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Careful planning is crucial in goal setting. If time is taken to prepare and visualise the next steps necessary then success is much more attainable. Taking half an hour on a Sunday evening to plan and strategize will ensure a productive week.

Planning and organisation will motivate you to stay on track. This goal cycle, you were excited about keeping track of your goals. Of course that seems so long ago and let’s be honest, the enthusiasm has worn off a little.

You’re frustrated to find that your goals either were hard to keep track of, don’t feel relevant to your work, or just slipped your mind, even as you were working hard at your job. 1. Stay Open and Receptive. The best way to stay on track with your goals, is to maintain a level of passion for life.

The easiest way to keep your passion and fire going, is to ease up on the big picture of your goal. Instead of worrying about how you’ll ever achieve your goal. 2. Set a Way to Track Your Progress. In addition to setting specific workout goals, you should also set specific ways to track your progress. There are a number of ways to do this.

You could choose to track short-term fitness goals that allow you to see your progress day-to-day or week-to-week. It is easy to say that you want to start eating healthily and hit your fitness goals. However, as motivation tends to be high at the beginning of your fitness journey but slowly depletes, the challenge comes in actually staying on track to reach them. Here are 10 ways to remain on track to hit your fitness goals. Every time I’ve set a goal and then never put down a plan to achieve it, I’ve never succeeded.

And so I’ve discovered that there has to be some kind of way to track your goals from start to finish, otherwise you’re destined to fail. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of 20 different ways that you can use to track your goals. 14 Smart Ways To Set And Track Department-Specific Goals.

YEC. And with roughly 80% of small business owners failing to keep track of their business goals, 12. Joe’s Goals is a web-based tool that allows users to track their habits and goals in an easy to use interface. Users can add as many goals/habits as they want and also check multiple times per day for those “extra productive days”.

Something that is unique about Joe’s Goals is the way that you can keep track of negative habits such as eating out, smoking, etc. Track a goal by the amount of time you spend on it. There are certain kind of goals that can’t be easily broken down to definitive steps. It is often difficult to find any obvious measurable aspects for their end result. They can be goals, such as, stay in shape, have a peaceful mind, become more fluent in a foreign language, etc.

But, it’s the art of goal setting and doing it the right way that separates the goal achievers from the goal wishers. Goals that aren’t set on paper are just wishes. It’s the act of actually writing out goals that makes a sizable difference in our minds.

Simply put, goals can’t take shape when they live solely in the abstract.

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  • Very insightful. It’s true. When I go out with friends that don’t have any goals to conserve money, I find myself spending money on food and drinks that I normally wouldn’t buy if I were just by myself. Is there a way I can still be with them and not do this? Thanks.

  • Raising my hand!!! Yay, I got mine in:) I am trying to do a 10 minute exercise routine every morning, as a part of my “Miracle Morning”. 10 minutes because I’m lazy and because that’s really all I have time for. I think it’s really a matter of creating a routine, a habit, and then it becomes a lot easier to talk yourself into it every morning.

  • I find myself panicking when I set goals. In fact I do better when I don’t put that pressure on myself. However I want to take things to the next level, and I realize that I need to change.

  • I designed my own monthly calendar template and right on the page I have a section for key projects and a section for monthly goals. As I’m going through the month, it really helps me be visually reminded and ask myself if I’m making progress towards those items

  • I’ve always done reviews at night, and gone to bed (and not slept) because I was thinking about tomorrow and how I have to do better (cue the guy with the machete!). I’ll start doing this in the morning so I have time to redeem myself.

  • 2:00 What choices are you making that are creating a habit… �� truth and on the lines of what you said creating good propel you forward towards your goals!

  • My goal right now is to save up to 15k and invest. I’m 22 with no debt not making much but I live within my means and saving a lot of money

  • Loved this Monthly Overview video. Great idea! Really looking forward to the February videos and your book review.

    PS Still plugging away at my basement. Can’t wait to complete the garage. (So many tools and gadgets! UGH!)

    Have a good week, Laura! ��

  • Brilliant video as always. I loved the analogy of going down the dirt track road in a horror film, I’ve been there plenty of times. Planning wise I hasten to add, no murders yet.
    I’ve been doing a monthly review for ages but I still got some gems from this that I’ll give a go in February. Looking forward to the periscope this weekend!

  • N26 warning…if you can’t accept mail at a residence and have no residential address they will not allow you an account. They can not attach a second address to the account (their poor business practice) even if you have a Postal box street address. So save yourself the trouble of putting in the street address of a PO box in the USA if you have that option as their system will flag it as a non residential address. Dumbest business practice for a bank. Now my information is in their system for atleast 6 years.

  • I’m keeping a tracker on a paper sticked nxt to my little bank in my cupboard to save money…
    N keeping track of my occasional calls to my friends n cousins to not loose d touch in my notes app, by entering date everytime I talk.
    N gonna try d career goal idea of writing d annual goal, dividing it on quarterly basis (25% each) n checking on it to atleast get progress from where u r now n actually have a vision in front of u!!!

  • I definitely enjoyed this video because I have to always talk to myself in order to motivate myself to work out more. Thank you for sharing!

  • With the habit tracker..how do you determine how often you should see/call people? I know its different for everyone but whats your schedule with that?

  • Thanks so much. I will now try to put into practice. Really looking forward to your videos for Feb. It one area I really need help in. Thanks again:)

  • while watching this video I felt so ashamed of procrastinating from much needed call, so I paused you and made this call! Thanks, Amy!

  • I just started tracking my progress toward completing one of my goals in a google doc so I can have everything I have worked on in one place. It’s easy to think you haven’t made any progress when the progress you’ve made is strewn about everywhere!

  • I love that you have your priority list as well as your ‘to-dos’. It’s easy to forget the big-picture for the lists of things to do.

  • I lately change from a physical tracker (painting a square each day per each habit I did that day) to an actual digital habit tracker app on my iPhone��. So far is working great is very pretty and very customizable and also free. Is really waaay more customizable and offers me so many metrics and info than I thought it could.
    I can’t wait to use it long enough to get some metrics of it. It’s called “Habit Tracker (habits and goals tracker)” on the App Store. How do you feel about these digital trackers?

  • Very good video Amy. I have been looking into N26 & I might check them out ��also tracking goals is such a great thing to do. I use Notion to keep track of my goals ❤️

  • Definitely need to improve my personal connection skills… Time flies by so quickly and it’s 1 month later and no connection to the ones I really care… Very good advice! Thank you Amy
    xoxo from Austria ����
    Christina ��

  • I just realized that you look like you could be related to Gilmore Girls:) Really like your content. I wish you would incorporate more of day in a life type of videos, or work from home. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you for saying you schedule your friend check-ins! I do this too and I always feel a little yucky about it, like… they’re my friends so why do I need to ‘schedule’ our time, I should just remember them?! But the truth is, I won’t. I’ll let those moments of ‘I should text this person’ slip by. It makes me feel better that others are out there doing that too! I feel like my friendships have really improved since I started doing that!

  • I wish you were my doctor!!!! You rock! I am going to lay out my clothes and schedule that workout in AS SOON as I wake up! Thank you <3

  • I just read an article about larks and owls. Research doesn’t support the claim that early risers are more successful. Otherwise nice tips. This hair colour suits you very much.

  • Thanks for the video you are the best, I defenatly will start trackung as you said quatrly and make adjustments… will see how it goes, and weekly reflections

  • Great video! It popped up right when I was evaluating how I’m going to catchup on 2 goals for 2019. Thanks for the motivation and direction!

  • Nice video! Could you address the opposite side of the first point? Like how surrounding yourself by people who are way ahead of where you are can also be detrimental because you may constantly think you are not as good as everyone else even when you’re trying your best? As a PhD student in engineering, I have dealt with this feeling a lot, and even though I have developed a healthier attitude to cope with my work setting, I don’t believe simply surrounding yourself with high achieving people will automatically make you successful. You still need to develop your own standards that are challenging enough but not too much of a stretch.

  • Personal connections is totally on my list of things to improve!! COVID has made me realise how much happens in my friends life’s when we don’t make dates.

  • That was such a refreshing way to break it down. I will take the time to focus more on my life to revaluate my goals and visions. I have been feeling like I have been on a bumpy road so thanks for the video. Keep it live and stay hustlin ✌

  • Why goal change a lot throughout the year because I either accomplish them or change route but I’m 17 tho. So it’s not like it will affected as much as if I was an adult.

  • Yes! I have been thinking a ton about my goals cause we have hit the halfway point at 2020, and this couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks! ❤

  • I was thinking that you might have collabed with Jenna Kutcher from the Goal Digger podcast! That would be awesome to hear you on her show!

  • Amy! Thank you so much for everything that you do! You are my role model and i am very grateful for and the knowledge that you share! I have adopted many habits that have been shared on you you tube channel/ podcast && GATLUW society club and they have helped me reach goals I never thought I could. It funny to think that now I have friend & family that ask me for advice when it come to time batching & creating a morning routine. Thank you again and keep it up:)

  • What is the point in doing all this work, amaking goals and having money saved up in accounts when you could die tomorrow, in 6 months or a few years. Then what? You cant money to the grave. So do you save for the future or live for the now?

  • Another awesome message!! Thank you again for reminding me to check & think if I am on track for my goals for this year 2019!! You are amazing Anthony!!

  • I’m really lost when it comes to forming goals in the first place. I tend to take things day by day. If I had one goal, though, it would be to learn how to get more things done in less time.

  • Dr. Riva, great stuff, my fav tip is keeping a log, I use my watch tracking and phone with Garmin, and I run outside and yes it makes me happier then inside on the treadmill.

  • Perfect timing! I recently began pursuing my goal of becoming a freelance proofreader and I totally need to get a system in place to keep me on track to completing my coursework. I’m over halfway through but we’re also in the process of moving and things got put on the back burner amidst all the chaos. This video reignited my determination ���� Thank you!

  • Just getting back to being the organised person i used to be before, a bad break up… U inspired me alot to my life get together, thank you… As of now i am just trying to eat healthy and have a organised space

  • I do hope to be better at personal connections. I forget to keep up with people a lot. I am always in my head and i need yo get out more often

  • Always great watching your videos, you always give some great advice. You always speak in a manner that allows us to comprehend everything that you say and learn how to apply them. Keep up the good work that you do. �� Keep it ��

  • Hello friends, it’s Dr. Riva! Thanks so much for watching my video on how to stay motivated & SLAY your fitness goals ������ What’s one tip you learned that you’re going to use this week?

  • I realized about a year ago that I used to get A LOT accomplished in a year when I was in high school, so I decided to break my goals down into a “school calendar.” Annual goals are what it takes to pass the grade, quarterly goals are report cards, monthly goals compare to progress reports, weekly goals are similar to tests, and daily goals are like assignments. Each lesser goal maps to the next level, and it’s easier to figure out where you need to improve at “progress report” time than it is when preparing for “finals!” Same concept as reverse engineering, but my brain wrapped itself around this analogy more easily.

  • What if we don’t know our passion yet? I’m a mum returning to work but not sure what I want to do yet, just know I want it to be part time for my family…(You might already have a video on this… if anyone knows which ones I should watch let me know!)

  • Great tips, Melissa! Your mention of setting our health standards by those around us has been something I noticed I fell into. I appreciate your drawing attention to that! 😉

  • Great video! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed hearing about this system. I like your categories:) And I’m looking forward to this book review!

  • ”What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed.”

    Learned that from a young lady on Millennial Money. Truer words have never been spoken.

    Thank you, Amy, for the awesome and inspiring content. Keep it coming. A welcome escape from the chaos surrounding us all right now.

  • About the new (wonderful BTW) shooting setup: I like the geometry at play. It’s both a convergence to one point perspective & multiple pentagons.

  • Oh my gosh Amy! You just helped me feel sooo much better, I’ve been setting relationship reminders on my phones for years! I was worried I’d become a robot haha x

  • Yes, girl!! Just what I need right now. I’ve totally fallen off the wagon. Love these tips, especially the night before prep things. Out door HIIt is bomb! Loved these ideas. POOFF is hilarious!

  • I’m doing my best to accept that whatever I let go of was meant to be released… and not that I failed or am always going to be a failure

    Getting better at tracking will stop a lot of headaches though too ������

  • i feel pretty dumb but I never thought of doing a monthly review.  i just keep coasting!  I am also somewhat newer to planning.basically, i appreciate your videos!!

  • Skim to learn how to track your goals! ����������
    03:00 → CAREER GOALS

    Something else you can do:
    ∙ check out the resources at https://gatluw.com
    ∙ download my success system for free: https://gatluw.com/freedomguidebook
    ∙ join Shine Squad! https://patreon.com/amytv

    QOTD: What goals are you keeping track of RN?

  • Tracking your goals is so important. Reason why is that you have a plan (which you can refer to if you don’t know what to do), and it gives you extra motivation when you reach your goals!