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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Squats. ROUNDING YOUR LOWER BACK. Never let your lower back round when you squat: It can cause injuries and hurt your spine. Instead, keep a flat, neutral EXTENDING YOUR LOWER BACK.

NOT SQUATTING LOW ENOUGH. NOT USING DIFFERENT SQUAT VARIATIONS. LETTING YOUR KNEES. Avoid shoes with lots of cushioning. Shoes with a thin or rigid sole transfers power from your legs to the ground.

Use Free-weights not Machines Use free-weights, to get the full benefit of the exercise: strength, stability and balance. Reference Yeung, Anthony J. 2018.10 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Squats.August 23. Top 10 Squat Mistakes Not Going Low Enough. Too many guys still squat above parallel.

This reduces the strength and size you’ll build in your Collapsing Your Knees In. Never let your knees collapse inward as you squat. That’ll stress your knees and damage the Lifting Your Heels. Often, guys. Hence, following are 10 mistakes you should definitely avoid while doing wall squats. #10 Wearing the wrong shoes. Your mistakes begin before you even arrive at the gym—in your closet to be exact. when you do compound, lower-body resistance movements like the squat, you should wear non-supportive, platform-like shoes that allow your foot to move and stabilize naturally. #09 Letting Your Knees Turn.

To avoid injuries to your spine, never let your lower back round when you squat. Keep Your Squat Low To improve your lower-body strength and to take a lot of pressure off your knees make sure that the top of your thighs is parallel to the ground. Wear the Correct Shoes. A common mistake people make while doing squats is to begin the movement from the knee rather than the hip.

This generates maximum strain on the wrong muscles (the quadriceps instead of the glutes) while also increasing the risk of knee injury. Squats are the bread-and-butter of most bodyweight workouts, and for good reason.Squat exercises not only build muscle, but promote stronger legs, hips, knees, and glutes.. However, it’s all too easy to perform an incorrect squat, and even small squat mistakes may. 0 thoughts on “5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Squats” Sue says: October 30, 2014 at 7:54 pm I tried watching myself in a full-length mirror while I was doing squats and I was making some of the mistakes you listed.

I’m glad you pointed them out of I would have continued to make the same mistakes, over and over. 10 – Not-So Good Mornings. While an exaggerated knees-forward movement isn’t a good thing for your health and squatting performance, shoving the ass too far back and leaning forward isn’t good, either. This movement, done intentionally, is called a “good morning,” and can be a great supplemental exercise.

Blunder 2 Doing Shallow Squats. For maximal thigh development, you want to squat as low as you can—at least to a point at which your thighs are parallel to the floor with about a 90-degree knee bend. The deeper you go, the more your glutes and hamstrings have to work.

List of related literature:

The three most common faults when squatting, which I cover in more detail in the Squat section beginning on here, are excessively hyperextending your back in the top position, allowing your knees to collapse inward (knee valgus), and excessively posterior pelvic tilting in the bottom position (butt wink).

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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‘SQUATTING EXERCISE’.—From the position of the ‘Alert’ bend the knees and slowly lower the body into a squatting position, the back being kept upright; after a momentary pause slowly rise to the standing position again, repeat this a dozen times standing on the toes throughout.

“Scouting for Boys: A Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship” by Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Baron, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Robert Baden-Powell, Elleke Boehmer
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For example, say you can’t get your knees out or maintain a rigid spine at the bottom of a squat.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
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INTRODUCTION Some of the well intended guidelines provided to workers to reduce the risk of low back injury often recommend to: “bend the knees and keep the back straight”; never jerk a load lift slowly and smoothly”; “adjust your chair to keep the back upright and the hips, knees, and elbows at 90 degrees”.

“International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors” by Raymond Bonnett, Waldemar Karwowski
from International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors
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Done incorrectly, squats may strain back and knees.

“Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Paul S. Auerbach
from Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features
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  • I went from 181 to 150 in like 2 months riding 7 miles going up and down hills with my bicycle and i dont eat breakfast, then come home from work and work out then eat healthy. You got to put the work in and you’ll see results

  • Lord please forgive me for what I continue to keep looking at. I am gonna Repent tonight. He know he wrong and what he is doing….��������

  • I’m thinking ah man he gets me, during this China virus restrictions time I feel so f’d just because the gyms closed, no other reason, don’t care about the virus ����

  • And if you break the door frame or the kitchen counter, it will be more expensive than a gym membership or purchasing the equipment alltogether. Plus, someone at home will be seriously mad.

  • For the rule of “knees shouldn’t go past your toes”. I always see it more as those shouldn’t be the first things that move when you squat. What I see many people do at the gym is the Shoot their Knees forward first and then go down. Makes them look like they’re about to kneel down to someone and decide midway not to kneel haha. I’m no squat expert, but when I started out I learned that it should be more like a sitting motion. When you are about to sit you don’t shoot your knees forward, you actually move your butt back and then go down. So that’s the way I see it, and many people make that mistake at my gym.

    EDIT: He talks about this in the vid.

  • How can I improve my ankle mobility, I have injured them both when I was younger and lost flexibility, and don’t know how to improve this. I think it messes up my squats and pistol squat…

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  • Him: Tell me what your struggling with? Me: Tbh the only thing I’m struggling with keeping my eyes off that baby arm in your shorts �� ������

  • Needing help with stomach and thighs to get nice and flat..I will definitely start doing squats that way…I know a few tweeks of my own to work my thighs…

  • Hard to say what’s right or wrong sometimes, undeniably there are certain things you shouldn’t do when lifting weights but then at the same time there’s little tweaks that don’t even make much of a difference and can really depend on body type. Because I can bet for every person that says this technique stopped there back problems, another set of people will say it made it worse or created it in the first place. Tricky business.

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  • I’d love to see the extieror of his house. What is his career? just a fantastic youtube video maker? Money from advertising? I love the vids though.

  • Am I the only one still lost at this? What do u mean brace and deep breath, I’m actually pissed cuz I had to cut my workout today short because of lower back pain and these guys claim to have the answer yet it’s so vague and complicated, honestly we need someone to do proper form without a shirt on, that way we can accurately see the correct form, all I got from this is that she’s caving in instead of chest out in the first one. I’m mad frustrated, hard enough u gotta put your body on stress by lifting weights now u can cause a lifelong injury by doing it wrong. Might just go to calisthenics smh.

  • Hi there I’m New to your channel, one question
    I am 51kg and very skinny 17 year old boy
    Should I start workouts or focus on gaining weight?

  • Just what to forward everyone to this video witch gose further in depth into isometrics and if the are axauly effective

  • I’ve never lost more weight than I have since this whole quarantine thing began and never have been so strict and consistent with dieting. This virus is a blessing in disguise for me.

  • Work it! Women do it all the time ������������ Thanks for the tip “Mr. I see why you have a milly followers” #imgettingmybootyback

  • I don’t agree with working out every day. Your body needs rest and time off. You won’t lose any gains in a day or two off. You can get swole and ripped working out Monday,Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

  • How do I know if I have the new or old formula of rebel? I have 2 bottles 1 open and 1 unopened. Both ordered within the past month or so

  • Great video but I disagree working out everyday, this may lead to fatigue and may not be sustainable in the long run. Your body now and then needs rest.

  • Should one adopt the circumferential breathing technique when doing back squats without a belt, or is it belt specific? I’ve been taking my breath using my diaphragm and expanding my belly outward, as seen here: How to Breathe Properly During Squats

  • Yes great advice.. I messed my back up with chest up, back hyperextended,and driving through the heels. As a result the knees got weaker. Went back to what you suggested and low back pain gone. (Even went to chiropractor but that just treats the symptom) your advice is gold!

  • I’ve been squatting at school for 3 years now and I’ve always been watched my our coach for correct form and he always said I had perfect form… well just today I started to feel a pain in my lower spine and this is why. My back was over arched

  • buttwink is less of an issue than busted knees, i used to do knees over toes and it caused tendonitis. Ever since i switched to minimal knee travel i’ve had no knee issues and increased squat weight

  • 1) The lower back MUST contract hard during every phase of the squat (even at lockout) to protect the spine and provide proper force transfer between the legs/hips and the barbell.

    A little anterior pelvic tilt is desirable here for both safety and power output.

    2) Evenly distributing the moment forces between the hip and knee extensors will NOT produce more force, because the hip extensors (the glutes especially) and posterior chain are MUCH larger and more powerful muscles than the knee extensors (quads).

    This is why most people can low bar squat more weight than they can high bar squat low bar increases the length of the moment arm on the hips while reducing the moment arm at the knee.

    Pretty poorly informed/researched advice in this video.

  • Thank you so much. Ive been doing it wrong following the wrong advice where I was told to imagine making my butt touch the wall behind while keeping chest up. Also you say to keep weight even in feet and i was told to keep weight in heels ��

  • Great tip! It’s one mistake that we all make. One question though, if someone is struggling with the basic mechanics of a squat (knees passing their toes) and it’s not easily corrected in one session, what cues do you give instead of getting them to push their bum back?

  • This video solved my biggest issue (aside form ankle mobility). Couldn’t figure out why something felt weird. I was over exaggerating the breaking of the hip motion. Mainly because I read it’s what you’re supposed to do first. Tried breaking at the knees slightly before and boom. Feels completely natural and I’m staying a lot more upright during the motion. Thank you so much.

  • Excellent advice Vince. Your videos are always on point and very helpful. It’s the little things that make a huge difference. Thanks for your help.

  • Alpha I respect you and I believe in what you do… But I have some info that can help refine your tips good sir.

    1. Exercising every day can be good (as it can help develop the habit) but you need to emphasize that you should be exercising different muscle groups per day to prevent overtraining. Physical therapy textbooks typically prescribe resistance exercises (muscle/strength building exercises) 3 days/week for any muscle group.

    2. Isometric exercises are muscle contractions without movement (these can be with or without weights) for example: flexing your muscle to show off your guns or holding a weight stationary mid-rep)

    Regardless, I appreciate what you do and I thank you for the advice you give to all the gentlemen out there!

  • Yes! I did not train squat for a year now its time to build mine. Tnx v shred! Anyone see this comment would u min watchng my transformation vid? Tnx

  • A lot of the mutherfuckers in this comment section squat incorrectly.��Always going all the way down you working ass.When you squat you keep knees straight back straight & keep your head straight & you will be good.

  • Thanks for sharing. I’d love to see a workout plan come out where I can select what I do have at home as opposed to one that only focuses on no equipment! Stay safe

  • I personally don’t think you should exercise every single day because your muscles need rest to grow but working out 6-5 days a week is a constant routine

  • I have a problem where when I do a back squat the bar is tilted the left side down, I did squats all over the summer and no one said a thing about it and now this is happening anyone know why?

  • Great video!))) But what’s is very interesting which you didn’t mention: when you showed back arch, you had butt wink much earlier when you squat! AND THIS IS MY PROBLEM FOR YEARS thank you

  • Hey Chad, just watched this video, then went and had one of the best squat days in a loong time. The breathing cue in particular was really helpful. Thanks for the tips!

  • I love how this viseo is Super informative and very detail oriented! I wish I watch this video 10 years ago. I could have avoided all the injury i had.. anyway, Thanks for sharing your insight!

  • This video has so much wisdom to it. I think only the seasoned lifters will actually understand everything to this video while the beginners would just take this at face value and think they understand.

  • Finelly!! Someone who gives correct form!! During a body pump class this is what i focus on as it feels correct and hits the desired muscles. The trainers continually say to stick ur butt out like ur sitting on a chair yet i didnt agree as it hurt my lower back. Thank you for confirming Vince. ����������

  • I squat without shoes and I’ve been focusing in the ideal form and it’s been tough but I’ve reached really good straight form and I’m glad of it. The problem is, doing idesl form sacrifices weight used and it’s depressing not to lift the same weight when I compited in powerlifter. The progression is just too slow:/

  • It’s really hard for me to keep my knees from going over my toes so I sit so far back I lose my balance and my toes will come up lol

  • I am an athlete and over the past year and a half I have trained my hardest. Regardless, I maintained the exact same body weight for and full year Jan-Dec. I changed my diet, did excessive training via running and gym work. I cant seem to lose the extra body fat that I want to lose. Can you make a video sharing your advise and also probably how to get pass this. I also want to lose an extra 10 lbs or rebuild the extra i have into just muscle. Thanks

  • how do i do this and not squat on my toes? i keep doing something wrong and my ankles feel tight when i squat
    and cant put weight on my full foot, just my toes

  • Everything you are covering, because you’re right, is fine. There are people out there that not only need to know that it’s”bad”, but why that it is. So, explain in simple detail why it’s”bad”.

  • amazing video but someone tell me this isnt sped up. its like on 1.1 times speed or something because hes talking really fast and hes movements are really jerky unless hes amped up on pre or im just hella tired

  • I am 13 years old, and I do weight training at my school. When I was back squatting, I strained my back because of my form. The teacher never helped or cared about what we did. Now I can look at this and do it correctly. Thanks!

  • Camera operator is too close much of the time when is explaining some of the bad forms. The one time portrait mode is needed instead of landscape mode. Obviously was overpaid for the work.

  • @Coach PJ Nestler, this is soo much better than other methods. However I still get most strain in lower back as opposed to thighs.
    Could u pls suggest smtg for the same?

  • Coming from the guy who had the narrowest stance ever so he could push more weight. Did you ever widen your stance Ogus? Or did those inner thigh strains that arise keep you out of the good wide stance?

  • Well the obvious options aren’t possible for me I would literally break my home and i can’t hang up a bar so I’m still seeking for back exercises

  • jesus your lower back isnt sore because of this.its because you are bracing in your abs hard enough after setting your lower back into lubar contraction..lubar contraction and bracing your abs hard is the safer way to squat.Also you get more power output this way..guys if you want to learn how to squat watch someone who knows what they are doing https://youtu.be/iVx2O6PXb6U?t=349 not this guy…not one single squat to depth

  • Hi Vince could you please make a video on how to get a broader neck like yours….Thanks for all the information you share it works and really helpful����������

  • Amazing tips, simply amazing, very helpful. These are typical mistakes I make. I know how to try to fix them after watching this vid. Cheers!

  • Great to see strong people explaining the basics with an empty bar. I do body weight squats and I’ve been pondering using weights. Most videos have people using huge discs that must weight way more than my body weight. At 44 I have to take it easy. Good job Chad.

  • Hey man just out of curiosity, is there kind of meaning behind the hammer and sickle. Lol. Are users of the cube method trying to bring the soviet union back or some shit

  • Thanks for showing me that I was doing it wrong the ones that you show be 4 I was doing that but now I’m going to do the one that you’re showing me there too

  • Why do some people have a really wide grip when they squat (hands pretty much touching the plates)?  I feel holding the bar that wide would diminish back tightness.

  • Thanks for this, Chad. I am good on 1 & 3. I will start incorporating 2. I use slight posterior pelvic tilt coming out of the hole on squats and breaking the bar off the floor on sumo deadlifts already. I just haven’t been setting the tilt while taking my breath.

  • Thanks Matt for the video. One point I would like to make, if you don’t want (or can’t) put $$$ into squats shoes… go old school, bare feet!! (Arnold, Colombo…). It might feel weird at the beginning, just get an extra or two pairs of socks.

  • Some of the cues are correct but the demo was not. Pause the video at the 2:00 mark, her knees are too far forward, there’s almost no external rotation from the hip, her thoracic spine seems to be rounding forward (could be the angle of the video), her core doesn’t look braced enough and her squat depth is not low enough. On the right path but could use some improvements!

  • Hey coach so my main goals is muscle building, Glute building, & Lat building & overall body toning. What are the best exercises for building glutes& lats?

  • 1 0:49 focus on what resources you do have
    2 1:30 do exercises with proper form and speed
    3 2:25 exercise variety
    4 3:16 focus on failure instead of fixed count
    5 4:56 focus on proper strength exercises if your focus is strength
    6 5:55 don’t forget to strengthen your *back*, such as pull up at a door
    7 6:39 (ignore back may worsen *posture*)
    8 7:58 create a home routine
    9 8:47 pick the right room to help focus
    10 9:33 (like 3, change it up)

  • I have heard from previous personal trainers that you should keep your feet pointed slightly outward when you squat with or without weights. Yet the feet on the person demonstrating is pointed straight forward, not slightly outward. Can you help me with some clarity on this. Also i was told knees behind your toes, is that correct? Thanks for the time you spend putting these videos out.

  • I’m at a point where instead of watching the video in a highly tense, annoyed state because the lead is buried in 10 minutes of chatter, I get relief from the “you’re doing it wrong” comments…
    Jeff, as for addressing the headliner in an effective period of time: you’re doing it wrong.

  • All this time I have been told to do squats the wrong way and all this time I hated them because I always felt as though I would fall backward or that my spine was feeling too rensed up. I ended up avoiding squats because of the discomfort I experienced with the “correct” way. Now I will give them a try again with this new info (new to me, despite a 2-y/o video) and hopefully add them to my routine. Thanks!

  • Totally put this techniques into play today and it was incredible! Thank you so much for the info!!! I went to find you on insta and found you are taking a break but if you happen to go back you will see your tips put to use on my page! Thanks again!

  • I’m happy because swordworm on IG gave me the shock of my life…At first I doubted if they could actually hack my gf Snapchat account..Suprisely I gained access to her account without her knowledge…. swordworm is the best I can say.

  • lol she looked exactly the same in both….If you got a lower back injury its because you were just weak to start out with and you lifted too heavy…….. Tucking the tail bone does not work if you have tight hips… and this would also kill anyone with knee issues… How about just don’t go down so low until you get stronger???

  • You’re still coaching it wrong �� Great point to engage the core and take a deep breath to brace, but you need to engage the glutes and lats as well. And lorde watch foot position. And work on mobility to get in and out of the hole. Might as well do quarter squats at that point.

  • If you’re here looking for a good squat tutorial, skip this fucking garbage and jump over to AthleanX, Jeff Nippard, or Alan Thrall. Alan will show you low bar squats. The two Jeffs will show you high bar with far more qualifications than this idiot. The cues he cites aren’t even cues. They’re basic form. ��

  • so i tried to order you Rebel fragment and you don’t ship to israel… sad, sad.
    and i also did a how i stay in shape during this difficult time, and got no views, you got almost 200k views, what gives?

  • He’s a clown. He purposely don’t have on any drawers trying to jiggle and look bigger. If the jalapeno is really poppin’, no tricks are needed. I’m not impressed.

  • one thing ive learned in my 7 years of body building is that everyones different!, right down to the forms some can do some can not!

  • Jesus what man doesn’t have a penis.BIG, SMALL. They all do the same works. Pay attention to the HEALTH WELLNESS TIP HE IS PROVIDING TO HELP US. ������

  • Can agree with most of this vid but having that much progression before being able to back squat is a bit absurd. If you can do a bodyweight squat, you can do a back squat.

  • Best advice ever! I’ve been working out more serious lately trying to really build some muscles and have been experiencing exactly everything that he said. Pressure in lower back from the wrong posture I’ve had not only in this exercise but in few other that I thought was right. Thank you so much, please add more episodes to the series because it’s total game changer!

  • lmao 50% of squat videos teach the exact opposite because this will kill your knees. Maybe you would teach the opposite now too because of acquired knee injuries instead of lower back issues. Her tailbone doesn’t look tucked at all when she’s standing. Doesn’t she have tight hip flexors or something that cause that rotation?

  • Sir i m a beginner.
    I m doing home workout at home and i m skinny.
    What is better for me.
    1.to do full body workout
    2.to do workout of specific part per day.

    Please reply i m too confused

  • So does she breathe out while coming out or takes a pause at the end of the rep to breathe out and then take another deep breath in? I tried the tip for breathing in to get you in a great position for the dumbbell press but was confused about the breathing.

  • Jeff: “What the hell are you doing Jesse?”
    Jesse: “Dude I’m doing floor pull-ups.”
    Jeff: “Oh really, I never thought about that before…”
    Jesse: “Yeah, they’re great!”


  • These videos are amazing I can’t tell you how much that they have helped me. Could you please do a you’re doing it wrong curtsy lunges and lunges in general? Thank you so much these are very helpful.

  • NEW “FAST ACTION” Q&A Leave your most burning question about this video or any other training, PT or nutrition question within the first 2 hours of this video’s release (AS A SEPARATE COMMENT!!) and I will pick 8 to get a detailed reply from me right here in the comments. Answers will be posted within the first 24-48 hours of you leaving the question. Good luck!

  • ‪I don’t get the not doing fixed repsso I do an exercise to failure, and then is that the number I use each time? Or do I go to failure each time and the number may change? Thanks! ���� ‬

  • Shouldn’t you at least have a rest day? I think what you meant by not skipping a day was to be consistent because I thought having a rest day is also essential in increasing size and strength.

  • My ankle mobility sucks, and I’ve tried quite a few things. Will banded squats/practicing form by holding onto a pole or door handles really work to loosen up my ankles? I don’t want to go back to lowbar.

  • im some what hyper-mobile in my joints and have a pretty silly  ROM in my shoulders, really seems to make me struggle with getting tight in the upper back  for squats.    Using a very narrow grip too.  Maybe just something i need to practice more

  • Totally agree with #9. Creating a space is key for mindset and was my number one demotivator when I first started working out at home. I ended up rearranging the furniture to open up the space as much as possible… got a ball, foam roller and hung up resistance bands on a door… it made it feel more like a workout space instead of having those things tucked away.

  • When I first started to squat I did it correctly! Then a “trainer” at the gym told me I was doing it wrong and told me to look up and put my weight in my heels!! Wow. Thank you for clearing this up.

  • Best advice I’ve ever had. Leave your ego at the door, don’t train for a set amount of reps, train for failure that day. I pick a set amount of reps to gauge what weight I’m starting with, but I go to failure during the actual set, whether it’s more or less than that set number. But my question is for when we are doing alternating limb sets. Do I match the reps I did with one arm if I can do more with the other arm? I don’t want to have a muscle imbalance so I usually will match with my weakest side. What are your thoughts, Jeff?

  • I just bought a resistant band handles, weight, mini band, pull up, weighted vast and gymnastic rings. i also have foam roller in my house

  • I am not trying to me negative, but people should really check out Alan Thrall’s channel. All of of Matt’s points are valid, and true, but Alan Thrall explains the points mention in the video in much more depth.

  • Hey Jeff, funny thing is i stumbled on a home workout program by a random guy on the internet who was doing the floor lat pull downs and i was about to do it as well:D
    So thanks for saving my ass man

  • thanks… good to call out the psychological factors besides just movement mistakes! (like picking a room that doesnt cater to ‘comfort’) and being creative yet save about movement choices

  • My case exactly and once I started to load heavy on the bar, my back took the brunt. Injury as well. I’ve also noticed much more quad activation when entire foot (all 3 points) are connected to the ground and my quad muscles show it too.

  • Ciao from Italy!☀️ great video (although I discovered it just today ��).One question:after performing squats or lunges,especially the day after,I always experience knee pain most of all when I sit down or going down stairs. I checked with a PT if I do the movements right,so I have no doubts about the technique.
    Could it be,I “just” have weak knees and therefore I should avoid this kind of exercises and focus on hip thrusts,bridges,…?
    Appreciate your advice!����

  • All great tips man. I just noticed this week that i was losing tightness in my core by trying too hard to arch the low back at the start of the squat exactly as u said! My low back thanks u!

  • What do you suggest for a woman that has had a spinal fusion; L4&L5? The trainers where I live are really not able to tell me… I appreciate your advice…

  • Jesse, do you consider better for training: intensity (consider as repetitions ) > constancy… Cause if you go to the failure with the reps as you say in the video, then you get to much sore in your muscles the next day, not allowing you to train so well. At least thats my case, so if you can answer this, it would be awesome! Thanks!

  • No offense, but I completely disagree with your tailbone tucked advice. I have an enormous history of thousands of hours of lower back pain, hundreds of chiropractic visits and I was a a professional dancer for over a decade so I know a lot about proper body mechanics. Once I abandoned the tailbone tucked concept: I eliminated 99% of all lower back pain. There is a common idea about “use your legs to lift anything”, but what is missing is that (my opinion) when one uses their legs to lift something, one needs to KEEP a slight arch in the lower back in lifting, NOT tuck your tailbone. There are hundreds of videos that contradict your perspective. I think your video is dangerous advice.

  • What would you say about the kind of pyramid method? For instance if you know you can only do five pull ups in a set, doing one, two, three and so on up to the max and then working back down.