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Human Zoos: America’s Forgotten History of Scientific Racism

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New Year, New Me! Workout Video + Realistic Advice on Getting Fit in 2020

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To make your plan more concrete, plot it out on paper, recommends Anna Kaiser, a celebrity trainer in New York City and the founder of the growing fitness franchise AKT fitness. The New Year’s fitness resolutions you should make based on your star sign Natalie Morris Friday 3 Jan 2020 2:39 pm Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this. Here are eight attainable fitness resolutions you can easily make time for, no matter what your lifestyle is currently like.

Related: I’m Making Small, Healthy Changes in 2020 by Following This. It is the time to take the new step and some resolutions New Year 2019 Best Fitness Resolutions For Success. You know every people need success and success is not an easy game it needs so much Effort.

So Before success, you should need to make resolutions. Fitness resolutions do not depend on your lifestyle how’s Busy he is running. Ashley Wilking, Ash Fit, Rumble Boxing. Her resolution: Since being active is such a major part of my day-to-day, my resolution is focusing on my health from a. RELATED: Best New Year’s Resolutions For Your Zodiac Sign, Per Astrology.

2. I will make my dreams come true. 3. I will give myself more compliments. 4. I will spend less time online. 5. I will.

In fact, about a third of New Year’s resolvers make weight loss their primary goal, and about 15% aim to begin an exercise program, suggests a small study John C. Norcross, PhD, professor of. Start the new year right with one of the best New Year’s resolutions and good-for-you goals that will get you psyched to make 2020 your best year yet. It stands for Past, Arrange your environment, Stick to one thing, and Too easy to fail. Click here for 17 Tips for Keeping Your 2017 Fitness Resolutions. More readings: 15 Beauty Resolutions to Make for 2017 (That You’ll Actually Want to Keep) The Best Winter Workouts if You Hate the Gym.

Ditch the Diet Resolutions and Do These Instead. Why Your 2020 New Year’s Health or Fitness Resolution Might Be Proven Outdated by 2030 Fitness 2010. Exercise in 2010 was about roughing it.

New books and studies brought paleo fitness.

List of related literature:

For example, you might want to improve hip mobility to be able to do a deep squat, have the upper-body strength to complete 20 pushups in a row, or improve your aerobic conditioning in order to reduce the amount of time it takes to get your breath back after a really hard exercise interval.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

Next, resistance should be added to further increase muscular strength, and the duration of the exercises should be increased to enhance muscular endurance.

“Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book” by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
from Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete E-Book
by James R. Andrews, Gary L. Harrelson, Kevin E. Wilk
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

I have saved all these for last, because I think aerobic routines should be done first.

“Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health” by Andrew Weil
from Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health
by Andrew Weil
Houghton Mifflin, 2004

These recommendations were later updated to include the provision of resistance training, flexibility and weight loss (ACSM, 1990, 2002).

“Managing Sports Injuries e-book: a guide for students and clinicians” by Christopher M Norris
from Managing Sports Injuries e-book: a guide for students and clinicians
by Christopher M Norris
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Repeat 1 RM testing in seven of the subjects after 4 weeks of no training showed that quadriceps strength had declined 32%.

“Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook” by Andrew A. Guccione, Dale Avers, Rita Wong
from Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook
by Andrew A. Guccione, Dale Avers, Rita Wong
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

I could think of dozens of ways to split up workouts, and Alwyn could come up with dozens of variations on every program on my list.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
from The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging
by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Rodale Books, 2010

Research strongly shows that cardiovascular exercise like walking, and strength training, increases a stroke survivor’s chance of becoming more functional.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
from Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery
by Peter G Levine
Springer Publishing Company, 2008

Chin and colleagues75 evaluated the effects of 23 exercise programs from 20 randomized, controlled trials on physical performance in older adults with varying degrees of frailty.

“Evidence-Based Practice of Palliative Medicine E-Book” by Nathan E Goldstein, R. Sean Morrison
from Evidence-Based Practice of Palliative Medicine E-Book
by Nathan E Goldstein, R. Sean Morrison
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

According to Nelson [12], the goal should be for the exercise set (eight repetitions) to become difficult after six or seven repetitions.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
Springer New York, 2014

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  • I understand all the hate on the “pull ups”. I think as long as crossfit calls them kippy pull ups, not actual pull ups there shouldn’t be a problem. all these athletes are elite, and are just being as efficient as possible within the regulations around them.

  • They would’ve produced better results if this was done early morning or late afternoon. No sense doing it under the heat of the sun. Its not healthy

  • So many fitness experts in comment section while all they do is sit behind their computer eating cheetos with a slouch fat weak ass body just waiting for zombie apocalypse telling everyone that they are gamers and they will excel..

  • If evolution were true, than we would all be considered animal’s. If evolution were true, there would be no such thing as morals, which means no one’s morals are better or worse than anyone else’s morals, so is racism evil? According to the evolutiom paradigm, there are no such thing as moral absolutes, in other words, without a foundation and standard of absolute truth, racism is not evil or good, and these people did nothing wrong or right.

  • I’ve completed 3 Murph’s since I started my special warfare career. After being educated on LT Murphy and his career by people who knew him I was inspired to complete every Murph or PJ Memorial workout. I’m seeing a lot of controversy in the comments about the pull-up form in the comments and you all are not wrong. The pull-up form in this video is NOT military standard but this is not a military event. I do think they should not call it a Murph if it isn’t going to be the correct Murph form but I understand the respect that these athletes are showing. Another thing I saw is that military standard is once you drop from the bar or knees drop you’re done, correct. In the military you’re done, but none of these men are in the military lol. This is, again, not a military event. Even in the military none of us are doing this entire workout in one set �� there are VERY few people like David Goggins in the world. These athletes are competing and paying their respects to LT Murphy.I have nothing to complain about. I enjoyed the video ����

  • I literally started working out like 3 weeks ago and I wouldn’t let someone call that shit a pull up. That said I couldn’t do 100 flopping fish on a bar so I’m gonna keep my mouth shut.

  • These comments are pressed about the pull ups but these people couldn’t do 100 of these “fake pull ups” let alone normal pull ups lol

  • Everything is cool but two things needs improvement, the sloppy-pull-ups and too many drama queens yes I know muscles and lungs burn, but I like to see one perform this whole event under grace (game face no drama) and do real clean pull-ups. Its like two UFC champions fighting for the belt in the last rounds of a 5 round fight they keep their game face and fight to win, you don’t let your opponent know you are dying or about to lose.

  • Lol Anderson what a fucking idiot starts walking right at the end. How embarrassing to know that you got past because you started walking. He actully thought he was going to win at the end and he got passed up again cuz he wasn’t giving it his all. Thinking he was going to beat the black guy what a moron. That’s gotta sting that’s a smear on his name for the rest of his life. Now no one’s going to take him seriously even his parents are probably ashamed of him being beaten like that. That’s the end of his career there’s nothing for him here anymore just go home.

  • Hypocrites tries to established their supremacy (without rationale) systematically. For this US corrupted scientific community.

    Brahmins in india corrupted religious scriptures to enslave shudras taking away all rights without even allowing them to say a word.

    Point: Naturalists & rejector of rationale uniqueness of human and assuming human = animals in their theory/preachings are real culprits, causing inhumanity. These are the hypocrite planners behind all stupidity including terrorism.

  • Imagine claiming superiority, civilization and intelligence while having such an atrocious history in dehumanizing other human beings

  • The most advantageous way to achieve an acceptable time, is to perform each exercise in a pyramid: 10 pull ups, 20 push ups then 30 squats for 10 reps.

    That way the pullups can performed correctly. This should be completed under 40 mins. Never disrespect “the Murph.”

  • Booo…boooo… yalls pullups are weak. Most of them are barely getting their foreheads above the bar. I guess I won’t even bring up the swing/flop strategy that everyone of them are doing. I guess those are sub par crossfit pull ups

  • Darwinism is racism. Marxism believes in Darwinism like a religion and its being taught as scientific fact in our public schools today. Parents should teach their children religion at home, this includes the religion of Darwinism if they believe some humans are more evolved than others.

  • And some people think these CrossFit trainers and CrossFit athletes can’t run or can’t do what other sports or other sports athletes can do. I agree with that to a certain extent, but I also don’t think CrossFit should be seen as easy at all. I didn’t even know they had to do a mile run. I thought it was just some tire rolls, an insane amount of pull-ups, pushups, and maybe some running.

  • In the future, they will run treadmill sipping energy drink chasing naken woman in HD inside VR helmet.
    Pullups, wont even be a thing then.

  • You call that pull ups.
    I called that stupid pull ups. You need strict perfect form to properly working on your back.

    What a stupid sloppy pull ups��

  • I love being Black i love it we are so mich more then we think dont ever think less✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��

  • Everyone talking about the pull ups, but you try doing a hundred with a weighted vest after being gassed. You guys probably can’t do five pull ups.

  • This unbelievable sickness should be appropriately titled: AmeriKKKa’s Forgotten History of SATANIC RACISM!!!!
    For what they did, they must be all “chillin'” in hellfire now.��

  • This is an excellent documentary about the educational propagation of american and Global white Supremacy. This is a major link in the phenotype racism that has created a pathology that is literally destroying humanity! This documentary illuminates the corruption of real science with a sick justification for race-based oppression, exploitation and Colonization. These pathologies are deeply rooted in the american psyche to this very day.
    Our corrupt educational system is very much in need of revolution because these types of myths and the earlier aspects of phenotype racism that originated in the late 1600s have aided in the myth of american Exceptionalism and white supremacy…

  • Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is venerable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if any excellence and if any praise-think on these things.holy bible
    I personally think all this should be forgotten. The evil imaginings of men of depraved minds and this who suffered at their hands,God will right all wrongs,but history like this I think should be forgotten. The evil ideas should be put to death.never recalled,names of the wicked should be blotted out.

  • The main lecture was about the talents in 1990s. First and foremost, he said about the students spending their time in universities. According to speaker, employees are happy to change their workplace for getting high salaries. Also, he suggested about the three reasons that is change of nature and shrinking labour forces. Overall, he talked about last reason which was what schools were providing and what companies need.

  • Eugenics is very much alive and well. For the disabled community, it never went away. I’m sadly not surprised hearing the issue mirrored for POC. I’m visually impaired and chronically ill. I also have an anxiety disorder which is now under control with medication. I get told a few times a year that I should be “gassed” or “sterilized”. Every month or so, I’m told that “people like me” shouldn’t “breed”. When I say I want to adopt, people assume it’s because I’m disabled and don’t want to ruin my child’s life. (I don’t want to be pregnant, would rather take in a child who is otherwise motherless, and I’m gay anyways. I have plenty of reasons, none of them being my disabilities.) When I ask for the simplest of help, people tell me that I shouldn’t be putting my problems on others, that if I’m that crippled and retarded I shouldn’t be burdening taxpayers and the public. When I fail at something, as anyone will do, I’m told that I was stupid for trying and should either get on disability benefits or die like all the other retards. My college.refused to accommodate me despite law on my side and kicked me out when I asked for help. They repeatedly told me that if I’m not capable, leave. And now we’re in the pandemic, where just a simple piece of cloth could save millions of medically fragile people, and people tell me “it’s natural selection.” I’m so tired of being told that I’m worthless. I’m so tired of watching my fellow humans be crippled not by their disabilities but by horrible people who think they’re the supreme. I don’t care if you use person first language or use the wrong wording or ask an awkward question, because at least you don’t want me and my loved ones murdered for the sake of your ego. Is that standard really too high?

  • I was today years old when I found out that pigmies were actually human beings. All my days I’ve heard this term used in a derogatory way and I figured it was an insult about some sort of animal. Wow. I’m not glad to be enlightened. Nope��

  • The speaker was discussing about the development of citizenship in a sophisticated manner. He primarily emphasised on schools and their curriculum. Furthermore, he mentioned the national curriculum points. Moreover, he stressed on the reasons of the national and global curriculum. Finally, he concluded that young people were changing the world.

  • This is why I am completely against the mass censorship that is being displayed right now. You cannot learn from history that is perceived not to exist. History should be always present so that we can learn and learn much more from history and learn all the necessary lessons so that it is never repeated again. Especially bad history

  • Although I am happy that this documentary is revealing truthful aspects of US history, race relations, and science, I would hope that the arguments could debunk views on scientific grounds. Unfortunately, as is shown by the comparison with the present, if people are not presented with the scientific argument against racism, eugenics will stay strong. The documentary showed the religious opposition, but since this view argued against the whole idea of evolution, we still didn’t get the strong arguments against racist science. In other words, the fact that Ota Benga has feelings, is a human, and was treated poorly doesn’t argue against the eugenist argument that he was a lower life form (of which I completely reject that he was). The scientific community needs to debunk phenotypic descriptions as evidence of genetic differences and discuss the problematization of finding racial differences linked to intelligence etc in DNA. I would hate for people to watch this and believe that, yes, since science was so rigorous and supported into thinking black people and others are inferior to whites, that the problem is only that is was carried out in a harmful way, and not that the idea is discredited by the actual science in addition to being harmful. The other good point here is that science is never “neutral.”

  • Just curious why all the hate against the pull ups? I know they’re kipping pull ups, and that they’re not done strict. But that’s all it is they aren’t strict, they’re done with the assistance of the helping movement of the kip. You’re all right it’d be way harder to do it like that, but it ain’t exactly nothing doing 100 kipping pull ups. What am I missing that really cooks people’s hams?

  • Thanks to all who made this documentary and to those who took the time to watch it. You are doing humanity a service!

    Scientific racism is returning in the form of sterilization through vaccines. Look at what modern philanthropists are doing!

    Pay attention, to Bill Gates especially. A eugenicist through and through. Those who speak loudly about population control are a danger.

  • If you don’t have Native American Blood you should not be in America!! The Caddo had a lot to do with the establishing of Texas, Oklahoma Louisiana and Arkansas!!

  • With our flirting with the concept of ‘designer babies’, and the advancements of CRISPR technology etc…, it appears that Eugenics has simply evolved…

  • So sad. That people that did this were monsters and evil. This need to be shown in schools everywhere. We need to learn the truth of that baster.

  • Darwin was nothing but vile racist sociopath given the platform to speak his hate to people who think like him. For someone who they praise as brilliant was truly savage idiot. He and every so called scientist involved in these atrocities were the true savages and lesser humans!

  • Do you see how Darlwins “THEORY” had everyone believing it was true? I wonder what we believe is true today that will later be disproven?

  • Darwin hesitated to put out his theory because of this exact reason. He feared people would misinterpret the theory as a way to subgroup humans into species based upon race.

  • its crazy that a white peoples entire life revolved in racism and making sure black/colored people remain below them lmao we were really their number one enemy its crazy

  • How are all there calves so big?! What do yall do to get so huge! Hopefully a crossfit guy answers cuz i will put in the work! Thanks

  • FACT: 99% of the people criticizing these kipping pull ups, would finish last place in this race, even if they were allowed to skip the kipping pullups

  • This is so very very sad, I don’t understand how supposed men of science were able to carry on like this..I wonder what our world would look like if all these poor ppl were never stolen from there own shores, treated like animals..it’s embarrassing to say we are descendants of this..I’m Irish ☘️ and know slaves were taken from these shores as well…but I’m relieved to hear at least some fought this and the disgraceful treatment of poor Ota Benga..Rip to all but till our generations can apologise for these crimes we can never truly move on..they have an awful lot to be sorry for just for not addressing this today…

  • Lord Macaulay on 2nd February 1835 while he was addressing the British parliament.

    “I have travelled across the length and breadth of Africa and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage and therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Africans think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”

  • When Man try to play God. Sometimes too much knowledge tends to stupidity. That’s how Felicien Kabuga and his cohorts murdered nearly a million Tutsis in about 100 days all for the ideology that a group of people “Hutus” are superior than others. Shame!

  • What bullshit the part about Charles Darwin he was the exact opposite of a racist. A man ahead of his time he was disgusted at how the scientific minds of his time miss understood and misrepresented his theory. I please urge anyone watching this to look up Darwin’s views on race anthropology and racism.

  • Religious Americans hate evolutionary theory so much that they have no problem believing in evolution when it’s twisted to support their racism agenda.

  • Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, etc etc, you name it, are all little bitches of the establishment. All are full of shit. These so called independent academic institutions (Harvard is a cooperation) are just one of the angles establishment use to support their agenda for the purpose of enslaving people.

  • And now we are to believe the scientific establishment when they say we have to be locked down to to COVID-19 which has less kill rate than regular flu?
    Darwinism a theoryis diabolical and when we stopped believing we were all created by and equal under God we got the mass slaughter and atheist based isms of the 20th cent as man was lowered to a mass of accidental cells rather than created imago Dei.
    And it’s rising up here new atheistic Marxism in USA same old baloney which will again result in mass slaughter a la Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, if we don’t stop it before it’s too late here if it’s not too late already.

    Scientism still harms the African American community case in point-planned Parenthood founded by Eugenicist Margaret Sanger-just scrubbed her name yet the result is holocaust since Roe vs. Wade of generations of black babies.
    The left is not friend but foe and always has been to America’s people of color.

  • For anyone looking theres a petition online for a statue of oto Benga that can b signed, though id prefer it at the museum rather that at that damn zoo, but i dont care for animals nor humans in zoos so that is just a personal thing, but that man paid a price he never aught to, and then rather die alone then live another day in that zoo where he was “so happy” ugh. Just google his name and u can find the petition, has few signers, lets replace teddy R with OTO BENGA!!!!

  • You won’t believe how many times the word “barbarian”, was used in the book of “The wealth of nations”(first published in 1776).
    It was the time everybody looking for a justification for the colonialism.
    It was the result of capitalism, profit over everything.
    It’s no surprise that pro-capitalism(pro-business) is almost always associated with racism.

  • Would be more impressive if you said: OK, you need to do FIVE muscle-ups each stage, not allowed to do ONE SINGLE ONE faster than 10s and it MUST HAVE continious rise or hold, but no downward movement no false grip and no swinging, no jumping.
    Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxBf7Vgh4Lc

  • Eugenics, you forgot to include yourselves in that bull. You all were dumb and ugly. To think you were right, and better than other is a fault in itself. You
    couldn’t understand the beauty in other cultures. Culture something you kind of people lack of.

  • Who the f is Darwin, but a clown. A clown so called scientist. Self appointed man with the lowest IQ. And all his followers suffer of the same.

  • Ever since researchers sequenced the chimp genome in 2005, they have known that humans share about 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees, making them our closest living relatives.

  • See Darwinism is pure bullshit, comparing Africans to half evolved sub human species still on the process of evolving that is racist…. science without moral philosophy to keep it in check is dangerous for human society.

  • This is what happens when you tell people they come from animals instead of God created us… Hitler also believe in evolution you see what happened there.. We’re not animals.. We’re All God’s Children!

  • As someone firmly against religion like Christianity I’m happy they were there to speak some sense into these scientists.

    (Just to be clear, I’m not against Christians, I just can’t stand the way the church using it’s power to keep a lot of people from thinking for themselves. The Christians against eugenics were using their religion as a ground for equality, which is far better than what the bible preaches)

  • I appreciate all these YouTube history channels so much, thank you! Bringing humanity’s dirty laundry to the light. I knew it all along. History in school was unaccounted for, it was all to brief and effortless. They really expect someone to believe only a few events are important? Or that very few things happened in 200,000 years/human existence?? ������

  • Very misleading title tbh, also realized that the comment section doesn’t like scientific facts but that’s typically how it goes nowadays

  • Sir your videos are good and useful but please upload this all videos in english language sir it will help so many students who don’t understand hindi language sir

  • Thank u so much sir.������our biology paper has been postponed because of corona lock down and during this time I have already deleted all information about this chapter which I had from my class. This is so effective video. And your way of explanation is just so awesome. Really only thanks will be less for you. Again thanks sir for making this happen������������

  • I actually hate this chap… But ur quick revision is super best….. At least ur videos last for 52:38 but…. When I go my self to study this chap.. I take more than 1: 30 min… Coz… I feel bored To study this chap…
    But anyways…. Ur super.. In explaining in short… And in less time…
    Tqu so much sir…

  • The speaker discussed about talents and their benefits. He stated that by the year 1990’s there was a shortage on talents and this resulted to countries recruiting young talents that can study in universities abroad. In addition, the speaker talked about the 3 reasons why nations do this. First, the change in nature of the economy. Second, the shrinking labor force. And lastly, the mismatch of what schools are producing and what the companies need.

  • The lecture was about the report of the speaker about the development of citizenship in schools which only a few schools who are praise worthy adds this subject to their curriculum. However, there are some schools that still do not practice this subject to their students. Morever, he added that this curriculum have reasons of the national and global curriculum. He concluded by saying that this subject may result to the betterment of the future of many generations of students.

  • This is so disturbing I think I could vomit. I can’t put in the comments what I want to say about these insane idiots Darwin & all them…..vile

  • That is something that is sooooooo shameful! I heard one proponent of Eugenics and thought “white” as being superior, had mentioned regarding a man from somewhere like the Congo, (where he had little contact with others.) He tested him with this questionnaire, which according to this “expert” he failed it, thus supposedly the test proved him inferior! But the test was asking him things important to Western type culture, so it didn’t elicit the same response that a Westerner would have! If the tables were turned, I am POSITIVE that this expert (buffoon) would have himself failed miserably, and I’d love to see the resulting insult he would get! Oooooh these guys make me sooooo mad! Soooooo arrogant! It’s an ugly thing to measure people unfairly like this! I HOPE WE, AS A HUMAN FAMILY HAVE LEARNED FROM THESE TERRIBLE CASES! So sad to even learn about this young man!

  • The speaker was describing about how talent got its due importance especially around 1990. The speaker mentioned that companies should send young, talented students to the University for graduation. He also discussed that these graduate students should then compete with the local students. Finally the speaker stated that baby boom can lead to shortage of experienced workers.

  • The speaker was describing about his subject report based on the development of citizenship in schools. The speaker mentioned that there are certain schools who successfully implemented the citizenship module and thus aligned themselves with the national curriculum requirements. He also discussed that many schools should initiate the introduction of the citizenship considering the national and international events occurring across the globe.