10 Things you can do Before, After and during Every Workout



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Do THIS Before and After EVERY Workout

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If you’re after workout results, what you do in the gym definitely matters, but what you do before and after your time in the gym is key, too. While actually getting to the gym is the biggest hurdle, once you’ve got that mastered, there are many ways you can maximize the results you’re seeing from your workouts. 10 Things to Do Before and After a Workout to Get Better Results and crushing it in every single workout. Here are the 10 things that should definitely be. After every workout, take a few moments to properly unwind, stretch, and breathe.

You just worked yourself out hard, and you want to avoid the burnout or injury that comes with such pressure on your muscle and joints. Knowledge is power—read on for the 10 things you should do after every workout and why they will help further your progress. Hopefully you’ve been hydrating before and during your workout, but it’s still crucial to hydrate after. Wearing the clothing during your workout, or after, can help you get back to your next workout quicker. Plain old H2O is critical for rehydrating.

Ideally, you should drink about 20 ounces of water two hours before exercising. Aim to drink about 10 ounces of water every 10 to 20 minutes during training to stay properly hydrated, and drink an additional 8 ounces of water within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. Things like good nutrition and quality sleep matter too, and smart preand post-workout rituals can ensure you’re recovering properly, fueling your efforts, and crushing it in every single workout. Here are the eight things that should definitely be a part of your fitness routine if you want to maximize your results.

Before your workout. 1. 8 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout Get the most out of your training efforts by incorporating these practices into your pre-workout regimen. Spend up to a minute per area ironing out the kinks of the muscles you’ll be utilizing during your workout.

7 of 8. Steve Smith. Warm-Up Part 3: Dynamic. Check out the 10 exercises you can do for ultimate fitness. Combine them into a routine for a workout that’s simple but powerful and sure to keep you in. We’ve talked a lot about things you shouldn’t do before a workout and during your training, but people tend to slip up the most when the workout’s over.Let’s be honest, we’ve all justified some bad habits post workout, because we feel like we’ve “earned” it.

You should definitely feel pretty good about yourself after a hard training session, unfortunately it doesn’t. Lots of people do their cardio before their weight workout, lots do it after, and some even do it right smack in the middle. No matter when you get your cardio in, everybody should be doing it at least a few times a week.

List of related literature:

4) Precede and follow passive range‐of‐motion exercises with massage of the quadriceps, biceps, and gluteal muscles for 5 minutes.

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A great way to mix them up: Do one of the first three workouts early in the week, then choose a second from numbers 4 through 7 later in the week, at the track.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
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For example, “Starting next Monday, I will work out at the gym four times each week with a trainer and drink a healthy smoothie instead of lunch, and I will continue until I weigh less than 180 pounds.”

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12) Drink a glass of juice before exercising, and drink milk or some other tonic after exercising.

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Preacher curls 3 one arm dumbbel preacher curls 3 Alternate hammercurs a Calves workout Calves workout 1 Calf raises 4.

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  • Ha ha ha.

    Everyone wants to earn money and dont give a shit.

    These exercises will either work when you are starved or if you are willing to give money.


  • I’m fat not too much around 72kg weight…I have recently joined gym…can u guide me what type of workout should I do to get shape just like u….plz

  • Damn he really unlocked every mobilty and flexibility skill that you have as regular human. And many skill points went into strength obviously aswell. Thanks for the very good advices.

  • 3 minutes rest between each set?.are you crazy, I would spend 4 hours in the gym…If you have around 20-30 sets per exercise day..its around 90 minutes just resting..???? There must be a mistake I guess…

  • Really like your work, but a suggestion. Jumping Jacks are a terrible exercise. Why? Most activities work on balancing each side of a vertical line through your body. Eg, marching, you swing your right arm to balance your left swinging leg. J Js don’t cross that middle line, and just like dorky marchers who swing left leg/left arm together, you switch off your propreoceptors. So terrible for gymnastics, rockclimbing, fencing etc.

  • HI! does the “old” version of your mobility program (the one you had attached on the “begginer level one” pdf before you had the cool new website) can be also used as a warmup and cool down? is it still effective if one does only one set of the mobility exercises before and after the workout (for time sake)?
    And, is it also effective for a weight lifting routine?
    thanks for so much knowledge shared!

  • I love your work and I have your mobility program, but it takes much longer than 35 minutes, especially from lvl 2 onwards it’s at least an hour for beginners.

  • After 60 min of my training.. How can i give 25-30 min just for streching. Please review ur mobility program. Does it include dynamic nd static streching both??

  • Doing Hatha Yoga exercises without doing Ugai breathing
    will not warm you up you dumb fuck
    90% of the exercises on this video are Hatha Yoga exercises without Ugai breathing

  • Fantastic!
    Ive just begun your (beginner level) exercises at age 65 and your advice regarding safe body mechanics is A+
    Bless you for providing these vids!

  • Is your mobility program also suited to gain strength? I mean in a beginner level. Does it help lose some weight, I’m a couch potato:(

  • Easy passive stretches, but with a video that requires CERN to describe the theoretical dimensions used to do the rotations demonstrated.

  • All right. So i will not stretch the muscles i trained before, insteat i‘ll do mobility and static stretches for muscles which i didn‘t trained before. Thanks

  • I’m a doctor. What do you think would be a good time to workout. After workout I really just want to lie on the bed. So should I do it at night?

  • How to improve men body testosterone level,its means small testical to normal testical, then how to gain body weight for a skinny guy

  • Hi alex, is it true that a muscle up isn’t really a good exercise? Jeff from Athlean x criticized it claiming it’s a “party trick” that uses momentum and that the rotation in your shoulder is potentially dangerous.

  • Hey Jungs. Hoffe ihr seid alle fit und munter.
    Zu aller ersrt, ich liebe eure videos. Habe noch nichts gekauft aber schon bissl was von euch gelernt. Und die Kommentare zu den blauen Shorts…. ich hab auch welche und solche baarfussSchuhe in blau rofl xD

  • Hello there, I really like the mobility program but I think it could be even better if you added the ability to follow along with the flows by NOT fast forwarding it. That way it feels like I’m training with El Eggs rather than just follow his instructions. Would you consider adding the ability to watch the flows without them being sped up, even for a small fee? The course is excellent and very cheap considering the content so I’d happily pay another $20 to be able to follow along. Please respond and let me know if this is possible? Thank You

  • Say I do a certain amount of weight like max is 135 on the bench, then week two rolls by on your last set of bench should you lift heavier and continue every week?

  • Wie wäre es wenn ihr beiden die 1000 Liegestütze in einer Stunde Challenge von Sascha Huber machen würdet? Ich würde euch viel mehr zutrauen

  • This is all very well if you have a large box, and a set of huge parallel bars at home but what if you don’t? Also, not everyone is blessed with such ‘elastic’ flexibility. Please could you provide exercises that a normal reasonably fit man could do not a gymnastics pro or Yoga master? Also what’s wrong with warming up on a treadmill or doing some spinning first before weights? Think I’ll look for other stretch exercises instead.

  • Just wanted you to know that someone is using your videos: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=353132525359570&id=326605978012225

  • If you buy the program and it increases your weekly “workload”/time input, then it’s good all that you need.
    Going for PressHandstand in 2020 and HSPU!

  • Hi. Just wanted to ask you. I have seen an ad on facebook about a sort of upper body strap that supposedly improves posture. Its called Mr Posture. Is it something you promote? Because they are using clips from your youtube channel about improving posture. If you are not aware of this you should check it out

  • If this guy is real…then he is a freak of nature. All he needs is a tan and he can replace Jason Statham in his next action film…

  • you see chris shaking and think ”oh, maybe hes human after all” then you remember he’s already completely fatigued and is still doing more.

  • Me: watching this, thinking it’s some good stretches or something like that
    Chris: “Aight boys, we starting with explosive muscle-ups.”

    Wtf is wrong with you xD

  • Is it bad that I want to be under Chris in that super slow push up???? Is it the social distance affecting me? Or is a normal thing?

  • I like your workouts because it makes you stronger. Like I want to get bigger but don’t want to be massive. Just fit enough to look and feel good and improve my performance in sports.

  • I like Jeremys video, only issues i would highlight is his details of the issues,… he goes into too much details and speak quite fast, therefore i have to rewind a bit and kinda lost interest after a while!!

  • Hello guys. Anyone give me a suggestion. I’m very skinny and tall. Im very2 new to exercise. I can’t do any exercise above 5 times. I’m simply get tired and my body shake very badly. So I unable to do any exercise/workouts. For example even when I do knee push ups my arms cannot support me. So what I must do first guys?

  • If you don’t have a vest, I feel like these exercises can still be performed to the same intensity, like jumping higher, handstand pushup with a clap, or explosive dips with a clap. Just don’t push yourself out of orbit 😉
    Also what I do with burpees is I jump as high as I can and on the squat to pushup transition I smooth into a sort of semi planche pushup position and lower myself to about halfway before my feet touch the ground and on a pushup part I push hard enough to almost fly back unto my feet.

  • I am 47 year old and i have been trying to build muscle from last years but lts not helping… people say age a juat a number but i feel thats not true….can you do a video on tips for 45 and above.

  • Chris thanks for
    Your videos what can you do if you have no equipment you’re stuck at home and you would really looking to grow Mass without any equipment will calisthenics alone do it

  • hand stand push ups with a weighted vest

    I feel like a kid that had just been pranked by a sleight of hand magician and is questioning reality.

  • Awww that’s my dream body man…. I wanna work towards it….
    Btw How long do you workout everyday to maintain your physique…. I really wanna know…

  • Watching this awesome video even since before quarantine started. I love the way you apply all your knowledge into a 10 minutes video and I imagine all the hard work put in behind the cameras, that’s one of the reasons why I actually appreciate it. We will keep watching this routine as long as we continue working out, plus the fact that my mother found this one super effective and useful for her little neck pain helping to release soreness and muscle contraction that she’s been struggling with for a long time… So yeah lots of good news surrounding our life quality and body context thanks for the love you put into training and the way you convey it to us. Thank you again Chris and all the diligent team of this great channel and fitness community called THENX!! Greetings from me and may mother from Argentina����

  • Just started working out and these stretch routines are exactly what I needed! I did static holds and I always wondered my routines ended so early and so tiresome, but hearing this and learning from someone experienced opened my eyes and mind. for sure im gonna be using this before any routine! Chris, keep being awesome!

  • Wao! Es muy necesario, antes me había lesionado por no hacer esto antes de empezar la rutina. Puedes hablarnos de las lesiones y recuperación? Gracias hermano!��

  • Now I am definitely missing a room where I could have done my exercise (you don’t want someone to come while you’re exercising it’s so distracting
    And going to gym means no warm ups in my city I went to a gym they didn’t know a thing about warm up

  • Great video. If a person is NOT working out or building mass, they just want to limber up and start getting active, do you recommend doing all these stretches as static stretches?

  • Dynamic stretching, 5-10 minutes of warmup (activity), light to moderate static stretching 10 seconds each. This theory was big 10 years ago and has been disproven. Watch how long professional ball players stretch and warmup paying attention to tight areas-I’m taking the advice and experience of their trainers. Love your videos but this advice at the start is misleading.

  • 2:58 Body raise
    3:27 Shoulder mobility
    3:50 Forearm | wrist | fingers
    4:52 neck stretch
    6:21 elbow mobility
    7:08 Hamstrings | claves | lower back
    7:25 Hip Flexors
    7:47 Lower back & Hamstrings
    8:09 Outer quads & Hamstrings
    8:19 Hip flexor stretch
    8:29 Hip flexors | Glutes | Hamstrings
    8:46 Quad Stretch
    9:23 Ankle Mobility
    10:00 Butterflies
    Warm Up!

  • This is a great mid-day routine in the office! My whole energy shifted when I realized I could follow along behind the desk. A new habit for the 2pm doldrums!

  • Bands best thing for home training. Trust me. You can gain great muscle with them, its simple to use and you can save money on monthly billing at gym. GREAT THING.���� I got my at trainhome shop (check on google).����

  • He has a huge anaconda inside and I can see it.. sorry its just that its really obvious. I guess he’s not wearing underwear?..


  • Hello Chris, its been some time since you uploaded this video but maybe you still read the comment. I used to exercise when I was younger, with machines and later free weights. I got fit, but I had a hard time building muscle. Fast metabolism and all. Anyways. I got an injury in the knee and basically stopped training ever since. That was 7 years ago.

    I did try sit ups and push up etc but they never did anything even after weeks.

    Now I started to watch your videos a few weeks ago and I love em, and honestly. Youre not just a great instructor but your app rocks as well. Yes. I got it yesterday. The gymsare closed due to covid and all, and I always postponed working out until they open again. But fuck it.

    I watched the other video of you and realised that I never had any results because I treated it like weights. So I worked out only twice a week, and thats why I never got anywhere. Now I just will workout 5 days a week and kick myself doing it. And your app isnot just very detailled with its information but also shows great workout plans. Loving it.

    Thank you.

  • Okay, when he says he does three rounds of 60 seconds each, does that mean he does 9 minutes of the warm exercises? One minute each and then repeat two times?

  • This is a great example of what interpreting research correctly looks like and basing the consensus off of the current body of evidence. As always, very good video man! Also editing and production quality are only getting better overtime

  • I’m doing AthleanX 2 right now and he suggests 45 sec rest… 3 minute rest is interesting. My friend @phillysports who is a powerlifter suggests long breaks for building larger weight… now I’m confused… I’m trying to burn 10% body fat and grow muscle.

  • Hulk: rest 30 seconds max
    Thor: rest 45 seconds max
    Stalone: rest 1 min max
    Superman: rest 2 min max
    Me: fuc tis sheet, i ll rest as long as i want alright?

  • Good video Jeremy-I’ve always had a very simple philosophy in my workouts using the 3 Ps: PERSISTANCE//PROPPER form//PROGRESSION. Create a habit of incorporating these three pillars and you’ll be successful.

  • I am a personal trainer. It’s been only 4 years coaching but I am realizing that trainers should not be certified without at least passing something like Calimove’s level 1 mobility training program.
    Yes, it is that essential.
    A coach who can move freely himself should be the only one eligible to teach.
    I am embarrassed, I found this too late. But it’s helping already.. me and my clients are benefiting from their program that costs less than one training session with any trainer. These guys are truly a blessing. Pain-free body is the first step to a strong body. Thank you!

  • Some say rest 30 seconds and now 3 minutes…. wtf how confusing. Can’t you make something standard??? Different youtubers are with different suggestions ��������������

  • Nice video. My workout takes on average 45 mins to an hour and if I was to incorporate 2 to 3 minutes between each set though it would take forever to get through. Surely this would not apply when using dumbbells?

  • 3 min rests between sets? Wtf, I tend to do 30s to 1 min. Defo will need cat videos so I don’t get bored.
    A little book is a good idea, I tend to remember the weight but might be off on the reps sometimes. Kinda worried ppl will judge me even though I shouldn’t care.

  • Jeremy, I wonder if you could cover advice on how to get back into gym workouts after both or either of spinal surgery and having reached a state of obesity or overweight and out of shape (but still strong) and in good heart condition. Thank you ��

  • Heyyy do you hold your breath the entire time for the slow push up or is it okay to take some breaths? If so can you give some tips for the breathing pattern for it?

  • #JeremyEthier big fan of your vids all the way from India,
    I liked the concept of logging down you work outs and yes the vid on your daily intake on Mens Health was awesome.
    > Can you make a video for food intake for beginners where we can consume alternate food easily available in Indian markets as compared to the one’s which you suggest
    Thank you!

  • Please please brother next target the endomorph body type and what exercise and diet should they eat to build muscle and loss fat at the same time.

  • just noticed, you’re that guy that walks in with his bag and leaves it everywhere, bro spend 5 bucks and get a lock… Other then that great videos I always watch

  • 1. drink water
    2. walk
    3. stretching is not that important
    4. cool down
    5. post workout snacks:D
    6. shower
    7. shower your legs with cold water

  • 3 minutes of rest period is way too much, it depends upon the intensity of the previous set. Initially during the workouts, you don’t need that long of a rest period.
    Secondly, it is ridiculous to do three warmup sets before the working set.
    Time and again it has been said and with personal experience I can say that you shouldn’t drain youself before the working set even starts.
    EMG data and all this analysis is not as accurate as everybody thinks… Everything differs for an individual.
    A sample of handful of people can’t underline a thumb rule.
    Yes keeping track of your workout was the only practical and valuable thing in the video.

  • Serious question. How does he know that doing this creates much more hypertrophy? Putting the muscles under tension like that does help, but these are only a few extra high intensity reps added into a workout. How does he know it will add so much hypertrophy?

  • Nice vid, but you missed out something crucial: draw downs / step downs / pyramids, what ever you want to call them: warm up, then go for max weight reps (if even a few), then go down a third, as many sets of 10 reps as you can, then down another 1/3rd, max no. of 10 reps, then down another third, finish on the lightest weight 100 reps, to clear out lactic acid. (i.e. 120 / 90 / 60 /30 / 15 kg, and do the sets of reps under tension, no relaxing between lifts. Only when I found this out did I get beyond my plateau. Ideas from where? Arnie’s vids here on YT, I think he knows a bit about that sort of thing. ( I wanna be the fittest bloke in the gym by my 70th birthday next year, but my programme got screwed by lockdown, so doing what I can at home with home made weights.) Thanks for your vid.

  • “beginners don’t rest long enough”
    Bitch please, i was still trying to catch my breath 4 minutes later, but I’m doing a circuit then rest.

  • These things are obviously not meant for the serious bodybuilder. The biggest, strongest people in my gym do none of these things. I won’t be subscribing

  • Awesome video as always. How is it that you don’t have a workout app… I know I would pay for it. All paid weight training and even the Nike running apps have gaps…

  • Dude!!! The Paul skit was GREAT.. and more technically it will help your viewers remember the lesson…
    so wonderful bro.. you’re doing good

  • I just stretch the muscles that I used after either every set or every 2 sets per workout, not only does it provide time for rest, but it helps ease tension and stimulates blood flow for the next set

  • When you say “Before your first set, use light weights to acclimate your muscles”, should we do that for each exercise in the workout or just the first one? Like if I’m doing 3 chest exercises in a workout, do I do the 3 warmup sets before each chest exercise, or just the first?

  • Its only been a month but i can already see that my body is already changing and already had a form�������� all of your teachings paid off all of this is worth it����������������

  • How do you stay so slim but so strong? I’ve been doing callisthenics for about 6 months now but cannot stay slim (always gaining muscle mass)

  • I love yr vid Jeremy, but a 3 min rest period? The ” honest 8×8 workout” was a proven method and also one of the quickest muscle gain/fat loss methods which has stood the test of time, this completely contradicts what you’re suggesting.

  • What is the difference between the complete calisthenics beginner program and body transformation beginner? Your website makes it clear what complete calisthenics offers, but not how it’s different than body transformation. Unsure which one would benefit me most. Thanks.

  • Stretching is good for you if you want to avoid or decrease the soreness the next day. So technically, if you are a beginner or trying a new, harder workout then it’s better if you stretch after it.

  • Some women have cellulite due to bad genetics I’m one of them and have always had it (since puberty)….so, well, I guess sometimes you can’t really do anything…

  • Well I downloaded the app and the good stuff are categorised as PRO so you can access, in result you need to pay 119 dollars each year!!!
    What do we do if we can’t purchase the PRO membership?

  • Less phone and more writing. Pick up a pen and notebook. By the time you go to do your workout you know your goal and know how to reach it. All you need is your body, water and your brain. Phone is to much distraction.

  • Just discovered calisthenics via this video and followed along with modified versions of the moves. Mind=blown. My workouts are about to seriously change �� DAMN

  • To long rest 3min to boring and study show drops set are as good even better than normal set in half of the time, so I’m not going to do t’so long rests

  • good point about not stretching the muscles you’re about to workout. I saw something years ago how the 1rep max decreased about 10% when performed right after stretching.

  • :/ o got no fone to train
    I conforme learning every Moovement before Train and go out. Plain My week on works out every Sunday and i had learn all Human Body Muscles… So when i want to do a new Moovement, i train an moove my workout to get it.

  • I downloaded the app and have a question about the breaks between the sets and rounds. Do you agree with 2-3 min between the sets and rounds? I havent found something in the app about it.

  • I caution everyone from signing up to the Heria Pro app. It’s very easy to subscribe but impossible to cancel. On the website and the app itself there is no way to manage your subscription. There is a chatbot on the site, however the guys don’t respond and completely ignore any request to cancel the subscription. I was a true fan until this experience, the complete lack of customer support and taking advantage of my support is unacceptable. Be warned guys, and think very carefully before you make the mistake that i did. Don’t get caught…

  • very hard.l got 60 kg.Next month l put on my workout. without teachings:::)))) success further l will take your workouts for three months hello Florin