in to his destiny? just saying.

  • Nice video! I’ve only been playing for like 3 or 4 days but love it so far, pallets have saved my ass so many times and my team had tried using the flashlight to blind the killer but they can’t get the timing yet. Will definitely have to get a feel for the flashlight in KYF. Thanks!

  • Due to medico-legal concerns and the sheer number of questions I receive from these videos, I can no longer answer questions left in the comments. If you have a medical issue and would like more information, go to https://www.drdavidgeier.com/resources/ for other ways I can help you.