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10 Ways to Make Bodyweight Exercises Harder. USE ISOMETRICS. Isometric exercises involve holding a static position for a set period of time.

Most often, we think of planks and wall sits as INCREASE THE RANGE OF MOTION. CHANGE THE ANGLE. USE COMPOUND SETS. TRY 1.5 REPS. Top 10 Ways to make Bodyweight Exercises Harder #1 Change Leverages.

By simply adjusting the angle of your body, you can make an exercise easier or more difficult. A #2 Increase Range of Motion. Another simple way to make bodyweight exercises more.

While boosting your rep count is a good way to make exercises feel harder, you do need to be careful about those high-rep challenges flooding. MAKE IT EXPLOSIVE Boost the intensity of standard bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges and pushups by turning them into plyometric or explosive exercises. To do this, simply speed up the move and focus on pushing through your feet or hands to jump, hop or explode upward so your feet or hands leave the ground.

Here are a few ideas for changing up your go-to bodyweight exercises so that you can work your muscles in slightly different, more challenging ways.. 1. Make It Harder: Hold the extended position for longer time increments, or do all reps on one side before switching. Make It Easier: Hold the start position for time (10 to 30 seconds), or eliminate the arms and only extend the legs one at a time.

Read how these bodyweight leg exercises can be performed by both beginners and experts, and how often the same exercise can be tweaked so that it is suitable for varying levels of difficulty. If you want to take it down a notch read our article on Effective Bodyweight Leg Exercises That Get Results. 10 of the Hardest Bodyweight Leg Exercises 1. 20 x Bodyweight Squats. Why: Squats are an integral part to any equipment-free workout.

Being a compound exercise, multiple muscle groups work in tandem to execute the movement, resulting in. The 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises 1. Pushups. Pushups are one of the first exercises people learn to perform for building muscle mass.

This exercise helps with building size, strength, and definition in your chest. You can perform different variations like diamond, close-grip, wide-grip pushups to target your chest from different angles. 2. Pull-Ups. Hanging leg lifts are a great body weight exercise for developing a six pack. Grab a pull up or chin up bar (or essentially anything you can hang from – could even be a tree branch).

With your legs straight, lift them up until they are parallel with the floor. To make the exercise harder try to lift your legs up higher.

List of related literature:

For example, doing four sets of Bulgarian split squats or self—assisted one—arm push—ups destroys me.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
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To achieve a whole-body workout in each session, perform eight–ten exercises in each workout that will train the major muscle groups across the whole body, by including three–four upper body exercises, three–four lower body exercises, and at least two core body exercises from the options presented.

“CSIRO Protein Plus” by Jane Bowen, Grant Brinkworth, Genevieve James-Martin
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To do this with your own body weight, select three to five exercises (such as the routines here that will hit all your major muscle groups and do three to five sets of 10 to 12 reps, moving as quickly as you can while still maintaining good form.

“The Gut Balance Revolution: Boost Your Metabolism, Restore Your Inner Ecology, and Lose the Weight for Good!” by Gerard E. Mullin
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(2) Start with low resistance, and gradually add repetitions, intensity (resistance), and sets.

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Next, resistance should be added to further increase muscular strength, and the duration of the exercises should be increased to enhance muscular endurance.

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Because of the skills required to perform these exercises, guidance should be obtained from a certified Olympic weightlifting coach or a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

“Swimming Anatomy” by Ian A. McLeod
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I suggest making any extra exercises bodyweight variations.

“Men's Health Power Training: Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles Through Performance-Based Conditioning” by Robert Dos Remedios, Michael Boyle, Editors of Men's Health Magazi
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Examples of this exercise type include push-ups, squats, and chin-ups.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
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Try to incorporate speed velocity (faster reps within a shorter range of motion, step 3) together with strength velocity (stronger and slower reps within a larger range of motion, step 4).

“The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” by Ori Hofmekler
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List repetitions, sets, and resistance for developing muscular definition and strength.

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  • I would try workouts on the internet. Try Unflexal. This website seems like you would have luck getting some potential. Good luck on your bodybuilding.

  • I’m trying to get various opinions. I’m 18 and 5’7 and 107 pounds. I’ve been skinny and small my whole life and I have been off and on workouts but they never stick. This time i’m focusing on what i’m eating and when along with workouts. I know I should be consuming around 100-110 grans of protein a day given my weight. But because i’m wanting to put on a little extra weight and still get lean muscle overall, how much carbs should I be shooting for on a daily basis? If I even need too be shooting high, I have a little stomach fat i’m trying to burn off but literally every other place on my body is twig. All reply’s are welcome! Thanks!

  • Very nice.  Some of these are (at least for me) a lot harder than others, e.g. I find dips on rings and windshield wipers and dragon flags (you called these scorpion flags) pretty easy.  But others I can’t do like one armed toes to bar.  I find one arm hanging L hold very hard.  Love the jumping monkey bars.  Good work and fun stuff.

    I think the description is misleading, obviously.  Should’ve been titled “Just some exercises that I have seen on Youtube that I thought I’d give a go” as in the description.  Perhaps some hard exercises.

  • I’m able to do a crackin’ workout at the park (while following safety precautions) with a low anchor point for my ankles to perform a Nordic Curl, parallel bars for Drips, and a bar to do Pull-ups. The rest of the routine is equipment-less. Bands and a set of rings would help me a lot, but they’re hard to come by at the moment and I’m struggling financially. I have to be careful with my expenses, especially if the gyms reopen in a couple of months time. I started out basically unable to do a clean Shrimp Squat. Now I can do perform them confidently. Sometimes I need a balancing aid, but I’m getting there. I use a backpack with bottles of water for dips and rows to add resistance as I can’t find a way to increase the difficultly in those exercises without rings, and I’m not able to perform a Tucked Lever Row. I’m really enjoying these workouts. It’d be a different experience if we were in winter time though. Training outside in the cold, wet, and rain would be soul-destroying.

  • Hello Tom, I can’t do pistol squats at all but I find shrimp squat fairly easy, although they seem to target more my gluteus medius. Do you think it’s a mobility issue or/and a lack of strength in quads?

  • Hi dude, MR.Krasoal here. I wanna to ask u a thing. I am doing pushups for 7 weeks and I am doing up to 44. I still feel better and better. I am doing to piramide to times a day, It looks like that: 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 10. I feel that it is quite easy…. Should I do more or start to do it harder for exampel with the clap? Please Mr, tell me if u can…. Cuz I am really a beginner. krasola.

  • Ay Austin, I’ve been meaning to ask u this for a while. U do any jaw exercises or is it natural? And also, is there anyway I can contact you, email or something, got a more personal q

  • Nice topic. Its important that one should know how to progress with a certain exercise in order to break plateaus and continue to stay motivated. I personally like to add explosive moves to make the exercise harder such as in pistol squats. First, I will try to do it on a chair then I hope I will be able to do it with full form. Unilateral training is also great way to progress as I have done it with pushups and with time it allowed me to do a single arm push ups. Keep up the great contents man!

  • Great video my friend, I would love to more good videos like this one.
    I’m here to show you my support and help you grow. Would you like to become youtube friends?
    Anyway, have a great and blessed day.������

  • At first i thought of getting ma ass man on the gym and hit weights there but after i saw ur vids.. I think i wanna master calesthenics first

  • Hey, just some idea about tempo. I would prefer ranking tempo marks according to specific exercise for squat 3101 makes perfect sense but for pull up it’s maybe a little bit counter-intuitive to write down 3101 because u will do it in opposite manner 1031 (up, pause at top, down, pause at bottom):) and also X refers to as fast as possible, while 0 its fast but not supersonic:D

    And one scientific question, will tempo impact growth of muscles or strength? Or will it make exercise only subjectively harder, but in reality won’t leads to superior gainz?

    Keep it up great content!:)

  • Could you explain why the the one arm push-up is not such a good exercise? I mean… it should be twice as hard as a normal one, but, indeed, I tried to implement it before my rings workout and… they didn’t seem to be doing anything — just thought I was doing them wrong:))

  • Bro i have watched your video in thenx
    Best way to lose belly fat
    Will it be a problem if i skip the “hanging knee raises” because i dont have anything to hang.
    Also will it help me to build muscle and abs?
    I am 14 years old

  • Well thats all good….how about your heart from maximum heartbeat to normal beat? how long does it take fully rest your heart? over workout means early death. make sure give the heart time to rest and heal….

  • In my opinion, if youre limited to only body weight for the legs, why not focus on more athleticism than just doing pistols or lunges. Go out and run, sprint and jump.

  • This was useful, thanks.

    I’ve been doing your quarantine workout. Didn’t have useful furniture for bodyweight rows. I tied a knot at the end of an old bedsheet, put the knotted end over the top of a door and shut the door. I then grab the bedsheet at around hip height and lean back. This way I can do bodyweight rows now!

    It’s more complicated to explain than to do.
    Thanks again.

  • Hi Austin great info!! Sorry my english y speak spanish here.. I want to ask you to make a vid talking about a PROGRESSIVE PLAN from 0(cero) for begginers like 1st week this ex this reps, 2nd week this ex this reps.. I think it could be great. ����

  • help when I do the handstand my legs go slightly to the right and I don’t know how to correct that, I hold it for 20 seconds but my legs go sideways

  • Too many people are obsessed with cardio. My gym at work closed. My lifts were going up each week like squats, deadlifts, bench press, weighted dips, pull ups, Incline bench press, shoulder press etc. During this quarantine I was going park doing pull ups. I think if you don’t have the heavyweight you need to do exercises that will help you keep your strength. Deep handstand push ups will carry over to your overhead press. Deep push ups will work the chest. I have been doing step ups, and pistol squats for my leg training. Can use dumbells for hammer curls, and one arm shoulder press, one arm rows. People need to train for their goals.

  • Lol You forgot

    planche push-ups
    front lever rows
    back lever rows
    iron cross pulls
    muscle ups
    reverse muscle -ups
    one arm-chin-ups

    do you even body weight?

  • What about prisoners and other people that get pretty jacked doing just very high volume basic bodyweight exercises? There’s also Adorian Moldovan from the channel Old School Calisthenics, who advocates for extremely high volume bodyweight basics.

  • Tom’s video always give me a chilled and motivated vibe when watching. Tom is just doing an awesome job!��
    By the way if you are a really motivated calisthenics athlete and you want to learn even more and get another perspective of training, then we would highly appreciate it if you have a look on our channel!☺ If you like what you see it would be an honor to us if you accompany us on our youtube journey��

  • I would just advise to read Overcoming gravity ahah! Everybody would understand how body weight training can be hard and intense!
    Thanks for this cool video Tom!
    Also, I would like to have a new review of our training! It was really cool ��
    Have a nice week guys
    Thanks again Tom for your videos

  • A soccer/football YouTuber made workouts for his viewers emphasized high reps and said bodyweight during quarantine was only for maintenance bc it wasn’t enough to keep his strength level
    Even though all he does are easy bodyweight progressions

  • OMG gurl I just had some multi v and like wow I had to deep breath with some banana nd bread and now I’ll have my cup of tea and Snickers and probiotic yogurt Like wow I love you Iggy!!!!!!. I love you babys

  • 4:21 �� best bodyweight warrior moment ever look. Great video!!

    I’m not sure i understand the diagram at 2:53. Could you explain how to read and use it. It looks useful:)!

  • am stuck on tick planche and can’t do the advanced tuck planche either I can hold a tuck planche on flat ground for about twenty seconds but can’t seem to advance what advice do you have for