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10 Moves You’re Not Doing to Get Stronger Glutes. by SELF. March 14, 2015. 2 Comments.

Share it: This will hurt, and you will feel the burn, but you’ll love what it does for your backside. These 10 sculpting moves require only a pair of sneakers, a yoga mat, a little bit of space and a lot of willpower. Lie on back with knees bent, feet. 1 day ago · When it comes to glute gains, hip thrusts seem to get all the attention.

And rightfully so, as hip thrusts are a great way to isolate and strengthen the glutes, while putting minimal tension on your lower back. But hip thrusts and barbell back squats aren’t the only booty-building moves worth their. Whether you’re trying to get a bigger booty or not, you still need to be strengthening your glutes. Think about how often you do things like walking, standing up, or using the stairs — without.

Let me blow your mind really quick: Squats are not the only way to strengthen your glutes, and they’re not the best way to do it either. Yup, a. Strong glutes, quads, and hamstrings will help you avoid injury, improve athletic performance, and move more easily in daily activities. Here’s a 7-exercise workout to build lower body strength.

Glute contractions: This is my favorite exercise to engage the gluteus maximus (the biggest muscle in the body). You can do this exercise anywhere. Strong glutes will help you eliminate lower back pressure.

Routine 2 – Add a loop band to activate the glutes and add challenge. These are the only resistance bands I recommend. I personally.

Weak glute muscles may also cause you to lean forward. To fix a forward lean, you’ll need to improve mobility in your hips, ankles and spine, as well increase your core strength. Our glutes are a large, strong muscle group. Because of that, you want to use both heavy loads and lower rep ranges for certain lifts while complementing those moves with slightly lower loads and higher reps that allow you to focus on that mind-body connection. You may not have dumbbells, but using your body as a weight is always a good option.

Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere and are great for all fitness levels. Get. More About Glutes.

Why Your Glutes Won’t Get Stronger; 2 Glute Exercises to Increase Your Running Speed; 4 Best Glute Exercises You’re Not Doing; Build a Strong Butt (It’s More Important Than You.

List of related literature:

The problem with this statement is that it’s nearly impossible to know which subdivisions of which gluteal muscles you’re working during a movement, especially when the hips move away from neutral in terms of flexion (bending your hips or lifting your leg), abduction (moving your leg away from your body), and rotation.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Perform the same motions with the left leg: step back, press the heel into the ground, straighten the leg, and contract the buttock muscle; hold for a beat; return to the starting position.

“8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot” by Esther Gokhale, Susan Adams
from 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot
by Esther Gokhale, Susan Adams
Pendo Press, 2013

To make this exercise more effective, do the movements in a 4-count sequence1) step to side, keeping hips and shoulders square, 2) lower body into a squat, 3) stand, 4) drag non-lead leg in, placing feet together.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
Kendall/Hunt, 2002

• In step 1, contract the abdominals to create a slight posterior pelvic tilt and prevent the lower back from arching as the hip flexors contract to help support the legs, especially as the knee extensors straighten the legs.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
Human Kinetics, 2019

3 Keep moving your arms forward as you lower your center of gravity to a Half-Squat position with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle and your rear horizontally aligned with your knees, or slightly below.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Many people fail to properly activate their glutes or use movement strate— gies to take advantage of the strong and powerful gluteus maximus.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
Human Kinetics, 2013

Weight shifting with gluteal squeeze on the stance lower extremity (1) Progress to standing on 1 leg with correct alignment (2) Progress to resisted activities of the opposite leg while standing on the affected leg B. Gluteus maximus muscle 1.

“Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines E-Book” by Shirley Sahrmann
from Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines E-Book
by Shirley Sahrmann
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Play around with any variations that you can think of and try to be aware of what is going on in your glutes, abdominals and hip extensors.

“An Introduction to Human Movement and Biomechanics E-Book” by Andrew Kerr, Philip Rowe
from An Introduction to Human Movement and Biomechanics E-Book
by Andrew Kerr, Philip Rowe
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

In addition to the gluteus medius, some evidence shows gluteus maximus activation is greatest during the step-up, lunge, and deadlift, compared to the squat [19].

“ACL Injuries in the Female Athlete: Causes, Impacts, and Conditioning Programs” by Frank R. Noyes, Sue Barber-Westin
from ACL Injuries in the Female Athlete: Causes, Impacts, and Conditioning Programs
by Frank R. Noyes, Sue Barber-Westin
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013

17) LUNGES (Stretches your thighs and groin as well as lengthens your spine) While on all fours with your knees below your hips and your hands below your shoulders, step your left foot forward, placing it next to your left hand.

“YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
from YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty
by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
Scribner, 2008

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  • You guys rock! Thank you Bob and Brad! Been following you for just over a year… saving me each time!!! Those Refresher are awesome:). Yeah…looking’ fwd the broken heart fix ❤️��

  • Hi, you know I did a few of these probs 3* weekly & the pain behind my knee has really improved, not sure if it was the buds & 3*15 of the laying down side kick or what..I didn’t even do much. Thanks..will stick to this..been looking for this video

  • My mobility is so poor right now that when he went down into that perfect squat with no weight on his shoulders I was genuinely impressed. Shocked almost.

  • I need help cuz the bottom of my butt is Round but I need a good excersise for the top part it’s flat I feel no matter what I do it’s not working or maybe not going the right workouts

  • Hey all! I’m a Physical Therapist who’s passionate about getting to the root cause of injuries and dysfunction. Clinically, it seems that most glute weakness might be a direct consequence of low back dysfunction. I made a quick video on how to figure it out for yourself! https://youtu.be/DYYccdidYBo

  • Sir does gluteus pain rotate to groin penis and testicles and pelvic. If it does
    Please suggest exercise to cure it.
    I’ll be very thankful to u for this.

  • When doing the Bridge position (lifting your butt while laying on your back) you should have your feet just far enough back to touch your heels with your fingers. Brad’s are pretty far out. At least that’s how we do it in yoga.

  • Whoa! I had no idea I was so weak… That side bridge with a leg raised was hard�� Will definitely use this video to work on this muscle!

  • I’ve been having trouble with matching my gluteus medius growth with my gluteus maximus growth. I tried this today on each leg for about twenty reps and about four sets and My glutes are on fire. I will see how it goes. thank you!!

  • Jeff cavalier you are the man! my mate Steve platt was in a wheelchair until he watched your videos now he’s back on the scene lookin good gettin laid baby!

  • I have pain in my Gluteus Medius region. when I stand on one leg and push that hip out to the side it intensifies. When I lay on a small ball on that region I have noticed it has trigger points, a lot of pain (though i don’t know if this is normal as I never put a ball there when I wasn’t feeling anything.) Also, I have lower back stiffness feeling. And if I lean backwards PLUS to the side I get pain in that corner of my lower back over my hip. I don’t know if this is all connected. Any suggestions would be brilliant!……Oh forgot to mention there seems to be sensitive parts in my glute max when i lay on that too. no pain from it though.

  • If one had a hip replacement, would you recommend the kneeling fire hydrant exercise? Doesn’t laying on one’s side and performing this movement achieve the same results? Love your channel!

  • Just had a stroke and I need glut strength to walk again this is going really help but it won happen overnight.go channel and great demonstration fo glutes I just sudded

  • Bridges are really good, but I have to chuckle, and be grateful that there are no cameras when I do them. Need to hold onto a pole or something for the step down motion. Great video, thanks

  • I finally find out my gluteus medius has caused my tight lower back muscles. I’ve been working on your exercises and noticed improvement. It helps to correct my posture too. Thank you.

  • If I do these exercises will they help me heal my Glute Medius because it hurts for almost a month and I can’t walk properly and I don’t know what to do.

  • Hey, thanks for this! After some research I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a bilateral weakness in the hip abductor muscles which results in a gait that is somewhat similar to that of a woman’s gait (i.e., sideways hip sway, I’m a man, so I need to fix this), I also leanred that this also has secondary affects on my knees so I really need to fix this. Will doing these excersies fix my condition?

  • Ouh I just love your videos! Even though these are activations, could these be done as a workout? And would they be done to failure?

  • Buy loop bands here: https://amzn.to/2YBuaw9 (affiliate link)
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  • Thnx for the great vids!
    Just a question for the pelvic drop. If my Right leg is the affected/weaker leg, should it be on te step, yes or no?
    I would say NO (Left leg on step if I want to strengthen the Right leg) but litterature that I found is contradictory!

  • Great video, i`have question, when doing all this exercise my glutes want fire properly, hamstrings and back muscles but never glutes, I realize there are inhibited by something! Also is for Glute medius! Any sugestion or advice please, thx in advance!

  • I have alot of pain in my hips and your explanations are very helpful to me thank you so much for the exercises due to chronic migranes I sit way too much will give these a try cheers from Canada

  • I did squats with weight on a bar, I did not extend my glutes to raise myself up, and I totally strained my psoas the next day. It hurt to stand or sit for weeks! Follow this man’s advice.

  • Are these exercises okay to do while still having pain? Will they help? Went on a 3 hour hike with a heavy uneven backpack and experienced the worst pain I have ever felt in the gluteus medius. After 3 days of intense pain ended up in the ER so am on high doses of pain and anti inflammatory meds. I’m sure the pain pills are masking the pain but just wondering if these exercises would hinder or help at this point? Thank you.

  • 1) side lying abduction
    2) the pelvic drop
    3) single leg deadlift
    4) single leg squat
    5) side bridge (as long as possible)

    youre Welcome ����

  • Hi there, i know this is an old video but i am someone that suffers badly from IT Band Friction Syndrome, just a 3km run can put me out of exercise for three weeks unable to walk properly, i was recommended these excersies but was wondering how long it would take to improve my state using these. if i did this all daily.

  • I’m so glad that I found your channel! My “soft” glutes are causing my quads to tighten up and for the first time in my life, I’m having slight knee pain due to quadriceps tendinitis. Question: do you have a recommendation for exercises (or maybe you covered this in another video) about what to do if one of your glutes is far less stronger than the other?

  • How do you do these without activating the psoas too much? My psoas compensates for my weak glutes but it’s hard to activate them without my psoas taking over.

  • Love your videos. While enjoying the running joke about you working on heartbreak, it occurred to me that there is a Bob and Brad like solution out there, AND you mentioned it: Walking. When done with a mild cardio effort the body automatically goes into diaphragm engaged deep(er) yoga like regular breathing. The oxygen shower cleans the brain and the repeating continuously alternating left-right impulses to the limb muscles have an effect that is systematically used in trauma therapy by EMDR for example. https://www.emdria.org/ (Also youtube). One could justifiably say that EMDR is an application of neural medicine.

  • Love watching you. ���� So funny with humour and great information. I’ll give it a try and see. I have back/ sciatica pain for a long time… just watched your video on sciatica aa well. hopefully it’ll help:). Thank you for your videos!

  • Dear Bob & Brad: Where can I get the table, shown in this video? Looked on Amazon, but don’t know manufacturer’s name and it’s not listed on your website.
    Also, what height should the table be for someone 5’5″-5’6″ tall?

  • I purchased the booty burner challenge. On day 8: Side Lying Series, I felt like I wasn’t engaging my glutes. It was more a feeling of pain in my hip. On Day 10: Band Standing Booty Burner, you noted that lifting the band higher up would help engage the glutes. Prior to that I was feeling the same pain in my hips from day 8. I pulled the band further up my leg, and then I could feel my glutes starting to carry the load. Is there a way to modify day 8’s exercises to get my glutes, and not my hips, to carry the load?

  • “Take the pain.” Sgt. Barnes. Sharp, searing, unrelenting pain. Slowly, I recover and then I appreciate this world more. For if not now, when? “Life is but a vapor.” Holy Bible.

  • Dr Jo, you are an amazing help to me. I have so many injuries and issues and you inspire me to rehab them. Slow and careful is my healing strategy. I just sent my doggy to heaven so it is a very difficult time. Thanks.

  • Hi, im from philippines,,, i got stroke 1y 5mos now,,, i watched ur videos everytime,,, now im experiecing foot drop (right leg) cant walk correctly,,, i want to walk normally or 95% at least

  • Great exercises guys! Totally agree with hip flexor reciprocal inhibition. The clamshell is another awesome beginner exercise to hit more of the glute medius

  • My Tempurpedic after 2 years is breaking down; getting a Adapt Meduim on Thursday! Do you think that will help back pain? 3 fusion surgeries.

  • she hit it right on the head when she talked about correcting inbalances. im 43, been training for years and this whole COVID thing has really allowed me to shift focus as she says and go back to basics. well done.

  • In the single leg deadlift, I did not understand whether or not you wanted the toes pointed toward the floor or not. Can you clarify please

  • I like you cause you speak more of activating it to take pressure of other areas.. or improve running or lifting.. people talk about ‘growing glutes’ and I believe it can happen because it’s a muscle but don’t teach you all these things.

  • Purchase the resistance loop bands featured in the video here: https://amzn.to/2RFpQto (affiliate link)
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  • I’m working from home. almost working 11 hours a day. that’s the only thing I’m doing. my buttocks all the way down to my ankle is in so much pain. is it from sitting down. I have computer desk job. also my neck and hang hurt.

  • I am learning so much from your videos! Many people believe that personal trainers are well acquainted with every single variation of an exercise when that really is not so. I have learned so much AFTER becoming certified. In this particular field, you should never believe that you know it all. Keep up the great content!!!!

  • This helped so much, I’ve been putting off floor work exercises so ages, and your video was really helpful and taught me a lot. Thankyou

  • Hello, excellent videos! Do you have any exercises for the inner thighs with these elastic bands? I just bought them but I can’t think of any exercises that involves inner thighs. Thanks again.

  • Yeah I know I’m a few years late, but it’s still good stuff. One of the best tips gained from the few videos I’ve watched so far has been keeping the knees behind the toes. Simple tip like that could help many folks not only with their exercising, but anyone that does any kind of physical work…. it’s a back saver.

  • Loving your videos. Am currently in intensive PT for severe gluteal muscle(s) atrophy and lower leg muscles atrophy. I never knew my 20 year history of sciatica could lead to such a problem. I’ve told my Doc for at least 5 years (annual physical) “it hurts when I sit”. He usually had no comment tho one year he did ask me if I’d tried a pillow. Duh. The muscles in my lower leg have also been atrophied for the same period. Now I can’t walk far, drive far or sit long. I was walking 3 miles a day almost every day prior to this.
    Anyway, I noted for at least 6-7 years my right foot was inverted when I walked. I was having calf pain so on my daily walk two months ago I purposefully walked with my foot everted for a half mile. I was amazed when foot then was walking straight. However I then developed distension in the lower leg which remains. It becomes painful (burning) with my exercises which I do 3 hours total every day. No ankle or knee edema. The distention is apparently from water within the muscle itself. This is all before I began PT.
    I’m awaiting a neurology appt in 3 months.
    Sorry so long, I’m just wondering if you have encountered a problem like this and what your recommendations might be,

  • Ax.

    Putting on shoes = OA

    Diagnosis of GTPS




    Fai mobility, core and strength, GTPS IN CAPS

    Gym ball: 

    Side to  side and circles on gym ball


    hip fall outs/abduction

    Bridging, bridging with knee extension at the top

    -both hip flexed, bring one foot to floor, slowly extend hip and knee 

    Piriformis stretch 


    Four point:

    Bird dog 

    Rocking back to heels 


    Knee flexion 

    knee flexion with hip extension

    Hip extension mobs

    Bridging with theraband 


    Offset Bridge 






    abduc and slightly extended, er

    × Abduction
    XX abduction gym ball on wall

    Keep trunk stable

    sideways bridging


    Stand on one leg, rotate from side to side 

    Wall slide

    Hip flexor stretch, lunge with target leg on the floor

    knee flexion and isometric abductuon against wall

    Lunging, quick reps

    Multidirectional lunges 

    Side ways stepping +/theraband 

    step downs











    X single leg dives

    X single leg stands

    X side lying bridging
    XX side lying bridging with leg extension

    Strength n coordination

  • Hi DoctorJo, I have snapping hip syndrome with my right hip. My physical therapist told me to do bridge exercise, but every time I do this with my legs about hip width apart, my right hip pops. It only stops popping when I do wide stance bridge, which I keep my feets wider than my hips then I can do it normally without popping. Is it harmful for my knees or hips if i keep doing bridge that way? Sorry for my bad English.

  • You are just awesome! You’re relatable informative and fun! And the exercises are great, I have had serious problems in the past and have rebuilt myself physically and these are DOABLE AND WORK����������

  • Gosh I thought my glutes were pretty strong, but they really woke up after doing the bridge, the clam and the fire hydrant! Also love the concept of resistance bands for travelling. Thanks again Dr Jo!

  • If i were to choose one exercise for my GluteM, for example lying leg raises with a band or pelvic drops with weight, is there a benefit to one of them over the other?

  • I sing the body electronic, I celebrate the me yet to come. I toast to my own reunion. When I become one with the sun. Workout of the late 80’s.

  • I’ve been using perform better bands and 2 have snapped already (green and blue) therefore I like that your recommendation includes life time guarantee

  • I don’t like weak ass anything either! I give it a year and I’m gonna have a Poppin booty…. And my back won’t hurt. Yay. Thanks again Jeff!

  • Hi DoctorJo, I have Joint Hypermobility syndrome that sometimes my hips and my knees are partial dislocated, can I do a glute bridge exercise? Is this exercise safe for my hips and knee joint?

  • I just found your channel a couple days ago I love your step by step on how to position yourself I also wanted to know how can I go about ordering one of those head cushion you have thank you

  • for a year now I’ve been doing. The barbell hip thrust and my back would always feel uncomfortable.
    Jeff made me realize I wasn’t using my glutes and hips correctly, instead of using my back while rising up I was focused more on making sure I squeezed my glutes more and reached full extension.

    I had to lower the weight for proper form but my god it’s way better feeling the burn on my ass (pause) than having a sore back

  • Hello Doctor Jo. You have some great exercises videos that makes me want to do them all but I do have specific limitations for now. I was wondering if it’s ok to do these exercises if I have 2 herniated disks that are pinching my sciatic nerves?

  • Recognizing your disclaimers, are all of these exercises suitable for a healthy 80 year old without injury? They look great and these bands will make workouts much easier, more consistant as mentioned and less in between time than trying to tie the full length resistance bands. You had used them once before for one exercise but haven’t felt justified in buying them for one exercise. I suppose I could also use them for “walking” exercises. Could you perhaps do that type of video if you agree with the value? I really like the way you start exercise with a small number of reps and then increase. I guess it is a mental thing, but I am more inclined to do small goals and advance as I recognize my progress. Thx.

  • @Physiotutors
    First and foremost, Great Video! I don’t have knock knees: If I put my knees/feet together while i am standing my legs are perfectly straight and touch each other. But while im walking I have a tendency that my knees cave inwards. Is the Gluteus Medius the key to addressing this problem?
    Best regards

  • Single leg deadlift is the absolute top for me! Also like to progress it by adding a theraband giving some medial deviation of the knee.

  • personally there is nothing wrong with your lower body as long as your legs but and everything guys keep assuming are just for women the truth is the lower body dose just if not more work than the upper body come on guys you cat neglect the muscles you use every day

  • Hi Dr Jo, I am a subscriber and I want to thank you for your advice. I am at a level where I am doing one legged bridges. What I would like to know is when performing one or two legged bridges, is it more important to hold the bridge for as long as you can or is it more beneficial to do more of them.

  • Dr. Jo Thanks for the great videos. I had lumbar surgery (no fusion, just cleaned up the foraminal channels to make room for nerves) My surgeon said squats are always bad, but these seem pretty safe….thoughts?

  • Hello. You and the videos are very helpful and you’re gentle and fun. I’m just starting to focus on strengthening my glutes as I’m 51 as they feel weak, and I have back issues, etc. I’m also in decent shape yet muscle strengthening now. How often would suggest doing this routine to really benefit from the exercises? How many sets, reps and then how many times per week. Thank you so much for helping us.

  • you guys should start a patreon. What this means is people, like me, who love your content could give you a few dollars a month to continue producing great quality videos. Keep up the great work

  • Doc i got pain burning sensation and sweating in buttock area and back of thighs kindly help me out diagnose and suggest some treatment??

  • I have suffered from lower back pain on and off for many years.It seems as though I just get my workouts the way I want them and something goes wrong with my back. I really appreciate you taking the time to focus on this area. I am excited in giving your thoughts a try. Thanks

  • This video was so informative! I do a lot of strength training and floor Pilates, but you explained why I can’t seem to do some of these exercises after years of trying. Looks like I go back to modifications. Thank you!

  • I don’t really have lower back pain. I just get a crazy pump. I’m guessing from slight apt and lazy glutes? Sometimes even just shaving with a slight lean forward my lower back gets a pump.

  • I started to do Jane Fonda in the 80’s her glute sets were amazing, I still do them now lol. Oh and Ive been told I have a great arse more than a few times still. Im 54!

  • That skeleton is one of jeffs victims
    And when they were dying Jeff was yelling “no you’re doing it wrong that’s why you’ve got no gains”
    “Bleeding is killing your gains stop it”

  • I spoke to your video I love your videos so much that I’m shocked I love when you teach us without whatever I cry massive building the show the party wise so wha

    Love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much I love you that much thank you bodybuilder

  • Reposting from 3 weeks ago: I haven’t purchased yet…..after 28-days of Booty Burner, do we no longer have access to the videos? Also, in the BB videos and library do you make reference to the muscle actions (that do the work)? like you do in many of your YT videos. When does this 28-day BB launch? ps….I like your new branding, it helps me remember to watch!

  • It’s really amazing how the details that Jeff pays attention to which brings the same exercise into a whole new level..Now every rep counts, Thank you so much for these great contents!

  • Jeff, what is your opinion on the McGill big 3 for strengthening weak glutes? I want to get fit, but my glute medius starts aching pretty much after anything I do, forcing me to have alot of downtime in between days that I exercise. A few years back I had a pretty active job, but now with a desk job and not working out regularly, I reached a point where I kind of dug a hole for myself and can’t get out. Are there any simple home exercises you can recommend so I can get my body back up to snuff that are low impact (for my lower back?).

  • 0:09
    Jeff: What are we talking abot today?
    Me: I don’t know…
    Jeff: take a look, take a good hard look, take a close look
    Me: the peni…
    Jeff: the hips
    Me. oh yeah of course

  • These bands are a whole new area for me to try out. I like the look of this routine. Do you know if ok for OA? Are these moves prolapse friendly?

  • I really appreciate your videos, thanks for all the time and energy you put in. So, I’m not a stupid guy….but at 7:23 you flash a message “Leave a thumbs up”…so I did my first few sets of squats, yup you guessed it, with my actual thumbs up. I thought it was a tip. Okay, I got it, and I left a thumbs up on the video. ha!

  • Always great information and always very specific. I have always got lower back pain and very weak glutes. Now I know how to fix the problem. Thanks.

  • Finally when his judgment day comes, May God take special consideration to the amount of backs this man has saved throughout his lifetime. Thank you Jeff��❤️��������

  • Trying this to 80s power metal but real talk, at the tender age of 30 something with no kids I have the weakest hips. Trying this along with my glute excersie to improve

  • Hello Dr I want to discuss with u my low back issue. Actually I am having the issue of mild disc bulge of l4 l5 and l5 s1. According to Dr there is nothing wrong with my Mri. But these days I am feeling stiffness and heavyness at my hips area. I can’t sit for long time. I have already completed so many session of phsiotrtraphy.

  • I am a new commer, is there something like a guide for the hunderds/thousands of vids in the channel? I dont think I will be able to watch all the videos here

  • I finally found this! And the cause of how I got a deep muscle strain and brutal spasms in my lower back! Weak glutes, esp my right one.
    This is absolute GOLD. Thank you

  • THANK YOU���� This helped me immediately!!! I tried a few exercises along with the video and voila, like magic, the pain in my back moved to fire in my bottom when doing deadlifts and bridges! You know your stuff sir��������

  • I really tried the side bridge but why do I feel that it is put too much stress on my knee, especially the injured one. While the others feel really good and activate my glute med, also like a standing on one leg star drill really activates my glute med.

  • Thanks sir jeff. Its been 4 days i didn’t do my workout since i got pain in my lowerback. But now getting reduce the pain at my lowerback just what i follow your tips and advices on how to fix the lowerback pain.��������and it works!��

  • This video is incredibly helpful so thank you. But I just wanted to clarify, when you said that your knees shouldn’t go past your toes, you meant only with this exercise (the band side squat)? And why?

  • It has been 2 months since i have back pain, first i tried low back and abs exercise to strenghten my core but it wouldn’t get better, so i’ve been doing this exercise for a week now and my back is so much better, of course i still have some disconfort, but i will let you guys know how it goes!

    Thanks Jeff you’re the man!

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  • Do these bands wrk good for bringing back individual toe movement? My entire right side has partial paralysis(stroke).also would it be wise to use ems devices to help stimulate muscles from your butt,all the way to the foot/ankle? I do weight training 5-7 days,my upper right side has almost fully recovered, but my whol leg needs serious wrk,alot of the muscles/brain to body connection is lost, or unresponsive. I know that I need to build up my foot/ankle,to get the rest of my leg working on the right track.I went to basic 6 months after having a stroke,that was a walkin the park compared to trying to get my toes/foot to function normally lol.

  • Great exercise for glute strength! Your videos have helped a ton while rehabbing some knee pain from running, great advice as always!

  • My left buttcheek and lower back lose strength and feel uncomfortable when I stand on one leg bend down or put the majority of my weight on it it doesn’t hurt but man is it uncomfortable I’m scared lol.

  • I just started working out and getting some lower back pain and this is exactly it, but how do i start to train my glutes to start to make them stronger? because doing squats and its variations or some sort of deadlift or its variation causes lower back pain, its difficult to continue training the quads/hamstrings and what i thought i was also training the glutes(but i guess wasn’t)…so what exercises can i start doing and how do i continue working my quads and hamstrings also?

  • Why does my hardest lvl resistant band not much of a challenge for me? Also how can I make my latex band not slide down when doing kick backs? I don’t want to buy fabric bands since I just bought my latex ones.

  • I like your video! I appreciate you mentioning the exercises that do not engage or put strain on the piriformis muscles. Do you have some relatively easy to medium stretches for the piriformis muscles. The pain can be excruciating! I have been to multiple chiropractors and massage therapists and it seems like I have been getting wrong information or incomplete information from both. I just watched a video on opening up my hips and those exercises calmed the cramping/ pain. I need to purchase a slider and will start on the exercises you showed in this video. Thank you so much����

  • Hi, I hope all is well there, I have a question about this video, What do you mean by the free leg and how I can find out the free leg. Thanks for this informative video.

  • I always cringed at the “perfect timing!!!” comments but this video actually solved my lower back pain on one side with perfect timing.

    Question is how to make sure both glutes are as strong as each other

  • Nesse vídeo eu aprendi que é essencial CONTRAIR OS GLÚTEOS (fechar a bunda) o máximo possível para a realização correta dos exercícios. A contração dos glúteos permite que a pelve fique entre uma posição neutra e posição de retroversão pélvica. Em complemento, realize a contração da parte inferior do abdômen.
    Quando realizamos exercícios em que não contraímos o glúteo ao máximo, existe uma tendência de arquearmos (extensão) a coluna lombar, causando sobrecarga e dor.
    Outra ideia importante do vídeo foi que: se há dor em uma região das costas, observar as regiões abaixo e a cima. Por exemplo, se a dor é na lombar, então a região dorsal (acima) ou os glúteos (abaixo) podem estar em desequilíbrio com a lombar, podendo estar fracos ou tensionados em excesso, provocando a dor na lombar.
    Portanto, em caso de dor lombar ou em caso de execução de exercícios de glúteos, realize a contração máxima dos glúteos (como se estivesse fechando o c* com toda a força). Em complemento, realize a contração da parte inferior do abdômen.

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  • 0:47 did you mean hip external rotation not internal? I have a weak GM on my left side and less femoral internal rotation as well. I have patellofemoral pain syndrome on that side from weightlifting and my physio said I have to increase internal rotation and release the TFL and IT band.

  • Great w/o for the glutes. Unfortunately I could not raise my legs for the back extensions. So I did 1 leg at a time. I could feel the heat in my outer glute. Is this a fair alteration?

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  • Thanks for explaining using your back and elbows during bridges. I was wondering if I was doing it wrong because It always feels like I’m using my upper back while driving up. I cannot get my glutes to grow for nothing! I joke I don’t even have a butt.. I have 2 legs that go all the way up to my backno booty! Love the 80s take <3

  • I am learning so much from your videos! Many people believe that personal trainers are well acquainted with every single variation of an exercise when that really is not so. I have learned so much AFTER becoming certified. In this particular field, you should never believe that you know it all. Keep up the great content!!!!

  • I’m struggling to do the exercises even without the resistance bands. I must have really weak glutes.. but I’ll order some of those bands

  • I am learning so much from your videos! Many people believe that personal trainers are well acquainted with every single variation of an exercise when that really is not so. I have learned so much AFTER becoming certified. In this particular field, you should never believe that you know it all. Keep up the great content!!!!

  • That was a great start! I did not expect useful stuff…will try these variations…esp bird dog and bridges! I tend to loose focus on the muscles I want to strengthen!

  • Really, really watch for hip stabilization in this 3rd exercise. In Yoga, this is really close to warrior 3 and rotating my hips is how I have strained my TFL It’s really, really easy to do and I didn’t notice it until it’s was too late. Generally, now if I can get my gluts firing right, I am ok. If you have a yoga person, tell them it’s the difference between a shaking hard warrior 3 that’s mostly core and shake and a rock solid warrior 3 that you feel like you could hold for an hour. If they don’t feel that’s it’s the hip rotation as I have oh so painfully learned.

  • just saw a couple of videos.You guys should be famous.I cant enter the giveaway because i think its usa only.Maybe you guys can change that.Keep it up and stay safe.

  • The hip abductor machine works well too. I dont see alot of men working these muscles and I learned the hard way by patellar knee pain from squatting.

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    1:13 80/20 Glute Bridge
    2:47 Straight Leg Fire Hydrant
    4:10 Slider Bird Dog
    5:44 Extended Side Lying Lift
    7:13 Side Balance Series

  • Hi, I stumbled upon this channel during covid. just want to express my appreciation.
    love your exercises, your clear explanations, and your natural style. thank you!

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  • 1) The 80/20 bridge [ 1:10]
    2) The Straight Legged Fire Hydrant [ 2:45]
    2a) Regression variation of 2) with knee bent [ 3:04]
    2b) Add more range of motion by using a bench [ 3:48]
    3) The Slider Bird Dog [ 4:07]
    4) The Extended Side Lying Lift [ 5:41]
    5) The Side Balance Series [ 7:11]
    5a) Side Balance Leg Raise [ 7:25]
    5b) Side Balance Leg Circle [ 8:08]
    5c) Side Balance Leg Curl [ 8:40]

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    Lastly, not to contradict Cori, but doesn’t the TFL also perform Internal Rotation of the leg along with Abduction theoretically complimenting the Glute Med when performing Abduction exercises like the Fire Hydrant? Why is it necessary to try to prevent Internal Rotation to deactivate the TFL? Preferential recruitment of the Glute Med?

    Thanks for the fun video!
    You are the Queen of Fitness Comedy on YouTube! You and Jeff Nippard should do a sketch for April Fools next year. Bro Jeff and Aerobics Cori teach the best way to gain muscle with the right wardrobe (dude midriff stringer shirts and lady neon wrist cuffs).

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    I use to teach aerobics back in the eighties and my go to moves come from that era. Videos like buns of steel with Tamilee Webb, and Greg Smithey amongst many others, are incorporated regularly into my fitness regimen. They are oldies but goodies. My daughters got a kick out of the spandex clothing but have worked out with me and have seen the results for themselves. I appreciate your valuable content!

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