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11 Little Ways To Exercise Without Actually Working Out. It all adds up. By Audrey Brun o These simple tricks will turn your day into a sort of workout, without actually requiring you to work.

11 Little Ways To Exercise Without Actually Working Out. 1. Work while you prepare for your day. Brushing your teeth or your hair? Putting makeup on?

It’s so easy to turn these daily rituals into low 2. Power walk to and from everywhere. Simply picking up the pace while walking. If you’re trying to get more active, but don’t always have time to hit the gym, try doing some of the below 10 exercises that will have you getting moving without even realizing you’re working out. 10 Ways To Exercise Without Feeling Like You’re Working Out. August 27, 2018. malloryhackett.

0 Shares. 0. 0. Those days when you call and make a dentist appointment instead of working out. Sometimes you really just can’t get yourself to go sweat for an hour, and hey that’s okay! But even on those days, it’s important to have some. For example, you can make exercise a habit by planning to work out right after work every day.

Summary: Before you start working out, get a. I suggest that you work on either the upper or lower body,rather then trying to do both in one day. Unless you just isolate one body part that day that you want to do a little bit of work on that day. So after you figure out what half you want to work on you do the most important part of your workout, which is the pre

Continued 4. Lunges. Like squats, lunges work all the major muscles of the lower body: gluteals, quadriceps, and hamstrings. A lunge is a great exercise because it mimics life, it mimics walking. Exercise at Work There are a number of ways you can move at your desk without working up a major sweat.

Body weight workouts like pushups and sit-ups are quiet and perfect for lunchtime. Great Ways to Work Out Indoors. don’t exercise much: try a mini-workout. Exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time like squats, lunges, push-ups (even modified ones), planks.

10 ways to get more exercise – without really trying he’s working out. Photograph: Tom Merton/Getty Images/OJO Images RF Get off the bus a stop earlier and enjoy your exercise.

List of related literature:

» Walking does all of these things, plus it “counts” as a valid form of exercise!

“No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness” by Michelle Segar
from No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness
by Michelle Segar
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My exercise routine had always been fairly simple and in accordance with my life.

“Chasing Life: New Discoveries in the Search for Immortality to Help You Age Less Today” by Sanjay Gupta
from Chasing Life: New Discoveries in the Search for Immortality to Help You Age Less Today
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8) Focus your mind on each exercise.

“The Wrestler's Body: Identity and Ideology in North India” by Joseph S. Alter
from The Wrestler’s Body: Identity and Ideology in North India
by Joseph S. Alter
University of California Press, 1992

You don’t need to say, “Now I’m going to exercise,” and then run through a dull set of specific movements.

“The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed” by Gretchen Becker, Allison Goldfine
from The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed
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You can do this exercise alone, with a friend, or with a group.

“The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet: Eat Plants, Lose Weight, Save Your Health” by Rip Esselstyn
from The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet: Eat Plants, Lose Weight, Save Your Health
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Here’s what I did before that twenty-odd-course dinner at the French Laundry: went to the fitness room at the Marriott where I was staying, commandeered a treadmill and didn’t budge.

“Born Round: A Story of Family, Food and a Ferocious Appetite” by Frank Bruni
from Born Round: A Story of Family, Food and a Ferocious Appetite
by Frank Bruni
Penguin Publishing Group, 2009

• To avoid boredom, it is recommended that an exercise prescription include more than one kind of aerobic exercise (e.g., swimming, biking, race walking, jogging, aerobic dance).

“Pfenninger and Fowler's Procedures for Primary Care E-Book: Expert Consult” by John L. Pfenninger, Grant C. Fowler
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But there are ways that you can exercise without really “exercising.”You don’t have to go to the gym, run on a treadmill, and pump iron to stay in shape.

“Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss” by Mark Hyman
from Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss
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Exercise 1 is just that, an exercise.

“A Concise Introduction to Linguistics” by Bruce M. Rowe, Diane P. Levine
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If you don’t like going to the gym, there are many ways you can exercise without really “exercising.”You don’t have to go to the gym, run on a treadmill, and pump iron to stay in shape.

“The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First” by Mark Hyman
from The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First
by Mark Hyman
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  • Straight extensions hurt, and leg lifts too. But no pain in spine area. All around mid butt and below. Can it still be DDD? Hurts when I walk alot. Prefer to sit but not straight.. need an edge to lean the pelvis on for pressure. Still hurts like hell. Ice nor heat work.

  • Hi doc..I wrote to you before. I have very minor shoulder Impingement caused by side lateral raises..again it’s v mild impingement.
    I finally saw PT and he recommended internal /external rotation and couple of stretches you recommend.
    Along with this he told me I should do standing rows and then turn around and do same standing cable press( don’t know what the term is..buts I would be almost exact opposite workout of mid standing rows ) and he said to do incline press where by arm
    Is at 90 degrees when it goes up..also push ups using surface that’s about 4 -5 feet in height.
    Does some of these work out make sense? I read some where not to do any chest workout..specially incline press was big no no. What’s your advise?
    He said by doing incline dumbbell press, rows and opposite of rows..I will work out RC muscles from different angle.

    Thank you!

  • Great video. My tendinitis goes up and down very often. As soon as I start doing knee push ups or a plank for a day or two the tenderness comes back. Just can’t get out of this cycle. Have done the mentioned exercise during rehab periods. but keeps coming back

  • Thanks a lot dear.. I am from Bangladesh ����. I hv DDD problem from last few days.
    I was confused about exactly exercises.. but now I got ur’s videos & I will try……

  • Mam i doest have any pain or ache in my flat foot as people have. nd I doest have over weight so what is the reason nd cause of having flat feet.

  • Hi Dr. Jo! I was doing powerlifting for 3 months last year but after that, my knees start to feel very weak. I think I was too eager to add weights and my posture was not the best. Now, I have very weird feeling knees. I checked with a GP and she said the lubricated part of my knee is wearing out. Will these exercises help me gain back my knee strength, and can I do it every day? Love your videos btw, thank you for putting so much care in our videos <3

  • Is it normal for my 23 year old self to have this? I was told today that I have a degenerative disk along with arthritis in my low back. I deal with sciatic pain as well a lot. Is this normal?

  • Was just diagnosed with ddd yesterday at age 23, no health insurance until next year. does anyone have any advice or outlook? Seeing as how im young and the disease progresses ive been getting suicidal thoughts because i cant live my whole life like this if it does progress. Thanks

  • I’m gonna try this, I have bad tendonitis in my rear left shoulder muscle, it’s so painful trying to do bench presses and chest excercises, I think it started from boxing from throwing left hooks

  • I am 76 and recently had a back therapist literally destroy any hope with his spinal prognosis. You guys have given me hope and condidence, and to continue with these exercises. Thank you.

  • I can’t do the first exercises, because both my shoulders have tendonitis and I have a herniated disc. My shoulders are in quite some pain, where can get a band or what is the reference to a band that is really really low resistance, like the lowest possible?

  • Hi doctor Jo, I am from india and I am 18 years old and have flat feet since childhood, but it doesn’t hurt at all, I can run properly, I also go to the gym and have no problem ( sometimes it just cramps). My feet have good arch (while I am not standing) but flatens when I am. How long would it take to cure (I want to join the Army)? Should I use insloes? If you answer my questions, it would mean a lot to me.������

  • Dr Jo, your exercises are certainly doable and give immediate relief. I had been doing some of them without knowing why, simply because they felt good. Thank you so much!

  • I have flat feet and because of them I suffer from extensor tendonitis and peroneal tendonitis. it really is the worst thing ever! hopefully these tips help thank u!

  • I’m having shoulder pain when spiking a volleyball.

    Other task that requires force in shoulder does not make it pain.

    Only when swinging and spiking ball and the pain go after 1 days or i relaxed it.

    is this tendonitis?

  • Hi Dr. Jo. I have FAI esp in the right hip, 5 degree ROM. Possible hip bursitis but i don’t know. Working with PT and got a steroid injection that has yet to kick in and in fact made it worse (got one before and it did the same thing for 2 weeks and then got pain relief so i’m PRAYING this happens again) all this flared after i was in a boot on my left leg for a broken bone in my foot. Wish someone would have told me i’d go through 2 months of hell with flare up of right hip AND my right knee arthritis. I am getting discouraged with PT but came to realize it may take months.. Anyway my question: i do the Treadmill for cardio. I do not run but i walk and i’ve had to stop the incline but i think even fast walking might be sometimes making things worse although i’m not sure because everything isn’t linear…. what do you think about an Elliptical for FAI and knee arthritis? I tried one once and my knees feel weird with it. I also have extreme muscle weakness that is contributing to everything so hopefully your exercises and PT will make some gains. THANK YOU!!

  • Just 4months ago, i underwent ankle arthoscopy & my foot & ankle surgeon treated me for early synovitis, anterior ankle impingement and wear & tear of lateral ligaments. It’s been 4months since then & i still feel the similar pain even if i just walk for 2hrs tops. I still can’t sit in the squatting position and can’t get down through the stairways, & i feel uncomfortable & lil pain around the area wherein they stitched my lateral ligaments.
    So is this normal & am i recovering or is it getting worse??
    & i didn’t work out at all (i mean like i started walking without walker by 2months after the operation & i didn’t do any exercises apart from walking)

    Lastly can u please mention some ankle exercises catering to my background & needs. That would be really great.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with DDD. My back has gone out time and time again since I was 17. It’s not just something old people get from age.

  • This was so helpful thank you! I sprained my ankle 2 months ago and have been being my own worst patient by ignoring anterior impingement that’s crept in since then. I just followed this tutorial and I can already feel improvement from one time through. Thank you!

  • Consider pool therapy as well. It’s anti gravity and can really loosen tight muscles. I love your videos and do many of your exercises daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I was 23 and collapsed, became immobilized for several hours. Had a few collapses since then and I’m 27 now. The pain never goes away since I can’t afford physical therapy or medication. I’m so grateful for these exercises and info, thanks guys.

  • Hi doctor, I sprained my left ankle after stepping on a curb and rested it for 2 weeks. I can walk on it, but can’t squat, bend, or do stretches. Every time I go on dorsiflexion mode it hurts near my Achilles tendon and near the ankle. Will these stretches work for me? How soon can I go back to weight lifting again? Thanks for the video:)

  • Hello I just got diagnosed with degenerative disc disorder from SOS. I will be getting my first epidural injection Monday afternoon.

  • I’m 21 and have DDD. Almost all of the disks under my ribs have shortened 2 have darkened. I also have a disk that is misshapen and is no longer circular, its a wobbly shape and it presses on my sciatic nerve sometimes. It’s not herniated but because it is misshapen it could herniate easily. I also have calcium build up on the bones that your neves use to run off of your spine. I’m losing weight to take it off of my spine.

  • I want to know flat feet is a common problem or not?
    I have flat foot and some time I feel pain in down side foot so request to you can you suggest any further precautions or something else that can be helpful to me?

  • I started visiting a Chiopractor 2 years ago which helped immensely with regular lower back pain and plantar fasciitis. Since then, my most recent x-rays revealed I have DISH in my T6-T10. I thought the stiffness in my mid back was due to not being adjusted for almost a year. Anyway, I’ve learned there’s nothing I can really do about it, prevent it, or reverse it. I’m trying to find out what the best stretches are to at least keep mobility in my back and if there is anything natural I can take to help with the soreness over Ibuprofen? My concern is how quick this developed. I do have hypothyroidism and Chiro determine I have Hasimotos since my thyoid anitbody test is so high. I’ve cut it in half but I’m still at the 500-600 level.

  • Dr i can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me, i was walking and exercising almost everyday then one day i just could not walk and so much pain in my ankle and i come across your vedios i did what you said for like 3 days then no swallowing or pain anymore.thank you thank you that avoid me going to a dr during the pandamic.

  • Hello doc, plz advice how to do these exercises without band…. Coz i dont have the tat….. I hv supraspinatus partial tendon tear.. Thx in advance

  • I accidentally banged my shoulder..And it is starting to pain now..It pains when I sleep on the affected shoulder..The pain is bearable but disturbing.Can you suggest something? It’s been 4 days since the injury

  • Cool guys. Thanks. In pain now. L3 L4. Going to do these exercises…got hit by a car at 18…thrown backwards landed on my butt and tailbone hard. I know now it damage my spine. I should have seen a doctor. I was laid up for about a week.

  • Hi! Great video!! Ive had an ankle injury for the past year. my podiatrist said it was a posterior ankle impingement but nothing has helped it. Ive had xrays, mri, cortisone shot & phsyical therapy and i still have the sharp pain in the back of my ankle when i point my foot. The xrays & mri ruled out the os trigonum bone. I was just wondering what kind of surgery would be needed? Is it “one surgery for all posterior impingements?” Or does it just depend on my injury? I just want to get back to running. I would love to just skip surgery in general and just wrap it & run. Thanks for any advice!

  • hi dr…i injured my shoulder four years ago in the gym…i felt like something had clicked in the middle of my shoulder while lifting,and the exact spot still hurt till now…the MRI came normal and the dr said to me that my tendon is fine but it is a little bit tight and advised me to do the exact same exercise that you did in your video (the very first one)…i ignored his advice to be honest and only did the exercise couple of times and the pain is still there even after more than 4 years…did sticking to this exercises will make it go away?

  • Thank you so very much indeed for the very informative and hope-giving video, gents, you really are amazing! I have severe DDD in the neck and upper spine, are there exercises for both areas please?

  • You gentlemen give me hope that I can get my life back. Thank you for sharing your practical and informative knowledge. You are really helping people.

  • these exercises are of no use…i did them almost a month but instead of losing weight i gained it…i wanted to reduce my hip size but it increased and my inner thighs became so much heavier…my figure became like a ginger, increased from anywhere…i hate these exercise…they are of use…But afterwards i started stretching and automatically started losing weight…and now i follow the workout of Susana yabar…

  • I was born in flate foot.recently im getting through lots of pain on my foot… Please kindly suggest me maam.I will join the ur channel and wanted tobe a mbership

  • i have had 2 operations on my right shoulder. for rotator cuff repair. i tore it again and the Dr. told me it can’t be repaird anymore. i’m a cyclist and when i ride my bike on the flats it starts hurting after about 45 minutes, when i ride hills it’s less painful, my ROM is very good, just on and off teninitis,i do cross friction and it helps, can you reccomend anything else.

  • Hey I’m new here and I wanted to ask you,what is problem with me. I am 12 years old and I’m keep passing out… Also my belly hurts and my head too and I have temperature too,and I grow up 3 centimeter on holidays and I wanted to ask you what is wrong with me,?

  • My 14 yr old son was born with It. Urs was the first video I saw.. his feet �� never give him much pain if any actually… but It needs correction.

  • Hi Doctor Jo…I have problem with my right shoulder and bicep, I’ve been suffering for about a year now, is it normal that my hand shakes when I lift things?

  • I’d like to strengthen my hips and knees to be able to get out of a chair without having to use my arms. Are these good exercises to work on that?

  • How often should we be doing these exercises to help strengthen our knees and hips? Daily; every other day.. a couple of times a week?

  • Hi there, I play high level tournament tennis and got medial epicondylosis (Tendinosis). I’ve been doing eccentric exercises according to something I found from Dr Julian Saunders online and feeling better after a week. He remains unresponsive so I’m really hoping you could tell me your opinion. Can I continue a general strength program 2-3 times a week while I’m doing it? The offending movement is the tennis serve so can I play hitting ground strokes if they don’t hurt? I’m just confused because I don’t want to go cold turkey if I don’t need to. However, if you think I should stop while I do the eccentric exercises rehab then I’m happy to follow the doctors orders. Hope to hear from you!

  • That loosening exercise at the beginning is great. Thanks a lot!
    For the other exercises, do they need to be more difficult based on my strength level? I can still do dips, front lever, and pull ups without too much irritation. Also, with a tendonitis, should I focus on static or dynamic movements when training to keep irritation down to a minimum?

  • Hi Dr. Jo,
    Ive watched several of your videos and I love them and your personality. Youre awesome! I have a question for you. I have pain, numbness and tingling in my right foot and my right shoulder blade. My foot is always freezing as well. Ive been checked and theres no nerve damage. Which of your videos do you suggest?

  • My bones they are weekkkk I’m just on the squats 20 times and come back bones please I’m sorry I’m gonna keep going with this even tho I’m sweating ������

  • I was diagnosed with DDD last summer and the pain is starting to become unbearable.
    I am forced to work in an environment my own doctor told me I should quit.
    There is absolutely no way I can quit.
    I cant get disability and I cant get welfare (both I have too much pride to apply for even though I’m not eligible for both)
    My love for life is gone. I’m bedridden when I’m not working.
    This is not how I want to live

  • Hi Dr. Jo, I’m from India, Nd watched you everyday on YouTube, Is there any exercise for side knee pain, like in my right leg left side knee is painting when I twist my leg.. plz help me for that

  • Today is Friday and I’m out of school trying to get skinny I’m going to swim in Branson I’m leaving to go Monday and I’m trying to get fit. But I have rolls������������

  • Is there any excersices for D.I.S.H https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/diffuse-idiopathic-skeletal-hyperostosis/symptoms-causes/syc-20371661

  • Idk what’s wrong with my ankle I didn’t go to a doctor or anything but I went running yesterday I think I ran on some sticks but my inner ankle hurts and my shin when I rotate my ankle please help

  • Are these exercises good for osteoarthritis of the knees? I have quite a bit of weakness in my legs which causes me to feel unsteady when walking. I’m trying to avoid surgery for now by strengthening the surrounding muscles, which I’ve been told will reduce pain also.

  • very nyc video
    i want to ask my both shoulder pops and its paining very badly whole day and i feel lots of pain during sleep.what does it mean plz ans

  • hey doctor… just wanted to ask…I injured my shoulders 2 years ago and because i didn’t take care of it properly..it hasn’t healed properly even now.. it isn’t as severe as it is used to be but even now it comes back if I do push ups or hit the weights… it’s a pretty old injury… any advice is welcome..

  • Hi Dr. I have my shoulder tendonitis and it is paining really bad. Can you please suggest me how to heal it? I really want to get back to gym. Thank you!

  • A 100 squats a day is really effective. The trick is to not do the entire 100 squats at once. Do it at different times of the day. Then it’s actually possible. Hope this comment was helpful.

  • Thanks a lot! Hello, Is it okay to do this exercise for calcific tendinitis?�� My daddy gonna be crazy because of that case’s pain.

  • Mam I have a flat feet…now I have a sounds in my knees..I consultant orthopedic surgeon he diagnosed mild osteoarthritis… treatment ift and wax therapy..

    My age is 23..pls help me mam..shall I do a leg exercise and strengthen my muscles.if I do a strengthen muscle will gone a knee sounds…pls help me mam…thank you

  • Purchase the semi-custom insoles featured in this video here: http://bit.ly/34h7G6o (affiliate link)
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  • Great video. I have one flat foot and one foot with a good arch. I believe I got that flat from when i hurt it when I was 10(I’m 31 now) and had to go on crutches for a week. Guess I should have done rehab.
    What insoles do you recommend? I have tried almost everything. Same on both, different on both, insoles that are made after my feet. But I don’t think anything helps really. I have tried an insole with high arch support on my flat foot and the original shoe insole on my good foot. But I don’t know if that is bad for my flat foot or not.
    My whole body have gotten twisted by this. Every exercise I do hit one side of a muscle group much more than the other. Really demoralizing.

  • Glad I found you! I’m 60, have very flat s10.5 feet, PTTD in r ankle, balls of the feet pain, pin in 2nd toe on left foot…..yeah…. I got issues. Was so excited about those inserts……and they are OUT OF THEM in my size…..

  • A new and wonderful application 2018 helps you to get six packs abs in less than 3 weeks at home for free available in the store google play

  • My lowest disc is completely desiccated and moved forward and gone I am told. I was told that at 47 after a bad rear end collision that ruptured discs in my back and neck as well as causing 6 bulging discs. That seems kind of young to lose an entire disc and seems kinda like a disease or a major flaw if your not fat and I see way less fit and older people who don’t suffer this so I think it is a pre mature aging or “disease”. I’m not counting the neck rupture and other stuff that is injury related

    I will add that hiking is a great cardio workout for bad backs, way better then on road flat walking or jogging.


  • I think I have flexible flat feet and that it is genetic. It doesn’t seem to bother my parents, but it definitely bothers me, which is sad because I love long walks. My favorite shoes are definitely my birkenstocks. I’m trying to strengthen my arches, so thank you for this video!

  • You are reading my mind. I have really bad hips and for the past few weeks my knees have been hurting a lot too. Great timing. Thank you for this video

  • These guys should really script and rehearse before filming their videos because they just look like a pair of idiots fooling around in someone’s kitchen they could have some really good advice but it’s too painful to watch such a silly looking video on a very serious subject that affects millions of people every day…. they really should work on they’re delivery

  • first of all, I’ve subscribed your channel I have a question,
    I am 14 years old and I have a flat foot can it be completely cured? pls reply

  • Ive started to get flat feet this year. I am very insecure about it. But I want to know how long it will take for me to see progress? Also I don’t have those things for my shoes. Is that fine?

  • When I was in my mid 20s, I had a seizure while driving, and it was in that accident, that I fractured my spine. Since then, I’ve suffered with multiple herniated discs, arthritis, and DDD. I’m 35 now, and in a lot of pain every single day. Stretching has always made everything hurt worse. It’s like I’m aggravating it by stretching. I typically do a lot better by staying as straight, and still as possible. I think I might be too far gone, lol. Seriously.

  • I have fairly arched feet, I’ve battled a chili’s tendonitis in me left foot for many months. It got healed then about a year later interior ankle problems occurred. Could this is a result of my arched feet? I can’t figure out why only my left side of my legs get injured. I battled tight IT bands, Achilles tendonitis and now Interior ankle impingement

  • Hello doctor, i have been a runner for some time now. Had a foot injury in 2017 which developed posterior foot pain and it remained for months. I stopped running. Occasionally ran since then but nothing serious. I started running again start of this year and been running couple of miles to build a more serious long distance running program. As soon as I started little more distance and specially speed work out, the pain has come back on posterior foot ager 3 years. Only right foot. Left foot absolutely fine. My right is more pronated than left. This is annoying situation because the pain is really like just 2 on 10 but could potentially lead to something. I want to take it easy this time……Is this ankle impegement? Will these exercises help. Sorry for a long post.

  • I actually did not feel any pain while doing this exersices, they are good, I’ve just been dignosed with tendonitus of my shoulder doc said the two front muscles are bad, but this exersices feel good to my muscles,:)I’m going to keep on doing them!!

  • hi doctor Jo, thank you for this video it’s easy to follow and I hope it will help me. I have flat feet and I think my left one overpronates. I went to the doctor because of left foot and knee problems and she said it is because I have dorsolumbar scoliosis can it be the other way around? (the overpronation is causing the scoliosis?) how can you tell the difference and will exercises vary?

  • Hi doctors thank you so much for this video! I think you guys are doing a great job!!!

    I would like to try these exercises to get some pain relief in my back neck and shoulder pain due to injury several years ago and being overweight

    please let me know
    Do you guys think it will be ok if I do these types of exercises because I have a moderate size surgical abdominal wall hernia from the surgery last year for different reason so my question is will these type of exercises help tighten up the Abdominal muscles to prevent the hernia from getting any bigger or from getting any other hernias God forbid because I do not want to do a another major surgery ��‍♀️

    Thanks and God bless

  • Hello doctor, I am suffering from heavy head since three years and haven’t got cured from any medicine. If there is a cure from these stretching excercises could you please elabore me? Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Doctor Jo, thanks for this video. I don’t experience any pain on my ankles at the moment but I notice my walking is weird and my knees now tend to go in as I stand or walk. I workout in the gym and noticed my postures regarding my legs are also not good. I will try these exercises for sure but I was wondering if they will help me correct my impeachment syndrome. Thanks a lot for your help and orientation!

  • I have shoulder pain coz of tendonitis and numbness at the tip of my fingers…would this help? Its been going on for 9 months now…

  • Have known something was wrong for awhile. Finally was diagnosed with L5-S1 degen disease, with a handful of minimal bulges as well. I’ve been living in pain every single day. I feel like giving up hope. It’s making me so depressed and irritable. It’s affecting my work life. Sex life. General life. I hate my life.

  • My problem is that I want to squat and everytime I do that (or even standing up) it creates a type of grinding pain in the knees…

  • I have diagnosed as ddd 1 month ago. my back is hurting severely can i do this exercise or should I discuss with my doctor. any have thanks for your video it’s very helpful to me.

  • I just started skateboarding again at 30 and I get this quite often. Funny thing, the first few stretches are the same stretches I instinctively started doing on my own. Thanks for the video!

  • Hi Doctor Jo, I quickly googled ankle injury cos I have just hurt my ankle. I cannot bear weight on my ankle without incredible pain, my ankle joint feels locked near the Talus Dome…I was sitting on the couch with my ankles/legs tucked under me to the side, moved to stand up, and then when I stood on my foot the pain was excrutiating, and the pain and swelling has increased in the last 1.5 hours…I thought my ankle might be dislocated or mal-tracking or slightly out of alignment…about 8 weeks ago I twisted my ankle twice, it seemed to heal, now this. I just took pain relief anti-inflammatory with codeine….not sure how long I should wait until calling an ambulance and going to ER, any advice would be helpful right now.

  • Hey doctor Jo
    Hope all is well
    I’ve been working on top of refrigerated cases, which requires me to be on my knees for sometimes 8 hours
    Since I’m in a full squat position for a longtime the area behind the kneehas started to hurt more and more
    Any idea why the back area hurts
    I had medial meniscus tear repaired on this knee about 3 years ago

  • Thanks for the video! Is this something that can help if you have always had flexible flat feet? Or is it meant for those who have developed flat feet?

  • Hey Dr. Jo, loved the video and feeling pain relief and increased mobility already. I wanted to ask how often these exercises should be done. I’ve been doing them daily for around a week and want to make sure I’m not overworking my ankle

  • Hi doctor Jo, thank you for your video. It is very helpful.
    Unfortunately, I got bicep tendonitis. It is very nice to perform Front Raise with resistance band or light weight’s dumbbell. As you said in the video, going to 90 degrees is fine during Front Raise.
    If we keep our elbow in front of our body and perform shoulder dumbbell press (light weight), we feel it is safe and feel fine during this exercise.

    Do you recommend patient to perform should dumbbell press (light weight)?

  • One session of this video’s suggestions has given me excellent pain relief. At different times about 8-10 years ago I injured both shoulders, should have had rehab but didn’t take the time. Now I’m paying for it at a time where I’m retired and spending more time outdoors camping, bushcrafting, and managing my 75 acre forest. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to providing us with very helpful information.

  • I am only 14 years old and got supraspinatus tendon infection or something like that 2 months ago. I ride horses but its harder for me now. I cant do anything that the students in my class can in the gym anymore, i can’t even swim anymore. It ruins so much for me and honestly fml. FML so bad! Why me and why did i have to be so young!? And i always wake up at night with extreme pain and i am always on pain killers, when i forget to take painkillers i can’t stand still, i have to move around because the pain radiates from my shoulder down to my hand and it hurts and argh! Yes iv’e been to the doctor and i have to start exercising it. But i also have to do an MR and maybe get an injection of cortison:(

  • Sorry for the very long explanation!
    My problem with my ankles is due to tumbling for cheer. It started when I was doing a roundoff tuck into a foam pit and I was a little too close to the mat and caught one of my feet on the floor, causing a short landing which caused sharp pain and swelling in the front of one of my ankles. Ever since then, my ankles haven’t been the same. I wore an ankle brace for a while but I feel like it never helped the pain in the front of my ankles. It has been years and now both of my ankles are messed up. Sometimes the cheer skill that I’m doing won’t even hurt, but I’ll take a step back that hurts like crazy. My ankles are also very flexible. I can point them and my toes touch the ground. My achilles are very tight. When I roll them in circles or point my ankles while straightening and bending my toes, my ankles make a painless grinding noise. I didn’t do anything for weeks due to not being able to cheer because of Covid-19 and they felt good but then today I was doing some light tumbling and I took a step after a back handspring and one of them hurt again. I don’t know if there is even anything that I can do now, but I’m hoping this can help. Are there any other things you can recommend?

  • Hello doctor, unfortunately I have tennis elbow.
    My job required me to lift somethings. My shoulder’s strength is further worsen after I have tennis elbow. It is because I stop any shoulder’s training.I don’t want to quit my job.
    Front lateral raise and rear delt row are very good for my shoulder’s strength and job. But I cannot do these training.
    If I use my hand to grip resistant band or dumbbell to front lateral raise and rear delt row. I feel there are some pressures in my elbow. I don’t want to give up. I need the job.

  • Mam how many times I have to do these exercises please tell me any way because I have to join Indian army that is my dream man please help me

  • Hey Dr Jo
    I dsicover that I have flat feet few months ago at age 22! bc I couldnt understand the pain any much longer thats when I kenw about my feet�� now I know that it cant be fixed bc I’m an adult but can the pain go away? or it will be difficult? I have knee and back pain too

  • I’m 16 and I just found out I have pre-arthritis and degeneration in my lower back, along with scoliosis. Trying to see if there is anything else I can do at home to help my treatment.

  • I have a mild narrowing of the l5-s1 disc space but I have no idea what that means please can someone help me and explain what this means? In my papers it says I don’t have a hernia but then online it says it’s hernia can someone please help me

  • Thank you guys, I have a question, I have sciatica without back pain. Do you think it is anything to do with my disc?
    What kind exercises I have to do to cure it? Do you have any video that I can refer to regarding my pain?
    Your reply is very much appreciated.
    Cheers folks,

  • Hello Dr.Jo! I have been religiously following your video on peroneal tendonitis. It relieved the pain to a great extent. I have a question, I have a complete tear of ATFL and CFL of my right ankle. Can I still do these stretches? Because my ankle is in hindfoot varus and lateral joint space is opened up slightly. Kindly help.

  • Another great one when I was doing physical therapy I did some of those same exercise you are demonstrating do you have any videos on hurting heels thank you for sharing

  • What do you suggest for people with both ant impingement and chronic achilles tendinosis? I’ve had these issues for years now and even surgery hasn’t completely alleviated the achilles issue.

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Shoulder Tendonitis Exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/buy-shoulder-tendonitis-worksheet
    Purchase resistive bands like the ones used in the video here: https://amzn.to/2N7k85f (affiliate link)
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  • Hi Doc,
    I got swimmer’s shoulder, but not much. However, does it takes a long time to recover. I don’t have pain in normal condition. But when I lift my left hand in a certain position it gives pain. If I do exercise on that again it pains. Should I continue exercises? Does it take a long time to heal?

  • Thanks for the videos. I’m 34 and just had a surgeon tell me I may need a 3 level fusion in the not so distant future. I have bertolotti’s syndrome and 3 degenerating and buldging/herniating discs.

    I have a questionaside from these exercises you can do periodically, what are the best things to do throughout the day to slow the progression and prevent further damage? I have around 16 hours every day where Im not sleeping… what’s the best thing to do with that time for my back? Walking? Standing? Laying down? Swimming? I assume sitting is bad.

  • I’m 51, my back hurts 24/7. I had an MRI and learned I had DDD. I can’t bend over to put my shoes on without groaning. If I bend over several times in a short period of time, the pain becomes extremely annoying and debilitating. For me, it is my S1, L5, L4, L3. When I need to help out around the American Legion, it takes three days before I feel somewhat normal again. Sometimes I wonder if wearing a belt with my jeans to keep them up, is causing some of the pain. I literally have heat generated over my spine. I can have my wife or a doctor feel there and they are always impressed with the amount of heat my spine generates.

  • Me before the video: I think I can do this it doesn’t look to hard!

    Me after the video: Oh heck no I’m just gonna be fat for the rest of my life frick it!

  • Excellent video. I have anterior ankle pain after stepping on and off several trains in one day (between 12 and 15 inches). I have eds type 3 and cf related arthritis and use walking sticks. How long should I ice it, keep it raised, ibuprofen gell etc before starting these exercises? I’ve already had peroneal tendonitis and other problems with that foot do I really want to avoid this being a repeating problem. Is it worth wearing a support bandage to decrease some of the instability?

  • Hi doctor Jo, I lost messages.
    For supraspinatus tendinitis patients, normally either perform your last second exercise (about 90 degrees) or your last exercise (about 45 degrees) for recovery?

    Which one is normally safer for supraspinatus tendinitis patients?

    Thank you very much.

  • Hey, I have a physical demanding job as a janitor. When do you reccomend I do the stretching because it is inconvenient for me to stretch at work. How long should I stretch each day? When is stretching most effective? At the end of the day?

  • Thank you. This is very helpful. Yet, the pain when lifting bent arm/elbow continues and I observed that my entire shoulder / side of body is now engaged in arm movement as if compensating for pain / lack of mobility. Any tips in videos?

  • Hi, I have flat feet but mine are very flexible and I can easily create and an arch when I flex them, and when I sit down I sit down I still have somewhat of an arch. I think you should add to this video is working out your entire body especially your legs for your entire body to strengthen and it can help your leg muscle and arches as well. I’m trying this and other excersises to help rebuild my arch. Thank you so much

  • Hi Jo,

    Great content as per usual.

    I’ve performed the wall stretches you reference in this video and have given myself a dead arm/shoulder.

    Is the normal or should it be something I need to worry about?

    For reference, this is the first time I’ve done these stretches and never had this issue before.

  • Hi, I have shoulder problems, not sure what type, maybe shoulder inpeanchement, is not terrible pain just some pain and discomfort. Can I hang from a pull-up bar, would this cause not worsen it? Would advise a not todo with shoulder pain. Thank you very much, love your videos.��

  • I have a question for Bob and Brad. I have a slipped disk according to an X-ray I currently had done. I have stenosis and a herniated disk. I had sugary a lamictimy I believe. The sugary was to scrape away bone because my disk was pressing on nerves. Is it normal to have this problem a year after surgery? Please do a Q and A on this and slipped disks. I would appreciate it. I’m really troubled and in pain.

  • I see that last stretch in other people’s videos and they use a wide resistance band that isn’t light. I always feel achey in that spot after doing it though. Even if I just use my hands.

  • I have had ankle problems and been treating it for almost a year now. Why is it hurting on the front of my ankle when u do the stretches that point my toes down and like pull my foot backwards? I play soccer a lot and it is painful when I kick with my laces if that helps at all.

  • Thanks really helped. My left ankle hurts when holding the left foot when standing quad stretch for the left leg. Has elevate the pain

  • Well i dont have any problem with my feet while running but when i remove my shoes i feel pain and when i move my feet i starts cramping
    Now what may i do
    I dont have any doctor support here

  • Ma’am I have been diagnosed with rotator cuff tear of supraspinatus tendon at the articular surface with no bursal surface communication..it’s been almost two month….resting..taking painkiller….can I perform those exercise???

  • Hey Dr. Jo i asked you about my shoulder injury a few weeks ago that i have grade 1 slap tear and mild tendonitis i wanted to ask you that this injury is 2 years old so can it get treated now without surgery? And if yes will i be able to recover to my 100% efficiency.. Please reply ma’am

  • I move down the bed and sleep with my feet on the wall, so I sleep in the position of the first stretch. It allows my vertebra to stay open all night.

  • I have had flat feet since i was young but had no effect on me until two years ago when the left leg suddenly started swelling with sharp pain. it no longer swells but the pain especially when walking is now too much. i got insoles from a podiatrist here and they’ve been adjusted with use but those no longer provide relief. MRI shows tenosynovitis in tibialis posterior muscle. any advise on management please?

  • What led me to your video was bending over and i was in extreme pain. Now i see my workouts are ” wrong” i love working out and gaining wieght is depessing. So far i have been resting. So thanks for these videos

  • My flat feet were brought on with only one pregnancy. And I have been lifting my 30 lb, 1 year old.
    My feet are so fatigued & tender.
    Wish I could get my pre-pregnancy feet back!! Totally dumbfounded by the damage.

  • Hey Jo, I have what I think is an anterior impingement. Any kind of deep dorsiflexion results in sharp pain at the front of my ankle. So the dorsiflexion exercises are painful. I can walk and do everything normally just no dorsiflexion at all. Would you just recommend ice, rest, and some tens unit therapy till pain is gone? Thank you

  • I’m 19 and I’ve had fallen arches all my life (born with them). When I was 13, I had physical therapy to prevent pain but now my left foot is really feeling the effects. I need new custom soles for my shoes, but until then, these exercises do just fine. Thank you so much. They really relieve the pressure.

  • I suffering from pain since 3 years whole spine pain in right back side rape from 5 years I made mass treatment for this purpose I suffered
    From this.

  • This is encouraging, thank you. I’ve had this pain in both ankles for 3 years now as I’ve always been active and rough on my feet (skating, skateboarding, surfing, running etc). It feels like there’s glass shards in them now when I walk. Hoping this will help.

  • Hey Doc… I got pain near shoulder and biciep tendon while playing sport, I have done MRI scans… Seems everything fine… Small thin rim of liquid found near shoulder tendon.. doctor told me there might be a small tear… I am suffering it past 7months… Does these exercises advisable?? Thanks

  • I had to go to a&e hospital yesterday. Woke up and could not move my arm, pain in my shoulder and bicep is extremeley sore. My shoulder is that sensitive a finger running across it hurts. Got xray and examination, got told it was tendinitis, to go back for steroid injection. But its my right arm/shoulder and i am right handed so i am off work and in a LOT of pain, even doing the pendulum is sore. But after it, it feels a lot better. Thank you for this video

  • Thank you so much for this, also I have a question, does it matter if we sleep on a firm or soft bed? I mean does it aggravate to the pain anyhow? Please help! Thank you

  • I am 49 years and I have chronic back pain done mri they said it ddd on l4l5 and l5s1 with tears on both discs and arthritis in the discs. I have pain every day it never goes away gets some relief when I am walking. I don’t have leg pain it stays in the lower back, a surgeon said the only way off getting rid of the pain is a back fusion on the 2 discs any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Words cannot describe how chronic daily/nightly pain makes you feel.ive had DDD for years..I’m 39 and live in the uk. I live on copious amounts of zomprph, morphine sulfate, muscle realxants and so on. I’m going to try your exercises starting from today..I feel hopeless atm without any let up from pain..so thank you for this video

  • Thanks so much for this video!! The information about DDD and the xray has helped me to put my own diagnosis in perspective. Thanks for being so kind to each other also. You guys are great!

  • Hi Doctor Jo, I was born with flat feet and shortened big toes. My running shoes wear on the outside. I’ve been recently having knee pain after running because of patella tracking. Would custom orthotics or strengthening exercise help? Thanks

  • Question, do you have exercises for TENDINOSIS? I had an MRI and diagnosed with mild, moderate tendinosis of subscapularis, supraspinatus intraticular long head of biceps tendon and bursitis

  • anyone else have a lot of trouble sleeping with this disease? ive had it for a few years and its gotten bad, i toss and turn all night because my back always starts feeling pain

  • Hello Doctor Jo,
    I apologize in advance for writing such a long comment, but I’m in dire need of some advice.
    I’ve been having problems with my shoulders for quite a while. I’m a swimmer and about 2 and a half years ago I injured my right shoulder. It was a minor rotator cuff injury that healed in 4 months with the right treatment.
    Soon after that, my left shoulder started hurting and I immediately went to see my doctor again. She put me on a couple of different treatments (electrotherapy and kinesio taping), but I still couldn’t get back to exercising. It turned out to be tendinitis (Dolor extremitatis M796, Morbi synoviae et tendinis alii M67). I was told that I should take a 6-month break from swimming and physical activities that might make my injury worse. I went to see a different physical therapist and she was shocked because I wasn’t given any rehab exercises like the ones she later showed me and the ones you showed in the video. She told me I can go back to the pool in a month.
    After the break I had a check up. My shoulder was still in a bad condition. My doctor decided to put me on treatment again. I finished it a month ago.

    Now, I only feel pain when I put a lot of pressure on it (while swimming, doing push-ups or even during a certain motion). What do you suggest me to do?

    Looking forward to your answer��

  • Befor you did this video you wasen even far!! �������� SO YOU CHETED LIER ���� NO one notes but I did you guys diden’t now!!! HA HA HA HA ������

  • Hi dr jo! actually when doing this shoulder stretching exercise is it really important to keep the hand movement till only 90 degree,bcoz I was doing this exercise from last 40 days as per your call and I had a great pain relief in the shoulder. But, I had consulted a physiotherapist and he told me too stretch my hand all up till maximum and all of a sudden the pain again started coming back…Please advise m’am.
    Love and regards from India.

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  • Hi dear Doctor, I am suffering day and night from a tendinitis in my right shoulder and I do not know what I should do to stop the constant pain. According to my doctor, I must not use my right arm for a long time, but now my whole arm and wrist are painful as well. I really feel lost because even the medical treatment does not work. What can I do? Thank you in anticipation for reading my post.

  • Am I supposed to do these exercises every day? And if so, am I supposed to do them in the morning before work or at night after work?

  • I have flat feet and I’m on them for 8 hours on my work days, I feel like I’ve been wearing heels all day and they are killing me. I lost my balance and fell over a couple times

  • with best experience.
    Dear also not only hard work.You will be need arround support to that..
    Get some help and feel life..
    Loss weight product.

    it will be help for you..

  • Hi doctor jo,

    I’ve today been told that I can go full bearing, after breaking my ankle had a plate and a screw fitted does this still count as I need to stretch my leg as I’ve been in a plastic boot for a month?

  • Thank you for these videos! I’m unable to see a doctor right now, but I was researching stretches for anterior ankle impingement because I assumed that’s what I had, and I used this before sleeping. The next day, my ankle was pain-free all day! So I’ll continue to do these stretches. Thank you!

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  • Hello there! I’m a dancer and a few weeks ago I made a movement where I put like an over pressure in a dorsal flection of my left foot.. I felt pain and a weird sensation when it happened but I didn’t gave it importance. Over the last weeks after that, at nights, I feel a “something” on that foot, right in the anterior part of the ankle.. It doesn’t hurt awfully but it’s like annoying.. I apply a hot pack, I’ve stretched and I stretch everydayness, and try to rest but i still have that weird sensation in that part of my foot.. I fear that if I repeat a movement that is a really big dorsiflexion like grand plies in ballet are, I might injure or it might hurt.. what should I do? I told this to my physiotherapist when it happened,but he didn’t gave it too much importance, and he told me that my foot was probably starting to get used to this new movement or range of movement (since I’m in my second year of professional dance formation)… help please!!

  • I know this is an older video,but this pertains to me today.I have had terrible nerve pain in my back and numbing in my legs for quite awhile now and I just got the results from my mri.She said it was degenerative disc disease.If this helps I will be so greatful.They are gonna send me to pain management.Im gonna try these.I went through physical therapy but it seemed to make it worse.

  • I have incredibly flat feet I am eleven. I went to my foot doctor and he made me some insoles. Now I have to wear them for eight hours per day. I had to quit gymnastics because of my flat feet.

  • I have DDD with Myelopathy and noticed what has helped me so much is doing Yoga. It incorporates all these exercises that Bob and Brad discuss.

  • I have had it for 8 years but quite recently I’ve had a MRI scan and it showed I have 3 deteriorated discs in my lumber area I am still struggling with trying to manage my back pain I’ve done physio, exercises,therapy, tens machine, acupuncture, medication you name it and I’m still dealing with it I either need to carry on or have surgery what can I do?

  • Hello, I have DDD, diagnoses now for 10 years… it is painful when I lay on my stomach and attempt that push-up stretch. Can you please clarify, do we continue the stretch even tho we feel pain? Like you said in the video, the pain is localized in my lower middle back above the buttocks. I don’t have to go all the way up to feel pain, just a slight motion let’s say laying on my elbows, will throbbing trigger pain. Do I continue?

  • I’m 14 and I’ve only recently noticed my feet being really sore while I run and my mam said I have flat feet and I’ve changed shoes but it doesn’t help I hope this woll

  • Awesome video, thanks for it!
    I will start to train my feet for now. But is it important how I walk in my shoes over the day so I don’t make it worse?

  • Hi Doctor Jo, i would appreciate some advice. I have had a terrible pain in the left shoulder for 4 months now, i have done several exercises without any relief!!

    Your help would be apppreciated.

  • Hiya, new subscriber and watcher. I am sooooo glad you have a hip video sitting in a chair. I have all tile floors, so the ground was never gonna happen. I was in an accident and the other car hit us right at my right hip, hard enough to spin our car about 300°. Now, my right side, especially hip, hates me. Between being heavy, mild scoliosis in my lower back, and previous ruptured patellar tendon; I’m nearly always in pain. I literally don’t remember not being in pain daily.
    I’m so grateful to have something to try. Chronic pain is sucking life energy out of me. Anywho, if you could please point me in the direction of any other sitting stretches you’ve done, I’d be super appreciative. God bless.

  • I believe this is what I have. Some days when I’m walking or working out if feels like a nerve that’s being pinched. It comes and goes. Not sure if I should see an orthopedic or a podiatrist. I will apply these stretches and see how it goes.

  • Would yo be so kind to tell me the brand of the band you are using?? I bought theraband but I they are 4ft and I think yours are longer

  • How often should I be doing these exercises? It seems like doing this workout all the way through would be about 15-25 minutes. Should I be doing this every day?

  • Ma’am my shoulder tendonitis has been lasting for almost 2 months now and I was wondering if these exercises would shorten the healing process and if you could give me the exact time that would be great (sorry for the long comment) thanks in advance for

  • I have stenosis L 1,2,3,4. I start out on my side but I am a stomach sleeper. You briefly touched on this but am I making things worse sleeping this way?

  • Good evening Dr Jo.
    Will this help to treat knee joint problems? Because at the moment, I have a knee issue, which I can’t really bend it or straighten it much. Please advise. Thanks.

  • Can I assume that the first exercise with the red strap can be replaced by simple calf raises we usually do at the gym (watching the excess of weight, of course)?
    Great lesson!! I need this more than ever. I’m not being able to skate due to the ankle impingement. Hopefully it’ll get better and strong.

  • Hello dr. Jo. First of all I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge on the internet. Do you have any suggestion to warm up my aching shoulder before performing these exercises.?

  • Purchase a resistive band like the one used in the video here: https://amzn.to/2xaYPF2 (affiliate link)
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  • hello… Dr jo… I’m from India… flat feet can b treated??? if yes… then how much time it will take to cure… plz reply… waiting dispretily for ur reply

  • I had a pretty bad knee injury that I didn’t take care of ( needed surgery had no money:( ) for over a year causing me to not use my legs or feet as much or not at all some days. I recently had the surgery and Im working my way back. My right knee was the issue causing my right foot to become almost completely flat and my left foot is only kinda flat.

    Thank you for your help! I can barely do the second exercise making a C with my arch so it’s gonna be a fun marathon of a rehab.

  • Hello dr jo
    I’m so glad i found your channel
    Hoping you reply for my comment
    Last year i fell out and step on my ankle, i went for many doctors and therapists,
    They said there is nothing wrong with the mri but i need surgery so they can tell what’s wrong after the surgery the doctor said i had adhesion on the nerve which cause burning, the burning was gone but after one week from the surgery comes back.
    Now I don’t know what to do, my ankle hurts with burning in the up front, i guess its an anterior injury
    It’s getting worse and worse.
    Please are these exercises will help me go to normal activity.
    Thanks a lot

  • My shoulder tendonitis comes and goes periodically. I never had any serious injury initiating the shoulder inflammation. I think that the pain has something to do with my diet, like eating sugar and gluten. Are these exercises supposed to be strengthening the inflamed shoulder tendon? And usually doing exercises that hurt my shoulder only make the pain worse.

  • I’m glad I found this video. I suffer with ddd. Years ago (8 or 9 years) I went to physical therapy and they had me do these. Well I felt great and stopped doing them. I relocated to a different area and no one I’ve went to has been able to give me these specific moves. God bless you two…now I can get relief again!

  • I am a footballer with flat feet, and mostly when I run on the ground I get pain in my shins………..can you please let me know what I should do?

  • I feel my neck tilted to right side a bit and my left side neck hurts it’s kind of tight n it’s irritating my shoulder and collar bone. And my right hip is tight so d left side of my hip is gift problem I can hear pop in my left shoulder and scapula and left side of hip. My left also doesn’t extend right and my left lat feel tight too. I I can’t feel my left lat stretching and can’t feel my left tricep. What to do to fix the issue?

  • I got my ankle ligament tear 2 years after trying exercise and medicenes. I decided to get surgery. Its been 6 months and my ankle is getting worse and worse. Any suggestions doctor

  • Mam I have flat feet since my childhood..I have no problem no pain..still it looks odd..can I recover it 20-30% from those exercises?

  • Thanks so much! Do you have recommendations for the best workout shoe for flat feet? I workout in gym classrooms and the hardwood floor.

  • Hi Jo,
    I dont have a diagnosis as of yet. Now i can´t see a doctor. My symptoms, I have a pain in the left shoulder, and no matter what exercises i do theres very little relief!
    I seem to have restriction when i try to raise my left arm above my head.
    I am not sure what else i can tell you.


  • Thanks video games. I have this and carpal tunnel. My mother thought that since I never played football, I’d never be in this much pain.

  • Dr, my phisiotherapist has advised me to do bicep, tricep and lifting a weight of 500gm with straight elbow exercises. There is no pain while doing these, but just after a slight pain or irritation which lasts up to 1-2 hrs.He also told that 500 gm is to be replaced by 1kg after 1 weak.Should I follow?

    Doing once a day is enogh?

  • thanks, Dr. Jo. I really appreciate your down-to-earth teaching style. Your non “glamorized” appearance. You are really a beautiful person, inside and out. Don’t change!
    And I am going to follow your exercises to heal my sprained ankle!

  • Hi:) Thanks for the video! I’m a runner and a hiker so I’m used to longer runs and hikes, but 8 days ago, while I was finishing my 37km hike (last 2km of the hike), I felt pain on my right knee hiking downhill. I went home, stretched and massaged my legs. 2 days after, my whole body had completely recovered from the hike, but I still could feel a discomfort on my right knee (not pain). And everytime I had my right leg bent and then straightened it, I could feel a pop on my upper kneecap region (no pain). Now it has been 8 days and it still pops everytime I straighten the leg and it still doesn’t hurt doing my everyday things like walking, going up or sown a few stairs… Do you know what this could be? And I haven’t worked out in any way since that hike.

  • I broke my ankle when I was 2 and aggravated it and just was very hard on it and the pain is here and getting worse slowly, hope this helps in anyway

  • Great video, Dr. Jo! So a basic question: I’ve been starting to do your tendonitis exercises in this video if certain of the exercises hurt clear pain in a tendon area of the shoulder should I continue to do that exercise? How much pain should I experience with a particular exercise? Is the pain an indication that the stretch is GOOD to do, or NOT good to do? Thanks!

  • I have been completely flat footed since I was a child.
    I remember all of us making a foot print in Kindergarten on a sheet of paper. I noticed straight away the difference between MY footprint and those of my classmates. EVERYONE had a significant arch except for me. My foot print was the WHOLE foot, absolutely NO arch. As an adult I shop for shoes with good arch support (then usually add an insert for good measure.).

  • Hey doc, Urgrnt help please.

    I have been working in a gas station taking customer since 2 and half months and my shoulder pain started one day and till date its getting worsed… i do have a trigger point on the left side and the pain goes all way upto right.
    And even if I get two days from my work the pain goes and mild down to like 5%.
    Please help me I would really appreciate your reply.
    I am really struggling, this is my only job for now.:(

  • Hlo… Doctor… Thank for replying… Actually I underwent lcl(2nd)tear reconstruction surgery on my right knee in January 2017…now my knee has gone into slight valgus position which has caused pronation at ankle and tibial external rotation… ROM is 120 degree…my quads,hams and abductors are very weak compared to the other leg… Plz tell if theres any chance in my case that leg alignment can improve from valgus position… Orthopedic told me theres difference of around 3degrees in alignment from other leg