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12 Gym Etiquette Do’s to Make You Look Like a Pro. by Jennifer Purdie. January 13, 2018. Tags Fitness Tips pro tips training tips. About the Author. Jennifer Purdie.

Jennifer is a Southern California-based freelance writer who covers topics such as health, fitness, lifestyle and travel for both national and regional publications. She runs. A gym isn’t exactly like other social settings.

You aren’t at a bar, or a meat market looking for your next meal. You are supposed to be at a gym to make yourself look better and increase your health, not to find a hot date for Friday. 13 rules for proper gym etiquette. There are specific rules to follow when you are at a gym, not only for. Limit talking on phones or texting on gym floor, it’s distracting to others.

Gym selfies WILL be photobombed at every opportunity! Don’t bang/drop weights excessively, unless you’re Olympic weightlifting and/or deadlifting a s#$% ton of weight. If you don’t know, read instructions on machine. If still don’t know, ask!

12 Gym Etiquette Tips to Make Your Gym Experience Better If this is the first time you’ve ever stepped into a gym, there are a few things you need to do to make your gym experience better. There will be people that don’t follow these tips, and they are going to be the one that disturbs and possibly ruins everyone’s experience. Post signs throughout the gym and locker rooms, clearly stating your etiquette policies. Print and frame the policies professionally. Don’t use photocopies or handwritten fliers, as people may not take these signs seriously.

Make your signs easy to read, and keep them clear of clutter and away from other signs. Educate Members. Nobody wants to be “that guy”.

And yes, women can also be “that guy” if they’re not following the often unspoken code of gym etiquette. Whether you’re new to the gym, or you’ve been going for a while, there is a set of unspoken rules that you should follow to ensure that going to the gym is a better experience for everyone. Unfortunately, most gyms don’t offer classes on what you should or shouldn’t do while trying to get stronger and healthier in the gym.

At best, most fitness clubs probably put up a few signs. People don’t always have the best manners at the gym. For gym newbies, it might seem like there’s some secret code of conduct when you first step foot in a gym, but gym etiquette rules are. Whatever your fitness goals are, you will be surprised by what your body can do.

Your personal trainer will provide support and guidance, constantly pushing you to get better results. However, every gym has its own personal training etiquette. If you are new to fitness, there are certain mistakes you can make unknowingly. Gym Etiquette #6.

Monopolizing Workout Equipment. Some gyms have tons of machines while others don’t have much at all. If your gym has few machines, you can look like a real ass if you monopolize a certain piece of equipment too long.

This is a common problem of bench press freaks who act like there’s no other exercise in the world.

List of related literature:

And do not be like one manager I had, who would work out in the club gym wearing a singlet and fingerless weightlifting gloves, two players ready to grab the barbell off him, looking at himself in the mirror as he lifted, feeling his muscles ostentatiously afterwards.

“How to Be a Footballer” by Peter Crouch
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Make the most of people in the gym, asking for their advice on training systems and correct form (vital’).

“1001 Climbing Tips: The essential climbers' guide: from rock, ice and big-wall climbing to diet, training and mountain survival” by Andy Kirkpatrick
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taking If five there’s hundred not something shots before measurable, I leave this it’s gym, not and real.

“Players First: Coaching from the Inside Out” by John Calipari, Michael Sokolove
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But the gym has to be a place of humility.

“The Hoops Whisperer: On the Court and Inside the Heads of Basketball's Best Players” by Idan Ravin
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For guests who are at their best hitting the gym first, there is still time to work out, shower and have breakfast before going into the meeting room.

“The Business of Event Planning: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Successful Special Events” by Judy Allen
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Instead of spotting these exercises, the strength and conditioning professional needs to teach athletes how to get away from a bar that is unmanageable.

“Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
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For a fitness-adverse Miranda, the gym is the most triggering place of all: you have to sweat profusely in front of complete strangers, wear flip flops in the shower, and coexist with grunting gym rats.

“We Should All Be Mirandas: Life Lessons from Sex and the City's Most Underrated Character” by Chelsea Fairless, Lauren Garroni
from We Should All Be Mirandas: Life Lessons from Sex and the City’s Most Underrated Character
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“But if you want, you can do all of them in the pool instead of the gym.

“The Year We Fell Down: A Hockey Romance” by Sarina Bowen
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For gym goers, you receive guidance on weight training etiquette: Just because you’re wearing tight shorts, dripping with sweat, and stinking up the joint doesn’t mean that you can’t show some courtesy.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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In the end I must have only used the gym five times, and the last two visits I didn’t work out at all, I just helped myself to toilet rolls and shampoo sachets from the changing rooms until my membership was up.

“The Moaning of Life: The Worldly Wisdom of Karl Pilkington” by Karl Pilkington
from The Moaning of Life: The Worldly Wisdom of Karl Pilkington
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  • I agree with everything but the last point is a bit wrong… It is amazing to get as much advice as possible and getting tips of how to workout is always welcome i cant belive ppl can feel attacked just by getting an advice… Cmon ppl what is this? Planet fitness? Gym fail videos show us what happened when someone refused to get advice. XD

  • These two kids at the gym I unfortunately have to go to they act like they’re at the mall arcade acting like clowns so I called them out on it in a nice way and they wanted to fight me, wtf!!.

  • ” have you ever been in any of these solution? ” ” of course you have!” Ok hold up I’m a kid 9 year old and dose it look I can afford a membership no I only have 15 and 57 cents

  • I train through the pain anyway. I messed up my knee by a bad stretch for a little while worked out anyway. I feel stronger now for it.

  • There are some of people who think they are gym trainers and give advice to others, and try to talk to girls who are workout. that’s annoying.

  • Honestly, I don’t mind if someone wants to help me correct my form. I actually really appreciate it since I’m trying to get into fitness, and I barely even know how to use a quarter of those equipments.

    The only time I mind is when you’re clearly using it as an excuse to hit on me. That’s it.

  • When I was new at the gym I was using a piece of equipment wrong and could have damaged my shoulder. Fortunately, someone explained and showed me the right way. Years later I’m still grateful.

  • Exactly there’s nothing wrong with having a rest day or two there’s a quite a few people that actually go to the gym everyday sometimes twice every day which makes no sense this is the reason why most people never make any progress but never let their body have a rest day also I have noticed that more old people never wipe off there machines

  • Pretty much most people that go to the gym do not listen to their bodies they either EGO lift or go in and sit on machines and do absolutely nothing

  • Can someone plz tell me why the fuck!tons of noobs slam the fuckn barbell when deadlifting….especially when it takes energy and strength to put the weight down without causing a fuckn earthquake…..��

  • I don’t but in my gym woman are almost always guilty to hogging the gym equipment not only hogging but taking a million years to finish with them!!! They are always doing supersets etc and taking a million years to finish!

  • @ 7:48, this video promotes sexist ideals… what about don’t hit on guys. As a man, i’ve actually had a female stalker, it is not fun, and i felt rly unsafe… Rule number 2 should refer to both sexes, or have change your titles to 15 rules. Unless your mission statement is to shame men, which it highly seems like… your info is full of shit

  • I always give tips to the noobs because I do work out 5 days a week so yeah it’s my sport. All the experience people know me well and we pretty much know each other in a sense we do spend time in there so it’s very easy to spot the noobs

  • I’ll call BS on #14. Nothing brings more temporary relief to colds and allergies than a bit of adrenaline from a serious workout. It sounds like another excuse to shirk one’s gym obligations to themselves.

  • In my opinion Jim’s f**** suck anyway so why bother you can buy your own home gym and f**** f**** do better job making I can build my home on Jennifer about $3,000 Vanessa cable station is the bench presses and everything else I don’t have a girlfriend their own personal gym I’m a member of it’s between me and her so f*** off

  • I hate when people go to the gym stinking, I understand you will need to shower when you finish, but at least have a wash, I will never forget this man who was on the treadmill, sprinting, the hole area stunk of old arse! I thought he was decomposing, everyone sweats at the gym, but this was old reheated stuff.

  • It’s very simple:

    Don’t do anything that’s going to damage the gym/its equipment.

    Don’t sit on a machine/bench/etc. messing around on your phone, having a conversation, etc. if there’s not an identical machine/bench available for use.

    Don’t rotate sets on four or five things at once if the gym is crowded. You don’t own a machine/bench/etc. for ten minutes while you’re not using it, while you’re off using another machine/bench.

    Put equipment back where you found it and as you found it when you’re done. Re-rack weights, put them in order, don’t leave attachments lying all over the place, don’t leave cleaning solution bottles in mystery locations.

    Wipe stuff down with cleaning solution after you use it.

    If I can smell you three treadmills down, pay more attention to your hygiene/wear cleaner clothes to the gym.

    Don’t work out if you’re sick and contagious, don’t keep coughing/sneezing/sniffling, etc.

    That’s it.

  • My pet peeve is when people leave their sweaty towels (provided by the gym) on the floor or on gym equipment instead of walking a few feet over to the towel bin and tossing it in. Even worse people will blow their nose in the towels and who knows what germs that they carry

  • I should finish up my work out if somebody is waiting for me.

    but if I’m waiting for somebody else they should finish their work out


  • You know it’s gonna be a credible video when it’s voiced by a woman who sounds like she frequents Starbucks, and only does cardio.

    Also all of these “tips” are the most obvious things that a beginner would even know

  • #8 Wrong…. its a gym not a library. Especially with deadlift the last thing you should do is try to be quiet its a great way to injure yourself. Also #2 is wrong you dont speak for every woman, let them decide if they want to be hit on.

  • The girl will not see right through you do not represent women you f**** robot shut the fuc up right now for I punch you in the f**** mouth I do say hit on women because this whole f**** thing is sexist and they f**** know and I want this f**** me to take him down

  • Don’t you be clothing men’s fitness you’ll be getting hurt now back when I was going to college while he was in nineteen other workout clothes and nobody took showers at the locker which is disgusting is pretty bad when you smell a man by Bo it with a woman must feel to be oh my God get the f*** away from me and people thought I was a weirdo so I can taking showers the f**** after f**** workout class f**** after I was during the hot months of f**** September or something

  • Shut the f**** that you put into it before I hurt you lady nobody gives a f*** about aerobics seriously that’s why they have better gyms in that f**** if you’re a f**** like seriously I know f**** girls to take f**** f**** f**** not spinning classes but some do f**** you know pole dancing classes of s*** at the gym or whatever you know or like stripping s*** you know stuff that actually works out that f**** aerobics class f*** you

  • Take my advice don’t join gyms gym suck you can’t play loud music if you ever going to join one Join one that has something beneficial to you like not just working at like most of my knowledge went for boxing lessons or wrestling lessons the working out is just a bonus but that’s it

  • I went to the gym today and I kinda embarrassed myself because I didn’t know how to use the machines but other than that, no one cares what you do. I was so nervous but as soon as you step in, no one notices you, only like a first glance but nothing more than that. You just do your own thing, everyone is there and probably feel nervous as well. Just go with the flow and be slick if you embarrass yourself lol

  • Once I was just walking to a sink in the ladies locker and suddenly I looked near the
    Lockers and someone was just standing there-Completely Nakid 0.0 and I just
    Kept on walking.

    This video brang back this memory xD.

    Edit:oop *Locker room*

  • The 1 i think that if the person is doing shitty form, and there are posibilities that the person can hurt himself, it’s not bad at all some advice, i glad when somebody give me and advice, and that shit of different body types is the worst of the vídeo, if someone is doing shitty form or something bad, no matter body types, it’s bad

  • Like fucking hell what is it with you damn germophobes and with your “attract as little attention as nescessary, or else everyone will think youre an idiot” like fuuuuuck m8, you better be invisible when going to a gym in your eyes or what are you tryna tell me. What you are preaching here will deter anyone who is thinking of getting a membership in the first place, so your video is kinda useless.

  • Last tip is immaculate! Before I started going to the gym that was one of the things I was afraid of. When I did start, I was always on the look out for because I feel like someone would make fun of me for not doing something right.

  • Nah this list is bs. The list should be
    1. Anti fucking social. Dont talk shit
    2. Throw that phone away unless changing music
    3. Fuck your Instagram
    4. Fuck your snapchat
    5. Sweat the fuckin shit of yourself
    6. Try get a nosebleed through the intensity
    7. Make yourself throw up or pass out on legdays.
    8. Dont give a shiet

  • I was an idiot and pushed myself too hard when first working out again and messed up my legs a little bit. I had to wait a week to recover. ��

  • This should be a tutorial video, not a complaining video. All of the video your tone is a “complaining tone”, if you care enough try to work on it, it is very annoying.

  • ever have that experience where your sitting on the toilet, cleaning out your nails, and some of the dirt falls in your pants? yeah. just happened. I don’t even know why I watched this… I’m, like, 12, I don’t “work out”. I’m kinda like one of those people who just wander around youtube, watching random things, like
    Me:… LET’S DO IT!
    I’m jk, youtube has never recommended my little pony baloney to me before. that is, now that I have my own account. but you know what I mean.
    also, about the video.. OH MY GOSH! I get EXTREMELY uncomfortable whenever I’m in a girls changeroom for a pool or something, and this random lady decides to TAKE OFF HER CLOTHES! like, NOOO! who gave you the right to DO that! and why the heck did you do it anyway? also, one time at the pool last year, a few of my friends decided to change in the same stall. I was like, hey a minute! aren’t we in grade 6? aren’t 7-year-olds the only ones that do that anymore? their opinion on being nude in front of their friends will forever remain a mystery to me.

  • People need to not give guilt regarding the nude form. The church says we are made in God’s image, and even say, that we are wonderfully, and fearfully made, and then they call that form, an endless number, of bad names, contradicting themselves. We need clothing optional everywhere. The devil in the mind is felling uncomfortable.

  • Since only guys are guilty of flirting, according to the video, I’ll ask for you ladies to STOP taking selfies and pics EVERYTIME you workout..PLEASE I’m next to you and i DON’T want to be in your video or pic..#1

  • I have somebody never picked up a dumbbell I tripped over and broke my leg and another one somebody accidentally rolled a little Lakes site like a little like a little thing where you looked it up it’s like a circle but they ruled it and then it broke my writing arm are you right with that some people just don’t get the same thing in the gym

  • In today’s tech world, NOBODY indulges in refresher training. Being retired military, mandated policy always required annual refresher training regardless of weapon safety, driver safety, etc. It never wandered even to the point of new soldiers failing in their attempt to get it right. The gym is no different.

  • A couple day ago there was this lady in the locker room and see was changing and I’ll never forget that sight, sadly. But I like seriously �� their is a changing room RIGHT THERE

  • If you see someone doing a workout wrong that can hurt themselves then it’s 100% ok to tell why it is wrong and what it can do to you

  • I keep being messed with and followed etc.. so I have to turn u in to the cops now… I will have an investigation done on u… whoever u r…??!!!! U will be caught and brought to jail..!!!

  • Don’t forget the dudes in the locker room (the old guys especially) use the locker room like their own private bathroom. Just waving their junk like it ain’t no thang. Or the guy who talks really loud to his bro about some experience he had the night before. Cologne and hair gel overloading.. Weight room, the DB rack.. they grab the Dbs and stand right in front of the rack area they took the Dbs from thus blocking others from grabbing the surrounding Dbs.

  • I can’t really listen to what he is saying, because he’s screaming so angry at me, I just got up and did my sisters homework, cleaned the dishes, took out the trash and walked the dog for 3 hours.

  • I’ve been training in a gym for 10 years so I’ve never heard or seen of bulling on somebody. Even in a basement gym (especially in the basement gym). Sometimes people from that place were more polite than others. Once I saw a huge quarrel of two visitors: Enormous guy from Chechnya and tiny girl. He told her about his problems with his wife and she said something like “You’re not a man”

  • wow that sounds annoying to have to switch the equipment you’re using if you only like using one thing and you want to exercise for a few hours (i’ve never been to the gym though)

  • 2:30 “The locker room isn’t a personal bathroom.”BRIGHT SIDE narrator.
    I remembered a time whenever I would go to gym class in school and I always look for some privacy.

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  • Thing that pisses me off is these muppets who use gopros on stands filming their reps. Problem is, that’s its in the way miles away also filming most people at the gym. F wits!

  • the ”im using this” is so common, um no you are on your phone and i just gotta do a set of these and then you can have them back -_-

  • Soooo what exactly shouldn’t we do at the gym?!
    Everything the video shows is normal gym behavior….except for the size of dat water bottle!!

  • I have been guilty of the phone thing in the past, but for searching for music, not texting. I try to go off to the side to do that

  • The first one, I understand Jesse there. I mean if you’re gonna use dumbbells on your next excersise, then you grab the ones you’re gonna use because you want to go right into that next workout.

  • THUMBS UP!!!!
    then watch!!!!
    in THAT order!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    this dude educates AND entertains!!!!

    this was funny as hell!! i’m so grateful for the laugh that i’m even more determined to THUMBS UP ALL of his vids, whether they’re applicable or not; whether i watch them or not.

    gonna watch this one again!!!

  • im put off working out sometimes by all the stuff in the video: but the worst is by far people leaving weights all over the gym, not putting stuff back. it ISNT HARD. ive seen people leave weights on the floor then walk PAST where they got them from then leave.

    only thig missing from the video is people staring at each other / talking in big groups on/off machines

  • A lot of people have been wondering what Jesse’s relationship is to Jeff and I am pretty sure that he is either Jeff’s cousin, nephew or brother in law. They do not look related and the age gap is to large for me to consider them as siblings. Given that Jeff and Jesse have spent time together outside of the gym I’m sure they have some sort of connected family.

  • Ok that last one makes no fucking sense, if you cheat reps or have a bad form, it’s not because it “works” for their body type, it’s because they have a bad form or they’re doing something wrong and won’t develop their muscles and will end up hurting themselves

  • Some of those things I recognise, during my workout.
    headphones, nothing wrong with that.
    smartphones, 20 min doing nothing but keeping a machine occupied..
    photos during training, make room please I need photo space..
    claiming multiple machines, do you have clones?

  • Here’s one: ignorants that occupy more than one machine/station at a time, they say “but i’m super-setting”. Yesterday this cow weighing about 260lbs and her pimp set up 3 (three) machines. Turned out one I wanted to use next, was not used by anybody, they felt was theirs and could not be used by me. Okay how about that one, yes we using that too, and that one yes we using that too. What makes you think it’s okay? pimp said “because I pay monthly membership”. He didn’t have much to say when offered to discuss that theory with a manager at a front desk, just bowed his head down. No point in spending time teaching them, plenty of other things to do. I had a great workout. That monkey had run his mouth for a bit in my vicinity later on with some vague threats, but as long as it’s not an imminent threat to me he can flap his lips till blue in a face, no harm will come to him.

  • One of my biggest peeves is seeing women come to the gym with a full face a makeup and all decked out in their gym attire, then they don’t even workout they sit on the equipment and flirt with people. Is there a name for them?

  • I dont like people bringing big glass bottles into the gym because they can smash against petty much everything, and the hogging thing is annoying sitting on a machine on the phone or hanging out chatting on a machine not cool

  • $98.00 for some joggers I don’t think so there’s much more cheaper joggers out there. Buy a pair of contour workout pants. That’s the best joggers i ever had $49.99.

  • There’s only one way to help a person at the gym and that is asked them if they have a good chiropractor and that they’re going to need one!

  • This is why I love this channel hes not all oh look how fit and buff I am he keeps his shirt on doesn’t flex non stop and he gives good advise

  • For weight machines I can definitely see how hogging it can be rude, like usually a few sets shouldn’t take too long. But you can’t get annoyed with someone for using a cardio machine for too long, most gyms have a lot of them and most people stay on them for 20 min or so.

  • Number 8: The socializer. The douche who spends more time sitting on a bench talking or texting instead of doing his sets and moving on so someone else can use it. Then they get their nuts in a knot when you ask them how much longer they are going to be. This is especially irritating if you belong to a small gym and have limited equipment.

  • I used to work in a small gym. I hate all of them you mentioned. But the worse are the scumbags that come in 20 minutes before the gym closes and leave plates and equipment lying all over the place. I had one douche bag complain that he was using a piece of equipment that I started breaking down two minutes before closing. How do I know it was two minutes? Because when I told him the gym was closed, he pointed to the clock and said he had two minutes left.

  • I had to completely change my workout the other day because the same 4 guys were hogging the only 4 benches for 30 minutes. It so annoying.

  • Lady you have to check this out


  • 4:27 wtf is wrong with selfies at gym? I do it all the time and I do it right in front of people in the bedroom and Inside the gym. Lol however I agree with the other things u said

  • What drives me nuts is when 4 hs kids have to check out 4 different basketballs, demands when best quality balls while I’m left with the shitty, worn out ball and they don’t bother to take them back to the lobby when they leave.

  • Workout at home and save your money. There’s like a million YouTube videos to help you out and save yourself the frustration inherent to the gym.

  • 00:40 (1) Not putting back weights Agree.
    01:10 (2) Hogging equipment Agree. I think the video should have also emphasized NOT to use cellphones while on the equipment. It does not matter if it is just for a “short while”. NO CELLPHONES ON THE GYM FLOOR. If you need to use your cellphone, LEAVE THE EQUIPMENT and do it elsewhere.
    01:38 (3) Proper attire I definitely agree that rubber soled shoes are a MUST. Nice fitting attire (as advertised) is really nice and happily preferred. But comfortable clothes are perfectly OK nonetheless especially if those are the only ones you have. As long as they cover your nipples, most of your torso & hips, and they won’t rip when you squat, then they are just FINE. You are here to work your body. Worry about fashion elsewhere.
    04:20 (4) Selfies!!! THEY ARE FINE!!! As long as they do it in their own space (i.e. not while sitting on equipment) and are not bothering anyone else, then they are FINE. Be happy for them and give them the honor of celebrating their success.
    04:50 (5) Not wiping your sweat off the equipment Agree!!! I have even walked up to dudes more buff than I am to tell them this.
    05:20 (6) Slamming down weights. Agree. It’s just not safe to do this. You can drop equipment (it’s a natural muscle reflex thing ) but do not slam them.
    05:40 (7) Making fun of noobs. Absolutely agree. YOu can get banned for doing this at my gym.

  • As a displaced fitness trainer, I’d decided to watch this video again for fun.
    As an addendum to number four, taking too long of a rest time to take selfies on a piece of equipment. Girls and guys
    If one is on, say the leg press machine, for 20 minutes, and it takes no more than 5 to get through your sets and Reps. Yet, The rest of his/her time is spent on taking selfies of you ‘working’ a leg press machine, Just go home and do prisoner squats And stop making the rest of us, that are actually trying to make gains wait. We do not care about your Instagram when we’re at the gym.
    Hopefully, we all get to go back to the gym sooner than later. Damn this quarantine!

  • Here’s a few more:

    1. Dont do your curls (or whatever) right on top of the bar bell rack. You’re blocking everyone’s access to about 5 sets of weights.
    2. Dont take 3 sets of bar bells with you back to your bench. They’re not yours… other people could use them. You work with one pair at a time people.
    3. Dont give advise. You dont know my workout plan; you dont know my goals. Dont tell me to go up in weight or change my motion. Two words: Didn’t Ask.
    4. Minimize your fucking naked time. Yes, I’m talking to you 78 year old. Have the underwear and shirt ready to put on before the towel comes off. Dont take the towel off, make a phone call, weigh yourself, stretch out, and make a sandwich all before you even thought about taking the lock off your locker.
    5. Dont do the over the top dancing to your stupid ass music while you workout and certainly dont sing out loud.
    6. Dont sit on a bench texting your friends or watching a video when the gym is packed. People are waiting for you to finish up. If you’re not going to use the fucking bench, get off it.
    7. Dont ask me to spot you. This isn’t a team sport. If you’re lifting more than you can handle on your own, get a gym employee or bring a friend.
    8. Dont ask if you can work-in with me. I waited my turn… you can wait your turn.
    9. Dont grunt so loud when you lift everyone can hear you. If youre lifting so heavy it sounds like you’re giving birth to fat twins… you won man. Find another hobby.
    10. Wear fucking deodorant asshole. First you make me look at you with that ridiculous string tang top on… and now I have to smell your insecurity too?

  • You’re the douche, man. Wearing 100 dollar designer track pants acting all model like and shit, bitch fuck outta here. We here to pump iron and sweat

  • Gyms nowadays have the best Equipment in history… But have the largest uneducated ignoramuses That don’t have any idea how to use the equipment!

  • I got one to add: The douche who tells you to get out of his mirror while he’s watching himself work out and you’re 10 feet away from him.
    And to bump 2 I saw down further in the comments that I agreed with 100%: The guy who doesn’t even look like he lifts and offers everyone advice they didn’t ask for. And screaming like giving birth to a baby, WITH/EVERY/REP!!!

  • I can’t stand when people lift weights DIRECTLY in front of the dumbbell rack. And if you ever try to get around them, they move like 2 inches

  • From someone else who has worked out since high school I couldnt agree MORE with every point you’ve stated!! I HATE the Dbags who load up equipment and leave it, also the Dbags who will sit on the Smith machine and text for 5 minutes between sets!! They will sit there for an HOUR taking up equipment,, yeah I improvise and work around it but after 40 yrs of seeing it, it gets on your nerves

  • I was at the gym last night and there were couple of dudes that seemed to be there for instagram photo session. Not the sample selfie session, the whole thing, they were taking poses and shit, lifting thier shirts and taking poses and lifting thier shirts to show thier Abs. I think I was the only one actually working out. Did I mention that these guys were “men”? Pathetic

  • I shall take that back that’s perfect for that girl cuz I have met women or skinny is her who asked you can do a hundred pound squats so f*** off

  • here’s a good one hot chicks love this stuff find the hottest chick in there next to her then walk away saying out loud jeez woman what have you been eating? and cough

  • I wiped my blood off the dumbbells after I finished 6sets12 reps of dumbell rows

    Yeah the bench fell on my index and middle finger

  • I know this is 2 years old but selfie is not an issue like dudes getting their gf to video them doing supersets. I will admit I started using a machine a guy was using in his super dooper ooper set. (Would take 20 minutes before he gets back to that machine) just to look big and bad in front of his girl he tried to scare every man and woman off the machines he was using. Frankly I didn’t care i kept on going saying I’d be done i 7 minutes. He seemed disappointed i didn’t fear him. Hmm

  • Most people wander around like lost sheep… Space Invaders… or Space Cadets… They cherry pick there exercises monopolizing multiple pieces of equipment… mismatch and sandwich the barbell plates!
    Years ago they had gym etiquette posted… Now it’s about selling memberships to anybody that comes in off the street!

  • The new version of the app is great and I love it �� was a good day to be a little day for everyone and I know you have a 55 year old and a little was a little day for everyone and everyone to be with the kids and he was a little was a little then he was a little was a little then he was a little was a little then he was a little was a little then he was a little was a little then he was a little was a little then he was a little was a little then he was a little waswas was a little was a little I had a little last night and then he had a little night and he was a little was a little then he was a little was a little I had a little day and he was a little and he was a little was a little I had a little day and he was a little was a little then he was a little was 5555555555555555555

  • Here’s a HUGE etiquette issue. I often avoid, like the plague, someone doing exercises in the wrong part of the gym. Some will do floor work between machines and benches instead of using the mat area. Bicep curls done at squat racks are not a good idea. I’ve had gym management tell an “entitled woman” she can NOT get and hold onto [a squat bar pad] until she is ready to use it. Gym equipment must remain available for everyone’s use and quickly returned afterward.

  • To a newbie, ambition is everything because it took nerve to walk through the front doors. Now for the right habits. I always taught the experienced folks to always “set the example”. The new folks don’t know what is going on and often get “turned loose” into the equipment. They want to get “fit” but have no idea what “fit” involves. WHILE they are on their journey, they can look around for what catches their eye and interest, but not waste time. Its like taking general education college classes while discovering their decided degree focus.

  • Me when I first start the video: what. I think is annoying when people are showing off muscles and trying to make you like them it’s so GROSS

  • I had a guy come up to me last week saying that the exercise is was doing was wrong and “this one is better.” I was doing something that your channel taught me, so I knew I was in the right. People need to learn gym manners!!

  • Good stuff!! Sometimes it feels like this should be common sense, a little consideration for others.. but like you said.. damn MEATHEADS��

  • People are pretty dumb as we know sad thing is too these new Gym people will only last till Feb and give up b/c they are lazy bastards imo anyway lol. Great video

  • I think the most important advice for a beginner is to ask for help when they are in doubt when performing a certain exercise/ using a machine. You’ll be surprised how willing people are to show a beginner the basic steps.