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11 Products Perfect for the Eco-Friendly Athlete 1. BRITA MONTEREY PITCHER WITH LONGLAST FILTER $39.99 Go BPA-free with this reusable pitcher that comes with a filter 3. FAIR HARBOR THE BOARDSHORT $68 Would you believe these swim trunks are made from 11 plastic water bottles? They’re 4. ECO. This seasonal transition is the perfect time to renew our commitment to self-care, health, and wellbeing. Eco-friendly, organic, recycled, Fair Labor Certified, Green profit, people, and planet. The brand’s mission incorporates building the best products for those who love the great outdoors while also caring for the environment.

5 Products Perfect for the Eco-Friendly Athlete. cyberflexing. A lot of athletes use nature as the perfect place to do their workouts. And the inevitable part is to start thinking about saving it, which is why many decide to become eco-friendly athletes. If you are not really sure what that means, or you want to go on that journey yourself. Using merino wool and other natural fibers allow these athletes to have a durable, long-lasting piece of clothing that doesn’t need to be ironed and can be worn longer – despite the sweat.

Perfect for the 21st century athletic minimalist. Their products are wholly manufactured in. The recent article by Jennifer Nini on the adidas x Parley collaboration on the upcycled sustainable running shoes has generated a lot of interest. And rightfully so as each pair of the adidas UltraBOOST Parley and UltraBOOST X saves at least 11 plastic bottles from being dumped into the world’s oceans. Overlay this with the 9.7% athletic footwear global market share of the Adidas brand.

With winter around the corner for some of us, and summer for others, it’s time to get active! We have selected some of the best eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable activewear labels to get you moving in the last of the sunshine, or to start your summer body prep!Athlete’s Best® Premium Supplements are created using the highest quality ingredients. We wish you the best of health, happiness, and success throughout 2020 and beyond!

Please click the product to see our discounted quantity prices. When it comes to fashion, eco-friendly generally equals sweat-unfriendly.But a new crop of companies are turning that assumption on its hea. This mat is perfect for your home gym. It comes with two holes for wall-mounted hanging, and can be purchased in two different thicknesses (5/8″.

They use eco-friendly, low-impact dyes, biodegradable fabric softeners and wash their clothing with reclaimed water. Their eco-friendly packaging saves 2,100 trees, 400 cubic yards of landfill, 860k gallons of water, and 120 tons of CO2 annually. My top picks are the eco-fleece hoodie and the french terry shorts.

7. tentre.

List of related literature:

6 brands make eco-friendly fashionable.

“Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain Management: From Sourcing to Retailing” by Tsan-Ming Choi, T. C. Edwin Cheng
from Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain Management: From Sourcing to Retailing
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And, thousands of companies have found it necessary to direct their R&D efforts towards finding ecologically superior products such as Sear’s phosphate free laundry detergent, Pepsi cola’s biodegradable plastic soft drink bottle (Pearce and Robinson).

“Management: Text and Cases” by V.S.P. Rao, V Hari Krishna
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And these are products that health-conscious consumers commonly buy and bring into our homes, kitchens, bathrooms, beds, and bodies—including air fresheners, dryer sheets, shampoo, bar soap, floor cleaner, sunscreen, and toothpaste.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
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Water filtration, energy efficiency, and the use of eco-friendly and healthy products top the list.

“Brighton Baby: a Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child: The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception” by Roy Dittmann
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Almost all of these products are eco-labeled to attract environmentally

“Handbook of Lead-Free Solder Technology for Microelectronic Assemblies” by Karl J. Puttlitz, Kathleen A. Stalter
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One of the products that is getting a lot of interest is biodegradable diapers.

“Green Project Management” by Richard Maltzman, David Shirley
from Green Project Management
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Careful evaluation of these products can lead to more responsible choices that decrease the environmental footprint of the prac­tice and help push the manufacturing and distribution stream to be more environmentally friendly.

“Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine Current Therapy, Volume 7 E-Book” by Eric R. Miller, Murray E. Fowler
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Some of the chemicals identified include triclosan in antibacterial soap; phthalates in plastics; titanium dioxide used in sunscreen; and acrylamide, which is found in french fries, coffee, some cereals, bread crust, and roasted nuts.

“Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally” by Chris Wark
from Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally
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white TV sets Home freezers Steam irons Water Softeners Automatic rin coffee makers Clothes dryers Record players Power lawnmowers Room air.

“Advertising Management” by Batra
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Insect repellents and the efficacy of sunscreens.

“Comprehensive Dermatologic Drug Therapy E-Book” by Jashin J. Wu
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  • How is the quip toothbrush sustainable? Aren’t the replaceable heads plastic??

    Also, how do you consciously dispose of the nuud deo tube?

  • Has anyone used the Episoketren System to improve your soccer skills? Simply just do a google search. On there you will discover that a great tips about how exactly you can improve your soccer skills. Why not give it a chance? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • About the Covid19, I just can workout at home, I have used it for almost two weeks and it works well. It definitely helps me keep fit during this quarantine period.

    Hoping the Covid19 will end soon, that we can go out and don’t worry.
    This is the link I bought my resistance bands set


  • For those who immediately bash people in the Internet or social media just because they are not aware or educated of zero-waste lifestyle but does not provide solution or better suggestion SHADE! ��������

  • A lazy way to clean your straw (if it’s really impossible to get to the sink or you are extremely lazy) is to use it to drink your own plain water!

  • i think stores should implement eco friendly items in a bigger way, such as not selling plastic bags to customers and selling paper/cloth ones instead and the same for restaurants, they should give discounts for bringing your own takeaway bag or metal straw for example

  • Lol stretchbands with a weight in it? XD you cant say green is 20 red is 50 and so on… the futher you stretch the more resistance it wil give.. its a whole diffrent thing to lift 20 kg then to stretch a elastic to 20kg of resistance.

  • Thank you for this video!!! I work at a large retailer that stocks so many of these products, and I get so disillusioned by the fact that we sell THOUSANDS of reusable bags with designs on them, but I get maybe a handful of individual customers who bother to ever bring them back for future shopping. Literally less than 2-3 per month. We’ve also started selling SO MANY metal straws in (you guessed it) plastic packaging. Our local thrift store already has a glass FULL of metal straws on the counter.

  • I make my shopping bags out of pillowcases I find dumpster diving or thrifting; especially the cute and colorful cartoon ones.
    I put a pillowcase on each side so it’s reversible and interface them with fabrics I find dumpster diving. I patch them as they wear a hole which adds to their charm, I think. People ask me to make them for them and I suggest they give me their kids old sheets or clothes to make them. You can line the with old stained denim for strength too; denim is great to put in the handles as well if you don’t reuse webbing straps or some such. I rarely throw any bits of fabric or yarn away, I’ll find a way to reuse it!

  • Great tips for home workout. But for me only you need at home is resistance band set. Great thing, its simple to use and you dont need to go at gym. I got my at trainhome shop (check on Google) they are awesome.��

  • I love that you are giving attention to cutting down on waste and setting a good example for viewers of all ages. Not enough influencers are in my opinion.

  • I need to get these items and I’ve bought one thing to cover my bowl so that food don’t go bad. Where do you get your things from?

  • Hi Alyssia. I have a question or suggestion. I’m a disabled woman with limited mobility. I am gaining weight always due to hormonal issues and lack of movement. I dont know how to lose weight when I genuinely eat mostly during the day healthy foods like fish and veg. I’m at a loss. Please can you help me xx

  • Thinking about buying these, can somebody please give me honest feedback if they have this product?? Would be a great help. Been seeing some comments on Amazon warning that these break easily & are useless. Any opinions?

  • Hi, great job! I just wanted to point out that if you use some product in glass and then recycle it (instead of upcycling) then actually it hardy more environmentally friendly than using a product in plastic and then recycling it. The same goes for tin packaging (like the toothpaste in the video).

    It may seem controversial, but it’s because of production of glass and aluminium requires more water and produces more greenhouse gases, also since glass and aluminium cans are heavier than plastic, their transportation leaves greater carbon footprint as well. Recycling of glass also takes more water and energy than the recycling of plastic.

    So, unfortunately, it is not that easy as just “not use plastic!”, but people almost never talk about it.

    I personally decided to opt for plastic packaging that is easily recyclable where I can’t go zero-waste or with reusables. That means no mixed materials, no pumps or sprays for beauty products.

    P.S. Also just a quick notion that even though I absolutely love your glass containers for food in the fridge, if one uses the same plastic containers to store food for like 10 years and then recycles them it is just as good:)

  • hey “RepFlex Fitness Bands” on facebook has ripped clips of this to make it look like you’re supporting their company FYI
    i just got ads from them but recognized you so wanted to verify the company

  • I have a kid and yeah I’m always talking about the toys which I never or hardly mentioned in the zero waste videos and elitist. The silicone ziplock bags are great and the suction silicone lids I can use for everything. I have those produce bags I have been using and they are great

  • Shu even though you didn’t developed the taste for miswak… please don’t make fun of it…. you are hurting Muslim people’s feelings

  • Growing up, I learned to reuse a lot of plastic containers like old yogurt containers and cookie tin cans. I remember my grandmother also used old coffee cans for plants. Kind of makes them cute in a quirky way. I need to do a better job at reducing single use bags and such. Thanks for the tips!

  • You don’t need to buy expensive bees wrap, just make it on your own! �� My mom made some sheets for my grandma, my sister in law, herself and me as Christmas presents. All you need is bees wax, some coconut oil, fabric (don’t buy new one, ask at your local fabric seller for small pieces that are left over or ask friends and neighbours who like to sew) and an oven or an iron. You find many recipes online, maybe you have to experiment a little but which one works out for you and your fabric. Making them yourself saves you a ton of money and you don’t have to think about presents for next Christmas, too ��

  • I’m not sure about the biodegradable trash bags you have but the ones I get in Australia, if I leave it too long before taking out the garbage and there’s something wet in there, they often have already started disintegrating! So they do biodegrade when they go to the landfill that’s not saying that they’re good for the environment but it’s better than normal plastic bags that will be there for years

  • I’ve been using washable pads for over 2 years now and I love them. The store bought pads were giving me a painful contact rash, especially during humid weather. When out and about, I use a sealed nappy pouch to store the used cloths until I get them home. I don’t even bother with rinsing, just pop them into a small lidded container (nappy bucket) with some vinegar water and let them soak. I wash in earth choice washing liquid and rinse with vinegar instead of fabric softener. Everything is hygienic and comfortable. I’ve never endured another rash.

  • sometimes, I see really adorable reusable bags, but I manage to resist and think. I should continue using the ones I already have. I’ll go ahead and replace it when it gives up on me.

  • You should probably not say that vegan leather products are “not worth it,” surely they are worth the life of the animal who has to suffer to be turned into shoes. There are definitely high quality vegan leathers out there, at prices you would find for shoes made of animal skin, and some are cheaper, although I’d agree there’s room for more innovation. In the mean time though, it’s definitely not worth it to kill animals for clothing, but that doesn’t mean leather is not an eco-friendly product either. There are also other materials to use for shoes, wallets, and belts.

  • should try the period cups. I changed to that these two months and I personally think it’s amazing. Think it’s much more convenient compared to other options, to be honest.

  • I really like unpacked (l hope it’s the right spelling ��) and l wish it was available in the country l live. Because l am also a big fan of eco friendly products, and reducing the plastic….��

  • Zero waste is important because less plastic and garage is going into the water and impacting our ecosystem. Thank you for sharing your must have eco items!

  • the drink bag is very interesting��
    BUT if anyone is looking for reusable bubble tea CUPS with lids that fit the bbt straw, i highly suggest you give @reusablebbtcup on ig a look!!! they’re on etsy and they ship worldwide♻️��

  • Actually I will bring my tumbler to buy cold drinks instead of bag. I also re-use my plastic straw given by the retailer, found that it also can use quite a lot of times. I will use mesh bag or washing net to buy fruits, and bring container to buy food.

  • This video is great! Thank you so much for sharing! I bought the silicone bowl covers too and they are absolutely my favorite new reuseable thing. I tried out three months ago and just bought a pack of six which should be enough for my use. Another reusable thing is the large cotton napkins that can also get used as paper towels, dishcloths, and a sponge replacement (folded up). I’ve also been in the habit of reusing packaging until it’s time to be recycled. This has always been my 2nd food storage solution (after jars) and it works great!
    I respect you so much for addressing the “privilege card”! Others really need to understand that it’s not possible to teach someone if the teacher is aggressive and bullying the potential student. It just provokes further aggression. Especially since the aggressor doesn’t know anything about that person’s life and finances. Instead, if they treat them with understanding and kindness and approach it more as an educator, people are more likely to be open-minded and listen to what’s being said. After that, they are also free to make their own decision and we should respect that, not criminalize them. We are also free to continue showing them our lifestyle and the benefits that come with it in a way that doesn’t feel pushy. When people display hateful behavior for a positive movement, it dramatically diminishes the core values.

  • I think we should turn minimalist and lead simple living. Watch what you buy and only buy if you cannot live with our it. I now realize why Gandhi is also called mahatma.

  • I agree with most of these. However, I have to disagree on the sandwich bags. As a mom who packs lunches for 3 kids with dietary restrictions EVERY day, and doesn’t buy individually packaged foods for them to pack, reusable sandwich and snack bags are definitely worth it.

  • Eco-friendly living is important to me because I live near the Great Lakes! Throughout the years I have watched the lakes change. In recent years I’ve seen an increase in litter and the unusual rise and fall of the water level.��

  • Just saying, in case you guys want to get this bands for workout, my friend still have it athletewish.com he gave me discount code “FRIEND5” for me, idk but maybe the code works for you too

  • I can’t support the reusable pads or period underwears. Clothes and cotton materials are tend to get bacterias and it can be harmful for your body and can cause many diseases.

  • I personally prefer to use menstrual cups more than reusable pads, since pads won’t dry fast enough when I need to change it. Also menstrual cups are perfect for traveling, you can use it just after washed, and change it as much as you want.

  • SUPER helpful and great choices!
    I also did a similar video on my page about my Amazon faves that aren’t mason jars.
    check me out <3

  • You’ll have to try the bar shampoos from lush. It is slightly more pricy but they have a really good range and it smells good too! Singapore lush is actually much more expensive. I’ve bought it when I travel overseas and they are much cheaper.

  • Just purchased the “Ylife” resistance band set. Comes without the loop bands. Looking forward to getting these as my home workouts with 35 pound dumbbells were getting stale. Hoping the quality is good. For 60$ it seemed like a bargain. Fingers crossed. Great channel buy the way. I’ll be coming back for tips on how to use these bands.

  • Youre using WAY too much toothpaste if youre going through a whole tube in 3-4 weeks. You DO NOT need more than a pea sized amount.

  • Getting tupperware/other items you need at thrift stores and other used stores will be cheaper and avoids them becoming waste. I also keep an eye out for reusable straws, ziplock bags, ect. at TJMaxx where it is usually cheaper than buying them online. Just remember, using what you have is just as if not more important than going out and buying new things.

  • i think sampoo could be sold in a big jar and you squeezeinto your container to buy like how they would sell honey in those stores

  • This guy looks like he spent all his money on meth, burnt bridges with all friends and sponsors so this is his last chance to get it right haha.

  • Summary of video to reflect on:)
    1. Don’t constantly buy new reusable bags.
    2. Don’t buy sea sponge sponges because they are a threatened species and not very sustainable.
    3. Don’t buy tons of “green” cleaning products. DIY All purpose products are much more eco-friendly.
    4. Don’t use biodegradable plastics because a lot are only biodegradable in industrial compost facilities so they might end up in the landfill.
    5. A lot of make up wipes claim to be flush able or sustainable but aren’t. Try to use own cloths or reusable wipes.
    6. Try to avoid reusable bags for specific things b/c it’s a waste of money and can only be used for certain things.
    7. A lot of sustainable vegan leathers don’t do that well and aren’t as sustainable or durable as they claim to be.
    8. Diamonds that claim to be ethically mined usually aren’t and if you are looking to buy a diamond try buying lab grown diamonds or secondhand.
    9. Electronics are very unsustainable. Try buying secondhand or just really durable long lasting ones where you can replace parts to get maximum use.
    10. “Biodegradable” trash bags usually aren’t worth the money but some are better than others.
    11. Natural detox products are mostly expensive and not worth it so try to find alternatives or DIYs.

  • Reusable straws are very convenient and easy to carry around! I like to have iced coffee/tea/juice, but using a new straw every time is such a waste and harmful to the environment. I have used reusable straws for nearly a year now they’re great and affordable! All that I need to do is wash them when I get home, and then they’re ready to be used again. ��

  • workout resistance band best thing ever for home workout its awesome get one for urself at some store or at store where i get it trainhome.shop

  • I have been making an active effort to switch to using my stasher bags for all my lunches! I work with kids and see all the baggies they and my coworkers use! Now my coworkers think my stasher bags are cool and fun and want them for themselves! Just spreading awareness and shaping peoples daily’s impression of sustainable living ❤️

  • A big consideration in my cleaning supplies is the smell, and straight up destroying bacteria in my kitchen and bath. Vinegar doesn’t really do it for me.

    Consider your first two Rs: reduce your consumption (by not buying things if your things are serviceable) and reuse goods (stop buying new things when ever you can buy them as secondhand items or reuse what you have), instead of just recycling

    Also with vegan leather, you are buying a look, not sustainability. Go with sturdy, not fashionable.

  • OMG Lucie Fink! So glad to have you back! Can you do another 50 dollar a week budget or this time strive for 40 or 30 (transportation not included)? Thanks girl!

  • I love the silicone lunch box bag but I live in Germany and can´t find anything like it in stores or online? does someone have a link where I can buy something like it? I love the bag shape. any help would be great

  • Plastic bags can break down into tiny pieces, but the pieces remain. They go down our rivers into the ocean where
    sea creatures and birds eat them. Whales, fish, birds, seals have been found dead with lots of plastic in their stomachs.
    Read the book “The Plastic Ocean” for an awakening.

  • Some towns in states only allow to use the trash bags approved by the town aka the blue plastic bags. trash men literally won’t take it if it’s not the town approved bags.

  • No, I’m not the “plastic police” but it annoys the crap out of me when coworkers throw a bunch of recyclable items in the garbage when the HUGE blue recycling bin with it’s HUGE white recycling logo is two inches away. Really people, how hard is it???

  • You realize that buying anything from amazon totally defeats the purpose of being eco friendly?? Buying products online and having them shipped to you creates a massive carbon footprint.

  • If I don’t have my personal coffee cup with me, I just skip my Starbucks coffee. I realized I obviously didn’t need it. And, I always have my refillable water bottle. You are right. Less sugar is better. I teach my kids to be mindful of all the plastics that are out there. The one thing we need to work on is to bring our own containers for takeouts.

  • I love these ideas, thanks! Ha ha nothing can be more irritating than a born-again eco-warrior, and you explained this so nicely for those of us who want to take small steps but who may also feel overwhelmed and jaded about the possibilities for actually having an impact. thank you!

  • Try menstrual cup. It changed my life. U can swim with it u can dance, it is very convenient. I had five of them. But my favorite is intimnia. U cannot feel it at all and save s much money and turtles. U can check it out for urself.

  • I became a pescetarian a few years ago and have been looking to become more sustainable in my living habits. I love making little changes in my lifestyle to help the environment because it just makes me feel better about my daily life �� i was already scared to death by my environmental studies class and even though i can only do little, I might as well live sustainably than not… if that makes sense

  • I bought a cheap second hand bed sheet and sewed my produce bags. You can also cut up some rags which are great for doing small cleaning jobs around the house and can be washed again. There are definitely cheaper options!

  • I LOVE Grove Collaborative! The walnut scrubbers and coconut scrubbers are great for dishes. The Method laundry detergent in Mango Ginger ����❤

  • I think biodegradable trash bag still better option than normal plastic. I think it must still eventually degrade way quicker than plastic does regardless of how unsuitable landfill conditions are in comparison..

  • I just want to leave a friendly reminder that most people who are trying to be more sustainable, don’t do it all in one setting. In addition, although some stuff is on the pricey side, you have to consider how much money you are saving in the long run. Yes that stashed bags was $20, but if you take good care of it & are able to use it for years, it was less expensive than buying ziploc bags for those same years. Also, you have to keep in mind that just because you are buying things to help minimize your use of plastic, you can’t be surprised when it comes in plastic wrapping from amazon. A lot of sustainable brands, unlike Amazon, do not use plastic wrapping. I have added a link, though, to still use amazon without so much plastic wrapping! https://vm.tiktok.com/JFFbgWw/

  • Just a sec… Do you really need to buy trash bags? I live in northern Italy and I’m very proud about our system: you have to pay the annual fee, but you can get your trash bags for “free”. Each pack of bags has a special code (so… if you don’t separate trash well, you will be punished). You have to separate all your trash: plastic, paper, organic, glass, metal and “other” and every week they collect your trash once or twice, next to the door of your house. It’s a great system!!!

  • I just started a website that sells stainless steel water bottles and glass bottles to eliminate plastic water bottles check it out: https://www.sweatdriven.com

  • *Hi, hope your health is well, dear sir/mam,**we are wholesale manufacture and seppliers of all kind of fitness accessories, like resistance bands, wrist wraps, Liffting straps, Liffting hooks, Liffting belts, ankel straps, knee wraps, grip pads, gymnastics grips, gym gloves

    Gym tees, leggings, bras, trowzers, hudies etc. So that if you interested to work with us then you can ask us anything to feel free, we can provide you the best quality of products, with the wholesale prices, thank you, hope to responce from you!!!!

  • I’ve got Stasher bags for my sous vide, they are hella expansive, but it’s more reasonable then a vacuum sealing machine for me, but I’m a little unhappy with the size and the quality of the seal (don’t get me wrong, they stay closed and nothing gets in, but a lot of air stays in when you close them). I’ve never used them for anything else (as of yet).

  • 5 set toning tube want to buy during this lockdown, Amazon is delivering, guys please tell me how the quality, because it kight be sponsored, which one is better Strong fit or Upowex

  • I think the point of a cotton bag being better than plastic is that they won’t break down into an irreversible micro plastic problem.

  • When it comes to detox products I highly recommend kidneys and a liver. I got mine for free and they work so well, even after 23 years of continuous use!

  • I find the beeswax wraps don’t work well, but I will use to wrap a dry sandwich for work. In regards to the straw. Why can’t you put your lips on the glass and drink?

  • Caption: Our recumbent friend is displaying simple maths: if we’re talking watts per kilo, increase the kilos and you have more watts.

  • Metal, if it don’t rust and break down, stays around forever. I see a lot of the tuff plastic bottles, metal, and glass, even things like blanket material. O ya also carpet threads.

  • adv. tip: please also beware of “green washing” and mindful of resource intensive products. they may seem ethical but corporations at the end of the day just want to sell things no matter how it’s unethically it’s sourced or produced

  • she has A BRUISE on her arm. anyways I wish there are more videos like this so girls of all ages can learn more on how to save money. I mean being a girl is really expensive because of the pads and makeup and all that stuff….. yea! I just hope to see more this type of videos!

  • You know what’s annoying…..I’ve bought a bubble tea using my own cup. They still use the plastic cup, so they made the bubble tea in the plastic cup, then pour the drink into my cup. Sigh.
    Also one time (before i bring my own cup) i asked them to make a hole for my own straw on the top of the cup. They. Used. The plastic straw. And then they threw it up. sighhhhhhhh

  • About vegan alternatives, a lot are made of plastics anyways, which really sucks from an eco standpoint. I would much rather see someone buy a used real leather jacket than buy a new vegan leather jacket. Same with furs.

  • Great video. The only thing i think is worth to mention is that is better, more sustainable, to buy second hand clothes, shoes, bags… than expensive new sustainable items.

  • Just wondering… how do you get by with bar soaps/shampoos with regards to sharing? ive been thinking about switching, but also have friends who stay over all the time and they need to shower. I am personally not comfortable with them sharing my bar soap. Thoughts?

  • I love this I swear I try to tell everyone if all else fails I save lots and lots of money on my up cycles and sustainable lifestyle �� I love when you do videos like this I always tell people to watch your video where you talk about your period cup because no one believes me how easy and freaking great it is

  • As someone who aspires to work in environmental policy and security, waste free living is important to me because it allows me to do my individual part. These swaps are all so easy to acquire and switch to but can get pricey! I try to live as zero waste as possible so that I can reduce my carbon foot print locally while in the future pressuring countries to do so globally ��������

  • I loved this video! So honest and educational, espeically for some one like me who is on a budget but wants to be more eco-friendly! I would love to show some support for yor channel, I just started my channel about a year ago and want to start doing shoutouts for youtube channels that I love so we can all support eachother<3

  • You can grate the bar shampoo and turn it into a liquid shampoo and put it in your own dispenser. There are videos on YouTube on how to do it

  • The plastic bag collection boxes in supermarkets is for #2 and #4 plastics and is bought by a company called “Trex.” They make boards for outside decks, planters and Adirondack style chairs. What happens to the product when it’s worn out is another thing.

  • Love how you touched on the difficulty with going green! I don’t have a dishwasher in my older home, nor the space for one. (This is an issue I think about often alongside not having a drier for my clothes) Yeah between the two in theory it could be eco friendly! However, I’m physically disabled and deal with mental illnesses along side it. Between general executive disfunction, generally low motivation most days, and my level of constant physical pain I find that it is (most of the time) incredibly difficult to complete everyday maintenance/chores as it is. Dish washing has to be done in small increments because of drying space as well as my pain. This makes the task daunting, so it is hard to work with myself to do it. Laundry I run through a couple of times out of necessity when I am not able to get back to it. I absolutely hate the idea that I’m “wasting” and make effort in all areas I am able to be kind to the earth. In problem areas, I have to make the decision that my well-being is more important to me at this point than obsessing over the environment. People in much better financial situations and places of power are the ones who could make a real impact, not me. Sometimes I just remember that and choose my functioning life over the shame and guilt.

  • Happygreenyear.com

    ��They have mission to get plastic out of the markets, by replacing the plastic!
    They have great products without plastic!

  • This was cool, thank you!
    I bought a set of bamboo “silverware” off of Amazon. I love having a reusable option to take to work with me as a whole set!

  • I look at these things and think i could replace the plastic things i use. However if i replaced them i would just end up throwing my plastic in the bin to replace them with the new things… Kind of a catch 22.

  • Biodegradable bags are not the same as compostable bags (who needs specific facilities like the disposable takeout containers). The first ones will actually start to decompose after a certain time, and maybe you had the “privilege” to witness it in your own plastic bags pile: they crumble into pieces and leave a horrible smell on your hands when you touch them!

  • Thanks for ALWAYS providing the enthusiasm and motivation everyone needs
    Buy it

  • here in brazil we have the fruta bucha (sponge fruit i think) its a fruit, that when propperly rotten gives you a “bucha” thats a sponge just like the animal one, its vegan lol and VERY cheap, i mean its a vine vegetable that grows A LOT of these sponges and a lot of older people use it, and ita got kinda trendy here

  • I think a lot of the stuff is coming in plastic wrapping because you’re ordering from Amazon. Many people selling “eco friendly” products are just ordering large units to sell because eco friendly has become a trendy thing but they don’t really care at all about how it gets to the consumer or control how it is packaged because they’re more concerned about making an extra dollar than the environment. Amazon can be convenient but I think if we all tried to limit buying from Amazon, it would significantly help the environment. But local when you can because Amazon makes it hard to know where the products are actually coming from/what waste is being created to get you the product, if people making the product are being payed a livable wage, etc.

  • I love that you brought up the fact that bees wax wraps are great in theory but are not fun to use. I had gotten a pack from trader joe’s for my cheese and it left my cheese blocks smelling weird and dried out. Not a fan of the wasted food! As far as stasher bags, they are expensive so I try to buy one each week at the grocery store to help the cost in the short term. Great alternatives mentioned here!

  • In a small town, it’s hard to seek out sustainable local resources so the easiest way for me to help the environment is to start in my own home! Thanks for the ideas ❤️

  • This is SUCH a good video because wanting to be low waste or zero waste is awesome… but buying and buying AND BUYING then you´re just wasting resources, money and time.

  • I think straws are silly, who came up with the idea of sucking liquids through long narrow holes anyway? Reuseable straws are just as silly, though I admit I have a few.

  • To reduce my waste, I became minimal, donated a lot of stuff, only kept the stuff i want, but i know that doesn’t sound green, but the less you have to worry about the better. I reuse shopping bags, I don’t buy straws, i drink straight from the cup. I don’t drink coffee and go to Starbucks 1-3 per year. I think I’ve only been to Starbucks once this year. I bring food from home for lunch rather than always getting junk food, I try to keep water and energy to a minimum. I don’t wash clothes but once every 2 weeks, I I try not to shop a lot. I haven’t bought fast fashion in the past 10 years or so. I recycle, I only take out trash when its full, I try to reduce trash amount. One thing I should do is have a meatless monday. That might be my next step. I also don’t drive, I always share rides, but thats not in my control.

  • Shampoos that foam are just added ingredients and has nothing to do with cleansing. However as consumers prefer their shampoos to foam that’s why companies add that additional foaming agent for their product to sell better!! Just fyi!

  • I do understand your philosophy that it’s impossible to move away from plastic easily to no waste (because of associated costs) and that getting rid of single use items to multiuse items is definitely a good way to move forward. Great video thanks for the information.

  • Thanks for sharing this post with,me. It give me really good ideas about which resistance band to buy. Here are some benefits of yoga resistance bands. Check it out here: https://www.fitnessattention.com/3-benefits-of-yoga-with-resistance-bands/

  • Really enjoyed your video:) 100% agree about the vinegar and baking soda. Another thing well-meaning people do which I believe is more of a problem than a solution, is deciding to become completely “plastic-free” but in the process creating more waste by replacing perfectly good plastic products they already own just to have one that’s made from a different material.

  • my tube of organic toothpaste has lasted more than 8 months and it’s still not finished. half a pea amount or less is quite enough to clean everything

  • my grocery store was selling mesh produce bags (for fruit) in a pack of three for $3! my mom wasn’t too happy, but i was really happy i found them cheaper (i bought them myself)

  • If you can avoid putting veg and fruit in your garbage bags and instead put them in your own compost or having it collected, it’s better for the environment, and the environmentally friendly garbage bags last longer.

  • I try to use more sustainable stuff but one of my parents doesn’t believe in “pollution” and that jazz so whenever I want to buy sustainable products and convince them “ya know recycling exist” they just push it off and say it’s stupid. So I’m kinda stuck in a dilemma because I HATE not being able to recycle things i know is recyclable. For now I just store all my paper products in a box and recycle them at my high school. I really am aware of what I buy though.

  • i think when scoring these items you need to take into account how much they cost. some of them are really expensive and not everyone can afford it.

  • What I found “easiest” to incorporate was bringing my metal straws and shopping bag around. I try to dine-in, so I don’t have to use disposable cutlery. I work in the CBD area where coffee/tea runs are commonplace, so I also have a small reusable cup I bring along, with a cup holder, when I go tapow. Sometimes I do forget, or make unplanned buys, but any small actions is better than none. ����

  • while i’m not able to be fully waste free, i do try to make swaps in order to lower my waste! anyone have any tips for cleaning smelly jars? i tried making overnight oats in an old jalepeno jar and it reeked ��

  • I use cloth menstrual pads most of the time but I agree when travelling or being out and about all day I don’t like carrying around the used ones. Don’t know if you can get them in Singapore but here in the UK you can buy biodegradable / plastic free single use pads. I use those when travelling as a compromise and they are brilliant:)

  • Sustainability is something I’m so passionate about for so many reasons. We depend on the environment for so many things and the way we are treating it makes me so sad! The enormous amount of plastic we produce and consume is killing so many animals as they consume the garbage and as it gets into our food system and has an impact on our health too and it’s terrifying. Two documentaries I watched recently that make me want to do even more is Chasing Coral and Plastic Ocean and I would recommend them to everyone!

  • BPA-free doesn’t mean it’s safe.:( It’s replaced with similarly dangerous chemicals. Companies put it on labels because we know BPA is bad, but all plastics, BPA free or not, are hazardous to your health. It’s especially bad for your reproductive health. God bless, stay safe everyone and I wish you all the best health.

  • The groserystore bag really bugs me because I can use a single plastic bag about 15 times before it finally gets thrown out. They’re not single use, you just have to think about how to reuse them

  • Less waste in life is important to me because I don’t want a lot of plastic surrounded me knowing that it’ll take forever to break down.

  • This morning, I rolled out of bed at noon with yesterday’s socks still stuck in my pyjama bottoms, ate half a leftover pizza from the fridge then sat picking salami out my teeth for 25 minutes.

  • What do you use to wash the reusable makeup remover pads? I’ve read a lot that they never come out completely clean after washing them and,as most New Yorkers, I don’t have a washing machine at home ��

  • I use sea salt and water with lavender oil as a antiperspirant deodorant. Never needed to ever buy deodorant again. I original bought from crystal spray deodorant and saw it was just salt water. It had amazing reviews and bc it’s a spray I can use it on my whole family so I bought it. It works amazing and u can spray anywhere u don’t want to sweat. It works on my husband and 13 yr old son perfectly. I started making my own and now I don’t need to ever spend on deodorant.

  • Thank you for sharing your sustainable products! I think it’s important to note that you don’t have to go out and buy all new things to be more “eco friendly.” The point is to reduce and reuse where you can, like you did with your pickle jar.

  • Hell no a tube of toothpaste last 3 months if you buy the good stuff. And a hand woodsn brush, disgussting wood is not a solid all that bacteria.

  • I think trying to be low waste is important from a justice perspective. I don’t think our place in human history entitles us to use up the Earth’s resources and destabilize the climate without regard for future generations. I don’t think being American entitles me to consume a significantly larger amount of resources than most other people. When our government is more interested in corporate welfare than the welfare of everyday people, businesses get a free pass to shift the waste problem onto ordinary people in the pursuit of profit. I don’t have as much impact as a corporation or government, so being Iow waste is something I can do myself to leave a slightly more habitable planet for future generations and cause less suffering around the world.

  • If you are still looking for a good zero waste deodorant try an Alum Stone (sometimes called an Alum Block or Alum Crystal). They work great and are made from Potassium Alum (Mineral Salts) instead of aluminum.

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  • You needs try, think dirty… Mrs Meyers is not very good vs. Seventh generation.
    . Sadly.i had to discover this when switch to natural cleaners.. due to my asthma. I suggest reading & see what they say about their scale on how healthy theirs are products really are. I hope this helps ��

  • Lucie try miro deodorant, it is aluminum free and all, in addition it is a refillable container so every like month, they send a refill that you put in the tube. Also it works really well.

  • I’ve just started training for my first Ironman and I need to wear glasses, I’m interested on how people get on with glasses or contact lenses? P.s. Great channel!

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    It is highly recommended!!!

  • I’m trying to make my life more sustainable any way I can! I’m starting an event planning company that will be focused on making the events and wedding industry less wasteful. I hope to get local vendors to get on board with me! Making my personal life more sustainable will only help push me to do more with my business ��

  • Living waste free is important to me because it helps contribute less to landfills and each part matters. A good quote i like to explain this is “what the earth needs is not 1 person doing zero wast perfectly, but 3 million people doing it imperfectly.”

  • I was born 7 days late, so instead of being born on Tax Day I was born on Earth Day. So every year, I get to celebrate another year of my life, and another year of working towards sustainability and zero waste. Being poor slows down the speed of my progress, but I’m still moving towards my goal. It’s incredibly important to live zero waste so that I may show others that you don’t have to be at least lower class to be able to live sustainably and in a healthy manner, but that it can be sustainable for poor people too, for their wallets, for themselves, and for the world.

  • If you don’t want to buy vegan leather, just don’t buy leather at all. Even if these products aren’t as sustainable, I’d rather have it than real leather.

  • Honestly I’ve never had a pair of ‘vegan leather’ (plastic) boots last as well as my leather ones. A pair of plastic boots lasts me less than a year, wearing them until they break beyond repair. My leather ones are well into their sixth year and still look like new when polished. They have years left in them yet.

    Sometimes the animal-free option isn’t the more sustainable one. And at the end of their lifecycle, plastic is going to be more of a problem than leather too.

  • I think that the shopping bags are a good idea, but as you said, not quite as sustainable. So if you’re any good at sewing, try making one from an old T-shirt! It might not last as long, however you’ve already upcycled something and stretching out the use. Tehran must be tutorials not eh internet so give it a go! You’ve also saved money!

  • tbh when it comes to stuff like leather or fur I’d much rather get the natural component from the local hunter at the Renaissance fair.

    Fun Fact: My brother and I once talked about what our dream armor would look like and we agreed that hardened leather with metal accents, chainmail amd fur trim would be good for me. My Beother would go full paladin plate armor and chain mail.

  • theenablenature.com is the best online store to buy Sustainable, Eco-friendly products. Everyone should visit the store and connect us back to our roots…
    #EnableNature #Ecofriendly #sustainable #backtoroots

  • I’ve been steadily converting to “zero waste” products like these and my FAVORITE conversions have been reusable menstrual pads and bar shampoo/soaps. At first the thought of reusable pads sounds gross but it’s actually not bad to clean once you start. And you feel so good not throwing away all the pads you used to use every cycle! Please do more of these episodes! ��

  • This is soo important and very much needed! Everyone should try and begin with baby steps that take 0 effort in order to help and revover our beautiful nature

  • Honestly at this point trying to be zero waste has become really fun! My roommates must think I’m crazy because I always look through the trash and recycling to collect their jars and containers. Plus I’m always telling them “you can compost that” but hey all for the earth! I’m trying to be more sustainable because I feel that every person has the responsibility to at least care a little bit. I’ve always cared about the environment and it is a passion I have no clue where it came from but at the end of the day Mother Earth provides so much for us the least we can do is try to live sustainably.

  • Great upload, I currently reuse all my old pasta sauce jars, peanut butter jars and have been transitioning to using washable towels versus one and done. Also, tjmaxx and Marshall’s have some of the best prices on glass jars and glass Tupperware! Seriously, stock up on those instead of the plastic which end up getting nasty anyways.

  • Hi GTN what would be the better upgrade to save time in a triathlon (for me an Olympic distance with no drafting, my first proper triathlon), clip on aero bars or a triathlon specific wetsuit?

  • I bought a natural deoderant (one you could make yourself) but I dammaged my armpit by using it. I thought you could aply it once you could smear it but apperently you need to warm it up a bunch. Causing my skin to get broken and irritated. So please warm it up if you have a deoderant like the meowmeow one.

  • I’ve been watching you for so long Lucy and I absolutely love the energy you put to exposing new people to sustainability and just other idea / social spheres in general. And I LOVE the fact that you’ve featured people like Lauren Singer. Keep it up, sending you much love right now <<3

  • Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about “reduce plastic use” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Denadison Simplified Dominance (just google it )? It is a smashing one of a kind product for discovering how to find a great alternative to single use plastic without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.

  • Love this video idea but I would have loved for you to give more examples of sustainable options for the products you talked about.:)

  • In my opinion, the whole idea of ‘detox’ is unnecessary. Your body is perfectly to get rid of toxins. That’s why you have kidneys and a liver. I just don’t get it

  • Microfiber cloths and water very effectively take off makeup. I’m not sure if they would have a similar issue as reusable bags in terms of sustainability. However, cost wise it seems insane to me that I ever bought makeup wipes.

  • Hi, Lucie! It looks like some of your cloths are made of microfiber, which sheds microplastics. None of us are perfect (absolutely including me!), but I don’t think this product is a great example of sustainability.

  • REBO smart bottle clean the planet as you drink


    LET’S SAVE THE PLANET!!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️

  • Thank you for this video. I started trying to be more conscious of reducing my plastic waste and I had many of these sam thoughts. I felt that many of the items deemed as sustainable or eco-friendly, were not really sustainable.

  • Excellent Video……… Please stop using plastic trash bags!! there is often no reason to. With the exception of a few light things that might blow away in the wind,, most trash is heavy enough to fall directly into the garbage cart. Likewise, with food waste, don’t use plastic of any sort., just dump it into the yard waste bin, and when possible mix it up with some yard waste. Simply rinse out the kitchen bin after use to keep it smelling fresh. When Shopping, patronize the stores that sell bulk foods. Take your own Glass or alternative containers with you and get them weighed to work out the tare weight. Encourage all stores to promote this way of selling. Try and avoid packaged foods where possible, Encourage your local store to increase the variety of bulk items. Avoid “paper milk and food cartons where possible. They are mostly not recyclable. Tetra packs, cannot be recycled easily almost anywhere. Stop buying those products. Insist on products only being sold in commonly re-cyclable packaging better still try and buy mostly bulk. Make Retailers think about the waste they are complicit in creating. Take the first steps ourselves, let us stop being lazy, think about the planet with every purchase we make.

  • A lot of people buy these things when not needed because they want to APPEAR green “conspicuous consumption” in Economics, or “conspicuous conservation” if we’re specifically talking about green goods. This is the concept that people do not buy an item just because they want to BE green, LIVE green, but they want other people to notice them doing it. If you are responsibly using old plastic items instead of purchasing new green things, your green lifestyle is less noticeable to others. I think truly green living advocates need to address this consumerist tendency, deeper thinking about impacts, as you and some other Youtubers are doing. Thanks!

  • Your journey towards sustainability has been truly beautiful to watch. From that first “Trying Zero Waste” to now, you have delved into the lifestyle with an open mind and a passionate heart. Thank you

  • thanks for taking the time to look into these products. It’s easy to get lost in all the hype. Many businesses take advantage of our desire to switch to eco friendly lifestyle and just lie about their products.

  • I have been watching you since you first started to make videos on sustainability and creating less waste. It is so cool that you have used your platform and voice for such great things!!! Sustainable live and reducing the waist we leave on this planet is very important to me as I’m still very young and I’m going to have to live on this planet for the next 80 year + hopefully, this means I am and my children are going to have to live in a world full of pollution, rubbish, extreme weather conditions and so much more if we don’t start to make the changes NOW! And this is just one of those chances that we need to do.

  • Leather made from cow skin is also very toxic to the environment, so while plastic synthetic leather is not the best either, we can’t give cow skin a pass either it is skin, it is meant to decay, and the only way to keep it from decaying is to treat it with toxic chemicals. It creates so much waste in the waterways of India and it is such horrific work for the people who have to do it. Here is more info: https://pulitzercenter.org/reporting/india-toxic-tanneries

  • Waste free living is soooooo important to me because I’m a dental student so that makes a HECK lot of single use plastic waste, much of which that’s unavoidable for health and hygiene therefore I’m really really trying to cut down on all waste in other areas of my life so that I can try to balance out my ecological footprint ��

  • Waste-free living is important to me because I want to do as much as I can to take care of our planet. I’m vegan and I try to do the most that I can, but I’d love a new way to be environmentally friendly!

  • Waste free living is important to me because I am quite the outdoors person! I love hiking, and being with animals. I also love riding horses, so the health of them and their environment is very important to me! This was a great video, thanks for sharing!

    #giveaway #luciefink #sustainable

  • Waste free living is important because if we don’t start small now there will be even more mountains of trash. The more we try to make small changes we can help reduce the amount of trash in the oceans and save the environment.

  • Thanks to you I’ve been more aware about sustainability and I’ve been doing a lot of research, unfortunately in Milan, where I live, I couldn’t find many shops where to find these objects, and the one that I’ve found aren’t very furnished. I REALLY care about this argument because I’m 16 and I’m going to live in the future and I don’t want a destroyed world. Once someone has these simple objects, it’s easier an faster the process of turning into a more eco-friendly person. Thank you a lot��

  • You know what, if your purpose of doing zero waste youtube videos is to sell objects then you’re doing it wrong. This entire video was nauseating.

  • I only use biodegradable bin bags for food waste, and we get them cheaply from the company that collect the waste. For paper, we don’t need any bags at all, and the same goes for cans and glass — we just throw the paper/cans/jars/bottles into the correct wheelie bin and make sure it’s by the kerf on collection day.

  • I also love to use zero waste makeup rempval pads, i make my deodorant myself and i don’t use shampoos and soaps in plastic packaging, i use soap bars and shampoo bars instead. I also love using a lunch box at school, it’s super easy

  • Sustainability is so important even little changes in your daily routine make a difference. My sustainability journey started with reusable cotton face pads and it encouraged me to figure out other ways to reduce waste in my life. It all starts with a first step.

  • I read the title as Exo friendly and clicked as fast as I saw it.. Lol still going to watch the video because eco friendly is still good enough hehe

  • 2:47 my university used “compostable” plates at some of the dining options, but on the plate itself it said it was only compostable in an industrial facility. Plus there was no where to put the plate besides the trash. I’m fully convinced that the University only bought those type of plates so that they could claim they were making environmentally friendly choices, even though the plates were all ending up in the landfill. It would look good on paper, but there was no actual waste reduction happening.

  • “superfoods” and vegan foods/alternatives that are transported thousands of miles and/or are out of season. A lot of green-washing happens in the vegan food industry. I used to be vegan and understand people have strong feelings about it, but where I live (Washington) y’all cannot tell me that an açaí bowl with dragonfruit, goji berries, coconut flakes and whatever else is more sustainable than some local veggies with eggs from my hens.

  • Living waste-free is important to me because we only have one earth. It is important that we take care of it, better than we have been, and we respect it. I want to have kids some day that can enjoy the same salty, clean ocean I enjoy now. It’s important to me because it’s my future and my kids future as well (someday hehe) ��

  • Lab grown jewels are becoming much more popular because honestly, they’re a lot nicer. You have little to no impurities in a lab grown, and they’re cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about where they’re coming from.

  • It’s difficult being waste free here in SA, people aren’t used to the concept, people at the supermarket are so surprised when I use my own bag or when I bring my own bottle for a drink ��

  • let me start by saying that this is by no means a judgement of you lol, but I gotta say it’s absolutely so disheartening how expensive some zero waste beauty/health products can be. like all those deodorants were like over $10:( I know it’s just cause it’s a bit more money to make zero waste products when they don’t cut corners but whew some of us are broke haha

  • things i do to be eco friendly ����
    1. use bees wax instead of ziplock bags ��
    2. use reusable bags, bottles, straws ect.
    3. reducing on meat ��
    4. ecosia search engine ��
    5. turning off lights ��
    6. volunteering at “feed my starving children” it’s an organization that helps people who are starving
    7. not littering ��
    8. use this app so i don’t shop at fast fashion places
    9. RECYCLE ♻️
    10. use recyclable folders for school instead of plastic ones ��

  • some of these products are known for greenwashing, specifically the Meg Mayer’s and the Seventh Generation laundry detergent… I would recommend Tru Earth and Dropps laundry detergent also on Amazon, OR shopping on Earthhero instead of Amazon if possible. Earthhero has almost anything you’d need but they have very strict sustainability qualifications for the products they sell, as well as offset their carbon emissions for shipping:)

  • When it comes to sustainable technology there is a brand called “fair phone”, which allows you to take it apart yourself and replace the pieces individually:)

  • Hi, I’ve found another fantastic offer, just 23 dollars for tree reusable lunch box!

    It is a great opportunity to reduce the use of plastic!

    If you want to check that’s the link:


  • Hallo sir I wanna this from india but when was tab on buy link
    Sellers are not available in india, if it is possible suggest another link. Very. Thanks ful to you

  • Hey guys, I have been watching this channel for a while and have learned so much! It has (amongst other channels) inspired me to start my own and it’s all about sustainability. If you want to check it out, I’d be so so grateful! I also do upcycling and dance occasionally ������♻����✂

  • Hi Verena! You were the person that really got me interested in living more sustainably. You have no idea how big your impact is on people’s lives because us, your viewers, are probably also influencing people in our lives to live more mindfully and consciously, and so on. I am doing research on a sustainable food business and sustainable clothing and you give me so many ideas! I’m so thankful to you and I hope you and your family are healthy and happy. Greetings from Manila!

  • Many thanks, been searching for “alternatives to plastic water bottles % in growth” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Denadison Simplified Dominance (should be on google have a look )? It is a great exclusive product for discovering how to find a great alternative to single use plastic without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend got great success with it.

  • Another thing is you don’t have to buy anything new at all, you can always repurpose something you already have or DIY something. I know people who have 10 reusable bags for no good reason. But even if you have 0, you can always make one out of an old t-shirt you no longer wear before buying a brand new one, or maybe you have an old pencil case that is the perfect size as an utensil bag. Or may be you can just get a sleeve for your jam jar and urn that into a travel mug instead of buying a new coffee mug. There are so many solutions that doesn’t involves buying new products. The only eco product I bought new is my menstrual cup.

    For example, I needed (more like wanted tbh) a few straw bags for reusable straws. I want to be able to put my dirty straw in one bag and throw it in the wash the moment I got home, and put the cleaned straw into another one for the next day. Of course, it would be totally a waste of money and un-environmentally friendly to buy like 10 straw bags for something so trivial. So I sewed a bunch with scrap fabric from old bedsheets that were torn up from use. And I’m going to make some utensil bags with the rest of the scraps, so I can carry utensils we already have in the kitchen on the go (opposed to buying a new set of bamboo ones), and throw the bag into the was after every use to maximise convenience.:)Are my brand new shiny straw bags with cute patterns on them really that necessary? Not really. But their environmental impact adds up to exactly 0. And on top of that I avoided throwing a bedsheet into the landfill. So I am completely okay with that.

    Same with buying second hand. Another example, I needed to produce bags, so I went to a thrift store and found a piece of mesh fabric and made like 16 out of that. I use yarns I already have at home for the drawstring and there we go, produce bag that is much less wasteful and much cheaper than a new one from an eco-company.

    The point is, you can have “new” things without contributing anything to waste or carbon emission if you just take something from the waste stream. That’s so important so I don’t understand why so many people go and waste so much money for new eco-friendly stuff.

  • seriously… a freaking tie on your trash bag is your issue? how comfortable can you be? also, why the hell dont you just wash out your zip lock bags? its also not supposed to be single use…

  • I think the most important lesson here is that however good your intentions, in the end it all depends on the city’s ability to complete the recycling process once you put something into it. If you need to organize dividing your own waste yourself or all the trash ends up in the same pile somewhere else anyway, you’re basically just wasting your time, money and energy. In the past, people lived sustainable lives because many of them were dirt-poor and couldn’t afford to waste a single thing. This is the ONLY successful way, because it wasn’t about ethics and choice, but sheer necessity. I know people who used old iron bed headbords as gates to orchards, or cans as support if the leg of a cupboard would break. That’s the real deal.

  • If you soak orange peels in vinegar for a week, and then mix 50/50 with water you get a super cleaner that smells great! Plus you get extra Vit C from eating the 3-4 oranges that you use!

  • If you want a diamond you could always check out the crater of diamonds in Arkansas. It is a national park and is not commercially mined. It is the only place in the world the public can dig for diamonds.

  • I use glass straws and when I bought them, they came in several sizes (straight, bend and bubble tea straw), a brush and a plastic box. Because the box is plastic, I usually just drink whatever I want and put it back inside the box and wash them when I get home. I prefer glass ones as I can see whether I have cleaned them properly or not. Also steel straws taste weird in my mouth, it has that steely feeling. Glass straws on the other hand are much better.

  • Back in the 90’s and with my first daughter, I was close to being waste free. I had 5 more kids in close succession and it slipped down my priorities list. Now that they are all tweens/teens, I want to get back to some of my earlier values. I’m also teaching my youngest 4 daughters how to take care of themselves and want to steer them towards green hygiene and beauty products.

  • There are only two things that can detox your body: your liver and your kidneys (that would technically make it three things for most of us:P). Everything else is a scam.

  • Liked the video! Just one thing..Lush might have more products without containers, but the ingredients are far from being all clean or natural, so they still impact negatively the environment!

  • I have switched to bamboo toothbrush, soap bar and cloth pads. I like all the three products. It is just that washing pads feels gross.

  • https://homeelasticbands.com/
    Got these fitness elastic bands from this website, whole seat at a cheap price and I’m loving the quality ��������

  • Also biodegradable isn’t a regulated term. Anyone can say their products are biodegradable, but only the word “compostable” is regulated (and even then, you have to make sure it’s home compostable and not just industrial)

  • I’m not a dentist but my sister and I have been using fluoride free toothpaste for over a year, bc we have a cat that like to try to eat toothpaste, so we only use eco friendly now. When my whole family went to our last dentist visit we were the only ones without cavities. The rest of my family uses normal fluoride toothpaste bc the cat isn’t with them, so they don’t have to worry about her eating the toothpaste. You can get cavities with fluoride toothpaste, it depends on your diet, how you brush your teeth and the frequency that you brush them. I have done some research, fluoride is a mineral that should be in your diet and water, you should already being getting enough of it to help your teeth. I just thought I would share my experience, which I know isn’t like everyone else’s.

  • Sustainable living is important to me because I want to keep this earth clean for me but also the future generations. I want my kids to be able to see how beautiful the earth is.

  • Just buy less. There’re so many things I don’t buy. Definitely bring your own bags, including produce bags which are so simple to make. Those beeswax wraps need to be rewaxed periodically, and I don’t like concept of cooking in silicone regardless how safe they say it is. The internet is inundated with these alternatives, all quite expensive.

  • I want to practice a waste free lifestyle so my nieces and nephews and future family will have a better planet. I’ve been composting my food scraps and so far have cut out red meat, working towards eating going vegetarian or only eating meat once a week. ❤️

    Ig tastuart

  • Just sharing, Im not a very eco person. When I go places to do handcrafts at a cafe I will bring my own travel tumbler with the straw set by Kleen Kanteen. That way I safe plastic cups and straws. As for periods, I use menstrual cups as I tried reusable pads. The stains are hard to get rid of and materials wear of easily. I use Freedom Cup(Singapore own) and Lena cup.
    The only two other things I have yet to be committed is 1) Groceries Shopping with my own bags. I’ve only done it Australia but not in Singapore yet. 2) bring my own lunch boxs for take outs.

  • Living waste-free (or at least trying to) is important to me since I’m someone in a position where I can make sustainable choices and inspire my community to do the same

  • You forget the soap. To switch to a paper wraped soap instead of liquid soap is a big chance. It’s a lot cheaper as well, because it last a lot longer. Best regards from Germany.

  • I actually have a genuine question about the price of the reusable cotton pads or the silicon wrap, it seems like it saves money in the long run because you don’t have the monthly expense of restocking them, but they require washing, so would the money u supposedly saved be made up in your water bill?

  • hoarding choping bags is not eco friendly. hoarding anything is ecofriendly. one or two bags for many years, not collection of them and buying new one

  • Of course the kids toys are completely plastic.. also without food we cannot survive..but without toys we can raise our kids perfectly..

  • I love this video and totally agree with how expensive it is to start out. Luckily, in the long run you will definitely be saving money with your one time purchase as opposed to buying the alternatives countless times. I agree with your point on transitioning! Just do what you can, all of it is much appreciated.

  • I prefer buying trash bags made of recycled plastic rather than “biodegradable” trash bags for the reasons you stated.

    I do also use a sandwich tupperware to bring my sandwiches to work. They may have a bigger carbon footprint than ziploc bags, but they have a much smaller garbage footprint, if that makes sense. One of my main concerns is single-use plastics, especially since I live in a beach city and my garbage is much more likely to wind up in the ocean than some people. And, hopefully, they will last long enough to eventually have paid off in terms of carbon footprint as well.:)

  • Waoo!!! I loved what you shared, especially about eco products. I will combine it with this products ( @t ) to improve the results.

  • earthhero is a good all around website to shop for sustainable items, sustainably! mostly plastic free shipping and ethically sourced from beginning to end

  • I don’t think trying to reduce plastic is a fad. I think it’s going to be our future. We all need to be aware and try to reduce purchasing items that will just end up in the garbage after a single use. We also need big companies to making changes. We need less packaging and we need products made to last longer than a few months/years. Cheap clothes is great until it rips after a few washes and then its thrown away. It can be reused (recycle to some clothing bin)as a rag but still will end up in the trash.
    I live in Canada and my specific county in my province (state) banned black garbage bags about 15-20 years ago, clear bags/blue bags only to enforce proper waste sorting. Clear bag for actual garbage, blue bag for paper, blue bag recyclables (glass, metal cans, plastic, plastic bags, juice, milk pop bottles).I wish more areas in Canada would have the same regulations. Composting has been done in my family for decades before it was mandatory. I’m always surprised when I remember not all countries and even not all Canadian provinces have a deposit on bottles (juice, pop, water, alcohol ) to encourage recycling, we have been doing it since 1990s.

  • So many times I see vegans raving and praising their vegan “leather” or “wool” which is all plastic and when you try and remind them that its still plastic they are like “n0 iTz v3GaÑ!!!” Like im not disagreeing because it uses no animal products but so many people think veganism is synonymous with eco-friendly, which it is not

  • A quick low-waste coffee hack: Run your coffee machine twice per batch of grounds. Freeze the second batch in your ice cube trays and use those for iced coffee instead of water. Your coffee will be stronger and you’ll be putting the grounds to better use. Coffee beans are super resource-intensive to grow and often require a heavy dose of pesticides which can be harmful to the soil. The more we can get out of them, the better! If you want to get really crazy, you can even make a face mask out of them.:)

  • I don’t understand what’s wrong with leather. Like even if you aren’t eating meat, someone else is, and it’s better to just use that than PVC.

  • This was a brilliant video. It was really nice to see eco friendly from a different perspective. And showed nicely that sometimes the alternatives can be better than the disposable product (even though there are definitely a few improvements to be made with some of them)!

  • The thing about the baguette is if you live in france and buy a baguette every day, it’s good to have a cotton bag that actually HAS the size of a baguette… just my oppinion tho….

  • I’m so happy to found this video! I tried the bamboo toothbrush and only use it for a month because it hurts my teeth and my gums a lot that they are literally bleeds everytime i brush my teeth. Another thing is with the metal straw. I lose like some of them because just like what it said in the video, sometimes it kind of a hassle to have to rinse it first after i use it in restaurants. I would like to use the reusable pad because a lot of people have been using them for years ( it is quite similar with using cloths like the good ol days ) but i personally have been quite reluctant because i worry so much about having to wash them. I work and need hours to travel from one place to the other and have quite a lot of activities too, beside i do have a heavy flow. Next time i will try it, and i do try to be more conscious to what i use. I like to imagine the whole thing is like switching to the old ways of our grandmothers or even great grandmothers lol, which is pretty cool too but it does bring some inconveniences. I do the little things, though, like carry my own water bottle and try to walk more and also, cook my own food.

  • I used to have the mindset you had to buy new things to be zero waste but in reality many zero waste YouTubers say you can use what you already have. Examples: cutlery from home, wash zip block bags, use the plastic containers until they break, take a mug/travel mug from home, use pickle, sauce jars to store food and liquids. You’re making more waste by throwing away good condition things you can still use. If you take care of your things they’ll last. A lot of things can be thrifted which helps consumerism and money.

  • Why not create a collapsible reusable cup? Kind of the same concept as the collapsible bowls you can get to dogs, only like a large coffee cup you collapse and store inside the lid… dunno. Is it a feasible idea?

  • This is awesome! My channel is all about sustainability, so I love to see products that promote an eco friendly lifestyle:) thanks for sharing!

  • Great video! I wonder what are alternatives for dog poo bags? At the moment I use biodegradable bags made of corn starch (I assume there’s probably still some plastic in it??) Thanks! x

  • people if youre in a budget dont buy anything on amazon you will get it cheaper on the brands website
    dont get me wrong amazon is great but not budget friendly.

  • don’t replace things that work just fine. you don’t have to stop wearing your good leather shoes and buy new fake leather shoes because you’re vegan now. that’s counterproductive.

  • I really like Mat & Nat vegan leather alternatives. I have had some pieces from them made from recycled plastic bottles. I have a wallet going on 10 years now, durable and fashionable.

  • Just one comment: baguette reusable bags are so useful as a french person, like carrying a baguette in a totebag is not that great, half of it is out of the bag while half of the bag is not used. In France, a lot of people buy bread daily and it is always given in non recyclable, non compostable paper bags, and a baguette bag would eliminate a ton of waste. Of course, this object might be superfluous depending on where you live and your habits but it is good that people sell that kind of bag. Have a good day:)

  • Hi. Your video is thought provoking. We are trying to do our small part and hope that making a start with sustainable products helps us and others. It is difficult finding products from bamboo sources in the real world of business, but we are trying to do our part. We don’t think everyone can be perfect, but a start is good. We don’t all share every opinion on how to live, but a small step in a sustainable way helps. Thanks for a video that helps to shape positive thinking in this area.

  • Love listening to what you are saying. But at 2.02 into you taking did anyone pick up the creepy spider legs behind her shoulder. ����������

  • I was wondering where I would find a channel that cares about waste but isn’t vegan… I want to be less wasteful but I don’t want to be vegan. I’ve subscribed. Thanks

  • I think something important to keep in mind when trying to be sustainable is to work with what you have and avoid buying things unless you really NEED new things— and when you really need something new, then trying to choose a more sustainable option. We need to be conscious of how consumerist our society is.

  • I think metal straws, cotton produce bags, and wool dryer balls are my biggest regrets. I never use a straw, i just put produce into my cart and the dryer balls just flat out didn’t work (in my opinion). My best purchase was a good, $14 hot drink thermos. It has saved a lot of paper cups and money because and since I bring my own drink everywhere I consume less sugar. I love having hot drinks all the time. I almost bought a travel utensil set for work until I came to my senses and just brought some from home. Consumerism is so deep in our “solution” toolkit.

  • I have bought some reusable bags just because they were pretty, but I’ve started learning that the key is to use what you already own. I have a ton of those cheap nylon drawstring backpacks because they always gave them away at college events, so I’ve started using those at the grocery store as well.

  • Many thanks, I have been researching “is silicone a good alternative to plastic?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Denadison Simplified Dominance (just google it )? It is a good one off guide for discovering how to find a great alternative to single use plastic without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my neighbour got excellent success with it.

  • I would suggest shopping on zero waste shops, that way you can read up about the company and their ethics and they will most likely package your item in recycled material/paper.

    I don’t buy from amazon anymore.

  • Honestly, perfection is not the goal, but doing small changes is better than nothing. My husband and I do not use paper towels, we use terry rags and other cloths that we just wash and fold up and keep in the cabinets under all the sinks. We buy bulk foods from Costco (Athough, there is still waste produced, it is overall less than smaller packaging at non bulk food stores). We use cloth napkins and save all of the fast food napkins for emergency car use. We use glass Tupperware for lunch at work but store food in our plastic ones as well as glass ones. We also repurpose old plastic Tupperware for other items in the house (Storing medicine bottles, organizing drawers etc). Initially when I started making changes, I wanted all the cool items but realised that we had almost everything we really needed. We have Huge reusable grocery bags for bulk shopping as well and we use our metal cutlery for our lunches and I also carry set in the car just incase. A year later, we are just getting through our bulk ziplock bags and I am now just ordering some reusable ziplock bags. So it also takes Time to make changes.

  • We’ve been trying so hard to lower the waste we produce in our household. It’s important to me because I really think most items come on way too much packaging for no reason, and all of those ressources end up being wasted. I love this video!

  • my local bakery gives away these baguette bags every once in a while but then again i’m french and we get bread everyday so yeah
    and about leather, until alternatives are all actually good quality, durable, not plastic, the best option still is real animal skin tbh

  • So it’s clearly been a while since you posted this video and hopefully you know this already, but in case you didn’t. Seventh Generation is a company owned by Unilever. Unilever is the parent company of brands like Dove, Vaseline, Simple, Axe, Suave etc. Which are not cruelty free brands. Also Unilever is said to be one of the most wasteful companies of the world. They starting doing something good with Seventh Generation but then again all those brands I mentioned before don’t actually do anything to help our planet, instead contribute to the problems we are facing now

  • This is harsh of me but your Voice is grating and loud and just hard to listen to. The eechoing Acoustics in your Kitchen makes it worse. Your content is good.

  • Wow those silicone wraps look cool since they’re so stretchy! I know I waste half of my cling wrap because it sticks to itself and I get frustrated and just throw it away and get more.

  • It’s great to buy more eco friendly products that don’t have chemicals but the fact that they’re in a plastic container doesn’t help at all. Search Blueland or CleanCult on Google if you really want chemical free plastic free cleaning products

  • We have a bunch of stashers! Love them! I had bought cheapo silicone bags prior, and the seals stopped sealing after about 3 months? And we hand wash them all! The seals on the stashers are holding up well.
    And I want to make my own beeswax wraps one day.

  • Waste-free living is so important for the sustainability of our planet! Plus, there’s a lot of chemicals in plastics, like BPA, that aren’t good for consumers, so moving away from single use plastics is important for both us and the planet. The amount of waste we create from single-use products is maddening. Thanks for helping to spread awareness and ideas, Lucie! ��

  • Well said. The challenge I find is the dripping wet produce that gets water all over the rest of my groceries. I end up using plastic bags for those. Would welcome any ideas how to overcome that hurdle. Thanks for all your helpful researching and thoughts.

  • Eco-friendly products from amazon? What about transportation?������
    Is it eco-friendly if it comes from Asia or some where else?
    Buy local!

  • Kudos to shuann and crew to trying eco stuff, but I just wanna put it out there, that my experience with thinx wasn’t great. THERE WAS SMELL, and THERE WERE LEAKAGE. Personally, I use menstrual cup with much success. I currently use freedomcups. Yes I have super heavy flow, sadly.

  • Hey
    Really liked your video
    Why don’t u check out the eco egg. Its a completly natural. Way of doing your lsundry. U buy the egg once and then just the laundry pelet refills. But it says will do two hundred plus washes. Deffo worth checking out ��

  • I am slowly taking steps to live more responsibly in multiple different ways, so videos like this are always really helpful for me!

  • earthhero is a good all around website to shop for sustainable items, sustainably! mostly plastic free shipping and ethical from beginning to end

  • I loved what you said about fads. When I was younger, we were shamed for using paper because it killed the trees, and glass was considered unsafe because it broke if you dropped the shampoo bottle or the peanut butter jar. Plastics were seen as a better, safer choice. Now we know better. When we know better, we can all try to do better. Nothing is perfect. Thanks for teaching us how to take some baby steps and to learn how to do better along the way.

  • i can`t help but think it would have been respectful and kind to pay some sort of tribute to the Korean athlete that tragically committed suicide instead of just going straight to the next news. I don`t mean to speak un kindly abut GTN, the show is normally very good it`s just this terrible loss to triathlon is very very sad and through terrible circumstances

  • The bar shampoo is better for traveling since you aren’t bring more liquids in your baggage.

    About the reusables menstrual pads I prefer them over the menstrual underwear because they’re easier to exchange during the day. Also I think they dry faster.

    But I still don’t have the mindset to use the cotton pads… I like makeup and skincare routines so the amount I would have to wash makes me wanna cry.

    And finally, the city where I live, plastic straws are forbidden so many places serve drinks with paper straw. But you can find the metal straw very easily and so people are getting used to it. Usually I have two with me and if I can’t clean it before my next meal it’s not a problem. My pouch to carry them is made of plastic so it doesn’t leak on my bag. I know… Plastic… But it’s not something I’m throwing away after just one use so I believe it’s already one improvement.

    Sorry for the long post and any mistakes with my english. Love your videos Shu An

  • Caption: Paulan “I know what you mean Sir, if only recumbent bikes are allowed in Triathlon i’ll be more aero than what I’m on now…”

  • I don’t understand How’s your routine sustainable? Instead of reusing all of the things you already owned, you bought a lot of new things….

  • I have one of these baguette bags mentioned but I also buy a fresh baguette every 1-2 days, depending on how quick I consume it. I‘ve had the bag for 1 year now and I use it everyday and I‘ll keep using it till it falls apart, I really love it because in the past I‘d have a plastic bag every morning for my baguette

  • While you don’t want to b cheap out on gear, you also don’t want to buy gear that’s more top of the line than your skill level.

    Caption: “When NASCAR fans accidently attend a triathlon.”

  • 6:35… Hold on, let me go have a look. Open door, look down, look left, look right. Nope! Sorry Mark, no triathlon races on my doorstep. Must be the Caribbean sunshine. Who knows!