21-Day Strong Abs Workout Guide


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Rutina de Abdominales de 22 Días (¡SIN DESCANSO!)

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Each day for the next 21 days, complete two exercises to sculpt your midsection, build strength and help you get stronger abs. With just two moves, it’s quick, simple and convenient to knock out every single day. Because you’ll improve as you do the challenge, the exercises get harder as the days. Step 1: Lie flat on the ground with extended legs and fingertips behind ears.

Step 2: Bent your knees and place your heels only a few inches distance from your buttocks. Step 3: Now, raise your head and shoulders off the ground to put pressure on your stomach at angle 45 degree. The 21 Day Fix comes with two DVDs that include six 30-minute workouts.

Upper Fix: Targeted resistance training for the upper body (chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs). 21-Day Upper Body Workout Directions: Perform workouts A, B, and C in sequence, resting a day between each, for four total sessions per week. That means after you complete C, restart the cycle with A again within the same week. See the training schedule on the bottom of the page for a calendar of all your training days.

This 21-day body-toning workout plan for beginners is a great routine to follow if you’re just getting started on your fitness journey! This workout program requires 5 days of strength training and 2 days of rest. If you’re a beginner, this may sound like a lot, however, we break each training day down into a different muscle group.

All these workouts are scalable, and most take no more than 30 minutes to complete. RELATED: We Took the 21-Day Challenge—Here’s What Happened This efficiency comes with a. Holding a weight plate in both hands, kneel on one knee with your other foot flat on the ground in front of you, leg bent 90° (A). Raise the plate straight above your head and gently bend to one side, leaning away from your bottom leg (B).

Return to center and repeat. These abs exercises will be the last guide you’ll ever need. Doing abs exercises in a circuit style keeps the intensity high and will lead to more fat loss. The Power Abs Program’s focus is to not only streamline your waist by getting rid of the flab but also etch in deep abdominal muscle – so whenever you take off your shirt, your six-pack will be clearly visible. The keys to such a look is a low-fat diet (that, you knew) and training your abs with weights – which you may not have known; which possibly makes this the best ab workouts out there.

Take your abs workout to P.E. class and army crawl your way across the mat. Stay low in a strong forearm plank as you slither your arms and legs forward. Then finish with.

List of related literature:

I make it as easy as possible with just a few simple exercises that target your abs in just minutes per day (see the earlier sections for details).

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
from Belly Fat Diet For Dummies
by Erin Palinski-Wade
Wiley, 2012

This is a great program to try after you’ve completed the 6-week New Abs Diet plan—to take your effort to the next level.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
Rodale Press, 2010

Be sure to check out the companion DVD for a sample abs routine, which exemplifies the quality of training concept.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

When it comes to training the abs, there are many different training methods.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

Sorry, but with abs, repetition is the mother of insanity.

“Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2000

Five or ten stability-ball crunches can work your abs more thoroughly than as many or more “classic” crunches.

“Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints” by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
from Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints
by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
Atria Books, 2009

Keeping your abs tight is the key to succeeding at this exercise.

“Wii For Dummies” by Kyle Orland
from Wii For Dummies
by Kyle Orland
Wiley, 2010

In a very real way, the fact that I’ve developed abs for the very first time after the age of thirty-five will feel just like you have developed abs, and also simultaneously like you have freed yourself from the desire to chase abs instead of learn to tend to and nurture your body as a secret garden.

“Something That May Shock and Discredit You” by Daniel Mallory Ortberg
from Something That May Shock and Discredit You
by Daniel Mallory Ortberg
Atria Books, 2020

But first, since many of you long for the perfect set of abs, I’ve decided to devote a chapter to the best ab exercises for toning those stubborn muscles.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
from 15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben’s SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health
by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
SelectBooks, Incorporated, 2017

(This is also a good exercise if you want to strengthen your abs.)

“How to be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening” by Julian Treasure
from How to be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening
by Julian Treasure
Mango Media, 2017

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  • Una vez más, gracias, súper bueno el vídeo. Ya comencé la otra rutina por 22 días y te cuento que ya estoy viendo progresos, estoy ejecutando mejor los ejercicios y he podido avanzar en las rondas, pero tengo una duda Jeff, no es que se debe descansar el abdomen al menos 24 horas? Entiendo lo de crear una conciencia con el ejercicio, pero además de eso, que otros resultados veré después de esos 22 días sin descanso? Gracias mil y felicidades

  • Empezé hoy 17/08
    Día#1: Acabo de terminarla, es más difícil de lo que pensé. 3 rondas de cada ejercicio, es muy complicado pero sí se puede!
    Día#2: completado
    Día#3: completado
    Día#4: descanso
    Día#5: completado

  • Today is my 5th day and I’m absolutely loving these workouts, every inch of my body is killing me, so I know I’m doing it correctly! Thank you so much for posting this up online

  • Hi Hana I ABsolutely love your abs workout and I’m really excited to do this 21 days ab challenge!So we just do one workout in this challenge everyday for 21 days straight?

  • Yo voy a empezar mañana en la mañana
    Voy a ir colocando día a día espero su apoyo
    Día 1: me costó un poco no pude realizar los que estaba de espaldas porque no tengo una superficie para eso porque si lo hago en el piso me hago soler la espalda pero lo compense haciendo mas de los otros me cansaba muy rápido pero los alcanzaba a hacer termine un poco adolorido pero espero que valga la pena
    Día 2: me costó un poco menos hice más repeticiones y siento mi abdomen un poco más fuerte
    Dia 3: se me está empezando a marcar un poco la v pero en el abdomen todavía no veo nada y me cuesta menos hacer los ejercicios y me siento un poco más fuerte del abdomen
    Día 4:me siento mas fuerte en el abdomen poco a poco se está marcando el abdomen y la V
    Día 5: ahora estoy haciendo una rutina para bajar de peso para que se note más los abdominales y la V y cuestan menos los ekrcisios

  • Best video ever; I love the exercises and also I love when you explain how to exercise and why this is important. I love it. Thank you so much, Jared.

  • Help help. I bleeded on my day 3. A very havy bleed. Am scad to even to exciz again what should i do. Am 31 old. I realy want to bring bck my wst line.

  • Comentó.
    Bueno en mi caso Las realize seguido en cada ejercicio es decir sin descansos de una rutina a otra.
    En cada repetición las hacías de manera alternativa.
    Así que cada persona lo hace a su manera en la cual le hace sentir mejor.

    1.Talones al cielo. 3Rep. 45s por 10s de descanso.
    Bueno en esta no se aprecia bien como tiene la cabeza,si lo tiene en el aire o recostado en el piso. En mi caso la mantuve en el aire y por cierto es más demandante.

    2.Rotacion abajo,hacía Arriba. 4 Rep.45s x 10 s.
    Bueno por acá ya los brazos se me estaban cansando así que solo hice 4,pero al final siempre las complete.

    3.Crunch hombre X. 3 Rep. 12Reps.x 10s
    Bueno acá me enredaba un poco,por lo de la coordinación pero así de todos modos luego de la 2 rep.la domine.

    4.Enebrar la aguja Alt. 4 Rep. 10 reps por lado x 10s.
    En esta me andaba afectando los codos,como que se me pelaron.��

    5.la navaja. 45s.En esta solo pude realizar 2 rep y pues con costo la termine.
    Y bien que solo podía realizar 1,pero yo como de necio quería llevar al abdomen al límite.la razón por la cual me afectó Fue por realizar más reps… en la rutina anterior y en eso fue la que me afectó,ya ni sentía mi abdomen��. X 10s.

    6.Bicicleta estacionaria 30s. X10s En esta realize 7 reps, como dicen hasta no poder más, pues le estaba dando solo que llegó el momento en que la columna ya no estaba a mi favor ��y pues tuve que finalizar.
    Espero que me hayan entendido.

    Y por cierto tomar en cuenta una Buena respiración y la contracción del abdomen.

    Ojo así las realize yo, y pues con eso no quiere decir que así sea, bueno ese es mi pensar.
    Porque pueda que venga otra persona que las realizó de una manera distinta a la mía.
    Diciéndo que no era así y demás.
    Cosa que quiero evitar.

    Bueno para culminar ya se que la mayoría lo saben,pero va para los principiantes aquellos que apenas andan iniciando en estas cosas;es que en cualquier rutina que realicen es importante el calentamiento,para así evitar lesiones.
    Llevar una buena dieta
    Descansar bien.
    “Que con disciplina y esfuerzo todo se puede lograr”
    Ánimo Gente.

  • Estos ejercicios son geniales, pero con quien lo hice fue otro entrenador quien incluye estos ejercicios en rutinas de 50 a 60 min. Es lo máximo. En un mes ves los cambios y obvio que la alimentación complementa.

  • I’ve been trying to lose belly fat but I can’t seem to get rid of the lower belly no matter how I try, will this workout help? Someone pls help

  • Hola, gracias por visitar nuestro canal oficial ATHLEAN-X Español. Sí, soy Jeff Cavaliere, deseando poder seguir trayéndote un excelente contenido en Español. Deja un comentario debajo si te gustó este video, y suscríbete a este canal. ¡Y NO te olvides de hacer clic en el ícono de la campana, para que no te pierdas ni un solo video!

  • Hi Jared, unfortunately I have scoliosis and I cannot do the planks. Tried multiple times, hurts too badly. What excersises do you recommend instead of the planks?

  • Acabó de empezar, pero yo hago 100 abdominales, una sesión de 20 rutinas la verdad es que si se notan cambios llevo apenas 11 días!!! Pero necesito saber si estoy bien el llevar esos 10 segundos de descansos!!! O debo llevar más!!!

  • I really love your videos. So easy and effective..it helps me a lot being a mom so i can easily do my everyday workout at home�� more videos ❤

  • 48 años
    Peso: 88 kilos
    Cuando llegue al día 22 les diré mis resultados. Tengo mucha panza ��

    Día 1: Completado
    Día 2: Completado
    Dia 3: Completado
    Día 4: Completado
    Día 5: Completado
    Día 6: Completado
    Día 7: Completado
    Día 8: Completado
    Día 9:
    Día 10:
    Día 11:
    Día 12:
    Día 13:
    Día 14:
    Día 15:
    Día 16:
    Día 17:
    Día 18:
    Día 19:
    Día 20:
    Día: 21:
    Día: 22:

  • Voy casi 5 meses entrenando, baje 16 kg y estoy sacando masa muscular ayer fue la primera vez que hice esta rutina no pude hacer el último ejercicio les contaré cómo termino los 22 días

  • Just finished my first week and I feel amazing. You really inspire me to push my self. I feel so good with my self… it’s amazing! Thank you so much for your dedication!

  • Hello Dr.. now I’m 7month postpartum.. and recently I found that I’m having Diastasis Recti..Can I start do these exercises now?will it be helpful? Will these exercise also helps to flatten my tummy as before my pregnancy?

  • Bueno me popondre hacerla tengo 16 años

    Dia uno: no me costo demasiado ya que llevo varios meses haciendo ejercicios mañana are el doble para ver si me hace nas efecto

  • day 1: first off, I am not a flexible person. There some parts that do not get to do because a) again i ain’t flexible b) i cannot straighten my right leg because of an accident that i had a few years ago. But it is worth the burn

    anyway my goal is having a 23-22 in waistline. my waistline as of today is 24 sooooo let us see if this works ��
    day 2-4: i forgot to input my progress �� but it went well!

  • Esta rutina es mejor que la más actual para 22 días también? En la que el primer ejercicio es la elevación en “W”, hay un crunch de levitación… Y eso

  • Primer ejercicio: 1:50 45seg hasta no poder más

    Segundo ejercicio: 2:40 45seg hasta no poder más

    Tercer ejercicio: 3:20 12 repeticiones

    Cuarto ejercicio: 3:50 10 de cada lado

    Quinto ejercicio: 4:47 45seg todo lo que puedas

    Sexto ejercicio: 5:30 30seg hasta que no puedas

  • hello Dr.Jared, I’ve been doing your routine for some time now, id love to say you and your wife are a great team. thank you so much for making this workout, its so easy to follow along and not impossible to incorporate. i also love how you explain every step in the most comprehensive ways possible.
    now being 9 months postpartum, my gap has shrunk to a point that a I barley see progress, so my question is: can i ever go back to my previous body 0% separation, or do i have to have small remanence?

  • Día 1: me duele todo el abdomen, aaah me muero xd

    Día 2.: toda salio muy bien, pero debo mejorar haciendo los ejercicios
    Día 3:lo sentí como balazos
    Día 4: ya me estoy acostumbrando

  • I started with her other challenge and now I am halfway through this. Strength wise, I feel like a different person. I have lost 9lbs so far and totally transformed my relationship with exercising!

  • Hola soy uno más que comenta espero puedan seguir mi experiencia
    Día 1: en el primer ejercicio hise 4 repeticiones por la motivación me confie y para los otros me costo en el segundo pude hacer 2 y en los siguientes muy difícilmente logré terminarlos se que es cuestión de práctica y seguire con esta rutina si se puede gente

  • Hana your exercises are unlike others. They are very unique. Thank you for taking time to think through these routines. You deserve more subscribers❤

  • The program is completely free, so don’t forget to click the Like button, subscribe to my channel. If you want to join this challenge, let us know by leaving your comment down below. Update your progress on our community https://www.instagram.com/inshapefam/ or create your own Youtube video sharing your progress to motivate and inspire everyone to get fit with you ����
    More FREE workout programs https://www.anhfit.com/w/

  • July 10, 2020
    I did workout 5 before workout 4 ������ oh well ill just do workout 4 tomorrow

    CW: 62.90kg
    GW: 53kg

    did 2 reps for this
    I have PCOS (on and off)

    Day 4 of 21

  • Great workout. I was doing this after my last baby and just found out I’m pregnant. Is it safe to keep doing during the first trimester?

  • 23/07, Voy a aplicarme los 22 días a ver
    Día 1: en fin, terminé como puerca sudando y me imagino el dolor mañana, pero ya empecé
    Día 2: No iba ni a seguir pero como ayer dije, ya empecé, es cuestión de dejar la flojera pd: no amanecí adolorido, mañana sigo reportando jsjsjs

  • Very intense 18th day… but successfully did it.. really I was pushing myself to do.. motivating myself to complete it.. Thank you Hana.. your workouts are soo effective can feel and see the changes in my body

  • Bueno banda hare los ejercicios
    Me reportare todos los dias mañana empiezo desenme suerte para tener mucha fuerza de voluntad y mucha determinacion

  • I was really debating about doing it twice because the first one was hard enough �� but I decided to push myself. That was a hard one

  • Edad: 16 años
    Peso: 55 kg
    Altura: 1.68 m
    Hoy empezaré con el reto, me reportaré cada día para escribir el progreso. Apoyen con su like o comenten para animarme:)

    Día 1: Se me hizo pesado, ya que soy principiante, no logré hacer unos ejercicios con el tiempo establecido, pero no me rendiré, voy a dar lo mejor de mí
    Día 2: Esta vez pude hacer mejor los ejercicios y sí… me duele

  • Part 5 is your core, back and still focus on your lower belly fat. 21 days will go very fast, visualize your results now and keep going everyone, keep pushing yourself to that point of challenge! ��

  • i started doing this from yesterday. i just did 1 round and i’m dead. i couldn’t even complete the flutter kick and the mountain climber totally. i want to know is this ok? or i’m too weak for this challenge? please i need some guidance. i want to reduce my belly fat!!!!!

  • I love your work exercises please I need advice as when I do abdominal exercises I get cramps I don’t have any medical condition what should I do? Please let me know Thanks ��

  • I’ve been doing random workouts most of the time making it difficult to see noticeable results but I think I’m going to stick to this challenge for the next 21 days. I weighed 81kg this morning and my heart skipped a beat. I pray I get the strength to go through this challenge successfully. Thanks Hana ❤❤

  • Weighed in and took my measurements today after finishing the 21 days. I lost 11 pounds and a total of 8.75 inches from neck to thighs. I have more to go but this was a great start and doable for a beginner. The yoga was a little challenging for me at times, but I had prior knowledge to be able to modify. Thanks for the great workout!

  • July 3, 2020

    Started today �� wish me luck

    CW: 62.90 kg
    GW: 53 kg

    Did 2 reps
    I have PCOS (on and off)
    Trying to do Low carb diet (slowly cutting carbs)

    **Ill comment on every video for each day, just incase y’all wanna know my progress ������

    Day 1 of 21

  • I think I found this channel to late according to posting time of videos but it’s not too late to become fit with your videos. Do you follow any kind of diet after these excersizes please tell me dear to become fit

  • Hi hana Is it ok if I take mini rests in between the workout because I felt really weak and I couldn’t do it no more so I took a break

  • Hi Hana. Would like to try the 21day ab challenge. Is it available at one place consolidated? Can’t seem to find day 2 and 3. Can these be put like your BB vol1 and 2. All together? Also which ab program would you suggest. There are quite a few videos. Thank you

  • I finally finished the whole challenge as described:)! I’ve been practicing these exercises as part of my pre-run warm up on and off for the past 3 years, but I’ve never done the whole challenge:) so happy I’ve finally completed it! The one things I can’t do without the easier versions is the single knee twist, and the single legged bridges (as I have lower back problems) but definitely getting some abs after doing this:P I’m excited to start another of your challenges after a day of rest tomorrow:))

  • I just did day 1 of the challenge and I ‘m very excited to continue doing those exercises.
    PS: in some of the exercises I didn’t feel the burn at all. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong…

  • Thank you for sharing this and your practice. A blessing to find you here during this time. I hope you make it the island nation of the Philippines next.

  • Hello Hanna h r u after so many weight loss videos i reached to you plz tell is slip disc person can do these exercises as i got belly fat due to my back pain plz reply so i can start

  • Plz share some back fat chalange. I like your vidio, you and also your voice is also calm my mind I don’t khow y ����thanku so much

  • Todo bien pero ahora ya voy 1 año con esta rutina y ahora aumente cada vez mas repeticiones y ahora dura como 30m:c pongo peso? o no? o cambio de rutina ayuda:c pero si me funciona la rutina excelente

  • are you sure your exercises are diastasis recti safe? I started doing many of them, but I see a lot of planks. Planks are not recommended for the abdominal separation, for ex for me are very painful, so who is wrong and who is right?

  • Whuuuuuutttt!!!! This workout is crazy!!!������ Just started this 21days program and did this day 1,finished and hana says do 2 more rounds!!! I’m sweating like a hippo hana don’t think I can go another round������

  • I just in 4th day, with 3 more round for hips,booty and breast, then I have the result more fast! Really! This is crazy! Thank you!!!!

  • Hi hana I tried your butt and hips workout,it really did give me a curvier hips.
    I wanna try out your flat tummy workout, hope it wouldnt make me lose weight in my butt or hips.

  • Waaaw Hana you’re strong ��this is my first day of challenge ����‍♀️.I’m so happy because i descouvered you Chanel ����think you Hana for your efforts

  • Great exercises to shrink your postnatal belly and achieve your body goals! What did you think? Leave me a comment and thanks for watching!

  • The program is completely free, so don’t forget to click the Like button, subscribe to my channel. If you want to join this challenge, let us know by leaving your comment down below. Update your progress on our community https://www.instagram.com/inshapefam/ or create your own Youtube video sharing your progress to motivate and inspire everyone to get fit with you ��
    More FREE workout programs https://www.anhfit.com/w/

  • Hi all I’m going to start this challenge tmrw 9th June 2020..I’ll be doing 2 rounds.. ����I’m also doing her 7 min workouts to lose weight and 21 days breast reduction workout.. I really want to tone my upper body.. Wish me luck..

  • Thank you for this workout. My diastasis is 3 fingers. Till know I didn’t get it so seriously. But know I have to deal it. I will write my results for 2-3 weeks

  • Hey hana! I’m watched lots of videos about reducing belly fat, bt u shared something different than crunches and other commen exercises. So I’m in and starting this today! Wish me good luck n will share my experience regarding this exercise. Thank you ��

  • ok voy a intentar el reto,
    1.17/07/2020: la verdad subestime los ejercios pero logre tansiquiera una ronda de cada categoria
    2.18/07/2020: Segundo dia la verdad me pica mucho el abdomen, pero pude hacer 3 rondas de cada ejercio, todabia me facha en algunos momentos pero se siente bien
    3.19/07/20: no hice la rutina
    4.20/07/20:hoy la hice dos vecez compensado el dia anterior
    5.21/07/20:ya un poco tarde pero se logro
    6.22/07/20: logré algo tarde a la 12 jajajajaja
    7.23/07/20/:hoy ya la hice más temprano

  • Watched this video it’s great..I have a complete open abs and it’s kinda a little bit big… hoping with this exercise I can have my abs back fully..I really need some support.thanks

  • Hi Jared..16 months after i had my baby i started doing ab and strength exercises. My baby is 22 months now, but I didn’t realize I had DR until I saw my stomach start shaping like a cone, then something was wrong, I was doing the wrong exercises. I came across one of your videos on youtube for DR.video and recently started your 21 day program for DR, but I was wondering if I added these exercises will it be to much on my abdominal.. please help

  • Hello! These workouts are really great!! I have started doing these exercises after completing 7 months of my delivery!! I just have one question, should I avoid doing side planks if I have pelvic pain?

  • Hi m doing all exercise for
    Diresrtsis rect i have 2 finger gap how long should doing this exercises m doing jumping jacks arobic jogging lisle walk its safe for dr plz suggest

  • My son is 2 years old and I have just started this workout for a month now.. how long should I be doing this workout for better result?

  • The routine is great, thank you very much! Nevertheless, I would appreciate that the talking focused only on the right posture, breathing and maybe a bell to know when it is time to change… I think that would help me to concentrate in the body, instead of paying attention to so many (interesting) data.:D

  • Hi
    I got 2 finger gap and my baby is 2 yr old
    Is this will help me to reduce my belly fat as i look 5 months pregnant
    Pls reply��������

  • i started doing this exercise and i do have DR but i’m not feeling that burn…i have lost 13 kg in one year but my pouch haven’t reduced much.., please help

  • Hey Jared:) Thank you for all your amazing videos finally i found you guys �� i’m so excited to start this next week as im currently on my 5th postpartum week.

    Just a quick question, would you suggest me to do this exercise routine or your 21 days challange option? As i’m wondering which one i should start with.

    Also when can i start my arms workout as its becoming really swaggy ����

    TIA ❤

  • Hi Jared, I am 1 yr post my 1st normal vaginal delivery. I havent done any serious exercise till now except for everyday 5 mile for the past 1 month. How long should I be doing this schedule before starting my normal abs work out including the crunches.?

  • I have pcos due to which I have fat hanging belly, I had pcos before marriage n after baby I still have, doc says loose weight, I’m trying n also wNa flat belly. I have 2finger gap. Question is can I do these exercises for flat belly. My so is 3 year 11moth

  • I love this video. I’ve been doing it for 3 years on and off and it’s great. I came back to it because I broke my arm and these don’t have any planks or anything like that so I can stay in shape while my arm is kinda broken.

  • I love this workout, I started it with 3 fingers of gap and 3 months on the gap is one finger and my sides very toned and strong. I would love an even more difficult workout ��

  • love this workout and this duo! I haven’t worked out in ages and this is the perfect start to getting more active after baby (3 YEARS ago!). Thank you for just how comprehensive and encouraging you both are! excited to keep this as an everyday goal

  • i cant wait to try this series out! i started with #18 today (just to try it out). but im excited to do the whole series! taking a before picture before i start tomorrow!❤

  • Sir,iam a beginner, will this exercise be effective after 11 months of delivery,i want to get rid of this mommy pooch.May i do this exercise regularly?

  • Hi Hana I am thin even after my two babies by c section.I just want to ask if it will work for me because I have belly due to c section..I am doing ur booty workout and breast lift workout…I am new subscriber.. please guide me

  • Hi Dr.Jared.. I am a mom of 1 year and 2 months old kid.. I too have my mommy pouch.. will these exercises work if I start them now.. kindly reply.. am so much worried about my tummy and wanted to be a fit and energetic mom to my boy

  • Good one. I like that you start slow working to “find” those muscles. I just had my 4th and it’s hard to even find the muscles at first to know what to engage.

  • it’s so annoying I haven’t got any results yet and she should do a workout wear its all in one not where u have to do it my time!!!!

  • Hi Doc! I’m excited to try this work out! I still look like I’m 6 months pregnant. And I was doing all the wrong exercises I didn’t know they were bad for me. My question is with just doing this DR work out will I be able to lose inches on my waist other than closing my abs? Or do I have to do another type of work out for that? Also do I have to wait until my abs close so I can start another postpartum work out? I am 1 1/2 postpartum btw

  • Hi, I love this workout. I’m combining it with your patellofemoral pain syndrome session. When I do the bird dog exercise I get a clicking sensation in the back of my right knee when I extend my leg. Is there anything I can do to correct this?

  • Hello. Thanks a lot for the useful video. I have one finger diastasis recti gap and I was a regular yoga practitioner. Now I want to back to my practice but still afraid that some postures make it worse. Is it ok to back to regular practice or the gap must be totally closed? Thanks a lot in advance

  • so breathing continuously with excercise is important… can i just focus on exhale by mouth as it makes me comfortable to concentrate on abs? Also what if i cannot suck in my tummy for 30 minuets? should i pause abd start again?

  • My lower Bell reduced and tightened after 8 days of this workout.There is no gap above belly button but a gap of less than one finger below belly button.
    I stopped DR work out and started with light core exercises.Now my lower belly has become loose though the gap is as mentioned above. How long more should I continue with this workout?
    Please advise.

    Once I started with other light e

  • Hi Jared! Thank you sooo much for your amazing videos! They have been so helpful for my post partum recovery. I’ve been following them for the past few weeks and have seen my core become stronger. I had a question about side planks. I noticed that when I do a side plank, I have a buldge that pops up on my stomach, on the side that is away from the ground. Is this normal? Could this just be extra fat that is being pushed upwards or is my form incorrect?

  • Wow this is amazing!! Thank you so much I’m feeling a difference!
    Side note… what exercises does your wife do to for her glutes??!

  • Hi, my son is 3 yr old. I m doing this exercise for past four days n I have a problem. The first exercise, sucking out the belly button and when I relax I think I’m wetting my inners a little, few drops. And I can’t able to do the dead bug or marching toes with that pelvis tilt. Do u think I should stop doing these exercises. I used to do kegels exercise during n after pregnancy, but not regularly

  • Thank you so much. This is so helpful. My baby is 7 months old, I have started doing this a couple days. Hoping this works well for me.

  • Hi….this exercise works for me!!…thank you so much…n..I’ve 2 year old baby..can I increase the time..or have to do 20 minutes…

  • Hola Jeff, las rutinas de abdomen las he estado utilizando diariamente, abdominales 6 PACK en 22 días, abdomen inferior brutal 6 minutos abdomen bajo, abdominales en casa 8 minutos, rutina de abdominales de 22 días, rutina de abdominales 7 minutos promesa de 6 PACK, me han ayudado bastante, las turno por día, he reducido el abdomen, a mi esposa le gusta, solo que me hace falta quemar las llantitas, pero en fin gracias a estas rutinas que han cambiado mucho la vida.

  • Hi. 5 months PP. Thanks for the workout:-) After the diatasis recti is healed, will I be able to proceed to other workouts that include planks and sit-ups?

  • Hello Hana, l really love all ur workouts. U’re amazing nd God bless you for such strength. Pls I just finished 21 day lose belly fat nd worked so perfectly for me, now I want to start ur booty nd hips programs but I’m a bit confused here nd don’t know which of the best one of the programs for me….please let me know where to start from….thanks so much.

  • This is the best DR video I’ve seen so far! Question: Is it safe to do weight training with DR? Like weighted squats and lunges? I have a 1.5 finger gap that I’m working on closing but also trying to build muscle mass. Thanks!

  • I started this yesterday and I feel really comfortable doing it.. My body feels rejuvenated unlike the usual workouts that leave your body feeling sore.. Thank for this

  • Hi.. i did this exercise for a month and i see lots of changes thank you but my tummy is still big(not as big as before). Can i do some other intense belly work out?

  • I m on day 10…but one of your vedios is private….which other vedio i can do….any suggestions.
    I m totally dependent on you….as your workouts are actually very good….no doubt effective in losing weight and shaping body

  • I’m 170 cm high and 65 kg
    Is this good??
    But i think i need this workout i had my second baby 3 months ago
    I want to be 60 kg how much time i need?

  • Ya lo termine perros si da resultados lo hice sin parar, no olviden que no es solo ejercicio tambien cuiden su alimentación, soy muy delgado y se notan los cambios solo me falta aumentar el volumen y listo

  • My twins will be 1 year in a month and I still have the mummy pooch so I’ve decided to try this and the 21 day challenge and jogging every morning. Hoping to see some great results. Thanx for the videos

  • hey i love the exercises that you’ve put together i have a question for you so it’s been 4 months since i had my son (my first) and i have diastasis recti and i was wondering if it will make a difference if i do these exercises 2 times a day? Once in the morning and once at night…..

  • Can anyone explain this stomach vacuum/ta thing a little better. I am a dude with diastasis recti and I don’t understand what he means.

  • Hi! I am 6 months pp and tried these exercises today. Unfortunately I ended up with lower back pain by the end of it. I tried to keep my back as close to ground as possible as you have mentioned in the video. Can you please suggest what should I do in order to avoid back pain. Thank you so much for putting up such informative and elaborate videos. Hoping to get reply soon!!

  • I really love this excercise because it keeps me motivated everyday. But may i ask if after i excercise is it okay if i eat a lot but not too much. Because even if i ate 1 cup of rice each meal my tummy is still big. I dont know why. By the way i reach 1 month of this excercise and i saw changes as well. Thank you

  • Is there a point postpartum when going back to normal abdominal exercises are safe again? I’ve started these videos last week and am 2.5 months postpartum, and don’t have a diastasis recti (just a finger width between the two sides). Even without the separation I assume I need to start with these postpartum-safe exercises first (to work on the “mommy pouch”), but I’m just wondering about the progression.

  • 1:54 = Heel Touches (45s)

    2:40 = Step Through Planks (45s)

    3:22 = “X” Man Crunch (12reps)

    3:56 = Alternating Thread The Needle (10reps)

    4:50 = Alternating Jackknifes (45s)

    5:28 = Stationary Bikes (30s)

  • Iam now 6 months postpartum with normal delivery.. I have still tummy like 5 months pregnant weird… Can i start this now? Will it be effective? Or any other routine i should follow? Please reply

  • The program is completely free, so don’t forget to click the Like button, subscribe to my channel. If you want to join this challenge, let us know by leaving your comment down below. Update your progress on our community https://www.instagram.com/inshapefam/ or create your own Youtube video sharing your progress to motivate and inspire everyone to get fit with you ����
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  • HI i just let me know that can i do 21 day lose belly fat challenge with 7 Min Everyday to Lose Weight Fast i am doing both the things same time please help if its ok i want to loose my belly fat as well as overall weight as i am mommy i have baby fat

  • I try to maintain every routine but prb is though I do serialwise but I can’t maintain consistency. Sometimes I skip for two days. Won’t I get results if I complete all routine?

  • (Day 1 exercise) Day 1, 2….. To be continued
    Completed the exercise today. Doing only one round. When I will be able to do 3 rounds, I will go for day 2. It wasn’t very hard. But hip rotation gave me some trouble. How do you rotate your hip with 75kg weight?!

  • Day 3 is intense �� you saw me sweat like crazy in the end, but 10min is so worth it. Keep going! �� Tell yourself today you are going to make a change in your body

  • I m here today to thank u❤️.. Ur workouts are really amazing.. I m trying from last 4 months nd I tried lots of workout sessions but finally I got ur channel.. And now I m really proud of my self����.. Its only bcz of u✌️✌️.. God bless u dear��.. Thanks once again����

  • Hi, I’m following your exercises for two months already and I see results:) I always thought that as the time goes by it will be easier for me. But –
    the third exercise is always hard for me and I have lower back pain from it.
    What are you suggesting?

  • Hi sir thanks for the great video can we close our diastasis recti like before pregnancy after doing this exercise eveyday.. and will be able to reduce mummy tummy

  • Okay, so it’s veben two years since I gave birth. It isn’t too late right? I got this stubborn fat on my lower belly. Too much loose skin since i lost weight.

  • En cuarentena les avisaré como me fue. Día 1: no me costo tanto pero si tengo mucha molestia addominal y mañana seguro me levanto con mucho dolor

  • Lo habia hecho hace unos 2 meses por unos 20 días podría decir que se mejoró mi abdomen pero lo dejé de hacer por un mes y ya lo volví a empezar llevo unos 10 días poco a poco se va facilitando los que lo hagan no lo intenten de preferencia en el suelo porque te lastimas la columna tampoco en la cama porque se facilitaría consigan un tapete de yoga o de cualquier tipo delgado para no lastimarte y hacer los ejercicios al cien

  • Hi Hana,i want a flat tummy but don’t want to lose weight plz tell me is it beneficial for me or not plz Hana i really trust you a lot i follow your videos

  • The program is completely free, so don’t forget to click the Like button, subscribe to my channel. If you want to join this challenge, let us know by leaving your comment down below. Update your progress on our community https://www.instagram.com/inshapefam/ or create your own Youtube video sharing your progress to motivate and inspire everyone to get fit with you ����
    More FREE workout programs https://www.anhfit.com/w/

  • Hi, as my kid is 2years old now, can I do these exercise? I have reduced my weight but my belly fat is still there…will these exercise help me to reduce my belly fat? Pls reply

  • Yes im proud of myself now. Because of your program… I see the results in all my body. Im more toned now. Thank you hana milly. I love your calm voice.

  • Yesterday I added you I did yesterdays ab work out standing up after I did all my crunches etc… I was impressed with how I felt my muscles working. I’ll be late bc your on 18th day but I’m cool with just exercising. So thank you so much and I look fwd to tomorrow.

  • I have been doing these excercises… It’s my 6th day…I have noticed the changes that my body is going through… Effective workout….Must try…Thank you Ma’am for the inspirations…

  • I love that you encourage to keep going. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost stopped till you said keep pushing and that many people have accomplished results! Thank you ❤❤

  • Hi mam
    Iam a new subscriber. Today I saw your video. Can I do these exercises because iam having diastasis recti or arethere any special workouts for that?
    Kindly reply mam

  • Buenas noches estoy encantada con la realidad de los abdominales dios estoy con una tripa de embarazada y no lo estoy jiii�� haber intentar

  • Hi dr. I am 8 months pregnant rite now. And my previous pregnancy was two years from now. I dont know if I had diastasis recti before but I do had mommy pouch from my pregrancy. After I deliver this baby I want to get flat tummy. Do you think I can still have flat tummy even though I had mommy pouch with my first baby. I have hard time finding the diastasis recti. Please help sir. Thnx alot in advance.

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    Good luck everyone! XO

    Juliana & Mark <3

  • Hi Juliana! I love your workouts. I was wondering if you had any tips in terms of good posture for our necks. I always feel like I’m doing the exercises correctly, but my neck strains so easily. I’m not entirely sure what I might be doing wrong. Any tips? Thanks:)

  • Do we have to do 2-3 more rounds? Usually I just do the whole routine once, then move on to another 30-40 min exercise. Ex: strength training, HIIT, cardio.. even some that involve the core. Well, most of them do. What do you think Hana?

  • Thanks Juliana and Mark for the great videos! and most amazing exercises!! I wonder why some of the videos are not working? it says they are private! e.g. Best Full-Body Workout ♥ Ultimate Quick Beach Body and The Perfect Upperbody, Workout ♥ Arm Flab Toning 10. I’ve done the challenge years ago, didn’t have this problem then… I really really really enjoy your workouts, I don’t really want to look for alternative videos..

    Many thanks again,, and love ya

  • I’m actually trained but can someone explain why my throat hurts so badly? How are These excercises even possible (crunches too, holy moly) without pain in my throatmuscles?

  • I want to do the challenge, everyone, please like to help me keep going and not give up ��
    Weight: 72kg
    Height: 168cm
    6 months postpartum
    Day 1: Did the exercises the best I could. I’m so out of shape, was only able to do the routine twice because my body hurts:c
    Day 2: Again, I tried to do the exercises to the best of my capabilities, but I’m totally out of shape. Did the workout 3 times not exactly like Hana did but maybe 50% comparable? Lol, but still enough to give me a headache from the effort.

  • I’m on day 3…hope I make it to day 21 �� It hurts, it really does but I try to smile through the pain �� ain’t that easy though…..

  • Hey,great workout,I started doing this just one week after giving birth,now I know it is too early but I didn’t know it then…could I make my diastesis worse?

  • Okay this one is my absolute favorite��eventhough I thought I was going to dislocate my hipbone with those knee to toes exercise�� anyone else or is it just me����

  • Day 5 of my workout. My body is used to it already,i can feel the burn. Will be back with the results after 30 days. Consistency and commitment is the key.

  • Day 2 of this class lookin forward to completing this challenge… along with your other classes this one is my favorite and i already see results think it because i have combined it with your other classes.. chelle

  • have done this for 2 days and updating:
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4:✅ My waist 65cm —> 64kg
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6: ✅
    Day 7: ✅
    Day 8: So tiredddd but I feel my abs having muscle
    Day 9: ✅
    Day 10: ✅
    Day 11: ✅
    Day 12: ✅
    Day 13: Rest haha

  • Oh my god thank you thank you so much �� I did this workout for just 10days and have lost 2kgs..without changing my food habits ������

  • Hey everybody I noticed for the 21 Day Flat Belly Program there is only 1 video per day should I repeat that video at least like 3 times per day? What do I do? Thank you.

  • Love this video paired with the butt challenge! Thank you so much. They are Helping me get through each day feeling amazing!!��������

  • Hi Guys. I live in Manchester, United Kingdom. I’m a mother of 5 year old. My BMI is good and I look slimmer too. I don’t want to lose any weight but I have a lower belly pooch which really puts me down. It’s loose and hanging a bit. Have tried many videos which includes Crunches, planks etc., I did see results but the loose belly pooch isn’t going away. Fortunately, I came across your video and feel very motivated. Found this video yesterday night and started the workout today morning. I’m hoping to see results in few weeks. I just don’t see these as workout videos but a motivation to all mothers in the world. You should really be proud of your wife, she is doing a great job with the workouts. Good work ����

  • My gyno never told me I had DR untill I asked her about my belly button popping out after 6months of post natal belly. Infact I was asked to go for a surgary immediately for it could be bad as hernia. Just want to know if this is safe for me to do these exercises. I am after a c section and 7+months in postnatal. Kindly advice

  • I’m doing this during lockdown and am on day 12 it’s fab I love the challenge and I feel my waist getting stronger I hope I can tone it up some more by continuing I’m also a runner so a great mix thank you SO much xx

  • I m gonna do this from tommorw…i just want to focus on my belly..butt…nd boobs..so starting from belly workout of 21 day challenge m gonna do this…✨…let uh knw the results after completion

  • I run & do weights but I confess, I never focus on flexibility! I’m shocked at how inflexible I am! Came across your videos and I’m gonna add them. Your energy is so peaceful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love your videos! <3 I have a question..Does this training make the cardio training obsolete, or should we combine it with some cardio activity?

  • Hola buenas noches, cómo lo harías en el caso de tener o haber sido objeto de una cirugía de Columba en la cual tienes una prótesis en tu columna vertebral.?

  • Im a little late with the days, just finished the first round of this video and I’m dyinggg but I’m going to do it two more times! Even though I’m late I’m just glad that I’m doing it�� love your videos Hana! Thanks so much!!

  • Hi! I just did the first video. I’m anxious to continue. How do I access the other videos? Do I have to purchase them? sorry for the ignorance. What a great way to spend stay at home status? thanks!