20 Lifehacks for Consuming More Water


13 Ways To Drink MORE WATER!!

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20 Amazing Plastic Bottle Life Hacks (New)

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8 Easy Ways to Drink more Water Every Day �� ��

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21 Ways to Drink More WATER!


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10 Ways to Drink More Water ��

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10 Life Hacks to Drink More Water ��

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Here are 20 creative, delicious, and (most important!) hydrating tips for sneaking in more sips. DRINK WATER FIRST ‪“When I’m thirsty, I drink water. I used to struggle with it, but it really does become that simple. I had to learn that when you think you’re hungry, sometimes you’re really just thirsty.” —Benji Y. “I have water. 4 Tips and Tricks for Drinking More Water. by Alli Crowson Aug 20, 2020 Health, Resources 0 comments.

We’ve all read the articles, and heard the stories of dehydration. For some reason, the majority of people still continue to go without the proper amount of water everyday. Whether you’re out in the sun, a busy out and about parent, putting. 20 lifehacks for drinking more water!

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20 lifehacks for drinking more water! Better formatted article. Most of us are well aware of the importance of being hydrated, but sometimes drinking plain water just feels so boring. So we urged MyFitnessPal users on Facebook to share their. Those of us who sit in front of computers 8 hours a day for work have a tendancy to not get up and move around enough.

Set your alarm on your calendar to go off every hour to remind you to drink some water. More water will make you need to go potty more often, getting you up off your duff and away from the computer screen. 15 Lifehacks for Drinking More Water! By aaron on Friday, December 18, 2015 We all know that drinking water is essential to a healthy life, keeping fit and maintaining a healthy body, but sometimes remembering to drink enough water is just hard. Camelbak Eddy Bottle, $14; amazon.com AdNArt Flavour It Glass Water Bottle With Fruit Infuser, $19.26; amazon.com Black + Blum Eau Good Filter Water Bottle, $20; black-blum.com 8.

The key is drinking with a straw – you take bigger gulps and drink more at a time. Here’s a tip if you’re trying to shed some pounds: Let ounces of water double grams of fat: when eating something containing 10 grams of fat, drink 20 ounces of water. Drink two full glasses at each meal, one before and one after. Drinking more water throughout my day helped make my afternoons much more pleasant and headache-free, which made me more productive.

I didn’t realize that I wasn’t drinking enough water. When I was a dumb 20 year old, trying to be a NHB fighter I would train 2x a day 6x a week and 1 gallon was too much water for me. However, my gf, who was also a fighter and weighed 70 lb less than me needed more than a gallon a day.

10 Simple Hacks to Help You Drink More Water Article posted in: Lifestyle. Water is required by each cell of your body in order to function normally and help you become the “healthiest you.” While your body will also obtain water from other fluids you drink, water is far-and-away the best choice. Water has so many benefits from increasing.

List of related literature:

For years we were told to drink eight glasses of water a day, although it is difficult to find documentation as to the origin of this advice.

“Williams' Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book” by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
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Replacing water is easy: drink every time you are thirsty.

“Effective Cycling” by John Forester
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One helpful tip is to not drink all your water at once.

“Real Food Keto: Applying Nutritional Therapy to Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet” by Jimmy Moore, Christine Moore, Maria Emmerich, Gray Graham
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Avoid these as much as you can and never drink your water ifit has been heated or frozen in your car.

“The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
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Remember that time-honored advice to drink eight glasses of water a day?

“Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints” by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
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To help me stay hydrated, I fill a pitcher with a half gallon of filtered water every day, and the first thing I do each morning is drink one full sixteen-ounce glass of water.

“The Daniel Fast (with Bonus Content): Feed Your Soul, Strengthen Your Spirit, and Renew Your Body” by Susan Gregory
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These simple steps will save gallons of water every day and make it so that water literally does not go down the drain!

“Language Arts, Grade 4” by Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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» Water to keep your cells from shriveling up and withering away: Most foods contain water, but you still need to drink water as well.

“2019 / 2020 ASVAB For Dummies” by Angie Papple Johnston
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For the people who hate drinking water, come up with solutions for yourself because now you know how important it is to hydrate your body.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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As a word of caution, consuming 16 to 20 ounces of water per hour may cause hyponatremia (water intoxication), so I recommend that you consume trace liquid minerals or electrolytes with each bottle.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
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  • Every morning as soon as I wake up and before I do anything else I drink 1/2 a litre of water, its a great habit and gets the digestive system up and awake! and i’m already ahead for the day (I usually aim for at least 2L a day so)

  • These are great tricks! I’m thinking of getting silicone rings (because they really get in my way��) on one hand that I can only take off after I drink a cup. I’ll be soo irritated I’ll drink the cups just to get the rings off.

  • At first when you said straws, me being my vegan ‘save the planet’ self, I was about to rant about how straws are polluting the sea and earth… I’m SO HAPPY that you use glass straws! ��

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  • Hi big fan in Maine! �� I want to see you and variations to your exercises. Like I can’t do most of the ones you do because you need to be at a maximum fitness. I’m older and have a disability. For each exercise you do please have an alternative one that will give a similar result. Just a suggestion. Lol you do such a fantastic job. I always look for new videos.

  • I’ve been having a lot of vulvar pain recently, and I’m wondering if it’s because I’m not drinking nearly enough water. I instantly remembered this video haha

  • I don’t usually comment on videos but I REALLY admire your soul so much, you are so creative, clean spirited and cute. I really love how different your content is. Hugs from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.
    Mucha luz, Krist Soup ✨

  • hAcK: even though it might not seem so appealing, drink room temperate water. Like with cold water you take a sip and go ahh rEfReShInG but you actually barely had any water. But like with room temp you just drink more. Trust me it works.

  • i am so dehydrated and i hardly never drink water except for the smol bit i put in my cocoa and tea. it’s really bad i know but water genuinally makes my stomach slosh and just makes me feel blegh and i’m hardly ever thirsty

  • Millions of people don’t have access to clean drinking water. Many peole are dying everyday worldwide just for this reason. And these motherfu*kers are wasting water for no actual reason. Shouldn’t this enough to get them banned from YouTube?

  • If I took a drink of water right after every bathroom break, I’d try walking out then I have to go again and this would repeat all day…

  • Omg this made me realize that I REALLY need to drink more water. She 2 of those water bottles?! I barely even drink two small glasses a day. But it’s not that I don’t want to it’s that I can’t. It might sound weird but when ever I try to I can’t I try to force it down but I really can’t

  • The thing is, i’m still a kid and my parents don’t let me get the water bottles with the straws becausr it’s hard to wash bacteria from the straw. Suggestions?

  • Because of high calcium in my tap water and us being poor and me on food stamps, I reuse the bottles, I throw away some plastic bottles and reuse some, I also use an actual water bottle with a straw and stuff

  • These are great tips! I definitely feel you on buying a nice water bottle.

    I purchased one from S’well a while back, and it was truly a great investment. Not only is it a convenient size, but it keeps my water ICE COLD for hours, which I think makes water taste so much better. I also like to infuse my water with cucumber as a refreshing treat for work.:)

  • I binge watched AHS at some point and I watched it on Hulu but I didn’t have a subscription or whatever and like everytime an adult would come on I’d drink water…. That was the most hydrated I’d ever been

  • Namaste

    As per ayurveda, we must drink water on an empty stomach first thing after waking up. This process, known as Ushapan, has several health benefits like toxin elimination, reducing hyperacidity etc.

    One can use copper vessal for drinking water provided it is properly cleaned and maintained.

  • This might be silly, but I’ve set up alarms every 1 hour to remind me to drink 1 or 2 glasses of water because I’m that stupid that I sometimes forget to drink water. It actually works

  • I really enjoy using this app on my phone. It is called WaterMinder, it is connected to my fitbit app. I can select water, tea, coffee, juice, etc. It calculates the water after I enter the amount of whatever liquid I have just consumed and it adds it to my daily log. It shows days, weeks, months, and a year view. You can set up reminders to pop-up and tell you. They have the ability to add achievements, and change the look of your character, and other little add-ons to make you look forward to using the app!

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  • Just a small reminder: It’s a lot of pressure to drink 10 glasses of water a day. You can also get your daily amount of water by eating things like fruits and veggies and sucking on 100% fruit juice pops! ������☺️

  • I almost always order water in restaurants. For the rare occasion I do get something else, I still get water. I miss it if I don’t have it.

    One thing I do that wasn’t on your list is keep water in the car. Taking a quick gulp as soon as I get in or when I arrive has become a habit. It also stops me from buying crap to drink when I’m thirsty while I’m running errands or whatever cause I know I’ve got something to drink in the car.

  • I never use to drink much water and could easily get through each day on about 1 cup of fluids. But last year I decided that had to change. I made it a goal to drink at least 1L of water per day, on top of anything else I might drink. Now 9 months later I almost always hit my goal.

  • 1 Drink water after you wake up
    2 Get a pretty water bottle
    3 Always keep water by your side
    4 Drink water after going to the bathroom (toilet)
    5 Drink before every meal
    6 Track how much you drink water
    7 Set an alarm every hour
    8 Eat more fruits and veggies
    9 Use the hair tie tip on your wrist
    10 Pick something that you do daily and drink when you do it

  • I find it easier when I have an app that reminds me and keeps a record of everything I drink. But due to memory space in my phone cant have that right now so I use a chart on paper

  • Does anyone have tips on how to not feel bloated when you drink water, because my problem is that I just get very very bloated even from just a tiny sip of water.

  • i drink 2,2 Litres of water everyday and i found that if i woke up early it was easier to down a litre before breakfast and drink the rest throughout the day…however i am out of the habit of getting up at 5 am so i opted for buying 3 squishable 750ml bottles for school and i just squished the water into my mouth to drink as much possible. later on you’ll just start to get used to needing that much and you’ll become thirsty automatically. i also use the trigger in the class setting to drink everytime i see someone else drink something, be it water or coffee.

  • You should be a fitness instructor or a trainer cause you exercise, you have a good body and you can teach someone to loose weight to make me feel happy with their own body.

  • Oh…What happened to humanity that you need a tracking to drink water….it means we need to balance with nature so that you feel thrust….

  • 1. Replenish after waking
    2. Use a bottle you love
    3. Always keep water by your side
    4. Drink water after using the restroom
    5. Drink water before each meal
    6. Track your water intake
    7. Set a water alarm every hour
    8. Eat more fruits and veggies
    9. Track with hair ties
    10. Habit stack

  • number seven is my problem
    usually when i drink water i dont like it (sometimes i do) i dont drink soda and i dont like sparkling water, i never have
    im kinda fucked up rn lol

  • What helps me is getting either a fun or pretty water bottle. I personally love squeeze bottles. I have a green Gatorade squeeze bottles and it helps motivate me drink more water!

  • Thank you so much for making this video! It really helps! I definitely need to drink more water everyday, I’m only drinking 2 glasses of water each day which isn’t good.

  • If you’re interested in more health + wellness videos, I have a playlist here!
    HEALTH + WELLNESS �� | http://bit.ly/2HiftG4

    What other health/wellness topics do you want to hear about? Let me know below!

  • Base on the water calculator, I should drink only.60 litter or only 600ml. I though at first, is too less to drink. But I guess, I only have less activity and the environment is enough. Thanks Aileen!

  • omg yes!! people always ask why i drink through straws all the time and it really helps me drink more and also won’t ruin my lip makeup

  • Before settling in for a TV binge watching session (or youtube or social media, anything that you tend to “get stuck” on 😉 ), get a water bottle so you don’t have to make the effort/interrupt what you’re doing ^^
    (Or just always leave one at your bed/couch like me 😉 )
    I also tend to eat more when I drink less, so opting for water instead of snacks is something that works for me unless I forgot to refill my bottles!;)
    I’ve used 2-3 smaller ones for a long time (they get switched out after a while) I think I should switch to one big one too, at home anyway. Half litre bottles are good for when you’re on the go. I pretty much always have one in my bag!:)

  • for some reason this helped me, i know you don’t always have your phone with you but listening to music while drinking water helped me 4 some reason lol

  • I love drinking water and I love eating ice so I make sure I put a lot of ice in my cup or I freeze my water bottle so when it finish I can break the ice and eat it. It kind helps me drink more water or adding lemon to it is also refreshing.

  • Before bedtime, I drink water Before i use the restroom, Because if i do drink it after. I’ll pee in the bed, so i changed drinking water.

  • If I Want To Drink More Water, I Threaten Myself. For Example, I Say Things Like “If You Don’t Drink 1 Gallon Of Water A Day, Your House Is Going To Burn Down.” It’s Weird, But I Love It… ��

  • Im drinking already too much water! It turned into a very bad habit of mine i own a hydroflask (21 oz) and i drink atleast 6 whole bottles a day,my doctor told me to drink at least a liter and a half (im not a vsco girl!) but its just fun to drink pure nothing tasting Liquid ����‍⚕️

  • i try to have a clear skin,so i decideid to drink more water;so that encourage me to take a bottle every where and i drinke almost 10 bottels every day.thank u����

  • I’m a 13 year old and I have migrane so my doctor said that 1.5 liters should be enough to stay hydrated because I really be drinking not even a glass that’s how bad I drink water I just can’t it kinda hurts but I’m trying to drink 1.5 liters someday I might even drink 2 liters but let’s take it slow��

  • There is an app plant nanny I think it’s called. It helps you drink more if you don’t drink your plant dies! You have so many good ideas I dunno why but your right straws do help me. I like the idea of the bottle with times on it! I’m gonna try some of these!

  • i hate metal water bottles cuz i can taste the metal and it makes my head think the water taste nasty to my tongue so i won’t drink out of them like ever!

  • I have no idea why I’m watching this video, every since I was little I drank plenty of water like 4 or 5 bottles a day and I don’t have acne and barley have pimples, my weight is normal and I don’t gain the much weight no matter what I eat so yeah water is a life saver.

  • if it helps, eat spicy food. for me, i struggled with drinking water, but then i figured i had a flaming hot cheetos beside me. i binged until my mouth was so hot, and i had to drink water. i ate and drank ate and drank ate and drank. the bag was goneeeee. my water bottle was emptyyyyyy.

  • I don’t drink enough water.
    No, I don’t drink enough anything.
    I sometimes go three days without any fluids and tbh I’m surprised I haven’t passed out with dehydration.
    I haven’t watched this video yet so let’s hope it works.

  • Water solves everything.
    If you’re thirsty, just drink water.
    Trying to lose weight? Just drink water.
    Wanna get clear skin? Just drink water.
    Wanna be beautiful? Just drink water.
    Not wanting to get dehydration-related diseases? Just drink water!
    Have a best friend that stabbed you in the back?

    Drown them, with water

  • I had a time when I drank at least 2 liter a day and I noticed it so much, especially when it came to my dark circles and undereye area, it was so plump �� need to get into that again

  • I went and got my water bottle with markers on the side after watching this video and its helped me so much! Ive been drinking more water and these tips have helped. X

  • Using a big water bottle/ 1 ltr bottle was a big failure to me, it scared me like hell as too much of water i have to finish. So i tried using 250 ml/one glass sized water bottle by chance and it worked like wonder. I drink 10-12 bottles of that 250ml that means minimum 10-12 glasses of water. ��

  • I loved this video! Very creative tips, I never would have thought of them. I will definitely be trying all 10!

    I think for the hair tie tip I’ll even use one hair tie per glass of water needed. I find it very hard to drink enough water a day. I actually barley drink any. But I also go to the restroom a lot which makes me avoid drinking water as well. I also always feel like there is a little bit of urine left right after I pee. �� If anyone knows why that is please leave a reply.

  • Well I watching this so I can fix my bad spot because I dont drink a lot of water. (Not trying to be an oder) but it feels like sticks.

  • I’m the opposite when it comes to size. If the bottle is really big, I feel overwhelmed and kind of irritated by just how bloody much is in there. ��Plus, it’s super heavy. I have a fairly small water bottle that I can easily finish with a meal and then refill to nurse while I get work done. Because there’s not actually THAT much in there, I’m usually left somewhat unsatisfied and “Oh, it’s empty…” by the end of it, which usually prompts me to refill it, and I can tell when it’s starting to run low.

    When I had a huge water bottle, I never felt like I was making any progress, and on the rare occasions I did finish it, I never really bothered going back for more because it felt like going through that nightmarish ordeal again. ������

  • I cut out sodas & many other drinks that have a high sugar count which helped a lot, it kind of forces you to drink water. I say a good tip that can help also is rewarding yourself w/ another drink after you’ve made your 8 cups a day mark so even if you don’t drink anything else in the day but water, you’ll improve on drinking water & get out the habit of looking to other drinks!!

  • Omg you are so amazing I follow you on all of your social media will you please give me a shoutout I love you and you videos ❤����

  • If you wanto drink more water its simple…you know those seeds found in chillies.��…put one or two on your tonque thats got to be atleast a litre of water…i drink 2.5L a day sometimes 3L

  • i would usally consume 1.75 liters of water every 1-2 hours and probably 10 liters of water a day? is it healthy or too much? help yall i just fucking love water ����

  • People with kidney stones are advised to drink more water. You must drink adequate water in a day. Too less will lead to dehydration and too much might lead to kidney problems. Here are the top 5 mobile apps that calculate the amount of water you must drink and remind you and track your performance throughout the day. https://happyaging.in/drinking-water-reminder-apps/

  • I keep a pretty decanter on my desk at work and a water bottle clipped to my bag so I can’t forget as an excuse. Huge fan of my glass infusion bottle. Flavoring with berries, cucumber, mint, etc has helped immensely. It’s cut down how much other junkier stuff I consume.

  • I drink 4 litres of water a day and yet I’m watching this video. How I do it is by waking up early to give me time to drink water.

  • I started using an app called Plant Nanny and drank LOADS of water. But after a couple of months the novelty wore off and now I’m back to square one.:( xx

  • I always think that now i am gonna make it habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day but i dont know whats wrong with me…at the end i dont do it

  • buying a water bottle is honestly such an important step i lost my favourite one a few days ago and i dont think ive had more than two sips of water per 4 hours since

  • We have pretty good tap water in Austria which makes drinking enough water a lot easier.:)
    I use a small water bottle at university because it helps me to get up and move a bit instead of sitting the whole day.

  • Some things that helped me to drink enough (or at least more) water were

    1. swapping out all other drinks for water (except when I’m cold, then I drink tea) that means no sugary soft drinks, no iced tea, etc.

    2. I mostly infuse my water with a tiny bit of lemon juice, yummy ��

    3. Drinking water with a straw out of a mason jar drinking with a straw is a lot faster (at least it feels like that) so it seems to be easier to get your recommended amount of water in.

    4. I once overcame my heavy addiction to sweets by swapping them for water. I know it sounds strange, but I was in a horrible mental state and just able to sit on my bed, watch youtube and shove sweets in my mouth, until I decided: It’s ok that you can’t go out and get anything done, but while you’re sitting here, drink water instead of eating sweets. It worked. Not only made this drink me more water, it also did wonders to my weight and my overall mental health. Therefore, I highly recommend that method (especially to my lately really stressed out self, that fell back in love with the junk food again ��)

    Stay hydrated, friends ��

  • Whoever makes these videos is very smart and creative, but you name your videos wrong. This could be “fun experiments to do with water” labeled under 5 minute crafts kids

  • Water is super important it as a health professional I am curious how she resolved ovarian cancer drinking water. That is a deadly condition & depending on the stage that is something that is extremely questionable…

  • I used an app called “Plant Nanny” which helped remind me to drink more water. Basically if I took 500ml or whatever amount I would give the same to my little “plant” and help it grow.

  • I’m the annoying person that drinks like 5 litres a day and constantly carries my water bottle �� one tip I would suggest in drinking a glass (or like 1/2 or 1/4 of your water bottle) before eating… It’s suppose to make you eat less too. Weight loss and more water… Ya feel me?

  • Going back and forth to refill my glass of water is not only tiring but it is also a work distraction. I’m more for maximizing my time, so having a water bottle that is big and near me is a must!

  • I recently started drinking water during my commute to work and try to finish my 24oz bottle by the time I walk inside. Sitting in traffic is a great motivator to drink more water since it gives you something to do.

  • I used to not drink water regularly and I would always get really hungry and dizzy throughout the day and now that I do I don’t ever go a day without at least one big bottle!

  • For those looking for a water bottle, I’d highly recommend getting a Camelbak one! It’s like the one Michelle has, you needn’t unscrew. I have literally started drinking so much water thanks to bottle, from below 1L to about 3-4 these days ��

  • I have a question can you do a video on how do you keep fit? I want to join the gym but feel insecure. I even found a gym that has a ladies section. I’ve tried asking my friends if they could join with me. But either there with another gym or doing some other sort of exercise. I need advice please people any advice will help xx

  • I have to have a straw for my water. You drink more if there’s a straw and it’s easier to drink without having to use your hands. Also I started drinking more water when I looked up the benefits of it.

  • I highly, highly suggest the app Plant Nanny. It has helped me a lot with drinking more water and it even asks you two short questions so it knows how much you need to drink! It is a lot at first but drinking H20 gets a lot easier over time.

  • To go with your second tip, you could also keep a jug of water in each of the locations you spend the most time, that way it’s a cinch to refill your bottle/cup

  • Uhm so I tried doing that test to know how much water I should drink, but in the activity time it doesn’t let me put more than 2 and a half minutes?? Why?

  • I went from zero to a hundred with my water habits real quick and it was not good. I tried doing the gallon challenge or liter or whatever and it didn’t work for me for extended periods of time being that I’m a student and had to go pee every 15 mins (No bueno for actual learning) So I take a really heavy drinking bottle around and I thought initially (subconsciously) that it would take away from me actually drinking water, because I’m that lazy sometimes. But because it is so heavy I drink it when ever I have to change class or move seats and I never leave it behind because I spent too much money on it. Definitely recommend and its what works for me. (Added bonus for the arm workout)

  • flavored water drops also help a lot. I get the mio lemonade flavor and it tastes like sprite but no carbination. I have to drink lot of water and I can’t have soda because I have kidney stones so I need to constantly be hydrated. and the more you drink it, the more you crave it. I used to want soda and stuff but then I forced myself to drink water and now when I am thirsty all I want is water.

  • def. investing in a good water bottle made a HUGE difference for me…:) like the one trigger idea… hmmm wonder which might I use…. watching YT vids?

  • I drink 3 to 5l every day. I got into this habit as a teenager when I would just keep sipping on water whenever I was bored or didn’t know what to do with my hands

  • I drink sooooo much water. Never ever used to though, because I’m strangely picky about the source and taste of my water. I’ve found that drinking super cold water alleviates that, drinking out of a straw helps. Having a pitcher with a filter in it keeps my mind sound about impure floaty things. Also, in my schooling, I learned a ton about water treatment, so that helped me to understand that the little floaty things in my water aren’t truly as freaky as I think they are.

  • My trigger was getting bored in class. Every time I got bored and wanted to look at my phone or sth I’d drink water. In the end I was hydrated and payed more attention because I kept myself from checking my phone ����

  • Guys pls don’t follow this…this is not the way to drink she is giving wrong way of drinking water good to keep hydrated but if u drink too much excess water in a day it will lead you to swelling of the cells in body..pls follow only doctors suggested videos and right info….pls don’t mislead people with mere knowledge…half knowledge is dangerous…we should always sit and drink water and sip it slowly along with saliva…pls watch fittuber…5 ways of drinking the water the wrong way and ways to fix it…

  • I always think about how clear my skin will be and how hydrated my body will feel. Drinking water Aldo helpd hydrate out hair. I drink close to a Gallon of water a day or close to it. Some days I don’t drink as much as I should but I always get back on track.

  • also drinking infused water with different fruits such as lemons and cucumbers etc. can help you gain some nutrients and help with water intake it’s a good place to start if you’re not a water drinker

  • i have this competition that goes unsaid, whenever i visit a restaurant i always make it an unsaid war to have drank the most water at the table

  • Getting a water bottle (I got a yeti in America) that keeps my water super cold all day has been the key for me. I hate drinking room temperature water/water without ice, so once I got a bottle and a system where I could have freezing cold water all day long, I enjoyed drinking it so much more that I easily increased my drinking that way

  • I used to think youtubers who drank a litre of water as soon as they wake up were crazy! How do you chug so much liquid?! But after watching so many morning routines I decided to try that and the first few times were hard but now I crave a litre of water in the morning. It’s the best habit I’ve made to drink more water.

  • Well.. If I make it a habit to drink some water every time I watch a YouTube video, I’m sure to drink a crap ton of water per day! ��

  • I have a Brita water filter jug in the kitchen and one by my bed and always have a glass by my bed too. I also always carry a water bottle with me too, whether it’s to work, or running errands or going to the movies. It’s such a habit now it feels weird if I don’t have it. Having water easily accessible definitely makes you drink more! ��

  • I already drink enough water and I use almost all of your tips successfully but thank you so much �� I used to buy huge bottle of water every morning when I was going to school but it cost so much so few days ago i bought plastic bottle and I love it! Maybe it’s telepathic ��☀️

  • I’ve been drinking enough water for the past year by using 2 apps: plant nanny (available on iPhone and android) and Water Drink Reminder (available on android, not sure about iPhone). Plant nanny is the one that motivates me, and Water Drink Reminder is the one that gives me a better visual of how much water I’ve had and how much I need

  • I love drinking water naturally so it’s not that difficult for me at all and I always curious how someone can hate water��great tips!

  • Sorry I replied late �� Can you do a video on hip dips and just getting a bigger butt and boob’s. Just having a nice body overall because I’m just really self conscious of my body and not confident.

  • Before i go to bed every day i drink 0.75 l of hot lemon juice, 0.75 of green tea and 0.75l pure water again but in the morning i can’t even like drink onr glass of water why??

  • I’mGlad your feeling bettermissed your videos. I drink some water I need more in my body. We only get one body, let’s take care of it:D

  • I always have a big drink from my drink bottle when I’m sitting in the car at a red light, this way I easily drink a whole drink bottle on my way to and from work.

  • I also bring a water bottle with me everyday! We have a water fountain around the campus, so throughout the day, I would refill it.

  • I loved this video alot it really helped me out I’m only 15 & I needed some advice on how 2 drink more water for better clearer skin and this video helped me out alot thankyou definitely gets a thumbs up and a subscribe❤

  • I already drink enough water. The only reason I watch this video is that no matter what you’re talking about you always motivate me:D

  • I’ve been drinking water in all of my meals during all of my life. People always used to make fun of me:D it seems like the world is changing


    If you want to drink out of a straw please consider drinking out of an eco friendly straw like Krist. If you want to be able to still drink that delicious water you’re going to have to be considerate!

  • I have 4 different water bottles that I drink in order. The 1st one is a cute flower one that I leave on an entry table, the 2nd one is a Texas water bottle that I bring with me to school and keep in my backpack, the 3rd one has a straw and I leave it in the couch cup holder, and the 4th one is a tumbler that I keep on my night stand. This helps me pace out my water consumption throughout the day. ��

  • I personally like to use plant nanny as an app to track how much I drink water cause when I drink a cup of water I put how much water I just drank in the app and it waters my plant and the more I drink the bigger it gets

  • Hi!!! First thank u for all the effort u put on ur videos❤️ and I would really want to see a video of “my closet basics” or something similar, best wishes and byee❤️

  • This video actually helped drink a lot more water! I have always been a healthy eater, but I was always dehydrated. Mason jars and my cute water bottle made me triple how much water I drink

  • I add essential oil to my water and it helps a lot. It is just enough that I can taste it and I keep drinking just to get that flavor. My favorite is tangerine.

  • I stopped drinking soft drink/soda about 6 years ago. I now only drink water or sparkling water. I have about 4L of water a day.
    I just never found sugar drinks or anything addictive. I’m pretty lucky

  • I honestly drank two 2 liters of dr.pepper a day for 5 years(high school and a year after)and maybe 4 oz of water every two days. But I finally quit soda for good. Now I drink 2.5 liters of water everyday. I found a water bottle at Walmart for $8 and It was 63 oz so I knew I had to drink it before bed. Also if you use a straw you tend to drink way more because it’s way less work, at least for me! And try drinking water right after you go to the restroom it helps me! I had to change because it breastfeeding so I need water to make my baby healthy ❤️

  • One thing that really helps me is putting a full bottle of water on my nightstand before I go to sleep. When I wake up, while I’m checking my phone I chug it and it not only wakes me up but starts me off for the day super hydrated

  • It says I’m supposed to drink nearly one whole entire litre a day!!! Like if I’m lucky and thirsty af I will drink like 250 mls at most

  • and after watching this video i think i need to change my water bottle, i wanna buy same like yours bcs its easier to drink rather than mine right now

  • I drink a lot of coffee until afternoon, then switching to water at night. I am constantly drinking something -> too many trips to the toilet though ��

  • thanks, fact: water on earth, oceans etc is 4.6 billion years old, ( water is refreshed and new each time it is released from the tap from the New Water from Rain, Rain is like new waterrerefreshed billions of times on earth! thank you!

  • I always say that I’m going to do better and drink 8 glasses of water a day but then I just… don’t lmao what’s wrong with me ����

  • HAPPY SUNDAY LOVES! I stress so much to you all to drink more water in so many of my fitness videos so I thought I would do a whole video on how to get yourself to make sure you stay hydrated every single day xo!